1999.12.04 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Church Entrance of the Lord's Mother

The Word of God at the Feast of the Church Entrance of the Lord’s Mother

The Lord is coming for His own things and proclaims Himself when He comes. Amen. I come to you, children of My coming, and you should receive Me and welcome Me, for it is a cel-ebration in heaven and on the earth for the saints and for the believers. I come to you, for here is My kingdom, because I reign upon you and upon this little garden. Amen.

It is a celebration for My Mother the Virgin. She gave herself for Me as a dwelling from infancy, and she prepared to be a church for me, and she was, and she prepared My coming two thousand years ago, as Verginica, who I chose you by, prepared My endless coming, as you too are preparing My coming now to come, sons. Welcome Me, and let us work and establish by word a new creation, always new upon the Romanian Israel, My people of today, and upon any-one who believes and will be baptized in the water of the river of life, which flows from heav-en and passes through this garden, to divide itself afterwards and to water the earth, so that a new man may grow on it, a new man after My image and My likeness. (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.)

I gave the man God as a model, for I came as a true God from a true God by the Virgin, My Mother that gave Me birth as a baby in Bethlehem two thousand years ago. I gave My Moth-er, the Virgin, as a model to the man, so that the man may give himself to Me from his infancy and to be My church and My coming. Let the man come even from his infancy to God, so that God may come to man, for it is written: «He who believes in Me, I will come to him and make a house with him, and I will dine with him and show Myself to him». Amen.

Sons, is it really written this word that came out of My mouth two thousand years ago? It is sons. I tell you this because I am a Parent to you and because I gave you birth from the word of the Holy Spirit to be sons for Me and to call you sons, as you see that I speak to you. Seek and you will see in the book of the prophets that it is written this: «The people who sat in darkness saw a great light, for a Child was born to us, a Child was given to us, Whose domin-ion He carries on His shoulders. And His name is called Angel of great Counsel, wonderful counselor, God Almighty, Lord of peace, Father of the world to be». Amen. Behold, I made you the sons of the new age, and I am your Parent and call you sons. Does the faithful man on the earth know what it means to be My son on the earth? Does the man really know, what it means to be My son in the age to come? I, Myself, came two thousand years as a man among the men and gave the man teaching, and the man should know. It should, but he does not want. The man does not want to hear either what I said then, or what I say now. Is it really written in the Scriptures about the work of My word of today? It is, sons. I, Myself, said that I will come after I ascend to My Father and teach the man everything, for I have said again and again: I did not ascended to heaven to stay without work, but I went there to come back again on the path of the faithful and to be the light, as I am. If I have always spoken upon My people Israel in My time with it, and if Moses and those after him wrote all My words, so that they may be, and here, they are, as I speak from them, should I really stay in heaven without work, without speaking My word upon the man? Oh, it cannot be that way, for I have told those that are united with Me: «I will be with you to the end of the world». Oh, the man has no time to know My words from that time and from this time and he does not become a church for Me, and that is why I put this question and said: does the faithful man on the earth really know what it means to be Mine on the earth? And does he really know what it means to be Mine in the age to come? I am the Father of the age to come and of the sons of the eternity. The Spirit of My Father Sab-baoth has spoken this by the prophets, and this is how he called Me: the Father of the age to come, and My Father is in Me from everlasting to everlasting.

I am a church to My Father, and My Father is a church to Me. I am in the Father, and He in Me. Amen. The man who believes in God does no longer know this mystery of God’s church. Oh, it is not enough for the man to know that God is. He, who says that there is no God, as he does not believe in Him, knows this, too. This is the mystery of God’s church: I in man and the man in Me, as I made the man to be then when I took the clay with My own hand and worked the man, the first one built, so that I might put a living soul and then My Spirit in him, and to have a church and to stay in it, and to have rest in it after everything that I made, for first I made the light, the heaven and the earth, and all that there are above in the heaven, down on the earth and under the earth and in waters, and then I made the man, and then I built a church to Me; I built a resting place after I made them all only by My word. (See the selection topic: „The true church”, r.n.) I made the man to have rest in him, and I called him My day of rest, but it was not long and the sadness and tiredness seized Me and I called the man saying: «Where are you?», and he answered Me: «I heard you walking in the garden, Lord, and I hid myself from Your face among the trees for I was afraid, because I am naked». Oh, this is what the man did. He took from the fruits of the wisdom and ate and his eyes were opened, and instead of seeing himself wise, he saw himself naked and wanted to cover his nakedness with leaves of fig tree. And the man has been searching and seeking since then, for he has wisdom; he seeks it in sweat and does not come to an end, for the wisdom has no end. Since then, I, the Lord, lost My rest and seek as the man does; I have always been seeking, calling the man saying: where are you? Where are you, My creature? Where are you as I cannot find you? Oh, this is what the man does; the man that I built to be a church for Me and a day of rest after all that I did, and I have been looking for him since then.

