Midnight Academy

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There is a secret that only I know. A dark secret. Just one look and you freeze. Thinking that you'll die any second now. Your heart about to jump out of your chest. You get confused and frightened at the same time. You don't know what to do. Sometimes I wish I never knew this secret. That I was just like any other mindless girl but would it have made any difference? This secret is held by the student council. I knew there was something different about them, different from all the other students, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. This truth is so shocking, no one would believe me, no matter how much I would try to persuade them. No other student but me has witnessed this truth. I now have to live with it. My life is in danger yet there is nothing I can do. To be honest, I don't care. I just want to protect that person, even though he thinks I'm the one that needs protecting. I guess if I hadn't found out the truth then perhaps I would never have found someone to care for. A special someone with a dark secret. Not only him, but the entire Academy would need to be protected. This dark secret changed my life.


Now I know why it is called "Midnight Academy" however there is also another reason why it is called that. People once said, that once a year on a full moon night at the stroke of midnight a special rose, one rose only, would bloom in the spring. It kills any other rose or flower growing beside it. No one knows why or how. It just does. It is not a rose to touch, you may only look at its beauty. If you touch the rose, you die. A lot of students didn't believe this and thought it to be a rumour, but a group of students decided that they were not afraid, however it was true. The group of students suddenly died after one touch. The poison trickled through the fingertips and in seconds it flowed in through the veins. It takes 3 minutes to process. Once it's fully in your body the last second is when it enters the heart. You die in that very second. That was a lesson for all the students. Since that day no one has entered that flower bed. Some come to see it but the rest are too afraid to be even near it. They blocked the garden after that. They named it also "the forbidden garden" We call the flower "Forbidden Rose" and it has many other names too like "The fatal Rose" and "Poison Rose of death" This unusual but deadly rose is unlike any other rose that only blooms in one place in the whole world, yes, The Royal Midnight Cross Academy. I never realised that one day I would actually have to be involved with 'The Forbidden rose'. It is two faced. It is beautiful yet deadly. I'm not making sense right? This will all make sense if I tell you the story from the beginning.


It is September 3rd. The start of a new year, my second year. (Just so you know, I am 16) I attend The Royal Midnight Cross Academy. It is a very big, very known and old boarding school that has been functioning for many years. Students across the country had come to this school known for its remarkable history and reputation. The results that would come out from the school was very high. Not one had come out with a low grade. This school was run over by the "student council" they are all extremely beautiful. It always made me wonder why that is. They are all fair in complexion, have crystal clear eyes, luscious hair, great figures and very knowledgeable. They are indeed the pride of the school. All official tasks are taken by the principle of the school "Sir James" and the rest of the duties are taken by the student council. The strange thing about them is that they didn't attend normal classes. They all studied in one group "The Midnight classes" but the reason for this is because during the day they work in the special dormitory doing "official school stuff", however no one seems to ever see them during the day, rarely. I haven't either. The only time the students see the student council is in the evening when the students need to go back to their dorm rooms and the student council members use the school for their classes. Every member of the student council has their own duties who are all brilliant, but the best of all is "Eren Adams" the president of the student council. He is the richest man in the entire Academy. He is looked up to by all students and seniors and every girl adores him most, he is also the most handsome of all the student council members. Me "Mia Clarise" and my best friend Catherine Elle, but I call her "Cathy", would always go to the north tower to get a better look. It seems strange being so far away right? I mean, how can you see from up there? Well we had our secret weapon, binoculars! The stairs are really long but it's so worth it. There are only a few moments that we can see them for, however we have to wait till evening to see them leave their dormitory to walk across the yard towards the school. It's jam packed with girl students wanting to see them, give them gifts, confess to them etc. The boys can't stand them of course as all the girls they like have crushes on the student council and would never be able to out-do them. The student council are like celebs. It’s like famous people being crowded by girls. However unlucky for them, coz we get the best seats in the house, or tower, or whatever.


