Chapter 1
Loving life. Sike


“GET UP YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. OPEN THE DOOR.” I heard my dad yell. He was outside my door banging. I hesitated but sat up and ran to the door. I unlocked it and backed up just in time for the door to bust open only inches from where I stood. Before I could reacted both his hands were around my wrist squeezing.
“WHY THE HELL WAS YOUR DOOR LOCKED.” He yelled in my face. Before I could respond he squeezed my wrist tighter. I looked down and saw the bruises already forming. “I'm sorry daddy. I got out the shower and forgot to unlock it.” I tried sounding sweet but my voice cracked from the pain in my wrists.
“Get ready for school and go tell all your little friends bye. Today is the last day you are going to that school. You'll find why when you come home. NOW GO!” He yelled the last part. He let go of my wrists and threw me to the floor. I looked up from the cold hard wood floor but he was already gone.

Before I get to carried away with the story I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Delilah. I'm 16 years old and am an only child since my twin brother's (Sage and Gage) left for college. I have brown hair and ocean blue eyes. I live in California. It's just me and my dad since my mom died and brother's left. I watched my dad shoot my mom (Lilian) right in front of me. He didn't get arrested because he is a lawyer. Were rich but no one can ever tell. He hits me to but that's as far as he goes. I have as much hate towards him as he does me. I have hated him since the day he killed my mom 3 years ago. I tried to tell on him but he told me he would kill me to. My brother's don't even know. They were at a friends and was told that she was shot by someone who was breaking in to our house. I feel like I need to tell someone and keeping the secret from my brother's is breaking my heart. The only people in my life that actually seem to care about me are my friends (besides my brother's) . Which I guess today is my last day of seeing them. Well Back to the story.

I sat in the shower and cried. I tried not to look at the bruises and scars that cover my body. After I was done in the shower I got dressed. I did little makeup knowing I was going to cry when I said goodbye. I made sure no bruises or scars showed before I left. I heard Patrick’s shower on. (I call him Patrick. Only do I call him dad to his face. Trust me calling him Patrick to his face was not my brightest idea.) I made sure to grab my backpack so I can turn in my homework. Where ever I was going I didn't want to start off at a new school with bad grades.
I heard the shower turn off so I ran out the door. I ran until I was around the corner. The school was only 15 minutes from my house so I made it in no time. I walked through the halls my head low. I don't see any of my friends till lunch. I went to my locker and cleaned it out. There wasn't much. Only books I would need to give back to teachers and pictures of me and my 4 best friends. When I was done I went straight to 1st period.
All my 3 first periods were fast. I gave the books back and they said since it was my last day I didn't have to do anything. I made sure to give them my homework and they put my grade in right away. All were A's by the time they were done going through it all.
As the bell rang for lunch my heart started beating really fast. This was the last time I would see them but I knew I find some way to come visit if were ever were going isn't to far. I walked down the halls and into the now full cafeteria. I knew they would already be outside by our tree so I made my way to the back of the cafeteria and out to the courtyard.
I saw them all already sitting and laughing under the tree in the way corner. I almost debated on not telling them and just leave but they knew what my dad does and would probably think he killed me to. They saw me and waved me over. As I walked up they were all laughing. I sat down crisscross between Drake and Camilla. My other two friends were Mitchell and Sarah.
“Hey. How are you today?” Drake said putting his hand on my knee. I couldn't hold the tears back anymore and they started flowing down my cheeks. I shook my head as I looked down at the grass. “Oh my god Lilah what's wrong?” Sarah said. I couldn't saw it. The tears just kept coming and they all looked worried.
Finally after a few breaths my voice came back. “I'm leaving... Today's my last day. Patrick's making me move somewhere else. He wouldn't tell me where though.” I said. As reality sunk in Sarah and Camilla started crying to. I hated leaving them but there was nothing I could do about it.
“You have to promise us you will stay strong and try to come visit us.” Camilla said as she whipped the final tears off her face. Mitchell leaned over and whipped mine off. I gave him a weak smile. He returned it but I could tell it was fake. “I promise guys. I love you all.” I said. They all said love you back and we did our group hug.
When the bell rang I gave them each a hug and made sure we had each others numbers. Saying good bye one last time as I walked away was the hardest. I didn't have any class with them so it was harder knowing I might not live to see them again. The rest of the day was hard. Making sure I gave my teachers my final homework and not crying in the process. I ended up having straight A's for the year. To bad I didn't have anyone to tell who would be proud of me.
As I walked out the school one last time I dread going home. I didn't want to pack or leave anywhere with him. My mind was running with questions that I couldn't seem to find the answer for. I turned the last corner and my house came into view. There two cars that I have never seen before outside in the driveway. My heart stopped when I saw the license’s plate said Colorado. I seriously hope we aren't going to Colorado. That's to far. I'll never see my friends.
I couldn't stall anymore so I made my way up the stairs and on to the porch. Taking a deep breath I opened the door and slowly closed it. I tried to my best to make it up the stairs before I saw Patrick but that didn't work. I was at the bottom of the stairs when he came out the kitchen. He walked over to me wearing a white button up shirt and a blue tie with black dress pants. For once he didn't smell like alcohol instead he smelled like cologne.
“Go upstairs and wash your face. You look like a puff fish. Then come back down looking presentable we have guests. Don't take long or i'll be up there to get you MYSELF.” He said. It was a low whisper but had as much power as his usual voice. Him and my friends are the only people who have seen me weak. Everyone else see me as a girl with a perfect life and a bitchy attitude. I'm ok with that though. I don't like to be weak. I can stick up for myself if I need to.
I nodded my head and walked up the stairs. As soon as I got up there I made a ran for my bathroom and quickly washed my face. I made sure to wash off all my makeup and quickly reapply eyeliner and mascara “DELILAH GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW.” I ran down the stairs but stopped to walk into the kitchen. I looked down at my gray hoodie my black skinny jeans with gray converse. Seriously hoping I was presentable to the guests or I would hear about it when we left. Wait why are we having visitors when were supposed to be moving.
“Delilah this is Mr. and Mrs. Reed and their son Seth.” My dad introduced them. I smiled and held out my hand. His parents smiled and shook my hand. I held it out to Seth. He hesitated but took it. I looked up and into his eyes. They were auburn but looked more red then brown. His hair color was midnight black.
I realized I was still shaking his hand and instantly pulled away. I couldn't figure out what the spark was but it definitely caught me off guard.
“It's nice to meet you. Dad when are we leaving I still have to pack.” I asked looking at my dad. “Im not leaving. You are leaving with Mr. and Mrs. Reed and Seth. Seth is your soon to be husband. You will be moving with them back to there place in Colorado.” He said. I looked at him and then at Seth and then back to him. “WHAT? Um no offense but what?” I looked at my dad. He would just send me away. That is just like him. I'm going to be away from his abuse but seriously I don't know these people. Plus I have to marry this kid. HELL NO!
“Delilah you are going to be moving in with my son at his place in Colorado. We are down the street from you guys. You have to get to know each so you can get married in June.” Mr. Reed said. “But I don't know you guys. No offense again but i'm not marrying someone I don't know. Also not living with people I don't know.” I turned around and walked out the kitchen. I looked back and my dad was walking out of the kitchen after me. He looked pissed so I made a dash up the stairs. I was almost to the top when his hand inclosed around my ankle and yanked me back down the stairs. I screamed but he instantly covered my mouth.
“How dare you embarrass me. You are going with them and you will marry there son that's final. Now go pack all your clothes.” He let go of my ankle and went back into the kitchen. I lifted up my shirt and looked at the newly formed bruise on my ribs. It hurt to breath but I got up anyways and walked up the stairs. I walked to my bed and pulled out my 2 suitcases. There was a knock at the door and I instantly backed up to the wall and closed my eyes.
“I'm supposed to come help you.” I opened my eyes and saw Seth standing there. I started to breath again and nodded. “You ok? I'm really sorry about this. It's not my choice.” He sounded really sincere like he really felt bad. “Yeah i'm fine. It's ok. I understand. Do you know why they want us to get married?” I asked as we started piling my stuff in my suitcases. He thought about it for a minute but couldn't think of it. “I honestly don't know but I will make sure if you really don't want to by the time the date comes around which I think is in 2 months that we don't have to.” He said. I couldn't believe he actually would tell his parents no but then I would have to move back here with my dad.
“Let's say went don't end up getting married would I have to move back here?” I let the question slip before I realized it. He looked at me confused but shook his head no. “Not if you want to stay then you can. Why wouldn't you want to come back and live with your dad?” How was I supposed to tell him I hate my dads guts and he hits me. “I just mean like if I make friends out there. I would want to stay.” He nodded.
After a few more minutes I was done putting all my clothes in the 2 suitcases. I grabbed my backpack and put a couple other things in it. All with everything else I put my laptop and a picture of my mom. Seth took both my suitcases downstairs while I grab the remainder of my things. When I was done I walked down the stairs. Seth and his parents were already outside waiting for me.
“Don't be a little bitch and screw everything up.” I turned around and saw my dad standing by the kitchen leaning on the wall. I nodded my head and walked out the door. Hopefully to never come back


Chapter 2
My new beginning.

“Is this your car?” I asked as we drove to the airport. Me and Seth were the only one in the car since his parents brought there own. “No. We rented it when we got here. My car is at my house. I just want to warn you there are 4 other guys living in my house to. There also something that I can't tell you just yet. But you will know soon.” I nodded my head. I didn't want to ask what the secret is to only be told I can't know yet. He shouldn't have even said anything cause I am a very impatient person.
“Geez you shouldn't have told me that. Now I want to know.” I sighed. He started laughing. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “What?” I asked with a snappy attitude. He looked at me and smiled and just kept laughing. I finally gave up and joined him. “Am I finishing school this year? There is only a few weeks left.” I asked after we sobered up. “Not if you don't want to. But you have to go back next year. “ I smiled. “Nope I don't want to go back.” I crossed my arms like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum. “You have to go back in August when summer is over.” He looked at me with a stern look. I cocked an eyebrow at him. “Is that an order?” I asked with an attitude.
He looked at me again with the same amount of attitude and stern eyes. “Definitely.” He looked back at the road as we pulled up to the airport. I looked out the window. “You can't order me around. Your no one to me. There for you can't boss me around.” I retorted. I looked over at him and he looked back at me. “Get use to it.” He said as he got out. My mouth fell open. Did he seriously just say to get use to it? Oh hell no. I watched him go to the trunk and get my suitcases out and had them to a guy in a suit. He walked back over to the car and opened my door. “You getting out?” He said. I looked at him and shook my head. I heard him sigh.
“Look i'm sorry but that's how things are going to go. Now come on.” He said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me out the car. I snatched my arm away and grabbed my backpack. I made sure I had my phone before I walked up to the plane. As I got in the plane I noticed only his parents in there.
“Mr. and Mrs. Reed is this a private plane?” I asked. “Yes it is deary and please call me Kelley and my husband Luke.” I smiled at them and nodded. I sat in the seat behind them and took out my iPod. I put my ear-buds in and turned on the music. A few minutes later I looked up just in time to see Seth sliding in the seat that was facing me. I rolled my eyes and looked back out the window.
“Delilah look im sorry.” I looked at him and nodded but turned back out the window. We had just taken off and finally going at a steady pace in the now night sky. “Do you forgive me?” I sighed and took my ear-buds out. “Look you may have been able to control your other girl's but I don't listen to control. I have had a shitty life and the last thing I need is another controlling guy in my life. So if you don't mind me asking back up and stop acting like you own me.” I said. He raising an eyebrow at me. Great I said it. Now he is going to ask more questions.
“What do you mean you don't need a controlling guy in your life?” He asked. I sighed. “You have your secrets and I have mine.” I replied and returned the ear-bud in my ear.

