2005.05.01 - The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection

                                   The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection[2]



Christ is risen! This is what I, the Lord, said in the day of Passover of the year of 1955, and behold, there have been fifty years of word of the Word, Jesus Christ.


Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen! This is how My word on the Romanian land came to life two thousand years ago, My river of word, which waited to come again to life on earth, to overflow again from My mouth so that I may be able to work again, because I am the Alpha and the Omega. Amen, amen, amen.


Behold the feast of the feasts, the festival of festivals! I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, found faith on earth when it was to come back again to make the world, for I make the world again. I am the Maker of the heaven and of the earth. I am the Word of God into the midst of the Romanian people, where I made up My path of the second coming from near the Father to the people. It was written into the Scriptures to come to fulfill the things like those of two thousand years ago when I was born of the Virgin, of the Virgin forever, for I am clean and holy, as God’s bearers have to be as well, so that they may know Me and work for Me on earth.


It is the feast of fifty years of My word from the end of the time. I, the Lord, bring that day into view to be confessed. Amen.


I prepared a trumpet by which I was to speak out My word. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) I made her to My pleasure. I prepared her by sufferance and pains as the gold is refined in the furnace, so that it might shine and to be a useful vessel to the Lord, an honored vessel before Me and before My angels, (See The Life of Saint Virginia, r.n.) who have been watching all the time over My work of word to come and to settle on earth by the word of My angel. And after I made up My trumpet before My coming, I sounded it and My word of two thousand years ago came to life, for My angel Michael gave word to My commandment, and then I sounded My trumpet and she let itself according to My will, and behold, at the voice of the archangel and within God’s trumpet, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, the beginning of the resurrection of those who are asleep, came to life as word on earth on the day of the memorial of My resurrection two thousand years ago, on the day of Passover of the year 1955, the day of My coming from the Father, a new word on the earth. And after twenty-five years, I took My trumpet from the midst of the people of that time and I established her among those that are from heaven, and I brought My word on the earth that began and was sown through her in all her time, and My word became a thousandfold ear, and with it I have been shepherding the nations of the earth, and My word is an iron rod into the midst of the tribes on the earth, for which I am their Maker for seven strange thousand years, strange with their life to My life, which appeared after it began to dwell in the people, oh My people of today! 


Now I bring into view the feast of the day of resurrection, the day of Passover of the year 1955, the day when I sounded the trumpet of My word of two thousand years ago from the birth of My body from the Virgin in order to dwell with the people and to be with those who believe into My coming, to be with them to the end of the time, as I spoke through the Scriptures that I would be.


Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen! This is how I started the resurrection of My word fifty years ago! Come, Verginica, come to look over the time and to see how it begins this day of feast of the Pentecost of My word, which I began to speak through your mouth, from My mouth in the year of 1955 of the day of the feast of My resurrection. (See The Word of God from 30-04-1955, r.n.) Come, My sweet trumpet, let Us settle down in a day of the celebration of the word and let us confess, for the days of testimonies speak and bear testimony soon, soon. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, Lord, I'm Your trumpet from which You started to sing Your mourning song by which You call everyone and draw all to the Father, because You work and speak from the Father, for those who are from the Father do only His will.


This day of great feast is the feast of the word of fifty years of Your sufferance after the man and from the man, Lord. I have borne with great pain the work of Your word, of Your coming after the man, now, in the end of the time. I was nothing else but the man of sufferance, as You also were. From my childhood You had prepared for me only sufferance. You grew me up for You through sufferance and pains, and Your mercy for my painful life was sweet. You wanted me to resemble You within pains and scorn from the man, and You settled me in the spirit of the humility by which You can dwell in man and to be able to do like You in man, for there where the man is and can, You cannot work there, for You humble Yourself before the man, and You do not dwell but only in those who are in Your image and after Your likeness, and they are worked by You and not by them, Lord of those who are humble. You gave me Your angel and he carried me by my little hand in all the preparation, which you made for me to be Your trumpet, and Your Spirit and Your body comforted me in my humility. You taught me by pains not to love joy, for whoever has pains, that one does not know and does not love joy. You gave me only sighing so that I may not lose You, and that You may not lose me. I was despised among the people, just as You were, Lord, for there is no disciple greater than his teacher, because You were the Man of sufferance and despised by man so that You may be able to bear in Your body the man’s weakness, Lord.


