1995.09.27 - The Word of God at the Feast of the Ascension of the Holy Cross

            The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Ascension of the Holy Cross

                                                                          (Translated by I.A.)



The Word of God becomes food; He becomes manna, which comes from heaven. The Word becomes bread and wine; the Word of the Father becomes bread, because the Son is the Word of the Father. The Word of God became Man in the sixth age and had dwelt among the people and then He went up to the Father, so that He might come back to the people. If He had not gone, He would have not come again to the people, but He came so that He might take to the Father all those who believe in the mystery of the creation by word.


Be careful, Jerusalem, as the Word becomes food again. Receive and gather this manna; take and eat, My people, as I am the Word, I, the Son of the Father Sabaoth. I proclaim Myself and you hear Me proclaiming while coming to you, Israel from the end of the time. I announce My coming from the clouds, and you, little people of My garden, open son, so that I may enter the garden and that I may enter the book, to let Israel know about Me. I am in the clouds. I am with the clouds that are not seen. I am on the clouds of stars. I am on the clouds of sun. I am on the clouds and the clouds are not seen. I am on the clouds of angels, on the clouds of glory, on the clouds of cherubim and seraphim. I am carried by the clouds of My glory into those that are not seen; I am into those from heaven. Israel, son of My word, you should live in the heavenly things. Son, you should eat this manna; you should eat it every day; you should eat it day and night; you should eat it hungrily, son Israel. You should eat milk and honey from heaven, as those that are not seen are not perishable. Take and eat from the garden of those that are not seen, so that you may not be perishable, My people, (See the selection topic „The mystery of humankind salvation - the mystery of incorruptibility”, r.n.) and to have imperishable eyes to see the clouds of My glory, and to see Me with you, and to see you with Me, and to see, son, why I have labored over you for as long as forty years. Open to Me to see, as every word of Mine has to be fulfilled with fear and great love, and this means to open your eyes to see. (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.)


Oh, My little child people, eat manna, and do not ask Me for meat, as I will no longer give it to you. If I gave meat to Israel, what good did I do to him? Because if I did its will, Israel would come back into its death. (See selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?[2]”, r.n.) Jerusalem, My new man, I do not want to do your will any more, and rather I want, son, to get you used to desire My will. Stop asking yourself and ask Me instead, son, why I call you New Jerusalem? Because you are made a new man by Me, and the new Man has the Holy Spirit as a dwelling in Which he stays. You are surrounded by My Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit is God in the Father and in the Son, from the Father and from the Son. The work of the Holy Spirit is called Whitsuntide; it is called Jerusalem, and you are My new man, born of the Son of God, the Word. You are the New Jerusalem, as the Word is the Holy Spirit; it is God in the Spirit, Who comes and makes a new man from the word. Eat, Jerusalem, Holy Spirit, and do not crave for the meat as the Israel in the time of Moses, for Israel asked for meat from Moses, because Moses was My tool for Israel. I wanted to make Israel a new man, and to get him used to eat manna, and then milk and honey. But it was not so, for he did not want it and he came back again to the meat. He did not want like Me, and rather it wanted like himself; Israel wanted like the old man. Israel, the man did not ask God when he ate meat. The man ate and the Lord saw what the man did. Eat manna, Jerusalem, for the word is heavenly manna. Eat and do not get bored like Israel.


Peace to you, My people! I sit in counsel with you, and with you at a meal of word, for it is a feast. Peace to you, My house! Peace to you, Israel, My rest and My footstool! It is feast, son, and I come to dine with you. I break Myself and I put Myself on a table of feast, the same way as I put Myself on the cross to give Myself as a sacrifice to the man. The people of Israel brought meat of animal as sacrifice to God, and God gave His Only Son as sacrifice for Israel. I put Myself as sacrifice on the cross and I broke Myself and put Myself on the table as his food. The same way you put food and bread on the table to eat, the same way I put Myself on the cross, so that you may have what to eat, you, the hungry one from the end. The man brings as sacrifice from what he has, and the Lord also brought what He had. The Lord gave Himself, so that the man may have the Lord. The Lord gave Himself to the man, and the man wanted animal and poultry meat and other living creatures. 


