1978.05.11 - The Word of God

                                                   The Word of God[1]

                                                    (Translated by I.A.)



… Sons, this time that I spend in the midst of My people is being rewarded.


… The Lord Jesus came from the Father and went to the Father. Why did I come? Because I still have something to fulfill. What? I still have to fulfill and no matter how bad and heavy weather, the Lord fulfills what He has to fulfill.

My little children, love and unite in the Lord and do not separate one another, but rather be inseparable, brothers in spirit, for brothers in spirit live together, and brothers in the body split even after one minute. And know, My little children, that the body without having the Spirit cannot inherit the earth. Little children the earth is full of bad people; it is full of sins and it is full of bodies without spirits; and you should know that this is in the end. Know well and search these times by the fig branch, for the fig tree will be cut and thrown into the fire. (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire[2], red. note[3].) The fig tree is the priests and you are the branches which have to grow and produce fruit.


… A friend standing in front is not a good friend. He is a friend up to the grave and he lets you there. Your good friend is the one who advises you to go into heaven. That one you should be looking for. But you will not find him anymore, because he perished killed by the Antichrist’s weapon. (See the selection topic „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast[4]”, r.n.)

My little and tiny children, the whole heaven is crying and waiting for you, but you are slow. If you knew, you would not be slow in coming. Sons, sons, humble, unite, love and consecrate yourself and do not stay indifferent, for the Lord has prepared the boat of Elijah, of Enoch, of Noah and John and of all on the earth who were lifted up to heaven. (See selection topic: „Enoch and Elijah[5]”, r.n.) You do not know how you get there; in the body or in the spirit. But I say to you: be prepared with everything. (See selection topic: „The rapture of the Church[6]”, r.n.)


… My little children learn the parable of Moses, for he was slow in speech and I made him speak the way he had to speak and for how long he had to speak. This was his measure for his voice. I sent him and gave him courage to go to Pharaoh to tell him My commandments. I did with Moses a great work, extremely great. It is written and is read at the judgment.


… Know that the dead will be on earth and there will be no one to bury them for the graveyards do not receive them. The priest is doing his job, but he is doing it as the shoemaker. The last priest that loved God died last year: the patriarch Justinian. (The Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, r.n.) After him there is no one for heaven. The one of today entered into the flock of goats. Hay and what he works! But you should know that God does not let him, but he destroys him by this devilish work that he does, for all the bricklayers got together before God, they who worked out the churches on earth and ask for the destruction of those who spoiled or spoil the churches; they ask for the destruction of those who defiled them. (The servants of the communist regime, r.n.)


… The priest eats in the altar where he is not allowed to take nothing but My Supper; not to put any other food into his mouth. My little children, I did not tell you to leave the little church. They are responsible for them and for the people. Do you believe? (See selection topic: „The Judgment[7]”, r.n.)


… God has spoken through many things: through stone, woods and birds as well God has spoken My little children, and He also speaks by thunderbolts, waters and floods and earthquakes. And the world says: „There was a great flood.” It was not a flood rather it was a great work.


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