2003.06.16 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, (Whitsuntide or Pentecost), the third day

The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, (Whitsuntide or Pentecost), the third day[2]



Sons, I give you rest. Your little bodies are weakened by the labor that you do for Me. When I was on earth two thousand years ago, I worked in the same way. I made the multitudes sit down giving them food and then I gave them the glory of My word, as then it was not possible otherwise. You have labored much, as much work is needed for the days of wedding. Your little bodies are temples of My Spirit, Who dwells in you, and we have to take care of My dwelling, which is you. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit lays you up in the peace of the heavenly Trinity, Who is called your God, and I, the Word of the Father, strengthen you, for My word carries life within it. Amen, amen, amen.


Let us give them food to eat, to those who have not left the garden of the meeting to their own work yet, and let us still scatter over them sons. My Spirit is hovering over the garden. The Spirit of the saints rests in the glory of My word, and those that are asleep in their body still have to make a stop here, in the place that is prepared for them in their way to the greatest resurrection. Now they are waiting, like all the other saints from the invisible heaven, to hear My whisper over you and to receive comfort from it. The Spirit of those that are asleep is boiling from longing and love after My word, which flows in your time from Me down to earth, for two thousand years ago I prophesied this: «The hour comes in which all that are in the tombs will hear the voice of God’s sons and will come out to life». (John 5:28) (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead[3]”, r.n.)


I give rest to your little and tired bodies, but in a little while, we will lay the table again for the crowds and we will not be able to stop them, for My glory comes with increasing glory and will embrace under it the glory of those that are on the earth. I will help you more and more. I will be in you with all My love for the man and I comfort all those who support you on the way of My coming to you, and I will reward them according to their love, and I would like to reward them also for My kingdom in them, but they also need to have a desire to help Me in order to give them My dwelling in them, My love in them, for I have been seeking for so much love with the man until he allows himself to become My kingdom.


Now we sit at the table with those who have remained in the garden, for it is still a celebration of Holy Spirit. And after you gather strength in your body, I, the Lord, will add into the book of today all of My word in this day.


Peace to you! I give you rest, sons. Give the glory of the things on earth for the glory of the heavenly things and seek to have more rest for those from above, and I will add to you the other things as well, for I can, sons.


And as for you, sweet sons, who receive My word and make the people sit before Me and give them the Lord with all His things, strengthen yourselves and let the people strengthen you and listen to you, for where you speak the word, everything is made. Amen. This is how My people should learn to be, for nothing is made without light, and the man cannot listen without love by those that come from heaven for those on the earth with the heaven.


Peace to you! And then come back into My book, to finish every word of the feast of the day. I bless you with the food for the body and I bless with you everything that will be Mine on earth and of those who will be with those that are My well-pleased ones, for I want to teach the world to love the life without death, dear sons. Amen.


Peace to you, loved Jerusalem and tired for the glory of the days of the coming of the Son of Man with power and much glory, for I want to take the living water out of you, and to give it always, always, to those who seek for life. Amen, amen, amen.




Now we come back into the book, sons who receive My word. I come to you sons, in a perfect way and that is why the man can hardly understand My descent to you and My work through you, which calls the man from death to life. I told you when I was teaching you to walk on your feet and then to go with Me after the man to draw him to the Father, and I told you that if I was about to go with you in hell, you were not supposed to say no. And I also told you that I will extend the days of resurrection with which I come down to you over every man who serves the hell on earth.


The mind and the heart of the man give forth only to thorns and thistles. The man seeks only after death, and he does no longer know the way of his life to step his foot on it. Take a look into My book with you and see how I fulfill over you and from you those that I have promised that we will do, sons, and you should call good what is good and evil what is evil when I pour out My kingdom over the man.


Oh, dear sons, I could have not worked out the truth over everything that is not good on earth if I had not taken you out of the promiscuity of the world, which the world calls “church,” and where I cannot live with My kingdom in man. Oh, the man does not know what My kingdom means! He has been waiting for it to fall down from heaven in a visible way and he does not know that My life in him is My kingdom in him. That is why I work through you, to call good what is good and to call evil what is evil, so that the man may understand that My house in him is spoiled and God is a wonderer when He cannot dwell in man and when I work through you the truth about evil and about good, and let him who has ears and eyes see and understand this. Amen. I speak My word from the sky over you and I call good what is good and evil what is evil and let him who reads understand. Amen. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God[4]”, r.n.)


