Chapter One

Chapter One

May 2nd, 2014. Blog number: 148


“What is up people! It’s me, AceOfSpades here, coming at you live from the east coast! How is everyone! It’s early this Friday morning, but I have my energy pumping! This is day 148 in my own little bloggerverse, and I would like to take the time to thank all of you guys out there who take the time out of their day just to come and see what I have to say. Oh man, I have to go to school, but I will see you in the afternoon! This is AceOfSpades! Peace!”


I close the lid of my laptop and stuffed it into my bookbag. I could hear my mom calling me from downstairs.

“Damien! The bus will be here in five minutes!”

“Coming mom!” I pulled on my jeans and headed down the stairs. I was welcomed by a plate with two pancakes, some eggs, and a slice of toast. I sat down and started eating as mom came over and ruffled up my black hair. I smiled as I finished, putting my plate in the sink. I grabbed my bag and already had one foot out the door. Mom was able to sneak in one quick kiss on the cheek.

“Have a good day!” She said to me sweetly.

I nodded as I headed out, locking the door behind me.

The soothing rays of the sunrise made me smile as the bus pulled in front. It screeched to an ear damaging stop. The glass doors opened in front of me.

“Mornin’ Johnson.” The bus driver said to me in his usually gravelly voice.

“Morning Mr. Gus.” I replied as I climbed up the steps onto the vehicle. Mr. Gus closed the door behind me and started the bus once more. I stumbled a bit, but regained my balance.

Her shimmering blonde hair caught my eye. I stole a glance just so that I could admire the unique beauty of Isabella Richardson. Her emerald green eyes seemed to glisten when the rays of the sun touched them. I couldn’t help but love her, a basic high school crush of course. I’ve been told several times that no one ever ends up with the one they crush on, but I have hope.

I sat down in the seat across from her, scooting over to sit next to the window. She seemed a bit down for some reason. Part of me wanted to talk to her, but I didn’t know what to say.

“Good morning.” I uttered softly to her. (I had nothing else to say!) She turned her head to look over at me, waving once, then continued to look outside the window. I sighed. At least I got one word out. I usually can’t. It’s embarrassing at times, but I learned to deal with it. Of course, when it comes to the internet, my voice is the only thing I can ever here. AceOfSpades is the most talked about person at East Coast High, seeing that he’s popular with them. Everyone’s a fan. Everyone one but Isabelle. She doesn’t trust him for some reason.

Most people don’t know this. Actually, nobody but me knows this. I’m actually AceOfSpades. I started the blog three months ago because I needed a way to vent out my emotions. Next thing I know, I’m famous. I keep it to myself of course. I don’t think that I could handle the amount of attention I would suddenly get if someone were to find out it was me. My head sometimes hurts when I think about the outcomes of what would happen if my secret was exposed. Most people would be disappointed. I hear the conversations around my school. They imagine AceOfSpades to be this completely awesome, handsome man who is rich and can get any girl he wants. I’m just Damien Andrews, a shy sophomore who can’t even make one friend, except for a middle age bus driver! I know, I’m lame. And I’m not trying to make my life better.

The bus slowed to a stop as we pulled up at the front of East Coast High. The bus door hissed open like a snake, letting in the warm spring air. I stood up, but was pushed back by a senior that pushed past me. Him and his senior friends laughed as they stepped off the bus. I stood back up, brushing myself off. I waved goodbye to Mr. Gus, who replied with a simple smile and a nod. He pulled away, leaving me at what I liked to call “prison”.

Chapter Two

Chapter Two


East Coast High is similar to any prison in the world for many reasons. You’re not allowed to leave until they let you free. Prison Guards keep you in your cell until you have to change to a new one with a new guard. Lunch is at a scheduled time everyday, and they only feed you what they feel like feeding you. You have to follow certain rules or else you are


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