1995.09.21 - The Word of God at the Birth of the Lord's Mother

                                                The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother

                                                                          (Translated by I.A.)



I come down with a celebration to Israel. The Lord comes down, Israel; the Lord with His tens of thousands of saints, with His mother Virgin and with a feast of birth and heavenly longing. Amen.


I come down into the orchard to see the fruit of the autumn.


Israel, Israel, little tree of spring, the autumn has come, son, and you are still a vernal little tree; you are thin and feeble. I put props for you and I strengthen them to sustain you and for you to become an autumn tree in which the birds of the sky may come in, the Spirits of the Lord. Autumn has fruit and spring has flower. In the autumn one gathers together and eats of the fruit. What shall I do now if you do not bear the autumn fruit? Why are you not a little tree and a tree? Why, son? I was both man and God, and so you also should be, Israel; to be a man with a godly nature, son, to disagree with the evil so that it may go away from your way. This is what I did, and the evil left from before Me, and you should also work, Israel, little tree of the spring; Israel, little child of breast.


The Lord, God, requires from Israel a full growth and a condition of a perfect man. Amen.


Peace to you, My people! Peace to you, My cluster, My cluster of trees, as I will make you into a great plantation in the days to come. I was both man and God, and I want to get you used to My work from earth and heaven; to rebuke the evil so that it may go away from your work with God. I was taken by the spirit into the wilderness, and there I was tempted by the devil. It wanted to see if I was the Son of God and it could not find out, as I did not do to his liking, and I rebuked the evil and the evil left. What was the evil? The evil was the spirit of the world and the dominion of the world that satan wanted to give Me, as he gives it to any man. But I was and I am, both man and God, and I overcame the evil, which followed Me into the wilderness. The man can learn from Me, that if he worships God, it makes the devil ashamed and he does not worship it. What does it mean to worship the devil? It means to do its will.


Israel, suckling from the bosom of the heaven, you should be an autumn tree, as the storm of the weather of nowadays bows down the trees. A storm of false prophets filled the paths of the world and pose as God’s prophets. Oh, that is why I have always been telling you: „Read the Scripture, son, to fill you up with the Holy Spirit”. Be skillful through the Holy Spirit to know what it means to be a prophet, so that you may know that all come to a stand in front of this work. All the springs will come dry; all will be troubled, as the man is full of pride; and more, he put the name of God before. False prophets do not know what it means to be a prophet. (See selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism[2]”, r.n.) Women with their heads uncovered, oiled with dyed make-ups, nail-polished and adorned, people of all kinds; they pose as Orthodox and some of them even say to the world that they also are with My word of the New Jerusalem. But I now tell the world what it means to be a prophet, and what does this people of Mine mean. My people does not walk on the roads. It walks only after Me; it comes only at My call. My people does not have gifts, as its gift is the word of God, which is coming down to guide them. My people does not take after the prophets, for it has Me as a helmsman; it has the word of God before it. Before Me the science, the languages, the gifts and the prophecies die down as it is written. Amen.


My mother, the Virgin, saw My archangel that announced Me to her, and no one heard her boasting about gifts or that she demanded honor. She was a holy virgin in the night of the sins of the world, and out of the flesh of this virgin, the Son of Man, Who was the Son of God, was kneaded. She brought Me up and stayed under My shadow; and she stayed at My feet, to serve her God. This little child is a mystery. This mystery went with her entire body into the heavenly ones, into those that are not seen, as those that are from heaven are those that are not seen. The heaven begins from the earth upwards. The void in which the man is included, the nonentity that cannot be grasped by hand, that is, the being of the heaven, which surrounds the man. The man is embraced by heaven, but the man has not got this wisdom. Sons, sons, this is what I said: «The heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool». The man is included in heaven, and the heaven is My throne. The man’s body has the form that I, the Lord, gave to Adam, the first man. And the man took his body, and the end of the body came also from Adam. The man receives his birth of above from Christ, a heavenly birth, and he also receives an immortal body from Christ, with which he will inherit forever. (See the selection topic: „The heaven – the throne, the earth – the footstool: the man deified”, r.n.)


