First Time To Meet

Once in a little pound lives a duck name Yuri.She was so interested in ballet that one day she dream of dancing with a prince.then one day her dream came true when she found a purple necklace. She puts it on but a big light came from it.When she opened her eyes she felt bigger and heaver.She went to scratched her head but when she did she saw fleash not feathers.She screams and try to find out what happened.But before she could she passed out.

A boy was walking 2 feed the ducks but he paused.He saw Yuri passed out in the pound.He as shocked so he covered her up and took her in he's dormroom.When he laid her down on the bed and went to get her some water.When she opened her eyes she was scared that she was not at the pound.She was in a bed.When the boy walked in he sees her sitting up on the bed."Are you ok miss" the boy said. "Yes just sleepy" Yuri said."You can stay and rest if you like" the boy said. "thanks alot but what is your name"."My name is kyo Yoshida it's very nice to meet you and yours" kyo says."oh thats a good name".

Dance class


Texte: Copyright @ by Ayaome D'anna .S.F.F.
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 16.12.2011

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This is a book i thought might bring joy into young people to love the art of dance thanks to people in Dayton Leadership Academy for the respect and the support for eveything

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