Oh, My people, the people of My comfort! I gave Myself to Israel as food, and he was satisfied and left Me. I became the bread, which was coming down from heaven on the clouds above Israel’s camp, and he changed Me for meat. He craved for meat and he, who craves, dies. When I first made the earth and the man, the man ate meat and did not ask the Lord. The man brought sacrifice to the Lord, but he did not ask the Lord. The Lord could not get into the man’s craving, as the man craved and then he ate, as the sin became craving and grew in man. When I made the earth of now, the man ate meat and did not ask the Lord if He allowed him to eat.


Oh, My people, the best thing for the man is to let the Lord speak, as he, who speaks first, is the one who created the word and the deed of the word. Oh, when the man becomes God, what else shall the Lord do? Israel, after he ate life from heaven, he wanted to eat death of living creature; Israel wanted meat. After Noah arrived at the end of the flood, after the Lord told him to get out of the ship, he and his entire house and all the animals that where in the ship, after that he made an altar and sacrificed animals for God. He sacrificed them in love, but with the love that was in him, not with God’s love in him. I did not tell Noah to bring sacrifice. I received his love and I said into My heart: «I will not again curse the ground anymore for man’s sake, because the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth». I said then into My heart that I will not lose or destroy all the living creatures as I did. Noah’s heart was inclined to sacrifice animals after the flood passed, and if I saw this, I let it be as it was before the flood, for the man went ahead of Me and used his sacrifice too. The same with Israel; no sooner did he get into Canaan then he took and brought sacrifice to God, but God not said so. What else should God tell the man, who chooses what to do? That is why the Scriptures say that the sacrifices pleased to God are a humiliated spirit.


Israel, Israel, be wise, son, as you have before you the reward of the man who wanted like himself. Israel, the broken spirit receives from the Lord and does not bring to the Lord. The spirit of the humiliated spirit brings to the Lord what the Lord requires from him to bring. The humble man brings obedience. The humble man waits for the Lord. The humble man does not receive counsel from himself. This is a humiliated spirit and not otherwise. The humble prays for the Lord’s will in him and I taught those that were Mine to pray, and this is how I taught them to say: «Lord, may Your will be done, as in heaven, so on earth».


Oh, Israel, My comfort for seven ages! On earth it is as on earth; it is not as in heaven. My child, when I came from heaven on earth, I had to take it as on earth, not as from heaven. I judged the man’s will; this is what I did by My sacrifice on the cross. Noah was thinking into his mind to eat meat, to drink wine, and I approved as he wanted, and I added My will to his will with great humility, as this is what I told him: «Eat every moving thing that lives, as I have given every green herb for you». I gave to the man, but the man also gave to himself. I reminded Noah what I gave to the man as his food, but Noah’s will was first and then I reminded him of My order.


Oh, Israel, Israel, the man’s mind and the imagination of his mind are inclined only to evil from his youth; from the beginning, sons. But the time of the new man comes; it is coming and it has already come, as I have come. I have also come in the flesh, since I gave Myself as sacrifice on the earth; since I gave Myself as food for the man, so that the man might understand what he should eat. I have also come in the spirit, and behold, I become heavenly manna, I become word, and soon I will become full satiety for an imperishable food, which came down from heaven on earth.


My people, let your cross be meal and bed, son; a table on which you should lay before Me as a pleased and humble sacrifice. The cross that I celebrate with you today is the way that I came to the people on. I made of it a path for the man to Me. My cross was of wood, and yours is of spirit and body. Let your body be on the cross, and let My Spirit be on it. You should carry My Spirit in your body and you should be sacrifice for Me, My people, as the cross, son, was the first sacrifice table that I put Myself on as food for the man who wants to be new. I put Myself on the cross for the birth of the new man, so that the man may see the path to the new man; to see the resurrection through the cross. When I came into the way of the apostles to make them a new man, I started from where I found them. I started from fishing with them; I started from fishing as I made fish from the word, so that they may catch fish made by word and then to be able to take Me into their fishing net, and to turn them into a network and into fishermen of people for the kingdom of heavens, which is not seen by the old man, but it is seen by the new man, who comes back into his image and likeness to Christ.