Oh, help one another extensively for My labor through you when I come to stand before the multitudes with you. I could do it neither two thousand years ago and nor now in another way but only to make those that come to the spring sit down and give them food, sons, and I, turn your little or your nothingness into abundance from time to time and we sit down with food for the body for those who come, and invite them to sit down before My word and My work for the teaching from heaven on earth through you. And I see that you are very tired and I teach you to give the glory of the earthly things for the glory of the heavenly things, and to seek to have more rest and to work, sons, as the Romanian saying says: “In summer make yourself a sledge and in winter a plough,” for otherwise you do two works at a time and the time keeps pressing you down and I have always taught you and I tell you that I have put the time under your control, and if I do it so by speaking a word for this, then you should fulfill this word. But you need much devotion with great wisdom, with great love, with great brotherhood, because you have to take your work from each one’s hand when you are under the burdens from My work with you, and yours with Me, and you should help each other, both in soul and in body, according to the measure of the grace, power, soul and body that each one has, sons.


I have been teaching all of you not to go to bed and not to get up without having any worries, for I have no one to carry My worries with for you and for the man, for we have to announce the kingdom of the heavens and its dwelling in man, children sons. Give the glory of the earthly things more for those from heaven, and then I will add to you the other ones. I told you and I will always tell you that the saints have been waiting My fellowship with you among you more, and you should seek first for the work of the kingdom of the heavens, the food for the saints and for the angels. Let their table with you be the first worry, and you should work with faith the things that I have told you, because I am the One Who spoke: «I will come to the one who believes in Me and I will built My house at him and I will dine with him and I will appear to him». Amen.


Set the table among you to those in heaven, for it is for those who are in heaven and for the things that are in heaven that I have established you to work, and may your lips always carry the name of the Lord and of His saints and of His angels, for the kingdom of the heavens does not come in a visible way, but it is mysterious instead and it lives working when it is in man, and its fruits are joy and glory and heavenly spirit in man and among men. Amen.


Seek sons, not to come at grumbling among you when it is about dinner for God with the man in My gardens with you, for there is much work and you need to have your time to be like Martha and to be like Mary. You should not weigh down Martha’s labor when you want to be like Mary, and you should not weigh down Mary’s work when you want to be like Martha. However, you all should be like Martha and Mary at the same time, because it is possible, sons. Seek to love like Mary and love the longing in it and then you will be like Martha in your sacrifice for Me and one for another; and seek to watch like Martha and like her care for the ministry with holiness and diligently and then you will be like Mary in your love for Me and for each other, like Mary when she loves being always busy and like Martha when she sacrifices for love. Amen. Love and sacrifice are those things that keep awake the one who is consecrated to the Lord, and let these two work together inseparably in you and out of you, for I do not have others for the work with the hand and, again, I do not have others for the work with the spirit and with love, sons.


And as for you, sons who receive My word into the book at My manger, have more rest, day by day, for this work of My coming to the people and to the man, and work with the word, dear sons, for where you speak the word and its work, everything is made at once in due time for My glory with the people, for I have given you grace, not from earth, not from humans, and above those things that are on earth, I have given you grace and awareness and power of word and fulfilling of the word spoken by you by My grace, which works from you by the power of your love, faith and hope, these being so great in you, only that Jerusalem may learn and see well that My work with you has the wisdom and the power of the word and its fulfillment in it. Amen.