Israel, Israel, the time has come to redeem the body that God made; as the body made by God was an immortal body when it was made. It was worked out only from the good, only from God, only by God, and I made him master over the good, to inherit it, and to inherit God, and not to have any other wealth; not to have other formation. And if I made him master, he took My dominion and did evil with it. The evil was not in the man. Evil was not in man. Evil was taken from man, it was eaten by man, it was taken by man within the womb, and the man is born of this dough. The fruit taken by man of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the dough the man is born of. The man received dough of disobedience in the womb. This tree also fell down and became sin. It had stayed as long as its fruit was not enticing, and after that it became sin and fell down from heaven at the same time with the man. Since then I have proclaimed the mystery of the child Virgin that sweetened the fruit of the fallen tree, to raise the tree back to its place, among the trees of the heaven; to raise the man among the trees of the heaven and for him to eat with obedience from the trees of the heaven.


Israel, little tree of spring, I want to turn the man back among the trees of the heaven. Christian, you should become an autumn tree and be ready to be eaten to the joy of the Lord, the Creator. The Virgin child was a tree of the heaven, and this tree bore fruit, and the fruit healed the tree; it healed the man who ate from the fruit of this tree.


Oh, mother Virgin, little fruit tree with one flower! Oh, mother, little tree from heaven! You bore one fruit, and your fruit healed the man of death.


Israel, love people, I would tell you son a great mystery, but I cannot, as the man of the church hears Me and makes Me heretic, both you and Me. But the Virgin, My mother, will come with Me, and then I will proclaim her mystery. The man of the church blasphemes and blames you if he finds out from you My mystery about the Virgin girl, about the Mother Virgin. Her birth is a great mystery. She is called a tree of heaven. She was born from heaven. She was born by the word that I declared to the serpent, which deceived the thought of the woman. Her seed was God’s Son, and from this seed the new man is born, from the word, as this Virgin was born even from that time, by the word that was proclaimed then. The word was born then, and she appeared now.


The mystery of a prophet is a great mystery, but what does the man know? The man believes that prophet means a way of gaining praise, of gaining wealth. The man believes what he believes, but he does not know what he has to believe and work. My mother Virgin did not pose as a prophet; she did not exalt herself to demand honor among the people. She was humble and clean in heart and deed, and her gift was the love of God. But the earth is full of people, who pose as people of heavenly gifts. People that serve idols pose as people with heavenly gifts, and people stay in a row to come in to them. Frivolous men and women come at the gate of My manger to show their gifts; people that do not look for teaching anywhere. They come here to teach those that are Mine also, but I am here with the spring of the gifts. Oh, sons, if I guide the man to the spring of the gifts, even if I guide him by a gift of a guide up here, from now on he should drink of the spring, as he does no longer need a guide if he found what he was looking for. And if he did not find, one like that does not know what he is looking for, if he does not know how to find and value and how to humble himself before God, the Spring. My mother, the Virgin, was lying down at My feet and was praying to Me to do well to the poor and downcast, to those who walk through the darkness, and I was her gift. She, with her love, gives light to the darkness of the man’s life in the world, as the world does not have any path; the world has changing paths. My mother, the Virgin, called herself the Lord’s servant, and God called mistress, the one that named herself servant. Why is it said that she is the mistress of the heaven? Because she ruled the heaven and did not turn it into a body. She kept her body God’s heaven and throne, as the heaven is the Lord’s throne.


Israel, my dear little tree, the mystery of the deified man is great, as the man received his godly nature from heaven. Israel, thin and little tree, you should be a tree of the knowledge of good, and you should no longer test yourself with the fruit of evil, as the fruit of evil, if you take it and eat, it grows within you and becomes man, and it makes of you father and mother of evil. Israel, Israel, baby that came out of My word of forty years, the one proclaimed in the time of Abraham! Israel, people nursed by heaven! Come, My love, towards growth and autumn. Come quickly son and ripen yourself fully! Come, as I also come! The buds are counted in the autumn, and I come to choose you as seed and to take you into My palm and to put you down on the table of the Holy Trinity; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Behold, take a good look and see well. Every science and every language have come to an end by themselves, and it will remain before Me the deified man, who feeds on knowledge from heaven on the earth. The wisdom from the earth is born of the man, and the man is fallen, as the human wisdom is also fallen. The man who serves the sin has wisdom after the sin, as he puts out what he eats. The wisdom of the man wanted to take God’s place and became a God for itself, as the learned man does not receive God as his master. The learned man has the school of the sins, as if he had it not, he would not love the school from the man. The learned man cannot escape from death, but he, who puts an end to his school and sciences and languages, rises to life and becomes a baby at God’s bosom; and he becomes love, and the love brings about love, and it never dies. Sons, sons, school is arrogance, and arrogance is the death, which has been dwelling upon the man for seven thousand years. The learned man does not know his purpose, as he has to talk to God, but here, the sons of the people are not God’s sons. The wisdom of the man wanted to take God’s place, but behold, I came and it is silent before Me; it is silent and it will be silent, as it is written into the Scriptures.