Israel, you should be awake at the hearing of My word, as the one that is awake fulfills God’s word. The one, who does not fulfill it, sleeps. Be careful, My people, as he, who fulfills it, is awake, and the one, who does not fulfill it, sleeps. I come and I always find sleeping the one that does not fulfill. Israel did the same. When I came, he was sleeping and did not let anyone to get up. But you, the new one, you should not have the heart of the Jew, son, as I call you son. The chief Jews sat in counsel then; the rulers of the temple agreed that when someone from the Jews believed in Me, he had to be taken out of the Synagogue. Behold, the same counsel is in the worldly church of today. The rulers of the church decided for those that believe into the word of God of today, to be threatened, to be punished, to be put into their chains, and behold, they even now do not remain with the persecutors of My word, as they did not remain then as well. I shook the dust against them and I went out, and I stuck to those that were humble, to those that had a clean spirit, and I made them a living and new seed and I started the heaven on earth with them, with those that are renewed. I do the same with the vineyard from now. (See the selection topic: The true church[3]”, r.n.)


Oh, vineyard full of sour grapes! The sour grape is sour; it is not sweet and it is not good for eating; it is not good for eating. You mixed manna with meat in the belly of your soil (Your body, r.n.) and it came out sour grapes; and instead of a new man it came out an idol; it came out a carved idol, for the man worships his carved image. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image and the sign of the cross”, r.n.)


I have come and I become word, and I said that I give Myself as a gift and to wake up the flock that sleeps. I came as then to be a heavenly gift from the Father to the man that lives on meat, and the vine growers took Me out of their vineyard and put Me into the winepress and crushed Me, and out of My blood I made the new wine for the one who believes in God that came down on the earth; and My body became bread, and I became a heavenly manna for the faithful one. Israel said that he served God and when the Lord came to pay them for their faith, He found sour grapes in the faith of Israel. The church of today says that it serves God, and behold, the Word is being proclaimed for His coming in the clouds, as it is written into the Scriptures that He comes to pay for the work, and there are still sour grapes in all vineyard of today. Behold a Scripture that is fulfilled: «The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge». Oh, it should have not been that way, as I put Myself on the cross for redemption, and behold, I was slandered by the man of the church, and I am again not known by the sons. But I will sink all disbelief again, for the water of the river of life flows; it flows and floods everywhere. (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.) The word of God grows and the water of the river of life becomes word and it is word, for the man does not want manna. The man wants meat; he does not want manna; he does not want the word of God. Manna is obedience and meat is disobedience, and it is free will in man.


Oh, Orthodoxy, daughter of the first faith, which I gave to My apostles to bear, with whom I walk over the land of Israel! I came to Israel in the flesh, and to you I have come in the spirit, as I promised that I come. Oh, daughter of the faith of that time! You have carried My message until today and when I was about to give you the reward, the shine and the holiness, you did as the Jews did. You did not receive Me; you did not know Me; you did not know My voice and the word that comes with Me on the clouds. You became conceited and did not receive Me; moreover, you put your hand at My mouth and you look out for your people and do not let them believe in Me, into My coming through the word, for I am the Word. Behold, you send Me away; you send Me away from your Synagogue, and I have come to do you good. I have not asked you anything but to give up your sins and to be clean, My church, but you do not want to be Mine. That is why I bowed down to you to ask you to be Mine, so that I may give you manna from heaven. That is why I have come and I have come because it was written that I come. Open My book and see that My coming is written into it, and take a good look and read well, and see that My name is the Word of God, (Rev: 19/13, r.n.), and behold, the Word came in through the prophesied coming and you sleep. The one, who does not take My word to eat, sleeps. He, who does not hears, sleeps. But you could not say that you did not hear, as the dead from the graves will testify that they heard this word, and then you will not know where to hide in from My wrath. (See selection topic: „The dead hear My voice[4]”, r.n.)


