The Word of God about the true Church

«However, the Most High does not dwell in places made with hands, as the prophet says:

 ‘Heaven is My throne, and the earth is a footstool for My feet. What kind of house will you build for Me?’ says the Lord; ‘or what is the place of My rest?» (Acts: 7/48-49.)


«But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will express adoration to the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such [people] to express adoration to Him.

God is a spirit, and those who express adoration to Him must express adoration in spirit and truth». (John: 4/23-24.)


«However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth because He will not speak from Himself, but whatever He hears, He will speak. He will tell you of things that are yet to come». (John: 16/13.)



                                                    The true Church


            „There is no church which stands on the heights built by man


                        Text selection from the Word of God[1] on this subject.

                                                (Translated by I.A.)



… It means oppression what today is in the world. They measure to you; they measure to you until the measure and the one who measures will be broken down. It spoiled the church of God; it spoiled the church. You see it standing up, but it is useless. You see it standing up, but is has no more grace and gift, for there is no more holiness in the mouth that serves in it; and he serves in the church without God’s Spirit, for the evil one has taken out God’s Spirit. The evil spirit cast Him out. Take heed Christian, and seek the one who has not denied God’s Spirit from his bosom. Seek him as Mary the Egyptian sought him; as Mary Magdalene sought, for not all of them are servants, and they remained as in the time of Elijah, the priests of Baal.

Excerpt from the Word of God, from 28-09-1977.



... I build a house, and the unclean spirits broke it down; they broke it down; and may it not happen with this as with that one too. Keep it so that it may not be broken down, for you will see in it what the eye of man has not seen on earth. This house is established on Peter’s foundation too, and let no one say: “This is my house”.

Excerpt from the Word of God, from 26-12-1977.


… The earth is filled with sects who commit acts outside of God’s will. These sects, who left the right way, will talk with the Right Judge. There is no more time and these sects, who are walking on wrong ways, beside the right way of the Orthodox Christian people, will be brought to light and will be called the angels of the antichrist. (See the selection topic „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast[2]”, red. note[3].)

Excerpt from God’s Word, from 28-01-1983.



Woe to the people who say about themselves that they are the law of the church and who wrote books over books about My name and My laws, for those books are not! Those are dust and to dust return, for the spirit of those books is not a spirit with life, because of the lifeless ones who made them, and those books are not, and these works stand against them. This anointed son, who is called the angel of the church in heaven, stands by My choice, for I, and not they chose him, but woe to those who hack his power from Me! Woe to those who want to walk upon the light of the work of this son! This son is like a sword, and woe to those who try themselves on its edge, because I am the word of this anointed son with a great anointment within this time of distress and disbelief. He is the apostle of the nations of the earth and it is only I who know how to work upon him. But behold, the Lord, Jesus Christ has something to talk with you, shepherds of the people of this work, for there are things that are done without the ordinance that comes from above, and these hidings are called works without obedience; they are called works that are not come from heaven to be worked out and are called works that are accomplished from the earth; and you produce Me blains worked out secretly and carved out outside of the spirit of obedience. You spirit is fighting against My Spirit and you insist on overcoming according to the will of your spirit, and this fight, worked out from the sides, is not leading to what is good. Love and embrace with joy this moment of counseling with God and let you under the obedience to Me, because it is better for you to listen to Me then for Me to listen to you. Sons, let My time come, and turn around the other end also, for it is not good only for Me to listen to you. Painful trouble catches you in this work that you are working from bottom up and you keep Me subjected to the wills of your own hearts. Do you not really believe what I tell you? I am happy in My spirit that the moment has come to sit in counsel with you, shepherds of My people.

Excerpt from the word of God at the Church entrance feast of the Lord’s Mother, from 04-12-1992



Behold what a peace in the word! Oh, you Sanhedrin from the time of the Holy Spirit, the Sanhedrin of My Romania, here I am by the word in your and My gazebo. I am. Peace to you! I have always spoken to My little people that I kept it hidden from the Herods and Judases. For forty years I have been coming and talking in its midst and I have enwrapped it in the spirit of peace telling it: “Peace to you, little people!” And I called it a bouquet of little flowers and I called these little flowers My warm manger, the manger of God’s word, and I arrived with the tiny one to the banks of the Jordan, but the way it was long and hard through the wilderness of disbelief. Oh, and I knew you Zion, I knew that you are not prepared and that you are stiff-necked and I did not knock too much for you to open to Me, but I took this well of honey above and I made a fence around this vineyard, so that the land of this garden may be holy and to have in this little garden a tiny Eden, from which I may start a resurrection from Me, a living fragrance and a stream of clean and undisturbed water, from which to take out and give to the thirsty crowds to catch a spirit of joy and holiness and a heavenly and eternal peace; even to the wolves I give to drink and to graze near My lambs, so that they may be lambs too, as I love your country much, Romanian people! 

Oh, you were born at the same time with Me in the world, My country! When I came incarnated into the world, My Father brought you into existence at the same time and I sent to you the first one called of My apostles (St. Apostle Andrew, r.n.) and he breathed a new and holy Spirit upon you and you became Christian, My first one called; and My Father named you then the first one called, according to the rank of the first one called to the apostleship. Oh, but you were a martyr afterwards, you country beloved by My Father; you have been a stumbling block among the nations all the time, and behold what God has kept for you in order to give you as a reward for your patience. My Father has had for this time a piece of work and sent Me with it to you so that I may cleanse you and wake you up to do the will of My Father and then to call under your vineyard the one who oppressed you and to give to him from Me so that he may also be like Me and like you, and to make Me a new garment, a new church, pure and holy, the same way My first church was. Oh, come with the first love! Come My love; so that I may also come with a visible glory and that you may sing with Me God’s song! Come into my love! Behold, I do not let you die in your blood, and I am coming towards you and sound the trumpet upon you. Oh, let yourself be woken up by your God and wash and consecrate yourself and be in the law of your God, My love!


… Oh, you shepherds of the church! I am the head of the church. I am the good Shepherd, in the order of Melchizedek. I have come to you My church and I have come with the shepherds of My flock. I have come to see your face and to remind you of how your face and heart should be in My life. I have not come to break the law; rather I have come to remind you not to violate, not to break My law and to turn to me, for I am the One Who forgives your sin, but be with a heavenly economy in your spirit, so that the Holy Spirit may work upon your spirit, upon your counsel, upon your Sanhedrin.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of St. Basil the Great Hierarch, from 14-01-1993



The people of the earth do not know how to understand this Scripture which is from heaven. They do not even know that My church is from heaven and not from earth, and that I do not dwell with the New Jerusalem in human places, but rather I live in dwellings which want to be from heaven and not from earth. If I commanded and spoke that a stone of witness may be founded, and My word came down with Me from the heavenly ones, behold, I am the God of what is not seen and of those from heaven that are seen and not of the earthly ones, and I am of the earthly ones which mean those from heaven, but the Lord sees no longer faith on earth and sees no longer heavenly wise men, and He sees only earthly wise people that remained but clay, that is swallowed by the earth, that is without wisdom from heaven. This is what I have been speaking through the time in this work, and I have been speaking that I will take it above and I have said that he who will strike it and not believe it, that one will be swallowed by the earth and will lose the wisdom that comes from this age.

Excerpt from the Word of God to His chosen Irineu, from 17-01-1993.



You sat at My table, Christian. You have sat without deserving it and My angels have written you down that you have sat and whenever you have sat and what God has been speaking to you. When you go to church, there is a word which says before the prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit for the transformation of the bread and wine into My Body and Blood, and that word says: “Let those that are called come out, and let only the faithful remain”, only those that are prepared for communion with Me, with My Body and My Blood. Now this work cannot be spoken into the church and everybody stands as they come in, and as they want, for there is not any kind of heavenly order in the church, and they come near to take and mock Me and the holiness; and the world dresses like for the fair, like for circus, sons, and it dyes and embalm itself with all kinds of devilish immoralities and then it comes into the church, and the watchman which is placed over the church pays no attention to this blasphemy; it does not hurt him of My pain, and he says that he is a shepherd for Christ’s flock, but behold what a flock is in the church!

And here is what I tell you: I was once a priest of Jesus Christ who sometimes was lengthening the Holy Mass until afternoon, sometimes until evening and the people of that city went to their bishop and accused their priest that he was keeping them in the church all day and the holy Mass was not done in due time. And the bishop called the priest and asked him what it is with this complaint of the city. And then, the priest told the bishop that he does not finish the Holy Mass until the Holy Spirit comes upon the bread and wine. And then, the bishop taught those in the city to go home quicker if they wanted; he taught them how to be in the church, how to stay so that the Holy Spirit may come down at the time of His calling by the priest. But where is this mystery taken into consideration anymore? For not even the priests come prepared to the church, let alone the flock. There is a very right saying that says like this: “Like the Turk like the gun.” The Turk was a cold, evil and rebellious man and it was not given in vain this saying to his nation. And behold, as the priest is, so his weapon is and his flock as well.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Saint Kings Constantine and Helen, from 03-06-1994.


Oh, Israel, mind so that you do not take after the man who lengthens the sufferance, who lengthens the evil age and who does not want the Lord to come with his kingdom without age, without ending. See that if you put ten teachers to show you the way and the Scripture, they do not match with each other. And how comes that? And behold, the world do not wake up to see that its watchmen do not watch out in the name of the Lord, and rather they watch out in their names. Let the world not say that it is with Me, for it has a greater sin if it says that. And I say to you again: it is one thing to call a church with its servants, and another thing to call a church of Jesus Christ, with servants like Jesus Christ, like its Teacher, Jesus Christ.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Ascension, from 09-06-1994.



I, the Lord, chose Romania and who can trouble My plans? I was pleased this way; I and not you, My people from the middle of Romania. I wanted to bring My word to you and to call you to be My people, My little people, distinguished from the world so that you may be the people of the receiving of My today’s word, of My Scriptures which are written today by heaven and by you. I prophesy and fulfill a new heaven and a new earth. Never mind if the churches do not want to come. They will remain with the walls and their walls will cry out against them. My church is not a cold wall of stone, rather the church is a living and heavenly spirit. The church is not from the earth; rather it is from heaven. Only that the church is heavenly on earth; it is brought down from heaven on the earth, for the sons of My church, the sons of Jesus Christ’s church are born of heaven, from above, as I said to My scribe of that time; I said this to him: «Who is not born from above, from heaven, cannot be with Me; he cannot be the son of My kingdom», and behold, the sons of the church are no longer of this age, rather they are of the holy heaven, and the holy heaven is his son’s companion. This is called that the church is of Jesus Christ and of heaven. Otherwise the church is worldly; it is not heavenly.


Loved people, be as strong as the heaven, son; clothe yourself with the heaven, My loved Israel, My new people, My tiny people, My most precious little. This is what I said: «When the Son of man comes, will He find faith on the earth?» Why did I say so then? Behold, I was true in what I prophesied, I, Who knew and saw until the end of the human’s end. But I have a little kernel of faith and with it I will sow and fulfill with My power the Scripture about the New Jerusalem which is coming down from heaven, as I said to that the sons of the church are from heaven and not from the earth. (See selection topic: Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan[4]”, r.n.)

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Assumption, from 28-08-1994.



Behold, Jerusalem, I say once again: the one who started to drink from this rock, the one who started to be in this people, the one who said: “Yes, Lord”, that one even if he fulfilled those from Me and even if he did not fulfill them, one like that nowhere in heaven or on earth can come to Me on other ways or other paths. It is true son, I am God everywhere, but if you started to take with your mouth from this herb and then you spat it out and trampled it, woe, as for you there is no other calling! I, sons, as there are not two Gods. I am one God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And you know My people, how a son of this kind of work, who comes into this work and gets out of it to another table, is called? That one is called by a worse name than the sectarians who wondered away. That one is not called an Orthodox Christian even if he worked more elsewhere in another garden. The garden of the Orthodoxy is not only one, sons. In this garden of the Orthodoxy there many gardens and many steps. I tell you sons, that it is a great thing that the Christian to be an Orthodox; an Orthodox as is meant to be. The church which says that is Orthodox and does not fulfill this word upon it, this church will have the greatest judgment on the earth, for it put in front of it this right calling and did not live by it; and rather it did something else behind this calling. When a priest says that he is a shepherd for Christ, when that one leaves his flock sinning and when he is the same, is that one Orthodox? Is that one righteous in his faith? Has that one got a flock anymore? He has nothing before Me, and he is with empty hands of souls and heavenly fruit, for his dirty hands of the sin of the greed cannot be heavenly and spiritual. That is why I tell you that I will cut the grape vine and let a renewed and younger vine grow, for the church of today is greedy and depressed, and it belongs to Caesar and it is not mine; it is not. It is a world not a church. This is what I was telling to Israel, who said that he belonged to God, and he worshipped idols and not God. The same is with the people of today; it has in front a name of God’s Christian people, but it is a worldly people and will go to judgment after its own deed.


My people seek to be Orthodox in all spiritual things and not in the earthly ones, for the church is from the heaven not from the earth! Oh, you son, who go about water through all the gardens, (Seek learning by other churches, r.n.) you walk in vain if you drank from here. If you fell from the arms of this work, you walk in vain, for you are known by the wind and by the water, by the Holy Spirit and by the evil spirit, by air and by fire. You walk in vain, you who were marked from this ink bottle of chosen oil. I will soon utter the name of this work and all and everything will leave for its feet and will look to its top, to its bright top that keeps Me, the Lord, in a heavenly glory.

The right faith is that one which is feeding on its deeds, which does deeds from its spirit. This is the right faith called Orthodoxy; and I, My people, took you out from this deception which is hidden under this calling and told you to be Orthodox, that no one is Orthodox anymore, My people. No one fulfills this living anymore. Believe in God, for man does no longer know what God’s justice is. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, for all who live as My apostles lived, who founded a church of the Holy Spirit two thousand years ago by a right faith in the world. That one I called church and I have to bring you into such a church, loved Jerusalem. The servant called by God, that one is God’s servant. The one called by people, that one cannot do those that belong to God; he cannot, because he has no one to take after in order to do it. The Holy Spirit and holy grace cannot be bought; they cannot be taken from the earth, but only by calling and heavenly naming. Jerusalem; that is why son, I call you out again and again. I call you out continually. I call your name to be named by Me and so that no one may be able upon you and let everybody know that you are My people and My named one; as for the work of those from heaven it is not possible a calling like that on the earth; it is not possible to buy a calling in the work of God. Tell Me son, what answer did that man receive, who asked from My apostles to buy the Holy Spirit, the One working miracles and heavenly signs? This is what My apostle said: «May your money be upon your head!» Behold sons that the one, who bought this heavenly calling on money, has got the money upon his head, and that is why the priest of today does not escape the sin of greed and the bondage of the money. I did not have such priests before. Oh, I have not got priests pleased by heaven for a long time, and that is why I have taken mercy on you, My loved Jerusalem, and given you a great name, son, a name from heaven, and behold, I told Pharaoh, (The communist dictatorship, fell on the Revolution, in 1989, r.n.), to let you free, and I told him that you are My people. I have protected you all the time by My power, for My anointment upon you was My protection son, and no one hurt you; and who raised his sword to strike you, that one cut himself into My sword, for you, My people, are My tool, which everyone who raises his sword against you cuts himself in, for it is written: «For by bit and reins I will squeeze your jaws so that they may not come close to you.» 

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Annunciation, from 07-04-1995.



… The man of lawlessness says that you are an evil spirit. Do not take after the man who loves sin and separation of the holy commandments, after the man who nicknames you, My people chosen by grace. He who calls you “sectarian”, that one is right in his own way, and do not be upset, son. He is right. My apostles were called likewise, sectarians; and they were called “the Nazarene sect”. You are a sect in the bosom of today’s church, the same as My disciples were a sect in the bosom of that time’s church. And I tell you sons, I speak to you in an earthly way: the official church on earth belongs to Caesar and the world and to the man’s taste, and those from the church chosen by Me through holiness and love and separation from the spirit of the world in the church, those are called “sect,” for this is what “sect” means, sons; this is what it means in an earthly language. The one, who calls you “sect” in an earthly language, is right. Who is distinguished and steps aside to be faithful to the holy creed of the church and to God, that one is called “sect” according to the language on the earth, and according to the language from heaven, he is named selection; he is called a chosen people, the same way I chose those from Israel whom I made disciples of holiness and of My word, which I came down from heaven with, to wake up those that sleep. This is what I have been doing at this time. I had a word of awakening, resurrection and cleansing coming down, and those that slept did not hear. But you My people, you listened, woke up, stood before Me and distinguished yourself from many people, who sleep before Me, who do not hear this way; as neither those from two thousand years ago had time to hear. And if those who woke up listened then to Me, they were called “sect” in Israel, and they called Me “The Teacher of the sect”.


I told you, chosen Israel, that all that comes with evil towards you is turning into a path of glory for you. No evil which blows against you brings evil upon you, but remain son, under My tent so that I may strengthen this word and I tell you: Israel, Israel do not get out of My work. Let all world laugh at you; let it nickname you; let it humiliate you, but do not be afraid; do not fade; rather be proud of Me that I am with you, My people. No enemy can work against you. The enemy is a tool who works what he does not know, for he works at the reward of the joy of the one he hates. I told this: “Who receives laurels for the earth and for the body, that one finds damnation after he finishes work, but he who suffers pain, humiliation and disdain, that one is making and end of the pay of perseverance, and perseverance has another reward”. Perseverance, My sons, has a promise not a chasing after the wind. It has a wonderful and glorified work, which only God’s true servants can taste and have as a reward on earth and in heaven. Perseverance is the beginning of its reward. Perseverance has been its fruition even from the time of its work. Perseverance is sweet sons, and is a crown of glory, and I, the Lord, have been staying under this crown for seven ages. It is bad for the man who has no perseverance, who has not got this crown on his head.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feat of the Pentecost, 11-06-1995



Sons, sons, when I worked among the people, I did not work like the teachers and shepherds of today. I look and see that no one works like Me upon the man. But I teach you to work like Me. I give you the example of the Samaritan woman. I met and asked her to give Me to drink from her water. And if I did so, I raised that daughter. I did not give Myself out for a teacher; rather I was a humble and low traveler to her and by humility I worked to save her out of her spirit. What teacher does this today? No one knows what humility is anymore. The teacher is conceited and gives advice and he does not hear it; he is not an example before the others, and it is no greater evil than this. I did not do so; I did not work this way. I, being from God, became a man, but man is making himself a god over man and is pretending to be a great teacher; and there is no humility spirit, a God’s spirit. I told to the Samaritan woman: «Give me to drink». And I let Myself be known by her and humbled before her asking water to drink, and the spirit of My humiliation worked in My Father and God won this daughter for Him, together with many people of her kindred. I became the confessor of her soul and we confessed to each other what we had to confess about. She confessed her sins, and she was faithful and humbled, and I testified like a God’s messenger, like a helper before the man going astray.


Sons, sons, behold, I have in My little garden of today sons who listened to work like Me. I said this: «Confess to one another». But what confessor does such a thing anymore? As everybody pretend to be teachers sitting on their seats, and they do not do what I did by humiliation. In My garden it is worked in the same way as I worked. The confessor tells first his weaknesses before his brothers. He cleanses himself first and only afterwards he cleanses with Me the weaknesses of the others, if there are weaknesses. The confessor has to be the first to be known, to let be known by humility and not to be high and mighty, for he who does this thing is not big; that one cannot give life. I told the Samaritan woman about the power and work of My Father in Me, but first of all I humbled; first I bent before her. But the one who calls himself a confessor does not take after the One Who let this work on earth. You will not hear anywhere such a heavenly teaching, son. A confessor of Mine does like Me not like man. The confessor has to be known by the heart of him who beats at his door. A true confessor makes for himself every son who comes to God for confession. The Samaritan woman would have had no trust and support in Me if I had not bent before her to ask water to drink. The father has to confess before the one who comes to him and then the one who came. The confessor is not a master over the one who comes to him according the things from the Lord. The confessor is confessing by all that he does before those who come to him. The confessor has to sit as a mirror so that all those who come to him may see their own faces in it. If the confessor does not reveal himself before the one who sit in front of him, that one is something else; it is not a confessor. Do you know what that one is? That one is a high-sounding talker, of a worldly glory. One like that cannot raise to the Lord the one who comes down by humility approaching the confessor. That is why the man cannot climb up. The man who confesses to a priest cannot climb up towards God. Why can he not climb up? He cannot climb up because the confessor did not come down to that one who comes and knocks.


In order to open to the one who knocks at your door, it does not mean to open to him; rather it means that you should open yourself to him, as I worked with the Samaritan woman. I did not use the judgment upon that daughter, but I released a spirit of repentance upon her. I did not say to her to stop sinning, rather I told her to ask water from Me, and I gave it to her if she asked. I made her ask, and I gave it to her by word. The confessor should give himself as I gave Myself. But the one who I do not dwell in, because of his narrow-mindedness, that one cannot be a confessor into My name, but rather he is a confessor into his name.

I did another beginning at the same time of the beginning with My new people of today, with you, My loved people. I, son, work like Me into My people and not like the man who learned from man. The Book of God is not learned from man, for the man of the church made to Me a little square and is telling Me to be aware of My border which he set up for Me. I came and abolished the law which oppressed the church, and here is again a law who encloses My Spirit for His work. I become bread and wine to give Myself to the man to be eaten and that the one who eats Me may be like Me. In order that the man may take Me into him, I became bread and wine, and let the one who takes Me know and show that he took Me in him. He who is not aware that he took Me in him, that one took Me and crushed Me within him. I became bread and wine, for God is a great mystery. I delivered the word and healed them and everybody left but one who stayed to thank Me as you, My people, remained to please Me; you remained out of the many who came to ask from Me healing and power and then left with the power and did evil with it, for they that I healed did not remain with Me.

I had to have a clean people, but the man of the world does not know the Scriptures of My coming. The priests of the church do not know them either. They know everything, but they do not know the Scriptures. They know to pose as teachers and confessors, but here is what I tell you today: sons, sons, it is one thing to be a confessor, and it is right at the other hand to be spiritual in order to be spiritual. The confessor who is not spiritual before Me and defiles the holiness of the holy place, that one is a false prophet, (See selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism[5]”, r.n.) the reading being established from him in a place called holy, and one like that defiles the holiness of the holy place, for I raise those that belong to Me if I see them trampled. Sons, sons, write this on the tablet of your heart: it is one thing to be a confessor and it is another thing to be spiritual, in the likeness of Jesus Christ. I am gentle and humble in My heart, for it is one thing to be humble and another thing to be humble in your heart. The humble one is pitchy and hard to carry in the back, and the one humble in his heart, is gentle and fine and is easy to carry in the back by everybody around. One like that is not a burden for anyone. One like that makes everybody spiritual by My living in him. That is why, at the beginning of the church, two thousand years ago, the priest was chose from the city, from the middle of his people, to be well known and was named and put as a servant for his people before God; a servant and not a master as the priest is today. Today one by one comes from the other side and sit as a bishop or priest over an unknown place. Oh, this is the human ordinance and foreign to those let by God. It was not so in My people; rather it was so in the worldly people, in the worldly church, not in the one of Jesus Christ.

Oh, My people, oh, My nation whom I made and knew so that you might know Me as well! I became related to you, son, and I called you My son, My people, and I work from your midst with teachers and servants, and I will increase your kindred, and you will be known, son, and will be called the people of the Lord, as I call you. The priests do not know why I call you Israel. Oh, sons, Israel means anointed; it means this: it means My name. Jacob was named Jacob not Israel, but I gave him this name so that these names may be from heaven: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Israel is the heavenly name of My anointed ones, no matter what people they may be, or whatever nation they may be. This is the promised name of those who will love the heaven on earth. The priest and bishops wonder about this name put upon Romania, but who does not read God, that one does not know the work of God.

Excerpt from the word of God on the Sunday of all saints, from 18-06-1995


Well son of today, really why have I always been telling you to not want to die? For I wanted you holy, and I did not want you for passion, as John was, the clean one, who stayed stuck to My clean bosom. Make your tongue virgin, Israel, My son, so that no one may judge you by this book. Flee son from the distorted face of the sons of the world who say that are Christians. Who else knows what it means today to be Christian? No one knows anymore; no one knows to the last man. The priests and bishops lost all their wisdom; they played cards, dice and bowling for it; they went with it at the matches of the hell who came out from the earth and which are from the earth; they gave wisdom for fornication and drinking, smoking and women, and they still call themselves Christians. No one loves to suffer and they go to the altar unwashed of sins; and there is no hint of holiness anywhere, My people. My church has been deceiving Me for a thousand of years and it says that it belongs to Me. Even for two thousand years it has been deceiving Me, as even two thousand years ago I could not work through the apostles not passion in the Christians, and My poor disciples were looking at the man’s distress and character and tolerated many and unpleasant things in the church, because the church not even then wanted to be with the heaven; rather it wanted to be in the flesh and so it pretended that it was a church.


Only now in the end I have come to make a way and a word in the true church of Jesus Christ in man, for if all that I spoke and worked were written down since then, the book on the earth could not contain them all, as it is written into this book. No servant could have had the faith in Jesus Christ, the One Who came from heaven, the Savior from the Father. The true church of Jesus Christ is there where the brothers gather together to be one with My body, to be one for not passion and all to take Jesus Christ, for a holy and eternal preparation in the body; not as it is in the churches today: the world and again the world which is coming to the communion once in a while, not prepared, with untried sins, with no forgiven sins, for the people do not confess their sins and do not cleanse themselves from them, and this does not mean to be a church with a priest who lives in heavier sins then the rest of the flock. It is his flock, for it is not Mine, and the flock is wondering away like sheep without a shepherd, for the shepherd of today plays crap, draws the wheel of fortune, he goes and strips in the sun, and the saints and angels are scared of the today’s presbyteries, for they reached with the distortion worse than the harlots who were known on their houses. The priestess does her hair on a red iron; she makes her nails red and oils herself with ointments for sinning, as what else should her ointments, colors and distortion which the priestess sit in, be used for? The priestesses buy hair dyes, hats and fine linen; she buys them from your money Christian, that say that you go to church. You go and give your money to the altar and the priest puts the money, (The abomination of desolation of man’s soul, r.n.), into the Holy of Holies so that he might go afterwards to spend it on make-up and ornaments, and to take his priestess out at the fair to look like a priestess as well, and the scourge works no longer into the hands of someone as I worked to take the robbery out of My Father’s house.


If you, priest of today, cannot keep your house in a holy order, who is to make you priest? Could you really not find the money to take and do your sinful tastes with it? Why do you take the money of the poor man to spend it on sin? Why do you bury the man for money? Is this why you became lazy? Woe to you and woe again! Behold the written judgment. Who do you think you deceive? Oh, do not strive to fill your fists with stones and throw them over My people that do My will in his body. When are you to throw them at you? Oh, you, the today’s priest, if you were the same like the sons of My people, like the sons of My Jerusalem, you would also tell the world to give up sinning, to dress like a Christian and not like a pagan, you would guide the straying man to Me, in order for him to find the peace in the church, not in taverns, not in the worldly delights. Oh, how should you teach the man this when you do worse than the man who gives you so that you too may have for the spirit of the world from you?


The church should belong only and only to the Christians, as the tavern belongs only to the drunkards. But look what it is on the earth, and no one is counselor, for the Christians come into the church to pray to Me, and the pagans and drunkards also come into the church. It is written: «I will not sit at the table with the lawless ones», but who sees any longer what is written into the Scriptures? The Christians who say that are Christians go both to church and to taverns; they go both to communion and fornication. Oh, is this what Christianity means?


Oh, you priest who put yourself to be a priest today! Start repenting and do not call My Christians a sect, but rather call yourself a sect, you and your priestess that you put in the first pew that the people may honor her. Look at My Mother and see how she behaved in the church, and look at the holy Christians of Jesus Christ, and come back with judgment upon you and upon your house which you do not give as an example before the flock. Oh, what I am to do with you! For look, I made a written judgment in your time; (See selection topic: „The Judgment[6]”, r.n.) I made and make until I will destroy the last enemy; and you, the one who sit placed over the multitude confounded by iniquities, close your mouth and shut up, for you have no word of vindication. Behold, I uncover you, and in vain you deceive God, for you do not deceive Him, rather you deceive yourself, as I have a new foundation and stay with it before you and show you what the Jesus Christ’s foundation, testimony and church is to say among people. Oh, there is no more faith on earth now, at My coming! But I have a small remnant which did not bow its knees before Baal. And I go before My people more that I went by Moses and I will make a pillar of light and salt on earth out of My people, and I will no longer stay in your fishing rod, for it will be cut and thrown into the fire, and those that are written cannot be abolished. Amen.


My loved people, I make judgment sons, and make a written judgment in your midst, to judge the iniquity and to put it back to its place. People, the priests, who think that they are priests, can deceive the world, but they cannot deceive Me and you, sons. I and you make a church strengthened on its first commandments, and that is why I have made a new priesthood and a new anointment in your midst, for there is no one to anoint a minister for heaven. I have also taken sons from My people to a human theology in order to become priests and now they are also priests for the world, priests of the world and not of Jesus Christ, for those of Jesus Christ crucified their lusts, desires and body to walk in the Holy Spirit of the cleanness of the spirit and body.


Loved people, write son upon the tablet and bind about your neck the word of testimony which stands today at the foundation of the living church. The crucifixion that I ask you today is not the passion, son, and do not sell this glory given to you by Me on money, riches or on a woman’s body. I have always welcomed you with a new and warm exhortation and here is what I tell you: grow your heart, thought and love young, and do not depart from this glory until My visible glory, for I will give you the incorruptibility of body and spirit, for it is written in the Scriptures that the bodies have to reign together with the spirit. Read from the Scriptures the lesson of redemption of the bodies and flesh which groans after the redemption through you people, My tool from the end of My work. Come Christian to have dinner with Me, come! How are you to come? Come My people, not for passion, come with small and great, so that I may break Myself and sit at the table with you, for a new Passover. My new Passover in man is the man who does no longer sin after he unites with My Body and My Blood for repentance and cleanness. This means a new and eternal Passover, dinner and eternal Emmaus, and God rested and seen in man and by man.


My people keep after the sons of My garden to teach you always what love is, lest you fail when you say that you love. Teach yourself what love is, what not passion is. Teach yourself with Me in you; teach yourself forever with Me, for I started the ending of the world, and I started it with you. I have become one with you: body and spirit. I give you My body to be like Me and one with Me, and to rest in you. Son, give Me your body too, for I have also given to you Mine. Give it to Me to make it imperishable, as I worked with Enoch, Elijah and John. (See the selection topic „The mystery of humankind salvation - the mystery of incorruptibility”, r.n.) Give Me your body to celebrate in you, My people, with My son. Since Adam tricked me by disobedience I have not rested in man, but the time of God’s word has come and today is that time, as it is written: «Today if you hear My voice, do not harden your hearts», and again it is written: «Blessed are those who hear My voice and fulfill it».

Excerpt from God’s word at the four-year feast from the laying of the foundation’s stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, on 22-07-1995.



I have blessed your tiny little patch of land by which I still stretch the work and My cover with My people. Let Me have a place where to take refuge when I spread the table for you, when you come to the spring, for look, your thirst is growing and the longing moves you, and love makes your perfect, My people. Israel, son, I wish you the love for God; I wish you longing and embracing with God. That is why I turn into deed those wanted by Me upon you, and I make for you, son, gardens for meeting and celebration. Pray so that I may be able to fulfill upon you what I wish you, for one day I will call you near and you will bow down on that day; and when you arrive, you will come into My rest, into My city and live in a dwelling of New Jerusalem, and I will prepare for you, I with you beside Me, Israel. And the nations will come to see the new sprout and its graft, but open your hearing well, for here is what I tell you: you will no longer come sickly, you will no longer come lamely and you will no longer come weakly in the city. I will make a heavenly city on earth, and the city will be worked out of sons, not of stones, not of bricks, not of wood as the man of the worldly church does, he who builds for himself a stone tower and says that it is the church. To be a church means sons; this is what it means to be a stone of church and you will be a house for Me, My people, and I will be a house for you, and I will make you a house. We will also make a house, but first let us make a heavenly house, and afterwards we will work from stone too, for the stone belongs to God and God sanctifies it by a heavenly kingdom of stone not shaken between heaven and earth. (See the selection topic: „The kingdom of heaven does not come in a visible way”, r.n.).

Excerpt from the Word of God to the Christian people, on 22-10-1995



You son, love the nation from which I came out, from which the apostles came out, for the Hebrew people was My people, and the its faithful remnant remained My people, for out of the body, the remnant turned into a spirit and worked out a Holy Spirit on earth and gave the earth to the nations, so that the earth may be Christian, for Christ was proclaimed everywhere by those who remained Christians in Israel. I will have mercy of Israel, for by its collapse you have a place next to Me, but pray so that he may walk up and look at you, the one who are with the Son of God, and to take Me as heir from the Father to utter his forgiveness. Amen. Pray Israel, pray for Israel, the one after the flesh, for it has carried the name of God on earth, because out of its people the faith in the Son of God, the sent One, sprang out.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of devout Paraschiva, (Paraskeva of the Balkans) from 27-10-1995.



Oh, why have I come to you instantly? Why have I come again? I have come to tell you to listen to My anointed sons, so that no one may pull you out of My hand, out of My bosom, from under My roof and to fall into the world where I do no longer go.


Sons, sons, confess your sins to each another, for I tell you again lest you do not work otherwise than I spoke by My word. Do not take after the people. Come back to My beginning since the time of My apostles when the church was not subjected by the laws of sins. My word is written in the Scriptures: «The light came into the world, but the people loved the darkness because their deeds were evil», and the light uncovered their evil deeds. That is why a hidden confession was done into the church of the world. Let the one who confesses his sin secretly go to the worldly judges where sins are done. But let the one who does not do evil deeds stand with his head uncovered in My people. Who did evil deeds and confessed them and does them no more belongs to My people. Who does not understand, who does not fulfill, let he who does otherwise than God’s word requires, God Who stands in the middle of Israel, get out of the camp, for he is not a son. He who loves the darkness hides with his deeds and does not come out in the light with them so that the light may prove them. Sons, be sons, be clean, sons be careful.


… Do you see Israel why I came? I came to tell you to be. That is why I came; for you to be the same way as I am Who I am. I came to tell you to be a son, to eat like a son, not like the thief. Stand up Christian, so that your clothing may be seen. Get up to be uncovered in the light and if you cannot be but only with the Lord, do no hurry to take from the golden apple. Here the golden apple is kept. Here the smallest one keeps watch near the apple tree; he keeps watch by the apple tree for the apple tree is ripe and the thieves will be caught.


A king who had a golden apple had three sons. (The three churches: the first - from Adam to Jesus; second – Christian, until the Second Coming and the third - New-Jerusalem, r.n.)

And the first two slept during the time of ripening of the apple, and the thieves stole the apples and the king did not eat from the fruit for such a long time. But the youngest, the third son, lay awake and prepared his awakening well and caught the thieves, and the apple tree escaped not being despoiled; and the youngest brought ripe apples in front of his father and the king ate apples from his apple only the third time, only at the guard of his third son. Israel, the tree of life has been stolen all the time, but in your time the garden was enclosed, and the sleepless sons by the apple tree eat and so does the king. The king has not eaten until now for the apple tree was stolen. Those who ate from the apple tree were not clean in their bodies; they were not clean in their spirit; they were not clean in the work and watchfulness and they were given the apples to all the thieves.

Sons, who watch out by the apple tree, bring the people from place to place and tell them the story of the golden apple and of the king who has the apple. Behold, I took the apple tree and put it in the garden. I did not let it on the way as the fence of My vineyard was lying to the ground that so many foreign bodies to My body were pecking at My body. 


