Prologue: A Nice Beginning

The whole minecraft world you're in... It was drawn, by a well known god. Notch. He first summoned a pen to draw an entire world. Once he was done, he drew trees to provide shade for the life he was about to draw. He started out with pigs. Later came cows, then sheep. Then, he figured some life should not be as nice as sheep... or pigs. So he drew the spider. Still he wanted less nice life... or death. So at night he made Zombies... then the Skeleton. Next, he felt like a little destructive, so he decided to draw the creeper. However, he felt it still wasn't complete. He got the idea after seeing a Zombie. Maybe a living version of the zombie, so he drew the person that this very story is about. He drew Steve...

Chapter 1 Smooth Sailing

Steve got to work almost instantly. Notch was impressed at how hard Steve worked. In about an hour, Steve had a house up. Notch was so impressed, he thought, "What would happen with two people?". So he drew another person. However, He screwed up and made a woman. Or at least he thought he screwed up. While Steve was working, he accidentally made paper, so he decided to make a journal to record day to day events.
(Day 1)
I have just got my shelter up and hopefully soon I can... what was that. I just heard a rustle in the bush about 20 feet over to the right... there it is again. Oh my Notch, I must be hearing things...
Steve investigated the source of the noise to find Jessie, the female Notch drew. She thought a way to get Steve's trust was to give him something. So, she handed him a hollowed out log. Steve told Jessie, "It's cool, I do need armor... Thanks." He strapped the log to his back and Jessie laughed. Steve wondered why she was laughing so he asked her why. She said he looks funny and that now he's the shelled wonder. Steve chuckled. Steve decided to make a house on water.
For Jessie, as a thank you gift. While working, Steve fell backward into the water. Jessie immediately went to help Steve, only to find he wasn't wet, he was floating. The straps broke and Steve had an idea after he saw himself. Maybe, he could catch the mysterious creature going through the water, for food. Jessie loved the idea because, well, she was hungry. A few hours later, Steve finished the house on the water for Jessie, made fried fish and ate.

Chapter 2 Darkness Hurts

"So Jessie, do you like your house?"
"I knew, I was a good builder."
Steve decided to make a pit around his house for protection.
"So... Steve, won't we need light to see?"
"Oh crap!"
"What, did you fall into your pit?"
No response.
"Steve, you're worrying me... Steve?"
Jessie went to Steve's Pit only to find him hurt. He was knocked out. Notch was amazed to see that things can happen to people when they fall. Jessie was scared shit-less. So Notch helped out and revived Steve. When Steve got up, Jessie was happy that Steve was o.k. Steve got back to work, but he made sure he didn't fall... again. When Steve was almost done, he found a black mineral; he realized what he had found, so he made many torches to keep his, and Jessie's, houses lit up. But, after that he realized that his hands were EXTREMELY sore. He had some wood and stone left over, so he made a pick.
He eventually finished the moat-ish thing.
"Well, my hands still hurt."
"Quit your... FWANGGGG!"
Steve had used his pick to smash the skull of the Skeleton.
"Yeah, maybe we should go to our houses."
"Jess, have I ever told you that you have good ideas."

Chapter 3 A Girls Best Friend... and her worst enemy

Notch thought that there should be harder thing in the world then stone, so he drew iron, diamond, and gold.
"Hey, what's this?"
"What's what?"
"Jessie come here, I think you might want to see this..."
"O.k. I'm here, what do you... whoa. What is that?"
"I don't know. I'll mine it and we can experiment."
So Steve then dug up all of this mysterious ore. Jessie and Steve experimented with everything. They tried crafting. It didn't work. They tried throwing it at pig. Still no success. So as their last attempt, they smelted it. They got a mysterious bar, of a grey-ish substance.
"Jessie, this is a really hard metal. Maybe I can make picks with it."
"O.k., whatever floats your log."
"We called those boats, remember."
"Oh yeah... Well, whatever floats your boat."
Steve then crafted a pick. Its strength was unmatched by stone or wood.
"Hey what's that... in the distance?"
"EWWWWW... It looks, how do I put this, ehh, gross."
What they didn't know was that they saw a creeper. To them it looked like a... I think you know.
"Steve where are you..."
"Over there... over... there... and... up there."
"Steve where are your legs..."
Notch was saddened by Steve's death. Jessie was absolutely horrified. I mean, what if you saw your best friend without any legs and not breathing. Jessie took Steve's old iron pick and went mining for a suitable place to bury him. The whole time not talked about in this book, Steve told Jessie how he wanted to explore caves and find new things. However she didn't expect to find diamonds... and lava. She thought the diamonds were pretty, so she buried Steve in the rock right next to the diamonds... and took one for herself.

