2006.07.12 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint apostles Peter and Paul

                        The Word of God[1] at the feast of the saint apostles Peter and Paul[2]



The hosts of saints are with Me within My descent, for I do not walk alone between heaven and earth, between God and man, between man and man, when I can do this on the earth, when I am believed and welcomed with My companions from heaven on the earth. Amen.


I come down into the book with My saints, for the patriarch Enoch, (See the selection topic: „Enoch and Elijah”, r.n.) the seventh from Adam, wrote about Me and about My angels; he prophesied about My coming with the saints saying: “The Lord comes with His thousands of saints.” (See the Books of Enoch, r.n.) He saw this from far away; I made him see over time the glory of My coming with the saints and he saw it very well and then he confessed it. I travelled with him through all the heavenly glories when he was in his body, and I showed him My work over time and I had him confessed and those that he testified about Me to remain on the earth, (About that time, very detailed, see ”The Household of God”, divine dictation received by Jakob Lorber, r.n.) and the spirit of confession, when it comes from Me over the man, is a wonderful spirit, as I told My disciples that all those who believed in Me would do more than they saw Me doing, after I would go to the Father for them.


I speak My word on the earth in a day of heavenly synod of My disciples of two thousand years ago and I have given them the joy of testimony, for the saints are those who have confessed God and the Son of God over the earth. I gathered disciples for Me by the work of My glory and I walked with them among those who were unbelievers, among those who did not take care of My coming from the Father. I was fulfilling under their eyes the Scriptures, which testified about Me clothed in a body of clay, and this was how I was helping them to know the time of their visitation and then of the testimony about My coming.


There is no man on the earth to take care of My coming to him, of his coming to Me. The man does not know to do this work. I came to My disciples and I appeared to them with My glory and I helped them to take care of My coming, of the One Who comes to the man from the Father and testifies about Himself as the Son of the Father Sabaoth, just as the Father confessed Him by His voice that was walking in the clouds to the man’s ear, to help the man believe in My coming, and behold, during these days I have been speaking fifty years over the earth and I announced Myself with the country of My coming and with those who have heard Me speaking during this time, and the man cannot say that I have not told him about My coming from the Father with My confessing saints, as it was written from the beginning. Behold, not all want to understand God’s mysteries. The man does not have any more time and mind to perceive like God, but I still call out over the earth and I say, as it is written: «Bless God, you, nations on the earth, and make His voice be heard; sing to the One Who ascended over the sky of the sky, to the east, Who speaks His voice with power, for God is wonderful among His saints. Receive teaching lest the Lord may get angry and thus to perish when His anger will burst in flames in an instant, for the Lord comes within a flame, and His chariots are thousands of thousands». Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, Lord of those who are faithful, saints and confessors of Yours! Oh, Lord, we are within Your coming. Even now we are walking together with You, for we are Your disciples. The disciple does not walk without his teacher, nor in his way or in his work of a disciple, and blessed are those who become disciples on the earth for You, passing from body into spirit so that they may become Your work, Your comfort and the temple of the Holy Spirit, to be Yours, Lord, deprived of disciples. However, we became Yours on the earth and we comforted You, and You were comforted with us among those that were fleshly and earthly, when You were walking from place to place with us and Your power was withering as that of a God Who bears the men’s weaknesses, Lord. You were doing wonderfully among us working over those who were proud in their thought and were giving them Your voice with power as a God Who sees each and everything that belongs to men on the earth. Then we were learning the work of discipleship and You were telling us that those who would believe in You and in Your coming among people, then as now, would do greater miracles. You were so upset when You saw the men’s haughtiness, who did not know what God meant, for they mentioned God in vain from books. You were very, very much aggrieved because of the man’s haughtiness that could not grow less and humbled within his life. We were shining Your light and we were sorry for You because You had no fruit to gather from man, and You could hardly find someone humble in his spirit to give against his sins the light of Your teaching, with which You came from the heights of the Father to the people on the earth, Lord, full of mercy for the man, who has wondered away by himself among those have also wandered away like him. Oh, You have suffered from the man’s haughtiness; You suffer and suffer again, and the man cannot give You any comfort if he has got no humility in him. You have suffered Lord, because of the greatness in which the man settles alone with his mind and heart, and You have no room on the earth with the man, Lord, Who comes, always coming with Your saints. We were walking with You from place to place, but the people did not follow Your calling to become Your disciples. The one who does not become Your disciple, that one does not follow You, for those who follow You, have to be like You, to work like You, and then to confess through Your light in them and over them, as the Father was shining over You with His work and with its fulfillment.