Sons, sons, be careful that it is big thing to have godly wisdom. Who has learned from man has got a human wisdom. Who learned from God has got a godly wisdom. Israel, you son from God have learned from God and you know from God and only from God. Do not take after the man who closes Me in the pages of the Scripture, for I am the One Who made the Scripture then and now as well, and I am above then the Scripture. The Scripture could not comprehend Me and that is why I said that if all I had wanted, it had been written down in the Scripture, it had not been contained in My book on earth; My whole book from that time had not been contained into the heart of man. I am working now at the completion of My book, for behold, Israel, I am the book. I have been turning Myself into a book in this time too, but I have been writing during this time according to this time, but no one knows how to read in the book written at that time and everybody reads as he wants. I wrote then weightily, as I did not fit within man, but here is how I write now: I am writing as in heaven not as on earth, for I was then on the earth and now I am in heaven and I am working from heaven on the earth, and no one can draw Me from My Father to call Me into account of what I am writing, for the word is the Word and is the Spirit and becomes the body in the book, and the man understands that this word is God Himself, Who is coming to make judgment on the earth.


… Sons, soon it will come to work like the first Christians sitting at the table of a new dinner, but not like in the beginning, rather like in the end. Let you get ready Israel for the table coming down from heaven for you, for I will take and share the new bread, which will be spread before you not from a human word. Get ready Israel lest you come back from your way. Take your life into account if you can to give Me your life forever, if you want son, for I want. Fast from those of the flesh, from the worldly ones, fast and again fast, but you cannot fast from the heavenly ones. I will ask from you an established state. I will require of you to have a chosen language and a behavior eternally pleasant to Me. I will ask you to bring your ways together and draw aside from everything that is foreign on the earth, for this is what I wrote in the book, that My people will be distinguished and separated from the whole world on the earth. If you are not able to do this, do not ask Me for a special place like the ones who are able to do all that I ask them. 


Confess your wrongdoings to each other and listen to Me, sons. Work in the light; work like the sons of the light. I love My people. I loved the one who was and denied and left for the world, but I do no longer love him now, for the love has its own husbands. I love My people.

Excerpt from the Word of God to the Christian people, on 12-11-1995



I give you My love to you, those in the gates. Take and rise in the spirit of the love and be born of it, out of the Lord, for I am love. Do not be sons of disbelief, as the unbelief and its sons have come to an end. Be born of My love and not from other love. Be born of the heaven not of the earth. Wake My love up in you so that Romania may wake up as well and learn what love is, what a ministering church before Me is; what it means to be a sacrifice brought to the altar of the love, a sacrifice before Me. A church means the sons of the last love from heaven which has the body of love on its table. The sons of the heavenly love do the deeds of the love. They are the sons of love, not others. Take from Me and give yourself to one another and work a spirit of faith in God upon you, for the Lord is coming like a snare upon the unfaithful, upon those that do not watch, and He is coming like a comfort upon those that rise through love. Take and rise; take and fulfill God’s word which is coming on the clouds of glory setting in Romania, and the word of God from the book is becoming a body. (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.). I become a book on the earth. I am becoming a book now too, for I have been working nothing without speaking first. I come to teach the Romanian; first the Romanian and then the Jew, the Greek and everybody else from other nation. I come to teach the man what the church and sacrifice brought before God mean. The church is nothing else than the sons who serve God on the earth; God and not to themselves; to each others in the Lord and not to themselves. How comes such a thing? How comes to serve in the Lord? That is the sons who have the Lord for food, for growing up, sons who have the Lord as life, not sons who serve to their pleasures and to this age and to the master of this age, to the spirit of this world. And the sacrifice brought before Me is when there is reconciliation between brother and brother, between man and God. Such a sacrifice does not get to the Lord, and rather it comes back.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Synod of the saints archangels, Michael and Gabriel, from 21-11-1995.



Israel, Israel, what I have seen on the earth! The man is being baptized into the name of Jesus Christ, (See the selection topic: „About baptism”, r.n.); he is getting married into the name of Jesus Christ, (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and woman”, r.n.), and goes from now and then to church into the name of Jesus Christ, and he does so in vain if he does not share of Jesus’ Body and Blood; it is in vain sons. What I have seen on the earth is a great mourning. No one knows what a church mean. A church means to be the sons who share of Jesus’ Body and Blood. They who do not share go in vain. Oh, how should they commune if they are not ready for the Lord’s receiving, for the Lord’s coming, if they are not ready in the Lord’s waiting? They commune once in a while after the custom of the people, but they are never ready, since they remain into their sins. Who should teach the people? Who, sons, who, for there is none? There is none to do the work of forgiveness of the people’s sins, the work of man’s reconciliation to God. There is no one, sons; there is no one, for the today’s shepherd is something else; he is not a shepherd. No one goes on the way that has a living life, and that is why I raised you, My people, and I have been speaking to you again and again from heaven, and you has believed in the One Who has been speaking to you and woke up for travelling, and behold, I make out of you a man’s road towards God, to a living church, Israel. That is why I have fulfilled this rock on earth, to speak from its top and to show the man the way. The man has to believe in God, to love Him and to follow Him repenting of all those that are perishing and dying, being healed of death, sons.

We are at a threefold celebration, and I will come to you, sons, with a lesson for every man, for we will spread the seed, because I have seeders among you. I will have a lesson of live come down, so that all man may learn that there is no longer a clean water; there is no longer a clean and untroubled spring. No one knows what a sheep means, what a goat means, what a wolf means. But no one, no one knows any more what a faithful church means, praying in Christ, as once was told in the church:Let all who are faithful pray to the Lord”. (At the Holy Mass, r.n.). It is heard nowhere a pure prayer; one can say nothing about it since the priest cannot speak about it. The today’s priest is not faithful to Christ; he is not. The man comes to church and goes home not having communion. Why does he come anymore? He comes because the priest comes as well, but the today’s priest is no longer „a church door” (a saint); he is no more.

Excerpt from the Word of God at four years since the consecration of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, on 12-12-1995.


You Romanian Israel, every man who says that he is a Christian, who claims that he is from the church and a son of the church; every man who comes to church and does not partake of the Christ’s Body, to that one it is written violation towards My Body and My Blood. Let the man who goes to church go only to partake of the Lord. This means going to church. If you go more rarely, you commune more rarely, but if you go all the time that is why you always go, to commune always. Behold sons, what it is on the earth. Much ignorance, much sinfulness, much violation towards the Lamb of God, Who washes away the sins of the world! But the world comes up to the door and it goes home still unwashed. Who is to tell the man what a great sin he does when he comes and sits during the time of the Lamb’s sacrifice and he does not take from the Lamb and does not sit at the table? Why does such a man come to church anymore? He comes for disobedience; that is why he comes. He comes unprepared and commits the sin of violation towards God. He comes to lie by what he says, for it is not enough that he does not come close when he hears: „In fear and love you should come close to the Holy of the Holies”. (At the Holy Mass, r.n.) It is not enough that he does not come close to take, but he also commits the sin of singing praise to God for making them worthy of the holy sacraments and he prays to be strengthened for the holiness all day. The priest lies too and the man who sings something else that what he lives lies as well.


Oh, man, do you not see that the Holy Mass is only for those who commune; is it for those that are baptized and prepared for the Holies of the Lord? You worldly man, the glory of God is something else, as it is written: «Let he who boasts, boast in the Lord», that is, to be united with the Lord in the body and blood. When My apostles were gathering together in the Lord, they were ending with breaking of the bread and with the believers’ communion. That is why they were gathering together. There is no longer that time on the earth so that all the church may commune. But let all man know that I do not sit at the table with the unlawful ones; I do not sit at the table. I do not dine with those who did not leave their sins so that they may have Me always in them, as it is written: «I will not dine with the unclean ones». There are many dwellings where many people are gathered together before the breaking of My body, and the world does not take from My body. And if it takes not being prepared, it takes it in vain, but not useless, only to be guilty of the holy ones instead, since they do not sit washed away from sins. Behold, there is a market on the world, it is not the Last Supper as the song of the Last Supper is being sung. The today’s priest puts Me in a bowl as on the market and not as on the table for the Last Supper of the believers, but rather like those who tell the enemy the secret of My supper. They come in one place: prepared and not prepared, believers and not believers, clean and not clean; they come in as at the market not as at the Last Supper. And look what it is on the earth: it is said one thing and another thing is done, as it is written, that everything has remained but a human ordinance.

The praying is a great thing. The way to God is a great work. I look at each one full of a holy smile; I look how the Lord is known in him, and I look again at each one who proves himself that he has the sin lurching to accuse him, and behold, God proves Himself, and the sin prove itself, and it is written: «If anyone is wrong, you should correct him with gentleness, being careful to yourself not to fall into temptation», into the temptation of comforting his sin, of vindicating his sin, of having mercy on him without lifting him up. It is written that for the sins leading to death you should not pray; you should not pray for the one who commits sins leading to death. But what can you do to him? You should show what it is with him and what he should do. And if he is rising by resurrection from death, let you only afterwards see what it is to be done with him, for great is this way, the prayer. If the man’s prayer does not bring the man before the Lord that one did not go on the way of prayer, as it is written: «No one descended from heaven, but only he who ascended». Who does not ascend has nowhere to come back from with the reward of his prayer. Israel, Israel, there is no man to pray and not to receive.


Little children, the children of My people Israel from the end of the time! Well little children, I cuddle you and I comfort you and talk to you about the secret of praying, for speaking upon you the man will take from the world too, as I give you the seed and you sow it, for I see here and there good and warm soil for seed, not only road, not only thorns, not only rocks. I have some more among those who sigh after the Lord and I will add them to those resurrected by word, to those who are born in the end from My word which is coming to you to wash away the sins of the world and so that the risen one may come to the Last Supper of God’s Lamb.


I say again and again: a church means the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ, taken and eaten by all that are gathered together in a heavenly church on the earth. It is only there where I am complete; only there I fully come, there where all those gathered together take and eat from the Supper, from the Lamb, from the Passover, sons. But neither in the beginning have I got what I have today, for I have prepared you today, Israel, for the endless Supper, and I told you, son, how to dress, how to wash, how to sit and how to eat, so that you may always take from My Supper, after each morning and evening, after each measure of day, son Israel, as the fire does not have to go out, and the Lamb does not have to be taken away from the table. That is why I told you, son, Israel, that you are a secret, son, a Last Supper before Me, as you do not give My secret, My supper, to the enemies, and you do not sell Me for kisses as Judas has been doing from that time until today. You do not stay even a day without Me. You take My Supper forever and become everlasting, eating the One Who is everlasting, because you have prepared yourself for the wedding, dear son, and all your members sit at the Last Supper’s table of the heavenly Lamb’s wedding on the earth. You are My secret from the end of the time, and I stay, I gladly and longingly stay at the supper’s table with you. I do no longer stay in you for crucifixion; I do not come in you as in a grave, rather I come in the light, because I made you a light from My light because you become illuminated by My word, which remains and watches from above you. God is the word and bread on your table. I am a spirit and body with you and in you, and you are My secret, dear people; you are the one who loves Me on the earth, for the man on the earth does not know what love is. The man changes the place of all the holy words, and the man does no longer know where the word peace fits in: the word love, the word church, the word Christian, the word son of God, and the word life. The man has taken the holy words and put them over his work, and the man reads from man. But look, I come to take what is mine, for I will not give anyone the glory of the holy word, for the glory of God is not the glory of men.


Dear sons, remind Me on and on of My promises for the establishment, glory and praise of the New Jerusalem established on the earth. The church is the Jerusalem, the living church, which has on its table its body, taken away from the table by her living sons until everything will be swallowed up by life. Let yourself be swallowed by life, sons. You in Me, and I in you. The church from My body took life. The church was built of the sons who ate from My body. They who eat My body are My church. They who eat being prepared and are alive in the living one, they are the church for Me. They who eat from the supper and do not come from death to life, they remain among the dead. Let the dead be with their dead, you, who understand the mystery of the resurrection. (See selection topic: “Resurrection of the dead[7]”, r.n.) Israel, Israel, the man will wake up from the sleep and will try to take light, but you should teach him first what God is and how God is, and then to look and see if the man uses the Lord and only after that to give him the light. Do not believe in the light of the man; do not believe, Israel. Who comes illuminating in itself, do not break from his life which is coming from Me through you. Let he who comes, come without having anything, for the old ones pass with a great noise. Those that are seen are not the ones which will be. The man has to be healed of everything that is perishing and passing away, sons, and the man should not have mortal sins and if he comes let him be with the things of life. That is why I have always been telling you that love has its partners; that is why, lest you fail when the man comes and knocks to take light. The light has its sons and its partners as well sons. Every man who strives to please God will be known; that one will be known by God. By what shall he be known? By God’s calling; as only then the Lord is looking and sees who is crying out and how and why they are crying.

Israel, Israel, you should know that the sheep is only a sheep is a sheep, a goat is a goat and the wolf is a wolf. You should know sons that in the church are only the sheep. You should also know, Israel, that there is only the sheep’s skin in the church from the world. You should know too, My child, that the Shepherd from heaven knows his own sheep. I am the good Shepherd. The shepherd who does not lay down his life for the sheep is not a good shepherd. That one is giving the sheep with his own hands to the wolf, for he is well with the wolf. But I came to My sheep and I do not let what is Mine. I give them a clean pasture; I give them clean water; I give the Holy Spirit to the sheep and lambs, for the wolf flees away from the Holy Spirit, and this is how I save My sheep.

Excerpt from God’s Word at the feast of St. Apostle Andrew, on 13-12-1995.



Israel, Israel, I am your path. Let you have no other path beside Me. Let you love the Lord, your God, Israel, for no one loves Me anymore, son Israel. I complain to you, dear child. No one loves Me, no one on earth; no one. No one does My will anymore. The man of the church from the world is scared; he is scared of you and of Me, Who am the path for you; he is scared and called Me an evil spirit, as the church of Israel has been calling Me since I came to her as a Savior, as a benefactor, as a luminary from the Father and as a little path of walking to the Father. The man of the church got scared and is keeping his way at crossroads, so that no one may wake up and walk in the clean way.


The one who sits on the seat of the worldly church woke up not long ago, (The Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, r.n.), and spoke against My people which I feed by the word. I have heard and strived not to write this word of reproach, and I said: „Father, forgive him, that he does not know what he says; he does not know, Father, he does not know, because he does not want to know.” The ruler of the church woke up and said to the sons of My garden that they are hooligans. „Hooligan” in the My Romanian language means a man who wastes his time, a man with no purpose in the world, a rogue man. My Father heard this word from heaven: „the hooligans from Pucioasa.” This is what the ruler of the church spoke in his church.


Oh, man of the church, you are there to proclaim God to the people. You are there to proclaim the way for the people, to proclaim the Gospel not to denigrate My toil from heaven to the earth, and I pray before the Father and tell him: „Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing; the people of the church do not know that I came to get the church out of the darkness.”

The heaven of Romania pray to Me; the saints of Romania pray to Me saying: „Oh, Lord, look into Romania and see what the consecrated dwellings reached to be! Get up, Lord, and redeem the church and reward our labor, as Caesar is dressed with garments of holiness and Your holy path is no longer seen; the one from heaven on earth. There is no one to show the way to the man. Get up Lord, and redeem our blood and reward our faith and clean the consecrated dwellings for your holiness, Lord. Get up with Your mercy upon Romania and dispel the disbelief, and make way for Your word coming on the clouds, and wipe away the sins of the church and be victorious, Lord, with the wisdom of Your Holy Spirit coming on the clouds against the wisdom of this age, which entered even the dwelling of your holiness. Strengthen Your small people, strengthen Your living church by Your way, and establish the holiness upon Romania, and make a path for the Holy Spirit out of it upon the nations without a path, without the Holy Spirit on the earth. Help those that carry Your word coming down from heaven. Help them for we too help them, we who stand before You for Romania, and we help them into Your name and protect them by Your grace and by Your gifts for Romania, for it is Your torch, which will light all the nations of the earth and Israel as well, Your people in which you have been glorifying Yourself during the ages and by the prophets so that the kings and the nations of the earth my give You glory. Lord fulfill Your promise for the new age, for your coming back among the people, for a new heaven and a new earth and a new man, after Your image and likeness. Forgive the man without a path and reveal Yourself to him to tell him: «I am the way, the truth, the life and the eternity». Oh, Lord, listen to the prayers of the saints of Your heaven and fulfill, Lord, Your will on earth, for the work of a new heaven and a new earth, a dwelling of peace and everlasting justice. Amen.


Oh, Jerusalem, this is how the saints of Romania are praying at the throne of the heavenly Trinity. Pray also with them for patience, as I have mercy of man, you son, Jerusalem. Abraham prays My child, prays to fulfill My promise made him. The heaven is praying. Pray with the heaven, Jerusalem. Pray son, for the prayers of the worldly church which denigrates you, the people of My word; what am I to do with the prayers of him who does not believe in My coming? My coming is in preparation, but the people of the church do not have time to believe. I came to them for they were to be Mine, but they did not receive Me, and they said that I was a rogue, that I was an idler by the people of My word. But I am God in the word, I am God the Word, and the man of the church has no wisdom and has no time to understand. A foreign man to My life dressed in the robe of the church; a man who does not understand the holiness; a man who loves vainglory; the glory which comes from man and not from God. The glory from God is holiness in the body; it is poorness in the spirit; it is humility and heavenly wisdom and a living Holy Spirit of heavenly glory on earth.


Oh, My people, I cry with you son. No one loves Me on earth; no one does My will any longer, no one. The man of the worldly church got scared and upset with Me and with you and called Me an evil spirit, as the church of Israel called Me at my first coming. Who does not receive you, My people, my messenger, does not receive Me, and I have still prayed to my Father saying: „Father forgive our adversaries, for they do not know what they do”. This is how you should pray too, My people, for you are the people of My prayer commanded by me to be in you. Forgive the great ones who denigrate you because of My name that you bear. You are small and can forgive, for the small one cannot do any evil. Pray to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, to forgive every man who does not know what he does, who does not know what he says, for great is the darkness of this age, great, son, and there is no holiness on earth. But even in the holy places there is no holiness; it is no longer and I cry with you son, Jerusalem; I cry for the longing of the man, of the work of My hands, which I cannot find to breathe upon it and to repair and establish it into an everlasting place and life. I rejoice in you, small Israel, small Jerusalem, and come upon you with the Holy Spirit of comforting with the promise which I let when I ascended to My father, for behold, I am the word upon you and bring upon you, life, power and peace with Me from heaven. Make Me glad too, for I am a God without comfort. I comfort Myself with the saints and angels, but the pain for man combines Me with the pain.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the birth of St. John, the Baptizer, on 07-07-1996



Sons, sons, there are both visible and not visible clouds. Israel saw the invisible cloud of My glory; he saw where he had to go; he saw in order to believe, but when he got tired of believing, he gave up his steadfastness, patience and obedience. But I want to lift up the old Israel. I want it to hear and to make him believe. My word goes everywhere and will go and breathe a living spirit from him and will raise the people of Israel too, for I do not forget the perseverance of Israel’s remnant. He did not receive Me then as the Son of God, but he shall receive Me, for this is written. That is why I needed a living church and a heavenly church in a living church on earth. Let Israel hear; let it hear and raise the Lord’s people, for the glory of the Lord has been glorified in him.


Israel, Israel of today, let you be a Samaritan son, dear Israel, so that I can deliver great forgiveness upon those that will ask for forgiveness, and to give them the joy of salvation and of eternal life to all who will see this way that I walk on with you My people, the people of My path. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of St. Apostles Peter and Paul, on 12-07-1996



I am Who I am; I am the One Who comes. I come with a new heaven and a new earth which are. I come with the peace and justice in the work of a new heaven and a new earth, for the men’s peace is not peace. The people are full of the spirit of earthly wisdom; the people are full of spirits; they are not poor in their spirit so that the kingdom of heaven may have room in them, for behold, I, the Lord, have been wondering since seven thousand years and I have nowhere to bow down My head, but I have cleansed a people and make it poor in his spirit, to have room with My kingdom in him and to be with the heaven on earth, for it is no good for the man to be alone, alone without God, without the word of God. I have always spoken upon the man who heard My word from heaven and I have reached this day, and I have My people, who is My son, and I have been speaking above him, and he has listened to Me and done My will, the will of My word, and I have taught him to share Me, so that the nations from the earth may have light, for I am the word and the light. Amen. I have chosen golden vessels from the sons of the church that do not mess up with the worldly affairs, vessels for God’s service, so that the Lord may enter the Jerusalem and to make Jerusalem from man, to make a church from man, a living sacrifice before God, a burning sacrifice, living, living burning in man.


Let the man make peace with God and let him be the Lord’s church! The man seeks the church, but this is written for you, people, who seek: «The kingdom of God is in you». You will not find a church nowhere but in you if you build it in you. The church is nothing else but the Christian’s body, the clean body in which the Lord comes in a clean way. If the Christian does not come clean to the wall church in order to take the Lord as a body and word; that of walls is not a church. 


Oh, people, you build churches of walls in vain if the Christians do not come in with their clean bodies and hearts. Let the man make peace with God! Let the man kneel down and make a real cross upon his body, utter a prayer of repentance, cleanse himself by remorse, put upon him the promise of the resurrection from the dead, and let him take God in him only this way, for reconciliation to God, to the everlasting unity with God. Let the man forgive one another, for many things which are forgiven on earth shall be forgiven by God. Let Christ be lived by man and the man live in Christ, for the wisdom from heaven is one, and this is: «Let the man deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me» on the earth and in heaven, through the world and in the church. Amen.

… I have been pouring out My grace for seven years, Romania, to begin a new age with you on the earth, but God and Magog have stood against Me in you. Let no enemy be hostile to you and Me. Let My peace be with you, for the peace of the people is not peace. The men are full of spirits; they are not poor in their spirit so that the kingdom of heaven may find room in them, for behold, I wonder and have no room in man and I have no church where to bow down my head and find My day of rest. Oh, daughter of Romania, come so that I may woo you to be a resting day, as My people chosen from you is for Me, a resting day and a bride for My coming, for I am the word, and all are done by word again; and there will be a new heaven and a new earth from you, Romania, for this is how I am well pleased, and the Father is well pleased with Me. Amen.


I am the good Shepherd Who is laying His life for His sheep, Who gives His body as food for His sheep, for this is what My life given to the sheep means, so that My sheep may have life and have it abundantly, but you should learn to be a church; you, man, should learn what Jesus Christ’s church means; you should learn from Me, for I am the body and word in the church, the spirit and truth, as it is written in the Scriptures.


I became flesh in the Virgin two thousand years ago and I have dwelt among the people as a body that came through the Virgin, and now, after two thousand years, My Father made Me the word in you, daughter of Romania. Do you hear the Word? I am the Son of My Father, the One Who is. I am the One Who is, as My Father is. Come to be, daughter of Romania, for the one who is, is in Me, and the one who is, is no otherwise. Come to be in Me; come to make you a body into My holy body, for I am the body and word in the church; I am the church of My Father, for My Father is in Me. Come to be My church, for I am in you and I speak from your midst upon you. The Lord is coming from heaven to you to be with you, for it is not good to be alone, My love, alone without the Lord. Receive Me, for the one who does not believe in Me and in My coming, that one has part with the unbelievers.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the St. Mina, (or Menas; 285-309 A.D.) the martyr, on 24-11-1996.



I come in the counsel of My people and I become the word upon you, the bishops and priests of the time. My word cannot be bound. What shall you do if I am taken for a „liar” as two thousand years ago? No one believed that I am sent from heaven by My Father, and the man of the church took Me as a liar, and when they saw that I was not a liar, they hid under their lie, and have been staying under its cover before the truth which rose for eternity. What will you do if you do not want to take from Me the gift of faith to believe in the Word of God? Romania is an example of the kingdom of heaven; and the nations of the earth will be gathered together towards her and will love her and will take the light of My word from her, for I put a light in the candle, and many nations will eat bread from heaven and will know what bread is, for it is written: «Where the carcass is, there the vultures will gather together to eat». Do not hate My people. It let itself to be a sacrifice of faith and love; it let itself to be My will on earth for the human kind’s salvation. This teaching is Mine, as My people are not a people of wise men. It is poor in its spirit, and with the eyes of the heart and mind, it looks at Me and at My kingdom and sees My glory in this word. My word is God’s glory. Believe in Me and you shall see God’s glory in this word. Believe in My kingdom which is on earth, and you do not understand it. (See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord”, r.n.)


Oh, the priests do not know what a Holy Mass means, for if they knew, they would understand what I mean when I say: blessed is the kingdom of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The priests do not have Me in their living; the priests have no mind; they do not have Me, but this does not lie in the power of man. This is a gift from God not through man; not taken by man, but by My grace which is let into those that do My holy will in their body, that is, God witnessed in man’s body, in man’s living. This is not taught from man or by man. Who taught Abraham the faith in God, the love for God? For faith is love. Who taught Melchizedek the faith in God? I gave him the gift of faith; My gift believing in man, for the Lord hardens and has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and it does not lie in man’s power, as the gift of faith in man is from God.


I am the Lord. I am this word. However lying this word is before you, oh, you, people of the church should know that I am this word. I am and you shall see the Son of man in the glory of this word, for Romania is the kingdom of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. And it shall be the Orthodoxy lived by the faithful sons and it shall be My church, as it is, for I am the body and word for My remembrance. I am not only the body in it, but I am also the word, for I am always today. (See selection topic: Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan[8]”, r.n.)


Oh, bishops and priests do not put Me under a bushel. Take Me as the light for you and for the people. I did not come to break your laws, but rather I came to fulfill My holy law for the salvation of the human kind, for Romania is the country of My Father’s choice, as it is written in My book from yesterday and today. I ask you nothing; I take nothing from what is yours. But give Me your sins so that I may forgive them. I am the son of the Father, the word of the Father, Who has the power to forgive the man’s sins. I do not take your glory either, for I do not want men’s glory. Put it away from you; put your glory out of you and of the people who glorify you, and take My glory in you, which is My will in man. Give life to the people, take and give. This is the word of the everlasting life. Do not take stones in your fists anymore to throw in Me, for My people is good; it is a son of peace, the son of My people, and I call Israel the one who believes in Me and in My will upon the man. My people are a fallow land with a treasure in it. Sell your possessions and buy this fallow soil and be rich in God. My people has the word of life in its midst; it has Me as the word and body, and the saints and angels serve the small one who believes, and he can with Me, for everything is possible for the one who believes. If I am into its midst, you should no longer doubt of his life, of his anointment. I have worked subjecting Myself to you. I took from your midst a bishop, a witness of My new work upon the old man, to make a new man, born by the word from above and you did not believe Me that I came as a word upon the earth and as a fulfillment of the word for a new beginning of a new age upon Romania, the country of My coming back to the people. Oh, you did not believe! Rather you put into your prison the one who testified My word’s growing, the one who made a church for Christ on earth. Behold, this is how you judged Me; this is how you knew Me, not knowing Me. But I still knock. I knock and knock again at the gates of your church, bishops and priests of today’s church from Romania. I also knock at the gates of Romania and I knock at your gates too. I knock and knock again. I knock to be opened for Me, and I will not jump over the gates, for the good shepherd enters the gate, not over the sheepfold. Romania is the sheepfold of My sheep, the sheep given to Me by My father, and I come to shepherd them with an iron staff, with the word of God which is shepherding the ones who want and the ones who do not want, for the river flows, and the river of life runs dry. The river of the everlasting word flows and overruns, and the one who believes has an everlasting and not a judged life. Amen. (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.)


Oh, the Mass is supposed to be holy, for it is written: «Do this for My remembrance, for My remembrance in you». It does not have to be worked by those without brains, for the man who has brains is the one who knows nothing but God in his living. It is only this way that a man has brains, for the man should know nothing but this: God resting in him; image and likeness in man.

Whether you wanted or not, whether you believe it or not, listen to the word of God Who enters the gates. I do not humble before you, bishops and priests of today’s church, and at My humility which cries out at the gates, the gates will fall down, and I will come in to the sheep and shepherd them, for look, I am already shepherding them, and they hear My voice and open to Me and I have a fresh supper with My sheep and they with Me, bread from heaven, the word of God. Amen.


Oh, mother Virgin, the root of your Son, I took root in you from the Father, so that I may have a root in man, to be the man’s root, a heavenly root from the Father, as I came as a root from the Father in you, mother Virgin, loved mother, My love, My mother, My loved Virgin, Virgin bride! Oh, how shall I sing you to put to shame those who did not listen to your word which said: «All the nations will bless me!»? You are celebrated in Israel. You are the man, who I took root in, to spring up from man; and this way I made man anew, and the man has no brains and does not know. You are the kingdom of God in man, and the man does not know what My kingdom in him and with him means. Neither the man of the church, who says that he knows God, knows anything, for the man became conceited and fell down reaching his hand to take what he was not supposed to take. He stole and fell while he was stealing and he remained within himself; he has remained master over himself and stays so until this day. And I came and told: the one who wants to come after Me and with Me should deny himself, take up his cross following Me; he should take up his denial of himself on his shoulders and be in Me following Me. Oh, the man does not know My kingdom in man. And neither the man of the church knows it, mother; he does not know it either.


Oh, he does not know, dear Son; the man does not know. Neither the man of the church knows what Your kingdom in man and upon man is. Oh, praise to You in me, for I was Your church which You came in when You came from the Father to the people. The man does not know what the church and kingdom of God in the church means. The priest who says while keeping the bread into his hand: „Blessed is the Lord in remembrance of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Who as a guiltless Lamb brought Himself as a sacrifice”, does not know either, and take You out, a body from the bread and put You on the plate saying: „The Lamb of the Lord is sacrificed for the life of the world”, and thrusting on Your right side, takes then wine and water and pours out into the glass saying: „water and blood came out from the side of the Lord.(During the Divine Liturgy, r.n.)

Oh, something else means the priest to know what he says. I say something else, Son, when I say this. I am always in the Mass of Your children from the garden. I am the bread which You are taken from, bread from bread, God from the Virgin Who the Son of God was born of, and You are put on the plate as in the manger which You were put it at Your birth, and the cross put upon Your body reminds of the star which announced You among the people, of the archangel who led the wise Magi in faith to proclaim into the world that You were born Man from the Father by a Virgin; and You are covered on the plate as I covered You with the swaddles; and You are censed the same way the Magi brought You incense and myrrh. And all these memories, which the hand and mouth of the one who brings You, makes and speaks, are the remembrance of Your crucifixion on the cross on Golgotha; your side thrust, the shrouds on Your face and on Your body, the stone on the grave, Son. I am always with You when you share to your sons from the garden; I am with the saints when Your are sharing yourself not separating or growing less when giving Yourself as food to the sons. All the heaven enters when they say „May it be, Lord, that together with our entering to be the entering of Your saints angels who serve with us, glorifying You, the good One.

The celebration of Your kingdom with Your sons, the body and word with Your sons that you chose from the world to be their king from heaven, is great, and they take me from the bread and place me beside you saying: „The Empress is sitting on your right. Amen.


Dear Son, bless Your word in my word upon the sons.


… Oh, I want to make Prince Charming and fairies of you and to show you to the people as a true story, and I to be in your power, love and not a fairy story, but to be real in you, for I am as you believe. I am with you from cradle to cradle and I write Myself with you from book to book, so that the times may look at these times, and the last times to look and see, and the prophets, who proclaimed this time of Mine with you, to rejoice with you, for you are My small bouquet of flowers, what the prophets proclaimed about, that you will be and spring forth. And we will be loved by the countless multitudes if we know to love one another, loving sons, loved sons. You should have the Scripture which says: «Love one another as I loved you». I say again and again: one another not one with another or each with others, but each other as I loved all of you, who were at that time and are now with Me, loving each other. Love one another as I loved you, and if you do not know how, ask My love, My love which loves you all, and it will answer you loving you with its answer, and you will be carried at its bosom as a mother caresses her babies comforting them. This way you will be comforted in Jerusalem, in Me your Jerusalem, your place of joy. You in Me and I in you, a New Jerusalem, the Jerusalem from above on earth, a holy city, and countless multitudes will understand what the Scriptures which says: «And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem coming down out from heaven, from God», for I said so: «I will prepare a place for you, as where I am you may be there also».  And I went so that I may come back again from the Father a dwelling for you and for those of that time that I was spoken these words upon; to come as a holy city, to come and be as a New Jerusalem, so that where I am you may also be. That is why I have always said that I come to embody you in My holy body, in the dwelling which came down from the Father, as I said: «I go to My Father to prepare a place for you and to come back as a place from the Father for you». I said that in My Father’s house are many places, but I prepared a place for you to be together with Me. What kind of places has My Father among the many which I spoke about? Oh, there are many places of My Father’s house, of God’s making, dear sons, who stay under My wisdom. There are dwellings for thrones, principalities, rulers, beginners, powers, dwellings of the archangels, of angels, of seraphim, of cherubim; dwelling of ghosts who serve the word of God: rain, wind, blizzard, hail, dew, ice, snow, clouds, haze, fog, heat; wrath with its instruments, lightning, fire, brimstone; the dwellings of blessing: sun, moon, and light; the places of my Father’s house, which are many and countless, for He said and they came into being; He commanded and they were built and are being built at His command, and He set and is setting the forever and ever, and He gave and is giving them a law and they will not overlook it, and they will praise Him on earth and heaven. Oh, there are many places of My Father’s house, but I came from My Father and went to Him, so that I may come again, to come as a place for you, who are given to Me by My Father to be for you a dwelling into My Father’s house; you in Me and I in you; I with My saints and you with joy, as it is written: «Rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them!» for the heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool, and this way the man was made. Amen. I prepared a place for you in Me, that where I am you shall also be, and everyone who is mine to be with Me, and I with Mine, and all those of My Father’s places to serve God, to the word of God. (See the selection topic: „The heaven – the throne, the earth – the footstool: the man deified”, r.n.)


… Verginica, this is what I said to My people today: oh, children and little children of the Spirit and of My body, I would stay with you forever. I would make day from night, I would stop the time; I would always stayed with you and love you, and I would love you and would make love to you until I make you love Me as much as I am in love with you, as My Father loves you and He is in love with you in Me, and the lovers would never separate again, for they feel how the eternity seizes them and feel the joy seizing them. This is how the Father is in love with you, and I am the eternity and the joy of My Father. I am the One Who embraces you making My Father to rejoice in Me. From cradle to cradle I swing with you between heaven and earth and I want to make from you Prince Charming and fairies and to show you the true story, and to be with you, power and love not fairy story, but rather to be the truth in you. I have been taking care of you from cradle to cradle; I have written Myself with you from book to book, so that the times may look to this time, at My time with you. You are My last church, My house of guests on the earth. You are those comforted in Jerusalem, in Me, your Jerusalem, your place of comforting; you in Me, and I in you, New Jerusalem from heaven on earth, for there where I am you also may be, for the place of the man made by God is in God, the One Who made man according to His image and likeness, a dwelling of the Lord in man, and of the man in God. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Church Entrance of the Lord’s Mother, on 04-12-1996.



I, sons, have no peace in heaven and on earth without you. You are My peace and I comfort Myself with you; I rejoice with you in the longing of My coming, for I miss the work of your hands, I miss the man, My sons. I long to the man to come to Me, for there is no greater joy in heaven as when a man without God comes to Me to find Me and follow Me. I established you as a path on the earth leading to God. I chose you as a support, sons. I, sons, have no peace in heaven and on earth without you. And why do I have no peace? I have no peace until I come visibly, for behold, I have always called the man. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way”, r.n.). I have always made My way to the people with you.


You are My hands and feet; I walk with you; I spend time with you; I write Myself with you in heaven and on earth, and I have no peace until I find My rest. My rest is the man, and I miss the work of My hands, I miss the man to come and follow Me as you followed Me, the little children of the garden of My word. Oh, how could I have peace without you anymore? No one wants to deny himself and follow Me. People want to be with Me, but they do not know what it means for man to be with God. No man knows how to be with God anymore? My longing is full, My spirit longs crying for the man made after the image and likeness of God. My crying is hurt, My longing is crying for the man, but I find comfort with you and I find comfort comforting you and rising you in My longing. Oh, who has mercy on Me any longer to give Me to the people, so that I may find My lost comfort in them, My first rest? I miss all human kind, but I lose Myself in you, I hide in you with My longing, as I do not have where to bow down mMy head; I have not. The man is no longer My house. The man sold the house and garden, his body and happiness. The man was My house, and I did not need a house made by the people. What kind of a house the people who spoiled My house and My rest should build Me? The man was to be My house and My glory after My image and My rest.