Man, you can do only what is good on your way; you do it in vain if you do not do it on the way with God. I do not need your good to take and to pay for it. I am in need of My good in you, not yours, as he, who is not from God and with God on the way, that one is not. The Son of God became the Son of Man to turn the sons of the people to God, but if the people do not believe in God, they cannot do any kind of good for heaven. God Man died, and God Son went down into the hell and took out those who were waiting for Him to come after them. And then God Man arose and the man also arose, and the man became god. People take people as gods; gods that die like people.

The people that do this are guided by the dark angels that fell from God. The people that have God as master are guided by the good angels that stayed with fear and attentiveness obeying God. How comes then, for the man to have God as his master? What does it mean a man with the name of a Christian, who has the Lord as his master? It means to stay with attentiveness and fear on God’s commandments, and with obedience, as the good angels did, and who did not fell; it means to work everything that God commands, as the angels obey and do what are given to them to do for a good and heavenly work. And behold, the sons of the people do their own will, and they do not have the Lord as their master. The people stuffed by their own science say that I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, was one man of that time, a man with power and that is all. They take Me after their own likeness, as they also are gods for themselves; they are a kingdom for themselves, but they did not rise as I did through the death; they did not ascend into heaven. They are from the earth, but I came from the heaven, from the Father, in the Virgin. They do not like to believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as they should believe. They are sons of the people, and the live that way, but they who have as master, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, speak with God; God speaks with them and they remain for life and not for death. I am the eternal life, and he, who has Me as food, is nourished with the eternal life.


The learned and rich people are the poorest people on the earth, as they serve the lying and remain with it as their possession; with it and with many spirits, which swarm over their thoughts and hearts.


Israel, Israel, I stood once with My disciples in the midst of the crowds which were looking after us. I was speaking with My disciples and told about the blessed ones, about those that are blessed; however, I called them so before the multitudes; it was them that I called blessed and not the multitudes. I told them that those that are poor in their spirit are blessed, that the kingdom of heaven is theirs. The rich in their spirit do not have room for the kingdom of heavens in their thoughts, but the poor, that are clean in their thoughts, are blessed, and they have this blessing and comfort in their spirit.


Man, man, you have to fulfill all that is in agreement with God’s commandments, but if you are haughty and proud, you are a dark angel, and it is of no use to you. He, who is proud with God, humbles like God. He, who humbles like man, is not in God; he has a spirit of man, which does the good without God; he works the good of the evil, and the good of the evil is part of evil and not of God. He, who does not believe in the Son of God, Who came from heaven on the earth, sins against the Holy Spirit. Oh, if an animal had the speech of a man, it would put the unfaithful man to shame. Oh, the disbelief will come to an end, as I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, will show My glory before the unfaithful, and I will thrive with you, people of God’s word.


I have come into your midst, My people, with the Virgin, My mother; I have come with a feast of birth. In the beginning, God took the woman out of the man and in the end He took the man out of the woman, as male and female, means man. I will come and give birth from heaven to every man who will understand the mystery of the birth from above for the eternal life. (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and woman”, r.n.) I will come visibly, Israel, My people, as it is written about this coming. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way”, r.n.) The seven ages were sealed, as God counted to seven in the beginning as well. I will appear with the eternal age, which began between heaven and earth, for I do this work with you, My people, and then we will have the harvest, and at the table of the new age, we will eat imperishable food for the incorruptibility of body and spirit. Amen.


Sons, sons, I have been crying for forty years and I have been asking My people to listen to everything that I give him to work upon himself, so that I may dress him for incorruptibility by obedience. I taught you My loved people, and I look at your obedience and I still see carelessness, and I see that you are not afraid of My word proclaimed to you. I asked you son, to be clean, you and your entire house, as I told you that angels and heavenly guests come into your house and at your table, and I told you to be careful, so that the heaven may feel fine with you and into your house. I have always blessed everything you have had, and I do the same now, but I have to remind you again to be clean, Christian, to be clean, My people. You should eat from vessels that are clean and kept clean, and when you leave the table after you eat, take water quickly and drop Holy Water into it and wash the dishes and the table this way, as behold pain and shame on Me, when I see that the evil spirit touches and sucks from the food blessed by prayer. The evil spirit becomes a fly and lays down on those that you eat. Oh, and how long I have been waited for you not to have any garbage into your households; however you should rather have sweet-smelling flowers, basil, roses and lilies, so that you may have an assembly of angels around you, as the angles are drawn to the heavenly fragrances and to heavenly cleanness.


