2003.12.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Nicholas




The Word of God at the feast of the Saint Hierarch Nicholas



Oh, My people, I feed you in a day of feast as well as I can in spite of all this hardship through which I am still able to come. I feed you, son, because you also feed Me with your longing after My kingdom in you, only for you to hold it dear to it with My great pain in you, for without My pain you cannot love God. The body dies because of its severe wound, and love comes to life by its deep wound, My people.


I, the Lord, being all over a wound full of longing, want to stay in all the sons of the New Jerusalem in order that you to be able to have Me, sons, but for such a kingdom in you, you do not have to be content with what you see and to love in this way, for those which are seen pass, like the man without God in the works of his life, in his heart and in his mind, but I, the One, Who dwell invisibly near the man, am eternal. However, the man does not love his eternity as well as his temporariness if the eternity is not seen with the eyes of the body, if he does not feel it with the power of the love of the Holy Spirit, Who becomes love of eternal life in man.


I feed you, My people and I dwell in a feast with you in a synod of bishops from heaven because of Nicholas who is among them, the one who is merciful by miracle doing, a bishop with great anointing of the Holy Spirit, Who can work wherever He wants. Amen.


Oh, sons and children from the gates, leave My power in you and submit yourselves, for the submission, which I require of you is for My coming and it is not any kind of submission and it will help the heaven, the earth and the hell, and I tell you this so that you may have power in your body, in your soul and in your spirit to be able to obey, for it hurts Me when I see the man and even the Christian, as he does not understand at all that the kingdom of the heavens does not come in a visible way for the man without any sight for it, but it comes for those who have it in them, because it is a mystery and it is hidden inside the man. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) Oh, your body hurts you and your bosom hurts you as well because of its heaviness; it hurts you because there is no joy or kingdom with joy as on earth when I dwell with it inside the man. It is power, sons, and it is God in man, and that is why it is called the kingdom of the heavens, and now, in the end, it is My great pain, My pain in man, and the man is nourished by it as well as you feed on it now, children who receive My voice to put it into its book of today on earth, and you eat of it, the same as those full of pain for Me did in the time of My body full of sufferance for the man who felt that the kingdom of the heavens was with them and they did not know it to take it in them, to take Me in them, Son came from the Father, for I came to be one body with the man who believed that I was God and that I became the Son of Man for the man to have Me and to take Me in him. Oh, how much did they stumble, when they heard Me saying that whoever did not eat My Body and My Blood had no life in him? Oh, how much does it hurt Me when I look at the one who eats My Body and Blood and has no life in him then, that is, Jesus Christ as his life, Me, with My life in him, for I join to the one who believes in Me to make him My image and My likeness. Amen.


My people, I, within My pain, speak to you today about My kingdom inside the man and which has to be poured out outside of him with My mysterious face and with My life seen on the sides by the sons of the people who see the sons of God. This miracle, which has never been heard about, this coming of Mine with My church, (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.) which I introduced even in the time of My supper with My disciples, saying that I would not eat of My Passover until My kingdom was to come on earth, and this longing of Mine came and its time, which I prophesied about, has been fulfilled, and behold My word that becomes flesh, a church with My body and with My word in it, the entire kingdom of the heavens in man, and the man near it does not see it, the one near the man in whom I enter in a complete manner.


I am hurt with a great longing because of My kingdom in man. And it keeps giving Me pains until I am able to pour out Myself with it before the sons of this age, for I am the Son of the Father and I reign in man, and the man is My kingdom, and I want to appear together with it. Amen, amen, amen. Oh, who is the one that does not let Me come up with this miracle? The devil prevents Me, the man’s unbelief does not allow Me, the foggy weather of which only the kingdom of the ruler of this age is seen, these do not let Me. My kingdom in the man, which he has got and which works like Me over the sons of disobedience, hurts Me. My kingdom in man is the heaviest burden when the man is not able to settle with it on the earth.


The saints look at Me full of heavenly thrills when I speak the word of My kingdom over the earth and want Me to work with it and with them among the sons of the people, who do not know anything else but marriage and being given in marriage, eating and drinking and about a body submitted to sin, which stands against the spirit. The man gets up and goes to bed eating and drinking and committing sin, for wine is debauchery.


However, I speak the word again, which I spoke to you, children of the new kingdom, because a couple of years ago I told you about the outside man, who hides the one inside, as he says. I have spoken to you that the man does not take care of My coming of today, and I come and find him eating and drinking and committing sin in his pleasures. However, I have told you to comfort yourselves comforting each other and to teach yourselves teaching each other, for I am at the door and I am the door, and I come when no one expects Me to come, and it hurts Me that no one expects Me to come when I come, and it hurts Me making Me feel like crying far and wide within a wounded voice because no one expects Me when I come, and behold, I have always come and I come with difficulty because I have not been waited to come.


