1995.06.18 - The Word of God on the Sunday of all saints

                                    The Word of God[1] on the Sunday of all saints

                                                                          (Translated by I.A.)



I spread out My godly peace on you, My loved people. I come to you son, and I work upon you and I become a word in your way and I give Myself over to you as food, for you to grow up, My loved child, and to testify about Me, the Lord your God, Who dwells on the highest, and so that you may be My heaven of reign, My heaven from the end of the evil, which came from man’s disobedience.


I am with the entire heaven in a celebration of saints over My little people, which is out of Romanians. I am with Abraham, and with him are all those that have their rest in this bosom of rest, which is called Jerusalem from above. I am the God of the living, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and down to you, Israel son that was promised to Abraham; Israel of the promise, proceeding from the word. I am Verginica’s God, who was carried on arms by saints and prophets, as at her birth, on that day, all the saints heard from Me that a hope is being born, which will be called God’s trumpet from before the Lord’s appearance in the glory. She was born on the Sunday of all saints and was decorated for Me, as she bore Me within her, and out of this burning bush I had spoken and I gave birth to a people through the word and I had worked out My plan on the earth, and this miracle was a great example, and I called it the sixth trumpet, according to the Scripture. (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets[2]”, r.n.) And I made the man during this time, the man that is today with God; I created you, My people; I created you in My time with Verginica, and this work is called day, son, day in a night time, as «with the Lord a day is like a thousand years», as it is written into the Scriptures; with God, but not with man, and not as the man of the science says. My people, you shall not say as the world says. When I created the heaven and the earth and all that is seen and not seen, I had worked six days and then I rested. But you shall not say as the tempting man over the creation says, and you shall know that the human measure is as God let it to be and no more than that. You shall know My people that the measure of the day in the time of the creation was the measure that is made out, the one that has been testifying over the day up to this day, over the measure that is called a day, an evening and a morning. But the man, who created the time over him, lengthened the day; he lengthened everything, and the man that came out of the man does no longer speak like God, as God said this: «It was an evening and a morning», and this godly measure was called day, as also today, an evening and a morning measure the day which was made out in the time of creation. The man is worried; the man who tempts is worried, and being worried, he changes God’s mysteries and understands them like a man, and the man lost his godly measure in the time of creation. The day is measured by morning and by evening, and this mystery is called day, and the word night is not all the same with the word evening, which is part of the word day.


Sons, the day has its godly measure, and the man tells lies over this mystery of the day from the beginning. I had made the creation in six days, and in the seventh day I rested from the things of the creation and I celebrated the creation looking at it. I was looking at it and I was resting looking, but the man spoiled My joy and grieved Me.  


The man does not understand My mysteries; he does not understand it without God, but you should be with God, My child, as I made you out by word, and I gave you grace and wisdom to know like God and not like those on the earth, who learn without God. Do you see My people, why I have spoken about God’s prophet and about the false prophet? God’s prophet serves God and His heavenly commandments, and he has from God. The lying prophet serves to his own body and spirit, and not to the Spirit of God, and that one speaks from his own spirit. My people, I told you to read the Scripture to speak of the Spirit of God and to get used to this heavenly speaking. This is what I told you; to serve according to the commandments established by God, and to receive your speaking from God. You have learned book from man, as this was the work of the slavery, but I have called you now to freedom and I took you as My disciple to serve Me, to the Holy Spirit and to the heavenly languages, son. Take a look at you when you do not listen to Me and when you speak with the world and like the world. Then My Spirit departs from you and you do not know. Behold what night is. Night is the lack of the Lord’s Spirit from man’s sight, and the night has filled with its emptiness every place and it has deceived the man.


