2005.03.22 - The Word of God at the feast of the forty holy martyrs of Sevasta

                        The Word of God[1] at the feast of the forty holy martyrs of Sevasta[2]



Oh, even if it is hard and too hard to believe that I, the Lord, separated the ages with you, the earthly one from the spiritual one, and that I gave you My kingdom into your dominion as some of My sanctified ones and saints through Me, the holy One, I believe in those that I prophesied by the word of My work of fifty years ago, and I ask you this: be holy, sons, just as your Lord is holy, for God, carries by your little hand through the Holy Spirit in order that He may protect you afterwards from those which will soon come over the earth, and that He may remain with you by His victory, whose kingdom He gives to His saints, as it is written into the Scriptures. Amen.


I mark Myself down with the feast of My saints into My book with you and I remind you not to forget this day of memorial of the holy martyrs from Sevasta and to give sweet bread to the people who are faithful to Me and to you, bread baked in the form of the number of the Lord’s age, the age that is to be forever through those who sanctify themselves for it.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, make three times the number of the holy confessing martyrs in the mountain lake of Sevasta, make sweet bread, morsels, a hundred and twenty, out of seven measures of wheat, as I have advised you for this feast, and serve the Lord with faith, for His mysteries are faithful to Him, because I have said that the people of My word of today is the mystery of the work from the end of the Scriptures, which still are to be fulfilled over the earth, and this mystery has been waited by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, those who marked and mark the work of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Israel’s children after the spirit and not after the flesh.  Always remember Abraham’s faith, sons. He did not doubt of the being of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, when This came under his oak and preached the word of God, the one that was to come true, and by his faith it was accomplished, and Abraham has been called the father of his tribe, the tribe after the faith, the one after the spirit and not after the flesh, and behold, the saints are Abraham’s followers and they are in tens of thousands, and I, the Lord, come with them, for this is the prophecy in the Scriptures that says: “The Lord is coming with tens of thousands of saints.” Amen.


However, you, My people, shall remember the saints and you should also unite with them in their prayer for you and for all the nations of Abraham, from you and up to it, Israel, newly chosen. However, you, My people, should say “Yes,” to your Lord, in everything He asks from you to believe and to be able and to fulfill then, to be Abraham’s child, the faithful one, son, and you should be gentle and merciful like him, and you should not refuse anything of what I ask you to fulfill, for Abraham was merciful to Me and he let himself be put to test, for he believed that I was and that I knew everything I had to fulfill and prophesy, and then to accomplish. I prophesied to him that I will multiply his seed like the stars of the heaven, and this is what I fulfill, for I have the heaven as holy followers of Abraham. I promised Isaac to him by prophecy and I gave him an example by those that I, the Lord, the Son of the Father, was going to suffer, as Abraham brought the life of his son as a sacrifice, at the Father’s commandment, so that he might take it back, just as I also took Mine back after I laid it down on the cross.


Oh, My people, I have been teaching you to show yourself too with the sacrifice of your faith and love of God, and I have told you that I bless you with power for the time of your abstinence from food until the day of celebration of My resurrection, for I am the Shepherd Who laid down His life for the sheep in order to take it back and then to give it to My sheep so that they may have life in them. However, you should not forget about you, not about another one, son, and let each one of you give to the Lord according to the measure he has got so that he may receive from God.


Some of you should fast for yourselves, sons, for your own good. Some other of you should also fast for Me, to My good. And some other from among you should fast for the love of the people, just as I did. Still, others should fast for the power of those who are weak in their spirit and body, according to the love that have those who fast like that. And behold, there are various different gifts even if they work within the same spirit and for the same God, and behold, not all the bodies are the same, and some of you have to sacrifice more for those who do not do the same, for the love or the power are not the same in all of you. Remember the child’s mother, who was about to lose the crown of martyrdom for the salvation and less for the love of God, and his mother carried him in her back up to his crown. (See the selection topic: „About fasting and almsgiving”, r.n.)