Chapter 4 Could It Be?

5 months after Steve's death, Jessie has found other people in the Mysterious world that Notch created. They have a thriving city with Jessie as the queen. However, Jessie has changed a lot; she is now very depressed and prefers to be alone. She also carved the diamond into the shape of a heart and placed it on Steve's grave.
"Jessie! Jessie, there appears to be a newcomer and he says he knows you!"
"WHAT! Andy did you say he said he knows me?"
"Yes, you need to come follow me!"
"OK lead the way."
Andy then took Jessie to find the "Newcomer". She knew it wasn't Steve, from the clothes, but the voice. It sounded like Steve.
"I must be going insane. I miss him, but, I will be getting married soon. Should I call off the..."
"Call off the what?"
"Nothing Andy!"
"OK, shout if you need me."
"Yes, I shall, I can't marry Andy. I need Steve. But he's dead."
Notch saw that the city was bustling with business of the "Newcomer". He thought "What if that is Steve? Could it be? No, it can't. It could though."
The "Newcomer" couldn't remember anything, but the fact he knew Jessie, and breathing and all that basic stuff.
"Who, what? Are you talking to me?"

Chapter 5 New Invention

Another 5 years passed since the arrival of the "Newcomer". He liked the nickname so he kept being called the Newcomer. He rose in ranks after basic training as a knight, now he is the General of the Army in Queen Jessie's city. But all of kindness is about to be abruptly stopped.
"Queen, Queen!"
"What Andy?"
"Our miners have discovered a new material. It's hard as about diamond. Maybe harder."
"Harder? Nothing is harder than diamond."
Andy took Jessie to the mines to show her the new material. They dubbed it obsidian. People got ideas that obsidian was a holy material. So they built an alter made of obsidian. After they finished building, they celebrated with a bon fire. The fire reached the alter and created a portal. They sent a man through... he never came back.

Chapter 6 We Won't Wait Anymore

"Jessie, you're being drastic!"
"No, I must find Steve."
Notch has been keeping in touch with Jessie and told her that Steve was through the portal. The portal was to the nether; the area Notch had not only recently drew, but sends all living things that die. He had told her that Steve was through the portal. Jessie had chosen her most elite warriors, for Notch had told her that the nether was EXTREMELY dangerous.
"By your word, Queen Jessie."
As soon as they went through the portal, it was a hell... no really, it was a hell. The zombie pigmen were friendly, enough. They told in the pigmen language, which the humans understood, because on earth the humans and pigmen were friends, but that doesn't matter. The pigmen told of how to defeat the ghasts, which right out of the portal killed 3 people.
"PIAGRONS!" *Pigmen language for GHASTS!*
The battle was won by Jessie; sadly she had to blow herself up as well. Jessie's soldiers had found the man they sent through 3 weeks ago. He was injured, but not dead. The pigmen and Soldiers carried Jessie's body out of the nether. She was buried next to Steve, they were forever together.

Chapter 7 The Battle of Hell and Earth

All hell broke loose after Jessie's death, suicide went up 9000%. The Ghasts used the souls to become sentient, and later attacked earth. The numbers out of the portal were in hundreds.
After several hours of fighting, with the help of Notch and his pen. The humans prevailed. But, the war didn't end there. Creepers of the tens of thousands attacked the survivors. Notch, however managed to capture the souls of Jessie and Steve. He put them back on earth, with full diamond armor and weapons. However that wasn't enough to win.
Jessie got hit by a Creeper explosion, and died. Steve fell into a crater made by Ghast fireballs and Creeper explosions, he too, had died. Soon the earth was claimed by evil. Notch and all dead humans and pigmen, launched an assault on the nether. They were going to plant a bomb. One that, not only destroys the planet, but all living on it. They had got the bomb planted. Notch got them out. The planet went boom. Notch, with all of the help of the souls, created a paradise for all good souls. Jessie, Steve, and Notch ruled for all eternity.
Moral: Never summon a pen to create a planet that you will most likely destroy.


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