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                                    The Word of God[1]

                                    (Translated by I.A.)



… Romania, Romania, God will rise. Against you and there nothing shall be left on your hearth. Romania, Romania, why did you receive this image and this forbidden behavior on your home? (The Communism, red. note[2].) Romania, holy hearth through the disciples who are witnesses! Romania, Romania, there is a Dimitrie, there is a Gheorghe, there is a John! Come to your senses Christians, for I am on the eve to finish, for I have no place to stay in the land of this country.


… Where are those who were saying: “Yes, Lord, it is true that you are God!”? Where are those whom I anointed and blessed? If these had known the name of the angels, and of those in heaven, they would have been sold too, those would have been brought down from heaven too.


… The time is coming the drunkard to be punished, and the smoker, and the fornicator, for God can no longer endure the deceit.


… You do not serve Me if feasting or praying, but it is for you, son, for on the gate of heaven, not a bad hair will enter My kingdom. 


… I did not come to take the dust or the tree from the earth, but I came to you, Christian, for your fathers and forefathers made prayer and sent Me to you, for this is written in the Scripture. Did God really lie?


… My little children, do not get on well with the world any longer, sons! My little children, you live in the world, but I speak to you spiritually. Do not put off faith and blessing, but stay as your fathers and forefathers were, for there comes another fashion, you will see it.  Let the devilish things. Young men and women that you have them, be very careful that the bare feet are burnt by the fire; they will catch fire as the gas fire is flashing.


… Know from Me, that there is a little time and the punishment is coming, starting with adultery. Woe to the woman who left her husband and woe to the husband who left her wife without adultery reasons! Woe to the drunkards, woe to the blasphemers, woe to the thieves, woe to the woe that no one expects! Woe to the one who locked the door of the church! Woe to the one who locked the door of the believers! (The Security Service of the communist dictatorship, r.n.)


… Israel, what does this word mean, “Israel”? It means that you can be Hungarian, you can be Jew, you can be American, you can be Russian, you can be anything; this is anointed. (Chosen, r.n.) Your anointment with My anointment is not only Mine, of the heavenly Spirit, but you are anointed in the Father, the Son and the Spirit. And what does “Amen” mean? The sealing.


… My beloved little children know from Me, I speak the truth, for when the baptism came into the world it is not a sin to take a bride from the world, for she is baptized, but she is from the world. The world is emptiness. The baby is Christianized, but after the baptism, the Christian law was not kept by the fathers, and it was not kept by the forefathers. The baptism was trampled since it was a baby. (See selection topic: „About baptism”, r.n.)


… The heavens wonder why in the present times the disciples are no longer made, for they constantly die. He comes as a shadow to Me; stays a year, two or three, and then he goes back where he came from. Blessed over blessed, greater as any other is a disciple from the present times. In the present times, thousands and hundreds die, but to turn into the saints, they do not do it.


I said: “Follow My footsteps, and where you cannot, ask Me for strength.”  Come, Christian, come to Me! Do not get angry, do not get upset with your fate, do not get angry with Me, do not get angry with your faith as the disciple Job, poor man, until you get to the gate of God. Do you believe? Do not turn back, My son, from the way of God, for the return is hard. Go always forward even if an executioner is in front of you. Go always forward! Forward, forward, not back, rather on the holy road, on which thousands and thousands of children went.

From whose seed are you, Christian? From the one of Abraham’s,[3] and so you went from generation to generation, and know that you have great blessing through your ancestor. Do you believe? If you do not commit sins, you go to Abraham’s bosom. “Make holy deeds, come to your senses; do not wonder away”, the St. John is urging Me to tell you. St. John was conceived by commandment, and for the lost. The priest was crying in his church that he had no Christians. Who was that? He was a Zechariah. Today who is crying for you Christian any longer, for the lost one? It is a great thing what I do for you. It is great thing what God did with Zechariah. It is great thing what God did with Mary the Virgin. It is great joy, My little children, for those who are searching this work.


It is a human being and priceless and anguished, through whom God is doing his work. She is a body, (Virginia, through whom God speaks, r.n.) is the daughter of Andreiana, who was hated and silly and unnoticed by the world, and she is to put to shame those of great family. (See the life of the Saint Virginia[4], r.n.) Come, Christian, to My silly one! Come to Me, Christian, for it is good, it is very good, for this silly one is the holy mirror, and you will look through it into My kingdom too. (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets[5]”, r.n.)


… Oh, Daniel, I have had thousands of children, son. Where is the flock from Ocniţa? Where is the flock from Proviţa? Where is the flock from Ibrianu? Where is the flock from Călăraşi? Where is the flock from the Long Valley? Where is the flock from Bucharest? Where is the flock from Moroieni? How can I not be sad? I leave once and I keep silent. Come to your senses; search your life well with Me. Daniel, it is shameful for a Christian who does not lay his hands on the Scriptures. (Daniel, the shepherd of the community of the believers in the Word of God, r.n.)


There is less and comes an unknown people, who did not worship Baal, it did not become communist, and after that there will be a big thing, which is not being discovered now. (See selection topic: Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan[6]”, r.n.)


… I have sent all the holy heaven, all the host of heaven I have sent against the informers, so that they may not come to search you. (The Informers of the former Security of the Communist dictatorship, r.n.)



Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in Romania

[2] Redactor (editor) note

[3] “Know therefore that they that are of faith, the same are sons of Abraham.” (Gal. 3:7)

[4] You can also see on:

[5] You can also see on:


[6] You can also see on:


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