Vile smells rose from the wine glass muddled with a poof of graying smoke. Lissie gripped the glass tighter as the liquid it held turned purple, green, and then back to its normal ruby red. Finally after two years of working together he’d asked her out. What if the date went poorly? She couldn’t risk it. Her heart thudded mercilessly as she left the kitchen; two glasses in tow- one for her and the other for him. She smiled as he sipped. Oh! She thought to herself with utter joy.
Their wedding day was going to be so very nice.

Teen Hearts

My civic sputtered and whined as I prayed “please don’t” and pressed my foot onto the gas pedal. It was raining. Of course it would; anything to slow me down. My eyes shifted to the crumpled letter on the dashboard. I’d screamed when I’d read it; then cried. Finally I saw the neon bus station sign and spotted my teen daughter huddled on the bench with Mitch the supposed love of her life. I pressed on the brake and left the car running while I sprinted over to them. Her eyes widened with surprise. “Get in the car.” I demanded.


“Thanks for meeting me.”
I feigned a smile. She was prettier than I’d remembered even though the last time I’d seen her was in a hotel room naked with my husband.
“I wanted to meet. I felt bad for punching you. I was really angry.”
She reached up to touch the bandage then shrugged.
“It was nice of you to pay for my medical bills.”
The waiter came over to our table then let out a loud gasp. There was Rob, my husband, unshaven in wrinkled clothes; a gun in his hand. “Melissa!” He yelled as he came towards me.


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