The second coming of Jesus Christ - The Apocalyptic Trumpets

The Apocalyptic Trumpets


God is gone up in jubilation, the Lord with the voice of the trumpet.”(Psalm 46/6.)


Cry aloud with strength, and spare not! Lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and declare to My people their sins, and to the house of Jacob their iniquities.” (Is. 58/1.)


For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with God’s trumpet. The dead in Christ will rise first” (1 Thes. 4/16.)


After these things I looked and saw a door opened in heaven. The first voice that I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me....” (Apoc. 4/1


I saw the seven angels who stand before God and seven trumpets were given to them.” (Apoc. 8/2.)


Then the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared to sound them.” (Apoc. 8/6.)


But in the days when the voice of the seventh angel is about to sound,then the mystery of God will be fulfilled, as he has announced to his servants the prophets.” (Apoc. 10/7.)


The seventh angel sounded, and great voices in heaven followed, saying, “The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord, and of his Christ. He will reign unto the ages of ages!” (Apoc. 11/15.)



The Apocalyptic Trumpets


Selection of texts from God’s Word upon this theme

(Translated by V.B.)


“… Peace be with you! Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen! I am The Lord Jesus Christ. I am not body, but spirit. I have descended with The Holy Spirit on Earth to choose a nation and to tell them about the mysteries for this time. I am God’s Word and I have come to speak on Earth, to prepare Myself the way for the second coming. Here, I have come, as it is written in My book. This body is not Me. This is a trumpet from which I sound in this time to announce you all that will be in the days that come.”

Extract from God’s Word from The Easter Sunday, from 30-04-1955



“ … Oh, wake up! Peace be with you! Behold, I have descended to you, my children, but I have not descended into body, as in the past, I have descended into Spirit. I have not come to you to seek for yours, I have come to seek for souls. I have descended into stake to speak to My people. Behold, I have come to speak to you, in order not to take the grief that is waiting for you. Strengthen yourselves into faith, children; into faith, not into rich clothes. Blessed are the eyes which do not see and believe, and woe unto those who see, hear and do not believe!


Oh, world, now you do not know Me, but the day will come when you know everything, because here it is what Father has done to speak into a handful of dust! I have come again on Earth to heal a palsied man, lying on a bed. Behold, children, this body is in front of you. He was dead and I rose him from the dead; he was sick and I healed him. I healed him not with earthly medicine, but with heavenly ones. Seek, My children, as long as there is time left. Do not seek for the pot, but for The Spirit.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 14-05-1957



“Behold, My pot will travel to the doctor today. Now she will wake up and she will cry bitterly because of the pain that she suffers from the blows she got in the train. She was hit into her head with fists, over her mouth with palms, her ribs are almost broken, because she was dragged on the ground, they put her into a room at the station and now they are taking her to the doctors. But blessed is she, (About Virginia, red. note) for her reward will be great into My Kingdom when It will come, because she will be among my prophets. I have prepared for her a place which cannot be described, and I prepare and it is ready for all those who suffer for My Word and for My trumpet Verginica.” (See the life of Saint Virginia, r.n.)

Extract from God’s Word, from 04-05-1958



“ … My sons, the priest Ioan from Vladimiresti (The fourth trumpet, r.n.) is a bag of bones into his cell at Aiud (One of the most terrible prisons of the comunist regime in Romania, r.n.). He has no flesh on his bones, and is something to wonder for the others. But he, even there, feeds the souls with food. He has two hundred and seventy souls who pray for him. Oh, he has suffered many hardships! Neither the thieves, nor the criminals have as many labours as a christian has, but to those who suffer for Me I give numbness in order not to feel the burnings and the blows. Here, Verginica too, my vessel, how many she has suffered: how many burnings, how many stings, how many blows! But I have given her the strength to overcome them, because there was a commander (From the Security, r.n.) who yelled at her and she was terrified.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 07-06-1958



“ … The angels are holding Liturgy and Masses at Vladimiresti. (The monastery which was closed by the comunist regime) and Father wants it this way until it will be reopened. Oh, the fire on earth will be like the lightning and the evil and unfaithful ones will repent, but it will be too late then. (See “The apocalyptic fire“, r.n.)