“Delilah were here.” I heard someone whisper. I opened my eyes. “Where?” I asked as I looked out the window. “At my house.” Seth said. I looked at the amazing house in front of me. It didn't look like a mansion but it did look big. Definitely 2 story. “You coming?” Seth said bring me back to reality. I nodded my head and climbed out the car. He grabbed my suitcases from the back of the car and I followed him up to the door. Before we could open the door the door flew open and 4 of the sexiest guys I have ever seen were standing there.
“Alpha your finally back. There's a pack-” One of them started but Seth cut them off. “Ok. Let me show Delilah our room then i'll take care of it.” They all shifted there eyes to me. The tallest one has blue eyes and the other 3 had lime green eyes. “Dang she more hot then I thought she would be.” One with green eyes said and the other guys nodded. I heard a low growling sound come from Seth and all the guys backed up.
“Excuse me but can you guys talk about this later. I would like to take a shower.” I said. They all moved aside and let me and Seth through. “She a feisty one.” I heard one of them say as we walked inside. I ignored all there stairs and followed Seth up the stairs.
We walked down a long hall and Seth stopped at the door on the end. He opened the door and let me walk in first. It was a big room but felt plain. His walls were white and so was the carpet. There was one simple black rug at the end of his bed that I guess matched with his black dressers. "I have to go down and talk to the guys. Go ahead and take a shower. The bathroom is the door on the left." He said as he throw my bags on the bed and walked out the door closing it behind him.
I wanted to snoop around more but felt nasty. I grabbed my purple fuzzy pajama pants and a long sleeved black shirt. I walked in the bathroom which ended up being almost the same size as my room back home. Shaking the memories from my head I stripped and got in the shower. The hot water soothed my skin as I scrubbed it clean. I washed my hair and then sat in the shower for a few minutes before I got out.
I quickly got changed and walked back in the room. It was still empty but I could her voices talking downstairs. Before I went down stairs I texted all 4 of my friends back home and told them the whole story. I told them I would find a way to go so them. Trust me I don't care how I get there i'll even walk. Nothing will stop be from going to see them. I put my phone back in my backpack and slipped on some black fuzzy socks.
I opened the bedroom door and peeked out. No one was in the hall way so I shut the door behind me and walk till I saw the stair case. I could still hear people talking and it sounded like an argument. I walked down the stairs a little till I could hear the whole thing.
"Seth you have to tell her." Someone said. I didn't know who any of them were but they were from earlier. "No. Deangelo, I don't and none of you will tell her. I will when the time is right." The all nodded to Seth. I couldn't take it anymore. I walked down the remainder and walked into the living room. Everyone turned to me and I suddenly felt uncomfortable. "Tell me what?" I said looking around at all of them before my eyes set on Seth. He looked scary at how deep he was breathing in and out. No one responded so I cocked an eyebrow at them.
"Dang do you listen in to everyone's conversation?" The one with green eyes and blonde hair said. I rolled my eyes. "It's kinda hard to not listen when your practically yelling. What was I supposed to sit up in that room forever? Ha your a joke." I said back to him. He looked at me like he was going to kill me. He walked over to me and slammed me against the wall. "Next till you talk like that to me you will regret it." He said in my face. I was not about to take his threat. I pushed his chest and when he backed up I punched him in the face. His eyed darkened and he started breathing really hard.
"OH SHIT. FELIX AND JOHNATHAN GET DELILAH OUT OF HERE." I heard Seth yell. The next thing I knew I was picked up and thrown over someone's shoulder. As they walked towards the door I saw Seth and i'm guessing his name is Deangelo trying to calm the guy down. The guys clothes ripped off and the next thing I knew there was a blonde wolf running towards me. I closed my eyes and everything went black.

Chapter 3
Good first day

I opened my eyes and all I saw was bright lights. I tried covering my eyes but someone's hand was holding my hand. I looked to the right and found Seth sitting in a chair leaning against the wall sleeping. He had bags under his eyes. My eyes traveled down his arm and to our entwined fingers. I shouldn't like it but I do. I looked around the room. My eyes started to burn cause it was so bright. The door opened and the guy that I punched walked in.
"Oh your awake. Listen I'm sorry about-" He started but I cut him off. "No I should apologize. I shouldn't have been ears dropping and I shouldn't have punched you. Oh and can you shut off these lights there bright as fuck." I said covering my eyes.I heard him laugh then the brightness was gone. I uncovered my eyes and the room was dark other than the light coming through the window.
"Thanks. So what's your name?" I returned my gaze back to him. "It's Zion. So um do you remember what happened last night?" He asked. "Yeah. Kinda. It's cool though. I think it's cool." I smiled at him and shrugged my shoulders. "So you don't think it's scary?" I laughed and shook my head. "Nope not at all. We should go down stairs so he doesn't wake up. He looks tired." Zion nodded. I tried to let go off his hand but he had a death grip.
"Seth get up." Zion said. He shook his shoulder. "What's wrong?" Seth said as he stood up. I laughed. "Nothing but your death grip. Can you let go?" I laughed. He let my hand go and scratched his head. "So um. About last night-" He started but I interrupted "I know and it's cool." I gave him a reassuring smile and then stood up. "So you know? About us?" He said gesturing to him and Zion. "Yeah. So do you guys have a park around here?" I asked. I seriously needed to get out of the house.
"Yeah it's down the street. Why?" Zion said scratching his head. "I wanna go. You guys wanna come?" I asked. They both nodded there heads. Me and Seth walked to his room and he let me take a shower first. I grabbed my black short shorts and my black tight hoodie. I shaved my legs and washed my hair. I got out and wrapped my towel around my body then walked out the room. Seth stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me. I saw his eyes travel up and locked at my eyes. He smiled and I felt my cheeks started to burn.
"You can go take a shower." I said and bit my lip. He smiled and walked into the bathroom closing it behind him. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and started getting dressed. I let my hair dry on it's own while I did my makeup. A few minutes later Seth came out dressed already. He went down stairs while I brushed my teeth. When I was done I threw my hair up in a messy pony tail.
"Delilah come on." Seth yelled from downstairs. I threw on my black vans and grabbed my phone. When I got downstairs all the guys were ready and waiting by the door. I showed them out the door and we started walking. No one wanted to take a car so we walked there. We laughed and talked the way there. We didn't really get properly introduced but it didn't matter. I knew there name and they knew mine that's all that matters.
When I saw the swings I took off running. No one knew what I was doing but soon started running after me. I made it to the swings just as all the guys came running up. "Damn you run fast Lilah." Felix said. I instantly felt like crying. I looked at the floor and felt the tears start coming. "Did I say something wrong?" He asked. "No i'm fine." I replied still looking at the floor. Seth put my head my chin and whipped away the rest of my tears. "You sure?" He asked. I nodded and looked away. I got up and walked to an empty space in the park and started running. I did a cartwheel and then a back handspring. I looked at all the guys and there mouths were literally to the floor.
"Now I'm better." I said smiling. No one said anything just looked at me. I rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone. I had a miss call and voice mail from my dad. I sigh and erased it. My life was better now. Well better than it use to be. The rest of the day was good. I get along good with them. When we got home we watched movies and then went to bed. That night I ended up cuddling with Seth. And trust me I liked it.

Chapter 4
Happy for once

Ring! Ring! Ring! I rolled over and looked at the clock. It was only 6 in the morning and someone is seriously calling me? I looked at my phone and jumped up. It was Gage. I smiled huge and ran into the bathroom.
"Hello!" I answered.
"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? DAD SAID YOU RAN AWAY?" My mouth fell open instantly. Why would he tell them that? How could he.
"Oh so that's what he told you? That's a fantastic fucking excuse." I shook my head and slide down to the floor. I heard talking in the background and it sounded like Sage.
"WHERE ARE YOU? Were at dads house. Come home." Sage yelled. My heart sank. They cant be there. They have to leave.
"I'm in Denver, Colorado. Just get on a plane and come out here. I'll met you at the airport. Text me yours times. Leave now. Please." I felt tears fall down my face. What if he tried to kill them. He told me if they even come back he would.
"Lily what's wrong?" Gage said. Only they twins called me Lily. No one else was aloud to. I started sobbing.
"I promise I will tell you guys everything once you get here. Please just leave that house now." I cried and it sounded like Gage sniffed. Was he crying to? "Ok Lily were on our way ok?" Sage said. It sounded like they were crying to. "Guys i'm fine. I just need you to leave there. Don't worry bout me i'm in good hands." They both send ok and they loved me. I said it back and hung up. I couldn't wait until they came. I hope they get out of there.
I walked back out to the room and Seth was still sleeping. There was no way I was going to fall back asleep so I changed into sweats and my black hoodie. I threw my hair in a high ponytail and put on my converse. I opened the door quietly and shut it. No one was in the hall so I ran down the stairs quietly. I grabbed a water bottle and ran out the front door.
No one was at the park so I sat on a bench and put my head down trying to catch my breath. My phone started vibrating after a few minutes. It was a text from Sage saying they would be here by 10. I texted back and asked if they left yet and they said the plane just took off. I sighed in relief. I was really happy I got to see them but I needed to talk to Seth. I ran around the park a few times and sat back down. I looked at my phone and it was already 8:30. I didn't know I was there for so long. I howl cut my thoughts short and I instantly knew it was Seth.
I looked at my phone and called Deangelo. I knew Seth would be in wolf form and I hoped Deangelo was near him.
"Delilah are you OK?" He sounded worried. Great I forgot to leave them a note or something. "I'm at the park. I went for a run. I'll be there in a few minutes." I heard him sigh and then yelling something to someone. He said ok and told me he would go find Seth.
When I got back to the house Felix, Zion, and Jonathan were sitting on the couch. They lectured me for a few minutes saying I needed to take someone with me next time. I told them I need a shower and to talk to everyone when I was done. They finally let me take a shower after a few more minutes of lecturing. I felt like I had 3 fathers. and I just got back from a date. I went running and they all freaked out.
When I was done with my shower I put on light skinny jeans and a gray tank top with my black zip up jacket. I zipped up my jacket half way and made sure you couldn't see any bruises. I straightened my hair and did a little bit of makeup. knowing I was going to be crying I did water proof. When I was down I put on my black nikes and walked down stairs. Everyone was on the couch like I asked. Seth looked mad but I really could care less.
"Um, So my brothers are on there way out here and I was wondering if they could stay here. They don't have to know about what you guys are. They just couldn't stay with my dad." I spoke really low but I knew they could hear me with there werewolf hearing.
"I don't care. When are they coming?" Zion asked. I smiled at him. "I actually have to go now. So if you guys don't care can someone drive me to the airport?"
"No one cares. There is extra guest rooms anyway and yeah i'll take you. Also I knew they yelled at you already but just don't run off again." Seth said. He walked over to me and hugged me. I nodded and hugged him back. Usually I would put up a fight and but it felt like he really was worried about me. It felt good to know people actually cared so I just took advantage of that.

