Molli sat on the small loveseat with a small wrapped present on her lap. The card read “To Hunter, Love Molli”. A single tear ran down her cheek as she wished she hadn’t been in a different state as the love of her life. Molli’s relatives gathered around the table and exchanged memorable Christmas memories.
This Christmas Eve was the loneliest she had ever been. She set the gift on the floor under the brilliantly lit tree and curled up on the couch. The radio silently played carols, but Molli ignored it and the loud chatter of all her older aunts, uncles, and cousins. She took off the promise ring Hunter had given her and she twirled it around in her fingers.
She had been wearing a white dress with a band of red ribbon around the stomach. She felt cold though a fire blazed and flickered just in front of her. The doorbell rang and her grandmother asked her to get the door. She lifted herself off the couch and straightened out her dress and wiped the tears from her rosy red cheeks.
She opened the door and a smile stretched across her face as she saw the one that she loved standing in the door way with a single red rose and his brunette hair sprinkled with freshly fallen snow. She stepped out closing the door behind her.
“Christmas Eve just wasn’t the same without you,” said Hunter, pushing a lock of Molli’s hair out of her face. He embraced her and kissed her with a passion that made her toes curl with happiness.
“I’m glad you thought so,” She said and kissed him back.


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