Extract from God’s Word, from 06-02-1959



“ … My sons, Israel crossed through water before, but now what shall we do when we cross through fire? as this one whom I announce you through is the sixth trumpet. My Words are not for the evil spirits, they are for the one who makes the word you hear today. The Word of today is the door, and there is no other entrance door to My Kingdom.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 28-10-1962



“ … I have come to talk to you as I came to talk to the shepherd from Maglavit, who was deaf and mute, but when he opened his mouth, I gave him speech.” (Petrache Lupu, the second trumpet, the priest prophet Iosif Trifa being the first apocalyptic trumpet, r.n.)

Extract from God’s Word, from 15-05-1963



“ … Virginia, Virginia, make yourself a roll of paper and write all My Work for Me on it, the Work I have done so far in the ten years of prophecy, and what is going to be done from now on. Write down all the visions seen with your own eyes, write down all My Words heard with your own ears, and write down the journey you made with Me on the Earth, in the Air and up in Heavens. Write on the roll of paper about the way I, God, come down in your body and speak. Write about all I have prophesied from the beginning until today, because they have forgotten what God told them ten years ago. They have also forgotten what God told them a year ago. Virginia, make a roll, bind it well and keep it hidden until the day of fast, because hungry and thirsty nations will come to your door and they will knock like beggars to give them food. And then, you will wake up like a rich man, and, being urged by The Holy Spirit, you will feed them.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 15-04-1965



“ … You see, Virginia, what a great gift you have got? You have the gift of hearing My Words of joy and grief. You see? Cherish this gift, Virginia, do not throw it away, because the time will come when everyone believes you. Do not do like the priests and the preachers from now, who, if their job does not work any more, have spoiled the gift of God through their desires. You cherish the priest and the preacher, because the priest is a spiritual parent whom God put to shepherd His flock of sheep from here, from Earth, until His Coming; and the preachers have a great gift too, that they are sent by God in the middle of the crowd of nations to announce the holy law. And the gift of prophecy is the biggest of all, because the prophecy is done through The Holy Spirit Itself, The Spirit of God. But the work which is done through you is done by The Father and The Son through The Holy Spirit. These three Powers occupy their mission of preparation for The Judgment Day, and you, Virginia, cherish your gift, because it has not been revealed to you not even a quarter of what is being done and will be done.


And the priests have lost the gift from God; they remained alone, with the grace. Besides, they have lost the clothes, the image, the fast and the priest’s life: they have lost their gift, too. The preachers have lost the gift because of the pride’s deeds, as they want the greatness of men and they do not have the abstinence from lust, like the old Israel lost its gift by eating meat.


Go, Virginia, and give them the letter to read it and tell them that you are sent by Me, and during the rest day rest and do nothing. Write like this: you shall see entering the doors of this house, where you enter now, kings from worldwide, riding horses and being with their servants, and crowds and crowds will enter without fear, not sneaking as you enter today. (For fear of the Security police, r.n.) And these kings and this crowd will dine at My table, and no one will dare to harm them and no one will dare to ask them: “Why have you come?” And all those who have watched the harm done to this house until now, will kneel at the foot of this work and they will ask for God’s mercy.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 29-05-1965



” ... No such wonder has been like this one, like God come and sing to your ear the song of the Holy Trinity. Oh, I will show you My trumpet I played to. Oh, I will not play to My trumpet again, as everything has ended.

… I am the Man whom you do not see, and I am not this body, as this body, you know where I took from.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 27-10-1965



“ … There was a work at Vladimiresti, (Through the monastic priest Ioan, the fourth trumpet, following here the fifth, - the nun Veronica -, the third being Arsenie Boca, r.n.), there was a work at Maglavit. (Through Petrache Lupu, r.n.) Beware, My sons, with the work you have in front of you. Blessed he who will be in this work till the end.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 16-11-1965



“ … I have prepared Virginia to announce the entire Apocalypse, for the preparation of The Judgment Day and for the preparation of the christians for nowadays and the last ones.

