1999.02.14 - The Word of God on the Sunday of the remembrance of the dreadful judgment (Antichrist and UFO)

                        The Word of God[1] on the Sunday of the dreadful judgment remembrance[2]



I knock at the gate of the garden of My word. Let the gate and the book be open for Me; the book that I have written during these days, My last book, which is called My coming, the second coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen, amen, amen. Few, very few are those who love this book, which I have written in and I still write, for few are those who fulfill My commandments for the everlasting life in man. Few are those who have been waiting for Me to come, and many are those who hate My book from these days, for many are those who trample over My commandments; many are those who do no longer wait for Me and do not wait for Me to come, but it is written into the Scriptures that I come, and that is why I come; it is not from Myself that I come. Many are those that do not want Me to come, and for these, My book of today is the dreadful judgment. I do not declare the judgment for this man or for the other man. I do not call the man on his name, but I write the man’s judgment, as the deeds of the man have been brought before My Father, and each one receives according to his own deed. It is not I, who gives to him, but rather his own deed gives him, as the man wrote it for himself before God.


The saints who lived in holiness on the earth at the beginning of My church, built out of the saints, wrote on the church after them the memorial of My second time; they wrote the day of the dreadful judgment for this day which is mentioned today, a day on which the man should remember My coming with the judgment upon him, and to examine himself before Me; before Me not before the man and that is all; before Me and not only to himself and that is all. I want to be right in My words and to overcome when I judge the man, to be victorious for Me, not for the man, for I am the God not the man, but the man does not know to stand face to face with Me, and he rather plays hide-and-seek with Me, for the man’s conscience is fallen, as the man is. Why did this really happen? Because the man has not learned yet what prayer is, and that is why it happened that his conscience fell from its place, for its place is before God, not somewhere else, and it is not left into the man’s mind. It needs to come out of the mind of the man and to enter into God’s mind, into the Spirit of God, Who judges according to the rising and repentance of the man.


The prayer of the church from the world hummed before the people the prayer that was brought before Me. It is a great difference between the emphatic prayer made by people and the spiritual prayer, made by people, and the man has not learned yet the mystery of the power of prayer. The lack of prayer is the guilt, which the man lost his conscience for, and the man is fallen and there is no one to pass by him to wake him up. Here I am. I pass by, and I pass by compassionately to wake up the one who sleeps. I pass by like a judge of the man’s deeds and I am merciful by the man’s repentance. I come down from heaven and I pass by every man. I come as word of judgment, so that the man may judge himself before Me, face to face with Me. I knock at the gate of the garden of My coming, for I come in it; it is the place of My coming, for the book that I write in My garden from Romania is My second coming. I give Myself over to those who preach Me on the earth, and I do not come out of the Scriptures when I do this, for this is what it is written in them: «The Lord will give the word to those who preach with much power». Amen, amen, amen.


You sons, who love My coming, stand with love before Me; always walk with love in the way of My word. Value My coming to you and stay with it and not without it; stay with My word in your heart and on your lips. Receive Me when I come and put Me in My book from your days that I make out, as you are those who put Me in it according to what I speak. Receive Me when I come and I give Myself over to you, and give Me also to those who wait for Me to come to you, for you and for them. But look that I come for those who are unfaithful too, and who do not expect Me to come. Blessed are those who work with great longing and pleasure for My word during these days, spreading it over My church from the earth and over the earth, as the earth was given to the sons of the people on it, and the church was given to the sons of God from the earth, and I come to comfort those that are hungry of heaven, and I come to judge those that are foreigners to heaven.


Preach the news of My word, for it is written into the Scriptures: «The Lord will give the word to those who preach with great power». I give you the word. Receive and give the word on to the church when I give it to you, as that is why I give it to you. You will soon see the emptiness and its riches and its hopeless and comfortless people, and even you will be afraid, how much more they will, as it is written: «The righteous will see and will be afraid and say: here is the man who did not put his hope in God, who did not take the Lord for his help, but rather he hoped in the abundance of his riches and got strong within his emptiness», but you should rather pray, for the days are evil. Be afraid of God and say: “Lord, I am afraid of the terrifying day of Your coming and of Your right judgment; I am frightened and shake like the one who did many sins, but go ahead and judge me in Your mercy, and lift me up, saving me from those that are mine, to be clean from those that are empty and to be able to stand before You on that dreadful coming when the righteous will see it and will be afraid of those that will see. Lord, cover me and wake me up for Your coming”. Amen. Sons, be afraid, for the one who is not afraid of God does not receive God before the day of the judgment.