The man of God is a great mystery in time; the prophet of God in time. That one eats the Scriptures and the Spirit from God, fulfilling It in him by obedience and humility, by gentleness and self-control, by wisdom from above and not from bellow; however, it was hard to understand, My people, as the time, when you were born and which subjected you into it, was also hard. The man of God on the earth is a great work, but who else knows of this work anymore? Who and where shall the man learn from? Come to Me son, as you have nowhere to learn from. Those who became teachers upon you do not teach you My mysteries, as they do not know them; they do not know humility, lowliness of heart, obedience and the Spirit of God. The man goes to his teacher, to his healer of today, and he does not learn from God, as the Lord is within humility. I teach you a great thing, sons, and you will learn from it how to work one upon the other, and you will come into My Spirit day by day, more and more, and I will embrace you and you will speak from God.


Sons, sons, when I worked among the people, I did not work like the teachers and shepherds of today. I look and see that no one works like Me upon the man. But I teach you to work like Me. I give you the example of the Samaritan woman. I met and asked her to give Me to drink from her water. And if I did so, I raised that daughter. I did not give Myself out for a teacher; rather I was a humble and low traveler to her and by humility I worked to save her out of her spirit. What teacher does this today? No one knows what humility is anymore. The teacher is conceited and gives advice and he does not hear it; he is not an example before the others, and it is no greater evil than this. I did not do so; I did not work this way. I, being from God, became a man, but man is making himself a god over man and is pretending to be a great teacher; and there is no humility spirit, a God’s spirit. I told to the Samaritan woman: «Give me to drink». And I let Myself be known by her and humbled before her asking water to drink, and the spirit of My humiliation worked in My Father and God won this daughter for Him, together with many people of her kindred. I became the confessor of her soul and we confessed to each other what we had to confess about. She confessed her sins, and she was faithful and humbled, and I testified like a God’s messenger, like a helper before the man going astray.


Sons, sons, behold, I have in My little garden of today sons who listened to work like Me. I said this: «Confess to one another». But what confessor does such a thing anymore? As everybody pretend to be teachers sitting on their seats, and they do not do what I did by humiliation. In My garden it is worked in the same way as I worked. The confessor tells first his weaknesses before his brothers. He cleanses himself first and only afterwards he cleanses with Me the weaknesses of the others, if there are weaknesses. The confessor has to be the first to be known, to let be known by humility and not to be high and mighty, for he who does this thing is not big; that one cannot give life. I told the Samaritan woman about the power and work of My Father in Me, but first of all I humbled; first I bent before her. But the one who calls himself a confessor does not take after the One Who let this work on earth. You will not hear anywhere such a heavenly teaching, son. A confessor of Mine does like Me not like man. The confessor has to be known by the heart of him who beats at his door. A true confessor makes for himself every son who comes to God for confession. The Samaritan woman would have had no trust and support in Me if I had not bent before her to ask water to drink. The father has to confess before the one who comes to him and then the one who came. The confessor is not a master over the one who comes to him according the things from the Lord. The confessor is confessing by all that he does before those who come to him. The confessor has to sit as a mirror so that all those who come to him may see their own faces in it. If the confessor does not reveal himself before the one who sit in front of him, that one is something else; it is not a confessor. Do you know what that one is? That one is a high-sounding talker, of a worldly glory. One like that cannot raise to the Lord the one who comes down by humility approaching the confessor. That is why the man cannot climb up. The man who confesses to a priest cannot climb up towards God. Why can he not climb up? He cannot climb up because the confessor did not come down to that one who comes and knocks.


In order to open to the one who knocks at your door, it does not mean to open to him; rather it means that you should open yourself to him, as I worked with the Samaritan woman. I did not use the judgment upon that daughter, but I released a spirit of repentance upon her. I did not say to her to stop sinning, rather I told her to ask water from Me, and I gave it to her if she asked. I made her ask, and I gave it to her by word. The confessor should give himself as I gave Myself. But the one who I do not dwell in, because of his narrow-mindedness, that one cannot be a confessor into My name, but rather he is a confessor into his name.