Extract from God’s Word, from 12-09-1968



“ … My Sheep, if My pot did not see My Face and My Work and did not hear My Words, it would not be this way. How come? My Pot, when Our Lord Jesus prepared for this word, had only her mummy by her and she was in a serious state, and I have come to their nest, to a widow and a pure daughter. (See also, The life of Saint Virginia, r.n.) And how old was this daughter? She was nine years old, and she carried on this preparation until 1955. I prepared her until then. If there was a bucket in order that this preparation to be seen, there would not have been a more beautiful one than this. But she is not a bucket, she is a body, and God dwells in it.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 21-06-1973



“ … When Holy Mary was in my Plan, when the birth of Lord Jesus Christ was being prophesied, the devil wanted her annihilated. It is the same today, when God prophesies for the man to know the plan of God and sanctify himself, here, a group of devils watches step by step to annihilate Our Work. And then I said: «Take the baby and go to Egypt and stay there, until the plot is over». Do you believe? It is the same I speak nowadays. Arm oneselves well, in order not to remain without Me, as devils got out from hell watching to annihilate this work and My trumpet. Pity the one who sells My work today! Pity you who made way to the devil in order to harm Me! (It is about the informers from the “Security police”, r.n.)


… Oh, the time comes that, as the man talks to the phone, so you will talk to God. The time comes when this body will be handled by everyone in order to talk to me. It will be carried in the air by planes, it will be carried by train and you will say: “Where is God’s trumpet?”And this people will like to see her and they will say she died. And she did not die, she is alive. Why? Because it is written that she will abandon the places where she lived and she will be no more.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 04-08-1973



“ … Look, My trumpet has never been through the pains from today. Look after her, christian. What say you, will there be a path to walk with her? Some chase her, some despise her, some do not listen to her and this will bring her death. If all these were not, My trumpet would rejoice, but the stroke goes to the soul. How was once My trumpet when she was singing: “Heaven, you garden sweet, from here I would never quit?” because it was in heaven where she enjoyed herself. She was the christian’s arm, full of flowers.” (Spiritual, r.n.)

Extract from God’s Word, from 20-02-1974



“ … My children, when you set off with My trumpet, be fear within and attentive. Do you know how to take care of her in order not to be judged when I come? Children, My sheep, I did not take the trumpet among the rich ones or among the kings in order not to ascend, and I took the trumpet from below, among the babies, among the children, as I took David and Daniel among the sheep. And I did this for you to be able to enter, to take to God the honesty of the poor, to embarrass the rich and the poor ones, and the kings too. I have worked through priests, I have worked through monks, I have worked through monasteries, I have worked through civilians, I have worked through patriarchs. There are only the kings I have not worked through, nowadayslike kings. I have worked through kings like Constantin the Emperor.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 08-09-1974



“ … My Children, let no one come and say: “The end is coming! and this is the trumpet by which I announce you, the trumpet of Lord Jesus Christ. Sons, children, olders who have children, you will suffer for your children as in The Judgement Day Lord Jesus Christ asks you why you let your child into the world. And He will judge and punish, you, christian who unleashed your woman, for behold, the One who punishes comes.


Oh, beautiful bride, how dirty you made your silk dress! But it is not your fault, it is someone else’s fault. I have written this wrath only in the prophecy I told to the Indian one. Now the Indian is a martyr in heavens, killed in his own country. I have spoken through My pot in prison to an Indian doctor and he wrote My word and believed in Me through My trumpet. He was killed when he went with this message to his country.

Extract from God’s Word, from 30-01-1975



“ … that the house and cattle of the Maglavit shepherd burnt, and he didn’t come out from the liturgy and when he went home, he found nothing but ashes. The Maglavit shepherd had many ordeals.” (The second trumpet, r.n.)