The man gets upset when someone is right against him. The man flees from judgment, but he does not flee from the evil deed. There are some people, who say to themselves that God is good and does not want the death of the sinner. Yes, man, I said this: «God does not want the death of the sinner», but I also said: «let him come back and be alive», not dead. And here is what I also tell you, man: God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but the sinner wants God’s death instead; he wanted it and he still wants it. Man, you get upset and angry when someone comes to you in good faith for My justice and does justice to Me against you. Man, you work out My death then, and you stand up for your justice. I come to you with My justice, for I do not want your death, and I want you to turn from you to Me and to be alive instead. And you turn your back and stay like this; you stay with your back to Me.


What does it mean for the man to stand face to face with Me? The face of the man means the inner man, full of My life in him, helping the man next to him with those from Me, and the one who does not do this, that one stays with his back to God. But I come today and say: My face in the man is My glory over him, and My back in the man is My wrath upon him, and again: your face before Me is My will and My rebuke upon you for your growth, and your back before Me is your will, your running away and My justice, man.


Oh, how is the man who does not work out love to know about it? Oh, how is the man to know God if he does not work out God? One knows about God with His great work in man. If the man does not want, how is he supposed to know God? Behold, the man works something else; he works out his love not God’s, for the man came out of the man and does not want to come up to God and to be from God. And for this, the devil goes up to God and comes up against the man in heaven, and he wants to come up and then to come down upon the people, for he thinks that he will be a visible king and that he will reign forever over the man. But behold, My book is open, and I announce those that are to be in the days to come.  


Amen, amen, I say to you, to those who preach My good news from heaven on the earth; take My news over to all the wise people of the earth who danced as the antichrist played, the man of falsehood. The antichrist will come up to heaven, as he says, and then to come down from heaven into My place and to tell every man that he is the Christ who comes. The antichrist totally lost his mind. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast[3]”, r.n.) He looked into the Scriptures and says that he looked well and that he saw; he read in the prophets about My glory and about My coming and set himself to work. What did he do if he set himself to work? He did his own things and of his own mind; he made a glory like that of Mine, out of iron and lying, as he says, and this is how he created an immoral man out of the spirit of the man and out of the flesh of the man, and he clothed himself with the power of his lying and made the creature to create a glory like that of Mine, a body like that of Mine, as he says, a body which ascended into heaven and which comes down from heaven. He took the word of the angels of the heaven who said: «This Jesus, Who was received up from you into the sky will come back in the same way as you saw Him going into the sky». He took over this word and spun around it to fulfill it through a newborn man, an immoral man. Oh, poor of him! He lost his mind and forgot that he was a sinner and that cannot be God into My place. He took over the word of My prophets, but those were prophets, not sinners. He should have taken over Mine too, for I spoke over those that I put to preach My word with great power. He should have also taken over My word, which said that «the false christ will come before Me and will do sings in heaven and on earth and will deceive many, and then the Lord will destroy him by the power of His coming with glory and with thousands of angels on His coming». But I come before him and I let him know, him and his angels who serve him, that I will destroy him by the breath of My mouth, by My word, which blows over My garden, and from it over to him, and then I will come down as I ascended, and I will appear as the true God, and I will come coming from heaven as I ascended into heaven, served by angels, the bodiless angels in a visible glory, as My angel came visibly and covered Me when I ascended into heaven, taking Me away from the eyes of those who saw Me in the body, the incarnated God.


I had covered My glory as long as I stayed on the earth. I was true God of true God, but I had stayed among the people as a man and I had stayed without glory. From time to time I had appeared in power, as a God, doing the unnatural works of My invisible Father. From time to time I had appeared as the Son of the heavenly Father by the testimony of My Father, the One above Me and the One inside Me. I also had appeared again and again accompanied by the light of My angel, so that the angels may testify about Me, not I. My angel was coming and embracing Me in his light round about, and then he was hiding for My humbleness and his too. And then My angel came when My Father raised Me up into heaven, and My angel became a cloud and stood between Me and those who were looking at Me when My Father was taking Me up. My bodiless angel always covered Me when I was doing the work of My Father before the man, before Israel, the same as he stays today again between Me and those who receive My word, for it is My angel by whom I, the Lord, sound the seventh trumpet over the earth, as it is written into the Scriptures about the sound calling of the seventh angel for the opening of the book of the judgment. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets[4]”, r.n.)


