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 1. The Truth behind the Internet and making money online……........................... 


 2. The only ways you can truly make money online…………..............................

      3. Blogging - What is blogging? ……..............…………………………..............
          How to start/open a blog |
         The cost of running a blog |
         Choosing the right Platform to blog |
         How to pick a good domain name |
         How to pick a good theme/template for your niche |
         Best hosting companies to run a blog on |
        Tips for writing great content for your blog |
        How to get traffic to your blog/ SEO tips for blogs |
        How to make $1000 + from Google Adsense |
        How long does it take to make money from blogging? 
     4. Affiliate Marketing – What is Affiliate Marketing? ..........................................
         How to become an Affiliate |
         Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing |
        Best Affiliate Programs to Join Now 2017 |
        How to drive traffic to your affiliate links |
       How to create an Affiliate Website and make $1000+ from it |
       Affiliate Marketing without owning a blog or website |
       How long does it take to start making money from affiliate marketing? 
    5. Freelancing – What is Freelancing? ................................................................
          Who is a freelancer? |
          Types of Freelancing Jobs |
          How to get clients as a Freelancer?|
          How much can I make as a freelancer?
    6. Selling of Digital Products – What are Digital Products? .................................
        Types of Digital Products|
        How to create/write an eBook |
        How to design an eBook cover |
       How to make money from selling eBooks?
    7. What’s next? ....................................................................................................
      A Big bonus for you taking out time to read this eBook |
      Let’s stay in touch


My name is the Wisdom Gabriel, the owner of OLABAYS BLOG and writer of this eBook. This eBook is written for the sole purpose of helping those who want to do and make money from online businesses, make money blogging or if you are into Affiliate Marketing.


WARNING: On no account should anyone copy or republish the content on this eBook or distribute this eBook without the permission of the author which is me.


Bloggers face a lot of issues when it comes to making something worth their time and hard written contents. Also there are so many people out there who source for information online every day of how to make money online. I too was once in that kind of situation, but thank God I came out of it after I was able to unlock the secrets of the internet.


The internet is a very large place to be and can also confuse so many people because out of 95% of websites you enter, they don’t tell you their secret ingredient. All they do is to give you long stories about their life tales, blah blah blah!! And in the end they refer you to buy a product from them which of course you buy and in the end you return to the same spot you were before you came to them “CONFUSED”.


I can boldly say that this eBook will help you and trust me when I say it will. This eBook is not written to entice you, or raise your hopes on anything but it will act as a guide to your online success. So what I advice you is to go and grab a chair, a paper, a pen and of course a coffee.


If you are in the online world long enough you will notice so many bloggers or people make money online talking about how to make money online. Rather than just talking about it, I choose to observe if I myself could actually make a full-time living before I ever wrote about anything.


I know so many readers won’t stick to the steps and instructions on this eBook; rather they will jump the steps and go to the page where it talks about making $1000+ online. But what I will advice you, is to follow the steps because if you don’t, you will never understand the whole secret and then you will go back to square one which is where you came from.


I even suspect that you might have read so many other eBooks’ or articles before you found mine and I believe you didn’t take time to read them either, one thing you must know is that if you keep reading and reading about making money online over and over again, and you still do not understand how you can make real money online. The one and only advice I have for you is “STOP STOP STOP!!!” making money online is not for you.


This eBook is very long so I suggest you sleep to clear your mind relax you muscles and drink a cup of water before you start. Oh don’t forget the chair, a paper, a pen and of course a coffee.


If you find this eBook helpful in any way or even if you hate it, please let me know. I greatly appreciate your feedback and this will help me continue to write with confidence more things to help people like you.


So let me know what you think after reading this guide and I’ll consider your feedback :-) .


This eBook is dedicated to God Almighty who made it possible for me and who also gave me the strength, knowledge and understanding of what is written inside. May God bless you keep you and of course give you understanding as you read on. Amen

The Truth behind the Internet and Making Money Online

The Internet is a big and a very large place where people all over and from different places of the world can easily communicate and reach out to one another.


Many years back I was so anxious to know what the internet was about. My first time I went into the internet; I was really amazed and was so surprised of what I had access to at that time. I had a friend then who knew so much about the internet that I wanted to be like him and so I took it upon myself to explore the internet. I heard a lot of testimonies from those around me about people that have succeeded online.


I was told so many things like; the internet is one of the easiest places I could make quick money and get rich quick without doing much work. I carried this thought in my mind for a very long time and I eventually ended up losing a lot of things. The part I hated the most above all of this is that my friend who I know to be so blessed with the knowledge of the internet in all his business set up later came up with nothing at the end.


The internet like I always say is a very complicated and unusual place when it comes to using it to make extra or full-time income.


And so I went on and on doing a lot and I mean lots and lots of research about how I could make it online. I failed so many times and I was even scammed by some people who made me to buy their products that eventually turn out to be a fake product and don’t work.


If it wasn’t for God I wouldn’t have gotten this far, because I was so frustrated about making money online that I almost wanted to scam people as I was scammed also.


The internet is a place you don’t want to rush into things just because someone told you or should I say deceived you that you can become rich overnight with it. Anything done on the internet takes time and you should know that. Whether you are even just advertising your business online or starting a business online, everything takes time and if you can wait long enough trust me when I say “PATIENCE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS ONLINE” and without it you can forget about making money online.


One more thing I can tell you about the internet in my years of study is that 55% of online business owners are scammers. I know your next question would be HOW? The answer is simple; they use people’s heads and make serious profit while doing it. They do this in one simple way which is convincing you to buy their product or enroll in their course that will teach you how to make money online, and in the end you will just end up going back to square one which is the way you came before meeting them.


Now about MAKING MONEY ONLINE, I will tell you the simple truth which is; if you are ready and serious about making money online legally you should remove the thought from your mind that you can get quick money from online business, don’t invest in anything unless you have seen proof that real people are actually benefiting from it, before you buy any product or software from anyone make sure that you do a thorough research on that product or software and most importantly the seller before you purchase it.


Making Money Online is real and I can testify to that but before you as a newbie to online business can achieve that, you will to do a thorough research or have someone who has made it already mentor you. It is one thing to start an online business but it is another thing to actually make serious money from it.


There are over 1 billion people online who are connecting to one another by different means. If you as an online marketer or online business owner cannot know how to tap into this massive traffic then you are not ready for online business. Before you start online business be sure you have your plan ready and also be sure you have done a lot of research on what kind of business you want to start online. If it is blogging, or Affiliate Marketing, or freelancing and so on make sure before you start any online business at all that you have a good knowledge of what you are getting into as this would help you


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This Book is Dedicated to God Almighty and those who are ready to make money online.

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