Oh, sons, that I spread My word of today over the earth with, I have spoken about this with you to be heard up and down for the man does not know the mystery of God’s church; the man carries it no longer, for it is a church mystery: I in the man and the man in Me, as the Father is in Me and I in the Father.

I have made the work of My coming by the Virgin, born a baby, two thousand years ago, to grow as a mighty God and to be the Father of this age to come. I made a church of the Vir-gin’s womb, and the Father was with Me, and I got out to the people afterwards and pro-claimed Myself as a God from God, and I proved what I was. The same way I will work today as well, and I will be the Almighty God, fulfilling all My word that I come with to you proclaim-ing My works, for I came out of My mother as a baby, and from Verginica I came out as a ending word, and from this word I got you, and I have you as Mine, and share with you My voice upon the earth, for I can do whatever I want.

Sons, welcome Me always, so that I may be able to do everything that is written and to put the Lord’s age back to its place, and where I do not find tears of repentance, I will bring forth tears of sufferance for every man who will not want to crucify himself for My coming with the age of eternity. Do not marvel at the way I have revealed Myself today at dawn with you. Do not be confused by the sight I showed you, sons, for I have revealed Myself, crucified on the cross, to you; and if it was written above the cross “The seat of judgment”, this is how I come to interpret it: every man who will not crucify himself for Me, I, the Lord, will be a sign for him, through My crucifixion on the cross. My crucifixion on the cross was the judgment of the world and of the master of this world. My seat of judgment was the cross; I sat on it to judge. It was and it is the throne of the Lord’s judgment, and woe to the man who wipes out from his body the sign between Me and him! Woe and woe again to all who said and say that the cross and its sign is not good, for they are those who do not want Me to reign over them from the seat, from the throne of judgment. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image and the sign of the cross”, r.n.) My word is written into the Scriptures; it is written this way: «Let those who did not want Me to reign over them, be taken and thrown away». That is why I tell you, sons, welcome Me to come to you and to write the book of judg-ment, for it is written into the Scriptures that I may come and open this book Myself; and in or-der to open it, it needs to be made out on earth by God Himself.

I gave Myself to the man as a printing sample, a sinless Man. My crucifixion on the cross is a judging sign for every man who does not crucify himself for Me. I gave My mother Virgin to the man as a printing sample, so that the man may give himself over to Me from infancy and to eternity, and to be a church for Me and a place of My coming to him. Let the man come from his infancy to God, or to become again an infant, for I have written the word of judgment and I said through the Scripture this way: «The one that will not become an infant will not enter into the kingdom of the heavens». Let the man become a baby, a sinless man, and let him never sin, amen, for where I do not find tears of repentance, I will put tears of sufferance until the payment of the last penny, for this is what is written for those who do not crucify themselves for Me. (See the selection topic: „The Judgment”, r.n.) Let the man become a baby, and let him become a sin-less man and sin no more and this means crucifixion, for when I was in the body with the people, I told My disciples this way: «I am going to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you may be there also».

If I forgave the thief on the cross, who was on My right hand side in the time of My cru-cifixion and took him forgiven into heaven, why did I do this to him? I did this because he did not know God, and if he knew Him in the hour of his death, he did no longer sin to die to Me, and he remained an infant and holy in his heart and body, and he died near Me, testifying about Me since then and until today through the Scriptures of My crucifixion, and I named him a cruci-fied martyr on the cross. Therefore, the people say that I will forgive them in the last moment as I forgave the thief on the cross, who confessed his sins that he did and no longer sinned.