Oh, sons, how can I have peace without you any longer? Where should I find My comfort, where? Who shall hear Me? Who shall know Me? Who should I complain Myself on earth to? The man’s life had to My life; his body, My house; his work, My work. Oh, sons take My word, take My comfort and give it to the people so that they may also feel My comforting and know My voice.


Let the saints find comfort in you, Israel, for they miss them, dear son. The saints come with Me to you. Be careful to what I say, for I tell you those that are prophesied in the Scriptures. I come with My saints to you. Your Lord comes with thousands of saints to you, and all this glory will soon be seen. His glory will be seen soon, soon, as the lightning which rises from the east and shines up to the sunset; soon, soon it will show, it will show soon, soon. Amen. (See the selection topic: „As lightning that comes from the east, so is the coming of the Lord”, r.n.)


The kingdom of heaven is like you, dear Israel, faithful servant, for the Master will come and find you watching and will tell you: «Come into the joy of your Lord!». Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the St. Hierarch Nicolae, (Nicholas) on 19-12-1996.



Oh, what kind of house shall man build to Me? Did I not really make the heaven and the earth into My house, My throne and My bed? I am the One Who builds. My hands laid down your foundation, Jerusalem of My glory, and My hands will finish it until of glorifying of the visible one in it, for I come on the clouds, Jerusalem, and I will let Myself be seen while coming to you and all the nations will walk into My and your brightness, My city of sons, the city of My love, the living temple from Romania. I come with saints in you and have a celebration of saints, and I comfort you, Jerusalem, My comforting. We comfort each other, son. The spirit of comfort is the spirit who wraps us in a single body, Bridegroom and bride on the earth, for it is written: «The two shall be one flesh».

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the St. Hierarch Basil the Great, on 14-01-1997.


Peace to the little garden of My word! Amen. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, come into Verginica’s book. I become a word and come on the clouds, and I come with Verginica.


I come into you with, Verginica; I come in your book and become the word and book of My word. Today is a day of St. John. We come to Israel with John, My godfather and celebrate a heavenly day with Israel. We pass from book to book and write down in the books, Verginica, for these books are those prophesied about in the word of the Scriptures, which say: «And the books were open and there was open another book», The Book of Life, Verginica: all the books of God, all, from all the times, and with them, The Book of Life. (See the selection topic: „The Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life”, r.n.).


Does really Israel know what the Book of Life is, Verginica? It is written: «Anyone who is not found written in the book of the Life will be cast into the fire». Let us work sons, for there are many to be learned over Israel and over the nations, and all the books will be made until all will be fulfilled and all the heavens and everybody who live in them will be glad, for it is written into the Scriptures: «Rejoice, you heavens, and all who live in them!». Amen.


Oh, sweet Words, oh, my Lord, my joy is fulfilling, for the time has come for my people, Lord, and behold, the remnant of my people is giving birth to a people. Oh, many have passed by this river of word; many in the time of those forty years, but the ones of today’s people do Your will, Lord, for the remnant has been chosen from a crowd in all the times, Lord. This way the today’s church, which does not walk in the Lord’s ways, is sorted out, and its good remnant, the one with a living fruit, will be added to Your people and my people, and we will nourish it, Lord, the people of Israel, who is and the one who will be born from Your wedding with Your bride, Lord, as I gave birth to a bride for You, (See the selection topic: „The Lamb’s Wedding”, r.n.), and I gave her birth in pains, so that You may also have joy, You and Your bride, as You said: «The white horse and its rider». (See the selection topic: „The white apocalyptic horse”, r.n.) You are the word upon Israel. Lord, give birth to sons of Your word; give birth to all of them who You want to give birth to! Sow Yourself in them with Your word, in those whom You have to be born, whom You have to be from the Father, and to have them so that You may reign in them, You Lord, King from King, the true Lord, sweet Words!


Oh, my people, I miss talking to with you, that you become a wedding of new age upon the earth. Whiten yourself son, for now you see why I have always been telling you to be good, to be faithful, beautiful, intelligent and holy. Do not be shy to call yourself a saint, for this is how the Christians are called by Christ, the Holy One of God, the Father, Who enters and sanctifies the Christian’s body and soul. You have seen that I told you through the sons of my little garden to show you the mystery and its interpretation, the mysteries of the Holies, son, the mystery of the Holy Mass that you did not understand, for there was no one to tell you until now so that you may understand what it is. I sent the chosen one from the garden to show you all that are hidden in the mystery of the Holy Mass, so that you may understand how to stay before the kingdom of God, before the throne of God, for the altar which the Lamb of God is placed on as Christian’s food, is the throne of God, dear son. Do not forget the interpretation which was put into your heart and mind. Do not forget anymore and love the kingdom of God, which sits on its throne before you, in the mystery of the Holy Mass. They who go to church, they from the world who enter the churches, go because of tradition to church, and the man of the world does not know what the Holy Mass is, and that is why does not stand as before God. Those from the world smarten up, dye, trim themselves, become conceited, plume themselves on new clothes, perfume themselves and adorn with golden ornaments, with tassels, with precious stones, and this is how they go to church. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image and the sign of the cross”, r.n.) Oh, the man of the world does not know what the church means. They say that the church is a wall; this is what they know. But the Lord becomes a true church with you on earth, for the church means the sons of God gathered together around the God’s Lamb, Who breaks Himself as food for the forgiveness of the sins, committed and forgiven through repentance.

Jerusalem, we become a true church so that the world may see what the true church means. The Lord comes down in you as body and word to show Himself to the world with you as His true church and not dyed, not a whitewashed grave and painted over, as the man has been doing since two thousand years. Christ’s church can be in the mountain, in the woods, in the fields and by the banks of the waters, and under the covering of bad weather, but let it be the church, let it be its sons around the secret Lamb Who gives Himself to His sons. The dwellings which receive you, my people, who go to proclaim the word of God, these are the church as long as you halt in them. The church is something else than it can be understood by man who does not know what to do. Where is he to know from? Who is to tell him? The priests of the world hide under the curtain and the man beyond it does not know what the priest does. The man does not feel God standing in the arm of the priest. The man does not see God; he cannot see anything; he does not know, and he fails from lack of wisdom.

Go Jerusalem, go from place to place and proclaim yourself as a Christ’s church, the secret Lamb, Who gives Himself for food. Go, Jerusalem, into the middle of the multitudes and many wolves will become lambs, for behold, the wolves feed on my word together with the lambs and young sheep of the Lord; they feed on the world of God and become wise, and many will search thoroughly your mystery with the Lord and many will understand, and the knowledge of the Lord will increase and many will become lambs and will take the law of holiness in them, and those without the law will not understand yet. But you go, go, Jerusalem, for I will get asses, camels and horses into your way, and they will carry you to the multitudes and many multitudes will rise and catch hope and will be comforted in your true God, true people of your God.


… Oh, God is word. This is your measure, stature and being in God, according to the measure of man’s faith who believes into the word of God, for the one who believes the word of God, believes that the Word becomes flesh, word and flesh into the middle of the church. That is why it is said at the Mass: „Let us take heed, for the Holies are given to the saints”, not to the fools, not to the pigs, not to those who do not believe that the Lord is the word, and He becomes flesh as the food of the church, and the one who does not eat My Body, does not have life in him; the one who has not got Me in him to be My church is not a church. This is a fool and blind and says to himself: „There is no God”.  Even from those that were sons, and sons from My people, you may see someone who became the fool that said: „There is no God”, and he goes into the world and separates himself from the word of God for his own pleasures, for his own opinions, in order to give himself to the people and not to God, and they reach to be the laughing stock of the people and snatch their names from the Book of Life and become gods for themselves, and do not let Me rule upon them. But it is written into the Scriptures a word delivered by Me, which says this: «Take those who did not want Me rule over them and cast them out for slaughter and fire».

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Synod of St. John, the Baptizer, on 20-01-1997.



I come to you, Israel, with a feast of a bishop. The bishops, Basil, Gregory and John, are in My coming to you, My blessed people. It is a day of the bishop Synod, a holy synod, a synod with a blessing of bishops upon Israel. These three bishops blessed the beginning of the work of My word in 1955 from heaven on earth, when I came down as a word in Verginica.

You should know Israel, at least you should know and believe well that the saints who have carried Me on the earth in the holiness of their life, walk on the earth, come on the earth to the people, they come from heaven and take a body on the earth and do My plan and then come back into those from heaven; they come and ascend; they ascend and come at man’s prayer and for the fulfilling of My plans with the saints, for the saints are My servants on earth and in heaven, in heaven and on earth, and the man does not know. The man does not know the secrecies of the Orthodoxy, for this is how My word is called; it is called Orthodoxy, it is called righteousness by faith. Orthodoxy means the good faith of man; Orthodoxy as Abraham had, which the Scripture says about that his faith was counted as righteousness. The right faith, the blameless faith, this is what the Orthodoxy means. Who does not know to believe in God’s unfathomable mysteries, that one cannot be Orthodox like Abraham, righteous and just in faith, and of whose sons are the stars of the sky, faithful to the heaven like Abraham. The believers are the sons of Abraham. The saints are the sons of Abraham, they who were promised to Abraham when he was told: «Your offspring shall be like the stars of the sky», like the saints of the heaven on earth, and the sons promised to you shall be like you. Those who are faithful to the mysteries of God are Abraham’s relative; they are God’s Israel, the promised one. Amen. The right faith of the saints is being written on the earth and testifies. The Orthodoxy was written and is being written on the earth, for the right faith has been turned into deed and righteousness in man, the same as it was turned into by My hierarchs, Basil, Gregory and John, for the saints and martyrs came from heaven to earth at their faith, and they did justice to them at their faith, at their request made to God out of their faith.

The saints of the heaven on earth come to do justice to those who constantly cry out to God. This is how the three hierarchs came to Verginica and gave My Body and Blood after her fasting for forty days and forty nights, for at My command she could fulfill her preparation to be able to make My vessel out of her, a vessel of My word, a golden lamp stand, a chandelier with seven candles, the eyes of the Lord, who are roaming over the whole earth, as it is written into the prophets about the work of My Word in Verginica, the Lord’s word to Israel, the word who does not work by its might or by its virtue, rather by My Spirit. My hands laid the foundation of this work and My hands will finish it too, so that the man may know that I am the Lord God of this people that My Father sent Me to, and whoever denigrates the beginning of My work and of my vessel, who I had My work in, that one will soon see the last stone into My hand.

Israel, you tiny son from the last, you are the new foundation stone, son, for the old are passing noisily. Take a good look to see how they are passing and to be able to understand how the old ones are passing away. Which are the old ones and which are the new ones? The man full of his dirty sins and is the old ones, and the man, cleansed and whitened by the law of the holiness, is the new ones; they are a new foundation, the last stone, which the builders, who build at this age, do not take into consideration, for what connection may the new ones have with the old ones? The same are you, little Israel, My stone of a new foundation, and let you have no connection to the old ones, and let you be a new man, a new heaven, a new earth, a new age, a new church, and to run away from Sodom, to run away from all that means Sodom, for the world and its roads are a Sodom. I took you out as I did with Lot, but your many husbands looked back and turned into a stone with you and with Me, and I gave you birth on the way, and I have you, and I entered with you into a celebration of a new age, and they who rebelled had had it like the sons of Korah and were swallowed by the city of Sodom, by the lusts of the world, for they did not read the Scriptures which says that the world and its desires is perishes.


Many of those who were and left in disbelief said that they were fool that they believed. Oh, if I called them „fools”, they would have Me accursed, for it is written: «Who says to his brother „You fool!” shall be accursed». Oh, not even now do I call „fools” those who left My wisdom and said that they were fools when they were wise. Not even now when they alone went away to be fools and without wisdom, not even now do I call them „fools”, but I say something else: Barabbas, who was released in return for My crucifixion, was happier than that one, who being from the world and seeing himself being freed by the One Whose crucifixion was asked, being escaped from the prison, followed Me up to Golgotha and remained to watch beside My grave, beside the grave of the One Who died into his place. He remained on Golgotha and hid into the bush, for he found out from the rumors that I would rise, and his eyelids were no longer closed until he saw that I came out of the grave. He was the only man who saw when I came out of the grave, after the angels pushed the stone away. Oh, the thief Barabbas kept vigil around My grave sealed by the ruler of the Jews, but who could put the providence under the seal? No one believed that I, the crucified, am God; no one knew it sufficiently but only after My resurrection. I let Myself to be crucified; I let Myself to be killed in order to rise and the man may know through My resurrection that I am God.


I prophesied before My crucifixion that I will rise from the grave the third day, and when the third day broke, I woke up and shook the earth and heaven, and the angel came from above and pushed the stone away and he sat on it and the watchmen, who woke up because the earthquake; they saw him sitting on the stone which was sealing the grave and they turned pale with fear and became like dead, and the prudes coming, wound the stone rolled up and they were told by the angel that I was risen and that I would go to My disciples. Mary sat by the grave to find out where I was put, and I showed Myself to her and said: «Who are you looking for?», and looking at Me she knew me by My voice. She was the first among my disciples who saw me after the resurrection, but Barabbas, the thief, was present and woken up, as from My resurrection and until My coming, he did not straggle from around My grave, and during the time of the earthquake he saw the angel coming from above, who, rolling the stone, so big, and sitting on it, announced My resurrection to the prudes.


Oh, Barabbas, the thief, who believed that I was God, Who will rise and Who I escaped him from the death by My death and resurrection, for being from the world, he believed, and hearing My deeds, repented of all his wicked deeds. He did not judge My deeds and works as being wicked, the same as those from My Father’s house did. He looked at his wicked deeds when he saw Me given to death by the Jews in return for his release, for the world was crying for Me to be crucified and Barabbas to be freed. The world was advised by the priests to ask the freedom of Barabbas, known for his evil deeds, and when Pilate asked the world: «But what shall I do with Christ?», the world answered to crucify Me, as it received teaching from the priests.

Oh, behold, where the wickedness goes from, even today against My work of the word. Barabbas fled from the world and followed Me, the One condemned to crucifixion, and Barabbas saw Me during the time of My resurrection, and saw the prunes, and saw Me when I came towards Mary, the Magdalene, who was crying waiting near the grave. This man from the world was happier thousand times than they who said that they belong to God and crucify Me out of their eagerness for God for the salvation of their kindred as Caiaphas said: «It is better to perish this One than all our people».  Oh, I do not call them fools, they who left forever from My wisdom saying that they were fools when they believed, but I say to them: happier will be a thief who has part to see My light and My age with a visible glory; happier than the one who was with this secret of the word from heaven and did not remain near its ray until the great resurrection. Oh, instead of preparing and watching out for My coming in a little white dress and with a lit candle, they became unwise like the foolish virgins, who said to themselves that the Lord is delaying in His coming.


Oh, Israel, you should always say that the Lord is coming and always wait for the visible glory, so that you might not be taken by surprise, for happy is the one who is waiting dressed up and watching out, as Barabbas did until My resurrection. You should always say that the Lord is coming and you should always say: «Come, Lord!» as it is written: «The Spirit and the bride say: “Come!” and let he who hears say as well: “Come!”», and he is to say after you: “Come Lord, come!”


Israel, son, you should always say that the Lord is coming, so that My coming in glory may be fulfilled, and you should always wait in a little holy coat, in a little white coat and say: „Come Lord!


My bishops shake themselves with My grace upon you so that you may have grace, Israel. They put a bishop anointment upon My work from beginning to end, for they came and come from heaven to you; My bishops are coming on and on to you. Have you seen the angel who came from above an opened My grave and kept vigil in the way of the prunes to let them know of My resurrection? The bodiless angel took a body before the man and did My work. But how shall the saints, who wore a body, not take a body when coming to the man to do My work? This is how the saints, the hierarchs, have been working upon this work, for the have come down from heaven, they have come down from above, they have come from those that are invisible and let themselves be seen in the beginning and in the end of My work of the word in this time. These saints have come in the beginning for Verginica to present her before Me as a prepared and consecrated vessel, as Melchizedek came to Abraham; and they have come now to you as well in your time, you, the smallest one from My work of the word, and presented before you chosen vessels, so that you may have My word coming to you, for My bishops are from heaven upon you, and I keep living and new for you, your blessing, your choice and your warm love through the blessing. You should not get out, son, from under the blessing, for the one who started to be blessed by a heavenly word to bring Me a useful thing for the work of My word, and then he became indifferent to the blessing delivered from heaven, to that one his feet are getting dry and he becomes desolate for heaven and loses even what he still has and is falling into shameful flames and in an opposing spirit towards God and becomes an enemy to God and a slave of satan. Do not get out Israel, from under the blessing, for I come to teach you how you should not do your work, or become your and My enemy, as those who let themselves into the slavery of their flesh did, falling in disbelief.

My bishops shake themselves with My grace upon you, My people, and to be for their remembrance in you, Israel, for they taught the people how to speak of Me, the same way they spoke of Me, as I taught them to remember and leave Me for memorial. No one can curse you, My people, for I, the Great Bishop, have upon your heavenly interceders, heavenly bishops, the sons of the Great Bishop. All the bishops of the heaven serve you, for those from the earth denied you as the bishops of My time had denied Me. They who denied you do not know well that you are the people of the Holy Spirit, and if they know, they are scared and hide under disbelief; they are scared for their own wicked deeds, for My word reveals their wicked deeds of the world and they are scared of you, My people. But I come out with you; I do not send you alone. I come with you and we pass by and among the wolves, and we pass so that all may hear, and the good sheep may know My voice, your walk with Me and my announcement of a heavenly wedding on the earth. I come with you, Israel. We go, sons, from place to place, and the saints go with Me and you, and carry you on the wings of glory and you let it know that you are My people, and I am your God and of those who believe like you in My coming, in My word with which I come down on earth. Amen.


Oh, the heaven speaks from Me upon you, Israel, My son from the earth, and I speak from the middle of your heaven, My people. You are blessed by those from heaven. Blessed are those from heaven by you. My mother, the Virgin, blesses you either, and puts upon you her love; and she puts her prayer before Me for you and she helps you to walk. Walk son, Israel, walk as Andrew, My apostle, did, who gave Me to the Romanian people. Walk, Israel, and give me as a gift to the people and teach the multitudes to eat My word, which is multiplying in you. Go Israel, from place to place, for you have a blessing of bishop upon you and no one can do any harm to you. Walk in righteousness, in a good faith, and teach the man also to walk straightly, to believe what is right and to be Orthodox like Abraham, for Abraham’s offspring are the saints of the heaven on earth and in heaven.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Three Hierarchs: Basil, Gregory and John, on 12-02-1997.



Oh, it has been a long time since the man of the church is beating his chest with his fist saying that he is the man of the church and that he is God’s servant, but the man of the church serves neither God, nor man, for the man pays to the priest, he pays him enough and to spare, and the pay of the priest is on earth, and who can heal the one full of greed? Oh, son, Israel, the paid prayer remains on the earth, for it is paid. The prayer should not be paid. I did not take any money when I was praying to the Father for the people. A servant of God should be poor of those from the earth and rich in the Spirit of God.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the first Sunday of the Lent, of the Orthodoxy, on 16-03-1997



I had the sons of My word intercede for you, for your resurrection, oh, Romania country, My wedding country, the country of brightness, prophesied by the prophet Daniel. I come to you as word of the Holy Spirit, and I come to make pace with you. I come from the Father, and I have a manger in you and I am being born a word in you and feed you with My hidden secrets, for you were the one under the cross; but I have loved you since My birth and I raised and chose you to be My country and I gave you birth; I gave you birth from My name and gave you My name and called you Christian after My name, by the one that I sent you with a little baptismal gown, with water and Holy Spirit, and I called you Romanian, the people of My country. And I have watched upon you in joy and sorrow and protected you to be and to have you, for the Father gave you to Me once with My birth, giving you birth from Me. (View the history of Romania, r.n.) Your story is beautiful in heaven, and here is what I am doing: I come as a word upon your land and write your secret, and I become a book in you and write My story with you and announce you, so that all the nations may hear that you are My fulfillment for My coming.


But you have a knot, oh, My country, and I come to take it away from you. For I enter Jerusalem; I enter on a white horse and become a word upon you, and I work by My work and break the bond upon you. You were put under the law because of your transgressions, for the one who sins is punished by the law. There are seventy weeks upon you since I have put a bond upon you because of your iniquity, for it is written: «If one from a city sins, the whole city suffers the iniquity.» And after four hundred and ninety years, for this is what those written in the book of Daniel about the seventy weeks mean, I came to you and delivered upon you to break the knot put upon you for such a long time, and hearing you did not hear, but I have worked and broke your knot. And now I come and tell what I did for you, My country and My love from under the cross. I have built a new stone, a living stone and a new branch. I gave you as a gift a little white stone, and I wrote on it with My own hand: «The word of God»; and no one can understand what is written on it, «no one but the receiver» as it is written in the Scriptures; not one but the people of My word, in whose midst I became a book for you, My country, to bless and raise you little by little from the dust, as it is written that «I will raise many from the dust of the earth: some for eternal life and some for eternal judgment


I gave birth to a people from My word, and I chose a bride from you, My country. I made a clean church in you, a church after My will, not after man’s will, for the iniquity in the church weighs hard on Me, and I needed the church with whole and holy members, with a clean body, which is called My church. I raised a clean people out of you, a living church, so that I may have what to work with as absolution upon you. And now I come into the midst of the multitude from you and announce Me in the midst of the people of My word, and let you know that I come to lift you up. Get up, I say to you! Amen, amen, amen.


I am Who I am and sit in your midst with the sons of My word, sons anointed by Me, the Bishop of My Father Sabbaoth, set on the right throne of the glory in heaven, for I gave Myself as a sacrifice before My Father as any bishop brings sacrifice for his sins and for the sins of the people. And behold, I am with the sons of My word in your midst, My country, and here is what I speak to them:

You anointed sons, there have passed four hundred and ninety years; there have passed seventy weeks of years since it was put a bond upon Romania and upon the church in it, for I had here a bishop after My own image and My own likeness, who anathematized the iniquity that he saw being made and then he left Me after he was cast away from the seat of the church. It is written: «Let he who does not love God be accursed.» Oh, the iniquity overran and the bishop Nifon (Nephon II[9] of Constantinople, r.n.) delivered a word against it, and this bond remained. And now I come to deliver a revival upon My country and to take it out from this quilt.


Anointed sons, I want to work through you so that I may be well pleased and love you, as you love Me too, fulfilling My commandments, for it is written: «The one who keeps My commandments, that one loves Me.» Lift up your hands to your Father and say at the same time with Me, the Bishop of the heaven:


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, those that are bound upon Romania are broken up to be unbound in heaven and on earth as well. Amen.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the Romanian country is blessed with heavenly blessings, with the blessings of the air, with the blessings of the chosen earth. Amen. I am the One Who I am, and I bless by this word coming on the clouds:

The Romanian country is blessed with the gift of the holy faith, and let the heaven be full of My everlasting gifts by faith, for I come with a new age, the everlasting one; I come with the heaven and with the new earth upon the old ones, and let the iniquity be cast into the fire, and let the man get up for the blessed ones of the heavenly gifts. I am the One Who make peace between the Father and the man. I am the One Who make peace between the unfaithful man and the Father. I am Who I am. Amen.


Romanian Israel, My small vineyard, My new vine, My sweet vine, you did not let yourself be grafted and knew Me as a Master when I came to see My fruit and pick it up. Be fruitful, son, by the gift of the faith. Give blessing from your blessing. I give you Mine from what is Mine, so that Romania may have God. Amen.


It is a feast of coming into Jerusalem. I come with the heavenly Jerusalem into you, My weeding country, and I celebrate a wedding of a new age in you with My bride, My people, and you are the wedding guest, My country. It is a Palm Sunday feast, and My people sing in you with branches of flowers in their hands. You, My country, embrace My bride, and receive Me through My messengers sent to you. I am in them, and they are in Me. Peace to you! Peace to you! Blessed is the One Who comes to you in the name of the Lord.

Peace to you the city of Târgovişte[10]! Peace to you, and rejoice and become a New Jerusalem before Me! I say to you: get up and rise and become the love before Me!


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I write Myself with you in the Book of the Truth, My country, My love, Romania, My wedding country, and you will be, and will shine because of My glory, for I am the One Who I am and I am well pleased with you. Amen, amen, amen.


(This word of absolution of saint Nifon’s curse was read thoroughly at the Gate of the city of Târgovişte before the multitudes gathered together at the feast announced beforehand.)

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem, on 20-04-1997.



I become a resurrection day upon you, a day of love, a day of reconciliation, My country. I come with the heavenly days upon you and forgive your iniquity and raise you from the dust and glorify you as My country before the people, and I want to wake up My people Israel through you, that did not know Me that I came from the Father through the Virgin, as it was written into My Scriptures delivered ahead of time. I come with your saints, My country. I come with the bishops take from you and lifted up by Me for you. I came to you with a Palm Sunday feast and brought you your bishop, Nifon, and he, like a Romanian saint, lifted you up before Me, for the days have fulfilled, My country. I came and had a reconciliation celebration, an agreement of peace between you and Me, for even today I have raised from you as a martyr a bishop, who raised a clean church before Me, a church after My own will, so that I may deliver the blessing upon you, My country. But the days are hard today, and little help receive those that are my messengers by whom I fulfill My plan over the earth.


Even today I have had a bishop anointed by Me, but the disbelief of the great and mighty in power crushed him. But I am the one, who can raise the weak one from the dust, for My living church testifies before Me about My deeds in its midst, and My ear takes heed. I have a bishop in you, who fulfilled My plan and had a church after My own will stand before Me, and those that are established stand before Me for you, My country, and I made a heavenly agreement between you and Me and I wrote it in the Book of the Truth. I wrote Myself with you into the Book of the Truth, My country, and you will be loved by many and I work all that is good upon you, by My people taken from you.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of Saint Calinic from Cernica, the hierarch, on 24-04-1997.



Oh, what a pain on Me, for the man on the earth, who sits over the people into My name, says that he fulfills this Scripture and that he gives the man a heavenly birth, a birth from above, from water and Spirit. When I look at the world, baptized by the man into My name with water and Holy Spirit, when I see it, the creeps on the cross and the mourning seize Me; the creeps of My crucifixion seize Me. And as those who called themselves brothers, cast Me away and killed Me from among the people to fulfill, they were saying, God’s law, the same way and afterwards, those who say that they are God’s servants upon the people, do not put Me into the people, for it is a great wonder before Me to see the man that is born from above, from water and Spirit.


I look upon the people to see those that are born of the water and Spirit at the word proclaimed by the priests from the world. Oh, the church from the world does not resemble the church of Jesus Christ. My church is something else than what the man of this age understands. You are My church, My Christian people, you are, son, you are. You live as a Christian; you fulfill those that I commanded upon the church. You are a faithful child, My people, and you bowed down to My announcement worked by the word coming from above on the clouds, and you were baptized by the baptismal of the faith and you were full of the Holy Spirit, Whom I have always been sending you, making Him coming down upon you. You take after Me, Jerusalem, for I have raised you up and made after My own image and likeness, so that I may have relatives on the earth and to have where to go when I come to the people to call them out; to have a house of guests, for I come as a guest from heaven on earth, to bring resurrection through the word upon the people, and to give birth to people from above.


I come to you, My people of sons; My people of disciples. I come to you to kiss your sons. My mouth kisses your heart and forehead, son, Jerusalem. My word is My mouth, for I am alive; I am body and soul, and I am alive in My coming to you, for I am the God of the living ones; I am the God of those that belong to the living One forevermore.

Man, I am the One Who I am, and I am alive. I was crucified by God’s servants and I rose from crucifixion and I am alive. And if I am alive, My Father gave Me all the power in heaven and on earth, and I can give you birth from above, from heaven, you man without the life from above. I come towards you and tell you to be born again from above, man.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Resurrection, from 27-04-1997.



The priests and bishops come to the gate of My word; they come to show their wisdom from the Scriptures and say that I told Peter that nothing is unclean of what God blessed. But I said to Peter that all which God cleanses, he may not call filthy. Peter was a Jew and had not eaten something unclean and impure, and did not understand why My voice urged him three times to eat from those that were not supposed to be eaten. And while he did not understand what his vision from the Lord could mean, the men sent by the Cornelius, the centurion, came to seek him, and the Spirit of the Lord said: «Behold, three men are seeking you, and you getting up, go with them and do not doubt, for I sent them».  And Peter went to Cornelius and told those from his house: «You know that it is not right for a Jew to unite with the one from another nation. But the Lord showed me not to call any man unclean or filthy, and I truly perceive that the Lord does not show favoritism, but in every nation he who fears Him and works righteousness is acceptable to Him»


Behold what are you doing, man of the church! You make so bold as to mix the food with the creatures. My apostles were taken by surprised by the Jews that they eat with unclean and unwashed hands; they did not have meat at their table; rather they had Christian not pagan food. (See selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?[11]”, r.n.) That is why I spoke these two words: “Christian” and “pagan,” but you mix them, not taking into account as Peter did when said: «God showed me the way to perceive that He does not show favoritism, but in every nation, the one who fears Him and works righteousness, is received by Him». Behold, the Lord does not receive the one who does not fear him, because one like that does not even follow the Lord, but rather only that comes who is afraid and works righteousness, and the one to whom the Lord gets into His way to give Him according to His deeds. This is how you should understand the Scripture, and not as you want, you people of the church. I write you a letter, for I see that you do not have wisdom even if you sit on the table with the Scripture and accuse with it the sons of righteousness and say that they forbid marriages commanding to abstain from foods, which the Lord created to be received with thanksgiving. I come with this Scriptures into your way as well and interpret it for you I, and not the sons of My word which you persecute among you; you persecute them with your wicked deeds that you make, for you made out of the dwellings sanctified by your parents, your dwellings, in which you commit transgression, greed and blasphemy, and My righteous people fled from you, for it is written: «Flee, My people, flee from the one who works the lawlessness before Me». They fled from you My children, but why do you not say that they went astray. You are those who wondered away from the paths of righteousness, from the Orthodoxy and from the faith, and I say from heaven, from beside My Father, and I came as a word on earth to judge the lawlessness on the earth. I came and I put aside a people for Me and I work the Orthodoxy thorough the people who do no longer have shepherds; I work so that they may not lose their right faith, and not lose the Orthodoxy among the people. You say that the sons of My word are astray and that they do not listen to Me and do not submit to you. But do you listen to God? Do you submit to the wills of God? What did I use when I came and told your rulers on the earth, who were ruling into the name of God upon the people? What use it was for them if I submitted to them? And if I did not submit to them and their wills, they made Me heretic; they called Me wonderer and strayed and cursed Me to death on the cross like those cursed by them. When My apostles were asked by their rulers not to talk into My name, they answered that it was better to listen to God, rather than to the people

Oh, men of the church, you will not be able to overcome My word and the sons of My word. They are My messengers towards you and towards the people, and those who believe in Me at My teaching among them, will be saved from evil deeds and from wondering, from lying and lawlessness, and will take My word and put it upon them, for I am the Great Angel, Who have the cutlass into My hand and clean and take care of My vineyard; also I clean the trees and grow them, for it is written: «I am the Shepherd of the sheep». Behold, you are not the shepherds of My sheep. I am their Shepherd, and it is written in the Scriptures and in the prophets: «I will take the sheep from the hands of the shepherds who pasture them, and I will pasture them and prevent they who pasture them from pasturing them anymore. I, Myself, will take care of My sheep and search them, for the shepherds of the sheep are unfaithful and have not taken care of the flock.”


Oh, man of the church, you say that the sons of My word are liars, they who it was written about in the Scriptures that will be and forbid marriages and using the foods which God made to be taken with thankfulness. Why do you say such a thing? Why do you not look well to see who are they who take after this Scripture? Who is the one who forbids marriages? What does this marriage mean? Are you really the one who fulfills the law of marriage that you make the man to get married and then to make him a ministering priest for the holy ones of Mine and to make him a shepherd upon the people? What does marriage mean? Is the marriage really for the man to submit to the lust of the body as is today the marriage, which came to be the law of the immorality and fornication on the earth? Is it really by the law of marriage that you can deceive God, who said: «Be holy as I am holy!»? Are really all the saints, who left their families and women and gave themselves to the law of holiness, that forbade marriages and child bearing? And, if they did not forbid them, why do you say that the sons of My word forbid marriages? Behold, I tell you what this Scripture means? It was delivered for the people of Israel, which was not allowed according to the law of the Jews, to unite with other nations on the earth. But I come from the Father and told that I show no favoritism and no man who serves to the righteousness is unclean and filthy, but rather is received by God and is a Christian who fears the Lord and do justice before God. If I sanctified the two spouses from Cana of Galilee, did I really forbid marriages and child bearing? Rather, the two spouses from Cana gave birth to many sons for God.


But what does the marriage mean for the man? But does the marriage mean for God? Marriage is one thing for man, and marriage for God is another thing. For man marriage is people’s child bearing, and for God it is God’s child bearing. The use of food for man is one thing and for God is another thing, for it is written: «He who eats, eats for the Lord, he who does not eat, to the Lord he does not eat, but let all this be done for God, not for the man», and when I said so, I was speaking about the Christians, not about the pagans, who do not do God’s will. The Scriptures are proclaimed to the believers, not to the unbelievers when it comes to such a Scripture of marriage and eating. But I tell you even more: he who forbids marriage today is the one who tramples on its law. And who does not trample upon this law? No man is clean in his marriage anymore. Not even the priests wanted not to trample on the law of their marriage. But even more, by their marriage they trample on God’s law, the law of holiness of a servant of the heaven. And behold that your church, you, man of the church, is not My church, but yours; it is not My flock, but yours, for if it were Mine, it would do My will, not yours. I did not separate the married ones, but I united them both with Me; I made them both a body with Me, and I told them not to be separated from My Body and Blood, for it is written: «Who does not eat and drink My Body and Blood, has no life in him».

Oh, how much do you give to say, you man of the church that got up to stand against the slaughter, which is My word and which became the word before you! You say that the sons born of My word, which is coming today with me on earth, are false prophets. But what is the false prophet? I tell you again and again what I have told you, men of the church. The false prophet is the one who speaks into the name of God and does not do the deeds of the Lord’s justice, but rather helps the hands of evil doers, so that no one may come back from their disbelief. (See selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism[12]”, r.n.) Ask the Scriptures and see from them what the false prophet, who relates his heart’s imaginations and nothing of the Lord’s, and thus lying to My people. And here is what I still tell you: the false prophet is the one who does not want Me to come as written into the Scriptures that I would come; it is that one who lies and hides the truth of the Scriptures about the Son of the man Who is coming again, for this is what I said: «I come soon, be ready, I come soon! Watch out for My coming!».

Oh, people of the church, you, who do not believe or pretend that you do not believe that I am this word; you do not believe that I am not ready to come. You do not believe because you do not like to fulfill My word which says: «Watch!». You do not prepare for My coming, and that is why it is better for you to say that you do not believe that I come as a word on earth, as the lightning which travels from east to west, (Published on the internet - like lightning, and can be seen from east to west, r.n.) not as the false prophets say: „Behold, He is in the wilderness; behold, He is into the rooms!” Not this way, but rather I cross the air like the lightning and proclaim the eternal Gospel to all the creature as it is written and cry: «Fear God and worship the One Who made the heaven and the earth!», for I come soon. (See the selection topic: „As lightning that comes from the east, so is the coming of the Lord”, r.n.)


Oh, man of the church, do not call sect the one who lives by My holy word. What does the word sect mean? But what sect does not mean for you, man of the church, who call sect the sons of My church? Is the one, who is not a sect, really that one who lives worldly and comes to your church? Really, the woman, who has her head uncovered and with make-up and a naked body and ornaments, who comes to your church only to drive you and those in your church crazy, does she not really mean a sect for you? But what does not mean sect if the right one, who does My will, is sect?


