The Osama Code

After the death of Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda threatened destruction in Europe and the communication between George Clooney of CIA and M003 aka Kevin Addler of British Intelligence increased considerably. They had arrangements for sending dummy messages for Wikileaks. Nowadays all intelligence agencies are equipped with a system against Wikileaks, but Assange still doesn't know this.

At two in the morning, hearing the special penetrating 'BEEP', Kevin Addler got up exposing nude Natasha by tossing off the quilt comforter, and smiled as he put on a robe and heard the imaginative swearing of woken up Natasha, who gathered the quilt comforter anew and slept making herself into a tighter ball. Slamming the bedroom door, he went to his bar. As he slid aside the shelf of single malts and pressed the button behind it, a vertical cupboard moved noiselessly and closed again after he had entered his secret booth through the opening, the single malt shelf moved into place concealing the button. The huge computer screen in the secret chamber was aglow. in the lower left corner as Kevin touched his thumb, a picture of camera lens appeared on the screen. He put his left eye in front of the lens. It was scanned and another camera lens appeared by its side. He put his right eye, opposite to it. It was also scanned and both cameras receded in the screen and the faint black and white image of George Clooney's face sharpened and became colored too. In the right bottom corner a button 'W' appeared Addler touched it to make it vanish and started talking with George. Now if anyone tapped their communication, they will hear a changed and authentic sounding but meaningless version of their conversation, and in their voices, too! This 'W' button was specially made for Wikileaks.
"It is now confirmed that Al Qaeda has really planted nuclear devices in UK as well as in US. This is a fully verified and corroborated fact.
"Oh! Locations?"
"No. Almost impossible to locate."
"And who's gonna detonate?"
"Don't know."
"And where are the devices for detonating those?"
"Nothing of this is known. One of our agents in Afganistan came across a dying operative of Al Qaeda in the desert. He saved him and brought him here. With the cutting edge brain extraction techniques we have here, we mapped his complete brain and got this information. Also four names turned up. Javed Ansari, Crystal Farine, Mohammad Dodi and Robert Coover!"
"Hmm. Two names are familiar. Javed Ansari and Mohammad Dodi. Both are suspected Europe operators of Al Qaeda. The needle of suspicion turned to them after the London Tube blasts. Both are still in England. But who are the other two?"
"Crystal Farine is the playmate of the year for 1998 in the Playboy magazine. She was 18 at that time. That means she must be 31 now. She was the favorite playmate of Osama. Robert Coover is a nihilistic author who makes sarcastic fun of American materialism in particular and the human culture and civilization in general, he is not very well known. But his story 'The Leper's Helix' and its Arabic translation was found with Osama. In the pornographic material found with Osama, Crystal Farine's photos and videos were the most numerous."
"Hmm. Now the picture is becoming a bit clearer."
"It appears that Osama has hidden the clues of where to find the nuclear detonators and the whereabouts of the planted nuclear bombs with these four people."
"Oh! He must have read 'Da Vinci Code' then!"
"Ha ha! The clues are unknown to the Al Qaeda operators as well as for us."
"Like a treasure hunt?"
"Exactly! Like a treasure hunt. We have to win this treasure hunt before them. And the treasure is destruction of the earth- or saving the earth! We are playing for the saving side."
"O.K. I'll immediately get to work."

