The Very Beginning

Street Riderz

Chapter one: The Very Beginning

Everything was pitch-black. You could hear distant echoes coming from behind, almost like car screeching noises. What is that noise? Is someone going to get hit by a car? You could hear some kind of engines rearing up close, but then it faded. There was someone calling. There was an iron like smell around but it was hard to identify. There was suddenly a dimmed light up ahead and there was a blurry figure standing. Some things were clear now but still hard to see. Then a clear voice came from that blurry figure, “Hey sis. Don’t worry, I got you. Everything’s gonna be alright now yeah” then a boy was standing there with his hands in his baggy trousers. You could see his fair brown cheeks begin to grin and his soft hair flowed in the breeze. Everything around started to spin. Then there was a loud scream of two boys along with that boy who had fair brown skin. What was going on? There was a loud bang and everything went white. Then a bright and faded back to black. Christina’s eyes opened fast. She woke up sweaty in her PJ’s. She tried hard to breathe and she puffed. There was a screeching pain from her head. Christina is an 18 year old girl and lives in her own apartment. She works in a modeling agency for a big company called Fashion Star Industry. She wasn’t a model but the manager’s assistant. She also owned her own black Ferrari. She loved driving on fast in the country side. She hadn’t once been pulled over because she was very careful. She was clever, high spirited and also always happy. She was late for work which never happens but lately it has. She lifted her head from her pillow and realized that she was late when she looked at her golden watch. Her hazel nut eyes widened and she yelled, “Oh crap I’m bloody late”. She wasn’t a very punctual girl but she did try. She got dressed as quickly as she could and grabbed a dress out of her huge closet. The room was a mess, which was surprising that she could get anything done in there. There was work and papers everywhere across the floor and also her knickers. She put on her black, smart, strapped dress. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her black hair was all over the place. It looked like a blow dryer. She picked up a brush and quickly brushed it until it was silky smooth. There wasn’t much time left to make breakfast so she had to get breakfast outside. She ran outside and walked out of the apartment. It was a pretty big apartment. She saved for more than a year until she had finally had enough to get it. She finally reached her job place and got into the building. The manager was waiting for her inside. She ran in her heels to her desk to pick up the work that she had give in to the manager. Her co worker had got up from her seat. Her name was Claire.
“You’re late again. What’s with you? Did you have that dream again?”
Christina didn’t look up. She was busy gathering up the papers, but she did reply, “Yes I did. It’s the same one. This is the fourth time in a row. Do you think it’s trying to tell me anything?”
Claire looked puzzled and scoffed, “Nah, I don’t think so. It will soon go and anyway I don’t believe in signs and dreams so yeah you shouldn’t worry too much” Claire was clam and fiddled with her pen.
Christina put all her papers in a packet and waved to Claire and ran across to her manager’s office. Christina slowed down and fixed her dress and her hair. She quietly opened the glass door.
“So, why are you late this time?” It was her manager. He looked at her with stern eyes and crossed his arms. He didn’t look angry but curious. Christina placed the papers carefully on the desk and grabbed a chair. She sat down and looked up to him. The room was silent. All you could hear were people typing and office phones going off in the other rooms.
Christina didn’t know how to put it. She thought that maybe he would fire her because she was always late. I mean she wasn’t always late but just these last four days. She spoke, stuttering, “I, er, erm, I had another bad dream”
Christina looked embarrassed but she knew she could trust him. John, the manager, and Christina were good friends and they trusted each other with their problems so she told him as a friend.
“Erm these last four days I have been having these dreams, about my brother. He talks to me like were very close. His supporting and comforting words echoed in me. I could hear the sound of a few cars. You could hear the sound of an engine riving. I thought that perhaps someone or I would get hit by a car but it faded after. After that some one screams at the end of the dream. I don’t know why I keep having this dream and because of this I keep getting late everyday. I don’t know what to do”
John sighed and thought for a moment. He smiled happily and didn’t mind that she was late. He knew that she was always on time with all her work, organized and never came late to work. However Christina hasn’t been any of those in these last four days and has become quite a mess. John thought to talk to her nicely and give her some advice as she is struggling and of course they are friends, “Okay, look what I want you to do is keep your self busy, keep cleaning up the mess you make and stop stressing about the dream. I want to give you a new assignment and this one is different. The new model Saphire has not been coming to work the last few days and no one has seen her, not even her family ad friends. They are quite worried and someone has seen her somewhere in Jacob Road. She was somewhere near an old building. One of my good friends was driving around and saw her from his car window. He called to her but she ignored him. He thinks that she was thinking deeply about something. She looked worried and stressed and that she hadn’t been sleeping for a while”
Christina looked puzzled. She tried to think about the situation and realized what he was asking her to do, investigate. She wanted o know why he had asked her to do a job like that.
“Can I please ask why you are asking me to do this kind of job? Isn’t this a job for the police?”
John smiled. Christina didn’t understand why he was happy even though his work was going to be affected if she didn’t turn up for the photo shoot. All he did was smile like he had no are in the world. Christina didn’t like that in a person.
“Well the reason I am asking you to do this is because the police are rubbish. Last time I called them for an investigation they couldn’t do their job properly so I thought if something needs to be done I’ll have to do it myself. Anyway that’s not important. The actual reason I asked you to do this is because you are very good at spying on people, finding out the truth about people and you know when anyone is lying or hiding something. Plus you can take things easily and you hate injustice. So I think you are perfect to find out where my model is. So I want to go immediately and forget about the agenda for today. Whatever work you have for today, just cancel it. You know what to do”
John stood up from his chair and gave a quick smile. He walked over to the door and opened it.
“I trust that you will do a good job. Please inform me from time to time as to what the situation is”
Christina left the room and went over to her desk. Claire had gone for her break and so she decided not to tell her. Christina had now a big assignment on her hands and John trusted her to complete the job. Christina also wondered why she didn’t become a police officer because she was very good at these kinds of things. Christina was told quite a few times that she had what it takes to be a police officer. She had mad skills and could pick up a lie just by the tone of a voice or the facial expression. Christina has also a thing for fashion. She is a girl after all. She loved fashion and art design so she chose to become an assistant manager in a modeling agency, but maybe she is re thinking this. Does she have what it takes to do this assignment?