Oh, what shall we do so that the mystery of the disciple work may be perceived by man, Lord? Oh, You are very much deprived of disciples, and the earth is big, far and wide, but those little of Yours and ours made it possible for Your word to run fast, and they made it possible for Your voice to be heard powerfully over those who have known You from books from generation to generation; they made the book of Your work upon them and multiplied it over people (See The Book of the Lamb (The Book of Life) - The Word of God (1955-2005) , r.n.) so that You may be heard from margins to margins over the earth before the great day of Your glory, when You will confess and glorify Yourself with Your saints over Your saints, with those who have become Your disciples at Your coming now. Oh, those who preach You with the word upon the earth are very, very weak, for only the poor stick to You, only those who do not have powers to become giants and then to become conceited because of their shameful wealth of the passing glory, which withers away like grass and then it is thrown into the fire; this is how it passes and this is how it comes to an end the glory of the passing man who does not know the spirit of Your disciple among those who believe in You on the earth. Our word, on the day that celebrates us as Your disciples and saints, is the word by which we comfort Your great pain and always Yours, for You are the One Who always look for the lost coin, and no one really helps You on the earth to find it and then to rejoice with Your saints, who are Your house.


The man becomes great on the earth and then he loses his life by his greatness, and those who perish cry, and then they always cry, they cry and cry again for their lost life on the earth, for the spirit that possesses the man is the spirit of the human haughtiness, Lord. Behold, in three days it will be remembered the soul of the one who, a year ago, left the people of those who had ruled by their names the land of Your choice, chosen from the beginning to be a place of the glory of Your word, of the little garden that carries over it the voice of Your calling after the man. This little soul has been sighing painfully, for it could not escape the toils of the spirit of haughtiness and of the passing greatness, and now it has been sighing and trying to refresh itself by the spirit of confession, Lord. We are with it, we, Your disciples, for Your angels has brought it near to the day when it will be mentioned before You by those who are the people of Your word. Let’s us refresh it, Lord. Amen, amen, amen.


You, My disciples because you followed Me on the earth, work, beloved ones, do My work on earth as in heaven, for you are My disciples, and I, the Lord, look and comfort My affected spirit, deeply affected. Amen.


Oh, Lord, we, Your disciples, work like You. You took the keys of death and hell, and You gave us the keys of the kingdom of the heavens to be Your confessors and to tell everybody that You are the Christ, the Son of God, the living One forever and ever, that You are the slaughtered Lamb and that You are the Savior of those who follow You. We give voice to the soul that will be to confess about it, about You, Lord, and about the work of Your word over the earth. Amen.