I did another beginning at the same time of the beginning with My new people of today, with you, My loved people. I, son, work like Me into My people and not like the man who learned from man. The Book of God is not learned from man, for the man of the church made to Me a little square and is telling Me to be aware of My border which he set up for Me. I came and abolished the law which oppressed the church, and here is again a law who encloses My Spirit for His work. I become bread and wine to give Myself to the man to be eaten and that the one who eats Me may be like Me. In order that the man may take Me into him, I became bread and wine, and let the one who takes Me know and show that he took Me in him. He who is not aware that he took Me in him, that one took Me and crushed Me within him. I became bread and wine, for God is a great mystery. I delivered the word and healed them and everybody left but one who stayed to thank Me as you, My people, remained to please Me; you remained out of the many who came to ask from Me healing and power and then left with the power and did evil with it, for they that I healed did not remain with Me.

The Christians of the first ages, who came to serve God, were giving up their fleshly sins thorough those good things from the soul, which they were coming to Me with, but My people that came to My word did not give up all its sins, and it stayed with them near My word and thus it was crushed by them, as it turned back to its sins. That is why, those who left, went away. They went away to serve the pigs, the cattle and their bodies, instead of serving Me; and they remind Me of the Gergesenes that told Me to leave, for fear that they lost their pigs into the sea. Many went away from My word because of this plague, which is called meat; pork meat, meat of creature, which has been killed by man’s hand for as long as seven thousand years. Oh, if the man took of the tree that was put aside by God, how should he have not been taken of the creature’s meat? It was within his reach, and the man killed the creature and took it dead into his belly; and the man took it into his belly and then he gave birth to what he took. (See selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?[3]”, r.n.) I came and I became bread and wine, so that the Man may take Me into him, to give Me birth in him, to grow in him, and to inherit within him with My kingdom of the creation from the beginning; however, in man, the creation from man reigns, as the man also made a creation. He took of My creation and made with it his creation, and the man posed as God, and I do no longer have a throne in man. But I have a throne in you, child born of the word, and I brought you into the garden of the first creation, into the first living, and I told you that you should no longer know sin and no longer be known by sin; and I took into you the garden of heaven to eat from the tree of life and to live.


Behold My people, I took you from the hands of the teachers who were teaching you and who were feeding you from their hands, for I reached to the hold of those who set themselves teachers and they took hold of Me and of those that are Mine, and I stay crucified and imprisoned under their hands and I cannot move because of the nails and I cannot get out to work through their mouths and by their way, for they are doing something else with Me. I have come to be merchandise for gaining to them, and they master over the ungrateful multitudes; they master under the name of teachers of Jesus Christ. These teachers teach people, if they teach, but they do not teach themselves at all. They do not do what I did to deify the man. They say that they deceive Me, but their deceit has fallen over their head, for I have created you and I have given you grace and I have rested in you, and I have marked down in good time a new peg and a new anointing and church, the same way as I have been working since My beginning among the people, and I left the middle of the vain glory, which was driving Me into a corner so that they may use My name over them. I could not stand humiliation, imprisonment and cross. I broke out the connections and I got out and I gave birth to sons from stones, as it was written in the Scriptures and I rested in your midst, My beloved church. Oh, how much I have loved you, but do you really understand what I did for you in order to create you? Oh, how shall they not scream, they who kept Me in a fishing rod for their gain? They were making disciples for their gain, but you should make disciples for Me and you are making disciples for heaven and you are making an incorruptible kingdom for God and are giving it to Me to rest into it, (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God[4]”, r.n.) for I have been resting into you, child born endlessly, born out of pains and of great trouble, and I have always been telling you not to be afraid, for I the Lord protect you and love you, and I come down before your face to give you My hand and to take you by the hand for that day without evening which is waiting for you to sit at the table with the saints, with a synod of celebration, for the saints are waiting for those left behind, as it is written in the Scripture which says: «All and everything are awaiting for the revealing of the sons of God».


