2004.11.08 - The Word of God at the feast of the Saint Martyr Demetrios, the myrrh-streamer

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Saint Martyr Demetrius[2], the myrrh-streamer [3]



I come in through the gates. Amen. I come in as the word of man’s making, and I come into the book, and My book is the true book by which the man has to learn knowledge, for if the man has knowledge and has no life, then he is not a learned man, but is a man without a way, because I told him: «I am the way, the truth and the life, and who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but he comes from death to life». Amen, amen, amen.


Peace to you from the Lord, the Teacher, children who watch in the way of My word when I come with it to grow and to keep My people awake, and let My peace, which I give you to strengthen you as My gates, let it always overflow from you over all My people which loves like you My coming and its coming to Me and to you, to the spring of the teaching and of the living with the heaven on earth, to the teaching of book, children sons. There is still a little time, and I will teach, from Me and from you, many who will gather around you, the commandment of the love of God and of one’s neighbor, for to love God and one’s neighbor is a great mystery and it is always mystery and always work of the heaven on earth by the man who loves God. However, now I glorify Myself with the saints and My word and theirs is a book and every man is to be taught according to it, the man who wants to know from God how to love God.


The man does not have to teach Me how to love him, but he has to let Me teach him how to love Me. The man loves himself and this is how he tries to love Me, for himself and not for Me, but I have spoken to him by My Gospel of two thousand years ago, that he who loves his life will lose it, and he who lose his life for Me, for God’s preaching among the people, that one will have life, and he will have it in abundance, for life has been taught from God and not from man. Amen.


Oh, My people, that are so greatly nourished, so greatly taught by My word, by My Holy Spirit of life giving! I am the One Who comes to teach you and to put you in the school of knowledge. I and not you have set you before Me. I come to you to be the people taught by God and let the nations of the earth hear that I am into your midst as the Teacher of the world, only the people of this age to want it to hear the voice of the Son of God, for the spirit of the world keeps the man in his darkness and in his perdition from the people, and My Spirit is a spirit of life giving, and then it is the Holy Spirit the Comforter, as I called Him when I put Him in My apostles to be given over to those who love to believe from God all that I bring down on earth for the renewal of the world and for the life of the age to be on earth. Amen.


I have pain over pain from those who want to come under My teaching and do not know with their mind how to come down before Me, and My Spirit is Teacher, but it is not beautiful for the man’s desire to be lectured or to lecture the man, for with God the faith of man is good and not something else; the faith which works as it worked in Abraham, who did not want to be lectured, but wanted to be a blameless believer in faith, without temptation, because the faith by temptation is taken from the man, and the man is written with those that are unfaithful, because the man who tempts in order to believe, that one does not love God and neither does he know the sacrifice by which the man proves himself as faithful as Abraham.

The man cannot steal when it is about faith for his life. The man cannot believe and to be counted to him as faith if he tempts for faith and I said: «The faith is not for all ». He, who steals, hides inside and outside of him as far as those people concern because he does not want to be known that he steals. The one who deceives does the same, but the face of the man can be read in spite of its covering and the man who has My Spirit in him knows this work and works it so that I may be justified in the word and to be victorious when I speak and when I judge the man’s deed, for the one who believes in this work of the word teaching over the man and does like him in him and in it, this work proves him out by its word, by what it is and by what the man is. The faithful one does not look to be lectured in order to believe, but he seeks to work by love and by teaching, and such like that does not lecture the man to make him believe in this coming of Mine, but believes before the people and is getting more and more perfect by the faith with the gift in it, the one with the teaching in it, because it belongs to those who teach by love to be in My image and after My likeness, and this is the true love of God in man. Amen, amen, amen.


O, Lord, let those who come closer to this mountain by faith seek after this kind of love. Amen. Oh, Lord, from the group of the martyrs who earned a place near You and in You by faith, I speak to Your people having been waited for a long time by us, Your saints, who lost our life for Your life in us on earth and in heaven, and I speak to every man who calls himself faithful to God, and I say this: blessed are those who are clean in their hearts for they are also clean in their faith and they will see God, because this is how they believe. Amen.


I, Your disciple and then Your martyr, believe so and this is how I saw the fruits of my faith, of my clean heart for You, Lord. I put to shame those who were unfaithful to my God, for my love for You has brought forth faith in many, and then those people believed in me as in You, and those who believe without temptation bring their self under control and they overcome for Your glory before the people, Lord. When Nestor saw in me that I had You as wonderful as You are among the saints, he came and asked from me power of victory over Your enemies, and I gave him because I had, and I was generous with You and I was giving You to those who believed in my God, and he, humble in spirit and strong in his faith in You, my God, said this: “God of Demetrios, help me to defeat Your enemies!” Amen.


