2003.07.07 - The Word of God at the feast of the birth of the Saint John, the Baptizer

            The Word of God[1] at the feast of the birth of the Saint John, the Baptizer[2]



I come down with difficulty and through the hard way and I speak as much as I can and how I can, but I speak, and I put My word of the day of today into the book, for it is a feast of a prophet, children who are receiving of the word of My mouth, children crushed by the sufferance and pains on earth. I work as well as I can and as you can also stand before Me, for you are much weakened, but I work for the memorial of the greatest among the prophets, John, the Baptizer. Amen.


There has been no man on earth more despised than the prophet, a man more despised then God, the Son of Man, Who works with His Spirit among the prophets. There has been no man on earth and in heaven more crushed than God in Himself and in all His prophets, from everlasting to everlasting. If the people on earth had listened to the prophets and had followed in their life My word delivered by the prophets and that I Myself spoke in the time of My visible body on earth, the happiness would have been with the man. But behold, I speak today too, and I Myself come from the Father and I speak and the man does not want to put his happiness on him, the love for God, by which the man has all the peace, all the happiness and all the joy, which makes the man like Me. However, the man wants nothing from Me but his good, and when My longing is no longer in agreement with his desires, with his pleasures, with his joys, then the man throws Me away, dishonors Me for his name, and then My name, the God’s name is despised through him.


I come down in pains, for everything that it hurts Me, it hurts you as well, and everything that it hurts you; it also hurts Me, children who stay fixed in pains and weaknesses for the glory of the work of My name, which accompanies you. Oh, you can hardly bear with My coming to you so that I may give then the word of My coming over the earth. Oh, you can hardly open up to My coming, for you are deeply wounded. However, My mother asked Me not to take, not to wipe out your pain so that you may be like Me and like her, sons oppressed by My cross upon you, by My coming for the salvation of the man. Put yourself in line with the Scriptures, and put yourselves in line with your sufferance for My name, with the sufferance of the holy prophets and apostles and give to the crushed people, as crushed by pains and by the mercy for you as you are, and give him the word of My feast of this memorial day of My prophet, John, the Baptizer.


I do not know how and through whom I may creep in with powers for Me in you and to wipe out the tears in you and those on your little cheeks, and which make you beautiful and sweet before Me and before the prophets who cried like you in their time with Me over the people. It has never been a more despised man on earth, more wounded, more blamed and more deserted than the prophet and the Son God, the One Who was not welcomed by the power of the strong man. Oh, you are deprived of all the help on earth, but stand on My right hand, being patient until I put down to earth all the pain, which has been putting obstacles into My way with you, all the unbelief and strikes that has been weakening you in such a way that I may no longer be able to work in you. Be patient sons, and give the news to the people that the time of golden patience has already come and let the people be spiritual and let him occupy himself with poverty and prayer and with My wounded peace, which you too have among you, for I will comfort you and I will also make My people feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit, Who works during the time of pains, for you have to get used to the happiness, which cries for Me in you, and let it be your comfort. Amen.


John, the greatest among the prophets, is in My coming down as word of today, and it has near it My trumpet, Verginica. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets[3]”, r.n.) Two thousand years ago, he was the forerunner of My coming, and she is now; now, until you welcome My coming. Oh, who shall I help Myself with for My power in you? Oh, who shall I be able to come for you with, so that you may be able to work for Me and for the man who wants My salvation with all his heart? Oh, sons, who else knows how and with what the salvation is received? I want mercy not sacrifice, because mercifulness carries sacrifice within it. Amen.


We have come to a time of pressure, sons. It is the time of the holy patience, it is the time of the holy hope and it is the time of the faith, for I, the Lord your God, will be able to work in you and in those who love Me as you do. I go with the whole heaven from place to place for your daily bread and to get you out from the trouble and to make it easy for you and to make you be used to patience, because every hard thing and all the shortcomings are for your whitening, for the preparation of the holy people and for a spirit of prayer for My coming. I have always wanted to remove the hardships that are on you and which press you down to be able to work through you with the glory of My word on the earth and over the man. However, I have no one to help Myself with for you on earth, for the opposing spirit has always been putting obstacles in My way and I cannot speak as My speaking is in Me for you, and I speak as well as I can, for you to see how much I bear with your pain when I feel your ascent, children from under the cross of My coming as word on earth, for I have told you that your cross with Me that is getting heavier and heavier, and My pain for you is getting bigger and bigger and I comfort you with it, for I have nothing else to comfort you on earth with.


