The legends say that for centuries we ruled these lands that the humans now walk and we lived in peace before they arrived, it was one day when the elders were out hunting that they stumbled across one of the first humans not knowing what they had discovered they went to investicate only to be ambushed and killed where they stood,weaponless and defenceless only one escaped and that is my grandfather and former leader Asuka Perish, since that day the law was passed that none shall venture out alone or go near the human race as to do so could mean terrible things for our race we have followed this law since it was passed, all except one...
The proper name for me is a hybrid a cross joining of two different types of genes in the D.N.A, but i am different i dont only have two i have three.

My name is Aria i am the daughter and guardian of our Queen Enchantress my father is not often within the kingdom so my mother rules in his absence as a child i was bitten by the rare white wolf when i was playing in the open ranges of the forest, i had run and hidden from my mother as i wanted to explore on my own, that was when i was bitten, no one knows why the wolf only bit me and did not kill me, some have theories it might be because we have the grey wolf gene mixed with our D.N.A but no one knows for certain all that is certain is after i was bitten i changed , i was faster than the other children i was more agile my senses were stronger and for this i was concidered a freak, un-natural to our race no one would say this to my parents or to me as i am of royal blood, but i heard their snickering behind my back and their taunting calling me names and saying i will never be good enough to one day follow in my mothers foot steps as queen, it was then that i decided i would prove them all wrong. i went through intense combat training and academic challenges every day to make sure i succeeded in my goals, i passed every test faster than others in our race ever had and soon word of my abilities traveled across our lands and beyond we would have visits from kings of other lands asking for me to marry their sons but my mother refused them saying it was my choice who i took as a husband and future king. The day i had waited for had finally arrived it was the day i got to prove i was worthy to guard my mother from enemies i had to battle the strongest fighter and protecter in the land and win to prove i could protect my mother, i passed the challenege and shocked everyone except my mother who knew i would suceed in this task, that day was the day i was proclaimed as my mothers official guard and i have not stepped away from my mothers side. i have protected her with my life and will always do so...

My duties never end i must be on guard at all times to protect our Queen from the dangers that might arise but i do get dismissed from the queens presence at times, when this happens like now i go out in to the forest where others will not roam as it is forbidden and meditate amongst the tree tops,it is only when i am disturbed by a smell i have not smelt before that i move slowly and quietly descending from the tree tops and balance on a branch to see where the smell is coming from, scanning the area and seeing there is no danger i jump down from the branch silently landing on the balls of my feet, quickly making sure my first instinct was not wrong but as i thought i was right there was nobody around, still being able to smell something unusual to me i start to follow it only to hear a stick broken by someones foot i spin around spreading my feet and planting them to ground ready for an attack only to discover a child slowly walk out of the trees, standing their looking at me with her wide ocean blue eyes, i stand for a second or two just looking at her and decide to slowly walk over to her, i have not seen a child like this before with her white curly shoulder length hair and olive colour skin she is like a doll small and petite but where did she come from and who does she belong to, i know for certain she is not from my land she does not smell like us and she seems scared by my appearance, i can see her eyes wonder over me starting from the top of my long onyx black hair to come down over my face and having a qucik glance at my ears that are on high alert listening to every sound in the forest slowly i place one foot in front of the other making sure the heels upon my knee high leather boots dont make a sound upon hte branches that lay before me upon the forest floor walk silently over to the young girl,Upon reaching the young girl terror seems to fill her eyes as though i was about to eat her for my breakfast ,(which i wasnt i might have two different kinds of wolf genes running through my body but i do not eat like a wolf this is where we are thankful to also have the human gene in our D.N.A)
"do not fear child i will not eat you "
kneeling myself infront of the child and looking into her ocean blue eyes that are full of fear i sniff the air around her taking in her scent and smelling the fear all over her curiousity coming over me i lift my right hand to try and touch the childs face,
"I ... do not fear you "comes out of this childs mouth her voice as innocent as her appearance "What... are"she stutters stepping forward putting her hand up to touch my cheek as she raises her hand to just an ich away from my cheek i hear shooting from behind her in the far distance pulling my hand back from the child and standing up i look at her as she stares at me
"you must not tell any one you have seen me child do you understand"
the young girl nods her head quiet softly, as she does so her white shoulder length curls bounce softly on her head reflecting the sunlight that is breaking through the gap within the trees, hearing the voice's get near i turn to walk away from the child to hear her yell after me
"Wait whats your name?"
