2001.07.07 - The Word of God at the feast of the birth of Saint John, the Baptizer

The Word of God at the feast of the birth of Saint John, the Baptizer

I am Who I am. I want to be welcomed with bread and salt when I come down on earth to the man, for I am God. I strengthen My path, so that it may sustain Me on it, and I come, for I am the Victor. Amen, amen, amen.

John, My baptizer is waiting and looking at Me to come into the garden as word. He wants to prepare My way to come in, for he is My Forerunner, but the saints do not come with-out Me, because their work is through My word.

Oh, there is only sighing from heaven to earth! My coming down has become very diffi-cult, and the saints are looking at Me and they are sighing with mourning and are waiting for Me to be able to do it, for I am the Almighty.

― Oh, good Lord and Lamb, give Me the word beforehand to prepare Your way, for the grace of repentance is the greatest power, which comes from heaven on the man, so that the man may be able to have You, not separated from him, Lord King. Amen.

― May your love for My way to the people be blessed, for you were the forerunner angel over the people in such a way that they could receive Me after My appearance at the river Jordan. Go as the word before Me into the garden, for you sigh from dawn to make My entrance so that we may work and strengthen the watchmen set in the garden and to give them much life in order that they may also give us their hand for My second coming from the Father. Amen.

― Oh, Lord, resurrected from among the dead! When I opened Your way for the first time to the people, so that they might know where do You came from and who You were, You were then the God born of the Virgin and we walked together, as we were born as the same time. I was born before You and You came after Me. You were smaller, but You were the greatest into the kingdom of Our Father, and I was preparing the people in order to receive You from the Father, for this is how the time of old was. And now You are the resurrected God from among the dead, for after I announced You then, for the repentance of the people and for Your appearance from the Father, Who came through the birth of the Virgin, then the people put You to death as a man; the people sent You among the dead. But You came up to life as You spoke of it ahead of time, and the Father testified about You before the people by Your resurrection, Lord, and You proved out to be the King of the earth, for You overcame death, because You were one with the Father, the Al-mighty.

Oh, no one welcomes You with bread and salt, and You are the King from heaven over the earth. No one lays the table, so that You may sit with the man at the table, Lord. The man does not welcome You as a King. The man sits down at the table and asks You to bless his food and to sit with him at his table, and You do not have any bread and salt from the table of the man. You are not given any regard at his table. Only the man and his house eat, and You have nothing to re-ceive from the man.

Oh, man, invite a king to your table to eat your food with him, and then see to your food and to your business and do not take any regard to him. What do you say? Will he ever come to you? If you invite him, then speak with him. Give him the honor, if you invite him at your table, for you have a king at your table. Do not despise him at your table, if you invite him, for the king be-comes angry and does no longer come to you and he does no longer show you any favor in his kingdom.

Lord, I make way for You to the people. I teach them the humility and repentance, for he who does not taste humility with his heart, the humility, which makes him beautiful and living; the man cannot receive in him the repentance gift of life giving. Repentance is the remedy, which gives the man eternal life, and not separation from You, Lord. The one that is unrepentant stays sepa-rated from You and does not welcome You with bread and salt for You to be King for him and to sit with him at his table. Oh, only if the man’s life would be a table, which You always stay with him at, only that one would be the wise man whom You wait to be. However, if the man is only a man and that is all, and he is also in the world, what should we, those from heaven, do with such a man, Lord? The man should be a fish, so that he may be forever alive. The fish dies only if he gets out of the water. And I want to tell Your people not to get out of the water, for the Christian is like the fish, and it is not in vain that the sign of the fish, the sign of the Christian, has been handed down from You, Lord. And if you come out from the water now and then with Your people, let them first take a deep breath and stay within it and not stay within the breath of the world, when You call the world to the bank of the river of life in order to give him resurrection, for the world is like the world and not like You, and Your people has life and breath from You. And if You had not appeared to the world with them, where would the world have known from, that it had no life? You have life in Yourself, and the life is the light of the people. The river of life becomes word and fills up the earth, and I go out before You to make way for You, Lord. (See the selection top-ic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.)

Open to the Lord, you, watchmen from the garden, you, those from here, from where the Lord makes the word spring over the earth. Open wide to the Lord, for He is com-ing with food; He is coming with a feast. Amen. Take bread and salt and make Him sit down and rejoice with supper from heaven between you and over the earth. Make straight paths for yourself, so that He may walk on them and reach to the ends of the heavens, as it is written about the Spirit of the Lord, Who will fill up the earth, from Jerusalem.

Come in, Lord! Amen, amen, amen.

― We come in powerfully and with solid food for it is a day of heavenly meal for you, My baptizer from Jordan. We enter the garden and we enter the book, for the river of life has its spring from Me here, as this is how I have been well pleased in the beginning and in the end. The word is the river of life, and I have built the man with it. First, I made the word spring from Me and then, I have worked with the man, and then I passed through it with the river of life, and the life has remained in him. I have breathed with My mouth over the man and the river of life has come out of My mouth and it has become word and has remained in the man and then the man has spoken and become a river.

Oh, My people, come son, under My mysteries; come in well and stay well under them in order to help Me and to have you as My help, My people, for the mysteries are difficult to per-ceive, and you need to perceive them. Amen. And how can you perceive them? You should per-ceive them only with Me and not alone, My people. And here is what I tell you: I tell you the mystery of the river of life. It springs from Me and it flows through man, My people, and then the people gives to each other from it, and the man lives, rejoices and spends a good time, having a good heart from which the power comes, My people, for the man «does not live on bread alone, but he lives with every word from Me», as it is written into the Scriptures.