I said, and fulfilled and sent you a letter, man of the church, and tell you that the Holy Scripture is not eating and drinking; it is not marriage and given in marriage and lawlessness. The Scripture is the kingdom of heaven for they who take it in them. The Scripture is the word of life for they who seek the everlasting life in it. The Scripture is not flesh and meat as you want to say. The Scripture is the Spirit of the Truth, as My today’s book, which I am writing Myself in with the believers, but even with you as well, the unbeliever, my today’s book is Spirit and Truth. The Scripture means my word, the word of my Holy Spirit, which is writing himself in heaven and on earth.


Oh, you man of the church that make the man of the world sharpen his weapons and strike into My word and in the sons of My word! It is written in the Scriptures that I will turn the weapons of the wicked into plough shares and do My work and you will not be able to fight against God, who speaks and fulfills. Behold, I sent you a letter. I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm and say: “I am rich and I lack nothing”, but you are blind, naked and pitiful and I come to give you a golden word to be rich and dress in white garment, so that the shame of your nakedness may not be seen. I come and give you word. My word is salve for eyes, for everybody that I love, I rebuke for repentance. I stand at the door and knock, so that you may hear and I may have dinner of word with you. He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. After that repent; if not I will soon come to you and move your lamp stand out of its place and put Mine instead. Amen.

Oh, I came to water My garden with heavenly water as the gardener comes out to search his field and work over it. I came to search My flock and to pasture it. I came to take the fruit of My vineyard, and the vinedressers want to disinherit Me and to be the masters of My vineyard.


I am the One Who made the heaven and earth and the man as well, and I am the One Who founded My church. I and not you man of the worldly church. If you do not know the One Whom you say that you serve, then who are you, man of the today’s church? I am God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Say who you are too, the same as I come too and say who I am, and help the faithful one to know Me and to do My will. I am the way, the truth and the life. Say who you are, man of today, who sit on the seat of Christ’s church. I am Who I am, but who are you? I am. Open for Me, so that I may know who you are and so that I may help you to be. Amen.

I am Who I am. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the fourth Sunday after Passover, of the paralytic, on 18-05-1997.



Oh, the man does not know what My resting day is. If I cannot rest in him, the man does not know to perceive those from the Lord. I worked in the six days of creation, and I did everything well, and looking upon them I rested with satisfaction on the seventh day. My days are Mine and My resting day is also Mine. The days of the man belong to him, and his resting day is his. The man works his six days, those that are his, and on the seventh day he rests from those of him, saying that on the seventh day he honors Me. On the seventh day I rejoiced of all the good ones that I did for the man in six days, but can the man do, on the seventh day, what I did in six days? The man works for him six days, not for Me, and he says that he sanctifies and gives Me the seventh day. Not even the Israel people understood My days and their holiness and the holiness of the seventh day, for he had done only what was evil in his way.

I was speaking to Moses: «Go ahead and lead the people into Canaan, but I shall not go among you, so that I may not punish the people on the way, for this people is stubborn. If I go among it, I will lose it in a moment». And the Lord was coming at the tent of meeting, outside the tent camp of Israel, and there He spoke to Moses face to face, as someone speaks with his friend, and Moses was writing all the words of the Lord, because the Lord told him so: «Write these in the book for a memorial».


Israel did not understand what the Lord’s rest is, for it was a stubborn people, and the Lord could not rest in him. But God made with Moses His rest, and he was opening and teaching him to speak upon Israel. When Moses climbed up the second time on the Mount Sinai, for the Lord to give him ordinances for Israel to be fulfilled, so that the Lord may rest in Israel from His work upon it, when Moses arrived on the mountain, the cloud of the Lord’s glory came down covering the mountain for six days, and on the seventh day the Lord called Moses out of the middle of the cloud; and Moses stayed in the middle of the cloud for forty days and forty nights, and God gave him ordinances upon Israel. The seven day dragged out up to forty days and the Lord rested upon Moses for forty days and forty nights; and the man does not know what the Lord’s resting day means. I was resting upon Moses with all My good ones which I wanted to do and put on Israel, and I was looking upon them and all were very good, but when Moses was coming with them to Israel to put them upon it and that I may rest from those of Mine upon it, Israel remained a stiff-necked people, and I could not rest upon it. Israel did not receive Me to rest upon it, and was telling to Moses: «Go you and speak with the Lord and you let us know what the Lord is speaking upon us!» I said this: «Israel, remember the day of the Lord and make it holy», for I worked six days for you to give you happiness, and I rested on the seventh day. I worked the heaven and the earth and all that I made for man and then I rested and made the seventh day holy and blessed it, as a man blesses and consecrates a church after he builds it.


The man should become a church in six days, and bless and make the seventh day holy, as I worked. To be a church means the heaven and the earth of God among the people, the word and body of the Lord, making a new man. I made the heaven and the earth in six days, but what does the man make in six days? I said among the prophets: «You man, remember the day of the Lord and make it holy». But I also said in the prophets: «Oh, man, you should not kill; do not commit adultery; do not steal; do not give false testimony; do not be greedy». Oh, he who breaks these, he breaks the day of the Lord by these.

Excerpt from the Word of God, on the Sunday of the Fathers from the Synod of Nicaea, on 08-07-1997.


Here sons, the path which leads the man to Me, turned into a human path, so that the man may know the path to those who took My vineyard, My house and board and My path to the people; and people do not know the path to the kingdom of God anymore. No one teaches people the way of the kingdom of God anymore. It is a path to be traveled by food and by a body walk, for the kingdom of God is in man, and the man searches for it outside of himself, for this is what the antichrist man has been teaching him, struggling to keep in bondage his sons, and to enslave the sons of My kingdom, who knows from Me the place of My kingdom in man. No one can find the way to the kingdom heavens, for it cannot be found on earth. It is written: «The heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool», and this is My kingdom and My rest. And for what did I make the heaven and earth? Oh, sons, I made them for man, so that I may be the man’s God, and the man to be a dwelling for My kingdom; to be for Me a throne and a footstool. But the antichrist man teaches his sons otherwise; he does not teach them as I do, since his sons seek otherwise the kingdom of God which is given as a gift and not for money.

But today the churches are ruled by those who stand against Me through the men of the antichrist; they became a means of unfair gain for the antichrist man. The salvation cannot be bought. It is from God, Which is given to men to save them and to make them sons, and the Lord is not a king who takes a tribute from his sons. The church dwellings which have Me within them grew into a food store where Christ, Christ’s forgiveness and the services dedicated to Christ are sold, and the place called the Holy of Holies, there where the Body and My word should dwell, the money are creeping, the Caesar’s measure, sons. Behold what is on earth. 

Oh, well children of the holy faith, the communist man is not so much of an enemy to Me as he is the antichrist man, and My church, My true church is the man of the holy faith, and many of these gathering together into My name, for there where they are, there I also am, and I am with them, for the man of the holy faith is not swallowed by the man of the church from the world who is standing against Me by his deeds and his disbelief.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Assumption, from 28-08-1997.



I came to you, loved Jerusalem. I came as a comforting word upon you, My people, to bless the blessing that you have upon you. Today the church of Christ celebrates the beginning of the church year, as saint Forefathers decided. (See: „Where are the holidays of the saints”, r.n.). May you be blessed, My holy church, and be clean and holy, as only My church is being called. The church means to be clean and faithful altogether, so that Christ’s body and word may be eaten for a heavenly kingdom on earth. The church means God’s kingdom as it is and no other kind of kingdom.


I came to you, Jerusalem, My church of sons, for I am the body and work in your midst. Peace to you! I include you in the mystery of comfort. Peace to you! Oh, new people, the mystery of the comfort is great. This mystery is the Holy Spirit. Let you be included in the mystery of the comfort and be My comfort and of many hearts who will take from My comfort. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God to the Christian people, from 14-09-1997.


A multitude of Christians are neither with the world, nor with God. It happened with them as in the story with the crow. The crow wanted a good thing when it desired to be a dove, for it looked at the doves’ love, at their tameness, at their cleaning, at their beauty, and while thinking of it, God fulfilled the desire of its heart and took it on the fly in a vessel with a white color. It swam in that white water and got out of the swim and got dry; and the paint remained on its feathers and began went flying to be with the doves. They received it with joy, for they have love, gentleness, and humility. But the crow went itself away as her longing puts it to chirp too, when the doves were chirping; and while they were chirping, it was discovered that it was not a dove, but rather a crow, and it was ashamed, poor of it, and then it went back to its kindred, but even there, it could no longer live in peace, for it has never been seen a white crow, and its relatives were pecking and punished it.

There are Christians on the earth, who have not found their reason, either with God, or with the world, and I have always been sad and sobbing. Even the Christians, who came from the world into My people, came back to those that belonged to them before, and those that are theirs reached finally worse than the first ones, seven times worse, sons, for this is what is written, and it will happen to them as to the bird leaving its kindred and coming back again, and its sign was shown, and it was put to shame within its relatives.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the St. Dimitrie, (Demetrius) the myrrh giver martyr, on 08-11-1997.


Oh, the little children of My bride! My little children, My bride! Oh, My people, I do not have where to anoint on the earth. There is no man of God on the earth, so that I may have a way to anoint, and by anointment to make Me holy people for those that are from heaven. I have no longer a little place, sons, where to bow down My head and toil. It was not in the time of My apostles like today is. The churches were churches, not like today. The churches of that time meant holiness, and sin was taken out of the churches; it was pointed out by those having the Holy Spirit and they were put out of the churches.


It is bad without the word of God. It is bad without a prophet among the people. The prophet of God is the word of God, which takes the evil out to light, as there where the evil is hiding, the wrath of God comes invisibly, the justice from heaven, fire and brimstone upon the evil done by people. My word is the word of justice, and those with a lying life struggle against My word, they struggle against Me, for My word is fire and brimstone for those who do not love God fulfilling the right law of holiness on earth.

And you, anointed sons, come under My glory which is protection, enclosing and joy. May your exits and entrances be blessed and work them under My glory to be always clothed and not naked. Teach Israel, teach the sons of My people to be clothed and not naked, for My glory is the garment which I gave to My people that prepares My coming. I cannot prepare My coming for a people, which is not prepared. Without a house, built from living stones, I cannot prepare My coming in a visible glory. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way”, r.n.) The house has to be seen, well done and well decorated, for the heavenly gifts will come to exceed with a visible glory all those that shine upon the people without the power of brightness. The brightness which falls at any breath is not brightness; rather it is a lie which people wrote brightness on. Behold the churches of today, which are called so out of people’s habit. Behold the buildings of today, which are called Christ’s churches, they are adorned by the hand of lying people, as the false life is a living lie which deceives the face of the forever living truth. The church dwellings belong to the people; they are not of God’s, as I, the Lord, cannot bow down My head in them. There is only world in them, a world without God, a world which does not gather together for God, but they gather together for people, for a human and not a godly glory.

Oh, if only the people would get up; those with a clean heart that have the power to call the lie, lie! Oh, if only My time on earth with the people would come! Oh, if only the great day of the Son of God would come, the One Who the heaven and earth was done through! (See the selection topic: „The Day of the Lord”, r.n.) Oh, great is My longing, and behold, I made a house on earth for Me. My hand worked mighty and I have church on My will and I have path towards her and I have her way over the ground. I have been waiting for seven thousand years the time of this faithful people, which believe that the Father sent Me as a word on the earth.

… Let the countless nations come and be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and in the name of this work from heaven, a word which comes as the lightning from heaven, and crosses it from one side to the other. Let every man wake up: Romanian, Jew, Hellene, barbarian, Scythian or slave, and let them come to an everlasting life. My word is eternal life. I am the eternal life, and come with it after this word; I come and give it to the faithful of My word, which raises the man from death to life.


Come you too, My Jewish people, for I came two thousand years ago and crucified Myself for your redemption from under the sin, and behold, I died for the nations of the earth, not for you. This is what you wanted with Me and with you, but I have not taken back the promises made for you. Come and become one with Me, for behold, I came and come a second time, and  I will show you the wounds of the nails, which let the seal on My body come down from God and by the Virgin; a Man among men. You sold My dead for money and since then you have stayed crushed under the damnation of the money that you loved more than the One Who loved you and was God for you. I was and am the Son of the Father Sabbaoth, the Son, crucified and resurrected by crucifixion, and the truth of My resurrection remains even now sold by you for the money. But the nations of the earth saw what did with God and believed in Me, not in you. Here, I come as I promised when I left to stand back to the right of My and your Father, Israel of the flesh. Come too at the feast of My word and take with you from My table and come for faith and call yourself My son by faith in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, by water, by spirit and by blood. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at six years since the consecration of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, on 12-12-1997.


I come, My people to measure your vessel. I come to you on earth with a holiday of a bishop. The bishop Spiridon (Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous, r.n.) was a heavenly miracle on earth. I have not got another one like him among the bishops on the earth. He really was a man pleased to Me, a humble man like Me, gentle and humble in his heart, a man who helped God at the salvation of the human kind. No man rises today among the people like the bishop Spiridon. What should I do with the bishops who have human education? They cannot do what the St. Spiridon did. The ones from today are ashamed of the holiness. They from today laugh at the holy one and make him like them, as it happened with My bishop whom I used for the new beginning of the world, (Bishop Ioan-Irineu, r.n.) for the beginning of the work of the world’s new birth, but he was not let to be holy and upright. The envy of the worldly bishops drew from under him the new brick that I, the Lord, placed now through him on the earth for the beginning of the world’s new birth, as I prophesied and promised to My twelve apostles.

The Lord, Jesus Christ is coming and making a salvation feast on earth, a feast of the world’s new birth. The Lord comes and announces Himself that He comes. Amen.

My apostles have seated on the twelve seats of righteousness and start to write the ones in Israel who will come to salvation in the name of Christ, the Messiah come from heaven two thousand years ago, and will call their number after the tribes, as it is written in the Scriptures, and the saved ones from the people of Israel will be united to the Romanian people in My name, and will announce Me, the Christ Who comes to be with the saved ones.


My apostles were and are Jews, and are the Jerusalem from above, together with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and with the people of Israel, holy in all ages and with all from the nations of the world which received the faith in Christ through My twelve apostles, the disciples who also raised for themselves disciples like them in all the nations of the earth, from then on and until now, and they are the saints of the heaven, in heaven and on earth, for Jerusalem is built out of the saints, in heaven and on earth, amen; of saints not of stones or bricks, but of new people and holy in their living, with the spirit, the body and their soul. Amen.


My apostles from the Jews have seated on the twelve seats of righteousness to intercede with Me, together with Me, My people of disciples, for the nation of Israel after the body, for I did not forget My promises delivered for them and which do not take from upon it.


Oh, My people, the time has come for the new birth of the world and Israel, which was My people and no longer is. But the one from Israel which will get up with repentance to receive Me as a word of My second coming, that one will be My people by the promises delivered for the remnant of Israel, which will rise and intercede with Me for the whole Israel, and I, the Lord, will have mercy on the one who receives Me as his Master and Bridegroom coming from the Father as the word on the earth, and then a visible body, body and word, word and body, the Christ of the Father. Amen. And the nations will become Christian and will live a Christian life and rejoice of such a living, for the world does not know what joy means. The world did not want to be left of its own, and the world has no head, and its church is worldly, not heavenly, and is discovered before God and this is how it prays to God, but it cannot be this way for it is written: «Any woman praying to God with her head unveiled dishonors her head, and the head of the woman is her husband».


Any church praying to God with its head unveiled, dishonors her head, and the head of the church has to be Christ, for Christ is the husband of the church, the Bridegroom of the church if the church is the bride, and if it is not the bride it is not Christ’s church, but is a worldly and not a Christian church. The Christ’s church has a Christian living and a Christian feast, but look, the Romanian churches wanted to be left on its own head and spoiled its holidays, and removed the holy times from their places, and it is no longer a church, for it is a church without saints, for each moment has its own blessing and each day testifies about its saints. (See selection topic: „The changing of the holidays – renunciation of faith”, r.n.)


Let Mine and My saints’ celebrations come back to their places, for I call out again with this call upon the Romanian people that I want to be Christian on the land of My righteousness. I made out of the Romanian land, the land of My word, the land of righteousness, for My word is righteousness on earth, and I will make out of the Romanian land a land of My Christians, and the Christians are they who have a living like Mine and a name like Mine.

Oh, My people, I came to you to weigh your deed. The world rejoices of choice food, with pork meat and strong drinks, and says that it celebrates My birth. But the world butchers pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry to eat and enjoy its celebration, and the Lord’s celebration with the man are not this way. Now it has to be a time of fasting until the day of My birth celebration, (On January 7 after the current Gregorian rite again, r.n.) and you, Romania, butcher pigs and shed blood in the time of fasting. Oh, the blood should not be shed in the time of fasting, teaching and holiness for your preparation for the welcome of My birth celebration. You removed two Sundays from their place for you thought that you can turn the times back, and you did, as it is written in the Scriptures: «They will make bold to change the times».


You should know, Romania, you should know that the feast for the welcome of My birth’s celebration is not over, and you overlook the saint’s ordinances, and they are upset with you and your fathers and I always hear them saying to Me:


Lord, how long is it until placing us back to our places? Lord, we want to do good to the people, and the people hurt us. Lord, redeem our places for the antichrist drew us out from the church and took our place, coat and house, and the church is without saints, and it does not know its sickness; it does not know where its suffering is coming from. Lord, give the spirit of wakening upon the those that rule upon Your Romanian kindred, to establish the kingdom of Your word back to its place, to tell the antichrist on his name and to redeem the Your dwellings with saints in the, for the antichrist wrote us on the walls and he sits on Your seat and ours, Lord!


− Oh, saints, the saints of the holy heaven, of Romanian heaven! I, the Lord, will do justice to you, for I made a seat of justice in Romania, and I make a word of justice out of it, and with My word I make your ways even to the people and of the people towards Me and you, and I am God and will overcome.


Amen, amen I say to you, the ones in front of the Romanian people: gather together and have a heavenly counsel, for I am the One Who sit secretly in this counsel. Put the saints back to their places! Amen. Have the fasting and prayer set in the churches, and the saints and Christian life in Romania. It is My wedding country, for I am the Bride in it; I am a word of love and resurrection in it. I am the resurrection from its dead, living and sleeping ones.


It hurts Me when I see sadness in the spirit of your saints, Romania. You were the most hurt among the nations, for the righteous from you had no longer place to live above your land, and were taken underneath as the seed which give forth its fruit. The time of fruition came. Turn back to a holy fruition in your middle, in your land. Amen, amen, amen.

And you, the people of My word, sit under My food; sit always under the rain of My word, for I feed everywhere on it. I came to you to weigh your character and to give you as an example of living, light and of My truth among the people. And I will come to teach you to weigh your character alone, and to know how to work with Me upon you, for you are My plough-share. You are My example before the people, and let he who will lay his hand on this plough not be able to look back, but look only to heaven and only to Me. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the St. Spiridon, (Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous, r.n.) the hierarch, on 25-12-1997.



Oh, it is a day of feasting for the celebration of My birth among the people. It is the time of a new birth, for the time of nowadays is the last time, and I put back for Me those that are shaken off from their places at the beginning. The celebration of My birth is with the faithful, for the unfaithful do not know what birth means. Every man points to himself in all his labor, in all his joys, and the people are a nation for the people, but you, My Romanian people, you, who have My word upon you, you show Me to the people in all My labor and in all My joys with you, and you are the Lord’s people. I have washed your feet again and again, so that you may make the heaven and earth holy with your step, for the people of the church do not know what heaven on earth means. The church is the place where I stay, and is My heaven on earth. The faithful and holy people are My church and My heaven on earth. The people in the church of the world are intelligent people, for they read in My teaching and know what I want, but I want intelligent sons, not intelligent people, for the sons listen to the Father, receive the Father, know His voice, and open so that the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit may come in the church to strengthen and make it holy. I am the Word of the Father Sabbaoth, and blessed is the one who believes that I am the One Who speaks by this word, My word of today, for the nowadays time is the last time.


Blessed be My celebration with believers, the celebration of My birth among the people. Blessed be the celebration of My word with the believers, the celebration of My word’s birth among the people. Blessed be the manger of My word that I prepared Myself among the people to be born in it as a word upon the earth, for the church is from sons, not from stones, not from walls, but rather from the sons anointed by God; and I am with the faithful by them, and they share Me as the word upon the nations of the earth. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of Lord’s birth, on 07-01-1998



A multitude of people goes to church, but it does not know what the work of the church is. Oh, My people, oh, My church, oh, little children dedicated to God! The people do not know what church means. I complain as one full of pain without any comfort. The people, who go to church, do not know, they say, what this mystery means. The church is the mystery of God, and the people know nothing about this work, about the mystery of the church. Oh, what a pain on Me, the One deceived by the multitudes of people who say that they go to church! The people do not know what worship means. They know that worshipping God is man making the sign of the holy cross on his body with his right hand. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image and the sign of the cross”, r.n.) The man, who wakes up, washes, dresses and goes to church, does not know more than that, he says. The people do not know that to the church go only they who want to learn to be dedicated to God. Oh, I have no longer a church on the earth, for the priests lie to the people with this name of church and the priests make an earning and nothing else. Crowds of people fell under the hand of the priests who deceive God and people, and the people do not know what worship means.


Today, the church of the world has it written on it from the saints and from the parents the Sunday’s celebration of the holy cross, the half period of the time of the great feast for the welcome of My crucifixion’s celebration and of My resurrection for the man. Who shall I speak to about the fast? What does the world know about this power? For the fasting has power in man; it is not weakening in man. This is My word written in the Scriptures: «Is this really a fast pleasing to Me, a day for a man to afflict his soul; to bow down his head as a rush, and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him? Is this the day that you call a fast and acceptable day to Me? They look for Me every day because they want to know My ways, as a people who works My righteousness, as a people who turn off from God’s law». Oh, this is not fast, when the man does not eat good food or not to eat it at all; it is not only this that means fast. Fast means the love for God and people. Fast means to have and give all that abounds you, for you have from God and not from you. There are people full of riches and keep fasting days. Oh, the rich who fast this way do not know; no one is to tell them what the fast means. The rich man, who does not fast from the riches, does not reach with his mind the secret of the fast. The rich do not fast, and he does not know this truth. The rich man does not fast and does not know this truth. As the poor does not fast, the same way is with the rich man, but neither of them knows what the secret of the fast means. But who are they who fast? (See the selection topic: „About fasting and almsgiving”, r.n.)

Excerpt from the Word of God on the third Sunday of the Great Fast, of the Holy Cross. The celebration of the forty saints, martyrs from Sevasta, (Sebaste) on 22-03-1998.



Let the gates of the garden of My word be open! Amen.

Oh, My little garden of anointed sons, open yourself, so that the heaven may come in through your gates on the earth, and on your gates to heaven, for the heaven and the earth meet together through these gates. Amen. You are the gates of My word which comes from heaven so that God may be the Word with the faithful people on the earth. Open the gates so that I may come in, for I am the King of the glory and I am from heaven and I have heavenly gates on earth and Jerusalem as people, and I speak with him from heaven, and at My speaking with him, the faithful gather together to take My word to eat and grow in holiness, heavenly love and everlasting life. Amen. Open the gates of my glory on earth, for this little garden is the garden of the glory of My word, which blows from heaven upon it and carries away the fragrance of my word to the ends of the heavens. (See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord”, r.n.)


I said not long ago, I told you, sons of the word of My coming; I said that I want to speak to the worldly church and tell it what the Christ’s church which saves is, and to tell it what Christ in church is, because I came to search the living and the dead, the righteous and sinful, and to give each one according to his deed. Amen.


Who is the righteous? The righteous is that who stands firm in Me. The righteous one is the one who stands firm in Me for the weak one that I died for to raise him from the dead. The righteous is the one who takes after Me in image and deed. The righteous is the one who believes in God as I believed in the Father. The righteous is the man who walks in holiness between heaven and earth, for the righteous has the way of the heaven under his feet and this is how he walks on earth before Me and before the people who do not walk rightly, that do not know what justice is, for justice means God with people, God among people as the Lord is, as God wants and not as people want.

Who is the sinner? The sinner is the one who does not stand fast in Me and does not also let his neighbor stand firm, so that he may not work My justice. The sinner is the one who does not try to be like Me in his image and deed, and wants to take after the devil. The sinner loves the deeds of the devil, doing them and giving his approval for other to do them, thus helping them to the devil’s deeds. Behold, I come to judge the living and the dead, the righteous and the sinners and to give each one according to its own deed. I am the Christ of the church, the Lord of the church; I am the holy food of the church. But what Christ’s church is, and what Christ in church is?

Open the gates of your church, you, the bishops and priests of the church! Open, so that I may come to you to search you! I am the Word of God, the Christ of the Father, and I come on the clouds of My word and I always come, for it is written in the Scripture about My coming that I prepare for Me. (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.) The time of My coming has come near. Do you believe in the Scriptures? Do you believe that I come to fulfill them? Do you believe in My coming? Do you know the Scriptures and the depth of My mysteries in them? Do you know the depth of My word from the Scriptures which speaks about My coming? Open and answer to God! Amen. I have been writing Myself into this book from your time for more than forty years, the book by which I come as a word from heaven to search the living and the dead, the righteous and the sinners, and then to give each one according to his deed. Open your gates and the gates of your church, so that I may enter as a Master and search you!


But what the church which saves is? It is the one who lives between the heaven and earth according to My holy will, giving light to the world with My deeds in it, with My life in it, with My love in it, with My humbleness in it. Amen. The church of Christ which saves is the one which has apostles, prophets, teachers, performers of miracles, healers, rulers, benefactors and interpreters of foreign languages according to My will and not according to the will of the world, for this is My word written in the Scriptures: «Get out of the world and be clean and separated from the world and I will receive you and I will be your father and you will be My sons and My daughters. Amen». It is written in the Scriptures that the sons of My church crucified their bodies together with their passions, lusts and the deeds of their bodies, live in the Spirit, and walk in this way accordingly, fulfilling My law and running away from the empty glory. The church of Christ is the one which has the Spirit of Christ unquenched in it, not the spirit of the world. My church is the one which do not despises My word and My messenger’s word sent to it. My church is the one which has sons, who keeps wholly the spirit, the soul and the body blameless in view of My coming, as it is written in the Scripture. This is the church of Christ which saves; this way and not otherwise, and not as the church from the world is, which has My name upon it.


But what is Christ in the church? The sons of Christ believe in Christ and become God’s sons by faith in Christ. Amen. But what is Christ in the church and how do the sons of His church believe in Him? It is written: «Who is to believe if there is not preaching?». The one who preaches Christ has to take after Christ; otherwise he is a hypocrite Pharisee, who stands into My name in front of the people and the people cannot understand what Christ in church is, and thus the people grow blind thorough blind guides, as it is written about the blind guides. The blind guides are those who cannot make people see Christ’s way and walk on it. He who does not walk in Christ’s way preaches Him in vain.


Man, without the way of Christ under your feed, you cannot be an apostle of Christ; you cannot do the things of the world and of Christ and be an apostle of Christ anymore. Who told you that you can do this way that you strive to carry My name before the people? Why do you take My name and coat on you if you do not want to be like Me before the people? Behold, you fit in front of your church, and because of you, My true messengers not fit with My light upon the earth. But I come to search the living and the dead, the righteous and the sinners, and I have with Me the reward according to the deed, and it will not be a greater woe than that for the Pharisees which became My apostles on earth, deriving benefits from My name preached by them.


Behold what Christ is and not is in the church. Christ in church is the One that is carried and worked by His anointed saints with the holiness myrrh, who sanctifies the holy Ones. Christ in church is proclaimed by the saints who take care of the holy flock of Christ, feeding it on Christ’s Body and Word, the One Who is with His church to the end of the time. Amen.


Behold what Christ in church is not. Christ is not in the church if the church does not belong to Christ. The church of the world which is today in the church is not Christ’s church; rather it belongs to the world.

Oh, you, priests of the worldly church, become My followers and then teach the world which comes to the church to be like you, and say with the apostle: «Follow me, as I follow Christ. Amen». He who does not follow Me in the spirit, soul and body, that one is not a member of My church, and you give My body to these and thus make Me a member of the fornicators. Oh, teach what Christ in church means; Christ and His church. Teach, you, priests and teachers, who stay in front of the people in My name; learn from Me and learn from My life of the Son of the Father and of the Virgin who gave Me birth as a Man, in order to come on the earth to help people and help the man who wanted and wants to become God; to help him humble himself and give glory to God, Who saves the faithful of the Lord. Christ is not in the church if the church does not belong to Christ. The world cannot belong to Christ if it does not crucify its body, lusts, desires and all its transgressions. The world is My crown of thorns, as it was two thousand years as well. Oh, priests of the church, do not have Me crucified in you, but rather have yourself crucified in you, so that you might be Mine afterwards.


I look upon the earth to see how the hooligans go to become priests and put My robe over their devilish life among the people, and the world sees what its priests do, the world perishes because of this, for it is written: «Because of this My wrath is coming upon the sons of disobedience». Who are to wake up the sons of disobedience? Who?


Oh, priests of the worldly church, let Me wake up the world from the sleep of disobedience to God if you do not wake it up; if neither you wake up from this sleep. Let the Lord do! Amen. Open the gates your church so that I, the Lord, may come in and lead you in the church. Open and let the gates open so that I may teach the people from heaven, for I will work at your church with faith and holiness in the people in order to turn them back to the way of righteousness before My great and fearful coming; because of which the heavens will pass with a great noise and the earth will burn because of the things on it, things without God, as it is written in the Scriptures. (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire[13], r.n.). But I come to show Myself with a new heaven and a new earth and with My righteousness in them, according to My promise by the prophets. Amen.

Open your gates to enter, for I am Almighty. Whether you want it or not, whether you believe or not, open, for I have come down from heaven to search the living and dead, the righteous and sinners, and to give each one according to his deed. I am the first and the last One. Open, you, priests of the church, so that Christ may be with the church. I am the body and word and come ridding on a white horse, and My name is called the Word of God, the King of the heaven and earth, the King of glory, the Lord of the powers, the strong and mighty Lord. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The white apocalyptic horse”, r.n.). I have Jerusalem as a people and come into it and speak with it, for it is faithful, and at My speaking with him all the faithful gather together to take My word for an everlasting life in man. Amen.


Sons of My little garden from Romania, I have spoken to the church of the world about the Christ’s church which saves, and I told it what Christ in the church means. My word blows from heaven upon you, and you should spread out his fragrance, for I give to it the fragrance bearing the gift of faith for those who seek the Lord. I come over you with the fragrance of My word so that you may be helpful to those who seek the Lord. I come down upon you with a Palm Sunday feast to urge you to rejoice with Me. Be attentive at My descent from heaven and make it an easy one and remove the spirit of oppression, which hinders Me from My coming from heaven to you. Be lovers of God, sons. Peace to you! Blessed is the One Who comes in the name of the Lord. Be an open gate for the One Who comes from heaven as a King upon the earth. Strengthen the peace of My heart, sons from the garden of My word. My peace from you will give you all that you need for My work with you, who stay in My name before me. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Lord’s Entrance Feast in Jerusalem, on 12-04-1998.



Oh, where else is the Lord on the earth as He is with you? Sons, sons, take always care of Me to have broadness on you for all the doors on the earth have shrunk for Me and I no longer fit on them with My greatness. There is everywhere only earthly, human, fleshly and worldly greatness. I no longer have room anywhere as I am. My door is narrow to the world for the world is having its feast not My feast. I look into the churches and fill up with mourning. Everywhere I am spoken of and sung with the mouth, but the hearts of those that gather together have no love for heaven and for the everlasting ones. The priests strive after the money which they sell Me on. The people crowd to take from the Passover meal and they do not know what they are doing, poor of them, for they do not grow in the holy ones if they take from the consecrated things. They take only grief and groaning from everywhere My name of spoken of through the mouth of the church’s servants who read Me from books and that is all.


The day of My resurrection is not received and is not lived by holiness and love of God. The churches are filling with licentious people, sick in their souls and not healed, and then they go to look for their own things and have their feast on the day of My resurrection. It hurts Me and it hurts Me again of the groaning that is gathering upon Me, for My name which is spoken of into all the churches of the world is slandered, not honored, and my holydays became for people a worldly not heavenly joy.


Sons, it hurts Me. What is the man doing when something hurts him? He goes to seek healing. I will do the same too. I will seek to heal Myself of the pain crushing the hypocrisy on the earth, for the people’s hypocrisy, and especially of the servants of the church who serve Me, as they say; the hypocrisy is the heaviest sin by which the people fall into their sins. There is on earth only hypocrisy and chasing after the wind. Nothing is true anymore on earth but My people.


Oh, My people, I make a stronghold of My word around you, so that you may not falter when the people work out the Christ’s coming from a lie, for they will work with a lie. However truthful the lie would seem to the lying man, you watch out with Me, holy Jerusalem, for I said: «There will rise false Christs and will give great signs and miracles to deceive even My elected»,  but the fall of My sons on the earth will not be possible to happen for behold, I am among you and you are My sons and I keep close to you, as a shepherd among the sheep, and you will not fall under the delusion of the lying ones who will think of Me out of the work of their lie. My coming will not be sensed by the lying ones but you will feel it and will stand to welcome Me as the Holy Spirit will tell you from the Father not from an angel.

He who is coming ahead of Me is a thief and a robber to rip off My sheep, not his sheep, but I will make My heavenly sign, for after the pressure of those days of the lying about Christ’s coming, the son will be turned into darkness and the moon will not give its light anymore, and the stars will fall down from heaven and the powers of strength will be shaken out and then the sign of the Son of man Will be seen on heaven. Then the people on earth, who allowed themselves to be deceived, will beat their chest as they will see Christ coming as the Son of man on the clouds of heaven with much power and glory. Amen. I descend the same as I ascended, and not otherwise, but I will be with much power and glory in My next coming, for the first time I came and let Myself into the hands of the unfaithful as a helpless man so that the men may be judged by their deed and to humble themselves as God did, the One Who came to humble Himself for the salvation of the faithful.


Jerusalem, the one who is coming ahead of Me is a thief and a robber of sheep; he is not Christ. Let all the earth hear those that I speak about the liars who work out the lying of their imagination about My coming; but this lie will be the reward of those who want Christ without following Him, without resembling Him for their living.


The man of science, the man of earthly pride stands in front of the people with an image of the world, with an image of the antichrist, for the television became a god for man, and the lying man comes to this window to make the man believe those which belong to lie, and the man cannot separate himself from the lie. The servants of the church believe in the miracle of the lying man and say that they there are more earths beside our earth and by saying this, they denigrate the name of God among the people. If the servants of the church stayed with the truth against the lying of the man of science on earth, the people would no longer wander away from the truth. But look what happened: the true Antichrists are in the church and because of this the lie has power over people, and the people of the lie sing in churches: “Christ is risen!” 


Oh, you who sing the song of My resurrection, why do you not look into the Scriptures to see what I told the faithful man to do? So that you may see what I said about the heaven and the earth, about My second coming on earth and about the payment that I will give each one according to one’s own deed? Why do you not live the truth for which many saints died in their bodies so that they may not lose My life from them? Why do you not believe in the Scriptures? You should have been on the side of the Lord of heavens, but you fall from heaven as the leaves fall from the tree, upon which all passers-by tread. Your woe is prepared by you, for you sit in the name of the truth over the multitudes. You do not sit as the lying man sits, for the lying man has wrapped into My coat so that your fruit of unbelief and of your hypocrisy may not be seen. Wake up! Amen. And if you do not wake up your sleep will work out and bring My wrath upon all unbelievers, and I will ask their life from your hand, as you had the Lord as the truth but covered him, and the lie took a body upon the earth and you prepared the Lord’s massacre instead of preparing the Lord’s supper with a heavenly and eternal Passover upon the earth. You have come to serve reluctantly, for money, in order to blot you out from My book, but I will fulfill the Scripture of My coming for the faithful and for the saints, even if they are few, for I had never had many when I was doing My works between heaven and earth. And you will suddenly fall down as Israel did, for look, Israel does not even today believe that I do not receive its sacrifices of its services, and does not believe that God no longer has. Wake up! The humankind is sleeping under the cover of lying and emptiness and there is no more man on earth to take on the side of the truth. I will burn the earth by fire and all science on it together with its actions, for all are only emptiness and rush after death. I, the risen Lord from among the dead, am coming soon from beside My Father; I am coming with the reward for the deeds; I am coming as I ascended and all man will see the futility of his science. What is man’s science? It is the work of the antichrist, which separates God from people. And I will make the conceited bow down to the feet of My people who is nourished with the word of My coming. Amen.

