2004.02.01 - The Word of God on the Sunday of the memorial of the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee



The Word of God on the Sunday of the memorial of the parable of the tax collector and of the Pharisee



The work of My word on the earth is the greatest day of all days, which are with the man, and it has to shake up the man, for the Lord speaks over all that are in heaven above and on the earth below. Amen. It is written: «Does the trumpet alarm sound in a citadel, without the people being afraid? If the lion has roared who will not fear? And if the Lord has spoken, who will not fear and who will not prophesy? Surely the Lord will do nothing, unless He reveals His secrets to His servants, the prophets». (Amos 3:6-8)


Oh, children who watch in the way of My coming, sound over the earth the news of My word and let it be known that the spirit of repentance and the spirit of prophecy stay together with the spirit of prayer, because if the Lord speaks, who will not prophesy and who will not speak the word?


As long as I had lived on earth, I had done every work by the spoken word, in order to fulfill it afterwards. First I had asked from the Father by prayer and then by thanksgiving and then I worked, for those who ask have to be thankful because it is not beautiful to ask only to receive and not to be thankful for those that you have received.


The word Church is a big mystery. The work of the word is frightening, for this means the church and the church has the prayer as its work, sons. Those who come in a churchly manner do not have to come together only in number, but rather they have to come together and to be one for prayer, for those who come together cannot be otherwise in the church in order to feel the burden for those who ask from God. Let the man that receives from Me as a result of his prayer not boast about it, but let him rather be thankful, both until he receives and after he receives, for otherwise the man is a Pharisee and makes use of God only for himself and not for Me.


The tax collector and the Pharisee, the two came together in the house of prayer, for this is an eloquent example spoken by My mouth to teach the man through it. The spirit of the Pharisee always forgets the commandment by which the man can come in to God when he prays, and this commandment is to love your brother as yourself and then everything in God, Whom you love with your whole heart, with your whole mind and with your whole virtue. Amen. The Pharisee thanked Me because he thought he was not like the tax collector or like all those other people who worked out injustice, theft and debauchery, and that he fasted and gave a tenth of all his earnings, while the tax collector, with his head bowed, prayed painfully for My mercy for his sins.


The man who speaks words of faith or of prayer without believing or praying is a Pharisee. Many a people and churches of people come together and say each time that I came down from heaven for their salvation and for them, embodied in a virgin from the Holy Spirit, and that I became Man to be crucified, to come to life from the death on the cross and to ascend to the Father in order that I might also come back again to judge the living and the dead, and then to be with My kingdom on earth endlessly. And those who come together in a churchly manner also say that they confess their sins like baptism upon them and then that they wait for the resurrection of the dead and for the life that is to come. I look at these and see that they are gathered together only in number but that they are not obedient, and they are not present at prayers or at prophesies, but they know what they say only on the outside of their spirit and that is all, and that they are gathered together only in number but not for prayer.


Oh, My people, who I speak in My last days with, those who have been seeking to know the time of the saints and their living, it is not possible for them not to believe in God and in His power by the man who prophesies and prays with thankfulness and loves fulfilling My love in him. The Pharisee’s prayer of thanks was considered as pride and the tax collector’s was counted as repentance and baptism for the forgiveness of his sins. Pride is debauchery, for whoever does not love the Lord, but himself, by everything he does and feels and shares, that one commits fornication by everything he does, as I have taught you to speak to the people of My word, children who have learned from Me to spread My teaching on every side then. The anger at one’s own self is fornication outside the man’s body, for the man does not have Me as His God when he does so, because it is written: «Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body». (1 Cor. 6:18)


He who loves pride, that one is not a peacemaker between him and God, for the one who does not make peace, cannot make a greater peace than the peace in his works between him and God, between him and his neighbor, and this kind of peace is self-love and it is not on behalf of God. If the man is true in prayer when he asks Me to forgive his sins as he also forgives the one who does him wrong, then I am also as real as in everything he tells Me by what I have taught him to speak in his prayer, and this is how the man is with all his prayer that he brings before God. The peacemakers are not those who make peace between man and man, for the man’s works do this, but are those who separate the man from the works that separate him from Me, and I am the One Who have been long enduring with the man while waiting for him to repent, and it is not good for the man to be stiff-necked concerning his repentance, which opens the door to Me, just as the tax collector with this bitter crying made Me had mercy on him and thus I opened to him, and while I was about to open the door to the Pharisee, he closed it for himself by judging the sinner who was praying to forgive everything he had done wrong on earth.


Oh, My people, the word church is a great mystery. This mystery means prayer, it means repentance and it means prophecy in the Spirit and fulfilling, son. Oh, I have always, always looked upon you, for My watching eye waits for you as the dead wait for their resurrection, and I have always, always looked upon you so that you may fulfill this Scripture of the Holy Spirit Who comes out of My mouth. I fulfill it, for My voice flows from Me as I prophesied that I would work, and the dead hear and wait for your voice and for your prophetic work to wake them up. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice”, r.n.)