Chapter 5
Secrets revealed

As we waited where Sage and Gage were supposed to come off the plane I couldn't help but feel emotional. I felt sad, mad, excited, and scared all at the same time. Sad because I missed them. Mad that my dad would get them worried by telling them I had ran away. Excited because I hadn't seen them in almost 3 years. The one that was taken over though was scared. I'm scared because there going to hate me. I didn't put Patrick in jail for killing mom and for abusing me. At least I would be able to get it out and finally get this weight off my shoulders.
"Delilah look." Seth said breaking my train of thought. I looked up to see where he was pointing and followed his gaze. When I looked over I could see from a distance two black hair, blue eyed guys walking towards us. I smiled and felt the tears rise. Once they were close enough I ran and jumped into their embrace. I felt them smile and nothing else mattered. After I few more minutes I let go and smiled at them.
"How have you guys been?" I asked. "Good. College was great. I'm so happy we have 2 weeks off though. How have you been Lily? Oh and you brought someone with you." Sage said. I had completely forgot about Seth. He was standing beside me the whole time. "That's great. Yeah. Seth this is brothers Sage and Gage. Guys this is Seth my um I guess you can call him my boyfriend." Seth looked down at me and smiled. He probably thought I was going to call him a friend. Truth is it felt right to call him my boyfriend.
"Nice to meet you." Seth said. He shook both there hands and we helped them get there stuff in the car. The ride back to the house was good. They guys seem to warm up to Seth wish was good. They told me about all there college parties and they both have girlfriends. Who happen to be twins also. Weird right? I know. Everything was good until they asked me how everything was until they left. I had nothing to say so I stayed quiet.
"Delilah. Hello? Why you ignoring me?" Gage said. He never calls me Delilah unless he is aggravated. "Oh um. School was good." I said as we pulled up into the driveway. I jumped out the car and walked into the house before they could say anything else. All the other guys were in the living room playing video games. I walked in and sat on the couch next to Zion. He's one of the nicest ones here. I feel like he understands me.
"Where are your brothers?" He asked when I let out a sigh. Before I could reply they were walking into the house. All the guys introduced themselves and Felix showed them there rooms. They put all there bags in the rooms and came back downstairs. They guys all played video games and talked. They seemed to really all get along so it was good. I could still feel the tension in the room though. Till Sage decided to bring it up again.
"So you going to talk to us Lily? All we asked was how you've been?" He said not even taking his eye off the TV. I sighed and pulled my knees to my chest and rested my head on them. "What would you like to know so badly Sage?" I asked getting irritated. "Calm down. I just wanted to know what you have been up to since we have been away for 3 years?" This time he looked at me. Scratch that. EVERYONE looked at me. Memories flashed right in front of my eyes. I hide my face as they came to life.

The cold of the gun resting against your head. He is right behind you holding it. Screaming something but it's like the wind. Looking down at the lifeless body that use to be your mom. Trying to think of a reason you want to live but can't think of one. Sad knowing you have no one or no reason to live now. Everyone you ever loved left you but you know they had no say. Hearing the sirens coming closer just as the gun goes off again but you don't fall to your knees. Your dad does instead. Trying to take his own life instead but doesn't succeed. You want so bad to pick up the gun and do it for him but it's to late. The cops are there carrying your dad in a stretcher. While everything around you goes black.

"Lily what's wrong?" Sage said. I looked up and could barley see out of my blurry eyes. Sage was on one side and Gage was on the other while Seth was in front of me. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to explode. All the secrets I have tried to forget about and put in my past were coming back to mind. Flashes of different memories faded in and out. I felt like I couldn't breath. I was all the sudden hot. I took off my jacket before I realized it and put my head back.
I heard gasps around the room but I didn't care. I need to started with the most important secret. I didn't matter. I felt exhausted all the sudden and right before I welcomed the darkness I said, "Patrick killed mom."

Chapter 6
I can breath...

"Why didn't you call the police?" Gage asked. Everyone was crowded around me now. This is were the questions begin. All I could do was answer them all the best I could. "You don't think I tried. He would have killed you guys and then me." I sighed and put my head in my hands. I didn't want them to ask questions but they deserved to know.
"Did he make you watch?" I shook my head and sighed, "I was in the room with mom when he came home drunk. They got in a fight and he pulled out the gun. He was going to shoot me because I stepped in and tried to help mom cause he was hitting her. Mom pushed me out the way right when the fired and hit her right in the heart. He pointed it at me and was telling me he hated me and that if I ever tell someone he would kill you guys and make me watch and then kill me."
"Oh my god. I'm so sorry Lily." They both had tears in there eyes and I whipped them away. "It's ok. You guys couldn't have done anything. I'm just lucky now that he finally didn't want me anymore. Seth's family saved me." I looked up and smiled throw the tears. I was truly lucky. If only I could have put him in jail.
"Where you get the bruises and scars?" Sage asked as he looked at my arms. I grabbed my jacket and put it on. I didn't answer which made him sigh. "Your dad?" I looked up and saw Seth leaning against the wall in front of me. He was the one that asked. He looked about ready to kill someone. I looked at my lap and replied a low "Yeah." As second later I heard a loud bang. I looked up and Seth had punched a hole in the wall and was breathing heavily.
"Delilah take your brothers upstairs really quick." Jonathan said. I looked at Seth who was now being held against the wall by Felix and Zion. "Come on." I grabbed Sage and Gage by their arms and dragged them upstairs. When we got to mine and Seth's room and heard banging around and shouting. I knew he was on the verge of changing.
"Lily whats going on?" They asked at the same time. I was about to reply when Deangelo came running in the room. "Delilah he needs to see you or he'll change." I nodded and looked at my brother's "Stay here. I'll be right back." The wanted to protest but I quickly ran down the stairs and into the living room. The were still holding him back which I could tell made him even more mad. I walked over to him and put my hand on his arm. He looked down at me and his eyes instantly went back to his warm auburn color.
The guys let go off him as soon as he stopped shaking. "What was wrong?" I looked at him as he pulled me in for a hug. "He hurt you. I'm sorry." He whispered in my ear. "I'm fine now and it's not your fault. you" He nodded his head and pulled me closer. I fit perfectly against him. I pulled away and smiled he smiled back. "I think we should tell your brother's." I smiled even bigger and nodded my head.
"Tell us what?" I looked over and they were standing in the doorway of the living room. "We should go outside." I grabbed Seth's hand and led him out the front door with everyone following behind us. I pushed Seth so he was a little farther from us. "Why are we outside?" I pointed at Seth just as he changed into a midnight black wolf. I looked at Sage and Gage and both there faces were hysterical. I didn't laugh cause that's how I probably looked.
I felt something wet on my cheek and looked over just to come face to face with Seth. He was smiling in his wolf form which was really cute. I pet his head and he barked at me. "Lily get away from him he can hurt you." I rolled my eyes and kept petting his head. He laid his head on my leg and started rubbing all over me. I looked up at Zion raising my eyebrows.
"He wants his scent on you." He answered my unspoken question. "Why?" I replied. "So people know your his." I rolled my eyes at him and stood up. Seth walked around the back of the house so he can changed and go get clothes. The guys went and played video games while I went up to the room.
I walked into the room and laid on the bed. I smiled to myself as I breath in and out. My heart didn't feel a million pounds anymore. I could actually start my life over and not have anything to hide. I sighed and said "I can breath..." before I rolled over and fell asleep.

Chapter 7
Please tell me i'm dreaming.

RING! RING! RING! I rolled over and tried to find the source of the annoying sound. I looked and looked but couldn't find it. It finally stop only to start again a second later. I sighed and got up. I checked the alarm but it wasn't that. "Baby it's your phone." I looked up to see Seth was pointing to it on the other side of the room on the dress. "Wow I'm stupid." He laughed as I ran over to it just before it stopped ringing.
"Hello?" I waited for a reply but all I heard was someone sobbing. I moved the phone away from my ear and instantly recognized the number. "Camilla what's wrong?" I was starting to get worried when she didn't reply but finally she said threw her sobs. "I...It's Drake. Delilah he's gone...I'm so sorry." I instantly dropped the phone after the line went dead. I dropped to my knees and started sobbing. I could hear someone trying to talk to me but I had no interest in hearing . I pulled my knees up to my chest and hide my face.
Why is everyone I love leaving me? How could he be gone? He was my best friend since kindergarten. We promised each that we would never leave no matter what. He was there for me when my mom died. He held me in his arms till I stopped crying even if it took hours. Some times when my dad would beat me really bad I would go to his house and he would clean all my wounds. I would live with his for days at a time when my dad would kick me out. His family was like my second family. His brother (Ricky who was my brother's fried) and him were best friends. His mom and dad were the perfect couple. They were probably devastated.
My heart ached and my head pounded but the tears kept coming. I was waiting till someone woke me up. I kept telling myself it was all a dream but something else kept saying he was gone. People's voice were calling my name. I looked up and Sage and Gage were looking at me worried. I had to tell them to. Drake was like a brother to them.
"Please tell me I'm dreaming. WAKE ME UP. PLEASE." I sobbed even more but the dream never faded. It was life but why did life have to take my best friend. "Lily you are awake. Please tell us what's ." I shook my head and berried it in my hands. I didn't want to say it. I couldn't say it. Someone picked me up and moved me to the bed. I curled up in a ball and laid there crying.
After awhile the tears finally stopped and dried on my face. My head felt like a balloon was going to explode. I could feel how puffy and swollen my eyes were. "Are you ok?" I looked behind me and Seth was sitting on the end of the bed. I shook my head 'No' and turned my head to Sage and then Gage. "Um..Camilla called me and um... Drake died." I couldn't help the tears that escaped my eyes. The both had tears running down their faces.
"I'm going to call Ricky." I nodded and Gage followed Sage out the door. I got up and went into the bathroom. My eye were red and I had tear stains on my cheeks. I looked up and Seth was behind me. His looked at me worried. I turned around and hugged him. He hugged me back tightly. "Who was Drake?" He whispered. I felt the tear coming again.
"My best friend." They slipped from my eyes and on to his bare shoulder. "I'm so sorry. We can fly out there for his funeral." He hugged me tighter as the tears came more faster. "Okay." I pulled away and walked back into the room. I grabbed some sweats and one of Seth's t-shirts and walked into the bathroom shutting the door behind me.
I stripped free of my clothes and stepped into the warm bath. I laid there for a few minutes before I dipped my head under. It surprised me how long I could stay under. After a minute I started seeing black dots so I finally went back up to the surface. It took me a few minutes to catch my breath but I finally caught it. When the water started getting cold I washed my body, hair, and face.
As I got dressed someone knocked on the door. I told them a second so I could finish. When I walked back into the room Gage and Seth were sitting on the bed. I looked over at Gage. "Did you guys talk to Ricky?" I asked my voice cracking. He looked up at me with sad eyes. "Yeah. His funeral is in 2 days." I nodded my head and he left. I crawled into bed next to Seth. It was 10 in the morning but I still felt exhausted as hell.
"We'll leave tomorrow." I looked back at him. "Really?" He nodded. I couldn't help it but kiss him. He was shocked for a second but responded. He licked my bottom lip but I didn't allow him in. His wolf growled in protest which made me smile against his lips. I finally pulled away and turned around before he could kiss me again. He sighed in defeat and pulled my back against his chest. Not a second later I was out.

Chapter 8
Music is my soul

I shut my suitcase with a sigh and zipped it up. Even if we were only going for 3 days I brought almost all my clothes. It wasn't much but I was planning on seeing my friends out there. Seth and Jonathan had to go and tell there pack that we were leaving for a few days and promised to meet us at the airport. I walked out the room carrying mine and Seth's suitcases. When I got down the steps Zion came and got the from me and put them in the back of his truck. I climbed into the passenger seat and took my iPod out shoving the ear buds in my ears. I was in no mood to talk.
I listened to mine and Drakes song 'We Are Young' by Fun. We would always freak out and dance together whenever we hung out together. I didn't notice I was crying till I felt tears fall onto my hand. I whipped them away and changed the song after the 3rd time of listening to it. The next song always made me cry. I would always play it whenever my dad would take his anger out on me. It was Demi Lovato's song 'For the love of a daughter.' Whenever he was drunk was the worst.
I listened to my whole playlist over and over. Most of the songs reminded me of Drake. I tried to control the tears but I couldn't help every time the spilled over. I watched out the window not paying attention to anyone. Someone lend over and pulled my ear bud out. "What?!" I didn't mean to snap but I seriously wasn't in the mood. "You ok?" I sighed and rolled my eyes. Of course i'm not ok. I snatched my ear bud back and put it back in my ear. That's one of my pet-peeves. Asking someone a question when you obviously know the answer.
When we pulled up to the airport Seth and Jonathon were already there. I turned my iPod up as loud as it could go and jumped out the car. All the guys were getting the suitcases and giving it to the people to put under the plane. I climbed up the stairs of the private plane and sat in the way back. I looked around and noticed it was the same plane that I came out here on. I looked out the window as everyone boarded the plane. I was happy when no one decided to sit by me. They all knew I needed my space and I was thankful for that.
The plane took off 10 minutes later and we were safely in the air. My head was pounding because my music was so loud. I turned off my iPod and put it in my backpack. I dug through my backpack and found Advil. All I needed was water. I stood up and looked around. Seth was sitting and talking to Zion. He had a water bottle in the cup holder next to his seat. I walked over to him silently and when he looked out the window I snatch the water and ran back to my seat. He never noticed and I sighed in relief.
I took 4 Advil's and rested my head against the window. The darkness was slowly taking over the sky and the stars were all starting to shine. I couldn't help but think of what was going to come tomorrow. People were talking all around me like nothing was wrong. They were laughing like we were on vacation. Not one person really knew why I was so upset. I promised myself I would never come back to this horrible place. How was I to know the only reason I was coming back was because my best friend died. Patrick was probably going to be there because he is good friends with Drake's parents.
At least he couldn't touch me since we were going to be around a lot of people. My headache was finally gone so I turned my iPod back on and played my playlist over again. I looked out the window and sighed. I closed my eyes and leaned back in my seat. I tried to not fall asleep but just gave in and let the darkness consume me.