Like Theres No Tommorrow

Chapter Two: Like There’s No Tomorrow

Christina picked up her bag from the floor and kept thinking about what she had to do. She reviewed the situation in her mind. She first had to go to Jacob Road and investigate a bit there. There could be goons and bad guys there so she had to do things on the sly. If she spotted him there then she will have to call up John and inform him and then inform the police. After that she will have to think of a plan to get her out. Okay so that was the plan but will it work? Will it go according to plan? Christina sat in her Ferrari and fidgeted with her fingers. It was the first time she was assigned with a job like this. Will she be able to do this? This was no time to start panicking. She had to find sapphire and bring her back safely. She pulled clutch tightly and looked in all the mirrors. It was clear to go. On her way there she felt very hot so she opened the windows to get some air. The wind blew smoothly through her silky black hair. She came to an open road. It was and empty road. It was filled with trees and there was no one around, so everyone knows what she wanted to do. She tightened her hands on the steering wheel. This was her favorite part of driving, driving as fast as there was no tomorrow and that was exactly what she did. She drove so ferociously that she didn’t have to stress and think about anything. She did this when she was stressed about work and bills. It took her mind off things and she did this quite often. She blasted her tracks on the car. You could hear the engine thrive and the rhythmic tracks beating a mile away. She loved this so much. she was are of crashes and not being too careful could cause her accidents but she was a pro when it come to driving. She had passed her driving license in less than a few weeks after her lessons. She loved cars from a young age by watching others drive their cars in full speed.
“Man I could do this all day, nothing is better than driving on full blast, drifting, pumping up tracks and just having fun”
She had forgotten about the assignment for a while and only realized when she passed Blossom Avenue. She knew that Jacob Road was just around the corner so she slowed down the car. She also turned off the load music. It was silent. All you could hear were the trees rustling in the wind and the birds chirping. She got out of the car looking in all direction. There was a name plate on the side of a post. It said ‘Jacob Road’.
“Well this must be it”. Christina slowly walked away from the car. She looked back at the car to check whether she had parked it in a parking zone. Yes, it was parked in the right place. She curiously walked down the lane. It suddenly began to feel cold. The breeze felt like a tickle on her neck. She shivered. Something was not right about this road, she thought. She fidgeted with her fingers. There were no houses on this road but one. It was an old fort like house. It was wooden and also looked like I was going to fall apart anytime soon. What kind of a place is this? Christina couldn’t believe that Sapphire could come to a place like this. Now Christina definitely thought that something was wrong. As Christina looked up at the house she tried to look through the windows. The glass was broken. Christina knew that there was no turning back now if she had come this far ahead. She had to open the door without being seen, so Christina looked behind her and in all directions. It was clear and there was no one around. She tried to think about what lies inside the house. Would there be dead bodies, or maybe murderers? Well, what she thought was completely out of her imagination. If only she knew that what she was about to do was going to change her life forever, from an ordinary working class girl, to something much more. She had a chance to run, all she had to do was turn back but her stubbornness is going to make her wish she hadn’t come in to this house.