The people live with carelessness regarding their souls and eternity, and I come and call out the man to hear Me, and he who hears My voice and does no longer harden his heart, let that one became an infant and come to Me this way; let him come as longer as he still has time to come and not when he does no longer have time. My mother, the Virgin, gave herself to Me since her childhood with all her righteousness, and I made her into a church in which I prepared My coming.

Oh, mother Virgin, you were reading in the book of the prophets about the Virgin which was to give Me birth, the Son of the Father Sabbaoth, and you wanted to be able to help Me, and were praying to the Father for My coming, so that I may come, and for you to serve to my com-ing. The Father and I have listened to you and sent the angel who told you that you were to give Me birth among the people. Oh, mother, the heaven celebrates you as three-year infant, serving God! Your holy life is written on the earth, but the man is hard to believe, and those that rule by work over the church, are also hard to believe and do not give the man the power to believe. Teach the people by My word. Come with Me on the path of My book, for it is the time when I come with the saints on the earth to make My coming perfect. I set you as a word before the people and before the Christians to teach them the mystery of God’s church, I in the man, and the man in Me, the mystery that you fulfilled two thousand years ago. I set you as an example before the Christians on the earth, and I set you from the heaven also. Teach My people. Teach by them the Christians who live too little for Me. Teach also those who forgot God. Teach also Ours from the garden, so that they may hear everywhere all that a son of the age to come has to be. Amen, amen, amen.

― I set myself as a word, Son, Immanuel, for You are the Christ of the Father, Who came among the people by my virgin womb. I comfort You in the pains of Your coming, comforting Your sons from the garden. Amen.

Come, sons of My Son, Jesus Christ; come to the obedience of the word for the mystery of God’s church. I comfort you, so that your crown and your heart may reach under my comforting hand all that want to give Christian life to my Son, Jesus Christ, the Lamb and the Shepherd of the holy church on the earth, the Father of the age to come, the Lord of peace, as the Father Sab-baoth, called Him by the prophets. Come under the shield of the holy teaching, and this word calls all who want to come and do not know what the mystery of the church between the heaven and the earth is.

A son of the Lord on the earth, a son of the age to come, had to come like me from infancy to God’s serving; he has to come from infancy into the kingdom of heaven, and he who comes lat-er, has to become an infant under the Lord’s shield and to let himself be taken by his little hand as infant does; to wait for my Son’s coming day and night, as I had been waiting for Him to be born and until ascending to the Father. A child of Christ wakes up at dawn and, waking up from his sleep, he falls with is face down to the earth three times, thanking God and the saints and the an-gels for the protection upon him, saying with the word: “Lord, do not throw me from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me to be a son of the day, day and night, Your son, now and in the age to come. I bow down to You with everything I have, making the sign of the holy cross on myself, so that the devils may fear me, and that You may have joy in my life near You, Lord. Amen.” The child of Christ goes then and washes his face and hands three times, dedicating his body with his hand in the sign of my Son’s cross, Who suffered death on the cross. He goes then and kneels with bows and speaks praises and morning prayers to the Lord. He asks then to the Lord the saints and the angels, and the Lord, Himself, to be with him in all the work of his hands, always bowing down his body and work with the sign of the holy cross and thinking of the moment of my Son’s coming. He shares the work of his hands with the work of his prayer for the glory of his Lord, watching in wakefulness so that he may not fall from the face of the Lord. He brings back the word of thankfulness to the Lord for the accomplishing of the day’s work, and asking protection from the angels and saints upon him, he sets himself for the rest of his body with a soul wakefulness until the end of golden prayer, in the middle of the night, when he wakes up praying.

There where are more little children of Christ, as he pleases, let not all of them fall asleep at once when they rest, for my Son said to those who fell asleep at once: «Why do you sleep? Rise and pray that you may not enter into temptation». Oh, the opposing spirit continuously lurks to find the Christian indifferent to his soul, and where there are more of you, watch out one for an-other, sons, for this is well pleased to God, and let all that you do not be for you, as you do not be-long to yourselves, but to Christ. The Christian is no longer master upon his soul, but Christ. The same is with the soul; the same is with the spirit as well if the body is not of Christ, and this is the mystery of God’s church; this way and not otherwise.

