It was that time of year again. Time to go on vacation. Oh sweet bliss, right? Wrong.

I take that back. Usually wrong. This year, we're going with my best friend Beth Ann's family. That changes things.

Me and Beth Ann decide to pack together for the trip. While pilfering through each others' closets and oohing and ahhing and trying on every other item just because, we talked about where we thought we would go. Our parents had not told us yet. I was at her house the day before we went and we were in the kitchen drinking her coffee. She is the only person who can make coffee that good! Her step mom came into the kitchen carrying Izzy (Beth Ann's 2 year old sister). "Hi, Michelle," I say out of politeness.
"Hi, Kerry." She smiled. "Beth Ann, would you mind packing for the twins?" she asks.
"Thank yall. Behave girls." She left the kitchen and I look at Beth Ann in disgust. Michelle always had her take care of the twins; I didn't think it was fair. I didn't say anything, but I jumped up and started to help her out. If I was here, the least I could do was help Beth out around the house. After we finished, we started to clean the kitchen and dining room. Her older 17 year old brother Josh (who I happened to stay safely away from on account of an incident that happened last spring) kept traipsing through the house looking for his clothes to pack. Me and Beth had been packed for nearly a week. But then Josh was a guy; they always procrastinate. Her 12 year old brother Cailou sat watching a movie in the living room.
      The way Josh kept eyeing me made me nervous, but I kept working and ignored him. Right as we finished cleaning, Leah, Beth's older cousin who was also going to come with us, knocked on the door. Beth answered it and the three of us girls stood in the living room squealing and jumping up in down in a huge hug. Sometimes, when I came over here, I felt like a 12 year old girl instead of a 15 year old.

I had to go home that night, but Beth Ann and Leah got to come over to my house. Before we left Beth's, we made sure that the twins', Josh's, Cailou's, Michelle's, and Beth's dad Charle's luggage was all neatly stacked by their door.

The next day, the two groups: (my parents, me, my nephew, Beth, and Leah) (Josh, Cailou, Michelle, the twins, and Charle's) met each other. Our two families loaded up into two vehicles, and me and Beth Ann decide to make a head count:
Me, Beth Ann, my mom and dad, her step mom and dad, her two baby sisters, my 7 year old nephew, my older sister, her annoying little brother, her crazy older brother Josh, and her insane older cousin Leah. 13 people.

"Wow," I comment.
"I know, right? There's never this many people." Beth Ann said.
"Where are we going anyway?" I ask.
"I don't know. Why don't I ask?"

"Kerry, we're going to Cheyenne."
"What? What the heck is that?" I exclaim.
"I don't know, but Josh said that we'll all have three rooms, one for the adults one for the kids, and the other one is for you, me, Josh, and Leah."
"No way!"

We arrived at Cheyenne. It was huge. There were tons of big bluish greyish mountain things. There were huge caves carved into them and long winding rocky trails. I looked around tentatively. This wasn't the kind of place we usually went to. Even the atmosphere was different. There was a mysterious aura around it, and me and Beth Ann picked up on it immediately. Noone else seemed to notice the darkness surrounding this 'Cheyenne.' Beth Ann gave me a knowing glance and I nodded showing understanding. Silence until we figure it out.

We got settled in our rooms rather quickly. The adults decided to lay down and rest. Beth Ann, Leah, Josh, and I went back in our room. There were four beds, and Leah claimed the one closest to the wall and was asleep in no time at all. Beth Ann and me sat on one bed and whispered excitedly while Josh lay on another playing on a game system. Beth Ann soon fell asleep as well.
Josh looked up from his game and whispered "Are they both asleep?"
"Yeah," I said. "Why?"
"I want to talk to you." I thought about that for a minute. I remembered when I'd stayed the night with Beth Ann and it went much farther than I thought it would, and she'd been pissed at me. Beth Ann NEVER gets pissed, so when she does, you better hope you have a damn good reason for whatever you did.
"I won't bite, Kerry." he joked.
"Okay," I climbed onto the bed and sat next to him.
"Do you feel the darkness around this place?" he asked.
"A little, yeah, why?" I eyed him suspiciously. He was never straightforward, and I knew things about him now that I hadn't known before.
"I looked up this place, and can't find nothing. So I looked at what other people have said. There is a magic blue gemstone in Cheyenne. In fact that's what Cheyenne is built around. They constantly have protection around this stone, day and night."
"What does that have to do with the aura of this place?" I asked, my interest piqued.
"Absolutely everything!"

