"Damn it! Ivy Black, I said we hunt that clan tomorrow"
"No! you hunt them tomorrow! not me" he curses under his breath. "If you didn't love that dog and fang banger, you'd see reason" I grab my boss by his throat and his eye's widen in shock and fear. "You watych what you say to my face you ergant basturd. If anything you show me the respect that is due or you'll be the Hunted,you hear me" I let him go "It's about time we get something straight here and now Steve (boss) Those to men regardless of there were or vamp are my family and you fuck with them your fucking with me. My boss shook with the knowedge of what I was saying I claimed them and bye doing so I claimed there clan and their race and by right they can't hunt any of their kind with out my permission. "I didn't see this comeing Ivy" my partner Simon Read said with a mischeif smile. "can i get the night off"
"No you can not,I'm still your Boss, not her" simon shrugs and says "Yeah,true but she's boss garding Vamps and weres, so she hasn't said we hunt tonight or not" my boss glares at me then Simon and rises to his feet and storm off.
"You gone and done it now" simon says "how does Silver and Max feel about this, I still can't beleive there best friends" Well lucky for me they are and they don't know about this and don't tell boss but they dumped me so I claimed them when they don't want me so I'll exit but not, only a loney one". Simon looked shocked "why they dumped you". a tear rolled down my cheek "because I'm human" he looked stunned "but your not tho" I shake My head no "If they can't except me as knowing I'm human and for myself then they don't need to know I'm more like them then they know. but i will keep them safe no matter what my other parts are ready claimed them as my other part , my mate" so i shrug and said "let's get to work bro" and we worked and dispatched three evil vamps and a were cat killer and called it a nap.
Tap,TAP TAP "IVY OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR NOW!" I do wondering whats going on "okay,Okay" I open the door standing there was Silver and Max and Ink and his to closest friends Marco and Rick "What did you do Ivy" I looked at them confused and they continued "We haven't seen your kind out at all last night, then we ran into your partner lit and he said something about your boss and claiming us" he points to him and then Max and gave me a disgust look that ripped me to peices only Ink notice the twitch of hurt in my eyes and started to walk to me and I shook my head no and Silver saw it and reacted with disgust "you fucking him to, you little whore" I jerked back like he slapped me and the shock on everyones face, why they looked at Silver was evident even max was stunned. I regained my conplosure and said comley as not affected "I'm asking you all very nicey to leave and don't come back" and I walked away and slamed my door shut. And I broke down and cryed like a wounded cub, I couldn't whole Back my wolf howl even if I could.

we were walking out and heard the cry and smelled Ivhy but all undeniable her wolf and vamp nature and we all turned and stared with Frozen shock then Max said "You fucked up Man. I can smell her she's my mate" Silver nodded "My mate to" then Ink said "Mine to" max and silver turned murderouse eyes on Ink "not my faught Fate". they nodd and started to walk out but then Ink said "OMG" he look panicky at his friends "She's Pregnant with both speices" he breaths hard twins but not" he has the gift "Me and Max rush her room and picked her up and started searching her "Put me down you ass's". I started kicking and screaming "Calmed down Love" Ink said I stiffened "What did you say" but then I caught his smell and looked at him really looked at him "Three mates, really, omg, just kill me now". they all look at me funny "You new we were mates"Max asked I nodd "Why you didn't tell us"
"Because I wanted you to choose me for me not by mate and fate law but because you wanted and love me. but that was what you did, you threw me away now your free and I'm not"
"what?" they say confused "Remember, I bit you and you refused my love" they look at me in dispair "Oh fuck" they say then hope bloomed on there face "The baby's changed that"
"BABY's?" i say with worry, no can't be but I just new "Im carry aren't I" they nodd. I faint.

TO BE CONTINUED..............................!


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