Chapter 9
Saying Goodbye

As I looked in the mirror. I couldn't help but feel even more sad. The color black was always a depressing color to me. I decided on no makeup because there is honestly no point. I try not to cry in front of anyone because I can tell no one knows why i'm so sad. That's cause no one knows the truth. Me and Drake dated for awhile. No one but Camilla, Micheal, and Sarah knew. We were actually going to make it an open relationship but he decided we were better friends after a 2 year relationship. Of course I still loved him. He was my best friend but it crushed me still.
We were both each others first for everything. First friend, first date, first kiss, first boyfriend/girlfriend and we even took each others virginity which made it even harder. I gave everything to him because I seriously thought we would be together forever. He told me he wanted to marry me and promised no matter what happened we would be there for each other. His promises were never once broken but here he goes breaking the only one that really mattered. I knew it wasn't his fault but he left me. I needed my best friend in this fucked up world but nope. One day he there the next he's walking to the gates of heaven.
I sighed and whipped the tears that were coming without permission. I turned away from the mirror and slowly walked out the hotel bathroom. I got on the elevator and waited for the doors to open on the lobby. As soon as the doors open my breath caught in my throat. Camilla, Sarah, and Micheal were sitting with Sage, Gage, Seth, and Seth's mini pack. As I got closer to where they were sitting Sarah noticed me and got up and ran to me. She pulled me into a tight huge. “I missed you Lilah and i'm really sorry...” She whispered softly. “I missed you to.” I replied ignoring her apologizing cause it wasn't her fault. I hugged Micheal and Camilla. The both said the same things as Sarah.
The drive to the cemetery was not long. It was the exact same one we buried my mom in. I took everything in me not to run and run and run. Everyone started getting out the car but I stayed. I looked across the cemetery where people were already gathering around. All in the same black color. They were waiting for everyone to arrive. I let my breath go but it came out ragged. Slowly opening the door I climbed out the car and started the walk. When I got there I stood towards the back and off to the side.
Everyone was finally there. They started talking about his life and everything. “Drake was a good kid. He never asked for the cancer,” My breath caught in my throat and my hand went to my mouth. “he was able to fight it on and off for 4 years.” I couldn't hear anymore. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to jump out my chest. How could he have had cancer for 4 years and I didn't know? Why hadn't he told me? Why didn't anyone tell me?
I buried my head in my hands trying to stop the shaking. I couldn't help the tears now. They were falling so fast I couldn't control them. I looked up right as the were lowering his body down. It made me cry harder. The lower it got the more my heart shattered. My legs could no longer hold me up. I fell to the floor and watched as the shoveled the dirt back in the hole till it was full. I rocked back and forth as I sobbed.
As everyone started to leave I just sat there. I could hear people talking to me but I ignored them. After a few more minutes I got up and looked around. Everyone was gone except Sage, Seth, and Gage. They were off to the side talking. I got up and walked to his grave. “HOW COULD YOU? WHY DIDN'T YOU EVER TELL ME?” I yelled as I started hitting the dirt. “I HATE YOU. YOU PROMISED ME NO SERECTS. YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME.” I was sobbing and still hitting the dirt. Someone picked me up around the waist and I instantly struggled. “Lily calm down. It's just me.” I heard Sage.
“LET ME GO.” I yelled and still struggled. I looked up just as my dad walked up. I instantly stopped. “Hey love. How are you?” He asked as he tried to pull me into a hug. I flinched and as soon as Sage let me go I took off running. I didn't know where I was going but I kept running. Tears were falling fast down my face as my legs burned. I ran until I was in the park.
I wasn't crying just cause the fact my best friend died but the memories were all flooding back to me. Happy one's with all my friends, sad one's at home, meeting Seth. That memory made me smile instantly. He really did save me. I would have still been a human punching bag. My phone started vibrating. When I looked at the caller I.D. Unknown number.
What the hell? “Hello?” I answered. “Hello. This is the hospital. Is this Delilah Holler?” Oh no. I couldn't breath anymore. “Yes this is she.” I answered after I finally calmed down. “We have some of Drake Wollery's stuff. His family called and said they didn't want any of it. They gave me this number and said you might want it.” I couldn't help the sob that left my lips. I can't believe they didn't want it. How could you not want it? “Thank you for calling me. Yes I want it. I will be there in 10 minutes thank you so much.” I said crying. I knew she could tell I was crying cause she said a quick thanks and hung up.
I got up and started running. I was 20 minutes from the hospital and I ran the whole making it in exact 10 minutes. I walked up to the front desk. “Excuse me. You called me about Drake Wollery's stuff. I'm Delilah.” The middle aged lady looked up from her computer. “Yes of course dear,” She walked over to a box and brought it back to me. “Here you go.” She handed it over the desk and I instantly took it and said a quick thanks. I walked to the empty waiting room and sat on one of the chairs.
The card board box stared back at me as I set it in my lap. I sighed and opened it slowly. I looked down and search through the box. His cellphone, wallet, his football jersey, his black hoddie, and his favorite ring. I couldn't believe I wasn't out of tears cause the fell once more. How cruel is his family. I was thankful that they gave the hospital my number though. I slipped his ring on and put everything back in the box.
I walked out the hospital slowly with the box in my hands cradling it to my chest. The rain was pounding hard against the sidewalk. I could hear thunder and see the lightening as it hit the earth flashing like a strobe light in the dark sky. Not caring about the dark streets as I walked towards the hotel. The rain was freezing – it numb me to the soul. I hid the box the best I could under my jacket. I could see my breath in the cold air.
The hotel came into the view and i've never been happier. I walked faster and finally stepped into the warm lobby. I was literally numb. I couldn't stop coughing but kept walking I just need a bed. A warm, softy, comfy bed. My hair was dripping water and my clothes were drenched. The box, thankfully, was dry.
As I stepped out the elevator I remembered I didn't have a key. Whatever someone had to be there. I stopped at the hotel door and knocked. There was rustling around inside then I looked up just as Zion opened the door. He looked at me horrified. “Delilah why are you soaking wet?” He asked. I ignored him and walked into mine and Seth's room. I went straight to my backpack and shoved the box in it. Zion, Felix, Jonathon, and Deangelo walked into the room and started talking all at once.
I tried telling them I was fine but I couldn't stop coughing. I grabbed some pj's and walked into the bathroom to get changed. I had to peel my clothes off and just threw them in the bathtub. I walked back into the room still coughing. Felix handed me a glass off water and I gladly took it. Chugging it down and finally stopped coughing. “Thanks.” He nodded and walked back into the living room with all the other guys.
I crawled into bed and got under all the blankets. Sleep hit me all at once and I instantly fell asleep feeling like complete shit.

Chapter 10
This isn't happening

The past week was hectic. When we got back to Colorado Sage and Gage had to leave to go back to college. They said they would visit me soon but I hated seeing them leave. I learned a lot about werewolves and the whole mating thing. I'm Seth's mate and I finally let Seth claim me as his own. Even though I felt like a piece of property I still love him and he loves me. I have the official bite mark on my neck that looks to much like a hickey but hey what the hell! We can communicate through our mines together witch is another plus. Me and Zion turned out to be really good friends. They were all friends to me but Zion is more like a brother figure.
Anyways today me and Seth were supposed to go to lunch together but they found out that there was another pack of wolves moving on to there territory. So me and Zion had to stay behind while him and his whole pack went to battle. I was really worried about him but Zion kept telling me he was fine. I asked why he didn't go and he said he volunteered to stay and keep me safe. So here we are watching movies and eating popcorn.
"You sure there going to be ok?" I asked for the millionth time. It had already been close to 4 hours that they were gone. "Yes Lilah I-" He all the sudden stopped and looked at me. He stood up from the couch using inhuman speed and grabbed me by the arm. He didn't wait for me to put down my soda so I fell to the floor pouring everywhere as he pulled me off the couch and started for the stairs. "Zi what's wrong?" I practically yelled. He didn't answer and instead took me to a room I head never once stepped foot in. Seth told me it wasn't important but I couldn't say the same. It looked like a mental institution room. No windows, white everything and the lock was on the outside. There was a bed, a closet, and a couple cabinets that were on the wall. Other than that it was plain.
"Delilah stay here. I will tell you everything when I come back." I tried to say something back but he shut the door and the sound of a lock clicked. "ZION!" I kept banging on the door and trying to open it but it was not opening. I heard yelling downstairs and stomping. There was a yelp and then everything went quiet. I knew it was Zion and tears flowed down my cheeks. There was stomping up the stairs that sent me running into the closet. I scooted all the way to the back and pulled my knees up to my chest.
'Delilah are you ok? I can't get through to Zion' I heard Seth's voice in my head. 'Seth help me. I don't know where he is and there coming.' I heard the steps coming closer and closer. It sent me backing up into the wall as much as I could. 'Baby I'm on my way. I'm just a few miles.' The closet opened and a hand grabbed my hair. 'SETH!' I screamed in my head and was thrashing around. I screamed till a hand clamped over my mouth. "Calm down little lady." He whispered in my ear. I felt a shiver crawl up my spine. I knew he was a werewolf cause no matter how much thrashing around I did he still held tight, not moving a inch.
"Looks like your little boyfriend isn't here to save you. Keep it up and I'll kill him right along with you. He's lucky I don't after him killing my only mate." My heart quickened and I instantly stopped. If only one of us had to die I would hope it was me. His pack needs him and he has a family. I only have my brothers which I barley ever see. They'll be fine without me. And what does he mean 'after him killing my only mate'? "Good girl. Now don't you try to run from me." He slowly moved his hand from my face and his arm from around my waist. I didn't dare turn around to look at him.
"What do you want from me?" I asked. He sighed in a annoyed way and walked around to the front of me. He had dirty blonde hair and golden eyes. He was well built but not on the drastic side. On his arm he had a scar that looked like a burn mark and it covered half his forearm. "Revenge of course." He smiled an evil grin and chuckled almost silently. "What did you do to Zion?" He made his laugh more present this time before answering. "Let just say he'll be out for a few hours." Before I could asked anything else another man walked into the room. "The car is ready and we don't have to worry about anyone following us." I instantly held back a sob. Please god don't let that mean that they killed Seth and his pack.
"Good. Now come on Delilah." I looked up at the guy and raised my eyebrows. "How do you know my name?" He rolled his eyebrows and went to grab my arm but I pulled away right before he could. "I asked you a fucking question." I growled. He smiled and laughed which made me even more mad. I crossed my arms and tapped my foot. "Ugh! Fine. I have ears ok? That's how I know your name. And if your wondering I'm Attlee. Now can we please go."
"Yeah well I wasn't fucking wondering." I snap back. "Dang. Attitude much?" He laughed, grabbed my arm and dragged me downstairs. There were at least 8 different guys standing around out in front of the house. They all looked bored but once they saw Attlee they all straightened up and walked to the 3 different cars that were already started and on the road. Attlee pulled me over to the middle car which I noticed no one was in and pushed me into the passenger side. He made sure it was baby proofed before he shut the door and walked around to the drivers side.
We drove forever and ever and I knew we weren't in Colorado anymore. I just didn't know what I direction we were going. Every time we would stop for gas one of Attlee's pack members would fill it for him. I was tired of the silence but there was no way I was talking to him. My mind wouldn't stop going to Seth no matter how much I tried to not think of him. I never missed a person so much in my life. And to think I may never see him again made my heart feel 1,000 pounds in my chest. I wasn't going to believe he was dead till they had proof. I instantly remembered we can communicate through our minds.
'Seth. Please tell me your ok?' No answer. 'Please Seth. I love you. Please just wake up.' I felt the tears escape my eyes unwillingly and waited. I heard a faint yelp in my head and couldn't help but feel excited. 'Babe?' His voice was like a whisper in my head but it still brightened my world. 'Baby are you ok? Is Jonathan, Deangelo, and Felix ok?' I looked over to make sure Attlee wasn't watching me. He was looking straight ahead at the now dark road. I looked back out the window and focused back on Seth. 'Yes baby there fine. I'm fine. Were just a little banged up. Some of the pack didn't make it though. I'm more worried about you. Where are you? How is Zion?' I looked around but there was nothing. Just opened fields with cows and stray horses. 'I don't know to both.' I whispered feeling more alone and helpless every passing moment.
'Is there sign's or anything?' I looked around again and nothing. 'No hold on.' I looked over at Attlee and he was still looking blankly out at the open road. I cleared my dry throat before I spoke up, "Where are we going?" He didn't take his eyes off the road and answered blankly, "My house in North Dakota. Were only like 30 minutes away." I nodded my head and looked back out the window. 'He said North Dakota.' I said to Seth. 'Do you happen to know his name?' I could tell he said it through clenched teeth. 'Attlee.' Right as soon as I said it I heard growling. 'Baby please stay safe. I will be there before he hurts you ok? I love you and were on our way.' His voice was full of worry. He knew he wanted to kill me. 'Ok. I love you to. Please hurry.'
I pulled away and then focused on the world around me. We were driving through a city now. It wasn't very big but was nice. We drove for about 10 more minutes before he drove up to gates. He slid a card into the machine beside the car and the gates creaked open. There were 10 houses. 5 on one side and 5 on the other. He pulled up to the house right in front of the gates and park in the drive way. Without saying one word he got out and walked to my door and proceeded to help me out. He pulled me up to the front of the house and opened the door.
I couldn't even explore because he pulled the stairs and down the hall to the last door. He obviously didn't care that I was going to starve to death. The door also locked on the outside and without a word he pushed me in the door, shut it and locked it. I sighed and looked around. It was a decent room with a queen sized bed and a t.v. Giving up on trying to find a way out I curled up in a ball on the bed and had nothing better to do but sleep.