Funnily enough the door seemed to be un-locked. What idiot would leave the door un-locked, unless they were planning to catch someone in a trap? Christina clicked the wooden old door open and popped her head inside. It was dark and damp. There were three hallways. One hallway was left; one was right and one straight ahead. Christina didn’t know which one to take; there was some kind of deep voices coming from ahead. I guess now she knows which hallway to take. All she had to do was turn around and head out of the door. She loved it when she had found a clue. When hearing noises and you know where it is coming from you get some kind of feeling that you have to follow that noise, but whatever it leads to is not always a good thing. Christina carefully stepped forward trying her hardest not to make a single noise that the voices or people or whatever they were would hear her coming. As she came closer there was a small gap big enough to fit her self in, on the wall. She hid for a bit and poked her head at them to get a clear picture as to who they were. It was a shocker. She was confused. What was this she was looking at? Christina did not know even what it was. It was a black like figures and at the bottom it flared. What was it? Was it some kind of demon? Christina did not know that they even existed. Maybe they were costumes, they had to be, however they looked too realistic to be fake. Well whatever they were, they are obviously guarding something. They looked a bit rubbish to be guards as they were having a conversation. Wait a minute, was one of them laughing? What the…?
Christina had to distract them somehow. Luckily she had her little blue side bag on her and rummaged inside. She still hid in that gap to make sure that the demon things would not see her. She thought that they looked a bit like those death sucking demon weirdoes from Harry Potter. Did they just pop out of the movie? Christina decided to call them th black demons. There wasn’t really anything else to call them anyway.
Finally she had found something to distract them. It worked in films so it must work in real life, or so she hoped it would. She took out a pretty blue stone out of her bag. The stone was small, smooth in all sides and was very shiny when she found it on the beach. She thought it was lucky because the day she found that stone was the day she got a job as an assistant manager at Fashion Star Industries. That reminded her just now that she had to call John, but now was not the time to have a little chat. She decides to call him after she had found Sapphire. Christina held the stone tightly in her fist and hoped that it would be lucky once again for her. She gently threw the stone behind her. She quickly turned her head to see where it had landed, that’s fine then. It is way back at the door. She had done a stupid thing, the black demons would definitely go to her now but she hoped she could hide behind the gap in the wall and they would not notice her. Obviously the two black demons did hear it as they have great hearing sense. They turned towards the direction that Christina was in. they flew down the hallway. Okay so they had no legs. Christina had expected that they would fly, and so they did. They flew so fast that Christina’s hair flew she tried o push her silky black hair back into place before they could notice. They were so stupid, they didn’t even see her. The black demons bent down to the stone and stared at it. They started to talk in a weird way to each other. Christina couldn’t believe it. Her plan had actually worked. She felt her heart soothe down. She felt relieved but there was no time to be happy. She had to make an escape otherwise she would be stuck there in that gap forever. She ran as fast as she could. Christina’s eyes frowned. She was wearing heels. What a very stupid day to be wearing heels. As she ran the sound of her heels made a tapping sound every time she stepped on the ground. She stopped with a halt. Christina was pissed, “Now you’re just taking the piss” Great, another direction. Which hall should she choose this time, left or right?
Oh not again. There was only one way to decide this. She closed her eyes and put her hand on over eyes just incase she could see. She stated humming to herself and twirled her self round. When she finished humming, she also stopped twirling. She opened her eyes and moved her hand away from her eyes. She was disappointed as she was back where she started. She had to do it again but this time a little slower. When she opened her eyes this time, she was facing the left direction. She was happy and ran down the hall. She stopped and realized that her heels make too much of a noise so she took of both her heels and held them in her hands and carried on running. That’s good; no noise came from her feet. She hated running bare feet. She kept hoping inside that she would find Sapphire. When she had reached the end of the hallway, there was a rotten, smelly, wooden door at the end of the hall. There were no other doors but this one. It had to reach Sapphire. She closed her eyes tight and hoped as she clicked open the door. What she saw made her eye brows lift.


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