Ten seconds.

 I had only ten seconds to walk out on stage and sing. Sing my freaking heart out and make the crowd cheer to make me pass to the next stage of Steal my Show. I breathed in deeply and walked out onto stage. The spotlights blinded me for a few seconds until my vision cleared and saw pretty much the whole school staring at me waiting for me to sing to impress.



I can do this.




I really can't do this.


Calm down, Annecy. Just breathe in, breathe out.




You have to do this, you can do this. Just open your stupid mouth and sing.


Open your mouth, Annecy! You are going to make a fool of yourself.


Then the first boo echoed through out the whole building and started a chain reaction with every one else. I wanted to shrink down into a tiny Annecy like Mario does when he gets a mini mushroom that makes him tiny. That would never happen since I'm in reality and in reality it sucks. I watched people boo for a whole minute before I ran off backstage and out the door.

 It was over. I wanted it to be over so bad and now, thinking about it, I just want to rewind back.

 Rewind back to when I first stepped on stage.

 I wanted to sing.

 Sing to impress.

 Impress to pass.

 Pass. That's something I really wanted to do. Something I wished I did do.

Definitely, something I could have done if I opened my mouth and sang.


Hewoa. Hiya. Ello.


New Book. STORY.

Hope you guys like it as much as I'm going to enjoy writing/typing it.

^~^ Tell me what you think.

Heart. Comment. Share.


Meh. I kid. Thanks for reading.

P.s You can also find Steal My Show on Wattpad.

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It's weird.....but I will be putting some of my stories from Bambi42 and Angelcake72 on that wattpad site. ^~^ 


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I dedicate this story to my best friend, Toni. She has been in my life for 8 years and she is the best friend I could ever ask for. I also want to dedicate this book/story to my readers who read my books. I'm thankful for that and I'm going to enjoy writing/typing this story. P.s this is also on wattpad. You probably will find more updates to it on there then here because in my opinion I use to think wattpad was confusing so I stuck with bookrix. Now, it's the other way around. ^~^ Haha.

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