101 Quotes : The Truth Behind Allopathic / Medical Lies

1st Edition

A Critic’s View on Doctors: 71 Quotes on Doctors & Medical Fraternity  


2nd Edition


The Truth Behind Allopathic / Medical Lies 




101 Quotes : The Truth Behind AlloPathic And Medical Lies

The book has more than 8 chapters each chapter carrying several quotes on Doctors and Its Medical Fraternity along with Herstory origin of medical mystery that began during India's Independence Movement 







First published on July 4 , 2017 as (:)


A Critics View on Doctors and Medical Fraternity : 71 Quotes


The 2nd edition  being published as (:)


"The truth behind Allopathic / Medical Lies " 


And now the 3rd Edition is Published as (:)


" 101 Quotes : TheTruth Behind AlloPathic / Medical Lies "


Brief Herstory of Allopathy and Medical Field


Brief Herstory of Allopathy and Medical Field


It was the early 20th Century A. D. when India's freedom movement was gaining momentum and gaining in strength .


Mahatma Gandhi was leading India's Independence Movement .


Britishers (Brish) felt that they will soon have to vacate the Indian Sub+contiinent .  So before Brish lost its stronghold in India , Brish really felt they should do  something to maintain and qeep their hold or influence on the Indian Mainland .


For Once , the Mahatma was sitting in the room along with fellow Nationalists and other leaders .  At this precise moment , a Brish man along with a Brish woman entered the room and began the dialogue with the Mahatma thus (:)


First Meeting (:)


Brish Man (:) Is there a doctor who says , 'You come to me once , you won't come back to me again !


There was an eerie silence in the room .  Nobody said anything .  The Golden Silence in the room was assumed as victory by a particular Brish Man and Brish Islands .  Brish man then left the room after a few moments only to come back again on a second occasion with a lady doctor .



Second Meeting (:)


Brish Man (:) "Look here , Gandhi , we have with us an "ENT" . She knows only 'Ear , Nose and Throat '


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Dedicated to all patients who have been victims at the hands of the doctors and hospitals.

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