Wash and make a quick sweep son, after you thank God for the food on your table. No one should be cleaner and more taken care of as at your place, and be careful, that this cleanness may not only be clean but also be kept clean. When you sit at the table, son, you should have your house and your table clean, as then, the Lord and His guests sit at the table with you. Let there be no other little corner without order into your courtyard, sealed by God for you. Chase away the fly, son, and pray to heaven for the perishing of this spirit, as the fly carries the evil spirit everywhere, sons, and it defiles it, and it leaves dirtiness of evil spirit on any clean place. The evil spirit takes the body of a fly, sons. Fill up your houses and your courtyards with fragrances of flowers, as the fly does not stay anywhere but in dirt and it is born of dirt. Where does the dirt come from? From man, from animals! But the dirt from the man has sin in it, and I asked you to be holy, as the evil spirit does not touch the saints to eat.


My people, do not do so much work before cleaning into your household. Let the evil spirit not feed on anything that is yours. You should protect God’s blessing and have Holy Water sprinkled everywhere on what is yours. Keep your body and your spirit clean, My people, so that you may have power, son. Listen to everything that I asked you to have power, and when you rebuke the evil, let the evil leave you and be in submission on its leaving.


Son, you should be clean when you touch the Holy Communion, as I am God, dear son. Take great care to be clean at My table, and ask Me to teach you perfectly the cleanness from My table, as otherwise you hit yourself, otherwise you smash against Me, and smashing you get hurt and you also hurt Me. Be careful, as now you eat a new Passover. Be careful son, as now you eat a new age, and you should be the first, as in the school on the earth, he who learns best is the first.


I have someone who fell and got hurt. Be careful, son, as anytime you come to Me, you should be clean, and you should be prepared, as one has to come to Me. You should not be angry when you come; you should not come with thistles; you should not come unwashed or with strange scents; you should not come intoxicated; but rather you should come as one of My good friends, as My closest one, as one that I love most, as one that I know best, My loved people. Do you know how to be at My table, son? You should be like the apostle of love, like John, that I loved, who sat at My table leaning against My chest, and this clean and loved son was a comfort to Me. I loved him much, and I love him much because he was clean and because he did not love the lust, and because he had courage to lean against My chest. Did you see the unprepared disciple at the table? He came and ate unprepared and then he fell into his sword and got hurt.


Sons, sons, give up to disorders; give up to everything that defiles you, and be as I required you to be. Be as in the book and do not step over the word of My teaching, so that you may be called unprepared then; that is thieves. The fruit does not have to be stolen when you eat it. It has to be taken with the agreement of the master, with his knowledge and according to his will. Be like John at My heavenly table, and then be like those from heaven if you sit at the heavenly table. I want you to be the sons of the Lord by your free love. I want you to love the fulfillment of My word, as I spoke a word to you, so that you may no longer stay covered by a cloth that catches fire. (Of synthetic materials, r.n.). Oh, why is it so difficult to you to fulfill this word? Do I really have to speak it again to you? And behold, I speak it again to you: take out of your houses and off bodies everything that I told you to take out. Do not mourn that you do not have money; do not murmur at the fulfillment of My word. But when you went to buy what is not blessed, how did it come that you had money? 


Oh, clean yourselves and your houses. Work out the fulfillment of My word and be Christians, and be Romanians like Romanians, sons, and be prepared when you take from My food; prepared with fulfillment in everything that I asked you at My table. You shall not do as the gypsies do, who ask for cakes in the church and then they swear and stay dirty; they stay dirty and ask for bread. You should not do like the priests who give the blessed food in the church to the pigs. I come and put My name over the offerings brought by the man to God, and then they come and take home the cakes and the blessed koliva, (Koliva is a ritual food of boiled wheat which is used liturgically in the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the Eastern Catholic Churches, tr.n.), and put it into the trough of the pigs. Oh, how long? Until when shall My name be trampled under feet? Do you see man, to whom you bring your offering, your money and your love? My people, you should soak the wheat only as much as you can eat, so that My wheat, blessed for heaven, may not be thrown to garbage. My people, you should take care of the bread as the bread is holy, son. Remember son when I blessed the bread into the wilderness, that I said that the broken pieces of bread had to be gathered and nothing to be lost. Why did I say so? Because that food was blessed by Me. And this is how I also bless your food when you ask Me to bless it, and you should not throw away the morsel, which has the blessing upon it, but rather you should eat it son, to be blessed.