Extract from God’s Word, from 15-06-1975



“ … Who gets angry with My pot, gets angry with Me. For if I were not to work with My people, My pot were not My pot, and it had been rotten long ago. Since when do I work with My word through her? Since 1955. Since when do I prepare her? Since 1940. If someone blows towards her she falls, as she is no longer body with life, but only My Spirit lies in her. Look after this trumpet, as she is My instrument, like David’s harp, both on good and bad weather.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 06-07-1975



“ … O, my sons, My trumpet is too small. If I blew it with all My power, it wouldn’t resist, it would break into pieces.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 17-08-1975



“ … My beloved People, make no mistakes any more, as Lord Jesus will come soon and He will dress His bride and leave far away, where it is written. If the trumpet stops blowing, then you should know that God is at your door, and the wedding is coming. Do not say: “Oh, My God, what am I going to do? for God took His trumpet”, but say that God has come and took His trumpet and everything is ready for the end.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 07-09-1976



“ … When the priest Mirică Ilie sent My trumpet to the asylum-hospital, he told her to die there in order not to be in his way. (They forced her to go to the mental illness’ hospital, r.n.) He did like the nobleman and the rooster. But, behold, My pot is still alive today and the priest with his wife are long burried. He has dug his grave since then, for him and his wife too. When My trumpet used to make offering for the church, she would give to his wife too, but she wouldn’t take it and she wouldn’t allow to her nephews to take it either, saying: “Do not accept anything, because this woman is cursed by the priest.” And she left without being forgiven for the curse.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 07-01-1977



“ ... I want to let you know that besides this prophecy you will see Me. You will see God face to face and you will turn your back and put on a sheepskin coat and you will talk to God dressed like this. When this body is taken into heavens, there will be no work like this one. You will hear rumours about works like this one here and there. Do not believe them because you will indulge in illusions. “

Extract from God’s Word, from 06-05-1977



“ … When Lord Jesus chose this long pipe, she talked a lot, but now she rarely speaks because of the people’s disobedience. My trumpet will heal through My work, as she got sick through your work.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 25-05-1978



“ … There is only doubt into My people: “that one suffers and the other one doesn’t.” But I say: each one will have time to suffer and no one will escape from suffering, but listen to these words no matter what. Neither Job nor Lazarus endured such a pain like My pot did, and no one had this suffering, for she is not loved into her own house.

Extract from God’s Word, from 14-07-1978



“… My son, fix the voice of My pot, repair the belief, as the people don’t want to believe. They say that it is a woman’s voice, not a man’s voice and that is why it is not God’s voice. I shouted: <Like My trumpet, like My voice> My voice will be heard at the proper time, and the one who will hear will be petrified, as the rocks will smash and the mountains will crush too, hearing My voice. Be satisfied with the way that God shows His voice through My trumpet, as the time for God to show His voice is coming, and it is too bad that you haven’t prepared. If you are with Me, you will stand patiently and you will listen to Me: you will not stagger, you will not crush if you are ready.

Extract from God’s Word, from 17-11-1978



“ … This human being was in a cell and she made five hundred genuflexions in the morning and five hundred in the afternoon. (A bending on ones' knees until the forehead touches the ground and then the body comes back on ones' feet, during which a prayer is being said "Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner", so that only in the exact moment of touching the ground with the forehead one say "me, the sinner", r.n.) She was praying for My people not to get lost lacking the knowledge and she was praying to be with God until she returns from her cell. But the one who didn’t understand the work of God, thought that this was made for simulation, for money.


… Be perfect, for look, there are a lot of heavenly guests near you. They came with Me, Lord Jesus Christ, and they sit above. There is no roof, there is only a bridge of clouds, and that people come from heaven sits on the clouds, together with The Holy Trinity. (See also the theme: “He is coming like He rose, He is coming with the clouds”, r.n.) There is a crown of cherubs that surrounds The Holy Trinity, and Lord Jesus is on this chest who is speaking. This body is crushed into fire.

Extract from God’s Word, from 25-06-1979



“ … Once more God tells you: do not be stubborn in belief, as you will all see today’s work in the middle of the sky, from the genesis till the end. All the trumpets will be revealed and shown in front of you.

