1997.07.13 - The Word of God on the council of the twelve holy apostles

                        The Word of God[1] at the council of the twelve holy apostles[2]



I am carried by the clouds of My glory and I come down for you, holy people, as you have to be holy. Amen. I am carried in a pavilion made of My apostles, and I, the Lord, and with My trumpet Verginica, are celebrated in the council of My apostles and we all work together with you, the heaven and the earth in a work of disciples with the Teacher among them.


I did not work without My apostles upon anyone and anywhere, but only then when I cried for many to My Father. For whom did I cry to My Father? I cried for Me and I cried for those, who the Father gave to Me; I cried for those who My Father gave to Me to persecute Me and to crucify Me, and I was saying: «Father do not punish them for Me, for they do not know what they do; they do not know that I am Your Son». But after I was resurrected, their sin became a visible sin, as by resurrection I proved that I was the Son of the Father, the Son that came from heaven on the earth. It was changed the sin of many who prepared My resurrection and the deed of the crucifixion beforehand, because few of them became faithful Christians, and the other remained strong, first by their rank, and then by their pride, as they did not want to humble for Me, as I, the Lord humbled for them to the lowest shame, death by cross, the death of the worst condemned sinners. Behold, the man does not know, and does not want to embrace the shame of the man. The man is greater and stronger than God, Who did not want anything else, but to humble for the salvation of many, sons.


I protected My disciples and I defended their life, and I gave Mine up, as when the people of the temple came with swords and clubs, if they had not taken hold of the pray they were looking for, to take to the chief priests of the church, they would have condemned My disciples. But I, as a Son of the Father’s love, came in front of My disciples, and like their Teacher, I spoke before them and I told those who sought after Me: «Who are you looking for? If therefore, I am the One you seek Me, let these go their way».


No one took My life. I gave it up by Myself, as for this I came down from heaven from My Father. I came down after the man, to take him in Me, to die with Me and to rise with Me, as the one who saves his life from My hands, will lose it, and the one, who loses his life in My death for him, will gain it by his death in Me, and by My resurrection in him, by faith in the Son of God, Who came from heaven to die for the man, and to rise with the man, and to go back to the Father with the redeemed man into His arms. But he, who knew the sweetness of this grace and tasted of this offering, and went back again into the sin of the nature, who shall die for a man like that, if My death was of no use to him for an everlasting life? That is why I tell you, My people, to have love for Me, and I told you that the one without love keeps silent like the one who is guilty, and the one with love would no longer keep silent. The one without love dies to Christ and joins with the devil again, with the enemy of the man. Do you really know, My loved people, what the devil is? It is bad for the man who serves a master without knowing his master in the face. It is bad for the man, who serves God without knowing His holy and heavenly face. It is bad for the man, who serves the devil without knowing the master whom he serves. I tell you a great word today, sons. I put a great work of word on you today. I work on My right, and I work on My left, and I work the thing wholly; I work with My disciples. Amen, amen, amen. I work on My right and I work on My left; I work as a teacher with the heavenly disciples and with the disciples on the earth, as this is the work of the heaven.


You, sons, on My right, be with a heavenly attention, sons, as I speak with each one of you. I do not speak with the other one, as each mind uses this thought as though I would speak with the other one. You, sons on My right, be with a heavenly attention then when I speak to you for those on the left, which would like to be with Me, but without any love in them; however, they are more within their flesh and with the carelessness that comes from the flesh. You, sons on My right side, stand on My right side until only the sons of the love will remain before Me, as those who have mother and father, brothers and sisters, children, relatives, ranks, money and possessions, fallow land, flesh and body of the flesh, do not come after Me, as they have connections and are bound and have not known how to get rid of them at the right time. But I also looked at the heart of the man, who was wretched because of the reward of his sins, as I looked at the heart of My crucifiers, who repented and knew Me as the Son of God, and they became Christians forever, and they broke off with the old ones and were renewed. However, some of them renewed all their kindred by their great and whole renewal. Let no one judge Me by the way I look at the heart of the wretched man and with power of repentance and with holy and living desire. I went after the man into the hell, into the water, into the fire and among the dead, when that man was useful to Me, so that I may make of him salvation for the unbelievers, or judgment for these.