Oh, daughter of the New Jerusalem, do no longer stay covered with a head kerchief that blazes like fire, which is worked out of fire. (Of petrochemical products, r.n.) Throw away from you everything that is passed through fire and make garments of linen and cotton cloth, as the wool is the gift of the sheep given to you as a garment, and this gift is a holy symbol.


Son, son, seek to wear a spiritual garment of an apostle of Christ; kept in speech, in conduct and in word; kept heavenly among the people. Do not be angry on others; do not be prone to anger, but rather seek to be pleasant to each other, as this means love to each other. You should not love anyone anyhow; no so, sons. Only this way and not anyhow, as those who love one another were taught wrong about what it means to love one another. You should love with joy and not because you are obliged to love. Only those who live one for another truly love each other. He, who does not give to another everything he does, does not know anything about love. And who is the other one? The one that also loves the love proclaimed by its laws. Israel, My people, you should seek son, to please your neighbor, to be pleasant by everything you do, and if you do not please him, do no longer get upset that you do not find love, as what love sows that it will also reap, son.


There is among the sons of My people a man full of haughtiness and with a sick mind, who reaps what he sows. He sows jealousy among My children; he sows murmuring and disdain for the children of this people, and behold, what he sows that is what he reaps, and he eats of this work and is empty and not pleasant to those who love God. He cannot love God. He has a sick mind and is frivolous in the feeling of his heart, and the Scripture says that some people like that are fallen in shameful passions, and this is the reward of those that are done in a sickly manner. That is why, My people, I ask you to have a spiritual garment of apostle. That is why I keep you awake, and do not be upset and do not murmur against Me, if I always want to put you in a wakeful state, pleasant to Me and to your neighbors. Do match one another. Take after Me sons, so that you may work out the good and love to one another. Let yourselves be stolen by heaven. Let you be overwhelmed by My word and be word and eat the word and give this food to one another. Sons, do not be snakes in word. Be the bearers of the word, and be the sharers of the word. Give food to My word. How comes this? My word is like a flower, which dies if it has no water, which dries up without food and becomes barren. Sons, do not destroy My word among you, as without the word you are barren. Sons, sons, prepare the way of My word to you, and be word; be food and grow up within the word.


My people, you should not forget that everything is done by the word. You should not forget son, what creation is. The first earth was made by the word, out of the water. The earth from now was also made by the word and out of the water. But you should be careful, you who are now workers of the word into My name; be careful as the new heaven and the new earth is waiting for the creation to be finished. This new creation is waiting. Grow up sons and multiply in the word and by the word, and be born of My word; moreover, give birth further of My word to all who want to be born from heaven, from water and from spirit. Be skillful as in the end, not as in the beginning, as when I made the first earth I said to the people: «Be fruitful and multiply», and they were not careful to do this work of My word and by My word. When I made the earth of now, I also said to the people who remained on the earth, I told them: «Be fruitful and multiply». And even then there was no understanding for this word declared by God, as the man got drunk, and while being drunk he cursed and multiplied as those from the beginning. But the third time I will put an end to the evil, and behold, I work out a new birth from heaven and a reproduction from heaven; and I create the man by the word, and a new birth of the world is being made.


Oh, My people, I have slipped in a great mystery to you today. Today is a day of birth; it is a day of the third creation, of a man born of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Son of the Virgin. Amen.

I want to turn Romania into a salvation ark. I want to turn it into water and spirit in the middle of the fire which burns today and which is always lighted for the creation of new heaven and new earth, (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire[3], r.n.) and the heaven will open up and everything that is not seen will be uncovered; all the eternal things. Amen.


My dear and loved people in that I am well pleased, pray for the forgiveness of your sins, as only this way you will no longer sin, and you will stay humble before God, and brother before brother. Let him, who gives good and heavenly advice, also receive from this advice, for if he does otherwise is a Pharisee. If a good advice is not received, it has no power and receiving because he, who gives the advice, does not also receive from it, because the advice has no life in the one who gives it to another. You should give an advice with breaking of the heart, and you should be the first to take of it, and then you will have a hundredfold fruit and word like the wheatear rich in fruit.