Chapter 11
Being a smart ass(;

I woke up this morning to heavy boots walking up the stairs. I instantly sat up and scooted back. The locked clicked and the door knob turned. The door opened revealing a older looking man with brown hair and almost black eyes. “Come with me.” His voice was deep and held no emotion. I had no choice but to follow this man. My feet carried me slowly towards the guy. Once close enough he grabbed my arm and pushed me down the hall way. Not letting go, he dragged me down the stairs and down another long hall way.
“Where are we going?” I asked as I tried to pull my arm away. He didn't answer and only held on more tightly. He opened the basement door and pulled me down them. It was pitch dark but I could still make out figures. The light came on and blinded me making my eyes go blurry. I rubbed them till I could finally see. All the guys from the other day were in a half circle. Zion was in the middle tied up to a chair. His face was bruised and there was a cut going from his forehead and over his eyebrow. He had blood all over his shirt and looked weak.
I looked over at Attlee who was against the wall holding a bat. “Let.Him.Go.” I snarled at him. He just laughed and walked towards me. Once in my face he whispered in my ear “No can do. He is going to watch you die since I couldn't get his pathetic Alpha. He will just have to give Seth the message.” I rolled my eyes at him. I knew Seth was going to be here soon. I just needed to keep them distracted away from Zion cause he is already to weak.
“Did the idea ever occur to you that killing me wont bring her back?” I asked getting in his face now. I didn't even see it coming but I felt the blow to my side. The bat broke at least 3 of my ribs and made me fall instantly to the floor. What a coward. Having to use the bat. I coughed up blood and spit it on the floor. Whipping my face with the back of my sleeve I looked up at him. “I thought real men used there hands?” I said smiling sweetly at him.
That earned me a punch to the face. It felt slow motion though. I felt both his rings slice open my cheeks once they made contact. Once I realized what happened my hand went to my cheek. I pulled it back and it was full of blood.
'Babe were here. Are you ok?' Seth voice sounded in my head. 'Just a bat to the ribs and a punched to the face. Zion is worse. He can't shift.' There was growling in my head. ' I'm going to kill him.' He snarled. 'Go ahead. He's standing right above me.' I looked up at Attlee right as soon as Seth's howl traveled through the sky. I smirked up at him as he looked down at me.
“You little bitch.” Attlee growled. All the guys went running upstairs with Attlee leading. Once me and Zion were alone in the basement I went crawling to him. I pulled the gag out of his mouth and hugged him. “You could have gotten yourself killed.” He said weakly. “I had to distract them from you. Your to weak.” I said as I started untying the ropes. “But your human. I can heal a lot quicker.”
“I can take a punch or two. I'm not going to die. Even if I kinda feel like it now.” I said as I laid on the floor. It was getting harder to breath and it felt like someone was stabbing me. “DELILAH? ZION?” I heard someone yell down the stairs. There was stomping coming down the stairs and I knew instantly it was Seth, Deangelo, Felix, and Jonathon. Seth ran to me and instantly pulled me into his arms. I screamed as he squeezed my side.
“Baby what's wrong?” He asked whipping off the tears that were now running down my face. They cuts from the rings stung as the salty tears hit them. I slowly pulled up my shirt and revealed a long bruise from my hip to right under my bra. Seth growled, got up and ran back up the stairs. “Where's he going?” I asked no one in particular. “Kill Attlee I bet.” Deangelo said before he came to my side and took off his shirt. He held it to my face and cleaned off all the blood.
He pulled his hoodie back over his head and put it back on. “This is going to hurt but I have to take you to the car.” He said. I nodded and braced myself. He slowly picked me up and stood back up. Felix and Jonathon were helping Zion up the steps already and we followed behind. Once out of the basement, he headed for the back door. I never noticed that behind there houses were the woods.
The back yard was a mess. There were bodies every where. As I looked around I couldn't help but feel nauseous. I turned my face away from it and hid my face in Deangelo's shirt. I felt him come to a stop but once I looked up I wish I hadn't. Attlee was limping towards us. Deangelo slowly set me on the ground and pushed me behind him. I instantly started looking around for Seth. He was laying a few yards away not moving.
“SETH!” I screamed and pulled out of Deangelo's hold. I ran as face as I could to him while holding my side. My ribs protested to stop but I pushed my legs harder. I slide right next to him and instantly started shaking him. “Seth baby please wake up.” He heart was still beating but he wasn't moving. I laid my head on his chest and sobbed. “I love you. Please get up.” I whispered into his chest.
I looked over to were Attlee and Deangelo were fighting now in there wolf forms. Attlee was on top of him and trying to bite his neck. I started panicking and looking around for something. There was a long wooden board a few feet away. I stood up and walked over to it. I picked it up and made my way to were they were fighting. Once close enough I lifted the board in the air and as hard as I could hit the wolf on his side. He lost his footing and feel off of Deangelo. Attlee looked at me and growled showing his teeth. He jumped at me and I closed my eyes. If Seth was going to die so was I.
I heard yipping and snapping. I opened my eyes and saw Attlee was laying motionless on the floor with Seth's wolf form standing over him. I looked back where Seth was laying but he wasn't there. Shit. Now I'm going to get yelled at. I slowly turned back around and found an angry looking Seth and Deangelo. I was thanking the lord that they were dressed in sweats.
“Hi.” I said doing a little wave. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME DELILAH? YOU COULD HAVE DIED.” Seth shouted. I looked at the floor and whispered “I thought you were dead.” Tears poured from my eyes. I looked back at him. His eyes were softer and he looked calmer. He sighed and walked to me. “I'm fine. We'll talk about it later. Now we got to take you to Felix so he can clean your face and wrap your side.” I nodded and smiled. He slowly picked me up as I bit my lip to hold back a whimper.
Once back at the truck Felix cleaned my face and put on a bandage. He looked at Seth who was studying him the whole time. “Um she has to take off her shirt.” He said biting his lip. Seth was about to protest but I held up my hand. I seriously needed my side wrapped up and if that was the only way then that's what it's going to be. “I can't lift my arms up.” Before Felix could say something Seth walked over and ripped the bottom half off my shirt off. He made sure it still covered my chest. I giggled and shook my head at him.
Felix started slowly wrapping my whole torso in an ace bandage starting at my hip. “I have to do it kinda tight. So it might hurt ok?” I nodded my head and bit my lip. Once he got to the top part it was pretty tight. He pushed my bra up a little which cause Seth to growl. “Stop Seth. Go away if your going to act like that.” I said. He sighed and walked around the other side of the car. I heard all the guys laughing and it made me laugh.
When Felix was finally done he took of his jacket and gave it too me. Everyone loaded into the truck and started our long drive back. The whole way Zion joked about how I was such a smart ass. Everyone thought it was funny except Seth. He kept trying to yell at me but it didn't work. After awhile my side started hurting. I laid with my head on Seth's lap and my feet on Jonathon. After finally getting comfortable I drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 12
Dealing with the Past

”Baby wake up. Were home.” I heard Seth's soft voice say. I tried to sit up but my ribs hurt and my face burned. It was hard to breath and I felt like I was taking my last breaths. Seth was looking at me with worry in his eyes. I tried to speak and tell him I was fine but the words wouldn't come out. He looked at all the guys who were also looking at me with worrying expressions. “We should take her to the hospital.” Felix said. I looked over at him and shook my head. “No.” Was all I could get out.
I ignored the pain and sat up from where I was laying in the backseat of the truck. I jumped down from the truck and instantly regretted it. I screamed cause the impact felt like it all hit my ribs instead of my feet. Seth picked me up and carried me into the house. He laid me down on the couch and crouched down in front of me. He rubbed my hair and kissed my forehead. “Let me take you to the hospital. Please.” He whispered. I shook my head. “I'm fine. I've had my share of hospital visits. I can't take it anymore.” Then I remembered I had something in my backpack that can help.
“Johnny can you go get my backpack in Seth's room?” I asked Jonathon. He nodded his head and ran upstairs. He came down a second later and handed my backpack to Seth. I slowly sat up and moved my hair out of my face. Seth set my backpack in front of him and unzipped it. I reached in and grabbed out a medium sized pouch and unzipped it. I looked around for the right kind and pulled out the little prescription bottle. Morphine. Just what I needed. I smiled and pulled out 2 little pills.
Seth reached out and grabbed the pills from my hand, the bottle, and the pouch. “Your not taking that stuff.” He started putting everything back in my backpack. “So you want me to be in pain?” I asked and raised my eyebrows at him. He instantly stopped what he was doing and looked at me. He sighed and took back out the 2 little pills and handed them to me. He shoved everything back in my backpack and took it upstairs for me. I rolled my eyes a took the glass of water from Deangelo. Seth came back down 5 minutes later and sat next to me. I laid on his lap while him and the guys watched a football game.
An hour later the doorbell rang. “Was anyone expecting anybody?” Zion asked. Everyone shook there heads 'No' so he carefully got up and walked to the door. I heard the door open and everyone in the room instantly went tense. “Can I come in? I mean no harm I just want to talk to her.” Said the voice I never wanted to hear again in my life. He was dead to me and I never wanted to see him again. Zion walked back into the living room with Patrick trailing behind. I sat up and leaned closer to Seth.
“Have a seat.” Seth said. His voice was cold and hard. My father sat across from me and Seth on the other seat. “I was just coming to tell you I'm going to turn myself in.” He said looking at the floor. My heart raced and felt the tears slowly coming. “For?” I whispered. He looked up at me this time and said “For abusing you.” I shook my head at him and cleared my throat. “I don't care if you ever go to jail for abusing me or not. I'd rather you go for killing mom.” I knew I caught him off guard cause he went tense and looked around the room.
“I didn't kill-” He started but I cut him off. “They already know. Stop being such a fucking coward Patrick and admit to what you do some times.” I yelled at him. He looked at me like I was crazy and didn't have anything to say. “You may think I don't remember what happened that day but I do. I remember everything. EVERYTHING. Do you know what that did to me? I will never be able to forget it. Then you abused me. Yeah I will never be able to forget that either.” I tried to whip away the tears but they were instantly followed by new ones.
He sat there and said nothing. I couldn't even stand to look at him anymore. I walked out the living room and muttered “Coward.” before I walked up the stairs. I walked to mine and Seth's room and laid down on our bed. The medicine was finally kicking in so my eyes felt drowsy. I pulled off my shoes and as soon as I hit the pillow I was out.