Oh, how weak the man is, Good Teacher, and that is why he seeks to be able to do, deceiving himself that he can and that he takes after You, Maker of everything! How beautifully You made all things that are by Your word! How beautifully You worked to give them making, You their Maker! This is how You worked Me of the spirit of Your humility, of Your pain of seven thousand years from the man, and then You made me useful for Your work of new creation of the world. You dwelt in my body humbled for twenty-five years with You word over the people that came to listen to the voice of Your word. The whole nature was listening when You became word by my word, and all creation was startling at Your voice. But the man is too big, Lord of humility, and he has no longer given Your throne after he took it from You seven thousand years ago, when You set him to reign over the earth, keeping and working Your commandment. However, he has not worked that way and he has not ruled for those on which You have been Master, but rather he has set himself greater than You in him so that he may work and not You. You judged every man when You chose me and worked me to be Your house and throne upon the man, for I had no one but God, and You could work in me with Your will, with Your word, with Your thought, because only You were in me, and not I, Lord, and my life was sweet for You, for it was Yours, it was Your humility in it and Your will through it.


I took many to the spring of Your word, which was calling out with mourning by my mouth when You were coming down with the richness of Your glory, which became word on earth. You were feeding them with the spirit of comfort, You were forgiving them, and You were cleansing them, because You were the One Who had power to cleanse the man from him and from his sins. There was great pain on You and on me, because those who heard You and felt You, were not giving their lives so that they might win it over again, and You became their will to be able to write Your word from the end of the time, which was Your sufferance, the voice of Your sufferance as long as seven thousand years. What a peace I had because I was able to comfort You bearing Your pain! You were giving me Your peace and Your yoke, the easiest yoke, and he who has no yoke cannot work as he wants and do his work into Your name, and that one does the work of the one who works in him.


I suffered in You and You suffered in me, the disobedient man, who was hearing You with Your will, which You were giving to the man to work it, but he, hearing did not hear, and seeing he did not come, and I was suffering and I suffer, Lord, when You suffer, for I was and am Your will.


Behold the day of Passover of the year 1955 when You gave Yourself to me as bread and wine by the intercession of the holy bishops Basil, Gregory and John, who came with You on the clouds of the sky down to my bed of humility after I fulfilled Your commandment for the fasting of forty days and forty nights, so that You could dwell in my body and in my spirit as on the throne of the judgment of the creature, because You made me your useful work after You worked me, and then You made me the voice of Your word over the earth. Oh, when You entered with Your Spirit in my body to speak out of Your trumpet, Lord, I saw then all Your pain from the man, all Your longing and I also saw Your resurrection, and then I understood that You came again on earth as victorious over the death, for only death rules over the man, only death, Lord, and the life sighs and dies away sighingly, and the man has no wisdom, because he does not have humility for life, Lord.


Behold the day of Passover of the year of 1955, when You started Your trumpet sounding and You announced Yourself as the One Who were resurrected from among the dead and You said to those who were watching over my breath of life, which could hardly flicker: Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen! This is how You spoke, resurrected Lord, and since then You have been speaking, and behold a feast of the Pentecost of Your word which started through me, Your trumpet, fifty years ago, a day of Passover according to the time and in the likeness of that time, and one day more in order that the step of fulfillment could be seen. Oh, Your path was beautiful, because it was full of sigh after the man, but it has become beautiful and very beautiful for You now by those little disciples after the work of my work with You, Lord. I look with You at their wisdom full of humility where You had room so wholly and I look with You at their hard sighing, for Your coming down has become difficult and heavy, and they are little under it, and they are so little that You cannot be glorified through them before those who are great on earth.


