Break the great silence and show me

what happens when dreams sing their song,

tear down the walls so that we can see

why they made them stand there for so long!


Break the silence and show you are real,

since you already exist deep in my heart,

time is the thing that's legal for us to steel,

but we can't find it now that we're apart!


Break the silence and tear down its walls!

I don't care about a noisy sound of our voices.

I don't have time for any more missed calls

and only care if we are each other's choices.


Break the silence and wake me up now

so that we can love like other people do!

Oh, I don't know when and I don't know how,

but, unless you're not real, I'm going to find you!

Blind Eyes

This poem was originally written in a book "Emily", but, as it's a poem, I had to put it here either.


Wait a moment, my dear friend,

Even a death cannot be the end.

I'll always be there for you,

In everything you decide to do.

And if you ever feel lonely,

Remember I'm here for you only,

To save you from the tears of pain,

To make the sun appear instead of the rain.

Don't ever think about what I haven't done

To make you feel like you are the one

Who helped me feel the endless joy.

My life was played like it's a toy -

Once it must be broken forever

And again people play with it never.

That's when the world starts to care

About the person that no more is there.

But I hope you realize you have to care

About the girl who'll always be there

Though far away,

Where words can't say

And eyes can't see

That there is only you and Amy.

Please never let her be lonely,

Because she is your one and only.

And that was what my blind eyes saw

So believe in all that you were told.

And here's from this heart of mine

Another and last goodbye.


I fell in love with your blond hair,

I fell in love with you...


Even though I tried,

I just couldn't get enough of it.

Every single time I looked at you,

I could see no one else but you...


I fell in love with your blond hair,

Now I admit that to myself.

It's hard even to try

To not think about you.

Imagine though how hard it'd be

To not like you...


Do you read my letters?

Do they mean anything to you?

Have you ever felt that thing

That I'm feeling right now,

That thing that has no name,

No past and future,

Only the present,

The present that lasts forever...


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There is no dedication of all the poems together. Some are actually dedicated to no one. The rest is dedicated to the real people that I know or to the people that I'm longing to get to know though sometimes I don't even know their names. Those are mostly describing the true love and me willing to fly over all the continents just to find the one I'll dedicate not only my poems, but also my whole life.

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