I woke up to an annoying ringing sound. It wouldn't stop and after a few minutes I couldn't do it anymore. I sat up slowly and looked around the room. The sun was shining through the curtains and I was alone. The ringing stopped for a second and then a minutes later it started again. I sighed as I realized it was my phone. I walked over to my pants I was wearing the other day and got out my phone.
“Hello?” I asked in a sleepy tone. “Did I wake you up? It's 1 in the afternoon how are you still sleeping?” I heard Sage's voice say from the other line. “Yeah it's cool though. What do you need?” I asked as I laid back down on the bed. “Dad turned himself in.” I sat up as soon as he said that. I sucked in a breath when my ribs started hurting. “What for?” I asked. It sounded like there was paper shuffling around in the back ground and then he answered. “He admitted to killing mom and also for abusing you.”
“Really?” Was all I could say. It felt good to know he has come to his senses and actually did it. Maybe my speech helped him. “Yeah. We have to go to court and testify. The court date is actually for tomorrow.” Great now I have to go and re-live everything I tried so hard to forget. “How did they end up getting him in so early?” I asked. “The worse the charges the faster they try to get them in.”
“Well. Where is at?” He thought for a second. “There actually. He left from talking to you and went straight to the police station.” I nodded my head and said “OK. Well I got to go love you.” He said he loved me to and hung up. I climbed out of bed and walked downstairs. Felix was cooking lunch and Seth, Zion, Jonathon, and Deangelo sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen eating. When I walked in everyone looked at me. I cleared my throat before I spoke “I have to go to court tomorrow.”
“Your dad turned himself in?” Seth asked. “Yeah. He told them he killed my mom. Also that he abused me.” I looked at the floor and then back up at Seth. “Where at?” He replied as he set his fork down. “Here. He left the other day and went straight to the police station.” I replied as I walked to the fridge and got out some apple juice. He nodded and then went back to eating.
“Um. I wanna take a shower and I need help with my shirt and the wrap.” I hinted. I need someone to help me with my shirt and bra. Zion went to stand up but Seth pushed him back down and walked over to me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs. Once in the room I grabbed some black PJ shorts, bra, panties, and one of Seth's shirts. I walked into the bathroom where Seth had already started my shower. I lifted up my arms as high as I could without it hurting my side. He walked over and slowly pulled it over my head.
I held in a whimper by biting my bottom lip. He slowly unwrapped the ace bandages and unclasped my bra. “Thanks. I wont be long.” He nodded his head and kissed me before leaving the bathroom. I pulled the rest of my clothes off and got in the shower. I washed my hair and my body and sat in there for a few minutes. When I got out I dried off and pulled on my panties and shorts. I pulled on my bra and let out a breath. I felt like I couldn't breath. “Seth.” I called out. He came in and looked at me.“Are you ok baby?” He asked as he clipped my bra.
“Yeah just feel like I can't breath.” He slowly redid the wrap and helped me pull the shirt over my head. He picked me up and carried me to the room. He sat me on the bed and then walked back into the bathroom. He came back with the brush and sat behind me. “You don't have to.” I said as he started brushing my hair. “I know.” He smiled at me. I smiled back and let him brush my hair. Once all the tangles were out I pulled it up in a bun. I felt really tired so I climbed back on the bed and laid on Seth's chest. He chuckled a little and then put his arm around me. “Go to sleep baby.” I nodded and closed my eyes. He played with my hair and I found myself falling asleep instantly.

Chapter 13
Starting school

Leaving the court house was hard. Even though my dad did A LOT to me I still love him. He was sentenced to life with no bail. Right before they took him away he told me how sorry he was. I promised I would go see him if they would let me. Sage and Gage had to leave again cause they had testing on Monday/ tomorrow. Which is the day I also start school. Seth doesn't want me to because a neighboring pack goes to the same school. After some convincing he finally agreed only if one of the guys went with me. He said he would go himself but he has Alpha stuff to do. So Zion agreed to go with me.
So here I am laying in my bed trying to fall sleep but no matter what I do I can't. Then it hits me. Of course I can't sleep. Seth isn't here in bed with me. Instead he is at a meeting with his pack. It's 10:00 at night and I have to be up at 6:00 and be ready by 7:10 cause school starts at 8:00. I got up from where I was laying, on mine and Seth's bed, and walked downstairs. It was so quiet and peaceful. I walked into the kitchen and got some apple juice.
I leaned against the counter and looked around the empty, soundless kitchen. Of course I wasn't really alone cause Jonathon was watching the house from the woods but still. I had no one to talk to and I really needed to sleep. “Ugh! Fuck me!” I yelled as I slammed my now empty cup in the sink. “My pleasure babe.” I turned around and Seth was standing in the doorway with a smirk. I put my hand on my now racing heart and sigh heavily. “You scared the shit out of me.” I said between breaths. “I'm sorry baby.” He replied as he walked towards me and enveloped me in his arms.
He pulled away from me and looked at me in the eyes. His eyes held something I really couldn't make out. He sighed and turned away from me, bringing his hands up and covering his face. “What's wrong love?” I put my hand on his back and pulled his shirt a little. “Can I ask you something?” He asks as he turned around slowly. “Anything.” I smiled which cause him to smile to. He slowly got down on one knee and almost instantly tears flooded my eyes.
“Ok. Um... I had this whole speech planned out and now I don't know.” He said, talking to himself. I giggled a little witched caused him to look up from the ground and meet my eyes. “Well I guess this is just coming from the heart. From the moment I met you I knew I couldn't leave you. When you told me that I saved you I couldn't help but think of what happened if I never came to the rescue but I'm happy I never had to find out. You are my life now and I will never ever leave you. You had my heart from the very beginning and I was wondering if you will do me the honor of marring me?” He pulled out a small black velvet box and slowly opened it. Inside there was a large diamond shaped crystal with small ones around it making a heart.
Not being able to say anything I eagerly nodded my head. He smiled and put it on my ring finger. He stood up and kissed me. I kissed him back for a minute and then pulled back. “so meeting?” I asked raising my eyebrows. He chuckled and shook his head. “I was picking out your ring.” I pulled away from him and faked being hurt. “So you lied to me?” I asked. His instantly went into panic mode. “I'm sorry I...I wanted-” I started laughing which caused him to stop and glare at me. “Oh your so gunna get it.” He said trying not to laugh.
I laughed as I ran up the stairs with him following closely behind. When I got at the top he grabbed my hips and threw me over his shoulder. He ran to our room and threw me on the bed. He climbed on top of me and started tickling me. I screamed and laughed. “Please stop. I'm sorry.” I yelled after I couldn't take it anymore. He chuckled and then fell beside me. I finally caught my breath after a minute and felt tired. I yawned and snuggled into Seth who instantly pulled me closer. I sighed and was finally able to fall asleep with him next to me.

The annoying alarm woke me up the next morning at freaking 6:00. I don't like school but I really need friends outside of the pack. I actually need a normal life. Well as much as my life could be normal. I climbed out the shower and threw on my clothes after drying off. I had washed and curled my hair last night so today it had a wild look to it. I put on a little bit of black eyeliner and mascara and put on my red vans that match my red off the shoulder shirt and shorts. I grabbed my black Jansport backpack before running downstairs and into the kitchen where all the guys were. All of them in pajamas except Zion who was ready also.
“Nope. Not happening go change.” Seth said before I could even fully walk into the kitchen. He didn't even look up from his food. “What's wrong with the clothes I have on?” I asked looking down at my outfit. Ok maybe my shorts were short but who cares? Obviously him. “You can't go to school with horny guys looking like that.” He said looking up this time. “Oh so because there horny means I'm going to go fuck them in a closet right?” I said crossing my arms. How dare he. He went to apologize but I held up my hand before he could.
I walked to the fridge and grabbed a water before turning around and walking out of the kitchen, then the house. Zion followed after me and unlocked his car for us to get in. After a few minutes of driving silently, he handed me my phone. “You forgot it on the counter.” I took it and said a quick 'Thanks' and put it in my pocket. He nodded and turned back to the road. After 20 more minutes of driving we parked in an already full parking lot.
“We have to go to the office to get our schedules.” Zion said as we walked up the school steps. I followed him through the crowded halfway and into the almost empty office. There was only one lady at the front desk who was on the computer. We walked up to her and waited a second until she noticed us. “What can I do for you?” She asked. “Were new students. We need our schedules.” She got up from her seat and walked over to a file cabinet. “Delilah and Zion?” She asked looking back over at us. We nodded our heads and grabbed our schedules when she came back.
Zion took my schedule and compared them. “We have 3rd period math, 5th period English, and 6th period gym together.” He showed me how to get to my first and then left for his own. I slowly walked into my first period which was full now with only one seat open in the back. The teacher introduced me before ushering me to the back. When I sat down I realized I was surrounded by all boys and only one girl next to me. Most of the girls sat in the front and I suppose the guys sat in the back. I smiled at her and she smiled back. “Hi. I'm Karen.” She said as she shook my hand. “Delilah.” She nodded her head before turning back to the lesson. I looked down at my schedule to see what classes I had.
1- Biology 101
2- Art 108
3- Math 145
4- History 133
5- English 118
6- Gym 300 ( girls locker room)
I learned that all my classes were on the first level except for gym which wasn't to far away. That made it a lot easier. I wouldn't have to go to the second level and get lost. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and carefully pulled it out. I hid it under the desk and read the text.
Seth: Baby I'm sorry I didn't mean it.
Me: It's ok love.
Seth: No it's not. I trust you. Not the boys.
Me: You hold my heart Seth so don't worry. I'll be home at 3:30.
Seth: Ok. Love you.<3
Me: Love you to.<3
The bell went off signaling that first was over. I didn't even realize an hour was already up. Each class is an hour and lunch is thirty minutes. Plus 6 minutes to get to each of my classes. I felt someones eyes on me so I looked up. The guy sitting in front of me was completely turned around. “Hey. Delilah right?” His voice was deep but soft. He was actually really cute. His dark brown swopping hair, caramel colored eyes and his bright white teeth perfectly shaped teeth. It took me a minute to stop staring and looked back at my desk. My cheeks burned from embarrassment. I shouldn't look at him like that. I have a fiance but that doesn't mean we can be friends.
“Right.” I said and nodded my head. He laughed which cause me to look up at him. He had his hand stretched for me to shake. “I'm Cody. Nice to meet you.” I took his hand and shook it. I tried to pull away but he pulled me closer. “Your a werewolf mate huh? Alpha Seth's right?” He whispered. My eyes widened. He's from the neighboring pack I bet. “Don't worry. I wont hurt you. My pack helped rescue you.” He finally let go of my hand and turned back around to face the board.
The bell finally rang signaling first was over. I was the last one out the door and started heading to second period. Someone fell into step right beside me. I looked up to find Cody staring back down at me. “Can I see your schedule?” I nodded and handed him it. “Looks like we have 1, 2, Lunch, 4, and 5 together.” He smirked and handed me back the paper. I laughed a little and shook my head.
It turned out Cody was really nice and funny. We couldn't stop laughing in second period which caused us both to get detention on the first freaking day. It was still funny. Karen ended up also having that class with us but me and Cody were the only ones who got detention. She's really sweet and had strawberry blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. She gave me her number and told me to text her whenever. She was probably going to be a really good friend.
Third was boring and I didn't even get to sit next to Zion. The teacher was rude and it took me everything not to walk out of class. I would have if I hadn't already gotten detention. The bell finally rang and everyone ran out of the class. Zion waited for me outside the door and we both walked to lunch. We got our food and sat at table by ourselves. I saw Karen looking around so I waved her to come sit by us. When she saw me she smiled big and ran over to us.
“Karen, Zion. Zion, Karen.” I said. Zion looked at her in the eyes and froze. His mouth kept opening and closing. “I think he's trying to say it's nice to meet you.” I giggled a little which pull him out of his thoughts. “Um... Yeah. What she said.” He looked down at his food and started playing with it. “It's nice to meet you to. I'll be right back.” She smiled at us before jumping up and speed walking to the bathroom. I looked over at Zion who was watching her leave and once she turned the corner her sighed heavily.
Before I could ask him what was wrong he blurted it out, “She's my mate.” His face turned pink and he looked back at his food. “AWW! That's so cute. When are you going to tell her? Today? Cause I could ask her to-” I started but he cut me off, “I don't know. I need to speak to Seth.” I sighed and huffed out a weak “Fine” before turning back to my food. A minute later she came back and her and Zion started talking. Even if they weren't mates I think they would still have had an instant connection.
“This spot taken?” Someone asked beside me. I looked over at Cody who was now sitting down. “Now it is.” I smiled before remembering something. I turned back to Zion and poked him until he finally looked at me. “I have detention after school.” He laughed and shook his head. “Of course you do. I'll just wait in the parking lot.” I was about to say 'ok' but Cody started talking. “I can take her home so you don't have to wait.” Zion immediately shook his head, “Seth would kill me. Your in a different pack. You'll be lucky if you guys can even be friends.” His voice was cold as he shot daggers at Cody. The bell rang signaling the rest of lunch so I thankfully got up and started walking to fourth.
The rest of the day was boring and I couldn't wait to go home and sleep. But I still can't after this last period because of detention. In Gym we sat in the bleachers the whole period. The teachers explained what we would be doing the whole school year but no one really payed attention. We payed for our uniforms and finally after 20 more minutes of being bored the final bell rang. I started walking back to room 108 where I had to sit for another 30 minutes.
The teacher made sure to put me and Cody on the opposite side of the room. Even if we glanced at each other she was mad. Finally after the longest most boring 30 minutes ever she let us leave. I found Zion in the empty parking lot sleeping in his car. As soon as we pulled out of the school I was out like a light.