"I am Aria and you are child?"
"My names Rin it was nice to meet you Aria " she says smiling at me as though butter wouldnt melt in her mouth,
i nod and turn walking away from her in to the woods realising as i get deeper and deeper into the wood and closer to closer to home that i can still smell the smell that atracted me in the first place turning my head looking all around me to find what the smell is that i discovered but finding nothing in my surroundings to suggest thats where the smell is from suddenly realising the smell is coming from me its the smell of the child, what was her name...rin that was it the smell was from rin. deciding i cant go back to the queen smelling like this i go to the river to wash my self off ,as i reach the river side i check to make sure no one is about knowing my surroundings are safe for now i undress placing my clothes upon a rock at the side of the river and diving in hitting the cold water feeling it caress my body as i swim to the surface to take a breath, giving a shiver as i reach the surface my hair dripping with the icy cold water i pull the tie that is holding my hair back letting my hair fall down my back and into the water, taking a deep breath i go back under the water and open my eyes to see the creatures swimming with me basking in the feel of the water all over my body, finally i decide i had better to surface and return to my mother and resume my duty as her guardian. as i surface i realise i am not alone swimming at the surface i see the strangers face it is a boy of no older than i myself sat on the rock that i left my clothes on staring at me, we stare at each other examing the movement of the other when finally he speaks;
"I am prince Alexander from the Blueblood kingdom you are ?"
"I am princess Aria from the kingdom reign of light and dark and guardian to the queen, what brings you here? "
he sits their looking at me and then at my clothes
" I am passing through and you seem to be erm... busy"
"not at all i was just swimming but i shall need to return home now so if you please"
looking at him and then at my clothes i begin to swim to the edge of the river only to realise he has not turned his back so that i may change, so to prove i do not care who he is i begin to walk out from the river and to the rock gathering my clothes i quickly dress as not to catch a chill as i finally finsh getting dressed and tie the band back in my hair i hear footsteps coming towards us at a fast pace crouching down i tense the muscles within my body readying myself to charge who ever is coming, quickly glancing over to alexandeer i notice that he has also prepared himself for a fight as the foot steps get closer i realsie i know that smell its the same smell i had just bathed to get away from, i quickly realise that is it the girl i had seen before " Rin" that i could smell it was her that was running towards us as she breaks through the bushe's that surround the river and runs straight for me i see Alexander fly forwards toward her realising what he is about to do i ahve no other option but to stop him, before i know what i am doing my legs have begun to move on their own suddenly leaving the ground i dive infront of her taking the full blow of his body knocking me in to a nearby tree hitting my back against the strong trunk of the tree takes my breath away sending me slightly light headed, i stand as i start collecting my self quickly shaking my head i realise what has happened and charge to rin, As i reach her i pick her up quickly and swiftly but making sure i do not harm her and turn to face alexander staring at him and waiting to see his next movement so i can counter it but to my surprise he stands upright and just looks at me and Rin.
" aria " she screeches in a high pitch voice that shoots through my ears, taking a deep breath i try to regain what has been knocked out of me my voice low and gently like the summer breeze blowing through the newly grown blades of grass
" hello rin what are you doing running about the forest on your own?"
