1991.07.22 - The Word of God on the day of laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem

The Word of God[1] on the day of laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem. The Word of God to King Michael

                                                (Translated by I.A.)


Peace and blessing and a spirit of joy with the heaven, for the heaven is a guest here. This is a day of testimony. Glory and joy in those above, and celebration of peace from God upon you, for you are witnesses on this day, in this blessed and clean place. There are angelic choruses here and they sing: «Glory to the Holy and to the One of a single being and life of the creating and inseparable Trinity from now on to eternity!». Amen.

Blessed be the kingdom of the Most Holy Trinity, of My Father and of His Son and of the Holy Spirit, threefold working.

Peace to you! I am here. I am the Word for the Word is God. I am the Alpha and the Omega; I am the beginning and the end. I am the new beginning of those that believe in Me, for I come with a visible glory upon Romania. It is written that I will come again, and here, I work by the word and I announce My kingdom. The heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool. The heart of My believers is My heaven and the clean and undefiled body is God’s bedding, (See the selection topic: „The heaven – the throne, the earth – the footstool: the man deified”, red. note[2].), and behold, I am worn by those that are Mine, and I am with the word through them, for this is God; He is through the prophets; He is through the bearers of God. My word works in this place and all are worked out by the word of God during these days, for there come the days of heavenly glory and the days that the prophets of all times wrote about. Romania is the country of the brightness which will appear from God upon the peoples, for this is its choice and it will wear a name of a New Jerusalem and of an Eden, blessed among the nations. I, the Lord, proclaimed this mystery by the prophets and I fulfill nothing without announcing it beforehand. (See selection topic: Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan[3]”, r.n.).

This is the place of testimony of the work of My word, and behold, My faithful witness is laying down now, by this heavenly blessing, a rock of foundation for the new beginning, and from this beginning it will be worked out from place to place and it will arise a new Jerusalem, a new and clean church, a heavenly church on the earth. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.) The Holy Trinity starts here now with the first stone, and this work of the godly command will be carried out quickly, and the Lord shall proclaim from the top of this stone the name of the anointed one, the name of My anointed Michael, king of Romania.


Rejoice My loved ones, My servants, My witnesses! Rejoice, for I come with My kingdom and I come to My Romania, for it is My kingdom. I come to bind its wound and I come to lay down peace upon it and to put a diadem of a heavenly glory on its forehead.


Behold, I am in Romania through the word and I proclaimed that I got up to prepare the way to My anointed Michael, for I will bring him by My living church, and I will be and I will speak, and My word will become flesh and it shall be glory upon the blessed one. I am and I overcome with those that are clean, undefiled and faithful. I am the Word; I am the Lord of the powers and from now on I am, and I am with the whole heavenly host at work and I am speaking in Romania.


Behold, the Spirit of the Most Holy Trinity is coming down now and I bless this beginning.


Let this rock, which is set now by My witness Ioan-Irineu[4], be blessed and be a rock of foundation of the righteous and wakeful ones, for he will sit on the chair of My church and will speak out My clean and holy laws, for he is the witness of My work in this time.


Blessed it be the Romanian crown and the house of My anointed Michael, king of Romania, for he is from God upon this people, and behold, the time of God’s Romania is coming, and it shall wear a clean garment, a pure and white garment and a work of the Holy Spirit upon the earth. Romania is the one that is clean and chosen and the faithful one of this time, for it will be faithful to God.


Blessing, eternal myrrh and a heavenly anointment upon this place of testimony all over the ages, as in this time God has been working in Romania by the word, and the word, which flows from God into the midst of this chose people, will be perfected. Blessed are you, My faithful witnesses, who have sit in counsel with My word on this day of testimony, and behold, we will quickly finish this stone, and then I will be with you to all the margins of the world, and I will be by the word and work out miracles greater than those at that time, as I spoke then. I am the Lord of the powers upon the heaven and the earth, and there is no God beside Me, and I will achieve My perfection upon the nations, as in the heaven so on the earth.

Blessed are you, who will work this holy place. May your heart, hand, power, love and time be blessed, for I bring the time under your submission, and we will get out soon above all the powers from the earth; we will get out by this new beginning, delivered by a godly commandment.


Peace to you and rejoice as My Father is coming with His kingdom! And behold, My kingdom is in you and all the nations, which will see the glory of this work of living stone and you beside it, will know. (See the selection topic: „The kingdom of heaven does not come in a visible way”, r.n.).