Oh, how wonderful is the faith and its works in those who believe firmly! Those who are faithful after grace and truth do not need to defeat their enemies, but they defeat Your enemies so that the faith in You may grow in people, and not the faith in those who believe in You, for they give their lives for the people to believe in You, that the faith in You may bring forth fruit in people, Lord, and that by it they may be able to do everything for You and not for them, and the saints near You cry, and they cry after the man with a faith like theirs. The saints who loved You with a faith stronger than death cry for You, because faith becomes love in saints and not love becomes faith in them. But humility comes before this, the humility which makes room for You in saints, Lord, and faith in You and then faithfulness to blood, and what can be a greater love than this in saints, Lord of those who are full of steadfastness for Your confession as a true God Who is on earth and in heaven and among saints, Lord? All those who lose the work of faith by their worries for life, they are small and are not as great as You are, they are not as great as You want them to be in You and You in them even if You said when You prayed to Your Father and of Your saints and You said: «Father, I want to be in them, and they in Me, for the world to know that You have sent Me».


Oh, Lord, so much deprived of man and of faith in man! The world has no way to know that You are the Father’s messenger after the man if You do not have passionate witnesses and like You, gentle and humble in their heart especially before Your enemies and not theirs. Oh, Lord, Who cry with the saints waiting for the great resurrection, may Your will be done on earth! Amen. Make Your will come back in man, for the man without God in him cannot have greater enemies than he himself for him, than his will, which does not let Your will be set in him. May Your will be done on earth from now on! Amen. The time is at its end. Turn the man back to God’s love and help him to believe like the saints, and then to love You by faith as it is written in the Scriptures about the saints who by faith loved You and sacrificed with love for the faith in You of those after them. Amen.


Oh, good Lord, You became a consuming flame in my little heart all the time of Your confession through me. This is how You should come down in those who divide you not separated from them, in those who confess You in them, and making You their God in them, visibly and invisibly, for the faith of those who see You in them as the way and the live of the people, Your way to the people and savior of those who mourn after redemption. Amen, amen, amen.


— I bless the love that comes from the faith of the saints who adorn My coming down to you as word, people from which the man has to learn knowledge from the Lord, the Teacher. Amen.


And now, in a day of feast of the saints in your midst, from heaven and down on earth, from earth and up into heaven, I, the Lord, Your God, I, Your protector and good helper, declare and say that I, by those who carry Me to you and you to Me with your power and weaknesses, take care of you as one Who is good, as the One Who can take care of you, for I have them as My word on the earth and I walk with them, and I have them for the strengthening of the foundation of many, My people, for by this work of word, shared by them on earth, I direct My blessings to you for you to remain My will and in debt for it, My people. Take care of those by whom I protect you and give to you with My help. Take care to love them for Me and for you and not for them, for I love them, because they love Me, and because they love you too and take care of you. I have always exhorted you not to be a people without any guidance between you and Me, for I cannot receive and know the man otherwise than according to My order. Amen.


And now, I bless by the word of the supplication for the coming of the Holy Spirit, Who sanctifies everything, I bless from heaven and from the earth, by the spoken word by those who are anointed in the garden of the word, the little ark (A car, r.n.) given to My people for a blessed use, and I say: It is blessed and it is sanctified by the coming, by the work and by the sprinkling with Holy Spirit and with water, the little ark that is now being given to you by the work of My word, which works out faith in those who give further on My behalf, and I set on it a strong angel, a watching angel and beneficent, on the great saint martyr Gheorghe[4], the bearer of victory, and for the comfort of the feast of today I set together with him for the watching of this little ark and the one who is celebrated today, the one like the martyr Gheorghe, the great saint martyr Demetrios, the myrrh bearer, and may the fragrances of the saints always reward your faith, working as theirs in all of your time of preaching of My second coming back from the Father after the man. Amen.


I bless with My comforting Spirit those who love you because you are Mine. Exhort them with your sweet heart, working children and sharers of God, exhort those who love you and protect you for your work with Me, not being hindered by any kind of hardships on it, to have a pure sacrifice, to have a pure heart before Me and in them, for those with a pure heart will see God with them, how He will pull them out of fire, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire, r.n.) how He will remember them in times of hardships of those faithful on earth, and like the young men in the fiery furnace, He will protect them by My angel of fire, and who cools down all the fire on earth there where I have My protectors, for those who receive Me through you, they will receive the wages of a prophet, the reward as for those who are faithful to God. Amen.


Oh, children who share Me not being separated from you, listen with much faith My entire word to fulfill it and share Me over the earth taking your time for My testimony over the people, and then all that you need for My work with you will be added to you, for I am faithful by every word spoken by My mouth. Amen.


And as for you, faithful people, glorify Me as your King, and show yourselves with My kingdom in you. The one who wants My kingdom in him, that one becomes its dwelling place (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) and becomes its confessor by its fruits, which comforts Me and not them, for the Holy Spirit, the Comforter gives Himself and does not separate Himself from those who have Him inside them as the fruit of their faith in Me, the One Who has sent Him from the Father on earth after the man to comfort the man, and then for the man to keep after his fragrance and for the man to become like Me, with a life giving spirit, with the gift of the Holy Spirit, Who sanctifies everything in man and for the man, so that I may have a dwelling place in man. Amen, amen, amen.



[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Demetrius of Thessaloniki

[3] Translated by I.A.

[4] Saint George (Greek: Γεώργιος Georgios; Latin: Georgius; AD 275–281 to 23 April 303)


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