I have always told you to be clean and to be Orthodox and that you should not be like sectarians, who are not clean, as that is why they left the mother church. They left so that they might not be clean, and that is why they speak negatively about My mother, the Virgin, as they do not like to be clean. Behold son, the time has come to tell you a beautiful mystery, as the mystery of Christianity is great! It is great the mystery of the church where the Body and the Blood of the Son of God dwells, that was shown to the people by the Virgin! He, who loves Me, also loves My mother, the Virgin, who gave Me birth of cleanness. He, who loves Me and her, also loves virginity; he loves cleanness, and he, who loves Me and My mother, becomes a virgin boy and a virgin girl. The mature Christian loves virginity and cleanness and flees from it as from hell and death; he flees from the fleshly lust, which spoils the virginity and cleanness. Here is what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The world fights against you, My people, and is afraid that you may not contaminate it with cleanness and virginity; it is afraid that you forbid marriages and birth from the man; as the world does not know what I want to bring through you on the earth. Through you I want to bring the heaven on earth, and the man is afraid of heaven, as he wants to keep his lust forever, until My coming. It is a time for great preparation, son, and the man does not keep into his mind through you; however, he looks at his flesh and not at heaven instead, so that I may come as it is written. But I tell the man through you that it is not this way that I wanted to create the man when I said: «Be fruitful and multiply!». I want to multiply the man from the word, but the man did not want it, and he wanted to multiply by lust, by flesh, by man, not by God. That is why I let the baptism into My name; to adopt the man by baptism, as the man is born out of the human sins. (See the selection topic: „About baptism”, r.n.)

Behold My people, on this day of the Synod of saints, My Virgin Mother urges you to love her and to take her inside you with Me, son. I prevented all that I made My disciples from lusting, and so did My mother, the Virgin. Those who blaspheme My mother do not love cleanness and holiness. All those who do not love cleanness, do not love My mother. But you love her as you love Me, as you, My people, are My disciples, and you understood what it means to be Jesus Christ’s disciple, the One of the Virgin. I came through the Virgin for the judgment of the man who is born of the man, that I, the Lord, did not want the man to multiply, but the man spoiled this clean work and became sin over it, and the sin gives birth to sin, and it has been born for seven thousand years, and I declared: „It is enough!” and many that are in you listened to Me, Israel of Abraham, Romanian Israel.

I had to have a clean people, but the man of the world does not know the Scriptures of My coming. The priests of the church do not know them either. They know everything, but they do not know the Scriptures. They know to pose as teachers and confessors, but here is what I tell you today: sons, sons, it is one thing to be a confessor, and it is right at the other hand to be spiritual confessor in order to be spiritual. The confessor who is not spiritual before Me and defiles the holiness of the holy place, that one is a false prophet, (See selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism[5]”, r.n.) the reading being established from him in a place called holy, and one like that defiles the holiness of the holy place, for I raise those that belong to Me if I see them trampled. Sons, sons, write this on the tablet of your heart: it is one thing to be a confessor and it is another thing to be spiritual confessor, in the likeness of Jesus Christ. I am gentle and humble in My heart, for it is one thing to be humble and another thing to be humble in your heart. The humble one is pitchy and hard to carry in the back, and the one humble in his heart, is gentle and fine and is easy to carry in the back by everybody around. One like that is not a burden for anyone. One like that makes everybody spiritual by My living in him. That is why, at the beginning of the church, two thousand years ago, the priest was chose from the city, from the middle of his people, to be well known and was named and put as a servant for his people before God; a servant and not a master as the priest is today. Today one by one comes from the other side and sit as a bishop or priest over an unknown place. Oh, this is the human ordinance and foreign to those let by God. It was not so in My people; rather it was so in the worldly people, in the worldly church, not in the one of Jesus Christ.


Israel, My anointed one, may your anointment be My power over you and govern you, and by it to have dominion over every foreign man who would try to raise his hand against you! No one can curse you, as you are My anointed one. I am He, Who declares this word. Amen.