Oh, daughter of today, I wanted to give you a ring with a precious stone, on which it is written My name, the Word of God. I have come with this ring to you, so that everybody may know that you are the bride asked into marriage by the Bridegroom Who comes. (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb”, r.n.) And you, daughter of your parents, you do not know the One Who comes, and behold, He comes; He has always come and you stay closed into His way.


Oh, vine with sour grapes, I stopped in you on a mound and I grafted a branch from the vine and I put it to be taken care of, to grow and to be multiplied, and I gathered ripen grapes from it, good to be put on the table. I took from you, and you should have rejoiced that I came to you to bring forth fruit in you, and I spoke from My tendered vineyard and I told you to come back to yielding fruit and to tending. Open to see what I have come with. I do not want to take what is yours, and I want you to let yourself for renewal, to let yourself for eternal life with Me. Open to Me, as the sinful world trampled on you and on your little dress and turned you into a Babylon. Come back from your slavery, as the sons of the Babylon came into your palaces and defiled you with them, and My heart seeing your nakedness departed from you and from your sister, (Catholic Church, r.n.) because the foreign sons took your garment away and sold it and left you naked, and behold, you drink the cup of your sister and suffer from your iniquity. The foreigners come in to you and you dress out for them and make your eyes with make-ups, and I have come to call you out, for you deceive Me as a woman deceives her husband. I do not want you to be judged by the law of the prostitutes and that is why I call you out: come back and do not do as your elder sister did; do not do as Israel did; do not do with Me as the Jews did.


Oh, Orthodoxy, I have started a fire into your midst and I will burn your transgressions into it. Come back to your holy fathers, those that sacrificed themselves for you. Come back, you, seed of Judas, as I came out of this seed, and I have let priesthood and prophecy into it, and behold, what I left is no longer clean, and what I left into My vineyard is sold on a price of debauchery. He, who violates the law that I let over My flock, is blind; that one becomes blind, blind in the spirit. I know that you believe that I am in the word and that I call out to you, but you are sorry when you see that I want to separate you from your evil will. You are ashamed of your nakedness and it is hard for you to prepare in holiness, man of the worldly church, as you do not want to belong to the Lord. You are ashamed to lose your seat that you sit on without My calling. Who chose you to serve God? And if your bishops chose you, why do not serve God? Oh, the row of the anointed, from anointed to anointed, have been broken several times, and you put the man off with fine words to make him believe that you are My anointed, that you are My chosen one, and to have him given you his tithe, and behold, you spend it on lusts, as Israel did. The man pays for you to put him into the grave; and he also pays for it. When I raised Lazarus from the dead I did not ask for payment. I raised him from the dead, and I did not bury him, and I still did not take any payment. This is what it means to be God’s elected one for the people; not for the man to pay you because you baptize him, because you marry him or because you give him communion with God. What else shall I pay you if I were to give you for you work for Me? I do not pay the man with money. I pay the man who serves God with salvation, and here is the parable of the vineyard, which brings forth sour grapes. Those in the vineyard break My head when I come from the Father to search out the vineyard, and behold, the Sower Who sows the seed finds stone, a trampled path and a dry soil; He does not find good soil  for sowing, for the man has much to work and has no time for heavenly seed. I will go and call out to the man of Caesar; I will go to tell him that I come and that I make may way to come, and I will call out Romania and I will work with a sweet word, as a God.


Oh, Romania, become My country. Romania, do you really not want to be Christian? Christians fast from those that are not blessed, from the wicked things. Christian love; they love humility and God’s image in them and the poorness in the spirit, so that they may be happy. Christians love the Lord’s works on the earth. Christians listen to God and fear the Lord and obey.


