Dreams of Transcendence

The Eternal Moment

Space and time
Have me locked in their claws
I’m looking for this one
Eternal moment
When you were there
And I was so close
I opened myself
A part of me going out to you
On that stage
Our mouths forming the same words
At the same time
Our voices becoming one
One emotion – one passion – one melody
That annihilated space and time
And took me beyond all limits
Unifying me with you in this one
Eternal moment
That made me believe
In the possibility to transcend
Space and time

A.E.,December 2005

Where my Dream Begins

The blurred line
Where the gleaming orange-purple
Of the setting sun
Melts into the misty blue of the sea

This is where my dream begins
Red and blue
Hot and cold
Day and night

They all melt into each other
Transcending all boundaries
Oppositions merge – becoming one
In an undistinguished union
Of light and love
Every individual is the whole
The whole is every individual

Constructive creativity and peace
Have replaced destruction and war
Everyone has a unique place in the whole picture
Nobody is alone, but ALL IS ONE!

A.E.,May 2005

The Voice

Cold coffee
In the night
Muted music
Drifting through the room
Hitting my ears
Invading my mind
Through a curtain of dizziness
The lights blinding
Pain pushing in through my eyes

I want to close my active senses

Not to look, but to see
Not to listen, but to hear
Not to touch, but to feel
Not to do, but to be
Not to want, but to be fulfilled

But a voice in me raises protest

A voice in me tries to scream: “I want!”
A voice in me can’t be silenced
And screams:
“Life is for living – songs are for singing – tales are for telling”

So I surface
From the deep – limitless – shapeless – undefined ocean
Inside of me
I return
I have to face the world again
Knowing I have to accept
The incompleteness
The never ending quest for more
More love – more pleasure – more recognition – more success

I won’t break
The eternal axis
Of desire and death
Choose life and accept lack
The only option

The voice in


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