Peace to you, My witness, the witness of My clean and righteous church, for only those that are clean, undefiled, faithful, shall come into this sealed land, and this place of testimony of the work of My word will have power, for I rest in peace and in generosity into this clean manger.


Peace to you as well, king of My Romania, from here, from the first stone of the new beginning! Peace to you, Michael, king of the blessed one! Peace to you and to your house and your offspring, which shall stand by your right!


Glory to those that are in heaven and joy for this day of heavenly testimony, and also peace upon you, My witnesses!

Peace and good order upon My Romania!

This is a day of testimony. Let it be written this day as a heavenly memorial, in heaven and on earth, as on this rock I will build the living church of the new beginning which shall arise upon the nations. Amen, amen, amen.



Glory for those in heaven that are God’s, and peace upon Romania, the country of My blessing! Peace and good will and order upon those that are faithful and upon the God’s anointed house, Michael, the king of Romania! Amen.

This is what I told to My apostle: «Go into all the world, and preach the kingdom of the heavens, and he who believes and is baptized will be saved. Go and proclaim the peace into every town you enter, and if you are received, My peace shall remain upon that town». And behold a heavenly mystery upon Romania, a fathomless mystery, a sealed and unsealed mystery, for Andrew, the first one called to the apostleship, came on the land of this people, and he was clean with his body; he was undefiled and he came and brought the faith and the baptism of the faith upon Romania, and he was the first one called of Jesus Christ, and so, Romania is the first one that is called, and this way the Christian Romania was born; that way was its birth and the Lord named it, the queen upon the earth, and behold, the time is coming that God may be glorified over it and for Him to put mystery of righteousness upon it, for it is chosen and is a queen over the nations. This is the choice of this earth and it is written into the Book of the Truth that the Lord will choose Jerusalem again and it will be a New Jerusalem. This land is holy and if it is holy, behold, the time is coming that the Lord shall establish Himself upon it to fulfill His promises written for this time.

The Spirit of the Most Holy Trinity is working by the word in Romania, and God’s holy people speak the word of God, being moved by the Holy Spirit, for this is what the Lord speaks in the book coming down from heaven: «In those days I will pour out My Spirit and your sons and daughters, old men and young man, servants and handmaids, will prophesy and will speak from God» and the word of God will become flesh, for the Lord said it was done; and the Lord is through the prophets and the Lord says and then fulfills it. Romania is prophesied about by God’s prophets and it shall be the new and righteous Zion; it will be the Canaan of the fullness of times; it will be the end of Babylon, lawlessness and defilement, for God’s heaven shall be in a visible glory upon this earth and it shall burn all the defilement which splashed the garment of the daughter of the chosen New Zion, towards the end of the time of lawlessness, and it shall no longer be any defilement, abomination and fornication, and it shall no longer be idol worshipping and unbelief; and nothing unclean shall enter it anymore, and the Lord will take out of it those that are hypocrites, and those that are foreign to the truth and those that go astray. And this mountain will be raised above all the heights on the earth for the Lord will make His law come down to the one that is chosen, clean and holy, for the one that is righteous; as I will come down and proclaim the word, and the word will work and cleanse all the filth on it, and no one shall enter its gates but only those that are clean, pure and holy. And this land will be a new Eden, a holy kingdom, a beginning of a heavenly kingdom, a beginning of a new heaven and new earth, and from this new beginning, God’s light and life will be spread out, as countless multitudes shall flow to listen to the wisdom that will work upon the sons and daughters of this chosen people. And it shall flow a spring of justice, a spring of love and resurrection from the midst of this holy land, and this shall be the spring of life, the spring which flows from the midst of the city and which will turn into the streams of living waters through the New Jerusalem, for Romania will be the New Jerusalem, and the Lord will be with His word to the glory of the New Jerusalem. (See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord”, r.n.) And in this time, those that are prophesied shall be fulfilled, for I will bring My anointed one and he will rule with Me and not without Me, for God is upon the blessed one with His word, for the fulfilling of the most wanted glory.