I have told you to get drunk with longing, for I come full of longing. The man gets drunk with wine and he longs after the wine, but the longing after the wine is a snake in his soul, because the wine is a snake and you know this mystery, because I have spoken about it to you. And now, I tell the man again that the man makes the wine into a serpent and he blames Me when he does so, and he says that the wine is blessed by Me. However, I say: No! And again, I tell him: No! No! I know what I have blessed. I have blessed My cup not the man’s cup, and My cup is My Body and Blood, Who hanged on the cross.


I have asked the man who says that it was I who I blessed the wine and I told him: “Can you, man, turn My blood into wine?” And if you cannot, then be silent and do no longer speak foolish things; keep silent and do no longer commit sins by speaking about the mysteries of the Son of God, which are not from the earth, but which are rather from haven, for the water that was turned into wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee was a mystery from heaven, the wine of the miracle and not as you try to mock the mysteries of the heaven, for wine is debauchery, as it was with Noah when he made wine, which made him curse his son. Do no longer speak foolish things and say that the wine is holy when it is written in the Scriptures that it is debauchery. You say that the wine is holy, and I said that only My Blood is holy when I turn the wine into blood, and My Blood is in the cup. I turn wine into blood, and you turn wine into sin, you turn joy into death and do not turn sufferance into life as I turn wine into My Blood for the man’s life. I blessed My cup, the cup of My sufferance, not the man’s cup, and the man speak foolish things when he says that the wine is holy and it hurts Me that the man speaks like that.


Oh, children of My kingdom full of My sufferance in you! The man mocks Me in order to hide his sin. The man laughs at Me by going into debauchery, and he does no longer know what love is, for loves comes from holiness not from sin. The man gets out in the street with his wife who is more naked that he is, more than her husband, and this means the end of the man who brings the sin to the rank of holiness, and this means the age of the man and of his sons, where God has come to an end. The man makes jokes about God and he says that the man and the woman were naked in Paradise, but I speak that the man was not so, and that the man was in Paradise like an angel in his body, and as the angel was without a body, the same was with the man, without any sin in Paradise, although he had a body. The man was naked in Paradise, but he was as on the cross, as I was naked on the cross, but I was the Saint of the Father on the cross, because the man who is not on the cross is not holy.


The words of the fleshly man make Me feel empty because of pain, the man of this age, who lusts with his body against the spirit and against the life and against the resurrection from the dead. Man, do no longer speak foolish things, for then you will cry to Me to forget them and I will wipe them out with great, great sufferance, as you has been making Me suffer so much pain, so much shame before the devils to whom you bow and who bow to you in order to make you do their will, that I am no longer able to make you an angel from a devil and from a man.


The devil cannot work with God, but the sons of this age are from dust and are not from heaven, the same as with the Jews in My time who were casting out demons following devilish people who heard about My name from which the devils fled out, who dared to tell the devils to come out of the people into the name of Jesus Christ. But the devils did not know those as Mine and overpowered them in such a way that they fled naked out of the house of the devilish man. This news made many be seized with fear and to glorify My name that was spread out by the devils and many came to confess their evil deeds to be freed from them and then to follow Me with a clean life, and many a sorcerers burned their books in the eyes of everyone so that the faith could grow in the people, and My name to be strengthen over the multitudes.


Oh, children of the Holy Spirit, I am in a heavenly and Hierarchical celebration into your midst. I have the hierarch Nicholas, and his painful joy is like Mine, and it is like yours as well, for those who have the kingdom of the heavens in them do no longer have their pain, their sadness and their sighing, but they have My pain after the man, the pain of the kingdom of the heavens. The kingdom on earth is full of empty joys, which pass like those who love them, but the kingdom of the heavens in man is full of the love for Me, the One suffering from the pleasures without God of the sons of this age, who do not walk to come back from death to life. But «the saints will judge the world», as it is written into the Scriptures, and I will have witnesses of My kingdom in the man. Amen, amen, amen.


I am celebrated, Lord, in the hosts of the bishops of the heaven, and with all the hosts of angels, we bring comfort on all Your pains, for there is no saint in heaven that may not be hurt like You from what it is on earth. No one has been waiting for You to come, but we, Your saints, have been waiting, for You have been hearing for seven thousand years from the saints: “Until when, Lord.” The joy of Your coming full of pain will soon, soon become joy for Your sons of today make haste with their pain for You, but only the sons of the New Jerusalem of today understand this.


