"Were moving to Texas baby girl" My dad and mom say to me with such joy it's nausiating "WHY?" I say "whats wrong with where we live now" my nother looks at my father with a sad look and turn back to me and said "Your father lost his job at the deelership" she gives my knee a pat like I'm still five years old "So were moving to his friends farm" she smiles "Well your father was friends and practically like brothers with jakes father" she give my father a rub on the back "he died four months ago" I give them a disgusted look "But I just started school and..." my mother holds her hand up and says with a smile "I found your ged papers and send them in you got your ged, no more school for you" omg she really is crazy "So no more school for me and no senior prom no graduation, thats it you ruined my life" i gave them a glare "happy fucky birthday to me hu?" they looked stunned and they call afther me "Pack allison we leave today" I slamed my door.

"God are we there yet" I see my father roll his eyes at me "We've only been driving for 10 hours darling" get real "Just only 10 hours dad" I glare at mom "I gotta piss" My mother yells really loud "Watch your mouth Allison" and i feel my eyes sting "I miss my friend" I mumble to myself 'Katie elizabeth was my friend until she found out her boyfriend dump her because he likes me, I didn't know!

Four hours later (14 hr trip)
"Were here pumpkin" I rub my eyes "Oh god its so hot dad" he chuckles "give it to days and she won't want to leave Maggie" yeah right.
A lady comes at to greet us "Mr Jake went to town for a meeting and he ask me to see you to your room" My father smiles "Well take you ma'am . "Jeeze dad, needs more work "You must be little pumpkin" I look at dad "Allison! can I go into town dad" he starts to shake his head no. But mom puts her hand on him to stall him from speaking "Yes its your birthday and take the car and you know the rules" I nod and run to the car.
I pull up to this bar and its crowded. I'm so nervouse i've never been in one before to much of a good girl. I want to be bad. I'm seventeen and still a virgin but not after tonight. I walk in and see the pace swormiing with cute guys but not hot. I make my way to the bar and sat down. "excuse me, thats my seat" A perky blond says and everybody shuts up and looks at us. OKAY "Well you wasn't sitting her when i sat down" she huffs her breath "No, but thats my date" she points next to me. I look holly hell hes yum hot "whats your point" she looks stunned and then everyone but her bust out laughing. I even hear 'BITCH got balls" and I turn around and pick my drink up and felt someone pull my hair and instint brought me to bust the bottle on the counter and break it and I brought it to her throat and say "Next time know your enemie before you temp something that could get you killed" and I push her away and she scrambles away like a scared little rabbit. and I drown my drink and walk out. "hey wait up" I turn to the hot guy and he pulls me to him and kisses me with so much heat my legs wobble and then hes dragging me behind the bar and I don't even have time to catch my breath hes already got my panties gone and he enters me and I couldn't hold the scream back if I tried.
He freezes "I'm sorry" and he starts moving real slow and then picks up his speed and then I feel an exposion happened and then he freezes and i feel him member palsing in me and his seed feeling me.
he pulls out of me and he takes his shirt off and realize his mistake "your on the pill right?" I nod "yes" i smile "gotta go nice meeting you ..." i pause and looked at him with my eye brows raised in question?
"Jake" i nod and I ran off.


"I like you to meet my daughter Allison" I freeze with shock and the hot guy chokes on his food when he see's me. Shit, oh hell i'm in trouble "Your daughter?" my father nods "Shes Seventeen yesturday"
"Nice to meet you....?"
"Well I'm going to go help reanne with the dishes, bye" I run to the kitchen.
its been two weeks and I've been avoiding Jake and he's been avoiding me. I didn't realize how hard it would be and I can't stop thinking about him. I see him at dinner, hes polite and my parents keeps us from talking about what happen.

"Honey I Think you should start dating, and try to find myster right" I about choke on my food "Mom I don't want anything seriouse right now"
"But I though sence you got your ged, u want to do everything early" I snapped "Mom! don't worry about me, don't worry if i date or not just butt the hell out" there was stunned silence and I jumped up with embarrasment because I totally forgot about Jake and ran out the door to the barn to see molly the black horse.
"Is your mom always like that with you?" jakes husky voice says behind me And then he says "DAMN IT " and he grabs me and kisses me and we start pulling at each other clothes and were necked and and my nipples ach and hes licking and sucking and doing incredble things to my body and he enters me and we find our ralease together.
"This was a mistaske Allison and it shouldn't happen again" he breathes hard "I'm twenty one and your seventeen and i'm not the marrying type" I couldn't look at him. I just got my clothes and walk to the back barn and got dressed and then went to my room to cry.
I didn't realize how much his words would hurt me And deep down I think I must have more feelings for him then i though was possible.

Two weeks later I'm sicker then a dog. What can be wrong 'thr flu' i'm staying in bed my head hurts and my vision keeps going blurrie "Whats wrong ally" Reanne asks "I'm sick and I hurt" she looks at me funny "your not with child are you ally" I frozed and shrug helplessly "Oh honey we should tell your mom"
"NO!" i said with a sharpness "Don't tell anyone promise me please" she nods and hugs me "I'll take care of it Reanne" she looks sad but nod her head.
I'm at the clinic and I just can't go thru with it I love my baby and it's father. I'll raise this child on my own and I'll be the best mom ever.

