Rain struck like lances to muddy his vision of his reflection upon the ripples of the lake. His chest tightening cutting the air from the transformation of his bones spinning like hurricanes strengthening in size. His muscles beating against his bones like drums reaching for the moonlight; pushing everlasting breaths that remain in his chest blasting for expansion like dynamites collapsing his tearduckt’s as he tilt’s his head back to face the curse of the night sky. As the iron hairs pierce his skin binding warmth to fight natures cold breath he knew he was human no more.


She cried tears of petals that melted in pink and violet paint upon her diary. Misused words that set the story of her tragedy upon her loss of voice fell wild upon attempts to scream. Mute midnights come to blanket her with gifts to sing with city lights, her eyes became her new voice. With all abandoned attributes of sound, her eyes screamed back with written words of magnetism, descriptions of darker depth devoid of sound shot through echoes of heartbeat’s loving eyes. Cloudless walk of no surrender, an ageless story of her voice left to vibrate in her eyes.


Tag der Veröffentlichung: 27.08.2010

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