Sons, sons, confess to each other the things of your inner being as I commanded, for the people spoiled this order. Even if they call you sect; even if it is said that you spoil the order of the church, do what I told you, as otherwise you will not find any healing, son. I am He that spoke this: «Confess your sins to one another», and it is also I that said: «Make peace with your accusers until you get before Me», as if you do not do this, this word will be your judge. These two words of Mine are both one. Live these two in one, and if you do this, you shall no longer torment My Spirit.


While confessing do no longer play, Christians! The evil angels come with the image of confession and show Me that you have sins. Do not longer play sons. Do not accuse each other anymore; do no longer do this abomination. If you do not know to have fear at this seat of testimony, you had better be silent and say a prayer of reconciliation to God and of cleansing of folly, as look, I wait for your full growth, son of Israel. Christian, do you want Me to come and teach you this lesson? I taught the children of My garden everything in due time. I have worked upon them, as they let Me work. Do you want Me to come and teach you? Do you want Me, sons, to come and teach you? I wait for your word. Ask and I will give to you, for it is something else when you ask. I asked a son once whether he wanted to receive Me with My advice upon him and that son did not give Me any answer, and I did not go if he did not receive Me, and it is known that I did not go and that he did not receive Me.


Israel, Israel, call for Me in your weaknesses to teach you. Call Me and I will come. Teach yourself to call Me and get used to calling Me, as I stay and wait. Call Me to teach you to pray, to teach you the skill of healing. Call Me. Let no man be weak in your tribe; nor in the spirit or in the flesh. Call Me to put an order for you and upon you, as I am afraid to come; I am afraid that you do not receive Me; I am afraid that you get upset with Me; I am afraid that you hide from the things that I tell you; I am afraid Son that you talk dirty with Me. I am the Father’s messenger, and I have My messengers in you and upon you, and he, who does not receive them, does not receive Me. He, who does not receive them, who does not understand My language that is on their tongue, that one does not believe into My descent, with what I am and work through the sons and among the sons without learning, without rebuke; they are not My sons, and they, who do not do according to My advice are called sons of adultery.


Sons, do not stay asunder in your heart to one another. Do not separate from one another, as this is a spirit of pride. Son, do not think alone, and let the other one think for you. Behold, I repeat this word: „Let the other one think for you, as this is what it means to learn, and not something else”. I teach you well and I want you to grow up and to know to eat from the plate, and the plate is right in front of you, not in you. The plate is a plate, and you are you, and there are two things facing each other, and they are not one and the same thing. He, who does not work within this order, has his spirit in him and not the Spirit of Jesus Christ, as I said to the Samaritan woman: «Give Me to drink». You should do the same, son. You should ask to drink from the one in front of you, as I also did. Call Me to teach you to take after Me in your work. Call Me to teach you not to boast anymore, and to escape from this downfall. Do not take after you, and rather take after Me, and I stand before you to guide you and I become flesh to show you the way with Me. I say to you: keep away from the strangers and stay with your people, with My people that you originate from according to My Spirit, according to My choice and calling.


Do not get scared of the one who nicknames you, and you should believe in Me, son, as only I speak the truth about Me and about you. The bishops come to take you in their arms, but I do not give you over to them, because you are Mine; a chosen people from those who are looking for you now. And they will look for you more and more, and they will ask you to utter a blessing upon them, but do not be mistaken in your work and do not get over Me, son. Read the book and see what I have taught you until now, and do not get out of My advice.


Sons, sons, the words that are proclaimed cannot be abolished. They were proclaimed ahead of time, to stand face to face with those that rise against these words. Let My words work, and you should work through them, as the mystery of the proclaimed word is within God’s hands, and the Lord uses it. Let the book not stay closed, sons, as you have to work those that are written into it, and you should work carefully, as this book is a declaration upon those that are today. Stand by My right, as I work specially on the right side, as I also work specially on the left side. The sin of faith denial was accomplished, (See the selection topic: „The changing of the holidays – renunciation of faith”, r.n.) as this work means the Lord, Jesus Christ, and you should behave in your courtyard, as the Lord, Jesus Christ is your courtyard and His fruits from the courtyard.