"Cathy! Look it's them!"


"Yes I see them!" We squealed.


Damn they are beautiful. All of them in fact. But where's Erren? I can't see him! We move the binoculars to get a closer look.


"Gotcha! I found him first Mia"


I move the binoculars away from my face and turn to her and stick out my tongue.


"Whoo hoo(!) You want a medal for it?"


She giggles.


"Pass but thanks"


We both laugh and carry on spying on the student council. Eren is the most handsome. He gives a kind smile and he is always calm. Terrence, the other member smiles and waves, he's really childish. Lady Aminette is elegant yet glares at the guys. Even so, the boys still love her. Some have fainted just by her glance. Pack of losers if you ask me. Their handsome yes, but I wouldn't faint at the sight of them. They are normal people but just very beautiful. Is that strange? I don't get why they are so crazy for them. I know I'm not one to talk, you know, as I'm in a tower with my best friend gawking at the student council with binoculars. But it's Eren that I like, that I admire. 6 years ago when I was nine years old, the first time I met him was in the park. None of the kids would play with me. They sniffed me and ran away. Did I smell bad? Then they saw Eren and then again ran away from him too and went to climb trees instead. That was weird. What's weirder was for some reason he didn't have any friends. I first saw him and couldn't believe how beautiful a child could be. The other kids knew him, and ran away from fear, but he's so pretty! How can you not want to play with such a beautiful child! He played by himself in the sand pit while a man watched over him. Was it his dad? No, it couldn't be. Must be his bodyguard. It's got to be because he didn't play with Eren. Eren looked so sad by himself. He needed a friend to play with. That's when I decided. I got up and brushed myself off, quickly checking if I got dirt on my dress, otherwise mum would be very cross. Then I held my hat and ran to him. I stood over him and watched him play. I had to ask him. It wasn't fair for a child to play on their own. Perhaps the other kids were jealous or maybe they bullied him? I don't know, but they shouldn't do that.


"Hi! Would you like to play with me?"


Eren looked up at me as I held onto my hat. The wind was blowing quite hard. His glistening eyes looked amazing as though you could fall into a trance.


"Me?" He replied, confused.


"Yes you!" I smiled.


He laughed and gave a huge happy smile.


"Yes please!"


We played all afternoon together and ran around the park playing tag. He was so calm and gentle. His skin and eyes always kept me locked on. I just couldn't stop myself from staring. The bodyguard was not far and keeping a watch on us-Eren. Then we stopped to catch a breath. That's when I decided to ask him a question. I hope he didn't mind.


"Why don't the other kids play with you?" I asked curiously.


He stopped and just thought for a moment. Then he gave a reassuring smile and replied, "Don’t worry about it. I don't mind if they don't play with me. I have you. You’re the first to play with me and that's why I am so happy. Thank you for being my friend"


It touched my heart.


"You're so cute! You are welcome. I am so happy you called me your friend! Come let's play tag again!!"


"Okay!" We laughed and played again.


"You can't catch me, you catch me!" he shouted, happily. Then while playing tag I tripped up on a twig and rolled down the hill. At the bottom of the hill was a thorny bush. So many thorns. I grabbed hold of the top of the cliff of dirt. My legs drenched in the thorny bush. I could feel them pricking me. I remember that it had rained just the other day so the mud was so slippery, I couldn't hold on anymore. I was slipping! But just then, a hand grabbed onto mine. It was Eren.

"Don't worry, I got you"

He tried to pull me up, but my legs were being scratched by the thorns. Tears ran down my eyes. It hurt a lot.


"Be strong okay. Pull yourself up! Keep trying. Don't give up!"


I tried and struggles so much. I felt so weak. Just then he tugged my arm really hard. Next thing I know he's below me and were on ground again. He gave a cute smile, "I'm glad your’re okay" he said softly and panting.

I got up quickly, feeling awkward and embarrassed.