Chapter 14
Sister from another Mister (a.k.a asshole)

It's finally the first weekend of the school year and I have never been happier. Karen is coming over to spend the night and Zion decided he was going to tell her about the whole werewolf and mate thing. I was hoping she wasn't going to freak out but probably the normal reaction. On Monday Zion helped me cover up Cody's scent. Seth still smelled him but thought it was just another student who sat by me. Everyone is also happy for Zion but he is freaking out. He was scared Karen wasn't going to accept him.
Today, Friday, was boring and tiring. Thankfully no homework this whole week but it starts Monday. When me and Zion got home everyone was hanging out. I sat on the couch and laid against Felix. I heard a growl and looked around till my eyes landed on Seth. I shook my head and sat up. The door bell rang so I ran and got it. I opened the door and Karen stood there with her bag. She had no shoes on and her hair looked a mess. “Karen.” I whispered which caused her to look up at me.
She had a black eye and a busted lip. My eyes widened and I quickly walked out the house and closed the door. “What happened?” I pulled her in for a hug and she hugged me back. “I can't talk about it.” She whispered against my shoulder. I was about to reply when the door opened and Seth looked at me. “Go inside. Don't let Zion out here.” He hesitated but nodded and went inside, shutting the door. “Karen listen. You can tell me anything. I wont tell a soul.” I said pulling her down to sit on the steps.
“He hit me.” Was all she could get out before she busted into tears. I calmed her down for a few minutes before pulling back and looking at her. “Who?” I asked slowly. She looked out into the woods before looking back down. “My dad. I thought he loved.” She cried into my shoulder and I couldn't help but cry some to. It was bringing back my memories. “It's going to be ok.” I whispered. She looked at me and shook her head. “I can't go back Delilah. What if he does it again?”
“You can live here. I'll help you.” She shook her head before saying, “Why are you being so nice to me?” This time it was my turn to look away. “It's happened to me. My dad used to hit me. That's practically how I ended up here.” I said looking back up at her before continuing, “Stay here. Don't go back. I made the mistake of going back.” I had the urge to cry but held it back. “What do you mean?” She asked as she pulled me in for a hug. “I ran away when I was 13 but went back because I had no money for food or a place to live. The night I got back my dad killed my mom in front of me.” I couldn't hold back anymore and the tears freely fell.
“Oh my god. I'm so sorry.” She said. “Don't be. I'm happy now.” I said looking back at the door. I didn't ever tell Seth about running away but I never wanted to talk about it. “Come on.” I stood up and grabbed her bag for her. She slowly stood up and followed me into the house. I quickly pulled her upstairs before Zion saw how she looked. He would probably freak and change right in front of her. “Can I use your shower?” She asked as we walked into mine and Seth's room.
“Go ahead. You can use anything in there. When your done i'll be down stairs in the living room.” She nodded her head and walked in the bathroom and closed the door. I ran down stairs where Zion was pacing and all the guys were around him just in case. “Shit.” I whispered. They all turned to me at the same time. It was kinda creepy. “You didn't hear did you?” I asked no one in particular. “I was the only one that did. I told him I can't tell but he keeps freaking out.” Seth said raising his hand.
“CAUSE SHE'S MY MATE!” Roared Zion. I have never been so afraid of him. “Calm-” Seth started but Zion instantly cute him off. “Don't tell me to calm down. I told you everything that involved your mate.” He said dangerously low. “Zion. She will tell you when the time in right. It took me awhile before I told Seth what exactly happened to me.” I said slowly. He huffed and sat on the couch.
10 minutes later Karen came walking down stairs in sweats and a tank top. She sat on the couch next to me and Zion. I looked over and she looked like she had been crying. She laid her head on Zion's shoulder who instantly put his arm around her. “Are you going to live here?” I asked. She looked over at Zion who smiled and nodded his head. “Yeah. How will I get my stuff?” She said looking back at me. Then the thought hit me and I smiled. “What apartment number?” She looked at me for a second thinking if she should give it to me. She knew I already knew what apartments because we drove her home yesterday. “148. Why?”
“I'll be back.” I got up and ran up the stairs. I was putting my shoes on when Seth and Jonathon came in the room. “Where you going?” Seth asked. “Going to get her stuff.” I tried to walk around them but they were both blocking the door. “Ugh fine. You guys can sit in the car.” They shook their heads and stood there ground. “Fine one of you come inside with me.” Finally Jonathon moved so I could walk around him. I walked down the stairs and out the door.
“Were taking my truck.” Jonathon said coming down the stairs. I nodded and ran to his truck. I scooted into the middle so Seth can have the window. A few minutes later Seth and Jonathon walked out with Felix and Deangelo following. “Seriously why are all of you coming? I could have gone by myself.” I asked once they all got in. Deangelo and Felix sat in the back seat. Jonathon started the 20 minute drive to her apartments. “Why are we even going to get her stuff?” Felix asked. I looked over at Seth who shrugged his shoulders and looked out the window. “Um her dads hitting her.” I said in a low voice. I knew they heard me because they went tense. “You shouldn't go in.” Deangelo said.
“I can handle it.”
“We know you can. It's just we don't know who is at her house that could hurt you.” Seth said.
“I can handle that to.”
“Well we will be there so that's not going to happen.” Jonathon said as we pulled up to there apartment complex. I leaned across him and typed in the gate code. The gates opened and we finally found her apartment after 5 minutes of looking. It was towards the back on the bottom floor. I walked towards the apartment after Jonathon parked the car. I knocked on the door but got pushed back behind Seth. “Seriously-”
“Can I help yous?” Someone slurred. I looked at the door and Karen's dad was standing there holding a beer. I looked past him and there was about 3 other guys my age in the living room. “We came to get Karen's stuff.” I said as I stepped around Seth. Karen's dad just walked away from the door. I heard yelling and then the 2 of the guys came to the door. “You can't have her stuff. She has to come home.” One of them said. The other one was texting on his phone.
He handed me the phone and I hesitantly took it. It said: `Go around to the window and we will hand her stuff out.'
“Ok were leaving.” I said loud enough for her dad to her. Seth was about to ask why and I just shushed him. I walked around to window which was already slid open. A backpack and a duffel bag were thrown out one right after the other. “Keep Karen safe.” Someone whispered before the window shut and the blinds were pulled down. We grabbed her bags and ran back to the car. Once everyone was in we started driving back home.
20 minutes later we pulled up to the house. I grabbed the backpack and Seth grabbed her duffel bag. I ran to the door so I could be the first one in. Every light in the house was off but the living room one. I walked into the living room and instantly dropped the backpack. “Zion what are you doing?” I asked as he continued to lick Karen's face. She laughed and pet through his fur. He was in full wolf form and laying piratically on top of her. “It's ok. I know about everything. It's so cool.” Karen smiled and laughed as he continued rubbing and licking her.
“Well that's good but Zion should change back.” He did a little whimper but got up and ran past me and up the stairs. Right when he ran out Seth, Jonathon, Felix, and Deangelo were walking in the living room. “So he told you?” Deangelo and Jonathon asked as they sat on both sides of her. She smiled and nodded her head. Her cheeks held the slightest of pink hint to them. They just laughed and nodded there head. A couple seconds later Zion came back into the living room and growled. I laughed and snuggled up closer to Seth. Both Deangelo and Jonathon jumped off the couch and sat on the floor.
A movie later we were all getting up to go to bed. It was only 10 but we all agreed we were tired. The bell rang right when I was about to lock the door. I slowly opened it and saw Cody standing there. I ran outside and slammed the door. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the house and back to his car. When I knew we were where Seth couldn't hear us I finally talked. “Why are you here? You could get in a lot of trouble being in Seth's Territory.” I hissed at him. I looked back at the door to see if anyone was looking but they weren't.
I felt a hand on my cheek and turned back to Cody. Before I could ask him what he was doing his lips touched mine. I tried pulling away but he held me closer to him. His lips were nothing like Seth's. They were cold and hard. His hands were knotted in my hair forcing me to stay. I kept hitting him but he wouldn't pull away. There was growling in the background and the next second I was pulled from him. My lips were swollen and there were little cuts. “YOU SON OF A BITCH.” Seth snarled as he lunged for Cody. They started throwing punches at each other. All off the guys ran from the house and started pulling Seth off of Cody.
There was so much noise and movement but I couldn't focus on anything. It felt like someone was stabbing my stomach over and over again. I knew it had nothing to do with the kiss cause this was physical pain. I clenched my stomach and doubled over in pain. A scream escaped my lips and tears fell down my face. “Delilah what's wrong?” Karen voice said in the background. I let out another scream and fell to the floor. I couldn't see or hear anything and finally just passed out.