Oh, the man cannot drink alone from the river of life. No one gives any party alone. Even the worldly man goes to another worldly man or he goes to the pub when he misses parties and wants to drink, because there he has companions, there he has someone to drink with and forgets about his distress and about his passing life, for the passing life is a burdensome life. The same is with the one who longs to drink of the river of life. If he drinks alone, he drinks it in vain. He has no way to rejoice alone and to have a merry heart from which power comes, and he seeks com-panion to drink with, he seeks friends to have parties with them and to get drunk so that he may forget about trouble and to remember the eternal life and the joy that comes from it. But it is hard for the one that does not like drinking. The dust is heavy for the man in the world, if he does not like drinking and parties to forget about the oppression. The heaven is heavy for the one in the church, if he does not like drinking and parties, if he does not drink of the river of life, as he has to drink from it.

The river of life passes from Me into the man, and then from man to man, and this is how one drinks from it. I, the One, Who makes it spring, cannot turn it back, so that I may drink of it, but only if it passes from Me into the man, and from man to man back to Me, for it is written: «The Lord holds a bowl into His hand, full of clean and sweet smelling wine, and he gives it from one to another». Amen.

Oh, My people, strengthen yourself, son, under My mysteries and stay well under them to help Me and to have you as My help, for My mysteries are hard to perceive and you should per-ceive them only with Me and not alone. Look at the world outside, which has no propriety, and see how hard it is for it to understand you, when I come out with you to appear with My growth in you, in such a way that the world may come to life through you, My people. Oh, do not cry over your troubles, which come over to you from outside or from your midst. Do not cry, you who has the river of life above you. Come together for praying. Become a cluster and pray within your painful spirit to have fellowship with Me, so that I may hear your sigh and to look for your comfort, to find it and to give it to you, for the prayer of the righteous man has much effect in its work. No one can pray for you but you, yourself; you and the saints from heaven; you, My peo-ple, for no one can get to Me for you, because you are great over every man on the earth, because this is how I have made you. You can pray for the little one, but only you can ask for yourself in your troubles. I take you into My arms, so that you may bear the trouble, for you can hardly walk. Strengthen yourself within a spirit of church, because church means prayer in unity under pressure, and it means humility and repentance under heavy circumstances, and it means hope to the Father, My people, and it means cleanness for patience, and the Father will clothe you again with His comfort and in His Son, but ask from the Father, My people. (See the selection topic: „The true church ”, r.n.) The evil spirit hates you because I love you. But you have to hate him as well, so that it may not come to you, and you should always hate him and love Me instead, My people, and to help Me to have you. I am aggrieved because of your trouble, because of your not having the comfort, but keep on being patient and remain with your spirit within My spirit, as this is how I have taught you, My people. Kindle the fire, son, to get warm, and stay away from eve-rything that is not from Me. This is what you should do when you endure waiting for My mercy over you. You have nowhere to take anything, but from Me. Otherwise you become guilty and I keep you away from this guilt, exhorting you only from Me. I will comfort you in all of your sighing and I will protect you, for I protect the one who has My will in him and not his will. I will protect you from the one who has his will in him and I will keep you as a sapling, carefully protected by My hand, for it is hard for the man on earth, My people.

I make My way to you. From the sigh of the saints I catch victory for you and for them, and I feed you on the river of life, but learn well the mystery of the river of life, My people. I have taught you to be selective, as far as your food on your table concerns, and not to eat any mixed food, for the man of the world, who seeks after Me, has become a wastebasket, in which he gathers all that he hears from the people about Me. However, I kidnapped you and I do no longer know how to keep you and protect you and how to teach you not to drink from any-where but from My hand, for that is why I gave Myself to be your Shepherd now, in the end.

There is great trouble on earth. My house, My garment, My necklace, My glory, My name, My gate, My door, My voice and My book have been stolen from Me. The man has taken glory upon him and he has put Me into the darkness. But you are not to take from anywhere, for this is the time of the whitewashed prophets, who do not wash away of themselves, and they rather wash only their bodies with good smelling soaps, and this is only to allure the man. However, I kidnapped you from the way of destruction and I have taught you to close the door and to hide until destruction passes away, that is the man with his whitewashed face who calls himself the man of God. (See the selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism ”, r.n.)

Woe to the man who washes himself only on the outside and he does not wash of those of his inner being! That one is dirty no matter how much he would wash, for those from his in-side make him dirty and therefore, he is dirty. However, you know the mystery of life, for I have taught you and told you to always work and to stay alive through its work, for the one who hides from Me and from the man, so that he may not be seen, that one does not love the work of life and does not wash away from those of his inside. Woe to the man who loves himself, for that one does not come to My wisdom, because it is with those who deny of their own selves for Me and not for them.

Oh, My people, how shall I teach you anymore? I teach you to receive from My teaching and to live it, My people, and to make a way for Me to you, son, but only I should breathe upon you, for otherwise you hurt Me. Oh, it hurts Me when I see how hard the man is being born. I suffer from the one who does not like the birth from heaven, from the one who wants to work out his making and not I. However, you should be careful and alive, washing into the river of life and learning its mystery, My people, and its order, son, and its propriety for My dwelling in you and the one for your dwelling in Me. Ask for Me, so that I may be in everything you have with Me and in everything that I have with you. Ask for Me, My people. I am Who I am, but ask for Me to be and to be with you. Amen.

I also ask for you to be. Be good near Me, son, for those who are good are those who are pleased in heaven and on earth. And I, the Lord, will search out your pain and I will answer you soon, soon. Amen, amen, amen.

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