"Erm Thank you for saving me!"


He smiled again. He looked out of breath. He was about to say something, when his eyes dropped to my legs.


"Oh no. You’re bleeding"


He stared at my legs as they dripped with blood. He took out a tissue and wiped them gently. He looked like he was having a hard time doing so. I felt confused. While wiping my blood, his eyes started twitching and blinking strangely. He seemed dizzy. He looked really weird. He then suddenly passed out falling to the ground letting go of the blood covered tissue. The bodyguard immediately ran to him, lifting him up in his arms and running to the car. I was left there. I was worried about him. Perhaps he has a fear of blood. Many people have that feeling when they see blood. Like, they feel dizzy or faint. But after that day I didn't see him ever again. Many more years later I came to this boarding school "The Royal Midnight Cross Academy". It was the time for the entrance ceremony. More like an assembly for the newbies. The principle gave a talk and then called up the most important person of the school, Eren! At first I couldn't recognise him, but then he gave that warm gentle smile and I knew it was him. I couldn't believe that he was here too! After 6 years! It must have been fate, No- destiny! I always thought about him. I tried to find his whereabouts but I failed. I asked a lot of people, but they didn’t know him. I wonder if he also thinks about me too, or perhaps remembers, or just remembers that day in the park. Ive always wondered that. He was so popular that every single student and teacher knew his name, and respected him. He was so handsome. Of course it’s expected of him to become so handsome. He was beautiful as a child too. Ever since then, I admired him and fell deep in love with him, but I could never get the courage to talk to him. Even if I did, I wouldn't get the chance. He was always with the other members of the student council and hardly ever saw him in the day. It was miserable. That's why the only chance I get to see him is in evening dormitory switch. The only precious moments I can see him for.


"Oh God! Can that lesson be any more boring?" I groaned.


"I know Mia! All we did was listen to Madam Saline speak for about an hour. I mean it was all blah blah blah the whole time. Felt as though I was about to fall asleep!"


Me and Cathy walked down the corridors holding our bags and text books all tired out.


Cathy stretched out her arms.


"Ah. I'm so tired! I can't wait to jump in my bed and have a nice long sleep"


I giggled, "Yup. After dinner of course"


Our cafeteria is really big and we spend most of our free time here when it’s not class time. Also the food here is delicious! But there's one problem, our cafeteria only for the day class. That's another thing I hate!


I'm stuffed. Dinner was great today. Time for sleep. I'm so tired I can't be bothered to change out of my uniform. Oops I forgot to put my bag and books away. Cathy hates mess in our room. We both share the same room since the very first day. It’s only natural we'll be close friends although she's a dinosaur when she sees mess, I'm not joking, she actually screams. I have to make sure I keep my end of the room tidy. Then I can sleep.


Hang on, my bag feels light. Suddenly my heart sinks. I gasp. Where's my notebook?! Oh no! I search every corner of my bag, literally throwing everything out onto the bed, my heart pounding. It's nowhere! I know I shouldn't be so tensed over a silly notebook but there's doodles of my feelings for Eren in it! Like "I love Eren" and hearts, and drawings, the lot! If someone finds it I'll be the so humiliated plus it's dangerous as lots of other girls like him too and they'll probably kill me if they found my book. I need to find it!! Where is it?!! Wait! I finally remembered the last place I last saw my book! My classroom! Just when I felt relieved I was tensed again. I can't go in there now. The midnight classes are going on. But I can’t wait till morning. Someone might have found it by then, or perhaps one of the student council members. What if Eren finds it. It won’t be good as what if he doesn’t remember me. Il look really silly then. I know! It's break time for them now. Yeah that's right! I have just enough time to go in and grab it and run out before any one sees me. Will that work? Who cares? I have to get it! Right. That's what I'll do. I just have to make sure I don't get caught. I turn my head and see Cathy sleeping soundly in her bed in her pj’s. If she were awake right now, she would flat out refuse and panick like a headless chicken. I cannot tell her what I am about to do. Sorry Cathy but I need to find my book. So this is the plan. The head of department ‘Lacy’ patrols the campus twice before going to bed and she should be coming to check the rooms in about an hour, so I will just enough time to get to the school, find my book, and get back before Lacy gets here, all without being noticed. Sounds good. Off I go.