Kevin attached the holster of the revolver to his belt and putting his two fingers in, checked whether the toy Clooney had given him when he was in the US two months back. The toy developed by American Military Research was a chip 1 centimeter by 1 centimeter , 2-3 millimeters thick. He separated a round , stiff wire and a round, 2 millimeter diameter rubber disc from the chip and took those out with his fingers. He straightened the wire and as he put it behind his ear, it fit snugly and comfortably there. Then he put the rubber disc behind on e of his upper teeth and pressed slightly , and it stuck there firmly. Now the chip in the revolver pouch was his nano-mobile, the rubber disc was his blue tooth mike and the stiff wire behind his ear was his blue tooth earphone , enabling him to listen by means of bone conduction. This mobile was connectible to only four persons, of whom, George Clooney was one. Glancing once at the sound asleep Natasha, Kevin finished dressing and got out. Taking his car out of the garage, as he came out from the apartment parking, he found Ross, his assistant waiting, whom he had called there before some time from his flat. With Ross by his side, he drove on to an apartment named Cloud Nine in the rich, Kew Gardens area. When the security guard asked whom they wanted to meet, as he said 'Crystal Farine' he noticed that the security guard was startled a bit.
"Madame has left a few minutes back. She's not home", he said.
As Ross got down and flashed his ID of London Police, the guard quickly told them what had happened. About ten minutes before two persons had come in a taxicab and gone up to the 14th floor to meet Crystal. She had come down with them after a few minutes. Just before two minutes the three of them had gone away in Crystal's car. Yes, it was usual for Crystal to come and go at such odd hours. Yes, she and her friends often had parties that lasted whole nights and her going out was nothing unusual. Yes, still he had found something odd. Hmm. Maybe she was gesticulating to him through the glass while the car turned, maybe she was thumping the back windshield with her fists. Sure? No he wasn't sure, or else he himself would've called the cops. Hardly for a few seconds he had seen it and still he was not so sure that he was not imagining all this. Having parked the car, Kevin came to the interrogating Ross and both of them almost ran to the lift and thence to the 14th floor. Ross took out his 'Gadget Key-chain' out of his pocket and with the laser latch cutter opened the door of Crystal's flat within a minute. Thinking about GPS trackers, which nowadays everyone has installed on their cars, Kevin looked around and found Crystal's computer which was left 24/7 on like most of the Londoners. He sat in front of it and searched for and found easily the tracker software. Kevin and Ross knew the master password the software company had given to the London Police and putting it in, they opened the tracker window, which showed Google earth, and zooming successively they could see the green dot of Crystal's car moving on the Kew road. It slid and near Richmond park, turned to East Shean Road and near Row Hampton, took Kingston road and suddenly stopped moving near Richmond Golf Park. Ross called Richmond Park police station and giving them the description and precise position of Crystal's car, instructed them to stealthily surround the car from some distance apart and be ready for action if required. Checking a few things more , Kevin and Ross got down and telling the guard to arrange something about Crystal's broken latch flat, they took to Kew road in their car, turned to East Shean Road, via Kingston Road reached Richmond Park Golf Club and getting out, moved slowly along the Golf Club hedge and stealthily reached Crystal's Citroen car. There was no one in the car. Seeing their signal, the policemen surrounding the car came out and quickly reached the car. Checking the car for bombs with their equipment, drove it away to a safe place. They have kidnapped Crystal? - Kevin thought- seems almost impossible. This was not the modus operandi of Al Qaeda. They generally left small tasks like kidnapping etc. to smaller, local terror groups.
At last Crystal was discovered in the thick woods of Richmond park. Her hands and feet were tied. She was transported back to her flat. When she was slightly better and in a state to speak, what she told was this : Pretending to be reporters from Vogue, two of them had come in and immediately had overpowered her twisting her hand behind her back and under the threat of a gun, had taken her to thickly wooded part of Richmond park and asked her many many questions. In fact they had a list of questions with them. They spent a lot of time making sure that they are in an isolated place and there was nobody listening in. She tried to recall the questions as best as she could and Kevin took them down. What's your birthdate? Do you have e-mail account on Yahoo? G-mail? What's the secret question for restoring account? What's the answer? Who's your favorite author? John Updike, she had said. Favorite food ? - Chinese. Kevin started constructing a picture in his mind. Crystal Farine, playmate of the year-which year was this? 2011 but Chinese year? -year of the rabbit- favorite author- Updike- Rabbit Run, Rabbit Redux, all Rabbit series- playmate- bunny- oh!
And then Crystal said, "At last they exclaimed something in Arabic- something like ARNABUS or ARNAB or something."
ARNAB, Kevin thought, in Arabic, it means 'Rabbit'!
"Ross, let's hurry. We have very less time!" Kevin said, and they left Crystal's flat.
In the lift, Kevin touched the chip in the revolver-pouch with his finger. He heard the ring tone of the nano-mobile behind his ear through bone conduction. "Three" he whispered and the rubber disc voice dialed third of his four contacts and he could hear George Clooney's voice through bone conduction.