– I stand having been set by angels before You and before Your twelve disciples and before those who testify today like Your disciples, Jesus Lord. I am astounded by Your invisible glory from the earth over Your anointed ones, who bear the work of Your word from Your mouth to the man’s ear. I did not want to know how long I stayed and I did not want to join with my life and work to this glory of Yours on earth, which, my relatives according to the flesh knew about. Your angel took my soul away from the body one year ago and brought Me before Your throne. I had nothing to bring You for my life. I was proud on earth and You did not receive any of my sacrifices, about which I was saying that I was bringing before You, for «The Lord stands against those who are proud», as it is written. I cry bitterly when I see in time how many sacrifices You have received, both from the rich ones and from the poor ones, but You did not receive any of my sacrifices, and I suffer without any comfort that I have not got now any earnings from my life on earth. You also wanted to write me in heaven with a sacrifice pleased to You, but I did not love You, I had no mercy on You, but I rather asked for my right when I left Your chosen land as Your inheritance, as it really was. I upset You then and You spoke a prophetic word to me that You would take me away from the earth because of my lack of love, because my lack of obedience to You, and then I persecuted those who were Your elected ones. At the end of my life on the earth I caused You great pain and I touched with hatred, with evil speaking and threatening those who carried You as word on the earth and over Your people, for I thought I was able to do this. Now, I have seen how powerfully You watch over those people and how You call out for them the word of the Scriptures, saying: «Do not conspire against My prophets». However, I did not want to fulfill this way and I tell everybody not to do this great sin, and I tell them that haughtiness is the most hostile sin against the man’s life on the earth and then when he leaves his body, after that on the earth he feeds on the spirit of greatness of the empty glory, on the sin of the worshipping this idol, for the greatest idol is the human mind in which the man’s haughtiness has room, the spirit which feeds and makes the man glad on the earth. To ask for Your forgiveness now, because I was unfaithful, without holy work and full of haughtiness, I know that You are the One Who know Your judgments and that You will work according to Your will. However, I ask those whom I disregarded on the earth, who are Your way with the word of Your calling over the living and over the dead, I ask them to be my intercession before You, for they have great favor with You, and You are a righteous Judge, and You are good with them, with those who love You according to Your will. I tell from here to all those on the earth who receive Your word from You, that it is a great chasm for the soul, the man’s greatness on the earth, for it completely separates the man from God on earth and in heaven, because no one can serve God half way. I tell everybody to look after You with great humility of spirit, and to live this way among all people, because I looked only after honors on the earth and so little did I think at the answer which I have to give now before You, Lord, Jesus, and now, behold, here I am naked and without any support. I cannot and I do not know what else I might say. I stand before You uncovered and I see myself without any fruit. Receive for me the intercession of Your chosen ones on the earth, and be merciful to me on account of their prayers, Lord Jesus. Amen.


– Oh, loved disciples, the interceding spirit for man is great before Me, the spirit loving of people, for the people are without mind, poor of them. No matter how learned and great the man would be on earth, when I have no room with My face in him, the man is without mind, poor of him. The mind means a great miracle when the man has mind. The Spirit of God is the true mind in man, in the man who is poor in his spirit. When I chose you to be My disciples, I did not look for the man with a rank and with earthly glory, but I rather came near to those who were poor in their spirit, to those who were humble in their mind and clean in their hearts, for I cannot work otherwise upon man, and then I told you that everything you would bind on earth will be bound in heaven as well, and everything you will unbind on earth will be unbound in heaven. Oh, the mystery of the disciple work is great and deep. Oh, I am very, very much devoid of disciples. I lack powers very, very much, for My power on earth is that for My disciples to be. I need to have many, many disciples now, at My coming, but all seek after their own business, even when they are near Me, if they can do this, and I am deprived of disciples, and I help Myself with those who are poor in their spirit and great in their humility and faith in My coming, and with whom I could work the book of My word in this time of My coming.


Oh, people of My word, learn and do not stop learning. Embrace yourself and stay like that with My word and fulfill it, and love the life with guidance in it, for only this way you can be My disciples. Work much for your Lord, work for Me, so that I may work for all the things that are for Me and for you. Oh, the man has forsaken Me very, very much! Oh, I am punished very, very severely by the man! The man can hardly remember Me, for he who does not spend his life with Me, that one does so because he does not love Me and he does only his own will. The one who does his own will, that one has no love, and the one who does someone else’s will, does so because he has got the spirit of love, the spirit of comfort, and when he pours out this spirit on the sides, he does so because of his love in him, and behold, such work has got its love from man, the work which cannot tell no to anyone. However, the man is not used to this way, and I am very much forsaken by man inside and outside of him. The one who does not want Me over him, that one only wants Me to be his servant, he wants Me to help him in his business, for only this man knows what God has to do for him, and behold how much aggrieved I am, oh, people of My word, and I ask you with great longing to fulfill My entire word, and help Me with its fulfilling upon you, so that My angels may write you among those who love God, that I may find My pleasure in you greatly, and to sit at your table with My saints, and to have something to take from it when I am with you.


Oh, people taught and nourished from heaven! Show to the heaven and show to the man, astray with his love, show him your love of God and your heavenly life within the Lord’s courts all your time with God, for the life is that which shines far away and from far away and which receives in its body the spirit of life giving, the spirit from My Spirit and only from My Spirit and not from the spirit of the world, the Holy Spirit, as My disciples received the Holy Spirit from Me and put Him as life in those who received Him, and then they shined with their life before those who were alienated from God on the earth, My people. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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