My speaking of today is with a depth of wisdom, holy sons. Behold, I tell you a mystery: it is bad of the man, who serves God without knowing His holy and heavenly face. How comes something like that, holy sons? The man, who does not know the blessings and the promises of the Lord, and also the curses and the Lord’s reward, that one does not touch the face of the salvation. That one serves God, as he says, and does not know the reward of his life. It is written: «The man cannot see God’s face, and still stay alive». The man has to die within himself after he sees and perceives God’s face, and after that, the Lord must come to life in him, as Moses did, sons, for when he asked to see Me, I told him that he would no longer stay alive after seeing Me. And it was so, for after he saw and heard Me, he died, and I rose in him and I shone in him, and when he went down from Me to Israel, no one was able to look at his face, and Moses had to put a veil, lest the sons of Israel might be afraid of the light of My face into the new man.


Oh, sons, I cover many of you with My secret veil, so that the man may speak with you and so that I may give My word to the man, but it is bad of the man, who serves God without knowing God’s heavenly and holy face. Not only that the man cannot look at the face of the godly man, and that is why I put My veil over My man, but also he cannot even understand God’s heavenly and holy face. He does not even understand what it means to be Christian after the truth; not even this does the Christian understand, and the one who does not understand, finds everywhere a conduct after his own conduct, love after his love, stature in everyone after his stature, as the man reaps what he sows. The sinful man cannot see that the holy the one is holy, the one, who lets himself to be seen by holy eyes, sons, and not by evil eyes and with a sick and dark look.


The Christian man is that one, who understands his reward and who works holiness  with it, as the reward of the true Christian is the holiness of the mind, of the heart and of the life and of his deed, and where all these are, there the spring of God is, the word of God, which becomes a river and rivers of living waters, as it is written into the Scriptures about the one who believes in Me, as this is the Christian’s reward and the fruit of his holiness. The holiness does not die in the man, if the man does not become conceited in his own self because of it, and in parts with it, and if it is caught by haughtiness, then it becomes a judge over the one who wore it, and killed its holy gift by haughtiness, as Adam did in the old time.


Do you really know, My loved people, what the devil is? Behold, I tell you a mystery, holy sons: it is bad of the man, who serves another master without knowing his master in his face. It is bad of the man, who serves the devil without knowing the master he serves. How comes such a thing, holy sons? The man, who does not know God’s blessings, the promises and the Lord’s rewards, that one does not serve God, on the contrary, he serves the devil and does not know his master in his face, and many of this kind of people recognize God as God, but they do not recognize the devil that they serve.


Do you really know, My loved people, who the devil is? Get down learning and growing up, My people, as I gave no one such a growth, as I gave you. When the man was created by God’s hand and by God’s Spirit, he was made to have the sense of good and evil, so that I might not make him a slave, and rather to make him a free man, sons. If I had built in him only the sense of good, he would have been forever a slave, a man without any merits, a man without any work. But I also put in him the sense of evil, so that the man might be free, as this is the freedom from Me, and not other. Then I told the man to gather only obedience, only what is good, and to nourish his sense of good, and to overcome with it and to condemn the sense of evil. If I had built in him only the sense of good, it would have not been necessary to warn him against eating of the tree of disobedience. But what did the man have to do, so that he might not fall from the life? He had to condemn the sin from his body, as I did when I became flesh of the Virgin as the Son of the heavenly Father. What did I do? What is written into the Scriptures? «He condemned the sin in His own body, nailing it to the cross». Sons, disobedience wakes up the evil in the man, and the evil is no longer condemned in the man, and obedience to God makes the man condemn the evil in him and not to allow it to work, as I did. I condemned the sin in My body, and then I nailed it to the cross, by My death on the cross. I made the man after God’s image and likeness, and not otherwise, but the man did no longer condemn the evil in his body, and the evil woke up in him by disobedience to God, by not recognizing his Master and the face of his Master. Behold, the man should have not forgotten his Master. The man should have got God as his Master instead, but he came out from under His dominion and used his freedom to sin.


