It was Christmas Eve and the Nash's family got a 1 year old dog. His name was Rex. When they made it home, everybody was thinking of his name. ''Maybe we should name him Rex!'' Mom said. The kids and Dad nodded. ''Good idea! Welcome to your new home Rex!'' Destiny said, she smiled and pat Rex's head. Mom got a Santa hat and put it on Rex's head. Rex loves it. ''It is very cute for him.'' Daniel said. Rex walked over to Mom and got into her lap. Mom smiled and pat his head. Rex got down and walked into the kitchen, he found a water bowl and puppy chow in another bowl. He walked over to the puppy chow bowl and ate. He came back into the living room and walked over onto his bed. His bed is blue with a grey chew toy next to Rex. ''Mom, maybe you should start wrapping and buying presents.'' Destiny says, she is really upset that Mom hasn't bought presents for her own 2 kids. Mom gasped. ''Oh my goodness! I forgot! Um, Spencer, can you watch the kids while I'm gonna go to Walmart to buy them presents?'' Mom said shocked, she forgot all about Christmas presents but Christmas is not about presents, its about spending the time with all your families and enjoy the whole day. Dad wasn't sure if they have much money. ''Um, Anne, I don't think we have much money to buy presents.'' Mom sighed. ''I'll get money from the bank Spencer.'' Rex looked at Mom and wanted outside. Mom looked at Rex. ''Rex, are you sure you wanna spend all your time outside cold?'' Rex cried and put his head back down. Mom went out and left. Destiny hugged Rex. ''Its okay, maybe you'll go out when all the snow goes away, its not so much cold, and the sun is up.'' Destiny said and pat his head. Rex looked up at her and got onto on her lap. Destiny smiled. Daniel smiles too. ''I can't believe Rex can understand us.'' Daniel says. He is confused. Dad sighs. ''I'm getting in the shower while you two enjoy having a dog.'' Dad says and walks off sighing.

Merry Christmas Rex (Sorry this story is short)

It was Christmas Morning. Mom and Dad are waiting for Destiny and Daniel to come. Rex ran out of food and water and is hungry and thirsty. He got forgotten, Mom and Dad don't care. Destiny and Daniel come down the stairs and is screaming happy. They run to the Christmas tree and sat down. Rex goes to them and they don't even care about him. All they think about is Christmas Morning and presents. 8:15 AM and Rex is still hungry and thirsty. All the presents were opened and all the kids are doing is playing with what they got. Mom notices and runs to the kitchen. ''Rex, come here.'' Mom said. Mom got Rex fresh water and got Rex food. Rex came into the kitchen and licked his lips and drank his water and ate his food. Finally he wasn't forgotten. Rex enjoyed the day with all his family and everybody raised their glasses. ''Merry Christmas Rex!'' Everybody said. Rex was happy and was glad Mom got him what he wanted.


Sorry it was short, if you don't understand, ask questions, and I'll get to you as soon as I can.


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