" i'm running from them meanie men that are after me i want to come with you " she starts to stroke her small fingers through my jet balck wet hair my ears twitching as they listening for approaching footstep but nothing is heard, gently putting rin down i look at her she is as beautiful as a newly blooming rose the sun shining down on her white hair making it glisten in the light i look into her eyes and go against my better judgement deciding i can not leave her on her own out here,
" ok rin i will take you with me but you must listen to everything i tell you it will keep you safe and alive am i understood" what has made me take this child back with me i do not know she is a possible threat and could very well cause us all harm but i cannot help it when i look at her she reminds me of myself as a child,
" do you think that is wise Aria she is not one of us she is human and at that a human child they will search for her,"
" I do not know if it is wise but i will not leave a child out here on her own she will be my responsibility and i will take what ever judgement is passed on me for taking her into my care" picking rin up i begin to walk back to my home realising that alexander was also trailing a long with us, i did not say anything as i needed to think how was i to convince my mother to let me protect this child and not just let her be left to wonder in the wilderness, as i am thinking i can feel rin stretching on my back trying to reach for my cheeks i move her up my back so she can reach them i feel her tenderly running her fingers over the markings upon my face as i think of my next task a head of me which will be my hardest challenge yet walking through the forest coming close to my home now i realise their is no one on guard at the entrance which is out of the ordinary there is always some one here guarding the entrance, If it was to be discovered then our home would be discovered, i ran through the entrance looking from street to street wondering where everyone is and realising no one is to be seen as terror runs through my body i run to the castle to find my mother our queen the one i had worked so hard to protect, what if she was injured or worse its all my fault i should have stayed i should never have gone out of the castle grounds...


I run through the kingdom searching for any sign that there is somebody, anybody around but nothing not even a mouse is to be seen, all i can hear are the footsteps of alexanderand i hitting the marbled floors as we run through the streets my heart racing as i pick up speed running faster and faster to the castle in the centre of the kingdom, this proud white marbled building so grand, so elegant and over 3,000 years of history built in to it such a beauty to look at every dawn as the sun rises hitting the marble just right and reflecting the colours of a rainbow off of it... As we reach the main gates of the castle there is still no sign of a living thing, we stop to catch our breath i look at alexander with panic in my eyes and seeing the same in his, we set off again running through the winding corridors bursting through every door we go past trying to find anyone just a simple servant would have done but no nothing, we finally come up to the main hall with its doors as tall as the old oak trees that grow outside the kingdom their grand beauty shining brightly with solid gold detail engraved in to them looking as delicate as lace twisting and twinning around the edges. I burst through the doors losing my footing and crashing to the grounds with rin still on my back saving myself from hitting the floor face first, i just manage to put my hands out taking the impact on them, i quickly get up and dust myself off taking rin off my back and placing her on the floor whilst i scan the room looking from place to place till i see her, my mother, our queen sat at her desk i said and look at her as the sun shines through the window behind her eluminating her beauty, her cheek bones so slender yet so defined as she smiles, her skin the colour of a peach rose in the summer glow, those emerald green eyes looking at you with all the kindness in her heart as if she can see right into your soul, her white floor length gown trimmied with silver lace roses hugging her strong but slender body just by looking at her you know she is of great power but still great kindness as well, i soon break from staring at my mother when i fell something tugging at my top looking down i see Rin hiding behind my leg and smiling realizing i wasn't alone i realize that Alexander is still stood at the great doors of the hall, slowly i step forward and bow low to my mother with Rin still hiding behind my legs,
"Greetings mother "
"Greetings my daughter "she says smiling her dazzling smile
"this is prince Alexander from the BlueBlood Kingdom" i say as i straighten and step to the side so she has a clear view of him,
"Greetings your majesty " he says in such a strong and noble voice rich with mystery as though there is more than meets the eye to him, watching him bow to my mother i had not took in his looks before, looking at him i wonder know how i had not noticed his masculine build, his shirt tightly bound to his chest breathing heavily, his face so pure but yet so rugged those cheek bones so defined like they had been sketched by an artist and his eyes so so... well perfect those greyish-pale yellow eyes looking at you so unique so different but perfect for him never before in my life have i seen another like him, his soft chocolate brown hair laying on his wet brow,
"Greetings Alexander and welcome to our kingdom" she gracefully stands and walks forward toward us, her gown swaying gently as she moves with such elegance, such purity,
"please call me Alex your majesty"straightening up he strides forward to where rin and i are stood
"then please call me Chant"smiling as she reaches us i realize rin is still clinging to my leg as i begin to speak my mother waves her hand and smiles, smiling back i already now she knows rin is hiding.