Peace upon the house of My anointed, Michael! Peace to you, king of Romania, and let you be in Me, for I will reveal Myself through you over the nations, as it will come that the nations may see My glory and your glory, and it will come that they will bow down their head before this work. Behold, I work and prepare your coming, and I work by holiness, by a law of holiness and righteousness, for God is holy. I have the work of My word into the midst of this people, and I had worked secretly to the master of this world, to the herods of this world, who had always been trying to destroy this manger, but I was with the covering of the heavenly powers and overcame for the protection of this work, as I came to an end with it, so that I may announce My kingdom upon the earth afterwards and to reveal Myself in a visible glory, to the reward of the patience of those redeemed from the word, for the spirit of the world covered My creature under the darkness of ignorance, and the bearers of the Holy Spirit groaned and cried under the rock of this time. Behold, I come to bind the wound of My people and your people, and your people shall love you and will become holy and come to life for the light of My word, but be careful, so that we may get above with those that are worked in secret and to speak from the roof tops the mystery bringing the heavenly victory.

Take heed to the One Who speaks with you from heaven, king of Romania, for the parents of this chosen nation were in Me with their heart, faith and life, and they were setting stones of remembrance to Me, (A lot of churches and monasteries, r.n.) as a heavenly sacrifice. Take heed, as in this time the purpose of Romania is fulfilling, and you are anointed by Me for this holy purpose. This work of My word comes out; it comes out upon the nations. In a little while I will unseal this spring of resurrection and of life for truth and you will come afterwards, and we will rule upon the nations in truth, for Romania will share the law and the way of the truth and the way of life, and you shall have on your right, the one that I prepare to be the first in My church, for he is my chosen one for this time, and he is set in for holiness and for the mystery which will cover with glory the church and the nation of this time. Behold, I sent him to you to testify about the work that I prepare, that I need to prepare, the work that I came for with the word upon this nation, and he will testify all the word that was under a mystery by now and which proclaimed those that, behold, are being fulfilled now.


In the time of My body there were the priests, the scribes and the teachers of the law, who did not receive Me. I came for those that were Mine, but they did not receive Me. Nicodemus was also one of them, but he believed that I was the Son of God and that I came to fulfill the Scriptures and the prophecies. And Nicodemus as the priest of the burial of God’s Son and his faith remained as a witness, and Nicodemus is My witness. This is also My witness, (Irineu, r.n.), in the time of the work of the Holy Spirit, for the God of the Holy Spirit makes whole the threefold work of the Most Holy Trinity[5]. The Holy Spirit will cover the earth by godly knowledge, and all the flesh will bow down to do God’s will, and from place to place it shall be worked out a new heaven and a new earth, a new man and a new heart and then it shall come to be seen the Scripture which says: «God sits and judges among the gods».

I made the heavenly news come down by word and I told those, who give a body to My word, that I will set this stone of witness, which will soon testify about Romania and about the work of the Lord upon Romania. I let it be written the name of My anointed, Michael, on this stone. I said that this land may be kept, this manger of the heavenly coming down, this church, and it will be called the church of the righteous and wakeful. I said that this shall be a holy place and a holy law, that it shall not be violated, and he, who wants to come into this holy place where My word speaks powerfully and it is fulfilled powerfully, let he, who wants to come in, to be established within the laws that are come down for this holy place. Those who stand at the mouth of this heavenly spring are bodily clean and are fed on clean food, as I gave the law to the first people that I put in the Garden of Eden[6] to listen to My laws and live without death. (See selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?[7]”, r.n.) But the evil spirit perked up and spoiled My blessed seed, by the weaknesses of those, and then it came for them to fall from the blessing of the Eden. And behold, I work quickly to lift up My creature from the wound of the sin and to breathe and share a spirit of resurrection upon the hearts of those who listen to My laws, for Romania will live in holiness and work out a power of resurrection and of salvation for My creature, as it is my first one called and is a queen over the nations, and its crown, which is your crown, is the symbol of Romania as a queen.


This is the law of the resurrection of My creature, and behold, I raise quickly a strong tower and a pillar of testimony, and then I will proclaim from the top of this rock your name, king of Romania. But My children, who sit around the manger of My word, are feeble, and I come to you, My anointed one; I come and let you know that I have to work quickly this stone of witness and then it shall come for us to sit down and work this new work of the resurrection of My creature, for the witness of My church will speak upon Romania and upon its church, a word of life, a word of resurrection, a word from the word which flows from Me here, in the place that I am by the word. I desire to send it to you, but I do not want that the Pharisees, the scribes and the teachers of the law to know it, for they have no mercy of My creature and of My flock; they, who know the law but break the law, and behold, it is not I, but the word of the law which judges them. (See selection topic: „The Judgment[8]”, r.n.)