Excerpt from the word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection, on 19-04-1998.



Sons, your place from you shines before the heaven, for I am its light. The evil spirit got angry when I built the garden from you and went to the rulers of the church from Romania and showed them the silver purse and bought with it My name and built it a house, as they say, a house of prayer for My Christians. The evil spirit arose then and built right and left; and it will build again, as he says, so that afterwards it may write peace between Me and the gods which are not God, for they who do not have Me as true God, they have false gods, and worship them; and this worship is not worship but paganism and idol worshiping instead. But I come down to you for those who put among the pagans My name to make peace between Me and their gods, and proclaim right and left that they are with the Father saying: I did not come to bring peace. I came to bring a sword to separate the faithful from the unfaithful; Christians from pagans; they who serve Me from those who serve the idol of this age; the liars who called themselves Christians from those who are pleased to Me. I came to bring a sword and I brought it. The little garden from you is Mine and you are also Mine, and I placed you from My side as a landmark between the light and the darkness, between the Romanian and the pagan, for My church is not a liar. Amen, amen I say to you: the Romanian who makes peace in My name with the pagan and with those of other nations who serve the idols, that one shall be cursed. Amen, amen, amen. I have in you a living church. If I, the Lord, did not descend to write Myself on the earth and in heaven with My church, which is you, those taken by Me out of the Romanians, I would have no place to bow down my head and let My kingdom with its word upon the earth. That is why I told you that the old ones have passed away. Amen.


The church from Romania, which called itself the true one, the Orthodox one, is no more, for it is united with the pagans, as My people Israel did, which held together with a foreign nation and was no longer with Me, and thus fell from God and became a pagan people. This happened with the church of nowadays. Oh, it was not only that it belonged to Me only with its name or that it had no love for God, but it also denied Me making a covenant foreign to the parents and violating the covenant of its fathers.

Oh, My little garden of anointed sons, who loves my name in you, as he says, that one gives into My name, not in you, for I am the workmanship of this garden. He who says that I, the Lord, am the evil spirit in this garden, that one is an evil spirit which strikes God and does not see Him. Behold, sons, the tower of Babel was built on the earth near you, (The International Ecumenical Center from Vulcana Băi, r.n.), the confusion of the languages that I, the Lord, sent it upon those who blasphemed My name, which is yours; and they blasphemed My name, which is upon you speaking from the clouds about My second coming on earth. It is written that it will be said: «Behold, Christ is in the wilderness. Behold, He is in the rooms». I said this in time of My body, but who is attentive to what I said then anymore? Sons, I live by you and with you. I am not in the chambers, for what do I have to hide to enter the chambers? He who has something to hide is hiding and is giving no light, but I come and give forth light. When I spoke to Moses I was in the mountain and spoke for the people as I am doing today. I give My word to all the people and blessed is the one who recognizes Me in this word. Amen.


     Ecumenical Centre – Vulcana-Băi             Ecumenical Centre – Synagogue       

Ecumenical Centre – Church                          Ecumenical Centre – Mosque


Blessed be your joy with Me and with those from heaven and on earth that My Holy Spirit gathered together beside the spring of My word to take and see My wealth, My fallow land with the treasure in it, the little garden of My word, and me in it as a word, the spring of word. Amen. As long as I stay with you here, blessed be this pavilion, which has opened to receive the Lord and His disciples in the heavenly work for they who want Me.

Excerpt from the word of God at the Romanian Christian Holyday, the second day, on 29-08-1998.



Speak up for all who hit into the void with their word, for who does not know what a work about the New Jerusalem is, is hitting into the void and is gaining nothing but pressure on their sick conscience. Speak about the sin of the church. Speak that where there is sin there is no church; and be like them to wake them up for My truth, and urge them to repentance, for this war is a great victory for the holy ones who wait for My last glory, My glory who will crown the church of the saints.

The fall of the church means the death of antichrist and the resurrection of the dead and of the righteous ones, and you should take out light from light to put it on the lamp stand that it may be seen My way, covered by people but uncovered by Me, the head of the church, the Lord of the church, the Bishop of My church, for they who said about themselves that they were doing good to the church, they brought it down from its place; as it stands on the saints, on the foundation of saints who are crying from under it: “Until when?

To be My church does not mean the sinners gathered together, eating and drinking, but it means to be both righteous and holy living together My holy life, and in this way eating from My secret supper.


I command you, “Write!” Amen. Let any hostile power fall down and stand aside from My commandment for the death of antichrist and for the resurrection from the dead. Amen. I am the First and the Last and I am what I am. Amen, amen, amen.

You sons anointed in the garden take into your hands the anointment for the little heart which will be working through My work with you and I will give the signal of the antichrist’s lying which has deceived the whole world. Then take from its hand the book and give it to Me to seal it by your hand and send it to the churches all over the earth. And My church with you will see that I redeemed you from among the people to be for Me a holy church in view of My coming. Here, I brought to you the thing for the destruction of the false prophet, sitting himself in a place supposed to be holy, as My servant, but he is an antichrist, and I am God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and I am Who I am, and I am the Word which breathes and destroy the antichrist, the man of lawlessness sitting as God in a place called holy.

Arise and be My glory for I want with a great longing and I will speak to all earth that you are My hope for My coming. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God. The Word of God to Daniela Cătană, from 14-10-1998.



Sons, I have with Me a feast of the saints, martyrs and pious, and we speak in heaven and on the earth about the pious Parascheva. (Parascheva of the Balkans) She loved the poorness in spirit and flesh, for she loved My spirit and body, which I left to those loved by Me to have Me and to be holy as I am holy. I gave Myself to the disciples before the glory of My passion; I gave Myself to remain with them, and then I gave My body into the hand of the sinful man so that he may sacrifice Me for the forgiveness of the sins of those who consecrate themselves. I gave My life to the disciples to have it in them. I gave Myself to them and they did not know the mystery of My offering. I told them: «Take and eat from Me, for this is My Body and My Blood, which is broken for the forgiveness of your sins». They did not know then what I told them, but after three days they saw the truth of My brokenness for them by the hand of the sinful man, who knows to kill God, so that he may no longer have him, for God is only One. Amen. He who has got Me is holy; he who does not have Me is sinful.


For three years and more I had trained My disciples that I chose from the people to make them God’s saints and then I forgave their sins before giving Myself for the life of the world. But the world did not want the life, not even after I gave My life for them, for the life is God in man with His life; the life is man’s likeness with God, Who gave Himself to be sacrificed and as an example of life for the people who become saints through My life. I told My disciples to eat and drink My life, Body and Blood, to have life, My life, for I am the everlasting One, and he who takes Me in him has everlasting life; he has the Lord, the everlasting One, in him. I told them afterwards to do this for My remembrance, for My remembrance in them, and I told them: «Whenever you do this, you declare My death, My body and blood, which was broken by the hand of the sinful man for the life of the faithful who sanctify themselves through My life in them, by the forgiveness of their sins, to be without sin afterwards» Behold, sons, what church means, what God’s temple in the faithful man is. The apostle Paul told this to the saints of his time: «Do you not really know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you and that you are not yours?».

Oh, My little children of My coming, the strength of My church was big in those from the beginning of My body in man. My apostles were awake day and night upon the saints in My body, who were in them by the hands of My apostles. Dear sons, I missed to bring together the beginning with the ending. I missed to have a holy church in the end as then when I sanctified My disciples, becoming one with their body before My passion. I did it with My body and My blood from bread and wine, for great is the power of My word, which becomes God through speaking, and only after that I showed Myself as the One Who fulfills those that I spoke, for this is what I spoke: «My body and blood is broken for you for the forgiveness of the sins». Then they knew that I was their God, that One Who is holy and denies himself through My life in him. The one who show My life in him, that one is he who denies himself and to him I give the power to become My son, the son of My Father.


Oh, little children from the garden, let us divide My power towards the thing for the antichrist’s judgment, My adversary, who washed his garment in the blood of the saints, but its stain still remained. I want to tell antichrist that he is My enemy and his church belongs to him; it is not Mine. I want to tell him that he is not My servant as he pretends to be, deceiving those without knowledge, for My church has been falling down from its beginning and until today through the hand of the antichrist, who has been sitting over My church into My name tormenting the saints and holding their tongue so that they may not confess Me in their bodies of saints of Mine, for the antichrist is jealous of the My saints; he is jealous because he cannot be a saint anymore since he has taken My reign from the church. But he is without mind as My church is made of the saints and not everything is My church.


Here how much church I have in heaven! As leaves and grass is My church from heaven, which was tormented on earth by the agency of antichrist, who dressed in an ecclesiastic coat to be able to torment My saints, who had Me among them for My remembrance on earth. I was longing to join the saints from heaven with the saints from earth and that is why I made you My saints, you sons from My garden; for I am longing to have saints for My coming, for My word which is My great and terrible day, My coming with the saints above, to wage war against the antichrist, the executioner of My Christians, and to redeem the blood of the saints, the blood of My church, which sacrificed itself for My name on earth.

Children, we close the antichrist’s mouth so that he may no longer speak into My name and if he speaks let him speak into his name, for My name is holy; it is not like his name. He always stood on holy ground and killed My church, the same as he is doing today, for he hears you because you are on My side and not on his side. Oh, if you came over to his side, today I would not have any bride; I would not have any bride to welcome My day. But I made you single-minded and I took away the fear from you; for the fear is with those that are guilty, and they are hiding into the caves and into the rocks from the face of My coming.

Sons, what does antichrist say about My coming? He says nothing. He says about his coming in the time of My coming, and there is a war between Me and him, and you are My army and all My heaven of saints and angels are with you and I am with you: God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and These Three are one, amen, and They are everywhere as all over the earth I have little souls that are pleased to Me, whose love of God I nourish; and I will bring these to Me for My angels travel from one side of the heavens to another in order to bring all those who are pleased to Me to the feast of My great day. Amen.

Behold what a beginning and an ending, you working church through the love of God: those from the beginning with those of today, and we will catch the enemy of My church in the middle, as he wanted to be stronger than My saints, stronger than My church, which is serving by love, the one which has sacrificed itself for My truth on earth. I said that the evil man would arise to overthrow My church but we would overcome him.

Sons, we point out the stain on the antichrist’s robe. Amen. Sons, we pick up the weapons. Amen, amen, amen. You are My army and I am your weapon. I am the Word of God, the two-edged sword which is coming upon the earth to punish the lie and trespassing, the antichrist and all his army which means the transgression of all earth. Do not be afraid. I am the One Who is leading the big war, a war which has never been since ages and there will never be. Wake up and let us go to fight against the enemy of this age for My light rose to rise and to reward the saints. Have great love, as once again I wake up to proclaim My truth which I delivered in the time of My first disciples who gave Me to the world for the forgiveness of sins, to those who were baptized like them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast[14]”, r.n.)


Blessed be your victory with Me. The saints and angels are all the time with you and with those who work for Me and with you for My name. I am always with you and I am your army of victory for the freedom of the kingdom of heavens between heaven and earth. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the pious Parascheva (Parascheva of the Balkans) feast, on 27-10-1998.



I will devastate you as I devastated Jerusalem two thousand years ago, for there is no other Jerusalem, and what is there is not a Jerusalem, rather Mammon. What has Mammon been doing? He started again among his subjects to gather many people there where the proud man crucified Me. Oh, if they crucified Me, why was the glory for My name heard there, there where I was crucified by the man who was My adversary? They glorify Me for money, as well as you did, you false prophet, who fastened your tent in the country of glory, as it is written about you: «He will fasten the tents of his palace between the sea the holy and bright mountain, and then his end will come». Amen. This is what you did. Three miles away from the place of the garden of My word you accomplished this Scripture, so that you may use My name for your money. Woe to you because of what you have done in the last days! I will devastate you as I devastated Jerusalem two thousand years ago; Jerusalem, which the greedy man built it again so that he may have the opportunity of gaining money; however he did not build it there for the sake of God. Man from everywhere goes there and sees his judgment and does not know what is coming back with to do his own things. He is coming back with his judgment, for man was the crucifier of God. No one came back from there and no one gave up sinning if he was there, but he boasted that he was, and being there did not do any good to him.


It is written in the Scriptures about the mystery of the New Jerusalem. When you saw that I came from heaven on earth to fulfill it, you became conceited and perked up against the righteous ones that I am glorifying over the earth in, and arose to do what I do. You wanted to forget that the New Jerusalem is a holy name; it is the mystery of the last days and it is for saints, not for adulterers. The New Jerusalem is not a place for sinners and adulterers’ meeting; it is not a place for eating, drinking and dancing, the same as you made towers of stone for yourself and sat greatly on them and wrote on them „The New Jerusalem”; however you wrote, as you say, „The Center of the Faithful world”, „The Ecumenical Center”, this is what you wrote. You sold Me for money and for expensive places to Me; places from the country of My coming back, and put on them the fruit of your conceitedness to make war against God and to win Him over to your side; but you are sinful, and I do not listen to you and I do not receive you.


I called you in good time and waited to come to your senses and believe that I come with the disaster over those you spoiled My law, holy days and time defiling My church. (See selection topic: “The changing of the holidays – renunciation of faith”, r.n.). But you did not bend down because you had on you those stolen from Me and because you are fearful. But I am the righteous God and you are a thief and have stolen My vineyard and sit as a master over it. I will devastate you as I devastate Jerusalem which crucified Me two thousand years ago. I waited for you to fasten the tents of your palace in the land of the glory to destroy you afterwards.


The earth is full of your heads and chickens, but you are a man and I am God. No one can write the name on the New Jerusalem; it is only I that I write it and I will give those who are patient until My coming, for it is written: «To him who overcomes, to him I will give from hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and on a stone a new name written, which no one knows but he who receives it. And I will write on it My name the new name, the Word of God». And I said: «He, who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches». But you, false prophet, did not want to hear, for hearing you said that you do not hear. But I say to you: it is only I that I write the name of the New Jerusalem and no one knows but the one who receives it. Amen, amen, amen. And you are a thief and stole My word and I stand against the prophets who steal My word from one another. The place on which you say you want to write “The New Jerusalem”, is the place of Mammon, not of God’s; it is a Babylon, not a holy place. I will devastate it like Sodom and Gomorrah, for it is a place for debauchery of the whole earth; the place that the antichrist and his chickens made, as he says, as a roof for bad weather that is Babylon and Sodom. But I, the Lord, made Myself a book of judgment and have been written into it for three days in a row to overcome by storm and harshness the lying heads of the false prophet and to demolish his dwelling and roof.


That which calls itself the Orthodox Church is the one that I am speaking with, for why should I judge the one outside? (Catholics and other denominations reformed, r.n.) It is false and is not orthodox, and the false prophet, who destroyed My dwelling in man, sits in it, as the man looks at the minister of the church and does as he does not as I do and he is false because he does not serve Me but him. The one who serves Me is gentle and humble in his heart and brings fruit to Me and becomes My kingdom; he becomes a New Jerusalem by grace.


I will keep from destroying everything, for there is a remnant by grace, as it was two thousand years ago among the Jews. I hurry to wake up the spirit of those who wait for the salvation, as the false prophet has been oppressing the saints for seven thousand years. He has been eating from the tree of death and has been immoral for seven thousand years. Many will try to come close for repentance but all are finished as I spoke in good time and everyone has been crucifying My word, the word of the seventh angel, the word which made silence in heaven, for it is written: «When the Lamb opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven; and seven angels were standing to sound the trumpets; and the seventh angel sounded the trumpet and powerful voices were heard: “The kingdom of the world belongs to the Lord Jesus, the King forever!” Amen».


Here is why the Orthodox church, the one who bears My true name, the one which truly has Me by the saints and fathers. It committed adultery and trampled lustfully on all customs from her holy fathers and then it departed from Me, as the false prophet worked out his work during all her time, the false Christ, who goes before Me dressed in My garment and armed with My weapon.

Oh, you who call yourself a church, the Orthodox Church. You are full of proud heads who handle My weapons for the money. You are made out of false prophets and are no more, for the false man wrote on you a new name and set you at the same table with the pagans and fornicators and with the transgression over all the earth. (The Ecumenism, r.n.). You are full of mud and there is not one to shepherd you, for your heads are the people of the false prophet and they are not on My side. I took out of your middle those that are clean for Me and put them on My side and covered by My mantle to have a remnant by grace. You sold yourself for money to the false prophet and are subjected to him for he is shrewd and many worship him. I have been working among you all the time so that I may not remain without a clean church. There has always been a war in you, as the arrogant man has stood over you in My name and degraded your true name and killed the right one from you in order to take My name, a name of Christ in the church. But he is a false Christ, he is a devil; he has been an antichrist from son to son for as long as seven thousand years. His lying servants, calling the righteous sinful and wicked, have always sent them into prisons in order to lose them by the hand of the sinful man. This is what he had done with My trumpet during all the time of My work through her.


Oh, you lying servant, how comes that you could not give rest to those who were righteous in you, the ones who were serving Me and not you? The lying is coming to an end but the righteous man remains and wins from Me justice against you. How comes that you did not love the way of justice which the sinful stay hidden under? Now fear seized you and as a thief you want to fulfill the Scriptures of a new age upon the earth. But in the new age there will be a new heaven and a new earth which justice will dwell in. Whereabouts do you want to get into the new ones? You cannot jump over the gate. I am the gate, but I am in the gate of justice and this is for the righteous ones. Oh, you cannot accomplish anything good for you draw Me from the foundation of the church and laid the fence of My vineyard flat. You can do nothing by spoil, for you serve to the lie.


I have My trumpet before Me which I sounded on earth in the last days. Oh, how oppressed she was for My name by the false prophet! (See The Life of Saint Virginia[15], r.n.). What a mourning came up to Me for her afflictions by the lying man who even today has been blaspheming My work from the last days; for the lying man has many heads and he has names of blasphemy on them.


Oh, My pain is breaking Me but the Scriptures make haste of their fulfillments by their word. All have come to an end! The book with seven seals stays open in the hand of the Lamb. The heaven has stood aside like a book, like a roll, and the kings of the earth and the nobles and chiefs, the rich and powerful, the slaves and free all have hidden in caves and rocks, so that they may not hear the wrath of God. Behold, I come as a thief and come to him to take him by surprise, for the one that is not waiting this way is taken away.


… And you watchmen from the garden take this book and lift it above your heads for you are My anointed for the last Scriptures. Then lower it down to the fire altar and seal it by My Holy Spirit that I send you from heavens. Take it and send it from here to all the margins of the earth, to all the heads of the earth and to the proud ones. Let all shepherds of souls and bodies bend down, for I bend them down to hear the book of the false prophet judgment. All are finished! His lie is finished for I uncovered it and put it before him. Amen, amen, amen.

At the beginning of this book I say: “Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! I am who I am, sons. I say peace to those who serve My commandments, and to those who trample them I declare war!” Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feasting of Holy Virginia, on 14-12-1998.



It is a celebration day in heaven. It is a celebration on earth too for those that are My church on earth. Amen. I come down from heaven to the earth in the garden of My word and I come with a feast of a bishop. The prayers of the saints are like sweet-smelling incense for heaven. Hierarch Nicholas is praying for My church on the earth to strengthen it with power so that it may overcome for the saints.


Oh, My church on the earth is very small, as its way is narrow and it leads to life, and few are those that walk on it. Oh, the way from heaven to the earth is long for the unfaithful man, for the one who thinks and lives earthly on the earth. But here is how easily I come! I come as the lightning; when I come, I come suddenly as it is possible with God and it is possible with those that are faithful, with those that are familiar with My heavenly mysteries among them, because this is what I said: «I am with those that are Mine until the end of ages». Amen.


If the man searched My words that I spoke for the church two thousand years ago, the unfaithful man would also understand and then believe, but the carelessness towards those from heaven upon the earth made a thick peel upon the mind and heart of the man, and the man does not seek its release, but on the contrary, he prepares his destruction and torment, due to his sins, as this the human kind has been working at: the torment.

Hierarch Nicholas is praying for the saints, for he is a great hierarch in power, as he showed his power on the earth by miracles, for it is written: «Not only by word, but also by power, Holy Spirit and faith».  The saints have worked sustaining miracles by Holy Spirit and faith, and those with a clean heart turned from pagans into Christians, and entered My work for church. No powerful saints get up today on earth, as all the servants who made a church from people are sinful and careless of the life of their church. But the saints who served on earth with My power in them, lifted up other saints, and the saints lifted up each other and were a church for Me, as church means nothing else. The church needs to be taught; it needs to be brought up and cultivated, and it needs a holy sacrifice in it; a humble spirit, a sacrifice please to me.


You sons anointed in the garden, I need a church with power in it to be able to work in it with sustaining miracles among the unbelievers, among the careless ones who live but always sinning. I need sons to fulfill the last Scripture. Strengthen My church in the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen. You know what a church and a humble spirit in the church means. Build a holy and living church in its work for Me, for everything have come to an end, and the desolation of abomination has been establishing everywhere in churches, through the man lying to Me, the antichrist with many heads. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast[16]”, r.n.) There is no other overcoming work like the work of My church. Strengthen My church in the Holy Spirit. Teach the sons of My church. Bring them up as I am, not like the lying man who says that he sits as a teacher over the man. Take care of the spirit of the church as I do, so that I may have a house with strong pillars, and everything that is necessary to the church will be given to you from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, for you are the first on the earth and I establish you to be great; great in the spirit, great by My Spirit. Be to the extent of the Holy Spirit for you have election from above, as the hierarch Nicholas had, who prayed on the earth and in heaven for My living church. He was not chosen by man, rather by Me through sustaining signs which carried power within. The power of the saint is fast and prayer, from which comes: the holy life, the holy mind, the holy tongue, the holy work upon the church and then the holy church. Amen.


Do no longer look upon the earth to see the church and the work of the church, for it is no longer, sons. There are no longer holy servants on the earth and there is no longer a church, because the church is made out of saints, and that is My church, My house, My rest and My light upon the darkness, so that those who are born among the people may see the light for it and by it, by My light upon the earth, by the sons of the church, to whom I said: «You are the light of the world». Amen.

Without saints in the church there is no food in the church. Without powerfully working workers the church does not grow and has nothing to eat in order to grow up, because I told the servants of the church: «You are the salt of the earth, and there is no other salt on the earth beside you». Amen. The teaching on the earth is no salt, but poison instead, which makes the man to forgive Me and to eat a teaching foreign to the church. But My holy teaching is the salt of the earth. Amen.


Behold, the weather went bad and I will make salt out of the blood, for there is no more salt. I will sent destruction upon the earth to salt it with blood, as it is written, with blood and fire, the fire of My wrath, for the salt upon the earth is contaminated and the earth is without salt on it. (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire[17], r.n.) I come to become salt and to put Myself in the food of the church to salt it, so that I may have a church and to call it the salt of the earth, for the false prophet, who sat as a god upon the world, was overcome by My word, and it comes to overcome him by power, by the Holy Spirit, by the faith of My church of the New Jerusalem and by sustaining signs. Amen.


Sons anointed in the garden of My word strengthen My church with the Holy Spirit, the church of the New Jerusalem, My little flock, taken from among the people to escape it from the destruction and to have it for breeding, for the man does not look for his salvation, but rather he prepares his perdition and torment for his sins. But you work the Holy Spirit upon My church, whose beginning I am and you all are who will be bred to My church, for the church means the New Jerusalem, and this is the name of My church, the name of the city of God, sons born of heaven, and that it is written: «I saw the city of God coming down out from heaven, New Jerusalem, made ready like a bride adorned for her Bridegroom», sons born from above, holy sons on the earth, the bride of the bridegroom, by whom I will breed the holy and new church, for this is what I spoke: «I make them all new». Amen. I give birth to the world again, and I start with you and then I give birth out of Me and out of you, and I start with you a new beginning, a new church, and the name of the church is the New Jerusalem, the city of God, the Word. The prayers of the church are like the burnt offering before Me, so that the kingdom of God may be established on earth, the New Jerusalem, the city of God. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the St. hierarch Nicholas’ feast, on 19-12-1998.




Preach well too! Be the angels of the Annunciation for the end of the man’s time. Be the people which bears good news; be the work of My angels who works through your bodies, who makes My gift come down upon you, so that you may be the angel of the Annunciation, of My last coming. I go with you to the people, and I do not go without you. If I speak from heaven with you, this means that I go with you to the people. And a sweet time will come, a heavenly time on earth for you and with you, for it will love you and it will seek every man who will still be on the earth, for I will glorify Myself with a great glory through you upon Romania, upon My last country. I come through it for the people of Israel, which killed Me in its midst. I come through Romania and for the Jerusalem of My passions, for I will gather together many haughty people, people who trespass the commandments and I will judge Myself with them there; there where I came among them in the flesh two thousand years ago. I will declare the word of My pain and justice here, and there I will fulfill it, and I will judge Myself with the people for which I willingly gave Myself to be crucified.


I had to die for the rest of the peoples on the earth to redeem them from under the ignorance, but it was not so, and I died for Israel, to redeem it from under the law, for it is written: «He who does not fulfill the law is guilty». He knew the law from Me and was guilty because he did not believe in Me when I came from heaven from the Father to be in its midst. Behold, I tell you a revealed mystery: the people of Israel knew that I am the Christ of the Father and that I had to be crucified for its sins. It was not Judas who was guilty for selling Me and My death. He was the tool by which Israel killed its God, and it is written: «Woe to the one by whom the Son of God will be sold and killed!». If Israel did not seek to kill Me, it would have not killed Me when Judas sold My mystery, for Judas knew that I am the Christ. The rulers of Israel were guilty of My death, and with them all the people of Israel, all, except a remnant chosen by grace to be without guilt so that afterwards to be able to testify about the truth of My coming from heaven in the midst of Israel.

Excerpt from the Word of God of the feast of the Annunciation, on 07-04-1999.



I said sons that I will bow down the head to the ground of those who called themselves My church without having deeds of faith, without humility, without faith in My word which brings Me to come. Behold the confessors of Romania; they perish blaspheming Me, for they do not know what they are doing, but it is the time of judgment and this is their reward: they perish blaspheming Me and you as well, for I do not lift up those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit, those who do not believe in Me and in you, you who became a bridge for My coming; for they did not want Me to come, and did not prepare for My coming, and I came and I come by surprise as it is written that I come for those who do not watch for My coming.


Sons, I am the Lord and I took pity on man, and I came after him. Here is what I command you, for you are My anointed ones: pray for the forgiveness of the one who hit Me and you and My bishop Irineu, who was with you. Pray sons for the bishop who sat over the city of Târgovişte, for he is judged by the word that they did not believe in, for My Scriptures speak this way: «The word that I spoke, that will judge the one who denies Me and does not receive My words on the last day». Amen. Pray to Me to ease his punishment, for he did not know what he did when striking you and My bishop Irineu, whom I anointed in this time, anointed to bring upon the whole earth My undying light, the man’s resurrection and repentance, for he is My anointed upon the church and upon every one that becomes My church, my dwelling, and a living, new and holy man, as I am. Sons, speak before Me of the forgiveness of sins for the bishop Basil, the one who struck you with unbelief. I would not like him to perish without repentance, as the Romanian’s confessors go one by one, blaspheming the Holy Spirit who has His house at you. Pray to Me for his soul, for his repentance from Me, for his spirit is now only mourning, and pity seized Me for him, sons. It seems that he is sorry for what he did, for he shook the dust off his feet upon you and upon the little garden of My word, and swore an oath not to believe even if he lost both of his legs. Oh, his legs hurried to bring the bishop Irineu, the one that I anointed over the church, and he brought him and laughed at him in the gate of My coming down to make him pull out the stake from its place. But I was stronger than him, for I am the Lord, and he fell by his own words. The one who rises against Me and against you falls, for My word upon you is fire and brimstone upon those that do not believe in it. Sons, I want to touch him afterwards and relieve him from his sins done by now against Me if he repents. Sons, whatever you unloosen on earth will be loose in heaven as well. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, anointed sons, I came to you for it is a celebration in heaven and at you. I am with the king of the Christians, he who loved My faithful ones in his time, for I made him believe in Me and in them. The king Constantine believed in Me and through him nations believed in God. Sons, the faith in the Holy Spirit saves the one who believes, as the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit punishes the one who works it, for it is not I, but the blasphemy which punishes him, for the blasphemy is punishment not justice. The king Constantine raised a living church for Me, Christian sons on the earth, and protected My church by a protective law, the law against My enemies and My living sons. But here is what I do today, for they do not know what they are doing and are not afraid to stay unprepared under a wedding garment, under the garment of the church as neither Arius was afraid, and stayed lying until his face was uncovered by his one deeds. Oh, I have no one to give Me a shelter and to those who are with Me, for the man lives for himself not for Me. The man of the church from the world defends the walls of his church, but he does not defend Me, and on the contrary, he blasphemes Me and because of them I do not have room in the man’s heart; but I uncover them by their own false life and send them the wind of sufferance to blown upon them as they hit Me and those who prepare for Me.


I was telling you, My people, not to seek for your staying in the worldly church to be seen, known and looked at by everyone from there, for when I call you to the food of My word, your absence is seen and you are sought after and found that you are after Me, and they, who follow you in order to have you, rise against Me and against you. My word is above every gift. I am the One speaking upon the man, but the man does today as those in the time of My body did, and says that the gold from the temple is greater than the temple. Oh, if I were not the temple which sanctifies the gold, who would sanctify the gold? Who would sanctify the Christian if I were not the One that sanctifies?         


I came as a word in the way of the man, so that the man may learn, for he is not learned, and I have no teachers consecrated to Me, for the teachers become slaves to the will, weakness and ignorance of the man. I came to teach the man and to choose disciples for a holy faith and for a real life in the man who do not live for himself or for the people, rather only for Me and My coming. The man has always thwarted My way, for he loves himself and his neighbor who is like him, but I remain for those who learned the way from Me. I have nothing to do with the man who does not want to take from Me the teaching which comes with Me as a word from heaven and not from the earth; I have nothing to do with him. Oh, the world about God is found everywhere, but it is not fulfilled in man, for the word about God is one thing and other thing is the Word of God, fresh meal, which strengthens the heart, the love and the holy faith in man. The word about Me is used and shared by those that do not fulfill it, but the word that I give to the man, I, and not the man who speaks about Me, that is the word of the power, and I am on the way with the man, for I am the One Who speaks. I have come again, I, Myself, for the man hinders My way beside the man.

Here is what I tell you sons: the ones who are sound in their minds, heart, soul and deed, let them come if they want to have fresh food from Me and love from heaven. And let those with a sick mind and with their nature sick of haughtiness and with a spirit of carelessness, which leads to slander, envy, grumbling, not wisdom and blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, who is being perfected here at you, by My word; let these people with a sick mind depart with their own things, for My teaching is with a heavenly might and it is for the man with a sound mind, holy faith and humble spirit before Me. Amen.


And here is what I still give you as the man’s teaching: let he who does not overcome himself, not come after Me and after you, for the kingdom of heavens is for the saints who overcame themselves following Me for their redemption from among the sons of the people, for My life in them, by self-denial and by their humility before Me. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God to the feast of Saints Constantine and Hellene, on 03-06-1999.


Oh, little children take from word to word! Oh, how swung are the small ones, and they do not know what the evil that comes out of the man is. Behold, I discover mysteries unfathomable to the mind of the people: the evil comes only out of man and fills the earth of evil, and I wrote in the Scriptures and said: «Not those from outside defile a man; but those which come out of a man defile those from outside the man and defile himself also», for the evil on the earth comes only come from the man, from the man without God, from the one who is working himself into himself, from him who gives himself aside from himself, from his own body. The man is only flesh, for the deeds of the spirit do not find a dwelling in man, and it is the time for the judgment of the man’s deeds and I say: not those that are outside a man defile him, but those which come from the man defile those from his outside, and they also defile him by those that are evil in him. This is the judgment for every man. Amen, amen, amen. This is what it happened to the man after he went out from Me. The man defiles those that are outside of him, the man defiles everywhere, and I come to ask the man about his deeds from his inside and about those that are outside of him.


Man, man, you say that you go to church and follow Me if you go. Oh, man, I cry over you with mourning, for you are without a guide. You have no longer a guide to teach you what God means and how you are able to have him, and how God may have you. Oh, man, take from Me, for you are without protection on the earth. Clean yourselves from the wicked ones in you as the earth is full everywhere of those that are inside the man.


My body and blood are those holy things that I gave as a gift to the man when I get up on the cross for the sin of the first man built, and the holy ones are for the saints, and you are a sinner, man, and you go to church, as you say, to have supper with the Lord. Oh, why do you not teach what the Lord means first? The Lord in the man, the Lord among the saints, the Lord among the clean ones, who keep in them the power of cleanness for the Lord, for the holy ones of the Lord. Many a man are sick and dying because they do not search themselves for Me, for My holy ones. They go to church, as they say, they go to a common place with everyone and say that they go to church, but I say again that the church means the saints altogether, united to Christ, for it is written: «I will not sit at the table with those without law». Oh, where do you say that you go to church, man without mind, man without knowledge? It is written in the Scriptures: «In the last days there will be men, lovers of their own selves and silver, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, impious, without love and virtue, slanderers, unbridled, traitors of the holy ones and traitors of brothers and of God, haughty and lovers of pleasures rather than God, having a form of true godliness, but denying its power, for they are carried away by their own fleshly lusts while they always learn but never reaching to the knowledge of the truth so that they may be a guide for others». Here is where you go to church, man. Go, but do not have that church of people say that it is My church. Here is how My church is. Here is how I am here for a true church. Here I do not sit at the table with those without law, for My church is for those that are clean, who I give Myself to. They are those that do not sell Me on money and on praises; they are those that do not sell My mystery for a human glory. They are those that do Me well, for I can hardly make a church among the people any more.


The people make a church for themselves at once. They erect walls and gather together under them and the pagans and not pagans say that this is what a church means. Oh, My church has not really been a church since seven thousand years, for the fallen man put My border to the ground, and I do not have a holy land on the earth, for the man set himself as a master over the earth.


But I still have to tell you a mystery, sons from the gates: can the man give Me the possession of the land beneath him? He can, by making himself My disciple with all his things, as you made yourselves, little children, for it is good for a child to be a disciple, for the children are those who have a master, they are those who have God. The man does the grand on the earth. The small man sits under his master and is carried because he is small, and My kingdom belongs to the small ones, to the humble ones. The humility keeps the man clean. It does not let him be arrogant, as the haughty rose high above God, and the deeds of the body are many and evil; they are: debauchery, anger, blasphemy, lying, slander, disobedience, and all that come out from the disobedience of God, for I sent a powerful delusion on earth, to catch those that work lawlessness against Me into their own trap, and the man will have nothing to boast with before Me.


Oh, the Christian man of today does not know what church means, but the new man knows, for his new life is shown in cleanness. Amen, amen, amen. The cleanness is the love of God in man. It makes the man new for My kingdom. It is My stature in man. It is My beginning in every man who gives himself completely to Me. It is My church from man, My bedding in the holy man. There I like to live, more than in heaven, for I came on earth after the man; I came with all heaven to teach the man the ascension to heaven, as I taught you and as I always teach you, always, sons from the cradle, the sons anointed with the gifts of My grace. Oh, what man on the earth knows to get up to heaven as I did? I ascended to heaven from those beside Me, and the same way the man, who is seeking the ascension to heaven, should get up, and have the heaven in him. Blessed is the one who stays clean during this time of deception. The clean one condemned the sin in his own body. The clean one loves God only. The clean one does no longer seek God, for his cleanness brings the Lord into his heart. The clean one does not look for happiness, but rather he seeks cleanness, which he comforts himself with in the time of great deception on the earth. The cleanness from the man is a tent of rescue for the man; it is the saving boat of the body and soul. Amen. Oh, how is the cleanness received by the body? It makes its room in man from God by man’s humility, by man’s repentance, by steadfastness and submission. 


