1991.06.09 - The word of God and of St. Virginia in the synod for the building of the Holy of Ho-lies of New Jerusalem

The word of God[1] and of St. Virginia in the synod for the building of the Holy of Holies of New Jerusalem

                                                (Translated by I.A.)



Peace to you! This is a heavenly synod. Mother Gigi[2] is here with the guests from heaven and is with the Lord, Jesus Christ at the counsel of this synod, and it is a holiday in heaven on this day of a holy synod.


Glory to the Saint and to the One of a being and of life of a creation and inseparable Trinity, now and forever! Amen. The hour is coming that the Son of man be glorified, and I do not speak from me, and the One Who sent me commanded me to tell and to speak. You are the body of Jesus Christ, for the Spirit of the Lord works at the building of the body of Jesus Christ, for the perfection of the saints. You are the new beginning because you take, eat and drink the Body and the Blood of the Son of the Holy Trinity, and then you take again after a day and a night.


The Lord, Jesus Christ is in the synod with us, my loved children, and the Lord give His blessing upon this synod. Behold, the Lord is speaking on you now:


− Blessed it is the kingdom of the Holy Trinity, of My Father and of His Son, and of the Holy Spirit, working threefold, now and forever! Amen.


Peace to you! Through the open doors, peace to you and rejoice that My Father is working to announce His kingdom for the glory and the fullness of God’s time! The Lord is working with you, because you were redeemed and sealed for the day of redemption. There is still a little time and we will sit at the wedding table, which is being prepared now. The one who believes in Me and sees Me here where I work, that one does not believe in Me and does not see Me, but believes in the One Who sent Me, and sees the One Who sent Me, for My Father sent Me on the earth, and then I ascended to My Father so that I may come back to the earth again, and to have power in those that come down from heaven, as this hour has already come. I am the Son of the heavenly powers, and I told Verginica to come down again and to work as I told her by the written words into the book of this work, to sound the trumpet and prepare My way for My second coming. (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets[3]”, r.n.).


I am the Son promised by the prophets and that is why I came down, as it was written, and I came down to work with those that worship in the Spirit of the Truth; I came down to the sons of the promise, spoken of by the Holy Spirit, to the sons of the blessed tribe of this time of victory, for Hagar is the Mount of Sinai, and Sara is the New Jerusalem, which is prophesied about that it will come down from heaven clothed in glory.


Peace to you, those that work together for the work of the Holy Trinity, which works to establish the New Jerusalem! And we will begin with this stone and from this stone. The Lord, Jesus Christ, is the first for this heavenly synod. Be full of the Holy Spirit, children of the glory of the Holy Trinity, and do not tell anyone what God has done with you. Seal this mystery among My disciples, and we will work and make disciples, and he, who is not against us, is with us. Amen.


Behold, receive My Spirit and be totally into My Spirit. This synod is from heaven, and the heaven is a guest to this Holy Synod. Peace to you! Peace to you and Holy Spirit! Peace and strength and a holy kingdom, as in heaven so upon you, and then from you forward upon many multitudes! Behold, on this rock we will build the church for the beginning of the resurrection of God’s creature. Believe in Jesus Christ! I am. Do not be afraid, and we will work at this ark. Seal this mystery until we take and open these seals, as the Lamb of God is worthy to take this book and open its seals within the cries of the multitudes which will come and drink of this stone, of this mountain of the blessings. (See the selection topic: “The Book of the Lamb - The Book of Life”, r.n.)


Peace to you, and again I say: peace to you! Peace from Us to you and from you to Us! And it shall be light and peace, for I came to bring light on the earth. Strengthen your feet and gird up your loins and stand up, for the Father of the heavens will speak then from the top of this stone and the voice of the heavens will be heard speaking: this is the work that I have been well pleased with and I will go with it to all the margins. Amen.


Get up and rejoice for your reward is coming from heaven! Blessed it be the word, the counsel and the work of this heavenly synod! Amen. Let it be written as a testimony the names of those who sat with the heaven in the counsel of this synod, and the Lord will engrave on this rock the name of those who are gathered together into the name of the Lord of this day of testimony. Amen, amen, amen.


The names of those that are gathered together in this heavenly synod are: Ioan Spirea, Gheorghe, Ilie, Nicolae, Spiridon, Emilian, Emilian, Gheorghe, Constantin, Valeriu, Nicolae, Marian, Ioan, Dan.



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in Romania

[2] So they called Christians on the St. Virginia, red. note.

[3] You can also see on:



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