I will come suddenly to you, children of My garden and I will speak with you about My angel. But now I want to tell the antichrist that he cannot turn into My angel and that I will come as I ascended with My angel. Amen, amen, amen. His angel is taken from his made spirit but he lost his mind and does not know what an angel is and does not know what Christ is but I tell him to know that. Amen. I tell him: I am a consuming fire which burns the antichrist. I am a double-edged sharp sword which cuts to his bones the antichrist, who cannot do what I do. I am a covering cloud for the sons of heaven on earth, the same as you was. I am the Christ of the Father and he is a devil. I am the Judge and he is the judged one; he and all his servants who are his angels, the angels of the red antichrist, red all over, the same as he was born and lived by his sword, not from Me, for if he lived as I did, the antichrist would not become My adversary and the adversary of My blessed word before his birth.


The antichrist spoke My word of My coming from the Scriptures everywhere and he is looking into it and wants to fulfill it, but I come with My angel not with his angel, and here, I deliver his earthly word in Romanian and say: My prophets from the Scriptures, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah and all who discovered My glory and My coming by the word said: «The glory of the Lord», and did not say UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects, r.n.), as the antichrist wants to speak about the glory of My coming. He is waiting for Me on the Mount of Olives but I am waiting for him at the same place as well in order to consume him, for I am a consuming fire, and I will destroy him by My coming and by My angel. Amen.


Elijah, My prophet, was taken up to heaven in a fire horse-drawn chariot, not by UFOs. (See selection topic: “Enoch and Elijah[5]”, r.n.). Ezekiel revealed My glory shown to him by Me, a living glory, a fire glory, a glory of flowing fire, fire wheels, bodiless angels, a vision of fire, no UFOs, and I standing in the middle of the fire, not in the middle of human creatures. I was walking, the sea on foot not by boat as the antichrist is going, he who talks taller than Me, for it is not hard to go by boat, but it is hard to walk on foot upon the water as I walked with My disciples.


I am walking bodily in the sky, attended by angels, not by plane, not by rocket, not by UFOs, as the antichrist does, for it is not difficult to go into the sky by plane or by UFOs; rather it is difficult to walk on foot in the clouds coming up and down and on the wings of the winds, as I and My saints are walking. But here, as the false man who fell down from heaven at My word delivered on earth by the holy one, and as that one who set himself as a god upon people, crashed himself falling down from heaven after ascending into it, the same way the nowadays lying will be consumed into the quenchless fire delivered by My word, for the antichrist will soon go up to heaven in order to come down on earth in My place to be king. And he will rise up to heaven only to fall down, for God is in heaven. But he does not believe it, poor of him, for he lost his mind before he was born, and fought against My faithful one even from the belly. (Jacob and Esau, r.n.)

Sons, sons, I tell you a great mystery for the science, for as I, the Lord, came passing through the Hebrew people, the same way the immoral antichrist did, for it is written: «The man’s enemy will be his own family». (See about “The Last Pope”, and then a Hebrew Pope, r.n.). The Hebrew people is fallen under the damnation of the money and the money curses him and damns it, because they put Me to death for money; I Who came down from heaven.


I fulfilled the Scripture and brought famine on earth and man is hungry of sins and loose life, not hungry of My word, but I bring the word of judgment and I reveal the antichrist by it, he who calls himself “the lamb”, but he is not a lamb, as he crucified the Lamb.


Christian sons, be good! Amen, amen, amen, I say to you: be good, be good, and be good! All the lying signs will come upon the earth, so that the lying man, who commits adultery under every green tree into My name, may fall down under them, but you should be good, for My angel will stand between you and the lying man, who will make the lie to take a body. My angel will cover you from their eyes, and he will cover them from your eyes, so that you may be good. The sin flees the man who does not think of sin, but the visible sin opens the mind of the man so that he may think of it, and the mind becomes heart and it also becomes a body, as I spoke through your holy fathers, but you should not look sons. Be good; do not be Hebrews! Be good, be good, and be good! Amen.


I come to an end now, and I come again, and I will speak with you about My angel. Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A., r.n.

[3] You can also see on:

[4] You can also see on:




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