Chapter 15
Seth P.O.V. - Be strong (last chapter)

As soon as I heard that scream me and Cody stopped hitting each other. I ran straight for Delilah. Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head before she went limp. She was fully unconscious. I easily picked her up and ran to my car. Being careful not to hit her head, I put her in the back seat and slammed the door. I rushed to the front seat, turned the car on, threw it in drive and drove straight through the grass and onto the street.
The hospital was 40 minutes away but if I sped I knew I would make it there in 15 minutes. I looked in the rear view mirror and felt my heart break. She was still unconscious and her heart was slowly. I couldn't loose her. If I did there would be no me. No reason for me to go anymore.
The hospital came into view and I pushed even harder on the gas pedal. I was lucky there was barley anyone driving this late at night. I parked in the emergency parking lot as close as I could get and grabbed her. I ran to the entrance and started screaming for a doctor. After a second a doctor came out and took her from me. He ran her to a room and put her down on a bed. “Sir you can't come in here.” A nurse said. She was blocking my way into the room. She pushed me back, despite my arguments, and shut the door in my face.
I could hear everything going on. Everything from the shuffling of feet, to yelling orders, to the faint sound of her heartbeat. It was slowing more and with every beat it hit me like a boulder. My breath was coming out like pants and my heart felt like it weighed billions of pounds. I covered my ears as I paced back and forth in front of her door.
After what seemed like an hour a nurse walked out of the door. I turned to her right when the door opened. She made me sit down before she spoke up. “We were able to pick her heart rate back up but we had to hook her up on machine that will moderate it. While she is still unconscious were going to be running a series of tests. It could be something serious or something that is treatable. There is no telling how long it will take so you should go home and rest. If you leave your name and number at the front desk I will call when we get test results.” She patted my knee then stood up and walked back into the room.
After refusing to leave the doctor finally let me go with Delilah. They wheeled her out of the room and down the hall. I walked beside her, holding the hand the whole way there. We stopped in front of a door that the doctor had to put a code in. “Your going to have to wait in the waiting room.” The nurse said as the doors opened. I looked over at the dark and empty waiting room. It was a small room that looked like I was walking to my death. I slowly nodded my head before kissing Delilah's forehead and letting going of her hand. My whole body went cold as I watched her be rushed down the hall. The door creaked shut just as they turned a corner.
I walked slowly into the waiting room and sat on the first chair by the door. It was quiet in this part of the hospital. All I could hear was the wind outside the window. I put my head in my hands and tried to calm my nerves. After a few minutes I hear foot steps coming down the hallway. I already know who it is before they turn the corner. Felix, Jonathon, Deangelo, Zion, Karen, and Cody. Great why is he here? That's the last thing I need. Drama.
“Where's Delilah?”
“Is she ok?”
“Do they know what's wrong?”
“Are you ok?”
There's some of the many things I hear as they crowed around me. Cody was the only one that didn't say anything. He looked almost nerves under my gaze. “Leave.” I growled deathly low at him. He put his hands up, palms forward. “I didn't mean-” Before he could finish I stood up and was right in his face. “Leave!” I shouted using my alpha tone. He whimpered and walked out. I listened to his foot steps as he walked down the hallway until they disappeared onto the elevator. I walked back to my seat and sat down. The questions started again until I put my hand up and everyone instantly quieted. “I don't know what's going on. There doing tests.” They nodded and scattered around the room.
Every time the door would open we would all stand up but whoever it was just walked past us and down the hall. An hour later a older couple came and sat down in the room. Not even 20 minutes later a nurse came out and called for the Walters family. The couple instantly stood up and followed the nurse out of the room. I couldn't hear what the nurse was saying but the older lady instantly started crying and clutching on her husbands jacket.
I made out the last of what the nurse was saying. “I'm very sorry for your loss.” It turns out there daughter that was Delilah's age was in a car accident and didn't make it out. The tears that I had been holding back fell now as I watched the couple hold each other and cry in each others arms. I finally pulled away and looked back down at the floor. I felt my heart break for them at there loss. There family must be devastated. That got me thinking. The only family of Delilah's that I know about is her dad and brother's.
“I'll be back.” I walked out the door before anyone could say anything. I walked right outside the door and pulled out my phone. Sage had gave me his number right when they were bordering the plane the last time they left. He said to call me if anything was to ever happen that had to do with Delilah. I went to his contact and pushed call. It rang 5 times before going to voice-mail. He was probably sleeping. He'll definitely call back though. I slowly walked back to the room and sat down.
Five more hours passed and the doctor finally came out. He walked into the room and I immediately stood up and walked right in front of him. He looked up from his papers and looked around the room. “We ran some tests on her but nothing came up. So we went ahead and did an ultrasound. Were you aware that she was pregnant?” All of us shook our heads at the same time. Pregnant? Since when? “I'm sorry for your loss but the baby didn't make it. Were going to run test to see if there certain reason why or if it just happened. Sometimes it could just happen for no reason. She is awake now if your guys want to go see her.”
We lost our baby. No that can't happen. How? How could this have happened. I dried the tears off my cheeks with my sleeve and followed the doctor down the halls. I could hear her sobbing all the way down the hall. I picked up the pace and ran down the hall. Her crying lead me straight to her room. I wasted no time and barged into her room. She was sitting up with her knees to her chest. I ran straight to her bed and pulled her in for a hug.

-Delilah's P.O.V-

As soon as I felt the strong arms engulf me in a hug I knew it was Seth. The doctor must have told him to. This was the worst thing ever. This and my mom dieing are/were the worst thing that could ever happen. What if I wasn't aloud to have kids anymore. I wouldn't be able to give Seth kids or a family. What if he hates me now? But why would he be hugging me? Well because it was his kid to. I killed our kid of course he is going to hate me. I hate myself to.
“I'm sorry.” I whispered as I sobbed into his chest. He continued to rub my back and play with my hair. “Don't be sorry love. It's not your fault. It no ones fault.” He spoke softly and it was only then that I realized he was crying to. I was only worried about myself and didn't even realize he was hurt to. How selfish could I be? I looked up at him and he looked down at me. I used my fingers to clean his tears and he did the same for me. “You don't hate me? What if I can't have anymore kids? I can't give you a family.” My voice was raspy and I tried to contain the tears that were threatening to fall over.
“I could never hate you. No matter what ok? I don't need a family. All I need is you and my life will forever be perfect.” I tried to smile but I just couldn't. I knew I believed him but I still felt bad. So instead I just nodded my head and laid back down. I made enough room so he could lay with me which he did after a few minutes. He curled up next to me and put his arm around my waist with his hand settling on my stomach. I never noticed that there was a baby bump until now. The tears fell freely now and after awhile I was so drained I fell asleep.

It's been a week since me and Seth found out we lost the baby. The doctor had told us there was not a reason why I miscarried it just happened. I was 4 months which meant they were able to tell if it was a boy or a girl. The ultrasound showed a beautiful lifeless baby boy which made me cry. I couldn't even look at the monitor cause there was no heartbeat to go along with it. The next day the put me in surgery and took him out. It was either that or wait out the pregnancy and have to deliver him. If we did that there was a chance I could die to.
So 5 days after the surgery and I'm leaving the hospital. With no 'Congrats it's a boy' balloons or Dallas (what we decided to name him. It's Delilah and Seth kinda combined.) All we had was ultrasound pictures which I held in my hand the whole time and a teddy bear that Seth got me from the gift shop. Everyone that we lived with came and saw me but I barley talked. Sage and Gage knew but they weren't able to leave their classes. I told them it was ok but I knew they still felt bad.
Nothing could cheer me up these days. Seth stayed with me the whole time but I barley said anything to him. Maybe I was being selfish but I had nothing to say. A part of me died with Dallas and I felt like I was useless. I felt really bad for taking this out on Seth. I know he lost Dallas to but he didn't carry him for 4 months and not even know. I feel like it's my fault he died.
“Baby we're home.” Seth said. He went to get out but I stopped him. “Um... I just want to apologize. I've been really selfish and-” He tried to stop me but I put my hand up. “- I had no right to be. I'm not the only one that lost Dallas. So I'm really sorry.” I smiled for real this time and leaned over to hug him. He hugged me back and kissed my forehead. “There is no reason for you to be sorry. It's understandable.” He replied as I pulled away. I nodded my head and climbed out the car.
The rest of the day everyone just hung out and watched movies. No one brought up the current events and I was thankful. Around 11 Seth told me he wanted to take me somewhere tomorrow so we said our good night’s and went to sleep. That night was actually the best I had slept in awhile. The pills made sure my stomach wasn't sore. I could actually cuddle with Seth. I laid my head on his chest and he put his arm around me and rubbed my back. “Love you.” He whispered softly. “Love you to.” I whispered back and feel asleep instantly.
Seth wasn't what woke me up the next day. The smoke alarm was going off like crazy. I sat up and looked for smoke but there wasn't any. He wasn't even in bed. I got up and ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. All the guys were in there holding pillows and fanning all the smoke. Felix and Jonathon were fanning out the windows while Deangelo and Zion were fanning the two smoke alarms on the ceiling. Seth was over the stove flipping some burnt pancakes. The second I walked in they all stopped what they were doing and looked straight at me. All there mouths an 'O's. I instantly started laughing.
“What are you guys doing?” They exchanged looks before Zion spoke up. “We were trying to make you and Karen breakfast but epically failed.” I smiled and shook my head. “You guys are sweet but should stay out of the kitchen.” They started laughing and cleaning up their mess. We all ended up eating cereal for breakfast after Karen woke up. After eating Seth told me to get ready. I didn't know where we were going so I wore black skinny's a plain white V neck shirt with white vans.
I waited outside on the porch for Seth. He walked out a couple minutes in the same thing as me. I looked at him to the side and smiled. “You plan this?” He pulled me up and pulled me towards his car. “No I didn't.” He laughed as we climbed into the car. I was about to ask where we were going but he shook his head like he knew it was coming. “Not telling. It's like 10 minutes from here so you can wait.” I sighed really loud which made him laugh. I turned on the radio but nothing was on so we settled for silence.
“That was way longer than 10 minutes.” I said as I unbuckled. He just laughed and shook his head before climbing out the car. He grabbed my hand and started walking towards a shop. It said 'Bound By Design'. There was cool design's and art work down the side of the building. “Figured it out yet?” Seth asked as we walked through the door. There was the sound of buzzing and I instantly knew where we were. “Are we getting tattoo's?” I couldn't hide the excitement out of my voice. He smiled and nodded. I thought for a second and came up with a good idea. “Can I get two?” I gave him my best puppy eyes. “Yeah I am to.”
We decided to keep it a secret and show each other when there down. The guy that was creating mine finished first. I followed him back to his station and sat in the chair. “Is right here good?” He asked as he positioned the name 'Seth' on my right wrist. “Yeah. Can we do the other one the same place?” He nodded his head and started pulling out his supplies. I wanted both them in black so he only had to pull out that color.
It only hurt at certain points but other than that it wasn't bad. I was never the one to be afraid of needles. It only took him 20 minutes to finish it. I loved how it turned out. After I looked at it for a second he started on the next one. He positioned the word 'Dallas' on my left wrist on the same exact spot as the other one. “So why are you getting Dallas?” I hadn't expected him to ask so it kinda shocked me at first. “Miscarriage. We were able to find out it was a boy and decided to name him anyways. It's Delilah and Seth put together.”
“Oh um I'm sorry.” He said as he looked up at me. I wiped my eyes before I the tears fell. “No. Don't worry about it. It's fine.” I smiled and he continued to do my tattoo. After 10 more minutes he was finished. They both were in cursive and looked amazing. “Do you wanna show him before I wrapped them up?” I nodded and followed him to were Seth was. As we walked in the guy was saying that he was finished with his. He had got my name over his heart and Dallas name on the same place just on the other side.
“We had the same idea.” I smiled and showed him mine. He smiled and kissed me. We let them wrap them up and then paid. When we walked outside the sun was already setting. I didn't realize how late it was. “Thank you for this.” I said as we pulled out of the parking lot. “Your welcome.” He smiled and I melted. He always knew how to cheer me up. We may have our differences but I still love him and I know he loves me. My life may be crazy but it's also amazing and I wouldn't change it for anything. I was happy to be called Delilah Reed.


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