Oh, My people, you should not be a Pharisee, but rather you should be pleased to God and to your neighbor by everything you are and do, for he who seeks to do his own will, that one remains with his own works, not within My works, and I said by My words of that time and of this time: «Remain in My love». Seek for the life with a teacher son, for this is what this Scripture means, because the teacher always brings the words of life before you, and let your life stand for My love. Amen.


Oh, My people, you should not remain in your love, but rather you should remain in My love, for you have to know what your prayer is and where its power comes from and what your life is and where its love comes from. Your speaking with those who carry Me into your midst and to you has to be a speaking of the Holy Spirit, for if you do not do so, the evil spirit tries to mark you down with a wrong doing against the Holy Spirit, Who is from Me in those who carry you to Me and Me to you, and of whom He works upon your church, upon your assembly. Otherwise the church would not have any life of Holy Spirit, but it would rather have something else, which does not mean the spirit of life, the spirit of church. I spoke through those who are teachers from Me for you that the man has to smile only for God and not for man; that the man has to be joy only for God, and only then to be joy for the man who becomes godly out of this joy. Amen.


The useful brotherhood for Me has to be seen in the fulfilled prayer. When the prayer is not answered and when the brothers who have come together in prayers do not receive the answer at their requests, it means that they were not one in their prayer. It is written in Psalms about those who stay in the Lord’s house, in the Lord’s courtyard, the Lord’s servants to praise the Lord and to raise their holy hands at night, and the Lord, Who made the heaven and the earth, the Lord from Zion will bless them. Amen.


Oh, sons, learn from the spring of My word; the prayerful man’s raising his hands to God is embracing God, for he is careful then of My union with him and he is just the union, for the heart prays and it makes the hands to be raised. The same is also with the reaching the hands among the brothers into My name for forgiveness, for reconciliation, for love between brother and brother and for My peace among the brothers.


Oh, sons, if in your hard times or difficult shortcomings only one is absent from the supplication brought before Me, that one is not accomplished because of the one who does something else than praying, which asks for the church. When Moses chose his people for Me out of the people for the spirit of prophesy, the power of his spirit was also seen over those who were not there, for his spirit also came down upon those who were named, where they were. Oh, let you not be found together only in number, and not at your place of meeting sons, but let you be found one in your prayer, sons. When the priest carries Me into his hands (At the Holy Liturgy, r.n.), and he has not got Me in him, this is for Me a greater pain than that on Golgotha, where I suffered for the man’s separation from Me. However, there were so many hearts there that were carrying Me in them just as a priest carries Me, who is on Golgotha when he has Me into his hands leading Me with his pain in him on the way to the cross, crying for Me, the One Who was forsaken by the man’s heart, which was careless of God, Who keeps the heaven and the earth by His love for the man.


Oh, sons who are set by Me as guides for My people, tell to the sons of Israel (To the Romanian Israel, r.n.) that it is one thing for the man to do miracles with God and it is another thing for the evil spirit to do miracles through the man, for life without God turns the man into a devil, and the man becomes a Pharisee near God. Tell the sons of Israel not to boast themselves that they pray, or fast, or do My commandments, but tell them to boast with My praising in them instead, and let them reach out their hands to Me, so that I may give Myself with My life in them. Amen.


I look at the churches from the world when the priest does not understand what he is, when the Christian does not understand what he is and that they do not have to forget whom they have into their hands when their hearts do not prove the same thing, or whom does he receive in his body when his deed does not prove that his God is with him then. Oh, guiding sons, I am the wonderful One within and among the brothers, and that is why I come and tell you to teach My people and My servants to say when they pray, to speak about the Lord, Who is wonderful within and among the saints, for in whom the Lord is wonderful, that one is a holy and wonderful man. Amen.


Jerusalem, I want to hear the whole word into your midst, so that you may also be holly and entirely and in debt, son. I want you to say this: “Save us, Son of God, You Who are wonderful within and among the saints, Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah, have mercy on us.” Amen.


Oh, My people, the hidden things are not good, no matter what they might mean, and that they are good only if they are confessed. Those who are not confessed bring idleness in virtues and in lovingness after the heaven and after the fulfillments in heaven, and these have to be received and fulfilled with gentleness and humility, just as I worked before the Father as a loving and obedient Son. Amen.


Oh, sons, who guide My people, the guide is put by God, and woe to that one if the ship is broken with those in it! However, I, the Lord, being good, know and see that it is so hard to be a guide from those who like leading and they cannot do it because there is a guide set by the Lord. It is hard for a guide because he is a guide and he is not welcomed for this reason and because this is how is it on earth. However, My people has to be heaven on earth and not just earth, and it has to know what it means My mystery with the man on earth. Oh, it is hard for a guide, but for those who are guided it is easier, if they let themselves to be guided, sons. Behold, it is necessary to be a guide so that carelessness may not have room for those things from above from heaven, and also for those from below on earth, because if the Christian says that he serves with his hands to the running of those things, which are for God, I, the Lord, tell him that he does not help by his hands for those from above, but rather he helps with the spirit and with his union in Christ among brothers and in the work of the Holy Spirit in the time of any work done by hand, and otherwise the work done by hand is for the body, if the one who does his work by his hands does not become spirit. The idleness for the work by hands is seen in the idleness for the work with the spirit, for if the one who goes wrong gets upset with the one who shows his mistake, then his work by his hands is for the body, since he does not become spirit from the body.