"I got a job mom!" and then I pause "actually I got three" my mother gasps. and jake speaks up "Why so many" then he says "MY buddy see you at the family planning clinic" he looks pale like he worried why i was there. "I got a job there as assistant nurse and got a job at the local libary and at the bull horn"
"NO!" everyone looks at Jake with a ? look.
"that place really should be a place a sweet girl would work"
"all she'll be find!" My mom says and i'm so hungry i starf my food down and then I realize everyone staring. "What!" they shook their head no as in (Nothing) "I haven't eat today" i say a way of explaining.

three days later I feel so tired and I keep falling asleep on my feet. "Allison!" Tammy says real loud
we need to BUD LIGHTS on table six. I nod and got the beer and started walking and i know i'm not going to make it. and everything goes black.

"WHATS Wrong with her?" my fathers voice demands "I won't know until she wakes up and I can ask her more ?'s" I here him curse "She's awake" I here Jake ask. I say "what happen"
"Allison, you fainted" the doc says "And I have your test resalts back" he pauses "Is there anything you want to tell me?" I shake my head no "I just didn't eat, I'm working three jobs, no time to eat" he nods "What did her test resaults say?" my mother ask "Well hearing shes working so much I think allison has something to say. and if she don't i will. i got to look at for the patient" oh shit "Can i have a min with my folks"
"He can stay allison, don't be rude, he's been worried about you!". I nod "I'm pregnant and I'm raising it on my own" "OMG" "But the baby needs a father" I shake my head no "He don't want it or me so drop it!"
"Who's the dad" I shake my head with fusteration "Dad..."
"I am" I hear Jake say. My mother gasp with shock and Jake hurrys to explain what happen my father glares at me with disgust "Acting like a whore and look what happens" I try to hold the tears at bay but a few slipped by "My father was never crul to me and there acting like this is my fault. I ring my nurse "Yes" she ask "I'm tired and want to be along" she rushes everyone at.

Four Days later
I've been raleased from the hospital. I walk out and find Reanne waiting for me. "Hi honey" she says sadly "I'm so sorry" i hug her back and say "It's okay" we drove for a min then i notice we past the main drive way and headed up the hill. "Where are we going?" "oh honey they sent me to move up here with you, i think their all in barressed." "But knowone knows" "Thats true" "even Jake" "He says nothing darling" "Well drop me at the airport and you go back and tell them I won't abarress them anymore and they no longer have a daughter!" she looks at me and reached in and gave me a wodd of cash and we parted at the airport.

"WHY are you back? allison anit here is she, I got a media cofference and she don't need the stress of those people" Kake said "I talked to their parents earlier. Were to marry by the end of the week" I just stand there shocked and sad for what I'm about to say "Shes gone Jake"
"What do you mean gone"
"She left town" and I explained everything to him and he laughts "And here i was dreading fatherhood and marriage, and now i'm off the hook"

I just turned 20 and my son is two and I work at the Dallas fire depatment and I have a friend with benfits his name is Eric and hes riding down to Reanns funeral" i breath real hard because i haven't seen my family or jake sence the hospital drama. I brought Matty my friend to watch Jacob my son.

I walk in and everyone turns to me and Jake and my parents look stunned and Tammy runs to me and hugs me and i go say my respects to Reanne then walk out back to the hotel. to get ready for the night we head back home tomorrow. "you ready baby" I nod and he kisses my cheek "Kisss, kisss" Jacob says so funny and its adorable. "mommy see you later, listen to Matty ok". i kiss his soft cheek and walked out.

"Well if it anit the disapering Allison".
I laugh "So what you been up to doll" conner ask "working" and what do you do love "She's one of Dallas best firefighters we have" there was a stunned silence "You fight fires for a living"
before i could speak a voice pipes in "And who's watching my kid why you risk you life" the was really shocked faces now. this is bullshit "My son and only mine, you kicked me out after you found out, you and my parents turned your back on me and jacob and we didn't and don't now or never have need you, so go fuck yourself jake and no people i'm not a whore he was my first" and then I stormed out. and I decided to leave tonight.

two weeks later
"You have a vistor ally in the rec room" I nod okay.
and head that way. I walk in and freeze "What do you want?"
"I want my family allison" i looked confused "then he said let me start from the beginning and tells me everything. i just set their "It's to late jake, so much time and heartbreak and you hurt me and you thru my love for you in my face" his head jerk around so fast i thought it would snap right off "You love me" I'm so nervouse I shake my head with denial "No I said I did" he looked to happy to for confort.
"love don't die honey and I love you to" I say "NO!" and then more formaly "NOO!".
"I understand you need more time for me to convince you" and then he laft.

"Omg" Jakes waiting on me and I got his kid here,I'm so nervouse I feel sick "Hi" he says and then he kisses me so softly on my lips and then his eyes zero in on his son. "Hi buddy" he smiles with aww "I'm your daddy".
"Daaad!" omg I gasp. and I start to cry


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