Oh crap. Please be there!! I crept out of the hallway and out of the school. The school is scary in the evening. It's quite dark. Everyone should be in bed by now. Don't the midnight classes feel sleepy at this time? I would. I ran across the yard and up the steps looking around to see if anyone was there. Nope. All clear! I still can’t believe I am doing this! My heart is pumping like hell! I must be the first to go into the school at night! I opened the front door carefully and slowly trying hard not to make any noise. Luckily I was wearing flats. If it were heals I would get caught in a flash. So far so good. But it's break now so there would be council members wondering around. Just don't get caught. Ah! There's my class room! I look both ways, still clear and I was just about to knock on the door, but It might make too much noise, so I decided not to and just opened it slowly. It's so dark in here. If I switch on a light I might get seen. Damn I can't believe I'm doing this! My heart is racing and thumping hard. I'm breaking the rules. I must be the first day class student to go into school at night! However I shouldn't be thinking of that right now. I need to find my book and get out fast without getting caught, yeah I can do that. I searched the room and my desk to see if my book was there. Oh my gum drops, It was! It had fallen under my chair. How stupid of me to leave it behind. I kneeled down under the chair and grabbed my book feeling relieved. God knows what would of happened if someone had found this! Thank god I found it! I got up and brushed myself off and just as I was about to turn my head I saw someone come in, no, two people. I hid behind the door. Oh no! I'll get caught now! Will I be expelled for breaking the rules? What if it's the student council members? Or worse, the principle!


"Go on. But be gentle, take as much as you need"


That's.. Isn't that Aminette's voice? A member of the student council. Her voice sounds like she's trying to seduce someone or persuade someone to take something.


"I'm sorry. If I wasn't so weak I would never do this"


Wait! That's Eren's voice! A sudden flutter jumped inside of me, I felt so happy and excited. But what was he talking about? What did he mean by weak?


Just then, something unimaginable happened. The windows burst open. The cool wind pouring into the room blowing my hair like crazy as if to tell me a secret, but it was too late. I had found out. I couldn't believe my eyes. Aminette took her hair to the side showing her neck. What's she doing? Why is she doing that? Eren's came closer to her and opened his mouth. Is my eyes playing tricks on me or did his eyes turned into a shade of rouge-red? The colour of blood to be exact. His eyes look like their glowing! Then two long sharp teeth popped out and bit Aminette's neck?!! Am I dreaming? This can't be happening!! A smell of blood drifted through the air. Like the smell of metallic or iron. He drank her...her BLOOD? What the hell was he doing?? Are those..,are those, FANGS??!! How could he?? No, the question is, WHAT is he?? He's... the one I love is... the words wouldn't come out of my mouth. My hands became numb. My mind going blank yet full of thousands of questions. I couldn’t think! My notebook fell to the ground almost as though my hands had a mind of their own. A loud thud echoed across the spacious dark filled room with the moon’s light filling in the small gaps. Eren drinking Amiinettes’s blood. The blood trickled down his bloody lips and the both of them turned to me. Their eyes staring at me and mine filled with tears and full of shock, unable to believe what I had just witnessed. The child Eren I once knew when I was nine years old. The one I played tag with in the park. The one who saved me from falling into a thorn bush. The one I am deeply in love with...…. A VAMPIRE??!!

The Pretty Jewel's True Colour's

The smell of blood drifted through the air. Their eyes gazing at me like I was an un-invited guest. Of course, I was! I wasn't meant to see that. How could things turn out this way?


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