"Hello little one and who are you "smiling warmly at rin she steps forward and holds out her hand, i look down at rin smiling and coaching her forward .
"I'm rin... Arias friend" comes this shaky innocent voice, shyly stepping forward and taking my mothers hand she looks at me in panic but i simply smile back assuring her she'll be fine.
Watching rin holding my mothers hand reminds me of my childhood when my mother and i would walk in the garden together and look at the wild flowers growing, so free, i always wished i could be like them to be able to do as i wish and find my place in life all i wished was to be able to roam as the normal of our kind do,but i never thought this would be my place guarding my mother from the dangers that could face us being on my guard constantly never truly being off duty not even in my sleep, realizing i was not alone i snapped out of my daydream and glanced around to see if i had been noticed not being on my full guard luckily i hadn't deciding it was time for me to wash and rest, Glancing once more at Alexander i turn my eyes upon my mother and cough ever so slightly as to get her attention, turning to face me she smiles Rins tiny hand still in hers i can not do anything but smile as i speak to her.
"mother i will be returning to my quarters now if you may i feel i must rest, i will get Torak to stand guard so as you will be safe "
" of course daughter rest well and i hope to see you at dinner" this was my mothers way of asking if i was joining her for dinner instead of just commanding that i join her, she would put little comments in as to say you will come to dinner but i will not tell you directly, mother had done that since i was a youngster i caught on fast and realized if mother hoped she meant you better had. softly nodding my head my wet hair falling over my shoulder i bid farewell to my mother and Alexander bowing slightly to them both as i begin to walk away i feel something grab at the bottom of my leg making me stumble a couple of steps i glance down out of the corner of my eye to see Rin attached to my leg and not letting go, as i look up i see my mother and Alexander chuckling to themselves as though something is highly amusing,
"Rin.... why are you clinging to my leg" i say speaking softly to her as not to seem chilled she is of course after all a child my eyes wondering down to her and watching her every movement every expression as she gazes back at me, from this beautiful child comes a whisper so hard to hear for a humans ear but with mine i could hear it as clear as day,
"i want to come with you ...please" looking at me she looks so pure so innocent and yet there is an untold secret hiding behind her eyes.
i nod my head softly my wet hair shaking soft droplets of water from it and on to my clothes the dripping sound clear as a drum beating in my ears, the smell of the child all over me caressing my nostrils every time i breathe in...

i bow once more to my mother and alexander, rin at my side i turn on my heels and head towards the door as rin trails behind me i glance over my shoulder as though to look at her but my eyes sway off their course to land upon alexander his body so strong his attitude so smug as though he owns the world, my mind beginning to wonder imagining his muscular chest bare and shimmering in the last of the sunset shinning through the exquistie windows the rays of light creating a rainbow on the marble floor in the main hall and bouncing on to his chest his whole body calling me to him and him embracing me in his strong arms holding me close to him ...realising rin was looking at him i quickly shake my thought and carry on in my stride out of the main hall...