The Christian and the son of this age that is to come can no way be separated from God, and all that he does with his body, with his soul and with his spirit, unites him with God. He is beautiful as those from heaven that the heaven may be on the earth with him. He is clear and he divides himself with those that are of Christ and gives himself totally to Christ, Who is divided and not separated, giving Himself as a Whole where is to be given. The sons of this age who want to be the mirror of the eternity on the earth, as I was, the mother of God’s Son, and some are for others, giving themselves to God. Amen. This is God’s mystery among the people and before God, for the sons of this age to come work near the Lord at the plan of the creation between the heaven and the earth. Amen, amen, amen.

I have taught you, those from the garden of My Son. Let those who are thirsty take living waters from you and let a spring of living waters be made in them so that they may no longer thirst, as one cannot find good water but in heaven, for the man who teaches the man has com-pletely become earthly, and the man fears the man and hides from the man, for this is how it is on earth. I gave you so that you may give further into the name of My Son, Jesus Christ, the Lord of peace, the Father of the age to come, as Father Sabaoth proclaimed His name through the proph-ets

I have taught them, Son, according to Your word, for those in heaven do Your mighty will. All the kings of falsehood sit on shameful seats and thrones and receive glory from people, but Your throne of reign and judgment is the cross that You laid on when You judged the world through Your crucifixion. The cross of crucifixion is Your seat of judgment, my Son and Lord of peace, for You carried Your dominion and Your seat of judgment over the human kind. I kiss the cross of Your sufferance and I comfort Your waiting and I also comfort those who have been wait-ing for You, for I am a mother. Amen, amen, amen.

― And I, the Lord Almighty, strengthen you by My strong arm, for you, the sons of My garden, are those who remained with Me in My troubles, in My toil between heaven and earth for the renewal of the creation, and I assign you a kingdom, just as My Father assigns it for Me, so that you may eat and drink at My table into My kingdom and to sit on thrones, judging from near Me over the entire human kind. Amen.

The one who sits on the throne is the one who crucifies himself for My life in him, for this is what I said by My word which is with you: “The seat of the kings on earth was taken away and, as for the one who wants to reign, let him lay down like Me on the cross and reign this way, for the Holy Spirit comes and sits as King over the earth”. Amen, amen, amen.

Now, sons, give to the people My festive word for My mother, the Virgin, and gather to-gether again near My mouth, which will deliver the word for the one who was a bishop on the seat in the Târgovişte city, as eight years ago, I spoke with him on the earth about this stone, and now I speak with him in heaven, as I took him away from the earth. Gather together with Me, as I leave a book for his city to be fulfilled, for I said that I would come with him in his house to testify from near Me over the earth for the church in this city, and for My stone, which is with you. Amen.


I am the Alpha and the Omega, the One Who is, the One Who was and the One Who comes. Amen. That what you hear, write into My book and send it to the churches on the earth, you, watchmen of My word, which comes with the clouds. My voice is like the thunder of great waters, and a double-edged sword comes out of My mouth. Do not be afraid. This is what the First and the Last One says: stand to welcome Me until I come, amen, for I am the One Who opens, and no one closes; I am the One Who has the keys of death and hell. Amen, amen, amen.

The one, who does not believe that I am the Word, Which speaks from heaven on you, condemns himself, as much as the one who does not crucify himself for Me, is con-demned through My crucifixion for him. Get up and welcome Me, sons from the garden of My word, for I have a manger in Romania, and I am being born as word in it for those who be-lieve and for those who do not believe that I am the Word, Which speaks from heaven over this garden, in which I fastened the stake of My kingdom, for I am the Master over you and I shep-herd you after My own pleasure and I rejoice over you, as I proclaimed through the prophets say-ing: «I, Myself will take care of My sheep and visit them. I will give them blessing and rain in due time, and they will know that I, the Lord and their God will be with them, and they are My house, My people, the flock that I graze». Amen. Write into My book of today the world for My church in the city of Târgovişte and for the bishop who sat on this chair. Eight years ago, on this very day, I sent you to him with My word for this stone from you, for My altar from you, and now I speak with him in heaven, for there have been almost forty days since I took him away from the earth as I passed him through sufferance for repentance and for cleansing, and so that I might be true in My word which I put over him eight years ago when I told him: “Peace to you, the one who sit on the chair of My church, and if you are unfaithful to My word, which comes to you, let My peace come back to Me”. But behold, I am the One Who has the keys of death and hell and I am the One Who opens and no one closes. I open the heaven and command My angel to announce and bring near My coming down from you the one who sat as a bishop in the city of Târgovişte. Amen.