I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, declare a word and say: May I be worked out and be put on a plate before you, Israel, and he, who understands let him understand. Amen. He, who does not understand, let him not understand and not sell, as I am no longer on sale; I remain in the midst of My people. Amen. I have a hired cook, and I will come to ask him if he wants to listen to Me to put Me on the plate to be food for My people. But let us work as in the beginning, as for you, My people, I abolished all the burdensome law, and it is only I that remained. The law is for those who sin, for those who do injustice. The law has nothing to do over the free ones. The law is applied there where it is violated. It has no word in another part, and may I not be judged by anyone on the earth, as the only law that remains will be the holiness in heaven and on the earth and My love upon the new man.


My people of today, you are blessed, as this is what I said: «Blessed are those who listen to My words and accomplish them». You are the one that I spoke about through My Gospel. I called you blessed, above My mother, the Virgin, as now it is the time of the word that is proclaimed from heaven, and blessed are those who believe into My coming. Then someone told Me: «Blessed it is the womb that bore You, and the breasts which nursed You!» and I added saying: «On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God, and keep it». I predestinated so great happiness for you! I called you blessed, My people, and blessed is the Virgin, My mother, for those who listen to My word, the word of her Son. She was not grieved over the choice of your happiness, and he was glad for Me that I would be obeyed and believed by you through the word. She is with Me beside you and we work at your happiness, as great is the one who believes into God’s word of this time. I am He, Who prophesied God’s Word, and behold, the word is being fulfilled. I have come and you have believed and listened, and your are the blessed one that was prophesied by Me; you are the son prepared by Me to meet My word which speaks from above you. Blessed are you, son, My people, but do you realize what I tell you? And if you do, how do you realize it? Oh, you shall not fall down from happiness by pride, and rather humble yourself before your brother and before Me. You should not pose as worthy of the gift that I gave you, as I gave it to you out of mercy. Keep tight to Me and pull down any trace of Babylon from your way. Get together near Me tightly, so that I may feel you close and to spread My protection over you.


It is a celebration of saints and fathers. Virginia is celebrated by all saints, and all wait for you to arrive well on the top of Golgotha of the Holy Spirit. It is the Golgotha of the Holy Spirit under your steps, people of Israel, and you are the cross of the Holy Spirit, carried on My shoulders and that slips in secretly near you to take you on its shoulders, loved people by God. The cross is the sign of victory, the tool of holiness and sacrifice of love from you to Me. You are the one who takes the cross of this time beside Me on the road of Golgotha of the Holy Spirit, which comes to an end on its top, and behold, the top is with you, as the Lord is the top. I am He, Who has carried you and He, Who has helped you, and I will protect you as I protect a little one, and My blessing will be on you until I release the last voice that will establish the day without evening over the sky and earth for their renewal.


May the seal of the blessing be upon you, and may the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit cover you, people predestinated to be happy with the Lord, your God. Give up slavery, for you are free. You should not love slavery, and pull yourself out from under it, as you are free, My people. What is slavery, son? We shall meet each other again, and you will come to give Me an answer to this word, and I will search out your wisdom and its sharpness.


Israel, Israel, the Lord, Jesus Christ, blesses you through a feast of saints, celebrated in the Synod. Oh, what a feast; oh, what a joy over the saints! I command the saints and the angels to watch over you, to protect you on My behalf, to announce you to those from the world, and you will see what this word is, as I will fulfill it in My saints.


Verginica blesses you with her love, with her care that she shows to you and with the longing that she has for you. My mother, the Virgin, works the same way over you, and she protects you and does heavenly miracles for you, My people. And My Father and your Father, rejoices and reaches out His right hand over you and keeps it over you until the great joy. You are the blessed one of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. You should not get out from under My Father’s hand, as I have you before Him and I testify about you, My people, and say: peace to you, My loved people, and give Me to drink from your water! Amen, amen, amen.



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