Chapter 3

we walked through the halls in silence, glancing out of the windows my mind cursing its self for such stupidity... how could i have thoughts like that it would never be between us and i had to know that but yet my mind wondered wanting to explore of his body what was wrong with me i was a guardian a warrior and had to be so until the day i was to die he would only be a distraction as my mind tortured its self i had not realised that rin had stepped up to my side quietly i did not realise she was their till she spoke to me,
"you like him"
this was not a question but an observation and of course like every body else i denied it stongly i could not have people finding out me the freak as i was classed liked somebody had feelings for someone it would be considered wrong they might have accepted my role as my mothers guardian but they had not accepted me,

" no Rin ... i do not he is an interesting person yes but that is it and you are not to speak of this again am i understood"
i look down at her with a stern face trying ever so hard to make her stop and think before pushing it but she did not even give me a glance realising she would carry on i rolled my eyes and waited for it...but nothing she said not a word just smiled innocently her face lighting up her eyes shining wickedly, i did not bother to continue with the conversation i simply carried on walking through the hall ways taking in the beauty that beheld me after walking through the twists and the turns of the halls we finally reached our rooms.I decided it would be best for Rin to have the room down the hall from mine if not for her own safety then so i can keep and eye on her movements, opening the door to her room i take her inside and show her where she is able to find everything she needs,
" ok Rin i shall be going to my room now if you require anything i am but down the hall "i smile down at her as she sets her self on the bed which looks as though it may swallow her as it is more than twice the size of her,nodding her small and delicate head she looks at me whilst boucning her self up and down on the bed,
"Oh you're not staying with me?"
"No Rin i must wash and rest but as i have said if you need anything i will be down the hall " i turn and walk to the door glancing back to her , still sat ont the bed bouncing a smile wrapping its self on my face as i watch her i turn and walk out of the door taking one last look throught it as i close it gently, thinking to myself...well that should keep her amused for sometime at least,

I breath a sign of relief as i close the door to my room strolling across to the marble floor my hips slowly swaying as the tiredness takes over me i reach the bed which seemed as though it took me forever to get to and collapse on to it stretching my back as i do so, reaching my hand down my left leg i untie the lace on my boot, yanking it off and throwing it over the other side of the room hearing it thud as it hits the floor i do the same with my right boot,i wiggling my toes letting them gain some air as i pull my self up from the bed and realise i most definately needed to wash, dragging my tired and weary body to the washroom i started to fill the tub,the steam from the hot water climbing up the walls to the roof and clingng to the windows making them mist over, finally turning the water off i undress sliding my trousers down my smooth semi-tanned legs stepping out of them as they reach the floor slowly unbuttoning my snug fitted top and slip it up and over my self,i pull the tie from my hair and shake my head to let my hair fall naturally,letting out a slight shiver as the coldness and damp of my hair clings to the bare of my back the water dripping off my hair and on to my skin sending cold shivers down my spine, i lower my self in to the tub as my skin touches the warmth of the water i moan slightly, my skin crawling with goosepimples as the water wraps it self over my skin caressing every bit of me, i slide my entire body down into the warm and relax letting all my tension of the past day wash away knowing my mother was safe and well guarded at this time, Finally after half an hour of soaking in the warmth of the tub the water had finally gone cold so i decided it was time to climb out, Leaning over the tub i run my hand along the floor searching for my towel i was sure it was there but yet i could not find it all i could feel was the cold of the marble under my finger tips realising i could not feel any thing but the floor i climbed out of the tub and stood their looking around the room to see where my towel could be my body shuddering slightly from the cold of the room , Finally i see a towel on the chair across the room as i cross the room my hips swaying softly every foot step as cold as the last about i mutter under my breath about people not being able to just leave my stuff alone and where i put it , i grab the towel quickly and rap it around my delicate body as i get colder and colder deciding it was getting to cold for me to saurnter about completely naked the only thing covering me a towel i walked my way back into my room to light the fire hoping it would warm myself and the room, but i only reach the doorway of the wash room when i am startled by a figure stood in my room,
" Who are you and what are you doing in my room ?" i say growling at this figure my body tensing i can feel the muxcles within my calf's pulsig as i spread my weight on my feet evenly ready to attack if this person is of any threat to me,
"do not panic Aria , It is only me... Alexander"
i can hear him chuckling to him self as he turns to gaze upon me still stood in nothing but my towel my body covered now in goosepimples from the cold running up my body from my feet as they are firmly planted on the marble flooring, i can see his eyes drifting up and down my body the towel firmly caressing the curves of my body as i straighten and stand properly still grasping the front of my towel so it does not drop, i make a slight coughing noise as to get his attention back to my face and off of my body,
"what are you doing here? is my mother well?" suddenly realising something may have happened i begin to panic,
" relax aria nothing is wrong ...i just thought maybe we could speak " he says this with his eyes still wandering my body, feeling more than exposed i nod my head my wet hair wafting past my cheeks which have now turned a slight shade of pink the water from my hair dripping onto the floor and leaving prints of where it has landed,
" we may talk but first i would like to change if you do not mind ?" this was not really a question more of a request for him to leave and return once i was decent, watching his expression as i said this i realised he did not feel the embarrassment that i did.. then again why would he, he is not the one stood in only a towel dripping wet.