Oh, sons, some of you fast beautifully and with joy and faith, sons. Some other of you fast by lusting and waiting to pass the fasting so that they may eat, but this abstinence is not good when it is brought as a debt, but it is good when is given with longing and love, little sons. I have some of you who receive a big grade from Me for a smaller abstinence from food, but at the same time, for more food for Me from him, for a sweeter life for Me in him, for a greater kingdom of Mine in him, without seeking to measure another one’s to see how big it is, for the one full of the spirit of love and humility pleased to Me, does not do something like this to take after someone’s model or not model, but he rather takes Me as his example, and I am the One Who measures according to everyone’s dough.


Oh, My people, I scatter only wisdom into your way to be able to get used to the way of My love, son, and to look at Me and not at your brother, for it is not you but I, Who needs to measure your love for Me and the sacrifice of your love. If the man measures it, you remain without any reward, but if I measure it, I know to weigh your creature well, your growth and your sacrifice for it. On the earth some become saints in their heart and then in their body, and that is the sweetest sacrifice before Me. Some become saints in their body and their heart is small in humility and sacrifice, and this is a small measure, easier. And others are the love, which comes to My wound and are My healing by the mercy in their heart, for without his heart the man cannot be holy to God, even if he puts his body on fire.


Oh, sons, do not make your account alone and do not call someone else into account. Leave that for Me, for I am the One Who knows the hearts and all they have, little or much for Me, the one for My place in man. Amen.


And now I speak in a special way, and those from the gates know the way of My speaking:


Oh, wipe out My tear which cries, you merciful child, child gentle and merciful in your little heart! Put away your weaknesses, which does not come from Me in you, for I said that the world is My enemy and yours, and that the world has come to an end for those who are My loved and My sealed ones, and I have also said that I had worked for fifty years to set My people aside for Me that will remain to Me, to separate it from the world and to have it, and to be able to keep it from those that are to come over the world.


Oh, wipe out My tear, which cries, merciful child and with a gentle but weak little heart. I touch you with My word that suffers in Me to heal you from your weakness, because I can no longer stay weak in you. My weakness in you makes Me suffer. Hear Me, and wipe out My tear and believe like Abraham, and work like him and say “Yes” when I ask you for what I have given you to have and to give Me for My comfort, for My power in the Christian. Come, merciful child, give yourself with My gift that I gave you, give yourself to My poor people, for I ask Myself from you for it, and get up to be able to do it, for your weakness is not from Me. And then do no longer yield yourself to weakness but only to the love for those that are My little ones, for I strengthen you for them and for Me, so that I may no longer bear sufferance and tear and weakness in you, I, the One Who am able to do. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I give you word to be able to work and to listen through it and to be able to do, and as for Me, how should I put an end to My sighing and weakness, for weakness brings weakness. Peace to you! And let your mercy reveal you with power, and let your heart be into My heart, because I wait for you in it, and let us lift one another up that we may be able to work. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, My people, those who are My gates know where the steps of My word go, and let the sacrifice of your love for Me and for those that I love together with you have power, for I give you heavenly powers, sons. Amen.


I wait for a spirit of love, a spirit of mercifulness and peace for those who hardly carry the burden of the work of My Spirit. I wait for you to believe because you need obedience to God when I teach you to keep away from the world as much as you can, sons, for the world has its spirit and it does not have My Spirit, and the world puts only evil into your way, for this is its work. However, I teach you to believe and to keep away from the involvement with the world and to sprinkle your bodies and ways with holy water, for I cannot protect you by anything if you do not protect yourselves, if you do not depart from the world. The world laughs and jokes and the world is My enemy, but you shall not tell that yours is not. The world is hostile to you, and I want to keep you away from its wine, from its wandering away! Be an example in the world so that it may worship God through you and not you, sons. Amen.


Oh, seek to work all of My work and yours in all the heavenly peace and make much peace between you before Me, and humbly forgive each other everything that is to be forgiven, as you also ask My Father to forgive whatever you do wrong.


Oh, the one, who becomes proud within himself towards another one, that one goes wrong after that, and the one who goes wrong, humbles oneself and does not become proud. It is better for you to go wrong than to become proud, but be merciful and be forgiven, sons. Amen.


And now, do not forget to seek that I may be able to work among you and that I may not stay weak between brother and brother. And do not wait for the other one, for I tell you: give yourselves as examples of mercy and love according to the measure you need to have before Me, so that it may not be I that always I have to bow, but you should bow instead for My well being from you and among you, sons. Amen, amen, amen.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).



[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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