Sons, sons, I have taught you what the devil is. The devil should not have been free in the man. God should have been free in the man. When one is free, the other is no longer master. When the evil is woken up by the man in his inside, then the good is crucified in the man. When the good is always awake, always master in the man, then the evil is crucified in the man. The little child knows neither the good, nor the evil, and that is why is carried in the arms by the big brother, and the child is calm and in peace and in comforting arms. Oh, what pain on Me, when I see the children growing up and that there is no one to teach them what good and what evil is, what God and what the devil is! The man is a house for good and for evil, and these two are not without man. When the man was not, these were not at work, for God works together with the man, and He created everything for the man, as he created the obedience only after the man was created.


Oh, My people, oh My people, oh, My loved people! The apostles wonder at My teaching of today, that they neither knew, nor lived it in the time of My body and their body. In the time of My body, and then in their time, My church was taken by storm, and everybody wanted to be My Christians and their Christians, and it was hard for the man to understand well the face of Christ in man. Oh, My people, it was hard and it still is hard. It has been hard in all ages to receive the full face of a man, extremely hard, My people. From now on, My apostles see My time with you, as I am with My entire heaven of saints with you, faithful Israel of today, My few people, My little and tiny cluster of sons. But I prepare you and make you grow up, so that you may be My face before My face, so that the people may get used to My face, to My life, to My holiness among them and in them, for many take My word that I gave you, and many become new people, with a holy and heavenly living in them as I, the Lord, was on the earth.


I work upon you in a work of disciples, My people. My apostles, Israel’s remnant, become relative with the Romanian through you, My Romanian people. The entire holy heaven eats My word and My body from the dish with you. All My heaven is on earth with you. You are tiny and little but the number of those from heaven is great, son, and it is with you, and you are great by the number of those from heaven. The whole Jerusalem from above, the whole Israel from above is with you on earth. The heaven came down on earth to you, as the time of My coming with the saints in tens of thousands has arrived, and I am the First among them, as I am the firstborn Son of the Father, the firstborn of many brothers.


Oh, My disciples, rejoice in the word with those of this time! Be My witnesses from heaven on the earth, as you are My witnesses. Amen.


Lord, bless the entrance of Your saints. Bless us to come in. Amen, amen, amen.


− Amen, I say to you: always and now and forever and from everlasting to everlasting, My loved disciples. Amen.


Oh, Lord, man of desires, Son of Your Father and ours, the Lord of our desires, we have sown much confession on the earth for You. But today You have testified Yourself even more wonderfully, even more fully, even more perfectly, as that what we, Your disciples, could not do and speak, You do, the One Who can and do everything, as this is what You said: «those who believe in Me will do greater things than these». This is what You, Lord Word, said then.


We come with You, as disciples and Teacher; we come to those who prepare Your and our way, the way of Your saints and angels, as the time has come to fulfill everything, Lord, for we have always asked you: «Until when, Lord?»


Oh, holy people on the earth, we are the disciples of Christ, our Lord and yours. We are the twelve apostles, and we become one single word upon you, people of the desires of those from heaven, people of God’s promises, made to His saints.


Open the gates for the King of glory to enter into them accompanied by His saints, by His holy disciples! Open to the glory of the Lord, as you are the tabernacle of the Lord, Who dwells among the people, and the people do not know to understand what the Lord made out of you, the last sons, the fruit of the Lord’s preaching and of ours. The time has come to abolish those that are in part before those that are made perfect, which came and come to us and to you, as the saints wait and have always waited asking: «Until when, Lord?» Oh, you who are loved in Christ, the man of all desires! Oh, little children and made holy by thousands of times by the word, which becomes flesh, and by the flesh, which becomes word! Oh, loved and little ones, you should be like the little children, and to be a kingdom of heavens on the earth, so that the heaven may have a kingdom in you, for you and for us, as we and you wait according to the promises, for a new heaven and a new earth of the righteousness, that is the kingdom of heavens, last sons. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God[3]”, r.n.)