"Instruct our people in Abbottabad to provide protection to Zarar Ahmed and his family. Don't let Pak police get their hands on him" Kevin spoke to himself which was transmitted to Clooney by the Bluetooth behind his white one.
"Oho!" George said.
"Also, make arrangements to fly me to Abbottabad. You also come and meet me there."
"Okay. Shall call you back as soon as arrangements are in place."
Kevin put his fingers in the pouch and switched off the nano-mobile.

When they reached the flat, Natasha had already gone. Kevin and Ross went to the kitchen, freshened up a bit in the bathroom and came out with coffee mugs heated in the microwave. It was six-thirty in the morning.
"Zarar Ahmed?" Ross said, "That twelve year old boy? Whom Osama had given two pet rabbits?"
"Yes," Kevin said, "I am afraid that the terrorist may get to him before us."
That moment the nano-mobile rang in his ear and Clooney came on line.
"Today at one in the afternoon, from Heathrow airport to Islamabad, a charter plane will leave from hangar f-72. Pilot's name is Jay Leno, and you will call yourself Mr. Bean."
"Okay. Will you be joining me?"
"Ya, I'll be there. Our men will reach Abbottabad within next three hours. They have already started from Islamabad. I'll meet you at Islamabad. I am busy in something new that has come up. Over and out."
The call ended.
Ross went away, and Kevin decided to have a short nap.
When the plane reached Islamabad, George Clooney was waiting for Kevin. A car was ready. They started for Abbottabad. George was driving. After half an hour George got a call on the ordinary mobile informing him that protection was provided to Zarar Ahmed and his family, but Pakistan's I.S.I. agents were insisting on arresting them and putting them in custody. Also, from today morning the two rabbits given to Zarar Ahmed were nowhere to be found. Generally they played in the garden, so anyone could have picked them up.
"Oh!" Kevin exclaimed hearing all this, "We are already late!"
George Clooney stopped the car and requested Kevin to drive, and while Kevin drove, he busied himself in calling Washington and trying to pressurize I.S.I. so that the safety of Zarar Ahmed and family wouldn't be jeopardized.

Zarar Ahmed's mansion.
Kevin put his expertise to test in tracing very faint footmarks on the grass and via a footpath, reached an earth road. From there, following the tracks of car tires, which were quite clear, he went ahead for quite a distance and then he saw it. There were two dead rabbits by the side of the road, hidden in the grass. He called Clooney on the nano-mobile and asked him to come behind the mansion on the earth road stealthily in his car, and he started examining the dead rabbits.
The rear legs of both the rabbits were slit with two long gashes. What could have been hidden in their thighs? Kevin inspected closely and he could see the impression of some rectangular objects on the muscles, even impressions of tiny screws were visible. This information must be kept secret from Pakistan's military as well as I.S.I. and these two cadavers must be immediately sent to Washington for forensic analysis - Kevin was thinking, when he saw George coming around with the car on the earth road. George also examined the dead rabbits closely and then put them in thick, transparent zip pouches which he put in an haversack.
"I had brought a cage, too," he said," I was hoping to get the rabbits alive. Now, a charter plane is waiting for me at Islamabad. We will go to Washington D.C. in it. We will deposit the rabbits at the forensic lab and then I will tell you some new information which has come up. Then you have to leave for Cairo."
"Cairo?" Kevin said, surprised, "Egypt?"
"Ya!' said George and stepped on the gas.

The report of the forensic lab : Electronic chips were sewn into the thigh muscles of the rabbits and the skin was re-sewn over the gash. There was evidence of four chips, one in each thigh. The rabbits would have lived for years with the chips intact. Traces of plutonium and titanium and their compounds were found. These metals being associated with nuclear devices or atom bombs, there is a great possibility of the chips being the detonators of neutron bombs or other nuclear bombs.
George gave Kevin a short story 'The Leper's Helix' by Robert Coover to read. When he had finished reading the two page story, George showed him the Arabian translation of that story. It was confiscated from Osama's hideout in Abbottabad during the raid by Navy Seals. In that translation, Osama, presumably, had underlined some lines and putting a cross, had written '9/11' there.
"Now see," George said, "We go as described in the story 'The Leper's Helix' and see where we reach."
He took a globe of the Earth which was kept by the side.
"As mentioned in the story, we start here, on this latitude. We go parallel to the equator and the leper goes to the North pole like this in a helical path. Then he comes down from the North Pole , again following the helix, like in a DNA molecule. This is the intersection point of the upward strand and the downward strand of the helix and here the leper falls down on us, i mean falls down on the reader of the story. Here all his fingers, limbs eyes, ears, falling off due to leprosy, are strewn around us - or - around the reader. If we see on this globe, the intersection point falls exactly on Cairo!"
"Oho!" Kevin looked at George with a new respect.