On the land of the sinners, the one who goes wrong rejoices over someone else’s mistake and he covers his own mistakes with it, and even he if does not rejoice, at least he does the mistakes in the same way, either because of revenge or because of his weaknesses of going wrong, and a man like that forgets that the works and the mistakes are different from man to man. But on the land of the holy people those who go wrong are helped for their repentance by those who are knelt down in order that many may walk on their foot before and behind them. Amen.


Oh, wise sons, those who go kneeling down for the life of many! He who walks on his feet cannot go on his knees and that is why he walks on his feet, and the one who go on his knees does so for many to be able to walk on their own feet. Oh, we have to go only on our knees if we want to teach the man to walk on his feet. Oh, we really have to go on our knees, but it is not for this that we shall cry, leading sons, because it is in this way that I made the man and not otherwise. No one knows but the Father that I was crying when I made the man, and I was knelt down when I did this kneading of the man’s body and the of his spirit, and now, in the end of the time, My Father has sent Me again to make the man and He said this to Me: “Go Son, after the man who came out of the man that was built by Your hand, go and teach him the sweet mystery of sufferance and not of happiness, Son! Go, Son, go, for happiness makes the man not to forget. Go and come back with the man on Your shoulders, for You have bowed much to the man and You spoke like him so that he might also speak like You.”


Oh, this is how My Father speaks to Me whenever I come as word on earth to you, My people, and I want the man to receive My teaching from you, and I want you to be a people of the disciples of My word and not to rejoice over everything that you do for yourself or for Me, but rather to rejoice over everything that I can do through you, for I told you that the dead have been waiting from you the fulfilling of the Scripture of their resurrection at the voice of My word upon you and at your voice, which takes after My voice, and for the dead and for the living to know Me in you that I am the true God, the One Who works out seed from seed, life from life taken from Me, My people, and resurrection from My resurrection, for I made the resurrection. Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead”, r.n.)


And to those who live in their bodies, I, the Lord, tell them this: whoever wants to get rid of the sin in him and of the devil, then let that one not judge his neighbor and God unjustly, and then he will come to life forever and ever, for woe is to the man who covers his guilt with someone else’s punishment!


Oh, children that lead on My behalf, if it seems to the man that I speak like him in such a way that I may not make weak the man that is in him, he should not speak to himself that he does not say that God does not know him, that He does not see him and that God does not hear him, because if I do so, I do it in order to keep away from the guilt in the man, but I come closer to the man after he lets that his guilt may be brought into the light, kept by him inside him by the darkness in him, by his judgment against his neighbor, because the man’s pride against another man makes to the evil spirit a house in man and a bed for sexual immorality, because the one, who is not one spirit with Me, has got another god, and he is one body with it, as it is written into the Scriptures.


Oh, Jerusalem, there is nothing else that makes the man better than My inviting or reproachful teaching. Reproach is love and he who flees from this love, flees from the work, which works out the eternal life in him, and for him it is life forever. Amen.


I tell you again and again: give grades to those who are in the school of the making, workers on My behalf over those who establish themselves before you so that you may make them stand before Me and Me before them with the mystery of My life in man. Let My people be real, and this truth will give Me back the heaven and the earth, which the man who got out of the man has been taken from Me for seven ages, sons who share the age that is to be and its life on earth. Let the prayer of the holy people be a spirit of repentance, and let it be a spirit of prophecy and fulfillment, and then let it be the resurrection of the dead and of the life that is to be. Amen.


I look together with you over the people, I look with you from heaven and from the earth and I look with you with My body and spirit over the people of My word. Oh, let the people also look at you and see, and let it also see that you see it as well and that I also see it, and let it look at Me seeing with its eyes open and not to see Me as in a dream, for I have always, always looked at it and I want to see that it is the one that watches with great and wonderful wisdom, for I, the Lord, said that it would have watched in vain if My people had not wisdom. Amen.


Now, I am resting in you with a thankful spirit, because we have been able to put the spirit of teaching over Jerusalem, sons who have been sharing the holy word. Now, sons, let us wait kneeling down before the Father and before the people, for we wait for the walking on the feet, a walking of the Holy Spirit, for I have told you that it is only on our knees that we have to go if we want to teach the man to walk.


Oh, it is on the knees that we have to go on, guiding sons, for I made the man in the beginning kneeling down and crying, and now, in the end, the work of the making of the man is the same, and We have to work with you, kneeling down and crying, We Who work out the making of the man and the new heaven and the new earth for the man; to make the man out of man once again, kneeling down and sighing and crying. Amen, amen, amen.



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