I have invited you, those who carry My word from heaven to earth, to work through you with signs, sons, but your humility stands against Me. I have revealed you that you are Mine more and more, but I have also told you that it will not be easy but harder and harder instead, and you will be less and less welcomed on My name, for whomever I have called on earth, the unbelief, the envy and the carelessness in man has already persecuted him. I comfort you with the saints and I comfort you in a mysterious way and I give you My hand to pass over the hardships, and I take you on My shoulders when you can no longer go on, but you should not forget that I have been teaching you even since I called you to be the thread of My descent and I have been teaching you not to fall down under the pains and rather to speak over them a tied bond so that they may not throw you down, and to have you as My bridge to the man, for I am with the days of My coming on earth, sons. I have told you not to be wounded by anything and from no one but only if you knew that the Lord is upset with you; and I did not know how to lift you up to Me and to strengthen you, both I and My trumpet, which was coming with Me to you in the word. But you have suffered much, much contempt, because you have had to take after Me, sons. It has never been on earth a more despised man than God and more despised than the God’s bearers, and here is what John, the prophet is telling you:


You, bearers of the Lord’s coming, I give myself to you as an example of patience and joy of the cross, for the saints do not take into consideration the shame of the cross because of the joy after it. I had been persecuted since I was a child and I had lived in the wilderness until the Lord’s coming, Who came and carried the man’s salvation on His shoulders, the cross of the man’s sins, children of sufferance.


Your sufferance make the saints run with tears. The shame of the cross presses you down, and you are without any protection, for those who are strong are mighty and not weak like you and they are not ashamed of your weakening without protection, and they are not afraid of God. The humility is for those who humble themselves, and the strength is for those who think that they are big. However, I was the voice of the Lord and I called evil that what was evil, and then I suffered punishment from the man and then I stood near God the Father, to always pray to Him from near Him for the man, for this is how the saints of the heaven on earth and in heaven are; they are merciful and suffer waiting for the man’s salvation.


Receive power from the spirit of prophesy. Take of my spirit and do not be afraid of the man. Do not let the Lord down, for you have to grow as big as the Lord’s coming, and beware so that you may not go down, and keep out of sufferings and the Lord will help you this way, for I pray near the saints and near the prophets for your power through the hardships of the Lord’s coming. The one, who says that he loves God and brings you into sufferance and tears, that one does not understand the birth from above, and he has to let himself be seized by it to take after the Lord with His saints, and then to take after you.


However, Lord, help these who bear Your voice now towards Your coming, as I also was Your voice then, before the road of Your cross for the man’s salvation, help them from heaven among the saints and among the prophets; help them during their shortcomings, as You are the one that can help them, for the man gives You with spoon, and with its handle he puts Your eyes out for what he gives and You have no one to help Yourself with for them from the earth. The man has become greater than You are, Lord, and he does not listen to You anymore, and he does not need You when Your will is not in agreement with his will.


Have mercy on those who bear Your burden on them! Have mercy, Lord! Have mercy, Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Who work through the prophets!


Have mercy, mother, from near your Son, Jesus Christ; have mercy on those with the burden of the coming of the Son of man on their shoulders!


Have mercy on Your people, Lord of the powers and give him the mystery of Your being in the man, and let the world see the light of your people that is under the cross! Amen, amen, amen.


However, because of My mercy on you, wounded sons, I take you and I come into the pantry with you and I comfort you and I help you, for this is written: «Come, My people, enter your chambers, and shut the doors about you: hide yourself for a little moment, until the indignation be past and I will glorify you for My name». (See Is. 26:20) Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A., r.n.

[3] You can also see on:!hYFABQjI!WDh3HPbi0TbWQBaudyme40T23PLy4yxzjIETNAynUG8


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