slowly nodding his head he turns himself and saunters toward the door glancing back to look at me once more a cheeky grin across his face as he does this, i shake my head and roll my eyes as he leaves the presences of my room and shuts the door behind him. Walking across the room quickly i make sure he has shut the door properly and run to get some clothes on.
After searching through my clothes quickly i finally decide to wear the gown my mother had bought me several months ago ...she had bought me this to try and get me to look more like a princess than a warrior but i had just taken it off of her and placed it in the back of the wardrobe looking upon it now though it seemed so elegant so pure it certainly was nothing like me , the snow white fabric not a mark on it the skirt of it just centimetres from touching the floor, the leather straps that wrapped around my torso ever so snug but complimenting the gown completely.To look in the mirror you would have thought this a complete different person not me stood here in a gown of all things i had not worn a gown since i had turned three years of age, shaking my head at myself i grab the brush that is lay upon the dresses and drag it through my hair till i am satisfied with the out come, i place it back on the dresses and place the white pumps on my feet the inside of the slightly warmer than the marble floor had been but not that much warmer. I make my way back over to my bedroom door and open it gently peering through to see if alex is still their or if he has decided that it wasnt worth waiting this long to talk... unfortunately for me he had decided it was worth waiting for and was still stood outside of the door, i open the door more so and step out of the room...i swear i saw his jaw drop when he saw me in the gown but if it did he quickly corrected him self and just smiled as he examined me up and down his eyes traced my body feeling i had had enough of him studying me i spoke first even though it seemed he was the one that wanted to speak in the first place,
"what is it you wanted to speak about ?"
" oh yes i just wondered if you would like to walk with me? and maybe tell me more of your mothers kingdom" he says this with no embarrassment about being in my room before or even that he has made me dress for a simple walk when thinking upon my self maybe something was wrong, i mutter to my self under my breath and nod my head as i brush my hair behind my ears and off of my face,
" i have to check on Rin first though " i say as i walk past him to Rin's room knocking lightly on the door waiting for a sound to confirm i can enter after waiting a couple of minutes and hearing nothing i creep the door open just a fraction so i can see in, as i do i see a little lump in the bed breathing up and down quite peacefully realising it was Rin i smile and close the door quietly, as i turn to walk from the door i crash into Alexander he had been stood right behind me and had not moved fast enough to move out of the way... i stumble back and begin to fall backwards feeling myself going i try to balance myself with out success just as i think im going to end up sat on the floor on my backside i feel these strong warm hands grab me around the waist and save me from pure embarrassment i look down to the hands now wrapped around my waist and pulling me back on to my feet i trail my eyes up the arms to the shoulders and finally to the face to be startled it had been Alexander that had caught me his face now inches from mine hes warm breath breathing on me, our eyes level and our nose's almost touching, i feel the blush rising to my cheeks turning them a deep crimson colour as i break the eye contact and look down to my feet mumbling a thank you to him and trying to step back out of his grasp, but it seems he had other plans... his hands still tightly grasped around my waist he pulls me into him closer his chest now against mine being able to feel every breath he takes and feeling his heart beat against mine i lo him in the eyes this time as he runs the very tips of his fingers on his left hand up my spine sending shivers down it , unable to move i am frozen from his touch his prisoner as some could say as his fingers climb higher on my back to the base of my neck, pressing his hand to the back of my head he leans forward, at this point my mind is going frantic screaming i cant do this i need to stop it but my body ignores it, My hands move on their own, brushing my fingers over the muscles on his chest my breathing deepens my chest heaving up and down from the antisipation the thrill of it, suddenly i hear a noise from behind me and growl to myself softly pushing Alexander away from me, but not fast enough did i do this as before i could do anything he kissed me, i stood their in shock for a minute or two before completely forgetting what i had heard and kissed him back, the whole world seemed to disappaer in that one kiss my arms wrapping around his neck as my hands trail them selfs through his hair, our bodys pushing together the heat off each others body warming the other, i feel his hands wandering up and down the sides of my body kneeding at my skin as his hands trail down to the top of my skirt and claw at it slowly pulling it up my leg, sliding my hand from his hair i trace it down over his chest and down his stomach to his waist and smile as i hear him let out a small moan, all of a sudden we both heard it even if we didnt want to acknowledge it was their a small cough from the side of us, stopping what we were doing we glanced down to see Rin stood their a grin upon her delicate face i could not help but smile out of pure embarrassment, pulling back i broke free of his embrace and straightened my skirt as i looked at Rin ,
