The day that the cronotaiens took over earth, I thought it was the end of the world, to be fair I was thirteen at the time,and that was four years ago. Now me and my friend Sophie have organized this thing called the ETR. ( Extra Terrestial Resistance) it was in progress i mean there are only even of us but we kick butt. there's Me and sophie obviously, and theres cassie, Brent, Liam, my brother Gavinand my favorite. Aiden. and by the way, my names Bree and im apart of resistance 510.

"hey,Bree we got another on Santhrifts Av." Sophia said as she came down stairs. I was sitting on the couch sucking on a orange. Sophie was wearing her suit with her gear already on. she walked in front of me, her green eyes stalking my face. alright... wait a minute." i said. she pulled me off of the couch. suddenly, Cassie came down stairs in her gear to. Cronotaien sighting again?" she asked. sophie nodded. i had my suit on but not my gear, i loaned it to Sophie a while ago but i never asked for it back."Uh, soph, eheres my gear?" i asked her."ugh.. we don't have time for this, can't you just borrow one of the boys gear?" she asked. i lift my eyebrows. Fine, you don't have to be bitchy about it." i said. sometime i don't know whats wrong with that kid, its just sometimes, nevermind. i went up stairs to Gavins room. G, can i borrow your gear, Sophie lost mine." he wasn't awake. i rolled my eyes and took his gear of his bed.
Alright, im ready to go." i said as i walked down stairs, tigtening Gavins gear to my waist. "kay, lets go kick some alien ass!" Cassie said as she ran out the door followed by Sophie. i checked my gear. "alright time to work." i said as i walked out the door.
As we walked, we held our blazer guns in our hands looking at our surroundings. "wow, downtowns changed so much." Cassie said. "yup, and alien invasion does that." Sopihe said. "So Soph, whats the deal?" i asked. "well, to make a long story short. me and your brother got into it the other day and now he's not talking to me and I-"
"Sophie.." I said."Huh?" she asked. "what are you talking about?" i asked. she widened her eyes. "what're you talking about?" she asked slowly. Sophie and my brother have a sorta fling going on which is weird becusae he's eighteen and she's sixteen. "Oh, a um cronotaien invaded a old family apartment, turns out the family is still there." she said. i nodded.

We made our way to the apartment on Santhrifts Av. we were on the third floor. "ok on three." i said. "one two-"
"Ahhhhh!" cassie just ignored my order and kicked in the front door. thats when we saw the Cronotaien cornering a old women and two young kids. Sophie blasted it with her gun four times and I aimed for it's head. Cassie get them out of here, its about to get buck wild." i said. cassie did as i told her. me and the cronotaien were face to face, but as soon as he charged, i fired away shooting him in the head. As he lay on the carpet, i slowly walked over to him. I put my foot on his chest. Cassie and Sophie stood on my sides. i aimed at his head again becusae, he wasn't quite dead yet. "Kabosh." it slowly said. "what?" I said in a high voice. "Kabosh, Kabosh will have his revenge." he said. "wait what." i said. "Kabosh, he will invade, he will take over." he said. "well, until then," i locked and loaded. "we'll be waiting." I before he could say anything else utterly pointless, i shot him in the head and head juice gushed all over us. "come on Bree, thats the third time this month!" cassie said as she wiped her eyes of green goo. I just laughed.
When we got outside, we all noticed how hungry we all were. "Hey, guys remember when everybody left this town, and we used to raid the markets." sophie said. "oh yeah, i miss doing that." they both looked at me. "No way, we raided yesterday, I'm pretty sure we vacated the place." i said, everytime we finish a job with a cronotaien, we would celebrate by raiding the stores and super markets. "Please Bree, you know you want to." Sophie said. I was surprised of how her tude just changed. but i was really hungry so I gave in. "Ok, fine we take what we need." I said.
When we got tothe store on 52nd and Durhaff we completely took over, taking bags full of junk food. We got some mini trash bags and put our stuff in them. Sophie had git a bag full of zebra cakes, her favorite, Cassie got to bags of G.frutti's, and I just got a crate full of soda's. "See Bree, told you this would be fun." Cassie said. "Right Sophie?" she asked. Sophie was stuffing her face with cake. we all laughed. "should we bring some thing back for the boys?" Cassie said. "Eh, I don't care." i said. "they can have the soda's." suddenly, there was a noise coming from the utility closet, we all turned our heads.I got off of the counter i was sitting on and i walked slowly to the door. Sophie and Cassie followed me. the noiseb just wouldn't stop. i snatched the door open ready to pull out my gun. but to my surprise, it thankfully wasn't a Cronotaien, but it was a slightly chubby puppy, it was furry with a creamy white coat.
"Aw, look at it, it so adorable!" cassie said picking it up into her arms, being only fifteen, she had a soft spot for baby animals, what am i saying, all girls do.


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