Behold the angel, and the one whom I said that I would send into his house to tell every-body not to do what he did to you, and not to stand up as he did in order to bring down My work with you, for he is a saving work, and I am the One Who am, and I speak from the garden with you. Amen.

Come close, you, who has sat for eight years on the bishop seat in the city of Târgovişte and over its surroundings. Eight years ago, on this day, I came to you with the sons of My gar-den. I came as word, a sweet word, and I asked you to protect from storms and from Herods and Judges the little garden of My word and those that I anointed in it to stand before Me when I come as word over the earth. I told you then that this garden is My word and I wrote My word to you with a feather, to write Myself down on the earth with his stone. And I wrote Myself down. A written word stands between Me and you, which testifies through My book of these days, and behold, I am this book; I and not the man, the same as I was with the man through Moses and through the prophets. However, you have had little heart and faith for Me and for those whom I sent to you, for this is how it is on earth; the man is no longer attracted to those that are cleaned and holy, for the one on the earth is earthly, and he speaks and works from the earth. Now I fulfill the word to send you to your house, and I brought you on the path of My book to testify from heaven over the church and to tell what this work is and the garden, which it carries. The eyes of your soul are alive and see, for the soul is the life of the man, the life, which goes to God, as it comes from God, and I, the Lord Almighty, speak this way: I am the One Who have the keys of death and hell, the One Who opens and no one closes. Strengthen yourself, for I cleansed you to strengthen your soul and your spirit in heaven. I breathed on you and strengthen you to speak from near Me. Amen, amen, amen.

― Your mercy, Lord, pulled me out from the strong place where I was fastened, for You spoke through the prophets and said: «The nail, which was fastened in the place of hope, will be loosened and broken and it will fall down, and the burden which is on it, will become dust». The seat from Târgovişte is a clean seat, and I wanted to sit on it, and I sat, and You pulled me out from it, because I did not do Your will to be cleansed for it and to love what You love and to be-lieve what You do and to open for You when You knock. You knocked and knocked, but I did not open for You, and I wanted to be unfaithful, knocking with a word of slander at those who carry You as Your coming word over the earth. All I have sinned for as long as sixty years of my life in the body, was not so heavy when You sent Your angels to measure Me, compared to how heavy it was the sin of My opposition against the little garden of Your word from Pucioasa. You sent Your angels to measure me when they put me to whitening by sufferance, but I was stiff-necked when I heard You knocking for Me to open for You. I would have been the greatest of the brothers of the church, if I wanted to become a saint, so that I may receive with faith Your word for the prepara-tion of Your coming with a new age. However, I did not want it, and You pulled me out and put me into a furnace. You took compassion on me afterwards, for You gave an order before My leav-ing the body, and a son from Your garden came to my bed of sufferance and took me into his arms, praying secretly to You for my forgiveness, for those in Your garden are merciful like You, Lord, as they are clean children in their hearts and body, in nature and in spirit. However, I deni-grated them before the people, to glorify myself, and You wrote in the Scriptures: «The one who speaks from himself is seeking his own glory”.

I, and the entire church, left everything to unbelief for Your coming into the little garden with the sons anointed with a new anointing. I did what the unfaithful Israel did when Ezekiel, Your prophet, came out in front of the citadel of Jerusalem with a citadel into his arms to prophesy for You and for it, and I was unfaithful and stiff-necked, standing against the Holy Spirit, Who breathes from Your mouth over the manger of Your word from Pucioasa. Now I am crying and sighing when I see and hear how the heaven resounds with the name of this citadel in which the manger of Your word has its dwelling. If You want, tell those in the garden to ask You to wipe out My crying and sighing, so that I may not carry it forever, for You are the Father of eternity and what little faith is on earth! I played myself with death, with unbelief, for I fastened myself in a strong place and I fell down, and I fought against the light and I was overcome by it.

