Today was the first day of HAnukah. We made lots of food- including jelly donuts and patato latkes. Your suppose to eat that in Hanukah. Well we got a menorah and we put 2 candles on it. Then, we light the middle light. Next, we do a pledge while we light the other one. "Barroth' a ta' adonime' le' mella ha olam' ledic ara ahad'." So you see. Then, supper. It's good food. We do this for 8 days in one year and celebrate the Festival of Lights. Also, the macabies.
But when the eight days pasted, eight lights will shimmer in the glisten. Then another eight past and it's still shimmering. That's more then a miracle. The next day the lights went off, but still that's more than a true miracle.

The End


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 18.06.2010

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