Israel, My people renewed by My word, you should have a heavenly stature, and a growth of eternal life should be seen on you, and you should not speak like the man on the earth. You should speak like the man that came down from heaven on the earth and you should say to those born on the earth about the Mystery of the heaven and to make the heaven come down on the earth with you, son born of heaven, of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the One Who ascended into heaven to be able to come down with the heaven to you.


Israel, little tree of spring, grow up and become thick. Israel, grow up and catch fruit, as the Holy Trinity and the guests of the heaven come to eat of your fruit. You should be a tree in which everything that is in heaven may come in for shelter; the angels and the saints, the tens of thousands of saints, as it is written in the Scriptures. Israel, put the food on the table and eat. I gave you a dish. Put it into cooking and take from it and eat until I come.


Oh, My blessed people, My mother, the Virgin, blesses you and tells Me: „Son, here are Your sons; here are Your brothers”. And I, the first One born, tell you: „Behold the mother virgin of My brothers near her first born, as the virgin without a husband has sons; she has a people and she has a son”.


Verginica, little tree rich in fruit, My Mother Virgin blesses you. Verginica, (Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet - See selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets[4]”, red. note.) child from the end, who had from Me the third work, be celebrated beside the mother of the Christians, as you have a Christian people, and no one has had a clean Christian people by now. There has always been a Christian people, but not clean at the creation of the heaven. In the time of Noah, there were eight clean people, but when they were to multiply from God they became dirty. Oh, Verginica, you have got now a clean people that follows the Lamb wherever the Lamb wants. Teach your people always not to lust. Receive the word from My word, break it and give it to the people to eat not lusting, so that this people may stick to My bosom forever and ever. Amen.


Oh, my Lord, I am Your trumpet, and I give You praise for my people, which is Yours. Not a shepherd on the earth wants to give You his flock; he says that it is his. But I gave it to You, Lord, for You to take it over, as this is at the end of the work: the work is given to the Father to be taken over, the work that was done for the Father.


I, Lord, glorify Your mercy and love, because You call this people clean. It is clean but it still has to work to do: at his conscience, at his love, at his carefulness, at his soul, at his patience and growth, Lord. It is clean, but it still has to clean, and I urge it to this, to be like the apostle John. My last exhortation for this people was: to read the book of love, the book of the apostle of love.


Read people what I gave you to read; read until I come, as I come with the Lord soon. Read to be clean, to be full of the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Spirit cleanses you of everything you still have unpleasant in you and on you. Be careful son, at the word of the Lord, as it is nothing to add to it. Become virgin and let yourself for eternity, my people. Oh, you should grow up, to have water and light and to have the word at your table. You should grow up, my people, and should be the glory and the ladder of the Lord, as it was that mother who brought the Son onto the earth. You should be a ladder as I was the ladder of descending for the word to you, my people. You should grow up to be at the table of the Lord, Jesus Christ, where He is to sit and break the bread and to remain forever discovered by you. Grow up, son, grow up, my people, grow up. Grow up and give yourself to God as a new church, clean and eternal, my loved people. Amen.


− Oh, Verginica, what beautiful are the heavenly feasts when you sow a new seed over your new people, as it is new; it is the new work waited for seven ages. My little Mother blesses you and thanks you for all that you give Me. The Mother Virgin comforts your people and keeps vigil to help you and works with you on your mission. Peace to you, Verginica! Peace to your people, that you gave Me to be the fruit of the end!

Oh, new people, grow up son, grow up and pass from flower to fruit. Grow up and again, grow up, as I gave you growth. Grow up and come to fulfillment, as I came and I come. Grow up, Jerusalem, and become a heavenly city on the earth. Grow up, Christian, and go up to the heavenly things, to eat from them and to grow up. Grow up, Israel, grow up, My people, as Israel decreased after I had grown it up, and joined with the sons of the people, and spoiled My tribe upon which I was God. Grow up, Israel, grow up. Grow as a little tree of the good and become a sweet fruit that grows up in fruit. Grow up, Israel, grow up. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, grow up and multiply for the eternal life and for incorruptibility. Amen, amen, amen.



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The word of God in Romania:!0N8RlJrB!yTwbJPdKo1mIC4Ob1L-edg



Prophecies about New Jerusalem:



[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.

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