In Cairo, Kevin got an unexpected lead. He had made a list of any out of the ordinary things during the last few months along with the new Egyptian government officials. In that, there was an unexplained sudden increase of more than five times in the electricity bills of a mosque, situated on the outskirts of Cairo. He had done the surveillance of the mosque along with two of his American assistants. The mosque was in the area called Wadi-al-Hajayib. He had suspected that there must be some new construction done there under the mosque. He put one of his assistants on guard at the mosque and came back to 'Four Seasons', his hotel. He found George there, who had just arrived.
"They have sent a message, threatening to explode one nuclear device in New York and other in London if US does not immediately withdraw all its military units from Pakistan and if Us does not cease immediately all drone attacks. "
"Any moment now, they will broadcast the same threats on T.V." George said, and the next moment there was breaking news in which Saif-Al- Adel, the new Taliban chief appeared. He was speaking a sentence in Arabic and was waiting till it was translated in English, before speaking the next sentence in Arabic again. Again and again the same loop was played on all the channels and the threats repeated. There was a huge stir created all over the world.
"I am almost sure that I have located them," Kevin said, "Come, let's go."
Saif -Al - Adel had given 72 hours to the world for agreeing to their conditions. Kevin and George sped on in a car via Anjam-Al-Safat, reaching Bir-El-Hamma they went through Bir- Gifgafa and reached the mosque in Wadi- Al-Hajayib. Kevin's assistant was standing guard there. Discussing with him, Kevin and George finalized their strategy. The assistant, his name was Jagger, was telling them that iar is circulated in the basement which must have been air-conditioned. He showed them two huge radiators at the back of the mosque and two huge shining metal pipes. Kevin saw the two pipes first rising about a meter and a half and then turning horizontal for a few centimeters and on their open end was fixed a fine mesh. Kevin took off his tie and threw it up and it was sucked by the pipe and stuck to the mesh. On the other pipe also the same experiment, and then they were convinced that air was being sucked in through both the pipes. They finalized their plan. George and Kevin talked with Jagger.
"Yes," Jagger said, " There is a commando training institute nearby. I'll bring all the things which you want and come along with a dozen commandoes, within say two hours, if not earlier."

A scientist absconding from Iran and two other scientists from Pakistan were near to configuring the four detonator chips. Two huge computer screens were aglow with green light and numbers and text and diagrams were chasing each other on these screens. Suddenly some pungent smell started spreading in the basement. In addition to the three scientists there were four soldiers with automatic rifles. All of them suddenly started coughing. It was difficult to breathe. Chlorine? Thought the Iranian scientist. But by that time, he had collapsed to the ground with the other two. The guards ran up the stairs opening inside the mosque and as they opened the secret door, they were overpowered by the commandoes entering the mosque. With gas masks on their faces, the commandoes stormed the basement along with Kevin and George.

The threat of Saif-Al-Adel being played for the millionth time suddenly stopped mid Arabian sentence. Breaking News in tall letters started filling the TV screen. Then it spread to all the channels :
Joint raid by British and American agents on a mosque in Cairo, Egypt. Al Qaeda's threat nullified. Four detonator chips confiscated. Two of the chips have detailed description of places where Al Qaeda has already planted nuclear devices. These chips were hidden in the bodies of the two rabbits which Osama had given to Al Zarar, a twelve year boy. American President Obama has confirmed the news and said that the operation was going on for the last three days.
Kevin switched off the TV.
"Good! It was grand talking with Obama on the nano-mobile," he said, "That way, the excitement ended rather too soon for me."
"Ya! Thanks to you and Jagger and the new Egyptian Government! Now what are you gonna do? I am leaving tomorrow morning on my charter plane. Wanna join me?"
"No. Natasha had a long standing wish to cruise the Nile. She's coming here tomorrow evening."
"And tonight," Kevin said winking, "I think I will see the skill of Egyptian belly dancers!"


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