I am frightened when I look at the one who set this stone, as I put chains over him, and the sufferance of his heart is great. (The bishop Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.). I put him down and I exalted myself; I brought him to humility and I glorified myself; I left him poor and I wanted to be rich, but he is blessed by those in heaven, for the one who humbles himself, is lifted up by those in heaven. I am ashamed by my own deeds. I put him down before the church, before the world. I brought him into submission of my will and I brought him to wipe out Your name, Lord, from this stone. But who is he who can stand against You? His pain is great, for the one who is over him in that city, puts pressure on him and puts him to the worse and makes him cry, for the church on the earth is not what it has to be, but rather it is ruled by the man of vain empty, who knows God’s will but does not set it on him so that the church may be a church with holy shep-herds to shepherd it. It happened as with the gypsy who was asked by a master of sheep if he likes cheese, green cheese, lamb and wool; and he said that he likes it, but when the master asked him to go with the sheep to pasture them he did not like it anymore.

Behold, I condemned an innocent soul and I set myself to judge the one that I knew, and then, You, Lord, reversed my judgment against me. I saw in heaven a saint who told me this: “When I was in my body I did not work much for my soul, and when the angels came to take my soul, seeing that I was pulled on the left side because of my sins, I said this to the angel who put before me everything I did: I admit I did all these, but Christ, the Lord, said this: «Do not judge and you will not be judged; forgive and you will be forgiven», and when I was on earth, I did not judge anyone and I did not hold malice against the one who went wrong against me, but rather I loved him. And then my good angel won me over to God”. This is what that saint said to me. However, I did play the judgment with myself, Lord, because I thought I was great. I did not take into consideration this stone that You built and confessed thorough the bishop that You chose near it. Now I see that You are this stone that You write Yourself on it, and that You have it on top, but I stumbled over it as it is written: «Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him as dust».

Now You brought me into my house, among those with whom I ruled over Your church, to tell them not to do what I did against Your work of New Jerusalem. There is obedience in heaven and I listen now, and this is what I tell them: do not wonder and do not doubt of God’s power that brought me to you, for St. Macarie and many other saints like him, were speaking on earth with those in the graves. The Lord brought me to you to tell you that the voice of the angels resounds in the name of the city from Pucioasa, to the judgment of my conscience, but God’s mercy came against My condemnation and spoke over those that are anointed in the Lord’s garden to inter-cede for Me, because I fell from repentance in the time of my sufferance, and God saw my re-pentance and sent an anointed man from this garden and secretly spoke forgiveness to repentance over me. And if you do not want to understand, as I also did not want it, put your hand at your mouth and pray to God to open your eyes and see the light of God’s word, which comes to illumi-nate the way of the people, for Gods’ way is no longer on earth, for the darkness is thick and the wise man has no wisdom, as he says that he has, because only God is wisdom.

Do not try to come to this seat in which I was crushed, for it is a holy seat, and a holy man must seat on it, as Nifon, the bishop, was, who spoke over this seat, a seat of a holy man and of a holy church, and he spoke a bonding on it against those that are not clean. The Good Lord has released now this seat through His word and through of bishop Nifon, who has come now with the Lord, like me, after four hundred and ninety years, (See the Word of God from 20.04.1997, - On Slideshare; on Calameo; on Flipsnack; on Issuu; on Google Drive, r.n.), pro-claiming the release of the bonding, so that this seat may be for the faithful man, clean, holy, and humble, for the man that God called. Amen.

Do no longer throw stones into the one who set to fulfill the blessing of the church of New Jerusalem, as the New Jerusalem is a great name; it is a holy life in the sons of the church and it is a party with the saints and angels on the earth, but those who do not believe cannot see. However, I tell you: «Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but on whoev-er it falls, it will scatter him to dust». Leave those in this garden and do no longer come to tempt them, for they are the good ones, they are the beautiful among the sons of the people, and they are hired by God for a life of heaven on the earth; they are those who are worn down by God for the renewal of the ways, for the way of the Lord’s coming. Many of those who struck this stone will fall down. However, I pray to those in this garden to be interceders with the heaven for the for-giveness of many, for many are those who fell on this new stone, because God has written into the Scriptures the renewal of the creation, the redemption of the creature. Also lift up the church on its stone, for the Lord is crying for its falling that it stays in. Flee the enemies, for I crucified the Lord among the robbers, thinking that I put the cross into the middle; however, it is not the man but the Lord Who comes to make one flock and one Shepherd. Give up your life full of sinful pleasures and willingly become poor, and be also clean and obedient to the light of God’s word, which says that the judgment comes for each deed.