Oh, Romania, My people, which I feed in your midst, honor Caesar with the honor that is due to Caesar, as it is written into the Scriptures. Romania, I speak My word into your midst, but the man of the church, who is supposed to receive Me, does not receive Me; he says that I am the dead. I am not the dead. I am the Lord; the Lord of the prophets and of the righteous and of those who believe in the Lord. The church says that I am the dead who speaks. But who is it speaking to? The entire service, which it speaks with God and with the saints does it mean speaking with the dead? The saints, who took the heaven and the Lord as home and land, are the dead that the people of the church speak with? All the church services are words to the Lord and to the saints; it is not speaking to the dead, as the saints are not dead. The living speak with the saints into their prayers and send the saints to Me to receive from Me for those that are living in their bodies. If all the prayers of the church speak with the Lord and with the saints, shall the Lord and the saints not speak with the man? Can only the man speak with the Lord? Can the Lord not speak to the man? I can do more than man can, as I am the Word from everlasting to everlasting. I am alive. I am without death and without end. I am the Alpha and the Omega; I am and I speak upon the earth. I speak into your midst, Romania, My country. You are My country as I came back; and I come back into you and I speak the word of God in you, the word of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. (See selection topic: Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan[5]”, r.n.)


Romania, I came to put a necklace on you. I came with a ring into your midst. I have My gift in you, My gift for you. I have the people of My word in you. I took it from you and I kneaded it out of My word, and I have a word in you, as My people is My word; it is the fruit of My word, and I speak upon it and say: peace to you, My country, Romania, My bride, as behold, the heaven cries to Me for you. Your holy fathers and forefathers are your heaven which is with Me. I have a heavenly feast into your midst, Romania, My Father’s chosen one for His Son. It has been a feast in you for forty years. The Word of God is being spread on a table of feast. Come, My love, to the feast of the heaven! Come and eat! Come and be born of God! Come and wash your little dress into the river of life, and also wash your little shirt, and look for your little shirt if you do no longer have it, as without the little shirt your nakedness is seen through the little dress. I have come to you with heavenly apparel, of water and spirit. I want to turn you into water and spirit, a baptismal font, in which all those, who will head on the way of resurrection and eternal life, may be baptized; all the peoples that will come hearing of My glory in you, as My cross became a crown on your head; it was interlaced and became a crown of glory upon you. Let My cross be your veil of peace between Me and you. Give Me a message of peace between Me and you, Romania, My country given to Me by My Father. Rise before the peoples, you country of My coming back, as the land of nowadays passes into renewal, and it becomes a new heaven and a new earth on it, as the first earth was. Amen.


Come Romania, to be My people chosen among the nations of the earth! Come, as the people chosen in the beginning put Me on the cross and forsook Me, and I embraced you, as I found you under the cross and I took you under My mantle when I passed by you and saw you under the cross. Come to give your reward, to give the ring of precious stone! Give Me your hand to put the ring on it, as on this precious stone is written My name: The Word of God. Amen. Come for a day of wedding, My country, My bride, as this is your destiny! Come, for I come! Listen to My prayer and be My treasure, and be My path, as I come, and I let it be known that I come, so that I may not come unknowingly when I come.


The Spirits of the Lord rest upon you. The spirits of the saints are like the stars over you. The spirits of the angels stay as a crown upon you. The Holy Spirit has His throne and word in you.


Peace to you, My country, land of the Lord’s feast, as where the carcass is, there the vultures also are. Amen, amen, amen.


May My people in you be blessed, Romania, the country of My return, as great is My people in you! The people of My word is a green branch; it is a fruit tree full of fruit by the spring of life, and its branches run over the wall, and I, the Lord, pour out on it the blessings of the heaven, the blessings of the earth, the blessings of the forefathers, the blessings of the eternal heights. Such blessings I put on the head of the one that I chose, My country.


Oh, people taken out of the Romanians, may you be blessed before the Romanian people, and may you bless Romania before Me, and may you be My word before it, and may you be like a woivode among your sons and daughters, My people chosen from Romanians! This is how I selected from Israel a group of people who walked with Me. This is how I worked with the Romanians and I took a people, and I call it a beginning of new age, and I have carried it like a woivode before Me, and I call anointed the people of My word, and I call you the oil giver of new anointment, of new age. This is how the Lord calls the chosen one, the one put into the dough, for a people to grow out of it; a people of the returning of the Son of God, Who comes with the clouds. Amen, amen, amen.



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