This is My will: I want to write your name on the foundation of this new dwelling, for this will be a new beginning, a clean condition, a holy priesthood and a people earned by a godly trumpet in the time from under the darkness of the red beast reign. (The communist dictatorship, r.n.) (See also the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast[9]”, r.n.). I know your deeds, I know that you love Me, I know that I am the first one in your heart; I know and see that you have no greater anchor than that one which you hold on by the word of the book which is one; I know that you feed on its word and you comfort with it by this anchor without death. But you have it written from me; a blessing proclaimed on the earth, for your grandfather blessed you upon Romania to raise it for glory, and I wrote the word of your grandfather, who let you on the throne of My country, as a prophecy. And you have a written blessing to Me by the word of your mother’s prayer, delivered by its faith; and you have here on Me, gathered together, the reward of your patience and of the time of your alienation. I know and I miss you here, and all the heaven waits for that day when I will remove the injustice from this country, for you will come, and you will come through Me. Your pain hurts Me, and the world that surrounds you has no life with me; it has no holiness and even if they believe in Me, they serve to the law of the belly, to the lusts and to the idols of this time. Your pain hurts Me and I want you to let Me, for I know the inner being of each one. I want to work by my witness, who will be upon My church. I want to establish a new clean and resurrected life by the word. I want to establish My laws upon the life of this nation, for they who want to do well for My Romania, can do nothing without Me. He, who loves Romania and does not walk in cleanness and righteousness with the Lord, that one cannot help this nation, for the Lord works by His chosen ones.


It hurts Me when I see the garment of My Romania so dirty, and I want to clean it by love, by the clean laws, which are from Me, but if this choice people does not let itself be worked out by Me in order to establish it for a holy life, I will release disagreement and separate the good from the bad and the light from the darkness and I will overcome by my holy law which will come to be seen by this nation, for you will be My servant and we will put away the filthiness and sin from the foreheads of the chosen sons of this land, who have the myrrh of God’s blessing. Romania is mine and yours, and let My word be upon it and upon My anointed one. Take heed to the One Who is speaking to you from heaven, king of Romania, for it will come to work quickly to the raising of the new beginning, which will bless Romania and its king.


Sit down by Me and let it be written and by you this day, for on this day I have placed, by My witness, the stone of this threefold holy place which will be lifted up and which will have on its foundation the name of the anointed, Michael, the king of the blessed one. My word is at the helm of this testimony, and all are worked out by this word spoken beforehand.


I spread My peace and My Spirit upon you, upon your house and upon your offspring, king of Romania. Let your entrances and exits and your faith in God and in His work of this time be blessed. May My chosen one, My country and yours be blessed, and we will make out of it an everlasting glory upon the nations and the nations on the earth will know the loved one, the one that is chosen for the fulfillment of God’s times.


Peace to you, and rejoice! Keep what you have for I come soon; and I will come before you to welcome you. I come by the word and God’s word will be fulfilled.


Peace, and let the comforting myrrh be upon your crown, My loved one, My waited one, my anointed, who were prophesied about! Amen, amen, amen.



May the house of My anointed one, Michael, and the unity of this day be blessed. The Spirit of the Most Holy Trinity goes with you and will speak through you, and will work the word of the Holy Spirit.


May your entrance and your exit, your way and your work that you do, be blessed! I want to see Myself in you; I want to be a mirror in you, which those from the house that you enter may look into. Receive My peace. Let My peace be upon the house that you enter. Be holy, as I am holy. Have faith; I shall be with you. Have faith in God. This is the word that you will be working through, and it shall be another worked out miracle.


May this day be blessed and be of an eternal testimony, for it is a day of the fulfillment of the word proclaimed beforehand. Do the work of new apostles! Behold, I breathe on you with My Spirit. Receive the Holy Spirit, and into the name of the Most Holy Trinity, proclaim the great news of the good gospel of this time!

Peace to My anointed one, Michael! Amen, amen, amen.



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[1] God’s Word in Romania

[2] Redactor (editor) note

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[4] Irineu Bistriţeanul, Bishop, r.n.

[5] Work threefold: From Adam to the first coming of the Son - the Father's. Since first coming to the second - the work of the Son, for the salvation of those who believe in Jesus Christ. Since the second coming - the Word of God (Rev: 19/13.) - The Holy Spirit, the sanctifying work of the creature, r.n.

[6] «God also said, 'Look, to you I give all the seed-bearing plants everywhere on the surface of the earth, and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit; this will be your food. » (Gen. 1/29.)

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