Today, God made me teacher from heaven over you, so that I may receive a reward for a teacher, a reward of a confessor of His coming with the glory of the New Jerusalem over Roma-nia, the land of the salvation for those who are faithful and holy.

I have come to do Your will, Lord. Have mercy on me and count this against all my sins, with which I have thrust Your godhead for such a long time. And I still tell those in the city of Târ-govişte to become godly out of Your word, Lord, and to live alive, for I did not teach them to be alive, since I did not ask me this; and I tell them to pray to You and to do Your will over this seat, for the people got up, those who make bold like Me to sit on this seat watched by angels and by the work of the angels.

And now, standing before the church and confessing Your work, please forgive me, for the prayers in the garden of Your word. Amen, amen, amen.

― Behold the angel, and the one whom I said that I will send into his house to bear wit-ness about My work with you. I, the Lord Almighty, am the One Who have the keys of death and hell; I am the One Who opens and no one shuts. I speak the word and say: the one who does not want to smash against this seat, not being prepared, that one will be broken into pieces by it, and he, whom the seat will fall on, that one will be scattered to dust. Amen.

It is great tumult for his seat. Many strive for it; many appoint each other for this seat, but the work for the church is not this way, and I say: the one who does not strive for greatness and for pre-eminence and for the seat, that one is the humble and pious who I, the Almighty One, want him to pasture My flock, to breathe on it living life and to bring it to life for Me and for eternity. Amen. However, I will look and take it into account and give each one according to his work for Me and for this citadel. I do not stop the one who appoints himself, or the one who is appointed by the man, as I also did not stop the one who stumbled against this chair being bro-ken by it. But I want to overcome for the Christian flock according to My will, and the one, who will be from Me into the middle of this ruling citadel, let him stay on the cross, not on the seat, for the cross is a throne, as I sat on the cross and I sat as Lord over the earth. The one who does not like to crucify himself for Me, is not worthy to come into the midst of this ruling seat, for the shepherd has to lay down his life for the sheep and he had to crucify himself for Me, to have him as a good shepherd over My sheep, and so that I may have sheep; I, and not the man, as it is to-day in the churches.

And you, those in the garden of My word, take this book and send it to the church pray-ing to Me so that My will may be on earth as in heaven, for this ruling citadel. Amen, amen, amen. As for My humbled bishop and for all those who strive for crowns on earth, I, the Lord, will give him the reward of the saints’ endurance and wipe out his sighing, because he suffered and suffers for My name, loving and waiting for Me to come and save him with My saving arm, and his salvation will be great, for I am well pleased with him, as I was well pleased and worked My work of New Jerusalem through him; the work for the new creation of the world, of the new heaven and new earth, and all the mouth will be silent then, because I will be the Almighty One for those who are Mine, enduring with Me and for Me. Amen.

This is My word for this ruling city, Târgovişte: I will work on it and for it as it will also work for Me and for My salvation plan, which is the holiness in the man: I, the Lord, shining in the body, in the soul, and in the spirit of the holy man. Amen.

My voice is like the thunder of the great waters and out of My mouth there comes a sharp double-edge sword. The one who does not believe that I am this word, which comes with the clouds over My garden that one condemns himself and many will fall because of their unbe-lief. Amen.

Now, sons, I release the one that I brought before the church to testify about My work with you, and I set him in peace, and he says to Me this: “Now Lord, release Your servant, for I have seen with the eyes of my soul Your salvation that You have prepared before the nations for their illumination and for the glory of You name, for Your holy people and for Your coming, Lord. Amen”.

I, the Lord, wrote this book and I seal it. Amen. This is My seal: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.

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