Dear Bobby:

I am here so far away from you, I live so far away from Arlington and all my heart desires is to go there and be in silence for a while listening to the wind and feeling your presence but my work gets in the way and all I can do is remember our good times and go on loving you. It dosen't matter how many years go by I still remember you. In my heart I know we had been together for many live times because you are the my true love. Don't worry about me, yes, I am alone, I haven't been with another guy in years but you are still inside my heart and I can't let you go, is not easy. I told you many times that my love is forever.

Is very hard for a mother to lose a son, your mother had gone through some painful years but she is doing better, Ike had been very supportive and loving. He got married and have a beautiful daughter, Ella, she is eight and is a lovely child. I still remember the time she got dress as a fairy for a Christmas pageant, oh she was so beautiful. Your mother is very taken by her. As you know your dad had been gone for three years but your mom is a very strong woman. We are still very close, she says I am her daughter in law, can you believe that baby?, she is a very special person to me.

As Christmas is around the corner, I think of you more often. I know that your stone would be cover with snow. I wrote to your mother and told her to put a wreath on your white stone with a note from me that I already sent her since I can't be there. She visits you often, I am sure you know that. Last time I went to see her we spent a few days together, we both drove to Arlington, we shared stories about you.
She showed some photo albums of you, gosh you were so handsome, blonde hair and clear blue eyes. You had such kind eyes, oh Bobby I still love you so much. I wish you were here, life had been hard and you know it, losing my sister and later my mother, living alone, not enjoying my job any more. All I wish is to go and live in Virginia so I can visit you often.

I need to tell you that I still wear my engagement ring, is so beautiful. I remember the day you gave it to me. I wanted a nice wedding, simple and romantic but life is cruel sometimes. I know that for a fact. When you lose people you love sometimes nothing makes sense. I am very happy today because I got a letter from your mother, she said she visited you last Sunday and she placed the wreath and my note on your white stone. She tells me how big Ella is getting and that she is a sweet child. Ike is no longer a Navy officer and he finished his career as a lawyer and he is working on his own. Ike's wife is a nice charming Virginia girl, she is an artist. She is a great mother to Ella and your mother is pleased about that. Your mom says how much she wants to see me and wants me to go to Virginia for a visit and I might do that soon, I want to surprise her.

I have a box with all your letters and another one with your mom's letters, I love keeping them. When I feel the need to feel closer to you I read them and to tell you the true that is almost every single day. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you, Bobby, you live inside my heart. I heard from your friend Brian, he was very close to you in the field, he is doing great, he still marry to the same girl and she had twins. I felt a bit sad, we could it had children. Sometimes I imagine our wedding and I see a beautiful day for both of us, filled with presents and joy, laughter and love, specially love. Bobby, I need you so much, baby life gets to lonely at times, living in a house on my own is sad at times then I imagine you and I sharing a small house back in Virginia, when that happens I want fly to Virginia and forget my life here in Florida.

My soldier, my hero our love would never die, you would never be replaced and I would renew my vows for you in front of your white stone when I go back to Virginia, I promised to love you forever and I would promise again, as years go by my love grows strong and
when I am an old lady I would still love you.

I miss you;



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