I saw her from across the room... I wanted her and I was going to get her...

Kyla's pov

I'm sitting here bored out of my mind! I want to shoot myself! I feel eyes on me so I look to the person and I swear my jaw dropped, the hottest guy I've ever seen was looking at me- ME! I guess you want to know what I look like huh? I have pitch black hair that goes down past my rump and light blue eyes with a white center it almost looks like a flower of white flames. I'm not too tall about 5'6' and I have a decently curvy body. My eyes are the things that mostly attract people to me. My personality is a bit strange but I'm outgoing and pretty much fearless but i'm not always the most loved person around meaning I get in a lot of fights and even more trouble. I'm pretty sure that my only friends are my fellow well- my fellow- my fellow vampires... I know what you are thinking vampires aren't real, but they are and I'm proof of it. Anyway we aren't your average vampires, we are more part of the Alliance Group, a group of many different kinds of mystical creatures trying to make the mystical world come together and make sure the world is safe but, right now we are the most dangerous to the world. We have everything, unicorns, fairies, dragons, vampires (obviously), werewolves, shapeshifters, ghosts, jeanies, witches, angels, demons, and any other thing you can think of, all of them they are here, together in peace. Any ways back to what's currently happening... He looked at me with his beautiful green eyes but i noticed they were getting lighter and thats when i realized he was an angel, I hurriedly walked over and introduced myself "Hey! I'm Kyla and I happened to notice you and I was wondering... Would you like to join my alliance..?" He stared at me for a moment contemplating his answer, Thats when i noticed hid beautiful blode hair darkened as it got hidden under his blonde hair I noticed that it was just long enough to run my hands through... "What is this alliance for?" He asked. I was shook out of my day dream and blushed looking down i stated "To try and put the world to a better life if all the elements of the super natural world combined and protected the world there would be nothing to stop us" He watched me closely as i was still staring at the floor with a blush still on my cheeks. He lifted my face up and his eyes were now completely white as he said "don't hide that beautiful face from me" Which only made me blush harder but i quickly nodded. I said "So how about it?"He nodded his head and smiled, his smile was perfect and made me smile instantly. I looked in his eyes and something clicked, this rarely happens but it is possible that i just mated to an angel when I am a vampire. I looked at him and he was closer to me and I watched as his lips formed the most beautiful words I heard that day, "mine" Suddenly leaving didn't seem so fun anymore, unless he came with me. Just then he leaned down and kissed me it was demanding or rough, more gentle and sweet. I was glad that that kiss was my first, yes I am a virgin and have never been kissed before but I was only 16. I had much more important things to worry about then the stupid guys, especially if they weren't going to even be my mate. But that doesnt mean that I didn't screw up like three different times in junior high and after that I decided to take a break, so I focused on school and got called a nerd and everything but it was better than sleeping with everyone. I was torn down so many times but that's what music is for! Wait did you actually think I was going to say friends?!?!?! Yeah right every 'friend' i had stabbed me in the back and I just stuck to music. I sing and play guitar and piano, I know not very impressive and not very scary either, but I dont act too much like a vampire in my life because I feel that even when I don't I still feel like a candle in a hurricane and that would probably make it worse. Most the time after something happens to me I hide and have some me time with my music! Never I repeat NEVER take a girls music. If I lost my music I would be like a picture with a broken frame, or alone and helpless like I've lost my life, my fight. When i see people getting bullied in the halls I taste blood and fall down. I don't know why but then every time something in me screams 'ENOUGH!!!' and thats when I make my mind and I get strong, so I stand. Off the floor, up for the helpless person who is getting bullied. Not everyone is perfect and people who bully others to make themselves to make themselves feel better, we don't know your story so don't act like you know ours! Some people feel like they are on a canyon with only one way down, suicide, but I promise that there is the gentle slope called courage and optomism. Anyways back to my story, the kiss only lasted about five seconds but it was amazing. Suddenly my head started spinning an dI fell over but was caught by the man, which I still didn't know his name. I decided to ask after my head stopped hurting. It only kept getting worse but in a second it was gone. I managed out the words " what's your name?" before his quick answer of "Jaiylin" He suddenly put his hand to my forehead and channeled something that soothed my aching head. I had just said a thanks when he got the same thing but unfortunately I don't have the power that he does. So I didnt think that my main power of Mother Nature would help, oh yeah I almost forgot Mother Nature has given me her powers seeing as I'm trying to unite and protect the world and all this might lead to war, I teleported quickly to heaven's aid headquarters. I rushed Jaiylin to the ER and set him down and then I sat and slowly dozed off.

