2003.04.20 - The Word of God at the feast of the Lord's Entrance into Jerusalem

            The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem[2]



My Father is in Me when I speak upon you, Jerusalem. I come to you, My people of Romanians, for I have fulfilled the Scripture of My second coming from near the Father, to come into the world as a word of resurrection and a sign of eternal salvation, as I came into Jerusalem two thousand years ago after I dined with Lazarus, with Mary and with Martha in Bethany, and when because of Lazarus’ resurrection many Jews came after Me to follow Me and to see the one that I rose to life and when they found out that I would go to Jerusalem the next day, they took branches of palm trees and followed Me saying: «Hosanna! Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord, the King of Israel!» (Matt. 21:9) Many disciples seeing Me riding on a colt, the foal of a donkey, understood then that I was the Lord, Who was glorified through the Father and that it had been written about Me in the prophets: «Behold your king comes to you, daughter of Zion, riding on a donkey, on a foal of a donkey». (Zech. 9:9) And then I spoke to My Father: «Father, glorify Your name!» And then there came a voice out of the sky, saying: «I have both glorified it, and I will glorify it again». (John 12:28) The multitude therefore, who stood by and heard asked: «What is this voice: a thunder or an angel, who spoke?» And I, riding on the donkey said: «This voice has not come for My sake, but for your sakes. Now is the judgment of this world. Now the prince of this world will be cast out». (John 12:29-31). Amen.


Oh, Jerusalem of today, My elected people in whom I am well pleased with My heavenly voice over the earth and over the world! I work the same way today and I work in a great mystery, to touch by My word the hearts of those who are My elected who know the voice of the Shepherd Who is to come, as it is written that He will come. If I worked out great miracles, I would not be able to keep you, because a lawless multitude would come to see My glory upon you, and the world has got shepherds over it who would hate you as they also hated Me, My people. We work in a great mystery, because this is how My second coming is, and that will happen when no one expects Me to come, and I write into your midst the book of My coming and I judge by it, for then I spoke and I also speak now as then, that it is not I but the word which I have declared over the unbelief on earth, that one will judge the world. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The fearful judgment[3]”, r.n.) I declare through you this word of My coming, Jerusalem, so that the world may understand then that My Father has sent Me with the word upon the world into your midst, when I, the Lord will be glorified with a great noise from your midst to show the blessing of this land, which I chose for the glory of My word from it over the earth. I chose this land from the creation of the world, from the creation of the heaven and of the earth, and the world will perfectly understand this, soon, soon. Amen.


I keep you within a great mystery with My glory upon you. I have taken great care to glorify Myself fully with the word by which I cover you, My people Jerusalem, and you shall not look for anything else but to be My glory, My life into the midst of the world, and you should seek to be the mystery of the holy wisdom, for I have always taught you, always, to be the greatest learned man on earth. And when there is no more teaching in the world, you should be the wisdom upon man for the man to come and receive from you, from those that I, the Lord, pour out over you in My days with you, the days of My second coming from near the Father, My people. Amen.


The man does not know, and I want you to know and the man to receive My teaching from you, for the man does not know how to love Me. If you want to love God, you should listen to Him. If you want to listen to God, you should love Him, for no one can listen to someone in love but only the one that loves him. And for the man to love Me, first he has to believe in Me but not only for a moment, only when he is in need, but forever and ever, because the man was not able to do what I did. When I spoke with the Father to make the man in Our image and after Our likeness, I took clay and I made him into My image and then, at the word of My breath, I made him flesh and veins out of dust. Let no one marvel at the Scripture of the resurrection of the dead, the Scripture spoken by Me. I took the man from dust and I brought him to life, in My image and after My likeness in the beginning and in the end, for on My resurrection from the dead, the saints came out of their graves and stood on their feet and appeared in Jerusalem. (Matt. 27:53) I made this miracle because I am the resurrection and the life, and the man needs to have them both from Me, because it was for this that I came as a Man from the Father among the people. Everything was made out of dust, even the man, after that everything was made at My word, those that have had spirit of life in them. I made the man out of dust and then, against My miracle, the man made his body into dust, for he was drawn to those things God made him out of. The man made his flesh and veins into dust, and I come on earth with the miracle of the man’s resurrection and with the miracle of My resurrection, in order for the man to understand that there is a resurrection of the dead and that it was not in vain that I declared the Scripture of the resurrection of the dead at My last trumpet.


Oh, My people, in order that the man may listen to God, he needs first to believe in Him and to love Him with all his soul, with all his mind and with all his might that he received from God to love God. However, the man has his eyes on everything the man has done and he does no longer know, poor of him, to look at Me and to see Me and to understand Me from the creatures.