" we thought you were sleeping "
" i was, but now im awake " giggling as she says this she wraps her small tender arms around my leg and then turns running down the hall,I glance at Alexander through my hair and smile as i begin to walk from him after Rin i feel him grab the top of my arm and his lips pressed against mine once more the sweetness of them tingling through mine as quickly as he kisses me he pulls himself back and grins,
" just a little something extra " with in saying this he turns and walks down the opposite length of the hall looking back over his shoulder and winking at me with the devilish grins wrapped across his lips ,Shaking my head i let out a tender chuckle as i go in search of Rin....

Chapter 4

After whats seemed like hours of searching for Rin i decided i would head back to the castle and attend dinner, hoping maybe just maybe her stomach had got the best of her and she had decided to go back,The walk from the garden was a long one but i did not mind as the scenery was magnificent my fingers tracing over the petals of the dark crimson sakura, all the flowers in the bloom the blood red rose's closing their petals for the night as the fresh smell of newly cut grass wafted up my nose with ever breath i took a small soft smile of delight crossing my pale pink lips,The sound of small strong pebbles crunching beneath my feet with every gently step i take a soft breeze brushes past the cheeks of my face touching it as though it was touching a lover.Finally i reach the doors pushing them open silently with my small delicate hands my fingers curling around the cold gold handle of the door as i close it quietly once more taking a moment to brask in the warmth of the castle surrounding my body climbing around the gentle curves of my body.

As i stroll down the hallway my fingers trailing the lines on the wall my hips sway from side to side softly the fabric of my skirt barely brushing against the bare silkin flesh of my legs, i admire the craftmanship put in to building this most exquistite palace, Every stone hand craft to perfection not a surface unlevel the floors finely layed with the purest of marble the walls climbing high to the solid ceiling beams the age of the wood showing but yet not showing any weakness with in a singles one of them, The window patterns finely drawn on as though they were done by hand the amazement never seeming to fade on me reaching the end of the corridor i begin to smell the food from the kitchen drifting around the palace the smell sending my lips to curve into a smile....finally reaching the Dinner Hall i stop as i hear the sound of muffled voices behind the doors placing a small tender hand upon the door i push it open just enough to slip my form through my eyes adjusting to the lighting within the room my eyes finally falling upon the figures of the voices i heard, the voices where Alex and my mother i stand and looks for a second before i bow gracefully to them my voice spoken softly traveling across the hall to them,
"Greetings, i hope i am not intruding"
returning myself up right i turn my head to glancce upon Toruk standing guard and nod my head softly to him returning the nod he bows to my mother and Alex before turning to me and laying his closed fist across his chest,Turning and walking away he leaves the hall closing the doors behind him with a gently thud of the lock catching, returning my attention back to my mother and Alex i see Alex's eyes once more wander my body searching every curve upon me before finally his eyes rest upon my face my own eyes wandering him and admiring the view of his chest filling his black cotton textured shirt it tightly stuck against him watching him breath his chest moving softly up the shirt tightening even more across him and then exhaling his shirt ever so slightly slackening upon him.I regain my self before i start to dribble thinking of his firm well built chest bare against me his hands wandering their way down me as mine do his....Quickly looking towards my mother i smiles walking over to her my feet silently stepping upon the marbled floor my arms coming up to embrace her in a most delicate of hugs, feeling her mother arms around her sent a small shiver down her spine as her smile broadened her voices spoken in but a bare whisper,
"how are you mother ?"