Jaiylin's pov

I was in a hospital bed at the HAH (heaven's aid headquarters), I looked to my leftand saw my beautiful mate, I didn't believe how I ended up with someone as beautiful as Kyla for a mate but I sensed more power in her than she has realized she has. She knows about her teleporting but I don't think that she knows about her control over air yet, she knows about her eart elements though. I haven't met anyone as powerful as her since I met the elements themselves. Yes I was a prodigy for them to use as a lab rat pretty much. I made sure I was moving gently as I rose her from her position on the chair to the hospital bed with me, I had used my mind powers for this because I was much too lazy to get up and carry her and even if I did, she would probably wake up. Once she was in the bed I put my arm around her and fell back asleep. I woke up to Kyla's head on my chest and her eyes closed as she slept peacefully. I was shocked as her eyes flitted open and they were not longer that beautiful blue but pure white. As I thought over why this was happening she started to levitate, I stared shocked as her black hair turned to a beauiful blue, the color her eyes were before they went white. Her feet grew vines that wrapped around her ancles gracefully and the fire consumed her eyes in blue and while flames burning as her irises. So my mate had inherited my powers, but we havent completed the bond yet with her biting my neck and me sharing my powers with her. I then looked as she smiled and spinned around gracefully. For a vampire she was pretty harmless, but then again most vampires aren't dangerous only ones who have gone into rage or blood thirst but those who do get put down quickly. I grabbed her hand and started floating too. I looked into her eyes and then i was sucked into her memories. I saw how she was bullied and how she never knew anything but music and outside and animals. Also school and all the bad memories and then how she stood up over and over for people she didn't know, just showing she was there even if she didn't want to be there herself, she showed them why they should be. My mate has saved so many people from killing themselves and so many more from getting bullied. She got in many fights over it in the mean time though, but I see she would always have lyrics running through her head during everything she did, and a couple songs the most. There was Stand by Rascal Flatts, The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes, If I Die Young by The Band Perry and Let It Rain by David Nail. She loves music and I was snapped out of her memories by her beautiful voice as she began singing. I sang with her and time seemed to freeze as we were singing together in perfect harmony.

All is fair in love and war Kyla's pov

The next day we heaed to the meeting place of our group, which has grown quite a bit. We have about 2,500 supernaturals who have combined to form this group. As we walked in I could feel Jaiylin's nervousness, which was strange because he usually was so cool and calm. As we walked in I saw Emelie (said as Emilee) and her botfriend Shayne holding hands and waiting for me. When she saw me she ran up to me and I noticed the baskeball ring that I got for her on her finger and the necklace that fits to mine and spells partners in crame on and I smiled. I noticed that her normally green eyes were purple and I assumed the worst. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR EYES?!?!?!?!" I screamed at her. She shushed me as she pointed to Shayne who had the same purple eyes as her and I knew what this meant, they completed the bond and had gotten a purple eye color. Us vampires when we finish the bonds, by biting, we get the same eye colors and no other mates get the same shade. But, since I was mated to an angel, I would get to keep my eyes but we would get a mating mark. We still haven't finished the bond yet so I don't know what the marking will be but it will have to do with what our powers do when we combine them. Back to the present, I smiled as she blushed and saw me holding Jaiylin's hand and she looked at me smirking. She took me away and then whispered " who the heck is THAT?!?!" as she pointed at Jaiylin and I smiled and simply stated "my mate" She started to ask me questions but i told her I would tell her later. We started our meeting with our pledge that we made even if it didn't really make all the sense in the world. "I am bad but that's good for I am who I wish to be, I may not evver be good but that's not bad, there's no one I'd rather be than me." After we had finished everyone started to bring up our game plan, which might lead to death as we planned to get as many as possible by will and then if anyone had problems and formed a group against us, we would fight. I didn't like this idea because it meant putting innocent people who only wanted what's best for the world in danger of losing their lives.


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