Today we celebrate two thousand years since I, the Lord, fulfilled the prophecy of My entrance on a foal of a donkey in the Jerusalem of My passions, Jerusalem of today, and I want, dear child to teach you the mystery of the Lord’s voice that is on you. The mystery of My voice upon the man is that the man may no longer live temporarily but eternally instead. Amen. When I entered into Jerusalem on the donkey, I spoke with the Father and I said: «Father, glorify Your name!» And the Father spoke out of the sky and said: «I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again». Behold God’s speaking with the man, with the Son of Man, Jerusalem of today. When I was on earth in a visible body, I did not live temporarily, but rather I lived an eternal life, not a temporary life. I had My spirit full of the Father, for the Father was in Me. However, when you are seen by man, My people, you should not live temporarily but rather you should live an eternal and not a temporary life and you should have your spirit full of the Son of the Father, for I am in you, and the Father is in Me, Jerusalem. Oh, the mystery of My love in man is great, the mystery of the man’s love in My love from the Father, and I work into your midst the miracle of this mystery, which you understand it as a child, little Jerusalem. However, the Scripture says: «Do not be children in thoughts, yet in malice be babies, but in thoughts be perfect». (1 Cor. 14:20)


The man’s heart is My house, and his mind is My spirit in the one who has Me as His Maker. Oh, it is a great thing for God to be the Maker of the man that came out of man, but the man has no one to tell him the mystery of his making, now when I have come as word on earth for the new birth of the world, for the renewal of the world, starting with the man, for everything that I, the Lord, made at the beginning of the world and everything that is under My submission, I made it for the man, for man or against him. I made the man in order to live an eternal life and I made for him a garden of paradise and in it I taught him to love Me obediently, but he pulled himself out of My love and then he took the fear in his body and in fear he hid from Me after he did no longer listen to Me, together with his wife, with whom he did no longer want to be in Me, the man’s Creator, but on the contrary, he himself had become haughty and this caused him to fall out of God and out of the Paradise of My love, that was created for man by My hand and out of the spirit of life, which I put in him so that the man might be in God’s image and after His likeness, and in such a way that he might have an eternal life in paradise.


Oh, Jerusalem of nowadays, I pour out abundantly in you the word of the new creation of the world, the eternal life, the life with the love of God in it for the man. I ask the man to love the eternal life in his life on earth, for I, the Lord, want to come with the heaven opened before the man and to set the heaven under the sky, the new earth and the new heaven and the resurrection of the dead that will get up and will bear testimony about this coming of Mine to you as word for the resurrection of the creature, My people. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead[4]”, r.n.)


Sons, stand up more and more with every passing day to the eternal life on earth and be perfect in your mind, for I have great work on you that even the saints and the angels marvel at My word upon you. Today is the feast of the palms, the Palm Sunday, and I want to make you sweet smelling vessels of Holy Spirit, children of New Jerusalem. I have given you a name as in heaven, not as on earth, and I have called you the Holy Citadel New Jerusalem, (See the selection topic: Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan[5]”, r.n.) for the angels and the saints enjoy with you in heavenly descent glorifying the Lord, Who is coming with His saints. I said by My word of your days that I would plant thousands and millions of lilies on the Romanian land, the country of My coming, My New Jerusalem, and you have to graft the people’s lives, children of My coming, of My building of the heavenly age on earth and upon man, and you should not live temporarily, but rather you should live My eternal life in you, the Lord’s life on His coming to you. Amen. The mystery of My voice on you teaches you not to live a temporary life, but rather an eternal life on earth, holy Jerusalem, and to glorify the name of the Lord on your head, and to be a carpet of flowers of paradise, a carpet of lilies and roses into My way to you, and then with you into My way to the man, to graft the people’s lives with your life on the earth, My people of today. I want to make with you the miracle of the resurrection of the dead, and you should be perfect in your mind to be able to see those that are not seen and to bring them into view in such a way that all may be done for the building up.


Seek to have wisdom for what is good and to be innocent in what is evil, to destroy satan hastily, sons, and that the death may be taken away from the earth, for I speak to those who do not believe in resurrection, I, the Lord, because if there is no resurrection, I was not resurrected either. If the dead are not resurrected then I was not resurrected as well. However, I, the resurrected Lord, tell those who believe in the resurrection of those that are asleep, as Martha also believed, that I have been a beginning of the resurrection of those who were asleep and of the resurrection of the dead, and I tell them that the one who believes in Me has eternal life. Amen.


Oh, My people, the saints have been waiting for you with their reward from Me, the one from the end of the time. The dead have been waiting for you so that they may also come to life at My last trumpet, which will sound into your midst, for such a destiny have I meant for you, but seek with all your being to love and to listen to Me perfectly, for I am the God of peace, Jerusalem. I have My Spirit into your midst, and you should listen to everything that I have taught you, and you shall eat of the fruit of your happiness with Me, for such is the reward of those who listen in love. No one can listen to someone with love but only the one that loves him. Amen.


Receive of the spirit of My love and this is how you should love, children of the time of My coming. Praise the Lord and His new making on the earth, so that the Father may hear those that are Mine from the world. Bring Me love, sons, and do this for the resurrection of the creature, and sing and bless those that will be and for those that will remain. Amen.


Wait for the Lord, strengthen yourself and let your heart be strong, and wait for the Lord, holy Jerusalem, and believe, son, that you will see the Lord’s good things in the earth of those who are alive. Amen.


Praise the Lord, Jerusalem, for the testimony of His glory is into your midst, and I will exalt your power and you will exalt Mine, and we will work and build on earth the life of the new age that is to be soon, soon, on earth. Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A., r.n.

[3] You can also see on:

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