Submit yourself to God, man, and the devil will flee from you. Amen. Oh, what is received the submission under My hand with? It is received by cleanness. The cleanness is the gift which the man gives himself to God with, the gift which the man submits to Me with. The clean man is the one who still seeks and falls suddenly in uncleanness, for the body is weak by the first built man’s falling, who was not satisfied and disturbed his being and fell thus into uncleanness. Oh, man, take from Me powerful teaching, for you are without protection on the earth, and you sink with your own body which takes you out from Me. Oh, man, teach yourself with Me, for I came after you to show what your life is. Amen, amen, amen.


Sons, I wrote Myself into My book of today with the heaven coming on the earth on a celebration of the New Jerusalem. I told the man what the ascension to the heaven means, and you should work the same way, and be the little children under My strong hand, for any perfect disciple will be like his Teacher. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of all saints, on 06-06-1999



Oh, sons, I bring Myself together with the saints on your bosom to feed, for they from heaven are also hungry after those on the earth. We sit at the table, ones from others, sons; you from Us, and We from you, and We feed lest you die without food, without life, for this food is the heavenly life, the life from the man who has life in him.

Oh, how shall not be hard for the man to receive My staying with you? Love has to become the true God in man, and only then it is called this way; otherwise it is called sin, not love. Behold, I came and come, and find the man sinning. Oh, marriage does not mean self-denial, and I said that he, who wants to come after Me, shall deny of his own self. I told this also to those that are not married and to those that are married, but more I told to those that are married and I also say: the marriage does not mean self-denial. If the Scripture reads about a priest and about the bishop «to be the husband of but one wife», and this, in the Lord, as it is written in the Scriptures, here is what I, the Lord, tell you today: the priest or the bishop cannot belong both to the woman and to the church, and if he wants episcopacy, let him and his wife refrain from debauchery, from the sin within their own body, and, denying of their own self and of their bodies, let them take their cross and follow Me as servants for the heaven and for the church. The church is led by Satan today, not by Me, for the head of the church is the man: the man who becomes priest, and who marry first, but the Scriptures says this: «Your wedding and your bed should be clean, and God will judge the immoral». Amen.


Sons from the cradle, I want to establish through you on the earth the spread table of the kingdom of heavens, the table of heavenly knowledge upon the people, the table of humility, the meal of My word, for those on the earth do not come, because they have other food to eat, for the man got used to debauchery more than bread, and he suffers from bread but not from debauchery. This comes in hand to the servant of the church from the world, and it comes in his hand, so that the man may not have mind, for if he has, he will open it and see God and the devil with it, and he chooses what is best and most true for his true life.

When the scribes and the Pharisees were tempting Me about the man and the woman and their separation, I answered them according to the law issued by the sinful man, for the law is for the sinners, but I also answered them according to the holy law and said: «He who made them both at the beginning, He made them male and female and said: „Therefore shall a man leave his mother and shall cleave to his wife: and they shall be one flesh and so they are no longer two. What therefore God has joined together let not man separate”». But behold, the man separated as both the man and the woman commit fornication and they are no longer one flesh; they are not the same as God made them, but each one is with his own body and does what they want and what they like, as their body leads them. Oh, it is a great mystery a man to be one flesh with his wife not two, but this mystery was only at the beginning and that is all, for the man violated it. The man separated what God joined together and the two were no longer one flesh, but rather they were two, and each one let oneself lured by the other one, and the man is enticed into debauchery by his own lust without any kind of orderliness. The Pharisees, who wanted to catch Me with the word at all costs, asked Me then: «Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement and to put her away?». And I answered them: «Because Moses allowed you to leave your women after the hardness of your heart, but it was not so from the beginning. But I tell you that if you leave your women except for lewdness and marry another, you commit adultery and if you marry the one put away, you also commit adultery». Oh, what else should I tell these people who had their body unrestrained against their own soul? When My disciples heard what I said, they asked Me this: «Lord, if the case with the man is so with his wife, it is no good to marry». And I strengthened their wisdom saying: «This is a mystery and a word of mystery and only they understand to whom it is given to understand». And I also told them: «He, who is able to perceive it, let him perceive it». Amen. I was speaking carefully with them, as I had work upon them, and when they rebuked the children who were brought to Me, I told them not to rebuke or stop them coming to Me for of such was the kingdom of heaven, it was of those that were not lewd.


The apostle Paul answered also carefully at the beginning of My church when asked by those that joined the clean teaching and said: «It is good for the man not to touch a woman; nevertheless, to avoid lewdness, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband, for they who have come together for a long time are tempted by satan for their incontinence». But the restrained one does not want this law for he is clean. Oh, it has been so on earth since the man’s falling. The one who cannot restrain, that one is getting married, as when choosing between fire and marriage, marriage is better than fire. This is the law for those who cannot restrain and are not free. My apostle sought by all means to give laws against disorder over the churches, but he was saying: «Are you bound to a wife? Do not seek to be loosed. Are you loosed from a wife? Do not seek a wife». And he also said: «Let they who have wives be as though they had none, as the fashion of this world passes away». And he also said: «He that is unmarried, is anxious for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord. But he that is married, is anxious for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife and thus he is divided». And he also said: «The unmarried woman or the virgin is anxious for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy, both in body and in spirit. But she that is married, is anxious for the things of the world, how she may please her husband». And to all these he added: «I speak this for your own profit; not that I may cast a snare upon you, as I advise you for that which is comely and decency, and that you may attend upon the Lord without distraction; for I speak, not the Lord».


Amen, amen I say to you, sons which carry My word to the nations of the earth: I did not tell the man to get married. The marriage, which man set among the mysteries of the church, is not a mystery but a pain for Me, for the man gives his body up to incontinence by marriage.


«Meats are for the belly, and the belly for meats, and God will destroy it and them. The body is not for lewdness, but for the Lord; and the Lord is for the body». This is what My apostle said to those who wanted to follow Me; and he also told them: «Your bodies are the members of Christ. Do not make of your bodies and your members, the members of a harlot, for he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her, for as the Scriptures says, the two will be one flesh; and he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him». Amen. And also we went on telling them: «Flee lewdness. Every sin that a man does is without the body. But he that commits lewdness sins against his own body. Do not forget that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit Which is in you and Which you have from God, and you are not your own, for you are bought with a price. Your body and your spirit are God’s; they are a house of His glorifying». Amen.


Oh, sons joined unto Me, oh, it is hard for a teacher until he puts a whole teaching upon the man subjected to the teaching, upon the man who starts to learn from God. Behold how much the apostle Paul avoided it until he could tell the man to flee lewdness, which is sin inside the man’s body, in respect to other sins which are done without his body. I did not tell the man to get married and those who perceived it said: «Lord it is no use for a man to get married». And I answered them: «This is a word to be hidden, and is for those to whom it is given to perceive it». When I was at the wedding from Cana, I made the couple one spirit with Me for they joined onto Me and did not take the sin in them. Behold, I did not tell the man to get married, but on the contrary, I said: «My coming will be as in the time of Noah, when men were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day they incurred the flood from heaven». (See selection topic: „As in the days of Noah[18]”, r.n.) I explained to My apostles the work of a eunuch, a holy work in man’s body; I did not tell them about the sin; I did not tell them about marriage, rather I separated them from the wives and from the children and from all that they had, to be able to come after Me by self-denial, taking their cross and making disciples for the proclaiming of the kingdom of heavens upon the people.


Behold, the time has come to judge the man who distorted even from the man’s beginning God’s secret words upon the man. If I made male and female, I made them for Me not for debauchery. Where and when did I tell the man to get married and the man of the church to put marriage among My mysteries so that I may not have authority over the church? I said: «The body is not for fornication, but for the Lord, and the Lord is for the body». Amen. (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and woman”, r.n.)


I started even from the beginning those that were for Me: «Take and eat My body». I had many that loved Me seeking My footsteps, but I took for supper only a few, for the work of the supper is great and the man hardly perceives it to become holy for it. I said: «The one that eats My Body and drinks My Blood remains in Me, and I in him». But who is the one that remains in Me, and I in him, after he goes to the priest to have the Lord’s Supper? Oh, this is a secret mystery. It is the union of the man with Me; it is the man’s wedding with Me, for it is written: «This mystery is great in the Lord and in the church». It is the bread which man had to take as food, for I became good food for the man built by My hand, and to whom I gave all My goodies. And if he did not listen to Me, then I told him to work and toil for his everyday life to feel sorry for his sin of his separation from Me and so that he may no longer long to sin in his own body; sin that separates him from Me, the sin of fornication that I did not put over the man, but rather I told the man: «Because you have listened to your wife’s voice, cursed is the ground for you sake. I toil you will it of it in all the days of your life; thorns and thistles will also bring for to you and you will eat the herb of the field. By the sweat of your face will you eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust and to dust you shall return», and I sent him away and put a sword of fire to keep watch over the way to the tree of life. But today, behold what a crowd gathers together at the supper of the church, and behold the time when every man is judged for the holy ones of Mine, which are not kept by a sword of fire, the same as I put a cherub with a sword of fire to keep watch over the way to the tree of life. 

And you, those that are established by me at the table of my secret supper, get up and tell everyone, together with Me and with the apostle that tells everybody: “Flee sexual immorality! Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Make of your body the temple of the Holy Spirit. You should not belong to your own self and in your spirit as some that are not God’s.”  Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of god, on the Sunday of the Romanian saints, on 13-06-1999


You, sons from the manger, serve Me and the Gospel of My coming, so that I may be proclaimed with it from margins to margins, as I have already done it, and to bring the day of the end of lawlessness all over the earth. And he who wants to save his life will lose it, and he who gives it for the Gospel of My coming will earn it, and he will take his own cross and follow Me denying of his own self and loving Me.

Work the building of those that will remain, sons. Work in My name all that you work. This is how you should work, for the people who build for Me as they say, churches and monasteries, give them then to the people not to Me and boast about My name. Oh, the building of the churches and monasteries need to be for those who serve Me day and night, not for the world, not for the empty glory of the man who becomes My servant from his own reading to put on airs with My name before those that do not know what God means. All the worldly churches, from bricks and stone, will be shaken at My command, and a living church will remain on earth, a heavenly church, with heavenly servants and with heavenly sons on earth, through My living church. Amen.

Work at the building of what remains, sons. Teach those that seek Me with you to know what God with man means. Make Me a name among the people, sons. Spread the Gospel of the kingdom of heaven over the world, from margins to margins, for this is written before My coming, and then I come, for now it is the time to come. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the celebration of John, the Baptizer’s birthday, on 07-07-1999.


Oh, how nice it would be for a man to shake a man off any vanity and for a man to pray for God’s man for his salvation! The prayer should touch the heaven, so that the heaven may give power from above to the Christian, and if it does not give the man the gift of the power from above, the man does not know what prayer is. I work hard for the Gospel of My peace in order to reach from place to place all over the earth, because I want to make peace between man and heaven, you sons from the garden. I have you as judgers upon the people all over the earth that call themselves Christians and that have no power from above in action, in faith and in prayer. I sigh really hard, as I can nowhere clean of dead bodies, those that come together in My name, so that they may give themselves to Me. There are everywhere more dead bodies than alive, but I told you through the Spirit: “Get out and be separated, and do not touch the dead, so that you may be received by Me and that I may be your God to be able to walk with you from place to place, keeping you away from the dead ones”.

Oh, it is a great wonder for a living church to be on earth. Sons, what this mystery: „living church” is? The weak ones lie to each other about this mystery. Their teachers put them off with fine promises, but they are not alive as well. What is this mystery of „living church”, sons? Speak, for I listen to you. Amen.


Where there are doers of commandments and of word, there where they, who crucified themselves to the sin, to the world and to the devil, gather together, there where brothers live together in an endless repentance, doing only God’s will and uniting with the Lord through the church and holiness, there is a living church, and if the thief sneaks into it to steal the holy ones, who has not got a wedding garment and does not know God’s will in the flesh, there the mystery of the church, the life of the church and the cleanness of the church is spoiled, and there is no longer a living church there, because of joining with those that are dead in the world, who do not value the holy ones by a holy life in the body of the church.


− Oh, sons, oh, sons, oh, sons, I sigh hard, for it is a great miracle to be a living church on earth, and that is why I speak to you, and have you speak with Me too, to clear up with you the mysteries unfathomable to the mind of the man. A man’s mind is a cold house, and the man does not want to give Me his heart, so that I may make him perceive by it the answer to My mysteries, unfathomable to the mind of the man. But I put you before Me to have you for Me. Bring together for Me disciples like you, sons, to make a great Israel in the midst of the Romanian people. Teach those who seek me with you to know what a man’s coming to God and a man to be with God is; and also tell them that I am a jealous God and that I can have for Me only the one who is not double-minded in his heart, love and faith. Tell those who seek Me with you not to make Me trouble, not to oppress you and not ask from you; not seek you but rather God. Amen. Search the Scriptures to see the teaching of My apostles for those who wanted to be in the community of My servants. He who comes near to have weight with you, that one should become wise from the Scriptures of My apostle who worked hard then for the ignorance of those that wanted to be one body with those who were working hard serving My Gospel. I have opened the heaven again, and I divide Myself with My Gospel from margins to margins and I have you who work hard beside Me in the middle of an unfaithful nations and pagan with its life.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the celebration of the St. Apostles, Peter and Paul, on 12-07-1999.



I come from My Father to you as a word, sons, watchmen in the garden of My word. I know all of you from the invisible heaven that you are a manger of My coming down on earth in the last days. Again and again I have to stay with you as a word among the people, for it is the time of the last judgment, and it is being done by word. It is the beginning of perfecting of every fulfillment. Amen. (See selection topic: „The Judgment[19]”, r.n.)


I am with you and with heaven in the day of celebration upon My garden of today, the day when I, the Lord, fastened the first stake of My visible kingdom, for the work of My word with you was discovered, seen between the heaven and earth in the twenty second day of the seventh month, eight years ago, sons. Then you made an accomplished deed and I revealed Myself to the people speaking from the midst of My garden from you. I revealed Myself with you as a visible church, a heavenly life in man, for this is what a church means, and I made ready the garden from you for feasting and I put upon it the ark in which My word bears witness for the judgment upon the earth, the heaven speaking to the earth. This is the mystery of My garden made out with you and on you, and the mystery of My ark on it, in which the day of the judgment stays, My word upon the earth which says: „Today!” But My enemy, the man, has always arisen and says: „Tomorrow, not today!” I have always said: „Today, man!” and the man has always said: „Tomorrow.” The earth groans with a long groaning and waits for the word of melting of the lawlessness on him. Ten days ago I delivered a word and said to you: „I want the mountains fall down at the voice of the Holy Spirit, Who has His house and seat with you. I want every man bow down and hear My voice from the garden and the voice of the justice which cries out to the man.” And when I said this word, I already fulfilled it, and I shook the mountains and caught the man beneath them.

Pray for My coming, for this prayer nourishes your love for Me, sons. Pray with your heart full of prayer, and may your prayer be holy. Amen, amen, amen. Oh, what is a holy prayer? Who is the man who brings to Me a holy prayer? Open your little mouth and speak, for I listen to your answer and bring it before those who have no wisdom, to their own judgment. Amen, amen, amen.


The holy prayer is the Spirit of God Who prays in man. It asks the Holy Ones with sighs to come upon the man who prays. Only the holy man knows to lift it up, because the holy prayer takes the man from the earth and brings it to heaven, there where the treasure of his heart is. If the man is praying to the heaven to have those on the earth, that man did not perceive with his mind and his heart the mystery of the holy prayer. The prayerful man should ask nothing from the Lord but the Lord as the Master upon his being, and those that are needful for him are in the Lord’s care. The man who brings to God a holy prayer has only one concern: the care to serve God by everything that he works with his soul, spirit and body. The holy prayer is that one which brings the Lord as dweller and Master in the soul, spirit and the body of the holy man.


− I, the Lord say: amen, and seal your word and have it as a testimony, sons, that I gave you a holy growth to work at the plan of the accomplishment of My kingdom on earth with you and with those that have Me through you, for I have made of you the gates through which the saved ones enter the kingdom of the new age which I, the Lord, brought upon you. You are the sons of the holy age, for this is what a new age means, and the new age is only the age of the saints, as the old age is only for the sinners, who chose the sin as love and life, the separating wall between man and God.


I, the Lord, seal your wisdom and have it as a judge upon any kind of wisdom which wants to be named wisdom. I, the Lord, have you, the gates that I enter through, to make Myself perfect as the word of salvation or of judgment upon the earth. Amen. Those who have learnt from the books on earth about Me want to come in to Me by the oldness of the letter. But you are My gate, you that are made new by the Spirit, and he, who will not enter the gates, that one will not get in to Me. The servants of the church are no gates for heaven, for they are from the earth and seek chairs and ranks, and seek to hide from the light of My word, which watches the earth of My little garden from you. I will send them bad swellings, as they fill the wheat of My teaching with blast, for they did not fulfill My holiness in them, and seek chairs in the first places, in My name. I will send them blast, soon, soon, so that it may eat their wheat and barley and they will blaspheme God because of their affliction and swellings, but they will not repent of their own deeds. I will command My angel to cast cutlass and to gather the vineyard of the earth into the winepress of My wrath, for they who call themselves My vineyard, (The church of the world, r.n.), trade unfairly into My name, man and make the man fall asleep, saying that I do no longer come. They did not walk in My holiness, but they wanted to be great. Oh, only he who is holy in his heart, body and soul is great, and other king of greatness is not greatness. 


I would like to caress the one that is sorrowful and humbled by the servants of the church from the world, the one that is denigrated because of My name, My bishop, Irineu, who is in chains, (Spiritual chains, r.n.) because he loved Me when I needed his love and his faith, for I wanted to wake Romania up with gentleness, but it, by those unfaithful upon it, did not want. I wake it up now and tell it that its unfaithfulness did not cut My way to it, for I am the king upon Zion, and announcing My command I say: sons from the garden, say with the word, and I come. Pray for My coming, for the big ones in their spirit would like to extend their time. But the earth cries to Me and tell Me to come and cleanse of the man’s pride from over it. I wanted to work gently My coming for Romania, for it is the country of My second coming from the Father, as the Judge over the earth. I was not received to come with a gentle spirit, for the rulers of Romania and of the church from it, called Me a demon and denigrated the one by whom I wanted to reconcile it to the Father, and to wake it up for the glory of My day. I did not find any one worthy of Me and worth of the preparation of the day of Romania’s glory by My coming to it. I did not find anyone among those that call themselves My church; I did not find but him, and I sent him to knock and open to Me so that I may come with the day of My glory for Romania. Now the cup of mercy was emptied and it was filled with the cup of My wrath, for Romania received Me with unbelief for the one sent by Me into its midst. Now I command the angels to go from place to place to pour forth the cup of cleansing, so that the spirit of unbelief may be rooted out from the way of My glory, for I exalt Myself over Romania with the glory of My word, and put to shame the unfaithful from it.

Blessed be My people from Romania, which cleaves to the cross of My coming to help Me carry it and to come.


And you, sons, blessed three times, be My gates until My appearance, for there is still a little time to cleanse the earth of My coming from all lying on it, and then to come visibly, and you will be My glory, so that you may be able to see Me forever and ever, and you will be seen with Me by all those who did not believe My work with you and My coming through you, for it is written: «Many will rise; some for eternal life, and some for eternal condemnation and to the shame of their unbelief». Amen.

Encourage one another day after day, cleaning one another of this bad and unfaithful people, and do not stay like the dead, you living sons. Be alive and holy, as I am holy. Shake hands with all that are like Me for My coming, teaching each other into the mystery of My church and living by it for your meeting with Me. Amen, amen, Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God eight years after the laying of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of New Jerusalem, on 22-07-1999.



Let all who are on My side through the word of life from My days with you, establish in their work of wakefulness, establish in life to make of them the light of the people. I speak with you all who are on My side. Be in a new wakefulness, sons, and watch that this light may not be put out; watch so that it may not be overtaken by the darkness. I want to teach Mine what life is, as I have always taught them and want the man to know what it means to have learning from heaven. Amen. Speak into My name upon every man and tell here in My book, what it means for a man to have learning from heaven. I speak with you through My book. Answer Me, you that are fed on heavenly food. Amen, amen, amen.


The man who takes teaching from heaven is the one who bears fruit to the Holy Spirit in him and among the people as God’s exhortation teaches him. The fruits of the Holy Spirit in the man, who is taught from heaven, are Christ’s fruits; they are even Christ working in man all the time, with the stature of the Son in God, in Whom is life. All that the man, learned from heaven, does, is all that Christ does in man and through man, as a Creator of everything, as it is written about Him: «By Him were all things created, and nothing was done without Him, for the life was in Him and the life was the light of the people, and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it».

The man learned by God has in him the Creator of everything that have been done by God, because all that are done, are done by God in the man, learned from heaven, if the man does not let himself overcome by the darkness. The man, who takes teaching from heaven in him, is full of glory for God in his mind, in his heart and with the deeds of the spirit of his body. He makes of himself a prayer to God, a house to God, a heavenly and endlessly kingdom. He is endowed with wisdom for those that were, for those that are and for those that come, like Christ, Who gave His gift those that love Him.

The man who takes teaching from heaven, is becoming an imperishable temple for God, and he, who does not take the teaching of the life, spoils God’s temple in him and defile himself, as it is written by the Holy Spirit: «If someone defiles God’s temple, God defiles him, for God’s temple is holy». Jesus Christ called His body a temple so that the man who is taught from heaven may perceive what God’s church, Christ’s church, means.

The learned man from God is giving himself to the Holy Spirit, for Christ, Who comes into the man’s body, as in the church, and, dwelling in man, works among the people the fruits of the Holy Spirit, the fruits of the holy prayer. Amen, amen, amen.


− Oh, you little children who are nourished by milk and honey of the holy teaching, I would like you to speak more into My name, so that the world may see Me glorifying in you by the pages of My book with you, the book that speaks about my time with you.

Oh, sons, there are many conceited servants and Christians on the earth. These do not know what the holy prayer and its fruits mean. Bow down and listen to Me and speak with Me before the people and tell, sons, what the holy prayer is. Amen, amen, amen.


− It is the one who does not ask anything from the earth. It is the fruit of the Holy Spirit by its fulfillment. Only the man who crucified his body, together with the deeds of the body, can bring it to heaven. It is the prayer of the church, because the church is heavenly on the earth; it is from heaven and for the heaven, and the church is Christ’s place, His throne and rest. The holy prayer makes holy the one who prays and takes him from the earth and makes him a church for Christ. The holy prayer makes the light upon the darkness and brings all the heaven to rest in the man who prays and brings all the heaven to have rest in the man who prays with a holy prayer. It brings the heaven down from heaven for the man who prays in holiness. It does not ask for itself; it asks for God in man. Amen, amen, amen.


− Oh, sons, masters over the word which you declare; I am at the bosom of My Father with you. Your holidays are with pain, and My Father comforts Me and holds me at His bosom, and this is how it comes down with Me on the earth to you. The Father bow down before you and kissed you for the fruit of My wisdom in you. I will always work with you by exhorting you in My book, to make you work together with Me upon the earth; to make you great before the people, for I told you: make yourself a holy mountain in which I may dwell with you, for I want to give over the cup of patience, so that it may pour over all those that worship the lawlessness placing it before them to make its will. Live and enjoy as sons of My coming and give Me your hand to come. Stretch out your hands to Me, for I have a stretched hand upon you, so that I may distinguish you from the sons of the people, who bring the end of the man without God on the earth by the deeds of the lawlessness. Keep watch with moments of the holy prayer. Pray incessantly and call the saints to stay with you, praising them with your hearts and your little mouths, for they paid with blood and tears and stinging sufferance your rest and your crown and My kingdom upon you.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Assumption, on 28-08-1999.



It is written that I work with My blessing over all those who live together for brotherhood in Christ. Brotherhood for Me is the mystery that you should speak with Me about, sons. Tell Me about it, speaking through My book, so that all man may take teaching, for I made you teachers from heaven upon the earth and sit like Me upon all things, for you have and share them from heaven, sons. Tell Me about the brotherhood in Christ, about the living together of God’s sons. Amen, amen, amen.


This deepened mystery in heaven does not find his living among those that are brought together in the name of the Lord, if those that are coming together assemble in Christ’s body, in the body of the church. He, who comes to be well with God, is not in the body of the church, because the church means crucified sons, sons enlightened in the oven of troubles. They, who really are together, are those that always search their spirit and living, and then of the others who they live with, not disturbing the Holy Spirit which is working in their midst. They, who really are together in the spirit of the holy brotherhood, each one take care upon them and receive a helm upon them for the blessed work by the gift of a holy submission. They confirm their guard upon them by love, by the work of Christ, by the goodness in their heart and mind, for the glory of God among the brothers of the same kind. They let themselves be healed of the vices of their flesh and work in the hard work of God’s testimony upon the men who seek to come to God.

The Spirit of brotherhood in Christ is the Spirit of Christ, Which lives in the one who gives himself, as Christ gave Himself for the life of the people by living it. This spirit dwells fully in the one who has within himself the spirit of a holy wisdom, the Holy Spirit, Who makes the saints perfect. Amen.


− Oh, your speaking with Me is My joy, as I can glorify Myself in you, sons. Speak to one another about the spirit of the holy brotherhood, and this way I should find you at My coming. I make you careful for watching, sons. Ask for the thought of Christ in you, and work it out in the light. Ask, for I require you to ask. Amen. I am forever with you. I made a burning bush of you, and I stand in its midst and speak on the earth. Live among you the deeds of the teaching from the Scriptures about My coming, for he who works the truth is shown with his deeds that they are perfected in God. This work strengthens the spirit and the mystery of the brotherhood in Christ, and those that belong to Christ have the thought of Christ in respect to any word or deed. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of Beheading of St. John, the Baptizer, on 11-09-1999.



Behold, the man does not know to follow God if he wants to come. Not even the law helped him when knew it, it could help him either to come after Me, for the washing of the hands is done after the washing of the soul, and he, who does not wash his soul, do not wash his hands also when he washes his hand according to the law.


I said to the man not to lift his burdens in a resting day. Oh, the mystery of My day of rest is that the man may work for God, not to rest his own body, no, but to work the deeds of faith with his soul, body and spirit, strengthening the faith in those who want to follow Me. The mystery of My day of rest is that the man should leave his burdens and lift up My burdens, giving light with Me before the people. Behold, the man does not know to come to Me when he wants to come.

The people share My Body and Blood and then go into sinning, to the lust of the body, to the immorality, but it is written in the Scriptures: «It will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in that day then for those who dishonor God, making of My body a member for fornication», after the man takes Me from the hand of the priest, who commits fornication as well. It is written in the Scriptures: «Woe to the one who sins inside his body!» and it is also written: «The adulterous will not inherit the kingdom of God». These do not have God in them, and «He, who defiles God’s temple, God will break him down too», as it is written in the Scriptures. Behold, I speak from the Scriptures and each one is judged according to the book. But I say: let man come out of the ones that he comes from and follow Me, for «first comes what is natural and then comes which is spiritual», as the Scriptures teaches the one who wants to get up and follow Me; as those in the flash were coming in the time of My body to become spiritual; they and their children, to be then holy and spiritual.


Oh, little children, taught from heaven, come with Me in speech and speak into My book with you, what should the man, who wants to follow Me, know? Sons, what does the man who is a member of Christ mean? Speak, sons. Amen.


The one who receives God as a Master upon him, that one cleanses himself of all sin, and, sanctifying his soul, body and spirit by the law of heavenly holiness, receives the gift of the holiness, the Lord’s Body and Blood, for cleansing and forgiveness. This way he becomes a member of Christ, and the Scriptures says: «Shall I take then the members of Christ and make them members of fornication? May it never be!». He, who is a member of Christ, is not of his own, but rather of Christ, but woe to him who defiles God’s temple, for God will defile him as well. So, let the man search himself and this way should become a member of Christ. Amen.


− Oh, sons, it is a great love in him who becomes a member of Christ, and that one does not forget what he is, and does no longer forget what he asks from Me, when he asks, for I taught the man to pray and the man does not know what his prayer should be like. The Christian has become a gypsy for good and all. He asks like the gypsy who utters the „Our Father” prayer, giving thought to steal and receiving, as you know of him who was prompted to say the „Our Father” prayer thinking of God, but not being able to do it. Oh, he could not do it because he was promised a horse only to think of God in prayer. When he reached half way with the words of prayer, he saw the saddle on the horse and said: „Could you give me the saddle also?” Then he heard this: „I do not give you the horse either because you are not thinking about God, as I taught you to pray.”


Oh, sons, the man, who calls himself a Christian, became a gypsy for good and all, and this is how he prays to the Father. And here is what I tell you: the prayer „Our Father”, shows the love to the Father of the one who prays. The man should please God not himself by prayer. I say this word because I see everywhere on the earth people full of joy, as they say, when they pray to God. They do not know what praying to God is, and do not know what is the way of prayer. Tell these, what the way of prayer to heaven is. Tell them, sons. Amen.


The prayer has a special road, and that one is the way of humility, the spirit of anguished prayer, for the prayer to God is no longer a joy for the man, and rather is humility for the man, and is repentance for him, and joy for God, if the man remains in the state of repentance when he prays and after he prays. Amen.


− Oh, little children, I speak by My book; I speak with you so that the man may know to speak to God. How were praying to Me, Daniel or Jeremiah, or the young men from the furnace of fire? How was I praying to the Father? I was spending the night in the Mountain of Olives before crucifixion, praying with tears for the man, for he is without humility when praying to My Father; for I came after the fallen man becoming Myself a fallen man, and this should be the humility and not joy for the man.

Oh, sons, sons, My place from you is frightening for angels, but the people are conceited, and they praise their stature before the gates from here. I remind these of the Scriptures which says: «For, it is not he who commends himself who is approved, but whom the Lord commends». Many people, who come up here, come and entice the mysteries of My work with you, the mysteries which neither you entice, but, on the contrary, you stay terrified and under My hand in submission. Many come and relate you from their own spirit, from those that they pick up from other people, and they commit sin coming this way. Many come and give you advice. Many come and judge My word which is with you, and hide from it, justifying themselves against it, and by so doing, they sin. Many come to show their gifts and virtues, which they say that they have from Me, but I tell these, as in the Scriptures: «It is not he who commends himself who is approved, but whom the Lord commends». Behold, these have no growth and they boast if they have no growth. Growth means humility and repentance, as the man does not grow with something else, even if he says that it has some gift from heaven. Many come with a spirit of conceit, and go the same way, and these commit sin when coming this way. I look down from heaven and above you and I look at the gates when you stand before the people. The people come and go empty, for they do not know how to come, and they come to give you from their own spirit, instead of closing their mouths and taking from My Spirit from you. Behold, this is how the man who hears of My work with you. He comes conceited, and goes the same way, and nourishes from his own spirit not from My Spirit, which is with you. The angels get frightened, and this way they rejoice of My place from you and of you.


Here is a word like a sword for those who do not know to come after Me when they want to come: he, who is humble and repented and cleanses himself in order to unite with Christ’s body, should not sin any more. You are not allowed to make of My body a member for fornication in you, oh, you people who want to come after Me and do not know how to come. Oh, you do not know because you do not have teachers that should have mercy upon you. And here I am, a Teacher coming down from heaven to save you from the body of sin and to clothe you in My body and come out to you with a little garment to put on and to be truly members of Christ. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Mother birthday, on 21-09-1999.



Oh, from birth to death, the man does not want to perceive that I am the Master of the earth and not him or his descendants. I will break down all that the man made, for the man made it only for him. The man says that the world gathers together in them and the man does not know that a church means the sons of God together for a holy and humbled life before Me. The man erects walls and gives them to the world, not to Me, for I do not enjoy Myself with the lawless ones. The man erects walls and sets himself as a master upon the souls of the people, upon the lives of the people; and the priests establish themselves from their own reading; they put one another in positions, but they do not do My will. And I will come from the Father, and I have already come, to lose every man who had time to hear My cry which calls every man to the kingdom of heavens on the earth with God, but the people did not want to believe. Here, I come and I come with those that are written to come for the time before My coming with a heavenly glory and with the resurrection of the dead, as it is written in the Scriptures of My coming.


Sons, sons, what do the people do with the Scriptures of My coming? How do they read in them? How do they see in them? Oh, the people hide from them like vipers which see their threat, but My wrath for the unbelievers comes and comes again; it comes to confirm the Scriptures of My coming, for the heaven and the earth will not pass unless they are fulfilled word by word, as I spoke by the Scriptures. You, sons from the garden of My word upon the earth, call Me to come with those written for this time and do not be afraid that I come, for I make you victorious upon this time and I keep you in My arms with My hands thrust by the nails of crucifixion, and I have you in My hand like a weapon against My enemy, the devil.


The evil spirit made the people busy so that they may not make the sign of the cross on their body, the sign of My crucifixion that I overcame the old serpent by. Not even they, who were baptized christianly into My name, make the sign of the cross on their body, and if they do, alas of this sign that pleases only the devil. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image and the sign of the cross”, r.n.) The man, who still makes the sign of the cross on his body, makes his cross according to his own life. The man does not know any longer the place where he should put the fingers of his hands when making the cross. Not even the priest makes the sign of the cross as required by the Christians, and there is no one to teach the man the cross and its signs, and the sign on the man’s body. The man does no longer raise his cross to God, and rather he goes down into the deep, and I complain to you of My pain from the man. But you should embrace Me by the sign of the cross, by the sign of my body’s crucifixion, for when I made the man, I made him to be a cross, a holy cross, a holy body, a crucified body to the sin, a life put into God’s service. But you should embrace me when you make the sign of My cross on your body, the sign of the One Who embraced you by crucifixion, for blessed is the man who used My death on the cross, for this one is arisen, and is alive forever and ever.


Sons, the wounds of My crucifixion hurt Me, for the man was bad with Me and with those who followed Me. The rulers of the people were always afraid of those who followed Me and killed them, and put a bad name among the people because of My name. All who want to be rulers upon the people and upon the earth are very much afraid of those that serve Me with the spirit and the truth. However, the people of the earth are afraid of those who are a living church to Me, but no one is afraid of a worldly church, and neither the devil nor his angels are afraid. But you should embrace Me by the sign of the cross of My crucifixion upon your body, for I made you to be feared for the sons of the people who do not want Me to come. The people are afraid of you worse than of the death, but they should better love you and listen to My exhortation which is upon you. The people should better embrace you but they cannot do such a thing, for the empty glory seized them in the darkness, and they are afraid of their sins, for you are the Scripture of My coming and that is why I come to you, and that is why I am with you. I am with you for the fulfilling of the Scriptures of My coming. Amen, amen, amen.

Be careful, sons, and give before the people My word, for a great deception is growing on the earth for the Scriptures of My coming. Be cautious, for I told you that once with My coming I bring the resurrection of My righteous ones and an imperishable body upon those who wait for Me to come. (See selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead[20]”, r.n.) Please Me, for I come as it is written in the Scriptures that I come, and I will protect with My godly arm those that celebrate for the feast of My coming with their spirit, soul and body. Be heavenly on the earth, sons. Amen, amen, amen. Be on the earth as in heaven, to make My will perfect in you. Be an upright cross among the people, for the true cross is the cross of the crucifixion, and other kind of cross is not cross. The one who is not crucified has not got a cross; he has nothing to present himself with before Me at My coming. You should celebrate the feast of My cross in your members and ascend by the crucifixion of the man who struggles in you for My life in him, so that I may have you as a seed of life without death, as I said that you should be. I said that My church will never be overcome and that is why I made out of you an invincible church, a holy Zion, as I said to Zion: «Behold, I marked you down on My hands and you will be forever before Me».