Extract from God’s Word, from 01-08-1979



“… Oh, my sister, pay attention to what I’m saying, to what I’m asking you to. We have a lot of work to do. When will we finish? Who will help me to fulfill what God has given to me? Put everything away and help me. Look what God is saying: “Where is your people, Verginica? You had a big flock of sheep. Why did you let them spread? Blow your trumpet louder, for all the sheep can hear, for all the people can hear, to wake up from sleep, from indifference. Blow a preparing trumpet. Wake up, people, from your numbness. Undress yourself from the old man and put on the new man’s coat. Think no more! Doubt no more!”


My beloved people, get ready fast, wait no more. God summons you to give you something you had never had. My people, the eternal happiness that God gives to his people is expensive, but it cannot be bought with money: it can be bought with the listening of the holy knowledge. Do not strive for the world that lives in the big dissipation, with all its desires and the devil’s too. Oh, pity that this world doesn’t know what is waiting for her, and the way she will pay for this dissipation in which she lives! There is no one to help the world, because today’s ruler says there is no God.


My beloved people, my sheep from all the corners who once knew the work of God! God is calling for you and is calling for you to wake up, to gather and to urge yourselves, because behold, God took you the body (The body of Saint Virginia, after she passed her soul to God in 1980, r.n.) the body with the former work, because she was full of pains and sufferings, but He sent back to you the spirit with the work.

Extract from God’s Word, from 10-07-1982



“ … I noticed that my food seems bitter to you. I see that you don’t like to eat it any more. Oh, how is that you do not want to pay attention to me and listen? It is for this very reason that God has released His trumpet on earth again, to get His people ready in order not to attend the terrifying judgment.

Oh, God says: “Verginica, you will go back on earth and I shall enforce My trumpet by the off-spring grown from the same root as you (By Verginica’s sister, Maria, r.n.) for the preparation of the people you have earned.”

Extract from God’s Word, from 01-08-1982



“… My God Savaot, may You begin the call. May You be The First into all, as I and these too, are Your children. I cannot, without You, My God Savaot, with these chains. I do not want without You into this darkness, because these children of ours cannot be well seen from the bottom of this huge hole where they had fallen and they do not yell for us to hear them or give us their hand. Come with me, descend after them, as they are almost dead, oh God Savaot. Oh, they are dead for good. Blow with me upon them and let’s get them out, revive them and heal them, as behold, the last drop of their life is passing away and their heart beat feels no more.


– Oh, here I am! I am here, My sons. I am here, Verginica. We are all with you, Our dear one. It is a great feast into the entire heaven today, Verginica. Today the whole heavens’ power is on its feet and today’s victory will be greater and this day will be written and heralded for ever and it will be blessed and added to the revival days. Even Us, Verginica, even Us, Our sons, have peace no more. We also have left with you after your people, to give them living water, as your people is the greatest mystery for the divine being, from the beginning until these days.


Cry no more, Verginica and sigh no more! Come to Me to hold you and to caress you, as your love for this people has overcome all the loves until now. Cry no more, Verginica! It is enough! There is only one step left and we’ll pass into that time when there will be no pain, no sorrow and no sigh. Behold, We all give you caress. Me, My Son, His Mother, and the whole heaven, My sons. When My Son has risen from the grave, He stayed another fourty days with His people for the book of those days to remain and to testify, and then I took Him and I placed Him back to My Right. But what have you done? I tell you, Verginica, what you have done for this to be known and written for everyone who will believe in what you have done. You were the one who had an endless love. You have descended My Son onto the earth once more and you have made yourself a home and a temple for him, and he has lived in you into a great mystery, hidden from the eyes of the world and He has gathered from the crossroads the blind and the crippled ones, the deaf and the leper ones, all the needy ones, to put them at the same table. But to the one who was called He said: “Go and tell no one!


You were the one who kept Him hidden from the eyes of the world for Him to be able to feed a people and to reveal the mystery of His plan for these times. And when you came to Me, Verginica, you came and asked Me crying: “God Savaot, as long as I was with them I guarded them into Your name. You guard them from now on, for none of them to perish.” Thus you asked me, Verginica, and I have listened to your request and I have guarded them but they didn’t guard Me, they didn’t guard My trace and they wanted to follow me no more and they went and spent their wisdom and they became slaves to those who are strangers to Me and you, and here they are, my dear one, here they are, scattered, poor and naked now; here they are, fallen among thieves, here they are, almost dead.