We left you the books of our apostleship, but be holy and do not look in them for anything else than the kingdom of heavens, as we have spoken much with our bodies, and the bodies lusted too much against the spirit, and there was a great mixture and a great force was over the church of Christ and we could not separate those that were good from the evil ones, since the knowledge was so little then, and the people were greater in their flesh and in the lusts of the flesh. But now, the Lord increased the knowledge and gave it to you, as He, Himself, came as a Shepherd as He promised, that He went to the Father and came as word in the end, and His Holy Spirit becomes word; He becomes Comforter, after the prophesy of the most loved of the twelve disciples, John, the Lord’s loved one and ours. There were many things to be given then, but they could not be carried along, as no one could eat solid food, but only milk. And behold, the Word, the Comforter, came; He came before His whole glory; He came to prepare His glory and to prepare you, holy people, so that there might be someone to meet the new heaven and the new earth, the Lord, word and body, spirit and body. Our preaching was hardly worked out, but today Christ is being proclaimed like the lightning, which comes from east and goes west, as this is written about the coming of the Lord, as word and body, spirit and body, and we will also receive the reward of joy that we have been asking for such a long time: «Until when, Lord?». (See the selection topic: „As lightning that comes from the east, so is the coming of the Lord”, r.n.) We are forever with you and with all who receive from the mountain of teaching, and we ask for the help of heaven for the Lord’s mysteries and for their being. Cry to us to help you, as your crying clothes us with victory for you, and the Lord makes us rich to come to you with the richness of the Holy Spirit and of the works of the Holy Spirit. Be as we were who left all our things and took those of the Lord to carry them, to work as His messengers, as the apostles of the Holy Spirit, Who led us through the world of the people. Be healthy; be holy with your mind, with your heart, with your deed and with your life and this is how you are to come, as the church hardly becomes church. It is a great and holy thing for the man to be a dwelling for Christ, as those holy are the dwelling of the Lord and of His guests.


Oh, sons from the end, put the Lord’s teaching over the church, and clean the Christ’s church of idols and of spirits foreign to the Holy Spirit. (See the selection topic: „The true church[4]”, r.n.) Be Christ’s church, little loved ones, and let the church be one and holy and to work apostleship by sending, sons of the Lord. The teaching of the Lord is great upon you, as those that are perfect came, and those that were worked out and clarified only in part, were put aside. The word and the Lord is great upon you, and we work with the Lord in a working of disciples; we from heaven, and you from the earth with Lord, the Teacher. Amen.


You, Lord, are the Alpha and the Omega, and You join them all, and the Scriptures cannot be erased, as behold what wonderful fulfillments You prepared! Glory to You, Lord! Your disciples from heaven sing glory to You! Bless Your saints’ coming in and out, Lord, the One Who was, the One Who are, and the One Who comes. Amen, amen, amen.


− Oh, I have come on the clouds of My glory and I am being carried in a pavilion made out of My heavenly apostles, and I and My trumpet, with you, Verginica, we have a feast in Israel, in the council of My apostles. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets[5]”, r.n.) I worked a celebration of the holy disciples into your book, and there was great joy in heaven. Amen.


Oh, Lord, I am Your trumpet and I call and bring together the heaven in celebrations and we come with the heaven of saints to the people on the earth.


Sons, sons, the Lord is with you, and He is with His disciples.


Lord, bless Your saints’ coming in and out. Amen.


− I am the One, Who blesses His holy people on the earth. I am the One, Who gives forth holiness in the loving and obedient sons. I am, and I will always be with you, My holy people. I am and I nourish you with My word, and you shall be a holy and clean people, as I have no one on the earth more loved than you. Amen, amen, amen.




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[2] Translated by I.A., r.n.

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