Oh, My people, I have always told you not to go without any guide, for the walking of the one who has no guide is seen, if you want to walk that way. Nothing is done without light, Jerusalem, and without love and its warmth the man cannot listen to those that come from heaven upon those that are on earth. Be humble, for your life is hidden in God, and you have been taught by Me to have the foundation of humility, for he who forgets his evil deeds that one does other things, and he who does not forget, does no longer do other things, for repentance is not otherwise. Set yourselves apart within the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, who teaches you to walk in light and to work under a guide, that is, in the light, sons, for the man cannot see another man in the darkness, and neither do I look into the darkness when the man stays like that. Woe to the one who has no guide! And you see that it is so, and look on earth and see. However, it is not in this way that you have learned God, but, on the contrary, I have told you that those who stay in the light, they become the light of the world, the light from the light and again, from one another to the man, light. Amen.


Oh, how beautiful is the man who has the grace of the Holy Spirit in him! This kind of beauty I love in man and the man is attracted to the man among those who have the grace of the Holy Spirit, working and shining among them. The satisfaction in My work, according to each one’s natural grace and according to the grace of each one’s sacrifice, this satisfaction in you helps those that have among you the grace of the Holy Spirit, Who works with power and much glory for you, only to be hospitable always and to be always illuminated by your light, which searches those in you and those outside you, sons. And now, let your little bodies have rest, for they always have to be able to work, and they need rest.


And as for you, children that are teachers and sharers of the grace that is put by Me in you for My little and tiny people, stop worrying and search for My heart and My dwelling in them and the dwelling into one another and the love for one another of those who are the sons of Jerusalem. Set your face and eyes towards them and teach and give them grades, for it is a long time since you have not opened the notebooks of pupils of those who are pupils in the school of grace. You see that you have to give grades. You see, that you have to put wisdom and teaching in them. Do the work that I have given to you upon them and they should not break the number of the days of their notebooks of pupils, for My little angel always looks into their notebooks and waits for you to speak, working sons over My little people. Be small, so that they may also learn to be small. Be full of grace before them, so that they may also receive obedience with love, and come to My help and to their help, so that I may have a people, sons. See if they have wounds, if they have peace, if they have rest one into another, and make all the sons of Jerusalem always, always be as beautiful as you are, for there is still a little bit of time and we will come with the work of the Holy Spirit, the One Who is a teacher over the man without a way. Listen to My advice and work faithfully with love and work and do everything in the light and everything within a spirit of peace and of the heavenly grace into the midst of Jerusalem. Amen.


Oh, children of My people, welcome one another with those from above, with those for the heaven in you. Love humility and value God’s grace into your midst, for the man’s graces stand against My grace in man, but you should love the man with My grace in him and you should receive it and value My beauty into your midst. You should receive and follow those who take the trouble with the word and with the awakening to the grace of My word, which keeps you to be heavenly on earth, because without My Spirit in you and among you, My angels do not have any power upon you and for you, sons. However, you shall never stop or hinder or put out My Spirit in the one who pours him out on the sides, but you have to make room for him and work with longing, for great is the joy of the saints when among you it is My Spirit from those who carry him abundantly. Value the grace of the Holy Spirit and the word of the Holy Spirit and know His work, sons.


The spiritual order in you sets among you all the order of those who serve Me through you, and you will find rest for your bodies and for your spirits. Do not forget to be always, always, clean in My dwellings with you; always, always, sons. I have been teaching you this from the first steps with Me and I have been telling you to love the flowers, their fragrances and their beauty and everything that attracts the angels and the saints. Let My teaching be your basic book, and let its work be your life, sons, and take care for it is not possible for you to be all big or all small, but it is possible to listen to everything that is good for your building up and to all that have the grace of the Holy Spirit within them especially among you and for you, and as for Me, too.


Peace to you! Give rest to your bodies and spirits! I want to feel My rest in you. I want you to be from abundance the living temples of My Spirit in you, and the receivers of Holy Spirit from the midst, sons. Peace with love for there is no peace without heavenly love, for love is the heaven which is glorified in man and the heaven is God’s dwelling, and I stay in the one who carries Me with My kingdom in him, and I give Myself so that I may be, for I am the One Who is in those who carry Me on earth and I give Myself from them. Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A., r.n.

[3] You can also see on:

[4] You can also see on:!wBtFgQiD!YOEHQwNmcLAE5GEZYH2AKsnOkq2BZI39f6RnRTRcN5s


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