The earth is empty of God, oh, people of the worldly church, and you conduct services in your churches and you do no walk across the earth to see how the sins of the people swarm over the people, and the love of God is found no longer on earth. Oh, if you wanted to hear believing the voice of the One that comes from heaven on earth as word to bring down the victory that will swallow the death, you would have this word that comes with the cloud as your first priority, but you have left the world perish as you have perished. Oh, it is not in this way that the salvation has been sought after, people who serve in the churches of the world. If you cannot make the man give up sin, then Christ died in vain, for it is written: «If there is no resurrection of the death, then neither Christ has been raised». Oh, how are you supposed to raise the dead of this age? Look at them how they swallow in their sins, for the sin is death, and the man from the world does no longer come to life from sin. Both you and they rejoice with the songs of the Lord’s resurrection, with the songs of the Lord’s birth, with the songs for the saints, but the heavenly feasts do not mean only that. There is no greater feast as in heaven as then when a sinful man comes back from death to life, from sin to repentance, and then to remain alive and to become the kingdom of the heavens. But do you not know the Gospel of the Lord, which says that the kingdom of the heavens is in the man and it does not come visibly? The Lord wants to make the man into His kingdom, and the man says that he has faith in his heart, if one asks him why he does not believe, why he does not make God beautiful in him and from him.


Oh, Lord, the emptiness from the earth leaves the servants of the church of the sons of this age, who do no longer know anything else but of marriage and being given into marriage, of eating and drinking, of selling and buying, as in the time of Noah, Lord. (See the selection topic: „As in the days of Noah”, r.n.) Oh, You are full of pain and the sons of the world do not know that now You are wounded more severely than on the cross. The sin is great and much on earth. It is the hell on earth, and the devil had made luxurious houses for himself, and they go to the priests of the world to put a service of holiness over these, but they do not remove sin from man. The ruler of this world has covered Your face and the sons of this age do not see You, and You live having been wounded by the sons of the new age, in which You come with Your kingdom and by which You try to breakthrough this thick fog between earth and heaven, for Your good angels can hardly stand because of the pain when they stay with their flight mutilated that they have nothing good to bring to You from the man and that Your good angels may be able to see Your face.


I speak from Your pain, so that the sons of the world of today and yesterday may hear the saints, and I declare the word of a bishop and speak that the things, which are not forgiven on earth, remain the same in heaven, and there are no more priests and bishops on earth, Lord, for those who are, are something else, they are the sons of the empty glory who receive praise from the people and from one another and they do not feel Your pain, Your wound so deep and no one has been waiting for You to come, Lord of the saints.


Oh, sons of the Jerusalem of the Lord’s coming, rejoice over His crying and over His pain and over His saints, for you have to wait making haste of His coming, as it is written in the Scriptures, for behold, the world burns; the sin burns in the body of the sons of this age and they are no longer satisfied with marrying and being given in marriage, with debauchery of any kind, and the painted devil has luxurious houses which he writes for himself any kinds of names on, but he does not write ”death” on the doors of his houses. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?”, r.n.) Write the word of the Lord and spread it far and wide so that the man of today may know that everywhere the word “death” is covered so that it may not be seen, and the world does not know what death, its face and its seduction mean.


Rejoice over the sigh of the end of the world, (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.) children of the Lord’s coming. Rejoice over the Lord’s coming to you and spread His voice and all the pain from it to all the sides of the world, so that the whole world, visible and invisible, may know that he Lord has come and comes when no one expects Him to come, but behold His coming with you, sons of His coming. And the Lord will remove the scales from the eyes of the sons of the people and everything on earth that does not mean God with the people will perish, (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation”, r.n.) for the sigh of the Lord and of His saints who have always been crying, “Come, Lord!”, will cry out this sigh and every man will see that the Scripture of His coming is true as the Lord is. Amen, amen, amen.


— Oh, only you, saints of the heaven, sigh with a heavenly sigh saying: “Come, Lord!” But as for those who wait for Me to come, I come and I dine with them, and the world dines with its ruler, and its ruler is also invisible, and only his servants are seen, those who keep the world under his rulership.


Children of the New Jerusalem take into consideration the pain without any comfort of the saints who serve in heaven the same as they served on earth. The hierarch Nicholas gives you great help, but you also need to offer Me great help to be able to come, so that the saints may also come with help from Me for you. Rejoice sighing, for this is how I come to you when I come and this is how we speak, both I and My saints. Be always with Me in you, and the saints will come to your help.


Let the entire earth hear of My coming to you and let the man judge himself, and then to be able to see the word of My coming, which calls the man from death to life, for the ruler of this world keeps his kingdom invisibly in his sons too, but I together with you bring him into the light and bring on earth the gospel of the kingdom of the heavens, for all who open to Me when I come with it to put it in every man who hears the voice of the Son of God for the man’s resurrection. Amen.

19-12-2003 (06.12.2003 - Old style / after the Julian calendar)


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