2002.07.22 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, the first day

The Word of God at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, the first day

In a spirit of a Pentecost celebration I come down from near My Father as word on earth. Amen, amen, amen. Oh, watchmen from the garden, I am the Lord! Open up to My word and put it into My book of today. I breathe upon you, for you are very tired, because you have pre-pared My celebration to meet the man in the garden of the meeting. Amen.

My gardens with you are a top of a lofty mountain, on which, from time to time, I sit down with My cross from today to rest from it, for the man is My cross, sons. I have been carrying the man with difficulty, and not for two thousand years since I have been carrying the wooden cross, so that I may sit on it then and for the man to see Me and have mercy on Me and come to comfort Me because of My heavy cross from man. Oh, it is not for two thousand years since I have been carrying the man with difficulty, but rather the man has been My heavy cross for seven thousand years. I breathe upon you a spirit of revival, so that You may stand before My word, which is upon you, for I want to embrace the man and to complain to him of My heavy cross.

I told you to announce the holy feast and I said that I will bring the man to the spring from the four corners of the earth, that I may stay with him in the word and to show him what I have on this Romanian land; to show to the man My spring, which flows from the Father’s throne and with which I become spring up to the man, for I am the spring and I am this word, and My coming is wonderful, for it is on this river that I have been coming down into the midst of the Romanian people for more than forty years in order to prepare a bride people for Me and to be glorified into his midst with the glory of My word, which is more and more beautifully than two thousand years ago, when I came as incarnated God into the midst of Israel of that time. Now I am coming down on earth as a river of word to make a new Israel for Me, out of the midst of the Romanian people, a new Christian people, a people into My im-age and after My likeness, and whom I have always, always, taught the ways of life, so that he may be able to walk on earth in the same way as I walked. Amen. (See the selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan ”, r.n.)

Oh, My bride people, My people taken out of the Romanians! I am coming down early in the morning and I take you and sit down with you before those who have come to the spring to drink. You should teach the one who has come to drink, in the same manner in which you have also learned from Me. Oh, and how are you supposed to teach the one who has come to the spring to drink? I teach him with the word, and you should stay under My sign, the sign of the Son of God. (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of Man”, r.n.) You should stay before the multitude, which has gathered in My gardens with you, for you are a beautiful child for My image in your heart, and which is seen on your face, My bride people. I am your Bridegroom, and you are My little bride, the one from My second coming from near the Father, so that I may have someone to come to on earth, when I come to become word for man. (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb ”, r.n.)

Every bridegroom prepares his day of wedding; he prepares both groomsmen and wed-ding guests and also a wedding party. Moreover, how shall I, the Lord, not prepare the day of My wedding? How shall I not prepare or adorn My bride, My groomsmen, My wedding guests and My servants? How shall I not prepare and adorn My wedding hall, My wedding table, My bread, My wine and My day of the wedding, I, the Bridegroom from heaven and the bride from on earth, in a spirit of heavenly wedding, in a spirit of new heaven and new earth and of New Jerusalem?

I am coming with the saints from heaven, with the Jerusalem from heaven. I am coming from near the Father, with the saints and angels, and I am on the right side of the Father, and the Father rejoices near Me over My comfort. I also comfort Myself, so that I may speak to the man, for I long for the man; I have been longing after the man for seven thousand years, and the Fa-ther Sabaoth is speaking to Me this way:

― My beloved Son, in Whom I, the Father, am well pleased, comfort Yourself and speak to the man about Your way from heaven down to earth, and about those from You on whom You have made You manger of descending now, at the end of the time, dear Son. Speak to the man that You are the way, and that it is like You. Speak to the man, Son and Word, speak that You are My word and that You do not do Your will, but Mine instead, and speak to him that You do not speak from Yourself. And I to him I say this:

Dear man, My Son is My word, and out of His mouth the river of life flows from Me, the word, which is lying down in His manger here, in this little village, and the story of My Son and of His people from the end of the time is beautiful. (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.) And behold the fruit of My Son’s work: a people of beautiful and dear sons, in whom I and My Son are well pleased now, at the end of the time, dear man. Oh, man, it is for you that I set them to be a sacrificial people for the preparation and embellishment of the My Son’s wedding. Listen to the voice of My Son, the one into the midst of His people, a people taken out of the midst of the Romanian people. Amen, amen, amen.

― Oh, Father, here I am to do Your will. I cry with tears on earth and I take delight in days of wedding into My gardens prepared by them to Us and to the man, who comes to the spring, Father. Oh, it is hard for Us, both to You and to Me, and to them, to speak to the man of this wonderful mystery of My coming down on earth, at the end of the time. There are too many christs throughout on the earth; there are too many for the man to know Us, Father, when I am coming now on earth as word from You and I am coming down into the man’s way, I together with My little people, My sign ahead of My coming. However, I am now with days of wed-ding in the garden of Our meeting with the man who has come to the spring and I become word and give Myself, Father, and I tell those who have come together near My people, I tell them to take Me and taste the truth of My word, with which I unfold Myself before the man as a scroll which unfolds and becomes My way to the man, and a way for the man to Me, My Father and the Father of My people and of those who will receive My image, My life and My cross, Father.

I have called you to the spring, dear man. I am the Lord, the One Who died and was res-urrected for the man. I have called you to the river of life to wash in it and to lay down in it, My Romanian people. Oh, how much I want you to be My people, from one margin to another and to the other margin of yours, for your hearth is the land out of which I took clay with My hand and I made the man built by My hand. Oh, how shall I do it? Oh, how shall I help you believe that I, the Lord, have you in the plan of the days of My second coming from near the Father, a lofty mountain, the mountain that I have raised above the tops of the mountains on earth, so that the laws of life may flow from it, the mystery ahead of My coming, a mystery sealed by the Scriptures and unsealed by Me, the Son of the Father Sabaoth.