"Then where is this stone?"
"I'm not sure but I think I know."
"Then we have to look for it, explore it, I don't know. Just find out more about it."
He bitchslapped me. "Are you insane?!" he exclaimed. "That is foolishness. No."
"Why not?"
"They'll kill us!"
"Us? Why's it have to be us? Can I not go by myself?" I retorted.
"No! Final answer no."
"Fine be a bitch." I said. "But I'm telling Beth Ann about it. She'll want to know."
"And get her killed? I think not." he said.
"Then if you know so damn much about it, do something about it. Go with us." I said.
Later on, Josh, Beth Ann, and me got some stuff around to go find the 'majick gemstone.' Leah was still asleep. As I had thought, Beth Ann wanted to go look and Josh now had no choice but to go with us. We set out, Josh leading us to a trail on the outskirts of the mountain. It was really dark with only the full moon lighting the path.
"Creepy," Beth Ann whispered.
"Agreed." I said.

Josh led us up a rocky trail while I stayed right on his heels. Beth Ann was moping along behind us acting totally loopy. By the time she finally caught up to us and we stopped I looked at her. She was most definitely high.
"Damn chickadee!" I said. "What have you not been sharing?"
She bust out laughing at me. "You want some don't you? I know you want some. It's majick!" I laughed at her. "You should drink some of this cuz I can't share the good stuff but this is even better." She leaned real close to me and loudly whispered. "I made this whiskey majick. You wanna know how?" she said holding up the bottle.
"Sure." I said, amusing her.
"I put a spell on it-- like you know, a majick spell." She held it closer to me then jerked it out of my reach. "I put a spell on it to make it awesomely majick. And so whoever drinks it will become majickly awesome." She finally placed it in my hand.
"I thought you said awesomely majick; then you turned around and said majickly awesome."
"Did not. I said majickly awesome both times." She said indignintly. "You just don't listen. Now go on, drink it." To amuse her and hopefully myself I went bottoms up and drank about half the bottle.
Soon I was totally drunk and she was totally high. Between me and her, that's a dangerous combination.
We began arguing over if the whiskey was awesomely majick or majickly awesome. Her brother sat there and laughed at us like we were the two most pathetic things he'd ever seen. If I knew what I looked like drunk, I might agree. Somehow after about two ridiculous hours we made it to the top of the mountain and found the jewel that rendered Beth Ann immediately sober. Me however, not so much.
I ran right up to the jewel and oohed and aahed at it. I turned around and asked "Can I keep it?"
Josh said "Are you crazy?! No!"
"Why not? It's all pretty and sparkly and has pretty swirly things and it is glowing and it's beautiful!"
"And?!" Of course it went over his head. He was a guy. What did I expect. I looked to Beth Ann cuz I knew she would agree with me.
"No chica. It's not ours to have."
"But it's just like- you know- it's just sitting there. Noone's claimed it."
"Did you not hear Josh? There's tons of police-like people guarding this thing. If they even catch us looking at it, they'll kill us."
"I don't know. Maybe because it's too majickly awesome to leave unprotected."
"Majickly awesome. Like the whiskey?"
"Majickly awesome."

Indeed it was.


Wow, that was one hell of a "vacation." Never ever ever ever again am I doing that. Next year, we're going to Lake Valley Desert. Just me, Beth Ann, and Josh. Leah wimped out. Oh it's going to be fun! Hopefully alot more 'magickly awesome' then this. Lake Valley Desert should be somewhere up there next to 'suicidally insane.'


I like the sound of that. Suicidally Insane. I'll have to tell you about it.


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