Oh, little children, the mind of those, who do not know to understand the glory of God from those who are chosen by God from eternity, made you so little, so humble! Oh, my little ones and God’s, oh, there is no faith on earth! The man is too stuck to himself, and his biggest obstacle is biggest both for him and for the Lord towards him. However, you should be good and you should stay as holy signs among those who believe and among those who do not believe, for God dwells in you even if you stay as in a precipice within the humility which feeds your life with endless love, patience and sufferance, children who bring the Lord on earth, fulfilling the time of the Pentecost of this holy feast. Be good and live in peace, for the humble ones have the spirit of peace before the proud who have the spirit of searching and not finding what they seek after.


The Lord whispered you a word of His sufferance and of His saints, and I set it among those that are true and I remind it now to you. Oh, children sons, as long as a saint is alive, he disturbs everyone, and all stumble over it, for those who are full of love for them wait from it, and if they do not receive what they want, they feel confused in their steps and strike in the holy one and they do not know what they do. However, after the holy one passes within his body, it is no longer hard for those who are to make a decision, to speak well of the holy one, since he does no longer hinder them within their things on earth. However, when he still has followers like him, then the lawmakers are disgusted and are silent revolting within their spirit and work by spies for the blaming of the Lord’s saints. However, the Lord’s saints do not rejoice over the good speaking for them after they pass away with their body, because it is not hard to speak well of the one who is no more that he may stop you from sticking to yourself in your love of saints in such a way that the saints may give you help for yourself. When the one who hinders you in your desires is no more, it is not hard to honor the one who became like God in your way to stop you from walking on it and to bring you to the Lord. But this is not right, neither for you and nor for the one in whom God dwelt in your way in order to appear to you, but it is right that you do not live according to the truth, and justice is that which is and not that by which the man covers himself for his righteousness for his benefit from God or from man.


Oh, children so little in the Lord’s hand! Grace from grace, grace upon grace has brought forth fruit in you and upon you, because the Lord was great in my spirit and body in His work of coming back as word on earth. Oh, leave it like that! The grace of the Lord is enough for you, for the Lord glorifies and perfects Himself in His pains in you, and He will not let you down, because He is God and not a man, children of humility. I celebrate you as my followers to whom I left my wealth from the Lord, my wealth from the earth, the work of the Lord, children in whom God dwells. And behold, we stay in this day of the praised feast, for you fulfilled the time of this work of fifty years and you made your step again, and you passed into the time of grace, which is still left, to the renewal of everything in a fully way for the making of the mystery of the Lord’s age on earth. The Lord celebrates us, you and me, the beginning and the end, in the beginning and in the end of this time, for the grace of man’s salvation is fulfilled according to the numbers of years, only for the man to want to discover it in the word which flows abundantly from the Lord’s mouth over the earth. Behold, step over the border and the word flows for its fulfillment. Strengthen yourself through it and strengthen for a way of new age the obedient people, that you should help its wisdom for the things from above in you for it, for its glory with the Lord, children of the birth from above and which is seen by the work which you do, for the Lord is known by the fruit, there where He is and where He lives. Do not forget that the one who endures to the end is blessed, that the patience for the saints is sweet and praised, as their work is too. Oh, do not grow sad because the spirit of the world in man does not receive your stretched hand to him. The Lord is even more aggrieved. Rejoice in your pains, for behold the feast of fifty years of the Lord’s pain, Who cries after the man who is stuck to himself and not to the Lord in his self! The most beautiful feast, the feast of the Lord’s pain, for His word is His pain, which cries after the man.


I glorified the feast of the work of Your word, Lord, the feast of Your pain, which has been crying for a long time, for seven ages, Lord, since the year of 1955, seven times seven years and even over this border, and I spoke much, Lord, in the day of the Pentecost of the feast of Your word, within Your second coming from the Father in man. Amen, amen, amen.


