Anne Marie Plaggenborg

Love Returned

Father left, I a little girl of ten
His covering gone, no protection.
His guidance gone, welcome rejection.
As a young girl, passion arrived easily.
but intuition visioned upcoming pain,
so coldly, quickly, swiftly,
severing from romance again and again.
Now older, I vowed to God and myself,
"Love once again and love forever."
Oh the fear, I tremble at it so,
for this time I let Love in.
Now and again I shed a tear,
unconditional Love is finally here.

Ode to my husband, My Love

Drowning in a sea of sadness
With all my strength I hold back the tears
My chest aches, my throat tightened,
as a melancholic melody sings in my head.
Always yearning to touch your cheek or to kiss your lips ceaselessly.
Oh, to look up into your eyes so to see your love for me
Mirrored in them, I ache so deeply for such moments to recur.
Truly I am weakened by the distance between us.
When will this nightmare end?
I want to wake up next to you again.


Sitting by the ocean,
Hear the seagulls sing?
The waves are so calm.
Breathe in the salty air.
I smile as I dig my toes
Into the powdery white sand.
Oh I love you grand endless water
As you move to the rhythm of the earth.


Weight on my chest,
I can’t breathe.
Thumping in my ears.
Thoughts run through my mind.
It arrives unexpected, unwanted,
Crashing through my soul.
I hide from the world,
Cocooned comfort for now.
Doorbell don’t ring!
Phone don’t ring!
But…. Wait.
I am lonely.
Where did everyone go?

As One

Blissfully, I embrace you my prodigious husband; my sublime love for your soul infused into mine intoxicates me, yielding me into total delectation. Our hearts pound en massed and our breath concurrent. Intuitively, conceding your powerful constitution, crying out in complete beatitude.

A Poets Exultation to God

Dear Lord,

I succumb to your direction helplessly and await your magnificent recompense as I keep social graces and poise, singing sweet vespers of devotion to you my dear King, no matter my condition at hand.
I honor the declarations you have prepared for my life without abandon and breathe my life in song.

Thank you my Liege, my Lordly Master

Breasts of a Woman

Delightfully womanly
Whether round and full
or round an perky
They are always beautiful
Straight away they attract our lovers
Instinctively they nourish our young
They are a woman’s feminine individuality
Truly they are one of Gods greatest works of art

Love finds us again

Heartbroken, Lied to
I am walking through a thick fog
I can not find the way back to myself
The fog gets thicker
I trip over my anger
I stub my toe on my self pity
Then a beautiful hand comes through the smoke
Gently, slowly I take hold of his hand
He says I am beautiful
He says I am worthy
Suddenly the fog begins to clear
Rays of sunlight come through the clouds
My soul feels mended
Love has found me again

His Perfume

In a field of heather, lavender, enveloped by rose bushes
The sun shines bright, showing off the colors of the delicate verdure
I close my eyes to smell natures perfume
But not for long
For I want to take in Gods beauty once more
How glorious are his gifts to us-
these gentle jewels of the earth

Thank God I'm a woman

Indulging the senses
Naked in my mink
Fresh washed strawberries at my fingertips
I rub them on my lips before I eat them
Sipping brandy
The satin against my skin arouses me
I'm so beautiful, sensual, feminine
At this moment I am enjoying my body
At this moment my senses are pleased
I am thrilled that God made me a woman


They all grow wildly around and about
Oh little delicate daisies with flair
Only during spring time do they all sprout
And waving in the wind without a care
Deep purple with a small light hint of blue
Randomly set against the countryside
Small patches of gentle picturesque hue
Along Georgia roads is where they reside
Gazing out the window as we drive by
I’d turn my head and have to stop and look
I would feel as if I wanted to cry
For I am inside Gods artistry book
How blessed we are, our eyes get to glare
God’s creative magnificence, He shares


Texte: Photo on cover (back and front) by Dennis Plaggenborg
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 17.05.2009

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To my husband Dennis for encouraging me when I am alone in my self made darkness.

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