"I am well daughter " stepping back from the embrace i feel my mother kiss my forehead most tenderly and watch her as she takes her seat at the head of the table both Alex and I following her example,I sat my self down on the right hand side of my mother pulling the skirt of my dress neatly under me as Alex takes the the chair on the left of my mother, suddenly noticing that Rin is not at the table with us i look to my mother raising a most delicate eyebrow as i speak to her with warmth.
"mother....has young Rin been seen...she went off wandering on her own i have looked the grounds for her but....well i have been un successful in finding her"
Felling my mothers hand softly placed upon mine as she smiles a most beautiful smile her words spoken in the most gentlest of ways i can not help but long to be a child once more and spend the once special times with her,
"she arrived back not long ago daughter, do not worry your self she is well and safe in her chambers i gave orders for her to eat in her chambers and settle as it has been a most distressing day for her "
"I see ... thank you mother i have searched high and low for her, I am indeed great full for your orders for her to settle"
" you are most welcome my child" removing her hand slowly i feel the once warmth of her leave me small goose pimples appearing where her hand once was a gently smile upon my lips,I nod my head softly to her as our food is brought in...

Eating in silence is not unusual for us it is time we use to think of our day to be thank full that war has not been declared or the humans have not found us... but eating in silence with a guest attending makes thinking to your self a little harder especially when this guest is a finely built warrior from another kingdom, My eyes every now and then quickly glancing at him and then at my mother to make sure she hadn't seen me do it i did this the whole way through dinner i was unable to stop my self.Finally finishing our food we decided it was time to return to our chamber the sun having completely disappeared behind the mountains, The moon full in its beauty high in the night sky lighting up the white marble of the kingdom,The star pleasantly shinning along side it twinkling in the dark nights sky glowing with such ease.Saying our goodnights i leave the dinner hall and walk at ease down the corridor to my chambers looking out of the windows to the night sky wishing i could feel so relaxed all the time the feeling of ease, ,sliding into my bed i cuddle up under the covers drifting off to sleep it wasn't before long that my dreams unfolded to something i was quiet uncomfortable with ... they where about alexander the stranger i had met in the woods unable to pull myself from them i just let my dream happen the immense feeling of safety and happiness that was within it was so unusual for me to feel as i drifted off into a deep sleep .

closing her little eyes rin was smiling to herself as she had finally felt like she fitted in some where the people around her where different than she was use to and the one named aria had a tail and ears she was like a cat in little Rins eyes but she liked it and the bed was so soft she could just cuddle in it all night and not move a muscle , as Rin slept the soft glow of the moon shone through her window giving her some light so she was not so scared of the darkness that was created from the objects that occupied the room but she wasn't the only one enjoying finding aria today out on a patch of grass within the garden Alexander has spread himself out lying down on it and gazing up to the stars in the sky a goofy kind of smile across his lips revealing the tips of his fangs as she debated going and seeing if aria was still awake or had drifted into a deep sleep and of she had what was she dreaming about, deep down within him he hoped it was of him that he had some how managed to fall into her dreams and make her smile as she seemed to make him . shaking his head to himself Alexander knew he was not here to mess with the female but she was so different she was like him a warrior and of pure blood they had so much in common but it was wrong of him he had to distance himself from her or things could get complicated as this thought crossed his mind a numb feeling knotted in his stomach he didnt want to distance himself from her he wanted to take her within his arms and promise to keep her safe for ever ... but how how could this female make him feel like this he was a care free warrior he did not even return home that often even though he still used his title .


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