2005.12.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the Saint hierarch Nicholas

                        The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Saint hierarch Nicholas[2]



I strengthen with My peace and with the spirit of comfort the way of My descent to you, My people, to write you down always with Me, always in My book with you, and that the saints and the angels may take from the food which I lay on My table with you, for you and for those that are in heaven, son. I have always told you that there has been a great longing among the saints and even greater for My word on your table, and you should be thrilled when you know who you sit at the table of My word with, and that it may go to you on earth as in heaven, and that I may have power from you by My grace upon you, as the grace is received in man by a strong faith, My people. All those who are now with the heaven, by their steadfast faith, have come to be saints on earth and with My power in them, after they have been given Me a dwelling place within them, but their number was too little in comparison with the great human kind. Very few have put Me to test so that I may be able to reveal Myself in them before the people. The bishop Nicholas, a saint of the mercy gift, inclined Me towards those who were oppressed by weaknesses and shortcomings on earth, and I was glorified by his faith. He worked nothing more than his faith in Me, and I chose him and praised him for My glory and not for him, for he was humble in his heart and in the work of his faith, and he wanted only Me to be glorified, and he also wanted the people to be helped in their weaknesses, because he was merciful.


Oh, My people, the work of mercy is all that the earth and the heaven wait from the earth, but for this work you need great grace. The bishop Nicholas shined before Me with the gift of mercy, and now, on the day of his celebration, he is sitting down with Me at the table of My word into your midst. Amen, amen, amen.


I am the son of Your mercy, Lord of those who are faithful, for I believed into Your power, proving it upon those that were weak and poor, so that they could bring me thankfulness and to leave on earth the news of Your power in the faithful ones who wanted You with the people on earth, by helping them. All that You had brought on earth, was the work of Your mercy. You have brought Yourself on earth to show great mercy on the faithful and on those who were not faithful, but You have always stayed on the right of Your Father to listen to Him, and You became on earth the blessed One among the saints. You came and always come with mercy after the man, and the man has to clean himself of his haughtiness before Your mercy and to cry after You in him, and that the man may give forth fruit, Lord, fruit of mercy and faith, because the heaven and the earth waits for mercy from the earth, oh, gentle and merciful Lord by Your humbleness.


Oh, people of the Lord’s mercy, you cannot be a merciful child but only by the gift of the holy grace of humility. Mercy does not work out its gifts if there is no humility always in the one who has the grace. Make your prayer with mercy, and do not show partiality, for the Lord works according to His self-knowledge, and He works by your prayer and by its wisdom, which makes you a worker like Him, with patience and with mercy in your work with Him.


I give you the gift and the grace of the heavenly mercy and not the human one, for the heavenly mercy brings forth fruit to the Lord, and the human mercy brings fruit to the man, but you gave got wisdom by the teaching of the Lord that has been upon you, and great work is the work of obedience, which carries you only near God, people of the Lord’s mercy.


I bestow great love and blessing with the Lord on the head of the sons anointed in the garden of the word. May the grace of my mercy be within their works, for I give them blessing, and may they carry it with them, for they are blessed. Amen, amen, amen.


– The work and the word of My saints become an example of heavenly faith, mercy and love upon you, My people, and you should follow their mercy and love on earth before Me, for the heavenly love comes out of heavenly mercy, and it comes out of God, to be on earth and for the sons of God to give to each other, and that they may be full of grace on earth. Amen.


Oh, take care of you, working children, and clothe yourselves within clouds of angels, to be protected as the saints are. Do not be alone either in your prayer, or in your work, or in your way, but rather give to each other powers and protections, and be as merciful as I am, your Lord and God, for I have listened to the Father and I have worked upon man and over the earth. Learn and always learn the work of the heavenly grace, for I urge you again: be sweet, be sweet children, sons. Seek to take after Me, for I was a sweet child before the Father, and I have done only His work and I have done His work with humility.


May the grace of My saints give you grace, and may My love in you warm it and make it fruitful among you, to show Myself with fruit in you in heaven and on earth, and then to rejoice with you before the Father.


Be full of working grace from one to another, and may the heavenly mercy be a sweet work to you, for I have told you, and I have exhorted you with mercy: be sweet, children of My mercy, to bring joy to the Father, sons. Amen, amen, amen.



[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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