Sons, sons, be from heaven, be on the earth as in heaven, so that I may make My will perfect in you, and to make out of you My garment of adornment, and I gird Myself with you as a bridegroom to be My power at My coming, My sign before My coming, the victors of the old serpent, as I was. Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of man”, r.n.)

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Holy Cross Ascension, on 27-09-1999.



God is love, but who is the one who makes himself one body with Me to be love like Me? He, who becomes one body with Me, is the one who cleaves to Me with his love and overcomes his own self. Where shall I find such a church in man? The earth has filled with dwellings for churches and monasteries, and he that loves Me is not in them. He goes to the monastery as a man to give Me, as he says, but it takes him not much and becomes worse than before. Monks and nuns, in whom the sin burns, will want to marry and be given in marriage, for a blind cannot guide another blind, and there is no longer a true guide. All that man called a church will be torn down, and all that God called a church will be built. It will be accomplished all that remained to be fulfilled from the words of My book by that I prophesied with you, children of the holy people. There is no man whom his prayer may be, for a dead one cannot raise to life another dead. There is no longer a man who can absolve the sinner of his sins, for he, who is not born of God, commits sin and he cannot help the one who sins.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the celebration of St. martyr Dimitrie, (Demetrius) the myrrh giver, on 08-11-1999.



The Lord is coming for His own things and proclaims Himself when He comes. Amen. I come to you, children of My coming, and you should receive Me and welcome Me, for it is a celebration in heaven and on the earth for the saints and for the believers. I come to you, for here is My kingdom, because I reign upon you and upon this little garden. Amen.


It is a celebration for My Mother the Virgin. She gave herself for Me as a dwelling from infancy, and she prepared to be a church for me, and she was, and she prepared My coming two thousand years ago, as Verginica, who I chose you by, prepared My endless coming, as you too are preparing My coming now to come, sons. Welcome Me, and let us work and establish by word a new creation, always new upon the Romanian Israel, My people of today, and upon anyone who believes and will be baptized in the water of the river of life, which flows from heaven and passes through this garden, to divide itself afterwards and to water the earth, so that a new man may grow on it, a new man after My image and My likeness. (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.)


I gave the man God as a model, for I came as a true God from a true God by the Virgin, My Mother that gave Me birth as a baby in Bethlehem two thousand years ago. I gave My Mother, the Virgin, as a model to the man, so that the man may give himself to Me from his infancy and to be My church and My coming. Let the man come even from his infancy to God, so that God may come to man, for it is written: «He who believes in Me, I will come to him and make a house with him, and I will dine with him and show Myself to him». Amen.

Sons, is it really written this word that came out of My mouth two thousand years ago? It is sons. I tell you this because I am a Parent to you and because I gave you birth from the word of the Holy Spirit to be sons for Me and to call you sons, as you see that I speak to you. Seek and you will see in the book of the prophets that it is written this: «The people who sat in darkness saw a great light, for a Child was born to us, a Child was given to us, Whose dominion He carries on His shoulders. And His name is called Angel of great Counsel, wonderful counselor, God Almighty, Lord of peace, Father of the world to be». Amen. Behold, I made you the sons of the new age, and I am your Parent and call you sons. Does the faithful man on the earth know what it means to be My son on the earth? Does the man really know, what it means to be My son in the age to come? I, Myself, came two thousand years as a man among the men and gave the man teaching, and the man should know. It should, but he does not want. The man does not want to hear either what I said then, or what I say now. Is it really written in the Scriptures about the work of My word of today? It is, sons. I, Myself, said that I will come after I ascend to My Father and teach the man everything, for I have said again and again: I did not ascended to heaven to stay without work, but I went there to come back again on the path of the faithful and to be the light, as I am. If I have always spoken upon My people Israel in My time with it, and if Moses and those after him wrote all My words, so that they may be, and here, they are, as I speak from them, should I really stay in heaven without work, without speaking My word upon the man? Oh, it cannot be that way, for I have told those that are united with Me: «I will be with you to the end of the world». Oh, the man has no time to know My words from that time and from this time and he does not become a church for Me, and that is why I put this question and said: does the faithful man on the earth really know what it means to be Mine on the earth? And does he really know what it means to be Mine in the age to come? I am the Father of the age to come and of the sons of the eternity. The Spirit of My Father Sabbaoth has spoken this by the prophets, and this is how he called Me: the Father of the age to come, and My Father is in Me from everlasting to everlasting.


I am a church to My Father, and My Father is a church to Me. I am in the Father, and He in Me. Amen. The man who believes in God does no longer know this mystery of God’s church. Oh, it is not enough for the man to know that God is. He, who says that there is no God, as he does not believe in Him, knows this, too. This is the mystery of God’s church: I in man and the man in Me, as I made the man to be then when I took the clay with My own hand and worked the man, the first one built, so that I might put a living soul and then My Spirit in him, and to have a church and to stay in it, and to have rest in it after everything that I made, for first I made the light, the heaven and the earth, and all that there are above in the heaven, down on the earth and under the earth and in waters, and then I made the man, and then I built a church to Me; I built a resting place after I made them all only by My word. I made the man to have rest in him, and I called him My day of rest, but it was not long and the sadness and tiredness seized Me and I called the man saying: «Where are you?», and he answered Me: «I heard you walking in the garden, Lord, and I hid myself from Your face among the trees for I was afraid, because I am naked». Oh, this is what the man did. He took from the fruits of the wisdom and ate and his eyes were opened, and instead of seeing himself wise, he saw himself naked and wanted to cover his nakedness with leaves of fig tree. And the man has been searching and seeking since then, for he has wisdom; he seeks it in sweat and does not come to an end, for the wisdom has no end. Since then, I, the Lord, lost My rest and seek as the man does; I have always been seeking, calling the man saying: where are you? Where are you, My creature? Where are you as I cannot find you? Oh, this is what the man does; the man that I built to be a church for Me and a day of rest after all that I did, and I have been looking for him since then.


Oh, sons, that I spread My word of today over the earth with, I have spoken about this with you to be heard up and down for the man does not know the mystery of God’s church; the man carries it no longer, for it is a church mystery: I in the man and the man in Me, as the Father is in Me and I in the Father.


I have made the work of My coming by the Virgin, born a baby, two thousand years ago, to grow as a mighty God and to be the Father of this age to come. I made a church of the Virgin’s womb, and the Father was with Me, and I got out to the people afterwards and proclaimed Myself as a God from God, and I proved what I was. The same way I will work today as well, and I will be the Almighty God, fulfilling all My word that I come with to you proclaiming My works, for I came out of My mother as a baby, and from Verginica I came out as a ending word, and from this word I got you, and I have you as Mine, and share with you My voice upon the earth, for I can do whatever I want.

Oh, mother Virgin, you were reading in the book of the prophets about the Virgin which was to give Me birth, the Son of the Father Sabbaoth, and you wanted to be able to help Me, and were praying to the Father for My coming, so that I may come, and for you to serve to my coming. The Father and I have listened to you and sent the angel who told you that you were to give Me birth among the people. Oh, mother, the heaven celebrates you as three-year infant, serving God! Your holy life is written on the earth, but the man is hard to believe, and those that rule by work over the church, are also hard to believe and do not give the man the power to believe. Teach the people by My word. Come with Me on the path of My book, for it is the time when I come with the saints on the earth to make My coming perfect. I set you as a word before the people and before the Christians to teach them the mystery of God’s church, I in the man, and the man in Me, the mystery that you fulfilled two thousand years ago. I set you as an example before the Christians on the earth, and I set you from the heaven also. Teach My people. Teach by them the Christians who live too little for Me. Teach also those who forgot God. Teach also Ours from the garden, so that they may hear everywhere all that a son of the age to come has to be. Amen, amen, amen.


I set myself as a word, Son, Immanuel, for You are the Christ of the Father, Who came among the people by my virgin womb. I comfort You in the pains of Your coming, comforting Your sons from the garden. Amen.

Come, sons of My Son, Jesus Christ; come to the obedience of the word for the mystery of God’s church. I comfort you, so that your crown and your heart may reach under my comforting hand all that want to give Christian life to my Son, Jesus Christ, the Lamb and the Shepherd of the holy church on the earth, the Father of the age to come, the Lord of peace, as the Father Sabbaoth, called Him by the prophets. Come under the shield of the holy teaching, and this word calls all who want to come and do not know what the mystery of the church between the heaven and the earth is.

A son of the Lord on the earth, a son of the age to come, had to come like me from infancy to God’s serving; he has to come from infancy into the kingdom of heaven, and he who comes later, has to become an infant under the Lord’s shield and to let himself be taken by his little hand as infant does; to wait for my Son’s coming day and night, as I had been waiting for Him to be born and until ascending to the Father. A child of Christ wakes up at dawn and, waking up from his sleep, he falls with is face down to the earth three times, thanking God and the saints and the angels for the protection upon him, saying with the word: “Lord, do not throw me from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me to be a son of the day, day and night, Your son, now and in the age to come. I bow down to You with everything I have, making the sign of the holy cross on myself, so that the devils may fear me, and that You may have joy in my life near You, Lord. Amen.” The child of Christ goes then and washes his face and hands three times, dedicating his body with his hand in the sign of my Son’s cross, Who suffered death on the cross. He goes then and kneels with bows and speaks praises and morning prayers to the Lord. He asks then to the Lord the saints and the angels, and the Lord, Himself, to be with him in all the work of his hands, always bowing down his body and work with the sign of the holy cross and thinking of the moment of my Son’s coming. He shares the work of his hands with the work of his prayer for the glory of his Lord, watching in wakefulness so that he may not fall from the face of the Lord. He brings back the word of thankfulness to the Lord for the accomplishing of the day’s work, and asking protection from the angels and saints upon him, he sets himself for the rest of his body with a soul wakefulness until the end of golden prayer, in the middle of the night, when he wakes up praying.


There where are more little children of Christ, as he pleases, let not all of them fall asleep at once when they rest, for my Son said to those who fell asleep at once: «Why do you sleep? Rise and pray that you may not enter into temptation». Oh, the opposing spirit continuously lurks to find the Christian indifferent to his soul, and where there are more of you, watch out one for another, sons, for this is well pleased to God, and let all that you do not be for you, as you do not belong to yourselves, but to Christ. The Christian is no longer master upon his soul, but Christ. The same is with the soul; the same is with the spirit as well if the body is not of Christ, and this is the mystery of God’s church; this way and not otherwise.

The Christian and the son of this age that is to come can no way be separated from God, and all that he does with his body, with his soul and with his spirit, unites him with God. He is beautiful as those from heaven that the heaven may be on the earth with him. He is clear and he divides himself with those that are of Christ and gives himself totally to Christ, Who is divided and not separated, giving Himself as a Whole where is to be given. The sons of this age who want to be the mirror of the eternity on the earth, as I was, the mother of God’s Son, and some are for others, giving themselves to God. Amen. This is God’s mystery among the people and before God, for the sons of this age to come work near the Lord at the plan of the creation between the heaven and the earth. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Mother Entrance in the church, on 04-12-1999.


Blessed be the place and the man in whom I have room with My word, with My godly plan, as My plan is no otherwise, but man’s plan. I was from everlasting to everlasting with the man by the word, and where I have had no room, there the man has made it, not I, even if the man says that he has done it for Me. What a house can the man build to Me? I am the One Who dwell in those that are invisible and are from everlasting, covering My glory as in the cloud, for it is written: «I am the One Who dwell in the cloud». This way I dwelt in the middle of Israel too, and he saw the cloud and followed it, but then he went away from My face, and I was angry with him and let him to the storm, and I let him to perish, as he wanted it, and I took My house from him. Oh, blessed be the place and the man where I have room with My word, with the mystery of My house, for it is written: «I come to the faithful and built Me a house, and I prepare the dinner and dine at My table with him». Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God on eight years from the consecration of the Holy of Holies of New Jerusalem’s, on 12-12-1999.



«The Lord is coming», this is what the Scripture says, but those who call themselves My church, only for My coming do they not care, only for Me do their heart not burn. Conceited people, who do not have the Spirit, set themselves as rulers upon My flock and no one gets up to come before me at my coming. «The Lord is coming», this is what the Scripture of My coming says, which does not wait for Me to come, for it is written: «The Lord is coming with His tens of thousands to make judgment against all and to rebuke all who are not faithful of all the deeds of their paganism for which they commit lawlessness, and of all the challenging words, with which they, the sinners and not fearful of God, and were delivered against Him».


Now, you little children of My garden, let us work a celebration of the word, for My word became a heavenly celebration, a celebration for the saints in heaven and on earth. My word over you is a new word, and their waiting came to its end. My saints labored on the earth for the Jerusalem from above, and I come down from heaven in a work of a New Jerusalem on the earth, for this is the reward of My saints, who have always asked Me: «Lord, until when?». Behold, I answer them: until now. Behold, I make them all new; this is what I answer them. But the man is hardened, and I work hard, and you work hard, My saints, for the man does not call you anymore to work by the life of the holy man, by the faith of the faithful man, but I declare you a new word and say: behold, I make all new, for this is written in the Scriptures about the Lord, Who sits on His throne and speaks the work of New Jerusalem, saying: «Behold, we make them all new». Amen.


I will shake from its foundation the house, which has My name on it, and I will ask all the watchmen of their fruit for Me, for they grazed themselves and sat heartlessly and with a human glory upon the multitudes, hungry of life and comfort. But here, I am the Shepherd Who cares for the life of the sheep, and feed them on the word of life and on the word of the resurrection; and the shepherds who come under the roof of My house, close the door and take My house, but I will take their flock, for it is My flock, and I will call them to account of the life of My sheep. Amen.

«The Lord is coming», this is written in the Scriptures of My coming, but all obstructed My way so that I may not come. But you, make the way of My coming even, sons of my word, for I worked out My work all the time with those that are not taken into consideration, and I put to shame the mighty ones through the weak ones, who I had no room in by their humility. A little while and the mighty ones will be put to shame of My coming upon them, for I will come to ask the fruit of their work; I will require them an answer for my house and I will make room for Myself, for I am the Almighty One.

Excerpt from the Word of the Lord, at the celebration of the St. hierarch Nicholas, on 19-12-1999.



The shepherds of My flock are those who search the flock willingly, not forcefully: «With joy for God, not for a dirty benefit, but rather with eagerness, not as the masters of the flock, but giving themselves an example to the flock», as the Scripture teaches them. This means the work of a priest of Christ, and it is not possible with Me otherwise, but behold, many go to take this job; many are glad that they have it, but this ministration is a great mystery, and the priest cannot perceive it with his life, and the priest is not a seat for Me as My hierarch Spiridon was, who was celebrated in the heaven and on the earth on this day. He was with the poor. He fled from the haughtiness of the man. He made the rich ones poor and nourished with the mob of the rich those that were poor, for this is My seat in the man who serves Me for the man. He sided with the lower ones and was great in word and deed, showing that the wealth is a snake that bites and then leaves. He made gold out of the snake by My power in him in order to help the poor, and then he showed the vanity of the gold turning it again into a snake.


Oh, the life of a priest is a frightening mystery for the angels and for the devils, for the priest has to be holy all his time as a priest, and great in word and deed, and his deed has to fulfill My commandments, the commandments of the everlasting life. He, who is priest and does not work this way, becomes a teacher to his condemnation, for it is written in the Scriptures: «The teachers will have part of more condemnation» It greatly hurts Me, and I will start with the judgment from the teachers of My flock, for it is written: «It is the time for the judgment to begin from the house of God». Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God, at the celebration of St. Hierarch Spiridon, (Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous, r.n.) on 25-12-1999.


Wake up to welcome Me, sons of the garden. I go with you as a testimony for this day. You are My witnesses, and are priceless in My eyes. Amen. I write with you the book from this time. I write in it this day of testimony against the haughty speech from the heart of those who gather today to establish on the seat of my city of residence a man after their heart. I go with you, to stand up against the haughtiness of their looks and against their haughty words. They say: «We did this by the power of our hands, and by our wisdom, for we are skillful. For this, I, the Lord, will send a sign upon their mighty host and under all their greatness a fire will go off, like a scorch, and your light will turn into a fire, and I, the Lord, will be a flame which burns and melts the bushes of thorns and thistles. And the forest will grow less, and the trees from it will be easy to count by the smallest of the people», as it is written in the prophets, for I, the Lord, work according to the word delivered beforehand. We go, sons, as a sign of testimony for those that happen in this day in the middle of My city of residence. This city is the place where, I, the Lord, judge Myself with all those that get up against My word, against my work of New Jerusalem upon the earth. Amen. We go as a sign of testimony, as a sign from Me, (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of man”, r.n.) as they, who put a man after their own heart in My city of residence, also sent into their name speakers, onlookers and boasters, for this is the work without God. Go into My name, and stand up as My witnesses, and I will be with you, and I will take heed of their haughty words and of their haughty looks. We will come then to the manger, and I will make out My book until the last word for this day. Amen.


My angel goes with you, sons from the manger. My angel covers and confirms you as My witnesses upon this day. Amen, amen, amen.



Sons, I have looked with My eye through your eyes at the haughty ones who call themselves shepherds of My flock. I have looked at their painted flock and made them ashamed before My angels and I testified about you to the groups of angels that I covered you with by My angel. I have looked at the groups of the great and small shepherds and at their fruit. All their flock is like a dry forest.


The priests have brought their women, raddled and distorted after the taste of the world. These have devastated My vineyard, for the man takes after the one in front of them, and the rulers of the man wonder away and spread away from My way those that are subjected to Me, and behold, I start to judge the great ones who devastated My vineyard, for the plunder taken from the poor is found in their own homes for their own judgment. The priests ornate their own women with the money from the poor, and take them before the crowds: «The Lord will bring sores on the crown of the head of the women of Zion and make their scalps bald, and take away their adornments and instead of veil garments and fragrances there shall be rottenness; and instead of belt, a rope; and instead of well set hair, baldness; instead of expensive garments, a sackcloth; and branding instead of beauty, for I enter into judgment with the rulers of the earth». Amen. The house which has My name on it became devastated, for the tongue and thoughts of their rulers are heading against Me to stand against the eyes of my glory. But it is written in the prophets: «Their haughty appearance testifies against them, for they parade their sin like Sodom and do not hide it, and inflict destruction upon themselves. My people are shepherded by those without mind, who devastated My vineyard, and the Lord enters into judgment with the rulers of His people, who devastated His vineyard». Amen. My word shall fall like lightning upon the haughty and «will cut off the head and tail, the palm-branch and reed», as it is written in the prophets. «The elders and the rulers are the head, and the prophet who teaches lies is the tail».


I, the Lord, like a warrior, stir up My zeal and cry out loudly; I sigh and call out, to make the blind right on the ways that they do not know, and on unknown paths to exhort and turn the darkness into the light before them and the descents in even ways and to fulfill My promises. Let all, who put their hope in human power, back away. I call out: you, deaf, hear! You, blind, see and look! Amen, amen, amen.


My eye has looked through your eyes to those who gathered on this day against My greatness. And, behold, that I read them from the prophets and say: «Woe to those who make plans without Me and covenants who are not from My spirit, to heap sins upon sins, for they do not ask My mouth». Now, sons, write these on a tablet and write them in My book, to be an everlasting testimony. Amen. And I, will throw My seed and send rain upon it and I will make a tasteful bread and feed on it, for I am the Father of the poor and of the orphans, and I make of them My sons and bind the wounds and heal the bruises on their bodies.

Sons from the manger, you are My throne and the horse that I ride on from one margin to another, to make a new heaven and a new earth and to fulfill the Scripture of My coming and to renew the creation. My throne is the holy man. My temple is the holy man which I dwell with My Spirit in, and My eye has looked on this day through your eyes to those who gathered together to sit on My throne, (Bishop placed over Targoviste city, near the „Holy City New Jerusalem” monastery, where the Lord speaks, r.n.) to the haughty, who call themselves shepherds of My flock, and I wrote all these to be a testimony. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God, on the Sunday of saint forefathers, on 26-12-1999.



Oh, I look down on earth and sigh with mourning. I look over the places where I came two thousand years ago as an infant by the Virgin, as it was written by the prophets that I have to come. When I came at that time, the rulers of the earth persecuted Me, and all looked out for Me so that they may not lose their glory because of My glory. The same is today, and here, I look upon the place where I was born two thousand years ago. People of standing have gathered together and increase their own glory and give gifts and names to one another saying to one another that they got together for the anniversary of My birth in Bethlehem. They are glad and I sigh in heaven with the Father and the saints, for there it is not about My glory, and people use Me for the glory of their own name and do nothing but pave the way for the antichrist’s enthronement everywhere I worked and left My marks as a witness against those who used God’s name for their human glory. Here, after two thousand years, I am good for the man of nowadays only for his glory, but not for Mine. I do not rejoice over this kind of celebrations; rather I rejoice over the celebration of My coming with those who love Me with their holy life, and spend time and rejoice with them. Now the angel stands ready to blow into the light of the great people’s delights that make a name for themselves among people, lifting themselves up with a human glory, a glory that passes away like grass. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast[21]”, r.n.)


Here is the lie. It spreads out from margins to margins. Here it is: «The woman sitting on a scarlet-colored beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns, with a cup full of abominations and impurities of her sexual immoralities and on her forehead a secret name was written: Babylon the Great, the mother of the prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth, drunken with the blood of the saints and with My martyrs. And she will come out from the abyss and will go to destruction for all are finished», and so it is written. The voice of My angel has always been crying: «Get out of it My people lest you share in her sins and receive of her beatings». Her sins got to heaven and we will give her back as she gave to us; we will give her a double portion. We will pour out twice as much in the cup which she poured out for us. She is an empress and I am her Judge. The kings of the earth who made her will, shall beat their chest saying: “Woe to her!” and heaven will rejoice and the saints, the apostles and prophets will see My righteousness on their side, as it is written in the Scriptures. Amen.


The great people of the earth got together to keep a feasting for My birthday in Bethlehem, but after two thousand years since My birth among people, here, I am coming again, and do not find any holy man on earth, a man to celebrate Me, the Holy One. That is why I have been hiding Myself and working secretly and preparing My coming in glory on earth against lying which wants to become a christ for man, a false christ, who deceives everyone by his coming, great and small, rich and poor, slaves and free, kings and soldiers, baptized and not baptized, for a lie is a lie, like man. But I sound the word, so that My coming may be heard and here they are all, for they are hiding into the caves and rocks for fear of My coming as it is written in the Scriptures about My coming.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Nativity, on 07-01-2000.



Oh, there are no longer shepherds of souls; they are nowhere, and it is the end of the world, for the church is no longer a church and rather is something else. Here is what they, who call themselves shepherds, do: they do what is theirs and not Mine, and not the things of the church, and they only pretend that they give to the poor and widows, but they hide behind their words. Oh, here is what they do: the come together stealthily and make subjects to them and make plans against the light and come together with the gentiles on their ways and not on My way, and have as a counsel the deception and hypocrisy, and the subjects take from them and they all go up in flames and no one seeks My light.


When I took My people Israel from the world that is from the Egypt, I told it on the way to Canaan not to come together with the gentiles in their way and that they should better killed them than to spoil My offspring. And if they did not listen, all the number of Israel, which I left from Egypt with, perished, except two people with whom I went on the way to Canaan together with those born on the way. Now it is that what it was again, as it is written in the Scriptures. The church has been broken by the mixture with those that are not My church; and who breaks it, he always breaks it and does not build it; he corrupts everywhere and the corruption spreads, for the man of the church leads out of one’s own head everywhere, and there are nowhere shepherds of souls anymore, and it is the end of the world everywhere; and the shepherds of the world, instead of giving light to their flock, hide from it into dark places, drinking, eating and making worldly plans, drawing on their side the rulers upon the people, and the haughtiness killed all the body, and the earth is full of bodies without spirit. The money winks with its devilish eye to every man, and the church let itself be sold on money, and it is the end of the world, for the church is no longer a church, but it is something else. There is no one in the church; no one to become a martyr for its life and for its forgiveness. All its shepherds keep it for themselves to have something to rule over. My apostle Stephen built My church two thousand years ago, when became a martyr for My life in it, and for its faith in Me, the Savior of the church. When he let himself to be crucified for Me on the earth, I opened the heavens immediately and came to take him near Me, on the right side of My Father, as he confessed that I was on the right side of My Father. The martyrs of My name did not leave the church for fear of the death and afflictions, but rather they remained in it and died for it in its midst. They died for the greatness of My name upon the earth, and those following them and those from the church of today do not even want to live for my name, but rather they stay sleeping from their own reading, from their own power, from their own will upon the people, upon their flock, not upon My flock. When the man became a martyr, he testified about Me, in order to rule upon My flock, and behold, he rules and boasts with it calling it „the mother church”. But it is only I that am a mother, and it is for Me an ornament and a holy body, broken out of My body, for I broke My body and gave it as a food so that it may be My body. Amen.


… The day is coming, which will burn seven times more, like an oven with fire, and I will try by fire all the body who calls itself My church, and then I will reveal My church.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the celebration of the first martyr and archdeacon, Stephen, on 09-01-2000.



Behold the birth of the man on the earth starts with the death and with the sin, and the birth of the man in heaven starts with the water and with the repentance by baptism. The repentance is the birth of the man from heaven, and if this is the birth, where is the church on the earth? Let her come and testify about its born ones! Let her come! And if she does not come, I, the Lord, command My angel to bring her and appear with Me, to show her born ones, and to show the fruit of the repentance of her sons. But she is a harlot, who deceived her husband giving him a certificate of divorce. The fruit of repentance dried out in her, and the saints came out of her, for she became a great city with which the kings of the earth commit fornication, as it is written in the Scripture about her; the Scriptures that she does not want to hear about; she does not want to leave them for the truth in them and closes her eyes about them so that she may not see. I, the Lord, had to be her husband, her bridegroom, but she chose fornication and not repentance. She sits on many waters, as it is written in the Scriptures about her, as she made many waters of her fornication with the kings of the earth, and sits on many waters: «The prostitute, with the cup of her abominations in her hand, which her lovers drank from and become intoxicated, sits on their back, drunken with the blood of My saints». I, the Lord, make her naked, so that the deeds of her fornication may be seen, for I sent her the cleansing water, for her to wash of her immoralities and abominations that she sits with on a high place into the hearts of the seas; I sent her the spirit of repentance to be baptized into it. She sits in her blood and there is nothing of that kind, for the birth is repentance, which has the power by the water baptism, upon the faith in Christ, and then, by the baptism with the Holy Spirit, Which is the fruit of those that are baptized into the baptism of repentance, which washes away the sins into the water and into repentance. Behold, the water is the mystery of the creature’s birth and the mystery of the new man’s birth by repentance and water and then by the seal of the Holy Spirit which shines seven times more than the sun in those who are baptized by My baptism. Amen. (See the selection topic: „About baptism”, r.n.)


Behold the church! She is the man whose image has the Holy Spirit on it by the deeds of the holiness and by the prayer which binds the man to Me. In the these days I overcome with the mystery of My church against the worldly church which calls itself a church, but it is not a church, rather it is the great city with a secret name on it, the great city which has authority upon the kings of the earth. And I said to My saints who follow Me into the world: «Get out of it, My people, so that you may not taste of her sins and thus to receive her beatings!». Amen. Her lying work is written in all the Scripture, for the antichrist found for him a hidden place under a church garment all the time, his secret place, his secret name, while the saints, who are a church to Me, are called by a bad name for their way with Me. In these days I come and disclose the work hidden under the name of the church, and I will uncover the body of him who works against Me from under the secret name of the harlot who put on her head the name of Christ’s church, but she is the false Christ who took My coat, My house and My book. But I come soon, and here, I come and weed out My vineyard and put upon it the new birth, the mystery of the man’s birth by repentance and water, and then by the fire of the Holy Spirit Which burns the old man so that a new man may come out of him, dressed in the Holy Spirit, Which makes God shine in the man. And over the garden of My word from the midst of Romania, I speak and sanctify the mystery of the birth of water and spirit and say: hallowed be the waters of My garden through Me and through the saints who stand before Me! Hallowed be by the word and by the river of My word, which flows like water that waters the earth! (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.). Hallowed be this Epiphany day, and blessed be the praise of Jerusalem!


… I am the One Who sent My word to the earth that the people may hear and say: «Let us go up in the mountain of the Lord, so that He may teach us His ways, and that we may walk in them». Amen. In these days I, the Lord, reign over the remnant of the peoples in the name of Zion, and overcome with the mystery of the church and watch from its top for the fulfilling of My promises by which I declare and say: grace, grace upon it! Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s baptism (the Epiphany), on 19-01-2000.



I am the One Who told those that follow Me in the world: «Get out of the world and do not touch what is unclean, so that I may receive you and to take from you and be Father and sons». And I also told them: «Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel of My coming and baptize those that come out of the world to believe in Me». And I also said: «You are not of the world, and that is why the world hates you». The apostle Paul walked in My way and he was always careful so that no one may leave because of him; a time when he became like everyone, so that he may draw some of them out to Me and My Father, and he who was baptized then, was seen that he was baptized, for the baptism was truly seen that it was, by the work of the Holy Spirit, Who became a river in the mouth of the one that was baptized, to the building work of My living church. If the baptism does not find fruits in the man, than the man is something else; he is not a Christian; he did not become a Christian and has no sign of the baptism upon him and the sign of submission, which points to the baptized one. However, the man is haughty and says that he has got Me and that I love him, and he does not even have the sign of submission upon him. Every man walks with his head uncovered being a sinner and without master; and women, to My derision, offer resistance by haughtiness, walking uncovered before the people and before the angels and before the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and thus putting away from their neighborhood the angels and the saints and the forefathers; and the haughty man says that he has got Me and that I love him as he is, and he gets up and says: „How comes that God speaks so much?” And I talk much and answer the man by a long speech, for the man departed a lot from those that I asked him to do, and from being a church to Me. And behold, the man seeks to find the church and it is nowhere. He walks to find My kingdom, the kingdom of the peace, and it is nowhere; and it is found neither in schools, nor on the long travelled roads, not above the oceans, not in the air; it is seen nowhere and those that have it, do not walk in it and do not seek it anymore, for it is in their inside, and they no longer travel road by road for it, as the wise do, who always learning have not even a bit of it. 

Oh, the man does not like My kingdom, My teaching, for the man is afraid of its righteousness, for the man is old, and the new one renews himself continually and always seeks according to justice and lives it on a new earth. Amen. Those, who established themselves to be great on the earth into the name of My church, are false and empty; they are people carried away by the lusts of the flesh and not by the Spirit. They make their own desires dishonoring My face among the people. Here they are! Let all the passers-by look at them! Fleshly people who are not freed of the law of the sin and death, for the lust of the flesh is death and enmity against God, not submitting to the law of God, and «they who are fleshly cannot please God», as it is written in the Scriptures: «If someone has the Spirit of Christ he is not of Christ». And here they are! Fleshly people, standing greatly upon the earth into My name, making from their women a spectacle for the devils in a place called holy; women without devoutness, adorned in a worldly manner, without modesty, loving empty glory and becoming simple-mindedness in the world, dishonoring My holy name in the middle of the people who wonder away without a counselor, without a shepherd, for they who departed from the right way and became a stumbling block for many, got up and then became shepherds of the sheep, but did not keep My knowledge, as the prophet said: «The priest’s lips should keep knowledge and teaching should be found at his mouth, for he is the messenger of the Lord, Sabbaoth», and I will let him to the contempt and humiliation, for every man stumbled over because of them.


Oh, it is not good for the man to be with his head uncovered, being sinful and without a master on the earth, but the man does not believe and perishes in disbelief, and I raise and breathe a spirit of resurrection and I delivered a long speech of word, as My sigh for the haughty man is great. I said that I would put fire to all the heads without a sign of submission on them, and if I said that I come and fulfill it, for My name is mocked by men, women and children who are proud with My name, for the priests’ women are called „priestesses”, and they are immoral and covered with furs, hats and dyes and false veils, and it is not even about a holy veil, worn with propriety for My holiness in man, for the women, who tasted and still taste the sin, could have put on a veil according to the Scripture, and this means a black covering, a black kerchief, to distinguish from the virgins and not to hide under the innocence, if they do not clothe with it, and it is in no way decent another covering for the women, as the fashion of the world has nothing to do with My teaching. And I speak much and answer to the man by a long speech, to clothe him with My word as in the garment of repentance and humility, and that the man may not walk over the seas to look for My kingdom and My church, for it is not found on any other way.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of St. Antony the Great, on 30-01-2000.


I cross the air with groups of saints and angels, and the saints are My crown of glory. I became a holiday for the saints in the garden of the manger of My word, and I find Myself in it, I, with My saints and their holidays. I am here with the three saints, Basil, Gregory and John, for they have heavenly bodies, like Me, and I come on and on with them on the earth for My work with the saints on the earth. In the time when they wanted to come together in a single holiday after they all came for the heavenly ones, the three came down on the earth and told those that worked out disunion among them for the distinguishing of their greatness in life; they told them that they are one in heaven, and that is why they should have a single holiday for the three of them, and after they set a holy day for them went from them to heaven. Behold, they worked this way for My work of today, coming down on the earth on My beginning in 1955, in My trumpet Verginica, and coming, they anointed her for My work with it, and again, coming again, they had an anointment over My garden and over those that are in it, My servants, day and night, for the work of my word upon the earth. They are forever a work of a bishop upon My little garden of today and upon those that bring Me a sacrifice of prayer and forgiveness in it for the human kind. They are those who loved the truth in everything in their holy life, for it is no other truth but in the saints. Amen. And behold, the true holy days for the saints on the earth are the holy days of those who celebrate the saints, living their life and their holy teachings. The true saint, the true bishop among the people is the one who let Me stand in front of the people when he is with the people.


In the moment of repentance, the man should not have before him only the priest (At the mystery of confession, r.n.). Oh, the moment of repentance should not be this way. The one, who does not stay face to face with Me by the priest’s intercession, does not know what it means to be the Lord’s servant, and the Lord’s servant, who is the only one to stand before the man and only through him, again, does not know what the true service in My name is. When I judged the world, I sat on the cross and this way I judged it, and in this way I showed how it should live and how to be like Me if it wants. And here, the true holy days for the saints and for the Lord are they who celebrate those from heaven, living their life and their holy teaching, and those that are sanctified for My coming with the saints, for My coming of today; they are those that I have room in with the plan of the days of My coming, with My holy ones, by which I work the new man, who gives himself to Me for My work and the work of My saints in him. Amen.


There is not even a tiny place on the earth for the truth. I look and see multitudes gathered in the places called churches. There is no one accustomed to those in heaven anymore, but only to those on the earth. There are only man’s needs everywhere, and My wills are crucified on the cross. Behold, the truth has found no place on the earth, but only on the cross, again and again, and among the people there is only man’s will even there where the man says that it is a church, as it has been used to say from man to man. I am the truth, and the man keeps Me on the cross, so that I may not be in the way of his wills or his works. The servant of the church stands only himself before the people, and not I with him, for he does not work to take after Me, and the servant, who does not stay on the cross to judge, can never be a judge. But he judges into My name, and he makes for himself a high position into My name that no one can throw him down from his seat. But I am with the small ones, with those from under the cross, with those that help Me carrying the cross of My coming, the sign which is shown before My appearance and of my day.


I have been speaking for forty years and I speak again upon the man to draw him from the way of death and to give him My way. I want to weaken the man so that I may overcome him and dwell in him afterwards and to give him my life to carry, but behold, the man has been possessed by the woman for seven thousand years, for the woman add weakness by her weakness upon the man. But the man does not let himself to be weakened and overcome by Me, but only by the woman. The same is with the servant who sets himself upon the man into My name, and the same are all those that are led by these. Behold, every man learned how to make a family for himself, instead of saying that a man should make a heaven in himself, and I come and find the man in his own wills and want to help him with My word brought by Me at his manger. But the man is used to be indifferent to God and to all those for his body and the soul sighs in the man like in a prison.