– You spoke, Verginica, but you are My trumpet from which My word had been crying before My great glory. I had been crying much, My Verginica, and no one has been crying as much as we had. Oh, who is to cry with Us and with those who cried so much, who carry Our work started by Us fifty years ago? Oh, where is the one that may no longer oppress the little and weak shoulders of the cross of My coming as sighing word after the man, My Verginica? But now, the comfort from Us helps them, for we have to work wholly over the spirit of the world in order to destroy it from the earth and from man and to be able to accomplish My life in man with death trampling upon death, for the sins will receive their wages and it will trample over them and it will condemn them in order to lift the man up from the sin. Amen.


And I, the Lord full of sighing, the One full of word, speak as in the beginning of this work of My coming after the man: Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen! And I did not come to life in vain, if I was resurrected, and I will ask from the man the reward of My sacrifice on the cross, as the one who was guilty, although I was not guilty, and I will ask the man to come to life from the sin and to pass from death to life, from sin to holiness, and the holy one is known after his wisdom, after his work, after his fruit in Me.


Christ is risen, My people from today! This is what I told those from the beginning of this work of word of My sigh, and no one has been sighing with Me to the end.


Christ is risen, people with a new name and with a new garment through new Passover, to which I reached together with you, the smallest one, but also the most advised one! My spirit is sighing, My people. The work of fifty years makes Me suffer, for as many heard My word the same number also left Me and went to mind their own business and did not remain in My things and I had no one to tell to: “Come with Me!”


I celebrate with you, the least one, the feast of the word of My pain after the man, the Pentecost of the voice of My word, My sigh from man, now, in the end of the time, for those who heard Me by this word judged Me, and then they left Me for their own things. However, now, you should comfort Me, the little one, but My comfort is the Holy Spirit. See to understand well what I tell you, My people, for I gave you the name from My coming and I called you the people of the New Jerusalem, and you should comfort Me in My pain from the man.


I lift up between earth and heaven the book of My word from these seven ages and I give you power to help Me and that I may appear with Me and to set is as a testimony between Me and man, for the man did not love to drink of My bowl, and he drank of his bowl instead, and now the bowl full of the reward of their deeds will come back against him, the bowl of My wrath over those who did not love God’s Spirit, Who has nothing from this world. We lift up the book of My word and we give it to the Father for blessing, and then to the people, My people. However, you should sing to the feast of resurrection, and sing now, for it is a day of resurrection, Jerusalem. Look at yourself and see what you can give Me, what you can set on My table of today. Give Me your comfort, My people, for only the spirit of comfort was the one who flowed from My mouth over the one who was called by My mercy to the mercy of Me, the One Who suffered from man.


May the food for your body and for your spirit be blessed, because I cannot sit at the table but only with the one who is blessed! Come back, My people, to the beginning of My word and then come back on its thread up to you and cry with Me, son, so that I may not cry alone, for it is a pity not to have company in My sighing, it is a pity after so much sighing, My people. And I also ask you, when the book will be on the table and you will be able to open it, take you time and pass through this time, because I spoke about you that I did not choose you for the body but for the spirit, My people. Take care of what I told you at My table with you, because I said that there will no longer be comfort on the earth but only in My word full of grace and of sigh. Take care not to live without comforting Me and you from the grace of this word. I have advised you, My people, to pass from body into the spirit, and this is how you are to fulfill, and let yourself within My Spirit to be like God.


Oh, and I ask you, My people, no to live as on earth, and rather to live as in heaven on earth, and to listen to the law of the heaven and to eat only from Me and not from another spirit, My people. And now I put again the true seal of the Son of the Father Sabaoth, Who came on earth and trampled with death upon death in order to appear as true God from true God. Two thousand years ago, I died on the cross and I was resurrected from the dead and I left this seal: Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen, then and now, My people, with His body then, and with His word now, people of the word of My coming with the new birth of the world, which will be born again by the word of God. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).


[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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