You, Verginica, My daughter, daughter of Samaritan, you overwhelmed everyone with love. I see that you want nothing from me to give you, I see that you put away the heavenly glory that you deserve and that is why I made a wonder that was nothing heard about so far.


I have sent you back, Verginica, and I have given you the entire heavenly army to help you to fulfill your mission that I spoke about, the mission you will have in these days, and I told you to take the trumpet into your hand and to blow it strongly and with an awakening spirit as it is written in the book, to prophesy and to command to these dry bones to take life and life spirit in order to revive and to complete the body of Israel, and then you will come to tell me: God, I did as you told me to.


Blessed be this day! Blessed be you, Verginica, you and your work, and your serves, and this house in which you are now descended with your work. Blessed be this seed which is now being spread. Amen.


Amen, amen, I say to you. I am God Savaot, The One who I am since the eternity and The One who I will be to the eternity. The Heaven and the earth from until now will perish in a crash, but the words of this spirit that I sent back on earth will be written and will be testified for you or against you. Amen.


This book will sit on the table and will speak for you or against. This book will speak soon.


Come on, Verginica, take your place, and work! Begin your work here and be victorious, as I have given you all the strength. Rise and speak, Verginica!


I speak to you, God Savaot. May you be forever glorious and praise you! Here, I begin my work here. Amen.


Peace be with you! Peace be with you, my sons! Praise the Lord and may the peace and revival be with you!”

Extract from the announcement of Saint Virginia for the christians from the Ungureni citadel, from 27-11-1990



“Ten years passed since I raised to Me the body that carried Me and I blew My trumpet through, and I have spoken once more on Earth, as it was written for this time, and it was written that I would raise it for a while to hide it from the face of the evil snake (The Red Beast, the apogee of the comunist dictatorship of Ceausescu, r.n.) and to test the people, to test the faith of this people. But behold, a testimony word is written into the book of this work when God thus spoke: «Verginica, do not get lost, as in your time you will raise with strong spirit and you will feed the crowds which will be guided to the glory of The New Jerusalem to hear the words of God from this mountain of blessing which will not be taken back». And behold, children of this citadel, God enters with His work in the citadel of Manesti once again, He enters as He used to, once, to talk to many from this citadel, He enters again with the same annunciation to bring you the good announcement, that I sent back on earth the spirit of the trumpet through which I have blown into the darkness’ days of the Red Beast’s reign and thus, through the darkness of disbelief, I have worked and I have made Myself a close flock and I said that I would do from it and with it light on earth and salt on earth and salvation on earth. Seventy years of the Red Beast‘s rule passed. (The comunism, from 1921, the year of the establishment of the Comunist Party in Romania, until 1991, r.n.) and behold, God has examined His people like once he used to examine Israel when he raised his hands and prayed to the Lord for salvation, when he served to other peoples or when he carried the burden of evil and Godless judges for his sins. Behold, God has examined the people who ate manna from the sky through that plate that you know too, through that body which I used in order that the sky may be able to talk to you, people of Israel from the last days, as behold, God wants to make an end of the world and evil with you, and it will be so, as it is written, and God wants to make the beginning of a new and pure age with you, a people with heavenly bodies, which will be settled on clean ground, on new earth, and God wants to make a new Jerusalem (See the theme “Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan”, r.n.)and to settle the ones written in the book into its middle, as this river of life will flow with living water wealth, and like the astrologers were guided to the manger where the saviour of the peoples was born, in the same way people will flow towards the spring of life which flows from Jerusalem, and they will stand and revive and they will add themselves to the saved ones.” (See the theme “This word is the river of life“, r.n.)

Extract from the announcement of Saint Virginia for the christians from the Manesti citadel, from 26-12-1990




The sequel of this document will soon be published, after the translation, as the original one has over 100 pages, r.n.





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