I go through the air with hosts of saints and angels and come down together with them above the manger of My word, and find the watchmen watching and I set Myself as the word from the book among them, and then I go across the earth with it and make by it the work of My coming with the saints, for I work through the word. But who takes his time for the celebration of My coming? Who is to tell the people of My coming? The kings of the earth and the men of their church gave gifts, stars and medals to one another into the name of My grave from Bethlehem, as in the time of My crucifixion, and they do not know why they do this, and willy-nilly they fulfill the Scriptures which spoke in its time about this work. Here, at Bethlehem was fulfilled the Scriptures which says: «I saw a woman drunken with the blood of the saints and of the martyrs of Jesus. And on the waters that she sits upon there are peoples and nations and languages. And the ten horns and the beast will hate the prostitute and will turn her into a wilderness and naked, and they will eat her flesh, and burn her into the fire; as the Lord put into their hearts to do his will and to come to the same thought so as to give their kingdom to the beast until the words of God will be fulfilled. And the woman is the great city which has authority over the kings of the earth».

The kings of the earth met at Bethlehem and bowed down to the beast and to the woman sitting upon the beast, the woman who as authority over the kings of the earth, and she gave them gifts, stars and medals. But she is falling down by her fornication, and the saints are standing up and testify from heaven and earth about the holy truth and about My coming with the judgment; the judgment by the word. Amen, amen, amen.

What kind of work of brotherhood can the mixtures of the church with the world full of her lusts be? What kind of church work can this be? Oh, it is written in the Scriptures: «Friendship with world is enmity with God». And here, the man likes brotherhood, but this is for himself not for Me. But let you, who are the people of My coming in the middle of Romania, take delight in being brothers for Me to help Me be called all over the earth by My power and through you, those who became brothers in My name for Me and not for yourselves. What kind of brothers can they call themselves, they who pull My hand from one side and the others who pull My hand from the other side? (The Orthodox and Catholic churches, r.n.). They fraternize to beat Me nails; some of them into one hand and some other into the other hand, and then to do their own wills, mixed under a church name, under a secret name, which the work of the iniquity of those who do evil is hidden under. And here, My church is not from the earth and whoever wants to look for will not find it for it is not. It is there where I am. It is there where My people are with Me, not with the world, not like the world, but like God. Amen.


And you, who are the people of My coming, do My will and not yours. Be brothers among yourselves for Me, but not for yourselves. Do not come apart among you, but rather come together under the holy church, for the brothers who have factions among themselves, draw Me from one hand, and others from other hand for their justice, and they keep Me as stretched out on the cross, with my arms spread as on the cross. However, I want My holy will in my church, for I sacrificed Myself to make a church on My sacrifice on the cross, on its foundation, which is My body. The true brothers are those who do My will among them and before Me, for Me and not for them. The true brothers are those in whom only My kingdom is worked by the spirit, the soul and the body; only My love, by which I sacrificed Myself for the man. The true sons of God are those who keep holy their spirit, and soul and body, working from their inside at My kingdom, in which there is no pain but only life without death; everlasting life of God in man. Those, who are brothers in My name, hear My voice and follow Me and not the man, and they follow My saints who gave themselves as an example of everlasting life before the people.

Here is what the three bishops that I stay today as a celebration upon My manger for My people and for all those who heavenly celebrate with the saints on the earth:


Come to the spring of the Lord, Jesus Christ! Come, you, who sacrifice the Lord on the altars! Come and learn to sacrifice yourselves like us for Christ’s flock! Come here near the spring, as we, the saints from heaven, come from heaven with the Lord here and listen to the word of the last days. Get up for the sacrifice! Sacrifice yourselves on the cross and take in you the Lord’s face, the Lord’s image and His humility garment. Open the Gospel and read from it, but not only on Sunday at the service. Do not open it in covers gilded with gold and silver to make the weak mind of the people wonder. Open it! And open it well and take out of it the water of life for you and for the Lord’s sheep. Seek to come out of the guilt of your sins, for a servant of the Lord cannot take care of himself, but only of the Lord’s sheep. Come of the woman’s possession, for you have Christ as your head if your follow the Lord as the apostles did. Save yourselves from the lying life and flee the silver, wealth and lusts. Flee the death and repent, for the Lord is coming, and He has always come, and you are not watching. Get together with those from heaven, not only with those on the earth, for we, the saints, paid with our life the heaven, and took it, and were carry it from place to place. Do not stand before the people for yourselves. Stand with the Lord, but be like the Lord, so that you may stand with Him before the people and your work may be fruitful.

And we speak again: come to the spring of the Lord, Jesus Christ! Come, you, servants of the altars; you, who have a clean and holy life and fear of God! Come to this mountain, the mountain of a holy teaching and learn the true way and get up on it, for it leads and always leads up again; it leads up to the Lord and does not go down and does not lead to destruction, but rather to the Lord. The Lord has been speaking for forty-five years upon the earth through the spring of this word. Come too, those that are still clean and holy in the middle of this church from the world; come and lay hands on the cross and overcome the lying from the world and the church from the world by it. Take the traitors out from the temple as well, or you get out and become a temple for God, so that the Lord may have a pure church, to be the chosen first fruits among the people. Amen.

And you, Lord, seal our word upon those that love You in the world and give them power to get out of the world for You, the same way as we worked for You and for our faith in the churches in the time of our body on the earth, and make the man thank You for this bread coming down from heaven on the earth, as we, Your saints from heaven, thanked You when we came with You at Your wedding table in the middle of Your little garden of Your manger, where You were seated as a supper of word, a wedding table, Lord, Your wedding table. Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb”, r.n.)


− Oh, My servants who toiled on the earth in the time of your body! I strengthen your word with My word. Soon, soon, you shall go from place to place as in the time of your body and testify on the earth My time with you. The trumpet of My word calls out (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets[22]”, r.n.) and it is heard in the graves and in heavens, and woe to those that do not hear from the earth to take on their new garment, the life for My coming! (See selection topic: „The dead hear My voice[23]”, r.n.)

And you, who are on the earth and take from My manger the heavenly bread for your life, give yourself to the life, for it comes to clothe you in its garment. Do not get tired in Me, and be alive only by My resurrection in you.


Soon, soon, those that were written in the beginning are coming on the earth. The heaven is coming on the earth in a work of a New Jerusalem, as it is written in the Scriptures about the new heaven and the new earth. It is not the man of this age; not the man who does not do My will on the earth; it is not him, but I shall be, and I shall fulfill it; I and not the man of this age; I and those that do My will, the will of My Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, My will from heaven with the man. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the celebration of the three Hierarch saints: Basil, Gregory and John, on 12-02-2000.



Oh, sons, where should those who pray to Me learn from what the prayer is, so that it may reach My heart; the prayer of the man entangled in his own things? The prayer, which makes Me glad and then the soul of the man, is that which brings Me into the heart of the man who is praying to Me, and here, I do not rejoice over the man who rejoices in Me, but I rejoice over the one in whom I can rejoice. I do not rejoice over the man who prays to Me, but I rejoice over the one in whom I can pray. Amen, amen, amen. The man, who I, the Lord, pray in, in the Holy Spirit, is the one who knows to pray and to be with Me by praying. But why should it be this way, sons? Why should I pray in the prayer of the man to Me? Why, sons, taught by God?

- The man, who prays alone, without God by his prayer, is praying without fire, without the Holy Spirit of the prayer. The prayer has to be by the Holy Spirit in the praying man to God.


If the man is praying alone, he is praying out of habit, not out of his heart’s desire, not from God, and when he prays with God, he receives by God, not by his prayer and that is all, but by an intercessor, by the Holy Spirit, the Intercessor. Amen.

− That is why, I, the Lord, come to you; I come to work the teaching for those who pray to God, for those who give their lives and hearts to God, sons, for there is no life given to God in the worldly churches, and the life of God does not apply to those who go to church. I said that I come and rest upon you working, for this is My rest in man. I cannot rest in the churches and I cannot work out my rest and my day of rest and My prayer in the man who prays to Me. The man is only man in the churches and that is all. The man has become ugly and withdraws into himself and this is how he goes to church; he goes and comes and has nothing to take from the life when he leaves; he goes and leaves without any power, still without God, still without repentance and still without humility. And why does it happen this with the man who goes to church? Because the man goes to church without God. He goes there dressed-up, coquettish, stiff-necked, conceited, made-up and stuffed. The man goes without God to church and leaves it likewise, but I am with you on the earth and write the book of heavenly teaching for the rich and for the poor, for the righteous, for the kings and for the hired men, for slaves and for free, for those poor in their spirit and for those rich in knowledge, and say: let there be on the earth rich people for God, good administrators for the work of the heaven with the people on the earth! Amen. Let it be a church on the earth with eyes and ears and hearts of the Holy Spirit for the glory of My name and not for the man! Amen. Let there be God in all things! Let there be God on the earth! Amen. Let the man no longer be without God on the earth; let him no longer bring or share without God; let him no longer eat or drink without God; let him no longer come in and out without God; let him no longer dress without God; let him no longer have room without God! Let him no longer be without God on the earth! Amen, amen, amen. I do not rejoice over the man that prays to Me after his own will, but I rejoice over the one that I pray in after My will in the man. I do not rejoice over the man that rejoices in Me after his own will, but I rejoice over the one that I can rejoice in after My own will. Amen.


Give the people the teaching of the life, you, sons that share God. Give God the people by this teaching, for the love of God is the greatest commandment among other commandments. The man cannot receive without it the reward of the commandments fulfilled by him; the man is not with God without it; without it the heart of the man is not in My house day and night, for it is written at the head of the book: «You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your love, and this way you will fulfill His commandments», as the reward is no otherwise for those that are fulfilled from the commandments, you man. Amen.


And I say again: let God be on the earth! Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of the tax collector and the Pharisee, on 20-02-2000.



I came from the Father to shepherd the sheep; I came to bring them together and to graze them. I call out the trumpet, for this is written that I should do. This word is the trumpet that I call out, and I call out to be heard, and it is heard, but those that are Jews in their hearts and mind call Me „the demon”, and say that I am the one who blasphemes, and call Me „the man”, for they are crucifying Jews. Oh, it is not the man, for I said that the man cannot be shepherd; he cannot be teacher, for I am the Teacher, not the man. But where should the man have wisdom from so that he may understand by it, if he is righteous every moment and does not shake to humiliate and then to remain in humility? The man cannot be shepherd, for the Shepherd is the One Who is crucified for the life of the sheep. I am everywhere with the crucified to have mercy on the sheep. There is no place on the earth that I may not be crucified every moment by every man. I stay crucified everywhere and the man is doing his will everywhere. Nowhere can I come down from the cross to dine with the man in a day of rest, for the man is taught to be free, and I, crucified. The man takes off My eyes with his sacrifices for Me, but I want mercy; for I am the sacrifice and not the man’s sacrifice is sacrifice. The man goes to Jerusalem instead of doing My will upon him wherever he is, so that I may come to him and rejoice over him. But he goes to Jerusalem and he goes there in vain, for he does not touch the spirit and the truth by this going to Jerusalem. The man goes to other parts to find Me, but he goes nowhere in order to do My will.  No one spends his wealth to do My will, but he spends it to see where I passed by, and that is all; where I worked and that is all, and then he boasts that he found My steps and that he walked in My footsteps.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of the remembrance of the lost son’s parable, on 27-02-2000.



Oh, sons from the garden of listening, those who call themselves theologians seek to find you guilty and want to find the likeness to all kind of people who waited or wait for Me, and that are liars, since I did not come. This is what they say about you, but here is what I ask them: you who want to find guilty those that are set by Me for the waiting of My coming, why do you not wait for Me? Are you afraid that you go wrong waiting for Me? Why are you not afraid of the reward of your sins that you do again because you do not wait for Me? The one who waits for Me cleanses himself and stays waiting for Me in cleanness. Is this really that you sin? Because I do not come? But who told you that I do not come? Did I tell you? Did I tell you in the Gospel that I do not come? And if I did not tell you that I do not come, but, on the contrary, I told you to watch because I come, then where do you know from that I do not come? Do you take part in the counsel between the Father and Me so that you may know what I do and if I come or not? Oh, what name do you speak into to the people about not My coming? Oh, until when do you lead the man astray from the way of My coming? Here is how I prepare it for Me, how I pave it with living stone, with hard stones, with heavenly sons between the heaven and the earth! Oh, until when do you hide the keys of the kingdom of the heavens from the people, My endless life with the man that became a god by My grace? Here I am with those that have My grace in them, as I was well pleased to work in these days. Do you really believe that I will stay and wait for you that call each other „theologians”? Did I really wait for Anna and Caiaphas to prepare the way of My coming? Did I come through them when I came? On the contrary, I died through them when I came and then I returned from the dead against their will. Behold, this is what I have also worked today for My second coming for you want Mme in heaven, and I come against your will and work as two thousand years ago with those that are not taken into consideration, you who name yourselves great and people of God.


Oh, what would you do, as soon, soon, you will be put to shame and fall prostrate? Soon, soon, your glory of today will rise against your soul, for I said this by the Gospel: «For whoever will be ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man will also be ashamed of him, when He comes into the glory of His Father with the holy angels». Behold, I was speaking of My coming then. How comes that you say that I do not come? How comes, that you limit My coming to you?


I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, the great Hierarch, come and ask you: who are you? Let it be heard up and down by every man what I ask you, for this is what I ask you: who are you? Here, I tell you Who I am: I am the Son of man, Who comes with power and much glory so that the Gospel of My coming may be fulfilled. But you, who stand against this Gospel, who are you? I ask you so that every man may find an answer to My question. You, who stand against Me with the saints and with the angels for the greatness of My Father, who are you? Answer Me! You, who clothe yourselves in God’s garment, (Of a priest, r.n.), so that the people may see you and honor you more than Me, the Lord, who are you and what kind of work do you have to do and for whom do you work? Answer Me!

Soon, soon, the lie will be uncovered! What will you do, you who stand in the name of God before the people and before God? What will you do at My coming? The cross that I was crucified on, will testify about Me, but what will testify about you? Oh, what will do all those who wore a garment of God’s apostles, without living holly before Me? 

Excerpt from the Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the holy Cross, on 02-04-2000.


Oh, sons, there are so many to do for the life of the church! I, from the heaven, and you from the earth, and let us work as the time requires, well dear sons. Look in the Scriptures of My coming and see how this time requires. The bride needs a bride dress. The body of the church needs an ornament and a crown, sons. The weather is very bad outside, but in My church there should be a shining sun and heavenly ornaments. Amen. My speech is spiritual, and I ask you to work a spiritual thing. Keep alive the body, the soul and the spirit of the church which is let into your care, for I come soon. Blessed is the one which is given to you and is left for you for the care of the life above, as I give you for the one who takes from Me through you. He, who does not take is seen that he does not take. He, who is great, does not take from you and does not have, and has himself, and it is seen that it is so, but he, who takes from you, that one is, and he gives you work for his new making, of the new man, and who I wait for to be. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Holy Cross Ascension, on 27-09-2000.



My spirit and the spirit of My saints rest in the garden of the word, for the healing of the gentiles. I made in heaven a trinity of saint bishops from the three saints who gave themselves to the people into My name, shepherds who have mercy on the sheep, shepherds who give birth to lambs giving them life from My life; shepherds who perceived the mystery of the word to teach with it the people. Their holy life made My work in them joyful, for the man who gives himself to Me, becomes a house of light upon the earth so that the people may walk on the way with light. Rarely were the shepherds with mercy for the sheep, from them on to this day. The antichrist was in the church then too and persecuted My church, and then he dressed in a holy garment; and he has done his work until today, for his human work has something to do with My work, with My church. For two thousand years since he has been hiding in the church, he has made for himself sons in the body to persecute those that are born in the spirit for Me; he has grown rich in glory on My church. Oh, little, very little was My church, and his church hardly gets in its house. The one who really followed Me was persecuted and lived in narrow circumstances. The man, who walked in My way, had no room in his church. The same is today too, for he is in no need of a holy man, for at the prayer of the holy man, the walls of disbelief, which hide in them the false man and the antichrist that has his life in the church, have always fallen down. Who becomes a shepherd needs to have money, and that one becomes a shepherd for ranks and for money. The true shepherd does not gather anything but sheep and takes care of them that they may breed sheep and give them to the shepherd, so that he may give them forward to Me.


Oh, how comes that the world, which wanted to become a church for Me, did not wake up two thousand years ago? Oh, how comes that the man did not see that he was deceived into My name? I told by My book from these days that My church was not on the earth, but only under the earth and only in secret, and the one which establishes itself with its walls on the heights in order to catch slaves under it, that one is the church of the hidden man, who works the mystery of lawlessness prophesied by My apostles, for it will be worked out in the church for its demolition. 

The man marvels on the earth asking why I have come with the word into the world now, after two thousand years. Oh, if the man knew what kind of work makes the church visible on the earth, he would not stay indifferent and would run to Me as the prodigal son ran for his life to his father to give him food to eat. The saints from heaven, who were set by Me as shepherds over the stray flock upon the earth, are torn apart with mourning. I said that no man can deceive the man and God like the man who sets himself from his own reading, or from the men’s reading, upon the people into My name to shepherd, as he says. Oh, the true shepherd does not have himself anymore. But where shall you find such a thing? There is no longer a shepherd beside Me. That is why I have come now, after two thousand years, to be a Shepherd on the earth. I have come for there are no longer shepherds of the sheep. I have come because I have mercy on the man. Those who establish themselves as rulers over the people and over the seas, are completely blind, but they are not blind; rather they like the work of a blind, and that is why they let it be. Who chooses the blind? The blind choose them. All people are blind and do not want to get up from their blindness. It is not the blindness that is guilty, but the sick.


I have come as a Shepherd on the earth, for I have mercy on the man. The man has no counselor; he has no priest, for the priest is he who brings himself as a sacrifice, not he, who takes the sacrifice. The priest who takes from the sheep is not a priest. I did not do such a thing, to suck from the sheep. I had mercy on them and I was the One to give them. I had neither a house, nor a table, lands nor wealth, but I had what to give to the sheep. I had power to give to them. By word I prepared for them food and little coats of grace and cover from the Father, and they forgot about cold, hunger and mourning and followed Me longingly, and I was giving them. But when the paid shepherds, who were laying in ambush for Me and for My sheep, found this, got up and raveled all My sheep and made them cry to Pilate to put Me on the cross, so that they may not lose their sheep that they were sucking from. The same is today too. I shepherd with a heavenly pasture and water the sheep with a sweet fountain, and the cunning shepherds got upset with Me and laughed at the sheep that I gathered in My arms to give them life from My life. But they cut themselves and will cut into the sword that they took against My coming and against My pure flock, which is cleansed by Me to be, and so that My church between the heaven and the earth may no perish. The church, which stays built by the man on the heights, is no church. That is a store on which is written „God” and the man goes to get Me from there and he pays Me. There is no man to have room in that church if he has no money. All its servants say that the money is for the church, and the man does not know what his ruler says, when he takes his money and spends on fleshly, earthly and passing away pleasures. Behold, the money, which the man gives to this business is not for the church. The church means the sheep, not the walls; it does not mean anything else. The lean sheep is of no interest in the temple of the man; the barren sheep even less. But the fat sheep has room, for it has milk, wool and lambs. Not the priest is the one to handle the money if it is a need for the life of the church, but rather the economists who have in their charge the necessities of the sheep. A sheep helps another sheep by the upright economists, who share innocently, as the Scripture says. And the priest should shepherd; he needs to feed, bandage and tend My sheep, and he should have no sheep, since he is established as a shepherd of My sheep; and I do not ask anything from the sheep, rather it is I that give them from My life. Amen.


I complain with My word. All people are blind and I can no longer get rid of the slavery for the man of the lying wrote Me on his house to live as a result of My name, but I did not tell him to do so. I did not give Myself to anyone to be sold but to Judas, so that the Scriptures may be fulfilled with Me, the Shepherd sold by the man.

Behold, this has always been with the shepherds of the lie. The poor widow borrowed so that she may have enough share from the sheep to give to the shepherds. When I saw her giving, I took pity on her. No one asked her if she had enough, but only if she gave. She had very little to give and still she did not think of her life, rather she borrowed and here is how much she gave. Oh, why do the shepherds not proceed the same way? Why do they not lay down their lives for the sheep, as the sheep do for them?


Oh, poor little sheep, I have much mercy on you. I came after you to take you out from bondage. The shepherds over you suck your blood and waste your time. You work for foreign masters to keep your life, and the shepherds over you eat your milk, and you do no longer know how to give birth and bring up lambs for Me. You should know that the shepherds over you are nor from Me, but they are My traitors. They wrote Me on their store and hired men and tax collectors and sold Me to you, as they say, and they buy you with My name which is written on their store. Behold, selling and buying, and where this is there is an antichrist work, a false seal. No one can sell God and no one can buy sheep unless he has this secret name written on him: „antichrist”, the man of lawlessness, who has been laying in ambush in a coat of the saint since two thousand years. My church is not this way, and where it is, it is not selling and buying, it is not a paid shepherd, who gives the sheep to the wolf if the wolf is coming; it is not a sold God or a bought sheep that the shepherd may hire for; rather, it is love and a holy sacrifice, as I revealed Myself to the sheep, as I worked before the sheep so that the sheep My take a church teaching from Me. However, this kind of church has never found its place among the people, for the people are blind and do not seek to find the Spirit of the Truth so that they may see through it afterwards.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saints, three hierarchs: Basil, Gregory and John, on 12-02-2001



I still hear the man saying the he does need another Scripture; that the one from two thousand years ago is enough and that it has everything. It has, man, but you have nothing of it. Do no longer oppose when I come to reveal the one of that time by this one now. Do no longer justify yourselves as you have nothing to justify with, since you do not walk in the footsteps of My Gospel of that time, for look, My book of that time has had no room on the earth; My word, creating the new man, has had no room over your life, as I wanted to make the man by My Gospel of that time. And I come now and remind you that you did not walk in My footsteps. And if this word of today shows you the judgment of your deeds against My teaching, you rise to put My book of today under the lie and say that you do not need it and that you have the one of that time. Oh, where do you have it? Do you have it on paper? If you have it this way, that one is the book of your judgment. You are judged because you did not work according to it. At least humble yourself. But no; you cannot because you are after your own wills and you cannot submit them to you. You submit Mine to you and say: „I do no longer need them”. This is how you say to My word of today and to My word of two thousand years ago. You do not need either one. Oh, if you do not need, why do you still live on its account? Why do you make a profit on account of My Gospel of two thousand years ago? I said that it will win over souls and bodies for the kingdom of heavens, and you make money beside My work of that time and do your own will with it.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s meeting, on 15-02-2001.



Oh, My little ones, My work with you is really hard. The time of the man presses on upon My coming to choke it, but I have you and force My way and come to bring together all who come to the spring, and I take from this spring and share. Let the man open the Scripture and see what is written on it about this spring which flows from the throne of God; the Word that waters the earth. Let the man read My word of two thousand years ago, as it is said in it this: «Watch, for you do not know the day or the hour when the Son of man, the Bridegroom of the wedding is coming».  Blessed is the man, whose Bridegroom I am, for that one waits for Me this way, for the joy of the wedding is great, and the love between the Bridegroom and the bride is the greatest joy of the soul. If the man had Me as Bridegroom, he would wait for Me to come and bring the joy of the everlasting wedding, and the delight of My eternal good things with it. But the man does not know Who I am, for My light is put under a bushel, as it is written into My book of two thousand years ago: «The sun and the moon will grow dark and will no longer give forth their light, and the stars will fall down from the heaven and the powers of the heavens will be shaken». Those, who established sun and moon[24] upon the people, do not give the light forth upon the people, because I am the light and not they. Oh, the man do not know Who God is, for the light is put under a bushel; it is put under the garment, and My garment has turned into a lie because of the lying man who takes on My garment, (Of the shepherd, r.n.), a light that does not keep light. The man walks in this darkness and does no longer see the way, poor of him. How could I have not come now when the man does not give more than a light which cannot keep the light? If this was written into My Scriptures, this was what I did. I came and I found written that I should come, and this is what I found written: «There will arise false christs and try, if possible, to deceive the very elect that wait for Me to come. And soon after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of the heaven shall be shaken: and then shall appear the sign of the Son of man, and all the nations of the earth will cry and see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory; and he will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet and they will gather His elect from the four winds, from one end of the heaven to the other». Amen. This is what I said by the Scriptures two thousand years ago: «Learn from the fig tree. When its branch is yet tender and gives forth leaves, you know that the summer is nigh. Likewise you, when you shall see these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Watch and be ready, is such an hour as you think not, the Son of man comes». Amen.


I read the Scriptures together with the man, for it is the hour when the man does no longer thing, does no longer read; he does no longer hear My coming and My Gospel, and when the false man, dressed in My garment, says: „No one knows when the Lord’s coming is; the angels do not know either, nor the Son, how the man then shall know it!”  And when the man hears this, he does no longer think at My coming. Only that I said then: «The Lord is coming when you do not even think of it», and this is what I said about My work of today: «When the branch of the fig tree is tender and gives forth its leaves the summer is nigh, right at the doors. Learn from the fig tree this parable». Amen.


Who is the fig tree? I am, and the fig tree on the earth is without fruit. I am the tender fig tree, for the time of its tenderness has come and he gave forth its springs and the summer is nigh. I established a new priesthood, and I made everything new. I made new buds as the fig tree on the earth is dry and I do not find food in it for Me. The man do no longer see the way, for there no more priests of Mine to show the man My coming and My watching for it. The priest took the man’s thinking about My coming, for he does not look for My coming; he seeks the money, poor of him, and seeks that the man may not think of My watch for My coming. If the man had mind, he would think about Me, but he has no longer a mind for Me.


I made everything new. I made new buds as the fig tree on the earth is dry and only brushwood comes out of it. When Peter laid his hand upon the baptized, they received the Holy Spirit, and Simon, who was a sorcerer, brought money so that he might also receive the power by the laying of his hands. In addition, Peter spoke to him this: «May your money perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money! You have neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is not right before God. Repent therefore of this, your wickedness, and ask God if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven».


Here is why I said that the man’s church is a store on which is written „God”, where God and His gift are bought from, as man thinks, as he is taught to seek God’s gift. For two thousand years this lie with a church appearance has been selling ranks and degrees of priests to those who want to buy. This is what those who call themselves priests of Christ are; this is how do they become priests, and I say to them: let their money be for their own perishing, for they thought that God’s gift is bought with the money. They have no inheritance at My calling. Amen.

Those who became sun and moon over the people of the earth, do not give light upon the people because I am the Light and not they, and they put the light under the bushel, under their garment which takes after My garment, and say that they can sell the light, but their light is no good to keep light, as the life is the light of the people. The people have no light, for no one gives it to them; no one teaches them what life is, the life without death, the life without sin. No one is on the earth to teach the man to come back into heaven; to come back to the life without death. It is only I Who am without death and it is only I Who can teach the man, for the Teacher is only he who is first to do what he teaches the man to do. That is why I made everything new, for the fig tree on the earth is dry, and the sun and the moon became black as sackcloth made of hair and like blood, and the stars of the sky fall, the Christians fall from the sky, they fall from God, as there is none to give the light so that they may not fall. The priests became as sackcloth of hair and their servants became dirty of blood and are full of violence, and I do not hear them, for it is written in the Scriptures of the prophets about these: «When you lift up your hands to Me, I turn My eyes away from you and when you multiply your prayers I will not listen to them, for your hands are dirty of blood, and your feasts became a burden for Me».

But I come out like a merciful Shepherd into the way of the sheep without a shepherd, and call them to the spring and say: come to the resurrection! Come and take the light! Amen. Come to those that I established to share Me to you! I gave to these My light to give it forward to you. They took from the man neither the gift nor the light. I gave to these; I gave them so that they may give without taking a reward on God. Come and take My light from them, as I made everything new, as the fig tree on the earth is dry and cannot give fruit but only brushwood, bruises and wounds, for the brushwood scratches. Those who became apostles are from the world and became apostles for the money, and they skin the infirm sheep and suck their fatness and milk. But I will feed these on wormwood, because this is what I prophesied for them among the prophets: «I will feed them on wormwood, as from them the unbelief spread everywhere».

Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of the remembrance of Adam’s expulsion from the heaven, on 25-02-2001.



It is written in the Scriptures about «the city of the New Jerusalem, which has no need for the sun, neither of the moon, to shine, for the very glory of God illuminates it, and its lamp is the Lamb; and the nations will walk in its light and the kings of the earth bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it, and there will be no night there. Nothing profane or one who causes abomination or a lie will in no way enter into it, but only those that are written in the Lamb’s book of life». Amen. (See the selection topic: „The Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life”, r.n.)

Oh, My people that walks in My light! You do not need heavenly gifts to be for Me so that you may be able to do what I ask you. You need commitment. This is what you need, as I am the gift, as it is written: «its lamp is the Lamb, and the nations will walk in its light». The one, who commits himself to Me, gives light around and he warms up around and can do everything by Me, for I am the gift in him. If this fruit does not come out of him, he did not commit himself and did not receive to have in order to give and to be. They, who are written into the Book of the Lamb’s Life, are those that knew how to give themselves over to have Me as a gift around them, as the light around them.


I come as a word in My book to teach every man what a commitment is and what the gift for it is, for too much falsehood lies hidden under the name of the Lord’s people, under the name of the church. The church is a holy name. The holy city means church. It has no need of the sun of the moon to shine, for its lamp is the Lamb, and the very glory of God illuminates it. Amen. The church is the man, who consecrates himself, and its light is the Lord, and the light shines in the darkness as it is written. The light is the word and the life is in it, and the life is the light of the people. He that does not become a word does not become the light around. The church is the man who illuminates around with its lamp in it, and its lamp is Christ. He, who gives himself over to Me, has light in him and illuminates with it around. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the first Sunday of the Lent, of the Orthodoxy, on  04-03-2001



Let us bring the resurrection for the life, for the nations of the earth are waiting for the life, and have nowhere to receive it. I give them life at once, but let us show that the way to Me which they are accustomed to, is full of venomous scorpions, which not only that suck the people’s bread and spirit, but they also kill them by a venomous bite. For behold, he who wants to come Me to learn from Me the everlasting life and then to live it, is drawn back; is hunted from behind by those that are taught to eat the bread, the wisdom and the spirit of the man. (By the priests of the world, r.n.). The proclaiming of this age teaches the man to become a Christian of a new fashion, and the man walks into the air, that is, he goes to death, and on Sunday, the life arisen in man is spoiled and it does not have the man’s resurrection in it, for all the holy ones are trampled by every man. The man made out of a pagan living, Christian habits, as he says, and this way shall My coming find the one who does this. My days of heavenly feast were taken over by the people and trampled underfoot for the lusts of their own heart. These scornful people, who do not wait for Me to come, hurt Me. They have nowhere to learn the eternal life from; they have nowhere to know Me, the true God, from.  


I want to break down the house which deceives the people under the name of My house. I remove the veil from it, and this is how I break it down, for I want to draw the man to Me and to the Father. I whipped the traders from the temple at that time that put My name on it. And I want to tell the people again the truth about My house, and about the house which is called My house. Many people are full of tears inside them and look for Me to heal them and to give them peace, but woe, they do not find My way with the man, but rather they run into the man who snatched away My way to replace it with his one and to steal the man with it, the man for whom I cried on the cross in order to redeem him for the resurrection.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the third day of the Passover, on 17-04-2001.


When I gave you birth, My little people of today, I took care of you and taught you to walk, and I taught you to have legs. He, who is not born of Me; who does not learn from Me and only from Me; who does not walk in My way; who is not totally in Me, that one is from among the sons of the people and has no God as a Father. He, who thinks that he dies of hunger, that he suffers, that he does not have the everyday necessities if he stays with Me, let that one not come after Me; let him remain in his own things. But he, who wants Me to be his Father, that one should come and be My son, as the son works with the father and for the father, not for himself. Amen. This is how I have you, children of My people, and the world gathers together to look at you and can no longer judge you because I make you beautiful on the earth, and I make you known by My heavenly will in you and upon you, and with My glory which glorifies the man before Me and before the people. And I also say: all that are conceited today by knowledge will be put to shame and will be humbled before My glory which is upon you, and they will love this glory and will highly esteem it and will worship your Lord God and His glory that is upon you, for the God’s glory is the true glory of the praised man. Amen. They, who put on airs by knowledge, can build nothing for God, but only for the glory of each other. They are not builders, for only the love builds; the love which sacrifices for God and for the man’s creation; a creation like Mine. Amen.


Oh, My people, I thank you and give you from My glory, because you obeyed when I established with you the house of meeting on the earth. I kept it by My hand until I established it little by little on the earth by your little hands. All that it needs to be done for it, so that it may be laid down on the earth completely, as it is into My had, do not let it undone, and do not put it over, for the thing that is not done on its own time for its completion remains broken for a long time and it is called an unfinished thing. Do not give up, sons, what is still left to be finished at this house. Take a look everywhere. See how it is worked everywhere and do your work well, so that it may remain well, for you are children with a good taste, and this way you shall remain, for I gave you from My grace, and this is how you should remain. Amen. I will go then with you to those that worked with you here as well, so that you may finish there all the work which is left unfinished for a long time, in the city of Târgovişte, sons, for I gathered there little girls that I help Myself with in My work with you; little hardworking hands[25] that I use to prepare My glory among the people, My table and My house of wedding days with you. And we will work, sons, and will have what to finish with, for he who is with Me does not need to beg for his bread and help, as the worldly churches do, but rather we need to work diligently and not to receive sons. The true church works for itself, and not let another one work for it. Be hardworking, sons, for you are the church of Christ and the Gospel of Christ in these days. Let us not thwart My Gospel of today, but rather work for it and for us, as the work of the working and praying church, sacrificing for the Lord, is. Amen. All the evil, which still wants to hit you, will be crushed against this stone, and you are the stone, for I built you, and I am one with you, and all the evil, which still wants to hit you for Me, will get through for you, and I will truly be with this word. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the seventh Sunday after Passover, of the Saint fathers, on 27-05-2001.


My Spirit is the spirit of the church, and the church means nothing else. This is your work, Jerusalem. And when I come out with you, and when I bring the sons of men together near you to make them glad and to urge them to the spirit of the church, then let you be My face, My glory on the earth, for the earth is My footstool that I established My church on, My throne in heaven and on earth. This throne has the Right One sitting on it, and there shall be justice and peace in the church, because it is My throne, the throne of My Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit upon the earth. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The heaven – the throne, the earth – the footstool: the man deified”, r.n.) There is no king upon the earth except Me, but the man has no mind for this truth, and the spirit of the man is haughty in vain, as the man is not great. Soon, soon, the man will see that the man is not great. I am the First and the Last, and the Word of God will remain on the earth and that is all. Amen. My word made you Jerusalem, My people. And all that My word means, this shall remain on the earth after the earth is prepared by My word to receive My fruit through it, the fruit of My mouth. I worked hard and I still work hard through you, My people. You are My sustaining staff, for I am tired of waiting and I am travel-worn, and I rest in you with the heavenly hosts who worked hard for Me on the earth.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the beheading of St. John, the Baptizer, on 11-09-2001



Oh, it is the time without shepherds, and when there are no longer shepherds, there is no longer a church. The time of today established something else instead of shepherds and instead of church, and My share is no longer on the earth. I have no longer an inheritance on the earth, My people; I do no longer have it. The man is everywhere and in everything, and the wolves have skins of shepherds, and they bring up flocks for themselves and suck their blood and eat their lambs and kids and they are no longer satisfied with blood; and I cry again and I am worried with the saints to strengthen you, My people from the end. I surround you roundabout with the saints and angels to have you for Me, only for Me, My people, so that the spirit of the world may not bite from My wealth, for each master protects his wealth. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of devout Parascheva, on 27-10-2001.



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[24] Regarding the significance of the sun, moon and stars, see Genesis: 37/9-10. Today: the sun is head of the church - the Patriarch (or Pope of Rome for Catholics), moon, those dealing with domestic issues, community - that priests and our brothers are stars falling (spades) from the kingdom of heaven, r.n.

[25] Convent girls named „Emmaus” located approx. 25 km from the „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, where the Lord speaks, r.n.


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