I am the One Who is. This is how I tell you that I am, My Romanian people, and that is why I call you to the spring and I would keep on calling you, only if you became fond of My love song, so that I may call you with it, and then for you to come and love like Me the life of the age which is to be on earth soon, soon, My Romanian people. Your name is the new name of the God’s people, in the same way as the name of Israel, who crucified My on the cross, was the name of God’s people in that time.

I have come down on earth as the song of love, a word of the Holy Spirit and a feast of new age, new wine and sweet bride, who has served Me with longing in order to redeem the man from the sin and then to give his life back, so that the man may no longer die. Oh, this is what I want to do on earth, and then to give him to the saints in heaven and to the saints on earth, for no one has become a saint of the heaven without first being a saint on earth.

Oh, I release My spring and I give Myself, for I was well pleased with My mystery from the end of the time on your hearth, My Romanian people. How shall I make you understand and then believe that My mystery kept for the end of the time is this word with which I come down on earth, so that I may prepare with it My wedding and My bride, chosen from the Romanians, as it was the plan from My Father’s hand for the end of the time? The end of the time means the kingdom of the heavens on earth, for I am the beginning and the end, (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.) and I am the end and the beginning, dear man, who have responded to My calling to the spring for you to drink and never go thirsty after you and to go thirsty after Me instead. My love for the man put My body on the cross, and then it raised Me to life and then I went to My Father in order to draw all people to Him, and then it made Me come down on earth again. And here I am with My love for the man, the love between Bridegroom and bride, I with My people in a spirit of heavenly wedding on earth, so that the Father may be comforted with My pain and His, and so that My Father may invite guests to My wedding. Those who should have been the guests of My wedding could not become as small as I was, so that I could be their way to the Father. And I have called those who know what love is to make their love like Mine and that they may give it to Me, so that I may get love from man, for it hurts Me the man’s estrangement from Me. When I built the man, I created him to make him be My comfort and so that I may be his comfort.

Do you see, dear man, why I built the man? I did not build him to be like him, but rather I built him to be like Me and to be My comfort. Amen. Dear man, I want to make you, for I am the man’s Creator. The travail pangs hurt Me, but I want to make the man. I have called you to the spring, dear man, for the price was high, which I paid to give you life through My death, only for you to want life, man.

I have called you to the spring to see the love between the Bridegroom and bride. I have called you to sing the doina of My coming, you, who have graces among the sons of the people. Receive from the river of life and catch spirit of wedding and sing to the wedding of the Son of the King, and let the spirit of My wedding spread out from margins to margins, for the king-dom of the heavens is like a certain king who made a marriage feast for his son. Take the garment of the wedding on you and stay under it in order to be guests and to sing to Me the doina of the wedding, and then to proclaim the joy with which I, the Lord and the Bridegroom of the wed-ding, make you rejoice, with the joy of My word full of longing after the man. Oh, how much I want you to be and to remain within the wedding garment, in the spirit of the wedding of the Son of the King, for the King is My Father, the Father Sabaoth. Amen. I would teach you the mystery of My longing, the Mystery of the spring, the mystery of the son, and I would teach you the mystery of life, but you should love the wedding garment, for I open wide My wedding hall, so that those who are called may come in and rejoice over My love between the Bride-groom and bride and for they to remain forever as the guests of My wedding, and let it be spread over the seas the news about My love, with which I pour Myself out in My gardens, where I call the sons of the people to come and drink of the spring of life and to become sons of God, in My image and after My likeness. Amen.

I spread out My hands and reach them out and embrace those who have gathered to the spring and I tell them: Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! As I give you and not as the world gives you. I give you My spring. The mystery of the life of the age, which is to be on earth soon, soon. Receive and drink and grow. Become small and then grow up, for no one is able to grow more but only the one who is small. Those who are grown cannot grow more. Only the small ones grow, and only with them I am well pleased, as they also are well pleased with Me and grow within Me, and I in them. Amen.

I embrace you in a spirit of heavenly wedding on earth, I and My people, and the garden of My meeting with the man. Be like a garden in a garden. Be one spirit with Me, for the Father has been deeply crying for seven thousand years after My comfort, which I lost then, when I lost the man from Paradise. Oh, My longing after the man has been only on fire for seven thousand years! I give you from My fire and you should put your shoulder under My cross of today, which I walk after the man with in order to put him on My cross and take him before My Father, and then to let him down and thus to be relieved of My heavy cross and to rest from it. Amen.

Remain in the spirit of the heavenly wedding, you, who have come to the spring. I have given you. I have become a spring of word and I have given you to drink of the river of life, of the wine of My wedding. Open for Me to come in and to be in you with the mystery of the age, which is to come. Look and understand. Give yourselves to one another and I will give My-self to you. Give Me, and I will give you, and let Us give Ourselves to one another, in the Spirit of the Truth, Whom the world does not know or hear, no matter how much He will call out in the streets for His voice to be heard. Look at My bride for I have come out with her as a sign over the earth, so that I may come visibly, for I come soon, soon. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way ”, r.n.)

I give you flowers of wedding and I give you of the spring, and do not forget: I come, soon, soon, and happy will be those who stay within the wedding garment, within the spirit of the wedding, witnessing and singing to the love between the Bridegroom and the bride, comfort-ing the Spirit of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit on earth and up in heaven, within the mystery of the new heaven and of the new earth with Me on earth.

Amen, amen I say to you: I come soon, soon, and My sign goes ahead of Me and pre-pares My way, so that I may be able to come. Amen, amen, amen.

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