Abby didn't want to get out of her apartment, she had been locked in there for more than three weeks and could not seem to really do more than just go to work and go back to her apartment and forget all social life going out in the world. George was getting tire of her behavior, it was about time she get on with her life, live it up as he like to say it so properly. He went home shower, got dressed and went to her apartment in Park Avenue, he rang the door bell, he had phoned her telling her he was going to pass by her apartment.
"Hello George"
"Hello Ms. Depression", she didn't look up at him.
"I can't believe you are in your jammies already"
"Well, I am, what is it that you want?", she sat on her sofa eating some cereal and milk.
"Wait a minute you are eating cereal at seven o'clock at night", Abby looked at him.
"And your point is?"
"Oh no, no, you are in worst shape than I thought, look at you, eating cereal in your jammies at seven, how more worst can this get?", he sat next to her, she kept on eating.
"I am doing fine George, stop worrying for me"
"You are going to get dress right now and we are going out to get some fresh air", he tried to get her up but she resisted.
"George don't be a pest, I am fine, I don't need fresh air"
"I can't believe you, that idiot breaks your heart and you shut yourselve into this apartment like a prisoner in Alcatraz", Abby laughed, George was so amuzing some time.
"My heart is fine, I am not depress, all I want is to spend some quality time at home alone with my cereal, thank you very much".
"You don't make any sense at all, now you are losing your mind, I am afraid you need the english treatment", Abby went to the kitchen and watched her bowl cereal, he was there standing in front of her.
"I don't need an english treatment, whatever that is", he smile and leaned over and whispered into her ear.
"The english treatment is very effective, in a few days you would be up and running in the streets of New York", Abby knew he was pulling her leg, he was always pulling her leg.
"Oh really, well, I don't want to hear it George", he knew he could make her laugh so that was better than nothing, she had been very hurt and if he could only get his english hands in his very american neck he would destroy it for making such a sweet creature cry so much.
"I want to tell you that it is very effective with our own Queen, that is why she looks so youtful at her age, she is always happy and wears those bright outfits", Abby tried very hard to keep serious.
"Stop that nonsense and go out and have fun, you are surely dress for the night"
"I got dress for you"
"Oh really, well, waste it your time, just go and enjoy your evening for I am going to sit down and watch a Cary Grant movie"
"Oh how delightful, another britt"
"Oh shut up, just leave me here along", he sat next to her again.
"I am going to stay here and watch that sad movie with you", Abby got the cd and placed it inside the player.
"Is not a sad movie, is a comedy, a romantic comedy"
"You are wasting your precious time watching a movie for three weeks in a road when you can be out there having fun"
"If you are going to talk so much, leave George"
"How could you be so bitter, get over that idiot, get dress go out there and just get any guy you want and for godness sake have fun", Abby pushed him out with all her force.
"I do not need to go out in the streets an get another loser, the streets of the world are filled with losers"
"You mean men who are losers"
"Exactly, men who are losers, now leave me alone with my Cary Grant movie"
"You know what Abby, you are impossible, you had turned into a bitter girl who at one point was so funny and sweet, well forget sweet, how could lemons be sweet, good night", he left and Abby went back to her couch, the nerve of that man to call her bitter, she thought, how could George have such a nerve.

She stopped the dvd player and closed her eyes, she remembered his last words, she had turned into somebody so bitter, she was so different, all because of Bo, well, it was about time that she did something about it, but what?...


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To the person who inspire this story, for two years I had wanted to go on an write more of this story, here is part of it... To you Mr. Grant...

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